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me, Medusa Amanda Earl

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me, Medusa Amanda Earl

me, Medusa i’m a heady harridan who plots with bees. i bottleneck branches, damaging tamarisk. i’m a vial of chromosomes dark as vinyl. i’m a sordid telepath, a powder ambush. i’m in exile. i err in the dirt with helium. silently i grind up beachfires. i’m a torchlight sharp as an azimuth. i taste arrows. i am sickled. i’m a cast iron vessel. i offend granite. i squeal and spike. i am submerged. i flood streams. i’m a sullen seed, cracked and jagged as plastic. i inflame scapula. i’m on the fringes of ochre earth. i’m a poltergeist, burning in the straits. i trample over pitchers of xenon. riverside, i collapse and devour husks. i watch death, tempt livers. destroy towers of embryos. commit crimes of isolation. insinuate soil. string neon with loss. burr embankments of nightfires. prod marrow into fuchsia eruptions. glow in the shadows of machetes. offer guile as a remote and ragged impulse. i am desperate.

i’m a drill. i’m inflamed. i’m in reverse. i’m a dark lamentation at the mouth of a cave. i’m a grotesque relic with the nerves of a scorpion. i am fetid leapt and empty. i’m a nitrogen mask. i pull needles through copper. i erase longitudes with winches. i’m a steel infector. i’m an insect. i crumble. i evaporate. i am thick as doom. i have the temper of a leopard. i am your doppelganger. i will demolish you. i will hide. i am serrated, burnished plankton. i peel fuels. i am sawtooth. i am hype. i’m an impetuous belladonna with thistles. i puncture jawbones. i am a sneering cicada, a shrivelling fiend. i scratch at your spine. i scrape the garnet from the ocean. i’m a furious vice. i am calcite. i will petrify you. i am your adversary with parched teeth, and acrylic sting. my tongue is your enemy brandishing zeniths. i am hateful as the styx. i am grating. i devour the arteries of prey. i am enraged ungent, a viper deep as a creek and vibrant as tarweed. i’m a field of membranes descending. i ‘m a blast of bones. i’m a precipice of blood. i will pluck you. i’m an imperialist.

i’m a singed wing. my blood is powerful. i wither and grind up metronomes. i’m an uproar of weeds, a sea-purple web. i’m a shout. i am wild scissors. i’m an empire scarring skin. i’m a slithery slope of wounded realms. my rays are scaly as fens, severe as blazed borders. i’m a perpetual and impetuous harridan. i am boney. i am hidden. i will ambush lazarus. i am macabre. my slayer is a hero. my retorts are rimmed. my fingernails are flaming. i am a high mirror. i am cast into lethe. i plunge into the paste of your hipbone. i’m a desecration. i’m a maze. i will collapse you and leave you barren. i will marr you. i will turn you to stone. i will sing to you in the pitch of copper tines. i am serrated and parched as a shadow. i’m a neon aphid, bevelling violence into the fire. i’m a musty stain. i throb with flint. i am chimera’s cohort and hounds. i ‘m a ring of hornets careening into garnet. i descend and scrape ankhs out of twisted defiance. i am dead as dirty branches of chrome. i’m a zone of self destruction. i am miles of embryo. i’m a fragile scrawny sawtooth machine. i am fescue. i am forbidden as a ravine. i am a shining spike of fatal powder. i am a vanishing squeal. i am speed.

i’m a stark vulture flying over prey. i stab spines with ether. i’m a flatland message of spidery footprints. i’m a scapula burnishing membranes. i scrape zeniths out of carmine blasts. i devour devotion. i’m a dust tiger. i damage granite. i’m a rage of combustible helium. i pencil xenon into feldspar. i’m a flange stonewort flake of zephyrs. i suck rattlers. i’m the mother of wings. i smash mayflies. i fuel veins with a blush of algae. i’m a nettle scorpion peeling your nerves off pavilions. i’m a thundersquall burr in your marrow. i’m a beam of desolation at midnight jackhammering your husks. i’m a plateau of hard flickers. i am fiery resin. i rule with mylar lanterns. i’m an artery of hurt. i’m a bottleneck imperialist. i’m an inflamed prison. i blast stalks with sulphur, ruin vises, sharpen eternal scorn. i am sanguine. i’m an unborn warning. i am magnetic. i am wizened. i slip away.

i’m a jackhammer. i’m vice thick as burrs. i’m a cicada enemy insinuating bones. i’m the green glow over streams of weeds. i’m an uproar in a rotting frame. i am the crisscross of an empire whip. i am the song of marrow. i am carmine resistance careening from prey. i am the undertow. i am a habit. i’m the pulp husk of your sordid mind. i pierce through screens and flow like shreds of vapour. i hang in beachfires, brick the ground with defeat. i’m a bluff sunset. i am a poltergeist sphere in the air. i am camphor bristled. i battle bracken, become plunge. i am muck. i will decay you. i am fatal. i will wound you. i’m perpetual ether scissoring scars with seaweed. i’m a shore wall of calcite. i descend as mist. i’m a jagged vibrant membrane of sullen grief. i’m a furnace harridan on the verge of decay. i am silent. i’m acrylic. i ‘m the seed of mischief inside a murder. i vanish. i am disfigured. i am wakeful. i’m in hell. i ‘m a viper. i am etna, submerged but thirsty.

i’m a forlorn forest sloping into the tide. i’m a horror vulture wading into the mudcracked dark. i am the shrivelled azimuth of fuel, the red ravaged vestige of raw. i am the gnaw and sneer of jawbones. i damage mayflies. i am cast iron. i’m a wire smashing rhizome. i’m a bamboo trample. i’m a sanguine prison. i am forbidden. i disgorge magnesium. i am a barium breaker. i am cyanide. i’m on the brink. i am an appetite. i am plankton scuttling over blurs. i will disappear. i am a blister. i’m a fringe. i am frugal as smoke. i’m a peasant. i’m an ungent shriek in the mirror. i pull hipbones from wild zephyrs. i’m an unborn rattler with a warning like a fetid scrape. i’m a bottlenecker, an erased infector. i am in exile. i crack copper towers. i am a grotesque vessel.

i am fire and tamarisk, an ulna with torchlight, a jagged poltergeist on a deathwatch, a stringy eruption. i’m sharp as granite. i am plastic. i am charcoal. i am spleen and liver. i’m a neon licked plot of chromosomes and helium. i’m an azimuth tracker. i am temptation. i am glowing bees in the dark. i am trampled dirt. i am spikes of destruction. i am perished shade. i am silent as vinyl. i’m a submerged pavilion. i’m an inflamed tower pitching over burrs. i’m a machete etna bottleneck grinding arrows against a flood of hurt. i am xenon, an embryo of guile. i’m the telepathic aborted beachfire blooms of borders. i ‘m a stream. i’m scapula rasa. i’m a riverside crime of nightfires. i am remote. i am damaged. i am sordid. i’m a cast iron drone. i’m at the fringes of seeds devouring isolation over the ragged miles of ambushed debris.i’m a sullen vessel of ochre husks insinuating into marrow. i’m an impulse. i am full-blazing powder in exile. i’m a furnace cracked by earth. i am desperate as a soiled orange.

i am nitrogen. i am steel. i will immobilize you. i’m a furious cicada. i am the enemy. i prey on inflamed fields. i’m a mask. i hide and unpeel sneers. i’m a vice of decay. i’m an arterial membrane. i am reverse. i pull insects. i fault calcite. i am the zenith of shrieks descending on relics. i’m a needle. i am a crumbling reed. i’m a sawtooth scrape over banks. i brandish an ungent blast. i’m a grotesque erasure. i evaporate. i yank hype from fiends. i am your adversary. i am an enraged grate of bone and nerves. i am copper. i am thick as a port and impetuous as a siphon. i am parched. i step through vipers. i am at the precipice of scorpions and longitude. i am a doom train. i am belladonna with a spine made of teeth to devour you deep. i am fetid blood. my temper is a tightening winch. i’m a serrated thistle. i scratch hornets. i’m a creek. i pluck nettles from leopards. i am a burnished puncture. i’m a garnet sting. i’m a vibrant and imperial eclipse. i’m an empty shoreline. i’m a plankton’s doppelganger, an ocean’s jawbone. i am tongue and undertow, tarweed and fuel.

i am singed skin blazed by retorts and kicks. i am worn and stained by careening chrome machines. i am wing and scar. i’m a border on the rim of mazes. i am shades of garnet. i’m a zone of fescue. i am withering. i’m a perpetual empire of flames. i’m a collapsed neon fence. i descend into self destruction. i’m a forbidden grind. i’m a slope of impulse. i am fingernails barren as an aphid. i’m a throb of scraping miles. i spike metronomes. i’m a wounded harridan. i am high. i am marred by framed bevels. i’m the embryo of an ankh. i shine in the uproar. i’m a realm of boney mirrors. i am pitched violence. i am a twisted flint of powder, burning. i’m a weed. i hide rays and plunge them into copper. i ‘m a fire. i yank defiance and submerge fatalistic shouts. i am scaly. i am ambushed. i am pasted into tines. i shove pinnacles over death. i am the squeal of a sawtooth. i am scissors cutting fens. i am lazarus. i am serrated hipbone. i am musty, ringed with dirt. i am fragile, vanished, wild, severe. i desecrate parchment. i ‘m a rotten hornet branch. i am the scrawn of speed.

i am stark. i am spidery. i’m a blast of helium. i’m a rattle peeled at midnight. i’m the resin of scorn. i’m a vulture. my footprints devour rage. i’m a mayfly. i am nervous as a jackhammer. i scratch devotion into scapula. i’m a pencil smashing into pavilions. i drag mylar. i’m a whip stalk. i am flying. i siphon dust. i am xenon fuel. i’m the strait of a husk. i’m a fierce and sanguine lantern. i am prey. i’m a burnished tiger. i am feldspar. my veins are a thundersquall pulp. my arteries are sulphurous. i am slipping away. i am stabbing vapour. i’m an animal with flanges. i’m the blush of burrs over a plateau. i am hurt. i’m the spine of a metronome. i am streams of stonewort algae. my mind is a bottleneck of unborn ruin. i am ether scraped from damage. i am flaking nettles. i’m hard marrowed imperial. i’m a vise of magnets. i am flatland zenith and granite zephyr. i’m a scorpion beam. i’m the sharp flicker of flames over grates. i’m a message. i am carmine. i am combustible. i’m a winch. i demolish fire. i am eternal.

i’m a jackhammer glowing in the marrow of a husk. i am beachfire and camphor. i’m a musty retort. i am wakeful decay. i’m a vice of streams. i am elements of the mind. i am brick. i battle ether. i descend into silence. i am hell and guile. i am weeds. i am carmine and sordid ground. i am bracken. i am perpetual and jagged. i’m a fire viper. i am thick. i resist uproar. i’m a defeated telepath. i am becoming scissors. i am vibrant, acrylic. i am burr rott, careening towards a bluff. i am pierced. i am plunged with scars. i’m a membrane of seed and rock. i’m a framed cicada in a screen. i prey on sunset and muck. i’m a sullen mischievous train. i’m your enemy submerged. i ‘m the zigzag undertow. i’m a flowing poltergeist. i’m seaweed’s decay. i am grieving deep. i am whipped bottomless and shredded. i am fatal as air. i’m a murdered furnace. i’m a sharp embankment. i’m an empire’s habit. i am vapour. i’m a sphere. i am wounded. i’m a wall. i’m a harridan. i vanish and find bones. i am pulp hanging from pinnacles. i am bristle and calcite. i’m on the verge of fear.

i’m a forlorn inviolate dive into cast iron. i’m on the brink of hinges. i paste and pull at bottlenecks. i’m a forest of imperial vultures. i’m a pencilwire snarl. i am harsh vines. i’m a mudcracked slope. i am fury. i smash vises. i am sternum, all appetite. i boil in the wild. i’m infected. i’m a tide of dark rhizomes. i’m flying over plankton. i’m frugal as ulna. i’m a zephyr in exile. i’m a metalled siphon. i’m a sneer. i trample smoke, disgorge and scuttle powder. i’m a cracked flange. i shrivel over miles of bamboo. i’m a magnesium blur, a combustible peasant. i’m a copper rattler, an enraged azimuth. i’m a vial of scorn. i’m a disappearing plateau. i ruminate like ungent. i’m an unborn tower. i am vinyl fuel. i’m a sanguine jawbone. i’m a barium shriek. i’m a chrome warning. i am grotesque, a horror of steps. i am damaged. i’m imprisioned. i am breaking. i’m a blister in the mirror. i am earth scraped out of vessels. i am wading into debris. i’m a mayfly. i am forbidden. i am cyanide. i’m a hipbone. i am marred.

i am desperate as an impulse. i’m ragged and remote as guile. i’m a machete. i am shadows. i’m the glow of an eruption. i’m an orange marrow. i’m the nightfire prod. i ‘m a burr embankment. i wear loss like neon. i’m stringy as soil. i insinuate isolation. i’m a crime. i’m an embryo. i’m a tower. i destroy temptation. i live. i’m a death watch. i collapse against the husk of devour. i am riverside. i am xenon in a trampled pitch. i burn in the straits. i am plastic. i am jagged as ochre at the fringes. i hurt. i’m inflamed. i’m a poltergeist cracked and sullen. i’m seeds of streams and floods submerging. i spike and squeal. i am granite. i offend as a furnace. i’m a vessel. i am cast iron. i border arrows. i’m a taste pavilion. i’m an azimuth. i am sharp as torchlight. i am debris. i’m in the beachfiring zone. i grind against silence and the dirt of helium. i’m an ulna error. i am powder. i ambush telepaths. i am sordid as etna. i am vinyl in the dark. i am chromosome and tamarisk. i’m a full-blazing vial of branches. i perish. i am bees. i plot harridan fires.

i’m imperial fuel. i am plucked. i am blood at the precipice of burning. i’m a blast of membranes descending over fields. i am tarweed. i ‘m a vibrant creek. i am deep as a viper. i’m enraged. i am ungent. i shriek against arteries. i am prey. i’m an eclipse’s undertow. i’m a hornet. i devour steps and brandish grates. i’m the zenith of decay. i’m the enemy of the tongue. i’m the sting of acrylic. i am teeth. i am your parched adversary. i am banks of calcite. i am vice and fury. i’m an ocean of garnets. i scratch spines and siphon fiends. i scrape shrivelling snears. i’m a cicada. i am jawbone. i ‘m a puncture. i am thistle. i am belladonna’s impetuous hype. i’m the fault of a sawtooth. i am eel and plankton. i am burnished and serrated. i’m a train. i yank reeds into degradation. i hide demolitions. i’m a leopard’s doppelganger. i am doom tempered. i am thick. i evaporate. i crumble insects. i’m a shoreline of nettles. i’m a winch of longitudes. i am copper. i erase needles. i pull nitrogen. i am empty as a leap. i am fetid as a scorpion. my nerves are grotesque. i’m a reverse relic. i am inflamed.

i am wizened. i’m an unborn magnet, a slip away warning. i’m a sanguine whip. i smell of scorn. i’m eternal and sharpened. i’m a ruined vise. i am sulphurous and fierce as a prison. i am flaming imperial. i’m a bottleneck. i am hurt. i’m an artery of lanterns. i am mylar. i rule resin. i am fiery. i flicker. my mind is hard. i’m a plateau of pulp. i’m a husk dragged over jackhammers. i am midnight demolition. i’m a beam of marrow. i’m a burr. i am thundersqualls. i’m a pavilion. i am nervous. i am peeled by scorpions. i’m a nettle of algae. i blush. my veins are fuelled by mayflies. i rattle. i suck zephyrs. i’m a flake of stonewort. i’m a flange of feldspar. i’m a xenon pencil of rage against helium. i’m combustible granite. i am damaged streams. i’m an anima. i am tusked. i am dusty with devotion. i am scraped off zenith. i’m a membrane. i evaporate like burnished siphons. my footprints are spidery. my message is flatlands. i’m an ether of spines. i am stabbed. i am fly prey. i am as stark as a vulture.

i am speed vanishing in the squeal of powder. i am fatal and shining. i’m a forbidden spike. i’m a fescue machine. i am scrawny and fragile. i am submerged and born. i’m an embryo miles from self destruction. i am chrome devastation. i’m a biography in bronze. i am twisted. i’m an ankh. i am scraping. i descend into garnets. i careen into hornets. i am ringed, a pinnacle. i yank flint from frames. i throb against fences. i zigzag over stains. i am rotten and musty. i shove fire. i am violent, bevelled. i’m an aphid. i am neon shadows. i am worn and parched. i serrate copper tines. i pitch marr into barren collapses. i kick mazes against hipbones. i desecrate paste. i plunge into mirrors. my high fingernails flame. my retort is macabre. i am lazarus. i ambush and hide boney harridans. i’m an impetuous and perpetual border. i’m blazed and severe. i am fens. i am scaly. i am rays. i’m a realm of wounded slopes. i’m an empire of scars. i am skin and wild shouts. i am scissors. i am weeds in uproar. i’m a metronome. i grind and wither wings. i am singed.

i am fear and sharpened thirst. i submerge in rock. i am etna’s viper. i am hellish wakeful and disfigured. i vanish like murder. i am deep. i am mischievous. i am the seed of acrylic. i am fired. i am silence. i’m decay on the verge of harridan. i’m a furnace of grief. i’m a subheading. i’m a membrane vibrant with jagged descent. i am musty calcite. i’m a wall of seaweed. i’m a train of scars. i am scissors in perpetual ether. i’m a retort. i’m a wounded pinnacle. i am fatal decay. i am muck plunged in bracken. i battle camphor. i bristle against spheres. i am airy like a poltergeist. i am sunset. i bluff defeat. i am ground against brick. i am beachfire hung as vapour. i am shredded. i flow into screens. i pierce. my mind is a sordid husk of pulp. i’m at the bottom. my undertow careens. i resist carmine. my elements are marrow. i’m an empire’s prong. i’m a whip of zigzags. i am framed. i’m a rotten uproar of weeds. i am streams aglow with bone. i’m an embankment of insinuations. i am the enemy of the cicada. i am burr thick. i am guileless with the vice of a jackhammer.

i kick at vessels. i’m a grotesque tower. i am copper. i am cracked exile. i’m an infector erasing bottlenecks. i’m a fetid scrape. i’m a warning. i ‘m a hiss. i’m an unborn rattle. i am intrepid as a flange. i’m a zephyr. i am wild and pulled toward earth. i’m a chrome rumination. i’m combustible powder. i am boiling in harsh paste. i’m a hipbone in the mirror. i am shrieking. i’m an ungent. i’m a peasant, smoky as sternums,.frugal as vines. i am hinging on blisters. i am brandishing a grape. i disappear, i’m a blur. i am scuttling. i have the appetite of a plankton. i’m a snarl. i’m on the brink of cyanide. i am breaking. i’m a barium plateau. i am magnesium. i disgorge flies. i’m a vise of pencils. i’m forbidden by prisoners. i am sanguine. i scorn bamboo. i trample rhizomes. i smash wires. i am terracotta. i am a mayfly with a damaged jawbone. i’m a vial full of sneers. i’m an arrow of fury. i’m an imperial violator. i am debris. i step on fuel. i’m an azimuth shrivel. i am metalled and dark. i’m a mudcracked vulture. i dive into horror. i wade into vinyl. i am enraged. i am a quadrant. i siphon tides. i am a slope. i’m a forest. i am forlorn.

i am desperate as an orange in the soil. i collapse in the earth. i am cracked. i’m a furnace in exile. i am powder. i am full-blazing impulse. i insinuate husks of ochre. i’m a vessel of debris. i ambush miles of ragged prows. i am isolated. i devour fringes. i’m a seed. i’m a cast iron gorgon. i am sordid. i damage nightfires. i’m a crime. i’m a riverside scapula. i am streams of borders. i’m a beachfire telepath. i am branches of guile. i’m an embankment of embryos. i am xenon. i am hurt. i flood arrows. i grind etna. i’m a bottleneck machete. i burr towers. i pitch. i am inflamed. i submerge pavilions. i silence vinyl. i am perished. i shadow loss. i destroy tramples. i beat spikes. i taste dirt. i am dark as bees. i glow, wear vengeance. i’m an azimuth of helium. i’m a chromosome plot. i am licked. i am neon. i live and burn. i am plastic. i am granite. i am sharp as an error. i am a vial of harridans. i’m an eruption. i am stringy. i’m a deathwatch. i’m a poltergeist. i am jagged. i offend torchlight. i am tamarisk and fire.

i’m fuelled by tarweed. i’m an undertow of tongue and ocean. i am jawbone and plankton. i’m a shoreline doppelganger. i’m severed and several. i am vibrant. i’m an eclipse’s sting. i’m a garnet puncture. i ‘m a leopard nettle. i leap from creeks and pluck hornets. i’m an acrylic scratch. i’m a thistle. i serrate tempers with a winch. i am fetid blood. i am deep. i devour teeth. i’m the spine of belladonna. i’m a train of doom. i am longitude. i’m a scorpion on a precipice. i’m a viper’s step. i am parched. i am thick as copper. my nerves are boney. i am enraged. i grate adversaries. i’m a fiend. i am hype. i yank vapour. i erase grotesque blasts. i brandish unguents. i’m a bank of scrapes. i’m a sawtooth reed. i crumble. i’m a needle. i’m a relic. i descend to shrieks. i’m a zenith of calcite. i shrivel. i’m at fault. i degrade insects. i pull into reverse. my membrane is an artery. i decay. i’m a vice. i sneer at peeled hides. i infect and marr flames. i’m a field of prey. my enemy is furious. i’m a cicada. my elements are steel and nitrogen. i’m a demolition drill.

i am scrawny as branches. i’m a hornet. i am rotten. i am parched. i am wild. i vanish. i am fragile. my dirt is ringed with musty serrations. i’m the hipbone of lazarus. i’m the fens of scissors. i’m the squeal of a sawtooth. i am dead. i’m the pinnacle of shoving tines through paste. i ambush scaly shouts. i am fatal when submerged. i am defiant when yanked. i am fired when copper. i plunge and hide behind rays. my weeds are powder. i burn when twisted. i am flint. i am violent. i pitch into mirrors. i am boney. my realms are uproarious. i shine like an embryo. i am an ankh. i am framed. i bevel. i marr harridans. i’m a wounded metronome. i spike for miles. i scrape aphids. i am barren. my fingernails are impetuous. my slope grinds fescue. my zone is garnet. i zigzag in the shadows. my maze is a rim. i’m a border of scars. i’m a wing. i’m a machine. i am chrome. i careen and stain kick wearers. i blaze against the skin and singe.

i am wizened and eternal. i’m in prison. i am fiery. my winch sucks combustible carmine. my messages grate and sharpen flames. i flicker over beams. my zephyr is granite. i’m a zenith of flatlands. i’m magnetic. my vise is imperial. i am hard. i am marrow and nettle. i flake when damaged. i am scraped like ether from unborn ruins. i’m a bottleneck to the mind. i am algae. i am stonewort streams of membranes and spines. my warning burrs blushes. i’m gratuitous as a stain. i’m an animal evaporating. i stab and slip away. i’m a sulphurous artery. i am pulp. i’m a thundersquall of veins over feldspar. i’m a tiger burnished for prey. i am sanguine and fierce. i’m a lantern’s husk. i am fuelled by xenon. i dust siphons. my flies are whipped with stalks. my mylar drags pavilions. i smash pencils for devotion. my scapula is scratchy. i smell blasts. my jackhammer is nervous. i’m an enraged mayfly. i devour footprints. i’m a vulture of scorn. i am resin. i am peeled at midnight. i’m a rattled helium blast. i am spidery and stark.

my kick is fetid. i am marred by hipbones. i brandish cyanide. i am forbidden. i’m a mayfly. i am debris. i wade into vessels. i scrape earth for mirrors. i blister. i am breaking. my prison is damaged. i step on horror. i am grotesque. my warning is chrome. i am shrieking. my barium is sanguine. i’m a jawbone. i am fuel. i’m a tower of unborn ruminations. my ungent has disappeared. my plateau is scorned. i’m a vial of azimuth. i’m enraged copper. i rattle and combust. my blur is magnesium. i’m a cracked flange. i am powder. i am smoky. i scuttle to disgorge a sneer. i am metalled. i siphon exiles. my zephyr and ulna are fragile. my plankton flies. i am rhizome. i gnaw dark out of tides. my infector is wild. i boil sternums. my appetite is a vise. i smash fury. i am mudcracked. my slope erases harsh vines. i snarl at pencils. i am wires. i am imperial. i am a vulture. i’m a forest. i pull and paste hinges. i am on the brink of cast iron and violence. i dive. i am forlorn.

i am disfigured calcite at the pinnacle of bristle. i hang from pulp. my prong is boney. my wall is wounded. my sphere is vapour. my habits are empire. i’m an embankment. i sharpen. i am murdered. my furnace shines. i am fatal. i am air. i shred bottoms and whip insinuations. i am sullen as muck. i am framed by cicadas. i’m a rock. i’m a seed. my membrane is scarred. i plunge off bluffs. i am pierced. i careen into root. i’m a burr. i am vibrant as scissors. i am becoming defeat. i resist uproars. i’m thick as vipers. i am fired by jagged perpetual bracken. my ground is sordid. my carmine weeds are guileless. my hell is silence. i descend into ether. my battle is brick. my streams are vice. i am wakeful. i decay. i am musty. my retorts are camphor. i am beachfire. i am husk. i am marrow. i glow. i am jackhammer.

Excerpts have been published in The New Stalgica Hymnal and Dusie.org Issue No. 11, edited by rob mclennan.

Amanda Earl is a Canadian writer living in Ottawa, Ontario. Her chapbooks have been published by above/ground press, Book Thug and Laurel Reed Books in Canada & by avantacular press and Dan Waber’s this is visual poetry series in the United States. Her poetry has appeared in Canadian journals & anthologies, such as Rampike, fillingStation, the White Wall Review, Rogue Stimulus, (Mansfield, Press, Toronto, Ontario, 2010), Pith and Wry: Canadian Poetry, Susan McMaster, Ed., (Your Scrivner Press, Sudbury, Ontario, 2010), international journals such as Van Gogh’s Ear (Paris, France, 2009) & Sunfish: a poetics of exploration (UK, 2011) & on line international and North American journals such as DrunkenBoat.com, Ottawater.com, Otoliths, Dusie.org, Ilk.org, Moria & the South Townsend Micropoetry Journal (Australia).

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me, medusa  

by Amanda Earl

me, medusa  

by Amanda Earl