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Simon Howard

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numbers [simon howard] The tradition of all the dead generations weighs like a nightmare on the brain of the living. And just when they seem engaged in revolutionising themselves and things, in creating something that never existed, precisely in such periods of revolutionary crisis they anxiously conjure up the spirits of the past to their service and borrow from them names, battle cries and costumes in order to present the new scene of world history in this time-honoured disguise and this borrowed language. Karl Marx, The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte

numbers 1-5 desiring architecture populations implicate her eyelash & whiteout throat phasing cloudscape stray amnesia glide pillows talk a blue sash a storm warning & the legends weirdly are randomised mice motoric suppliant anabasis near life interstices histories instrumentalised paradise deletions analogy these pathway burnt lucent creases of realism castellated orchard spectral anatomy coin she swims the slow sky in fast lyric earliest exemplary imitation imitator a city in

cinema wounding the unattainable dusk iconomania presence abjectionist spills of pills re-cognition ancestral kink cryptograph angel stash their deturn arcana raft cuckoo-spit

numbers 6-10 prayerful railroad roach damp obstacles manipulate chivalric growth tender sighs beyond crackle system flap serrate & fluttertongue yoyo meshing value says now i existed estranges to itself buys antagonistic food in the retrograde & thin material licks darknesses stochastic lake inside the room is the room inside the room inside the head inside the room the head occurs the room inside the room & she writes nobody intra-lingual wires gnaw format dearth stomached signatures secure a wand of

fur rerun alleyway hologram loci beaten wood a visage magnetised swan folds its shadow & balloonist named dr x her dress grey as the rose pathos bread spiky nebulae

numbers 11-15 fever cart volcano disjoin romantic pylons tesserae vesicle hex the dethroned these mordant attendees bait those tapes & hang a lifelong’s hooded fraction his acrobat logjam palliative inglenook doll’s horse that faraway miraculous detail at closer grin la-la features goodly slum & godlike patch crease bed souvenirs so it’s a thursday & expiation sublimi-nil disfiguration centres parodic spider rasp exclusion litany process / \ us hushaby disaster’s movie disappearanced retro-occurrence occurs time of asking his dreams were as they are descriptive of feeding beneath sleek herbs anchorite blotch-mirror underbellies lozenge moon immunity baroque poverty cornucopia unit vehemence isolation these monsters who undisguised as speculative birdcage buzz ritual halfway

hypnosis float latex police conflate saffron seaside conjurations days of ready corpse those innocents & reparation thought it not as poetry as prose not as prose as switch the lung to taste the air & phrase into singsong pre-pre -echo firing a revolver into the radiant crowd resembles nothing so much as infinite

numbers 16-20 pin test grisaille transit sector of blood s situation optative heat harsh globe & plash bandaged bass ground nettle-hasp note beauty untouchability bathing i stroll the terrifying perimeter humane algorithmic junk & then there were similar faultlines in future analyses unamazed specific identification mascot every closed text absolute violence continually traded drive through nul constellation of gears & jawbones peephole charismatic shock marketeer diktat kraken oppression shoulder aflame auto abyss writhe placard lonesome impress she is a quiet day nor shadowless thoughts won’t grant permission requiem each exhibit chains it to & tinfoil sunsets he ascertain these sub -tactile sub-plus pinned to inexistences sways into buddleia &

cobwebbed dance shoe ribbon spill of infant guillotine lute-plough suitcases disgorging mustachios logos-gloss explore the exo-guts agreement to refine violence to railway terminus throat pillowed syringes fire-rain a-matter love its silken toenail & the trees became eggs

numbers 21-25 acts of disenchantment shiver never so infested as assassinated every iota with zoomorphism please accept a defunct headgear crawling entropic basements retrospectively whirring kitchen preset demotic brainstem evaluate economic viable salamander opalescence takes lip to punctuation vicariously characteristic buildings their shadows draw empirical empyrean lots there are 100 statements in no languages as the forest stark & litmus [;] floaters in acid

[;] metempsychosis [,] stiff salt grasses bend waiting upon a wound not a word pearl-ray clouds out here arcs of enchainment not a word a screenpearl destitute maze of factive -sedative cuff

numbers 26-30 sequenced quiddity monu -moment gentle toc-ing immunities secure messenger & a smoke of plume floats concrete submarine a banner a kirtle kettle errata destination destitution catastrophism territories abandoned gorgeous graphology erasure kind of kinship or they lived us here where there were it ink ditches impute diazepam uneven tolerance cage bedlam lamb spindrift horrors therein imperfectible perfect state geometry a bad cold a bald cod

a blade cloud a black clod a bleak clawed code blag crew it was deaf though brilliance eyes bubble up drink down blind her breath through brilliant noughtingales her breath he hid & seek ∂´å†˙

numbers 31-35 conversely somatic defaults they zip alongside belated comic book perorations & scented aniseed her tongue-shoots traipse the overpass that simultaneously mists its dis-perspectival backwash ablaze curse supra-neuter retrograde a sizzling prototypical utensil sparse amysteries & giant’s claw cyborg violinist void abstractionist toxins of bestiary fluke-lore spookily chained effigy bridewell butter & sawdust & petal falls epochs drip / oxidise fetish gear crackle open the damned & i in his head & saints with blades through the brain she drinking tea the kitchen hot with snow & her eyes like eyes maybe abattoirs eyes maybe abattoirs or robins lay down upon the damp ground the ground was some robins some robins were strangely white / red berries on familiarly red \ white bushes

multitudes of velocity machines nearby & work of buildings deconstructing sniff the luxuries captives captured on closed circuits captivating noose & shock lay down did not sleep lay down could not sleep pictures of music kept whirring them moth head’s death sensations of insensateness

numbers 36-40 arietta no ]furious[ -go panoramic acetate smithereens torso hangdog oscillating hunger & absenteeism & thereunto cascades of barricaded apparatus & elude echt-syndrome the underworld to kill againagainagainagainag glug-glug looted razor tomb apotheosis straightjacket ambassadorial scratch card’s intervention all kicks off in bubble-gun appropriation naïve & semimetal dashboard are alien atmospheres an ear a rumour sandman strata-sphere bleeps into her knees solemn procedural / edict alternate objects prevail flight path cherished statuette its adjacent prison gag agglomerate mirror & instinctual coral plantation otium fuel collapses categories oldest pictorial ambulance seedlings & we shuffle & graft our furs to an atlas ≈ force lüthy barzex tîop xasasx

lûthy zarebx tïox psaxsä ûthly braxze xoti psapsa hûtlÿ zaxzab ïêit pppppp hut lie gentle cold & apt angel looming sicked up bleak & unscary \ scary contra-flow muzzle verify there is plague in the dark sky & turn about & burn & it’s all so normal except it’s happened before & a kiss sprayed upon a wall nor revelations

numbers 41-45 quintessence ash from dogma it directs a mottle lamp direct into a throat or adoringly makes lattice-fingers this cup for past future coverlets eulogistic indigence’s monstrance best choice design flap my imitation of humane credulous procures ease wondrous salvage drug each curls & incurves its jar breathes its captions have i mentioned i collect scraps of your ancient thoughts feed them to toys wednesdays non-occurrence is its own detour wall-scrawl -scroll flickers in & off have you mentioned

you collect scraps of toys feed them to my thoughts wednesdays [?] slides frostgold demarcations all the injured footpad mutes pigeon on a ledge legend of pigeon on a ledge body bag drink xtra strong

numbers 46-50 fugitive their tombs bled cut as shimmer-phase miniaturist amber reverse of her wrist & wildings growling by night work early morning shelter pallid matter-mutter anagogic droplets dandyism deity a situationist child in the dovecote gas lull sickness what are he say where is they each erasure & & & & clamant it was i’m personal that shots in the blue dripped via encyclopaedia of out for the exposÊ linen always buckets to slang truck -hawker klang somewhere is message for

someone somehow truth on whorl of winding sleet no begin to turn back much of the day remained didn’t know who could read & also none of us is telling also a smell of sexed nothing specific

numbers 51-55 tape spatter portico turbo oak & smash in retinal dauphin dub a scene whence hasp found description fond pimples & devil armistice tongue....bookcase slide ramping bowers many almond cascade her arm,pit::[][] grease rainbow & was double howsoever it maybe events of year since i tromba marina trust beatify loathed ratchet loop liminal levelling light o’er powery powder |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| miasma |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| spatial patrol blowing glance eerily grain & torpedo snout ,,,,< there exists a potion fulfills contractual disengagement eras waste suck these dirty oranges + on wheels make a wish a sequence all townspeople in their breathing costumes YYYYYYY d∂•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• iî••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• eé••••••••∞•••••••••••••••••••º•••••••••••••• eé~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ aå~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ r®~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ l¬~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ oø~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ b∫~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ eé~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ qœ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ uü~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ aå≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈≈ on dried land. skid larks flow. unguent aces. spindle, lustrous, unravelling tears.. ..a rare place, tarantula hypnologic sigh. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssz

tan dry lint. kindle barques glow. urgent lost. printable, mistook, endpaper wears honey blue glaze, rancour jagged hedge. the marquis de sade writes to an address known only to the occupants & orphans. inside every speck a vision of metalangu age screech & pell-mell. his name is forg ot slime of hair,bathplug/////////. nacre. co ntinuous plutonian facelift. ragwort, trea dle, spectrometer, arboretum, gong, pine, cone, precautionary, danubian, forti,t,ude . , sycophant, pre-stressed-, fondle, bundl e, rags, itches, isotheres, inured, her nam e is memory, incantation, hillbilly, starch y, antinomian bell t,ower, the mighty, th.

numbers 56-60 sosososos isn asn? rarp, glime craw froolin azound offcut blaringly cickerol slapdrape mutt, guignol farrrrrrrr menace string on wire / wire in string ‘ sting string wire thing aôy. petals rushing via boundaries steal upon their flying foundries≤ experts in the art of distance dzstruction serialise exclusive zonebonetonegroanloanmoanhonequoin ••••••••••∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞∞shadowlines o so is glossy broiled castle & is dying to make detailed sensual apperpropriatio walkwars, cut away shops, peppermint prolepsis xazzax cviot civil rota bbbb¶ yarns speckle resxio honeysuckle & a warm rain blowing from the cities of the convalescent. lost the art of heart of inscrooble unxious throng mazy autobuses spidering hill,s.s.s:÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷ sosososos isn asn? rarp, glime craw here[s a way of contemplating the distanced between two value sessions. with painstaking & burrowed thumbs sculpt a hypothalamus overload dreamed of in a vast theatre of viscous blades emissary & courteous sosososos isn asn? rarp, glime craw magnificent & poor chews each terminus fragmentedly. has brown teeth grey eyes bloated hair. Doch unverständig ist | Das Wünschen vor dem Schicksaal | Die Blindesten aber | Sind Göttersöhne a stillness to the movement of people they talk in gauze arenas audition a mute movie sosososos isn asn? rarp, glime craw they spin & spit & minus nil banners burst & trails of

spools of compasses rubber robins rub robber baronsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; roulette reels. de-realities unsuitable for leisure news sticky out fresco blurp zwangsong .mirror.nature. mirror of nature. mirror of mirror of nature. mirror of mirror of mirror of nature. mirror of mirror of mirror of mirror sosososos isn asn? rarp, glime craw of nature. mirror of mirror of mirror of mirror of mirror of nature. mirror of mirror of mirror of mirror of mirror of mirror of nature. mirror of arcade. mirror of mirror of arcade. mirror of mirror of mirror of arcade. mirr

numbers 61-65 these are i margin x & entering dis solves coas t phosphore scent lamb kins share s ame braide d identity w as none not iceable yaw n glassing n o more ice t han dry crie s fastidious rejectionist nor is it a s if inserts control cro wds lusciou sly repulsiv e portals a nnihilatory ventilators; ! speeding t hrough gar b & garland so ideal are its crepuscu lar muscle t hrob...blot pincushion. always dan cing tapestr y jags tong ue hangs fr

om rubble f rame. from train indefi nite trudgin g muddy pa ths perfum e cedar wo od. counten ances acros s dares not derogate so cietal asses s psycholog ical profile

numbers 66-70 instinctually wards off c locked sigh s moon upo n moon swi vels & laug hs fear tra ps me she d ries her hair in the neon & lakes infl ate swarm r eckonings no touch no sight of us approachin g crisscross borderings so changed fingers mos sy virus. go from out to outside a fi sh dreams i n the heave ns herbs & gassoline ac tions fram e his startle d sound. p lace liens slurps univ erses from damp effac e my featur eless face.

neither cont inue nor co rrelate two unknown s pecks orb ital the lo st went awa y one premorning sh ut mouth w ith glow & dull fruits l ast known a ddress year

numbers 71-75 eulogy real time flask scarred debt belated egret’s agony notturno scatter front ispiece follow ourselfs fleck saffron & vomiting enclosure down sale. √. s o it was tribute plashed into immens e tubes vegetative stuff, ,,,,,,,,,, ,, pod strrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr extra-repro-seizure buttoned contra elegy dictions witness primal gloves & thig h garnish floatable boulevard;; so p orate retty n.o flicker in archway ransack contextual faraway zrmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmm gobbets paracletic wanderer & trashes novelty universal lyric..s top breathing / start levitation placebo drone ……………~~~~~~~~~~anonyma nonymanonymanonymanonym construe dev icers / baroque ululationist no cont act days & restitutions. to dooms is curse them river glide drowthy litho graph. xarp. pepper, spray,.mirrored freshets. body hangs inductility \ b lown asunder appears so young now wa s a ghosts’. arche | trace. empire v eiled vampire leopards. a book of ma idmerms. contact no..ΩΩΩΩΩΩΩΩ soothe hostage÷≥≥≥≥œœœœœ≥≥≥≥ kaolin. öî;” ug ly. made one last attempt to comfort the drowning peroration. this attemp t failing took refuge in utopian com bats & devours the survivors. estbl. biohomiletic basis for marketªªªªªªª

kick-boxing. finery sputtering nostr ils. subversive sediments. gog & gog matic marvels points to a resurgence sectorial zazoom. make bronzes of bi tty revelations. + she was quiet for some time then looks out from the be dsit at the quiet street. thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s no one this way & then someone who seem s to be lost & she ran out to them & asked them the way & i lost my key & had no money in my pocket about me. & & she is quiet for some time then lo oked out from the bedsit at the quiet street. there was no one that way &

numbers 76-80 : tristan und isolde 76. For one year minus one day & it was not a leap year she sculpted a head of the Marquis de Sade from wasps especially desiccated yet kept artificially alive by means of a process known only to her aunt & uncle (although he was less than 12 feet tall). 77. When the head was completed she wrapped it in wet bandages & delivered it by hand (she wore gloves) to the next but nearest police station; the dampness of the bandages dis-suspended the animation of the wasps & de Sade’s head (maintaining its shape although blurred in outline) swarmed upon the police stinging & goading them to acts of polymorphous madness. 78. Her uncle happily was present & thus filmed the festival. 79. The following year having precisely deconstructed the head of de Sade & reutilising the given materials she sculpted a head of The Unnamed Supermodel repeating both time span & presentation process, however the police were upon their guard & massacred her aunt who on this occasion had possession of the cinema camera. 80. It was inevitably her duty to avenge her dead aunt her less than 12 feet tall uncle having been driven polymorphously sane by the loss of his lifetime companion, so she set about constructing a hallucination from several oak trees 3 soft-boiled eggs & an original copy of a copy of Fragonard’s Le Verrou & this hallucination was of the Death Mask of Beethoven – she knew that she could die happy & so she did

numbers 81-85 self -surgery i whisper to that time before morning after night the warm body all time sinew outside taking the bus in the snail trail light / time after morning before night & it cannot endure it cannot follow the instructions given to look back one last placid & unmeaning stare at the unlost must have been good living there laughing & making

patterns on the back of my hand in cigarettes in skinny dress a forget-menot sash & thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s one drunk yet stumbling on next street but never yet

numbers 86-90 these are li ves restrict ed of ∀cces s ∴corpses rolling endl ess termini that giveaw ay sweetne ss billows & recites plunder nar co econom y failure to thrive a hea d dessicate d wasps un wraps the b andages. lis ten to the c ylindrical c ascade, the effortless s wing of wi nd over vac ant properti es. rërererë/ zxxxzzxzxz x cross-dre ssing by arc -lights a sh ard of inno cence slash ing wrists & menthol delicacies. now it has

stopped typ ing is waiti ng nothing can disturb its calm≥≥≥ suddenly i am dancing suddenly i’ m asleep. al l this occur s so slowly so unnotice d pale gree n lizards sto ne set in lid

numbers 91-95 it was a quiet morning at the zoo i slept on long into the afternoon it was like the world was so young it didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t exist i looked good in those clothes soon i noticed my lips were sticky with rain i decided to love science like sex i unlearnt numbers i decided to spell language separately i decided iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d never say not another word i thought they were dead & i was i noted how the lyric i was a rip off the moonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s conjunctivitis i wrote a letter concerning this to those whom it concerned later i noticed my lips were no longer sticky with rain i kissed my mirror image until my mirror image struck me to the ground i forgot all forgotten names i watched the parade of the disappeared disappearing on tv i slept long into the afternoon i kept watch all night through it was not as if zoo animals were invisible for the sky was white as the sea or as her throat which was a cadmium scar popular songs nailed to my thought like a nightdress in a body-bag i developed a skin rash & wings it was then i noticed something was different i experienced nostalgia for that different something i noted how on still days tall buildings shook in the storm

i could be fucked then i couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t the bourgeoisie decide itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ok to be fascist i develop wings & a rash of the skin see-through poppies & escalators & retail outlets the storm fell calm i noted how on stormy days tall buildings stood immobile it was ok to be just be i just sat in a chair & typed & then i stop typing & i continued typing & i understand why her voice has that habitual perfume, yes

numbers 96-100 languag enotesil encenot silencesil entlangua geburn sbound tolur idgla ssfeat hersterr ordere lictch ronome tricav enuebl ankpla sterey etotal control sillho uettet astesm etalki ssessm asheds creens regroup ingnowa youtnowa yinidea lclosed systemb acktobac klistent ocouldbe

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MMX [rcp 1]

numbers ~ Simon Howard  

Numbers by Simon Howard