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excuse my vandalism Lars Palm

The Red Ceilings Press

MMXIII [rcp 55]

excuse my vandalism Lars Palm

Š Lars Palm, 2013

some of these poems were first published in guerilla pamphlets, On Barcelona & Truck

by a fragment of nothing by jumping into or out of the fire by the manor of a lady by microclimate by occupying the wind by beauty once more redefined by being thousands gathered by setting fire to your boss by walking faster than the rain by being an exception to a whole lot of rules by the manners of a tiger by snail

her first actions of the week kill a wasp photograph it then kill a couple more with out securing any evidence

(after some short pieces by chairman mao)

imperialism is a drag the english queen is a drag the u s administration is a drag maoism is rather more fun

pigeons tap dance on the bus shelter roof the homeless man woke up when i sat down on the far end of the wooden bench waiting

that religious nut waving bible quotes at innocent by standers gets cracked open & vanishes in to the early morning

(a moment of absurdity)

sitting in an expensive tourist cafe in your own town, on the sidewalk amid a construction site & a crashed spaceship & her hair blowing away & the church tower clock ticking away the hour nibble by nibble & a security guard staring viciously & thank you for going by bike

lazy saturday morning in some thing aspiring to be the 1950s where that perfectly designed biker arrives in a small japanese car

in case of emergence spring that trap tap the ale & hide the bike inside your mind or outside in some vast field

crystal ear on sale really cheap a wonderful bar gain even to the person who lost the ear in a bar room fight

bus for shooters hill caught in a shoot out between a burnt oak & a bent cross still on the hill a lone palm-tree circled by photographers harvesting cameras

not here decide the form of the deicide you want & the shape of the table you wish to plan it by maybe there if not in this little & slightly mad town

she’s drinking a desert some others call it rosÊ wine the camels have 999 names for it

bag of buttons half of them spilled on the sidewalk enough to button a whole lot of lips

(who let the dogs into the chili pot?) for Pansy Maurer-Alvarez

& on another maybe brighter note. no banks except by the river. beaches would be more functional for our purposes. secret though they may be. maybe some seriously strong coffee. 4 cups a day have recently been said to prevent & may be even treat depression in humans. as for dogs the thing to do is to keep them out of the pot & just let them be four-legged

37 cases of dengue fever reported in madeira those mosquitos do travel learning portugese en route finding that too easy some of them leave for serbia

(signs of london) with lines from Amy De’Ath no pedestrians or other animals ‘twas a good year for dresses do not enter train when doors are closed take courage life is to blame for everything i let the thames write itself & let you be fame’s pervert prohibited street no itinerant ice cream sales i’m strongly contemplating it don’t buy the sun italian fish & chips perfectly good services on all other lines

tripping over the words saying they’re a ball you’re not invited to kick off like a shoe one size too big to tip the iceberg & send it back into outer space to plan a new golf course where sheep may graze your green eyes

with a water fall at home there’s no need to worry about drought still the first kill is the sleepiest & when you least expect it he returns

(just because) never even considered wandering off wondering how forgive him for being all things a man’s expected to be never again against the grain for personal gain forget this


no i’m not your academy justice would be nice no he didn’t listen this time either peace can only come with basic justice

dew drops dead heads off at an other bed side table depicting the changing distribution of wealth in a handful of heavily industrialized countries

(occasionally) for Carol Watts on some occasion they did indeed eat a vegetable by mistake they swear. & they’re damned if they can remember when or what kind. it might have been red & someone or other at the table may have claimed it’s really a fruit. cake was good though if their memory serves them a proper whiskey steak

sunday 6.15 a m stampeding bus (or driver) about 5 minutes later same bus stop black bmw at very high speed another few minutes later man on moped takes long detour to ask someone for a cigarette what’s up with people this morning?

wishful drinking organs without bodily harm redress that naked chinese dog lifting elevators over bright futures do you really? progressive glasses reflect musicians organic ballpoint pens ever the eastern hills taken a back & back up revolution (sorry, me dreaming again) you really do done dusting shelves away ye pirates all yes

(untalented martyrs) there are 9 ways to sunday go find them if you have the time timing is all in comedy watching nothing on the tv sun streaming in through the blinds a law drives off

one japanese car may hide 2 others only if they are really small one hide may re veal another & then maybe an other you i didn’t hear about before & one hiding most certainly hides another

(after subcomandante marcos) power is a drag the districto federal is a drag the mexican army is a drag the zapatistas are rather more fun

if coffee is the answer what is the question?

who’s that nut? who’s doing that reel? who’s growing out after growing up? who’s that girl not played by madonna? who’s that sitting on barcelona? who’s going after the powers that be? who’s just after being the powers that be? who’s just after? who’s that posing as me?

Lars Palm Lives with his lovely wife Petra, currently in MalmÜ. he’s the author of three books; road song for (corrupt press, 2011), chaos on/chaos off (obvious epiphanies press, 2012) & means (The Knives, Forks and Spoons Press, forthcoming) as well as some chapbooks in print & online, most recently mulhouse (greying ghost pamphlet #39, 2012). he has held a few odd jobs in a few places, including Stockholm, Dublin & Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, is trained as an actor/ playwright, organic producer & assistant nurse & has a slow career as a model. He blogs at mischievoice.

The Red Ceilings Press

MMXIII [rcp 55]

Excuse my vandalism  

by Lars Palm

Excuse my vandalism  

by Lars Palm