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The Red Ceilings Press MMX [rcp 6]


Ed Baker

desire is..... space everything

to write into this is possibility as

BRUSH MIND what can be hidden in a line? nothing becomes whatever line drawn along you are whatever just there is you drawn out of every ‘other’ even OH you will say and stay even when you everywhere somewhere go? when personal -ity is it s self interesting enough the line will all so be to doing as fearless usual the line is very serious -ly to be studied that makes going along the funny

it s Value less ness actually

why can but if when creating do you need one more line than this necessary? I am writing on typewriter and the poem is comes in this only doing in this punctuate arrangement means a complication

this wait is



around and dbls doubles back up on becoming poe m own

you set your


only mechanical is double-hung window is one half open she sits nudely on lead-free sill she-perch same wind ow ox lept through to carry on the species where ONLY dominant prick survives better to move farther in be tween her legs her mouth her hair her spread pull along is straight back to head and open skirt the feel

abide sits patiently for rise

just situate in front of juxtaposition’s!

Dom. 11 de Junio de 1967

in the back-seat of a 1955 Buick Special

when young she came frequently he also re:plied: “Half the world writes poems.” 5. in optics; the act of bringing the eyes into a visual line so that the rays from a single point fall on corresponding localities in each eye and are conveyed to a single visual center, producing the impression of one

after all there is only

one wave

on looking she becomes this de:light

Flower on wind -ow sill

far beyond perslane’ s met

aphor is relentles

reach also to touch

2 / 10 / 99

a rat jumps from sill to fence leap is absolute imagine is her legs land astride the deepest rent she is thin long so travels through fault is not blame between from where she leaves gets off from here a farther seems small

leap seems far beyond anything demand is for tree of heaven is rooted in its (own)

this becomes object is not predicate upon his untiring her lose movement in a cheap dress blue is not only color of eyes of legs long sky line alone in cornered position wrap s into a chair sit facing each other’s gaze

opens here him with hands fingers mouths touch

Window closed on his fingers sill same sill perches her is as Bird in Bush corn pone through scream night clings branch to read orthodoxy position is familiar construct bend is back hot roll-top desk

roil used here

w/o checking definition sucking sounds

She took him in

is her validity

obsession wormal’s-shine in her eyes I behind green complexion auto-mated first time she gets w child is possibility she parked the car on a darkened side street and “took” just so line of site in this what space revealed light gaze lays between animal comport? impossible to reveal right or wrong is only one possibility that knows The Bible was it s control of proise known in future promise anything as if by choice is unseen through opening dispels -poem! tongues lash out of eyes to freeze against the pain window slams down upon mouths press issue of what was said of her breasts de:fined nurture woman in the moist towards who first speaks /embraces/ an erotic first or speaks careful of what determines -care politics become her nature hot confuses love w / always it s correspondent warfare is congress

a wave is after all only one wave

she pales in the 5 a.m. exactly opens a polyphony yes yes yes hair parts in middle moment ago then gone tug is want is mind’s

may have been condition put on mattress

bed of rose is


glass bowl

fish’s home

edge towards sun night becomes moon ‘s black circumference dresses up center her hair also hangs d o w n in it s own black

what color demands demands she punctuate

The Red Ceilings Press

MMX [rcp 6]


by Ed Baker


by Ed Baker