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Casio’s Pay-off Peyote Volodymyr Bilyk

The Red Ceilings Press

MMXIII [rcp 56]

Casio’s Pay-off Peyote Volodymyr Bilyk

©Volodymyr Bilyk, 2013

-3 The Principle, The Force.  Instrument  to the  current Coat-let Boo  Boom  Bow

-2 O.(ver) A.(ll) O and M  O be joyful  (happiness is shown)  Oh ag o’ag  oh an  if in case  there is something  lead me - oh ah over all  take me - oh ah over uh  draw aside - our hap  o’the head  parry  a blow - fencing  parry the boxing’s  beat off and back  repulse and repel  parry a blow - lower and back and then backwards  ward off me off - break  w-ard off, turn ward if turn - un uh  w-ard off aside, ward if avert by awe of awe to awe  avert  prevent  reject  end challenge  allot the ground of yer feet  to her and his and their-our  just a little fun-rain-run - Row-in - ruin 

oh be air-cooled oh be  oh be  oh be  oh be  oh be  oh be  oh be  o’ver  I am o.(ut)o(f).o.(rder)

-1 oanshagh, my dear  my beloved  my loved one  my fond  my heatfelt  my earnest  my lovely  my charming  my prescious  my important my close  my affection  my high  my price  my dear oanshagh

0 --0

1 I Saw It. I am going to saw it.  It’s an old wise saw.

2 Savoury smell Appetizing. Provoking.  Demon-straight  Shows savvy goodness -  piquant and savoyed down there, in the middle,  hardly breathing for a long time after.

3 ‘Appy ‘appen ‘cause the ‘chute work wrong.

4 ‘gator ‘gainst ‘em

5 ‘shun ‘ll be ‘mongst ‘hoods ‘pon ‘tude ‘ll be ‘un ‘vert  ‘till ‘tis calm  ‘cause ‘ll be ‘twas ‘twere ‘twill 

6 Here. Looking at the small photos.  Making them big with eye zooming rock and roll.

7 cellist ‘appen Oh Ah  oh-zoo-...  oo-oo-oo  U..Y!  -oh-oh-AH!  -uh-uh-uh-uh

8 ‘d be loud -OH - ave! ‘d be boisterous -OH - bow!  ‘d be clamorous -OH - nod!  ‘d be vociferous -OH - clap!  ‘d be garish -OH - hiss-diss!  ‘d be flashy -OH - During the Avel

9 wobble tossin’ pitchin’ wavin’ danglin’ reelin’ Awe Awe Awe Ave Ave Ave

10 Gasps of Admiration - Line goes on - Gap Moans and Groans - Deep Look in Gap  Sighs and Sobs - It Is Offensive

11 Vintage Drum and Bass in Quadro-Play  But One is Muted  And it is crucial “What a poor” “Such a nice” “So much” “Very...”->”tsss...”  After all  All ‘d been covered  By the supporting meal “How delicious!” “What a bastard!” “Bitch!” “So That...  So that explains it!” “Now You Hear!” “So That’s What you’re up to!”

12 Ohm - waves Zzz  Net - with Zeals - zeal-and-zeal-and-zeal  The whirl - Down To - THe Helix

13 Null Joy ‘Ful ‘Fully  ‘Less ‘Lessly  ‘Ous  ‘Pop ‘Popper  ‘Ride ‘Riding  Stick - In control  Stick - In Jog  Stick - In Lever  Stick - In mode  Boundless Great INdescribable ineffable Sheer Unbridled  Express Fell Find Take  Radiate For and With  Joy Bells Joy Fire  Box - Juice - Pop - Popper  Flight Plank Sop

14 Great Sheer  Pure  Feel  Squeal  To Take  In doing  To somebodys Delight  Revel  Charm  Spell

15 Great Irresistable  Natural  Particular  Special  Unfailing  Rustic Charms Alluring  Turn On  Possess  Enugh  Exude  Under  To break  Remove  To cast - To Put - Over

16 Tempting the appetite Tempting into the trap  Been Tremendously Tempted  To do

17 Talk French Talk German  Talk about Sommerset  In slang  Talk in ones Sleep  Water Bubble Talk and Noise  Talk like the Dolphins  Hear the birds talk  Talk Bullshit  Talk Crap  Talk Nuts  Talk Hebrew  Talk Greek  Talk Double-Dutch and one  Talk Gibberish

18 Heart to Heart Loose  pep  Blunt - Plain - Straight  Idle - iNtimate - disjointed - small - doouble  ENGAGE MAKE FALL INTO TALK  Walk the Talk Sweet

19 To talk Politics To talk Literature  To talk bawdy  To talk sense


21 Formal Informal Contact - Peace  Conduct - Hold  Break-off  Thieves Talk  Baby Talk  Bird Talk  No Cider

22 How You I should  Look Whos  Now Youre.  TAlk one head  Talk Onearm  Talk hind leg  Talk arse  Talk off  TAlk Cold  Talk turkey

23 Found to talk Placing in riddles

24 Need To Talk To Oneself  On a Topic turn to subject  One Thing An another And This and That

25 Blunt Talk Candid Talk  Drank Talk  Dree Talk  Fluent Talk  Loud, Open - Talk

26 Stop Talking!

27 Talk Big Talk Large  Talk Tall  Talk Horse  Talk by the Hour  Talk Small  Talk Nonsense  Behind the Back  Scandal - Treason  Let’em Talk  Cheatig for Sure  Talk to sick - hoarse  Profusely  Scandal  Smut  Big  To the Point  Around - Round  Away  Back  Down  Out  Over Through  UP

28 Stop Talking!

29 Joy Bells Joy Dust  Joy Fire  Joy Flight  Joy Box  Joy Juice  Joy Plank  Joy Pop  Joy Ride  Joy Smoke  Joy Sop  Joy Stick  All that - One after Another  The Joy Actions  Of one H’ Being

30 Under the round In the Ground  Lying  After a while  From the round  In the ground  Hanging  After All  One time - it is antenna  reverse it all  It is a cord disconnected  It is a tail - free on the wind  reverse it all - on two other opposite sides  Spire thrown into and hanging out of something  Or  Under the ground  Lying  After a while  In the ground  Hanging  After All

31 are you jizzing your jazz in your joy?

32 ? Y?  WH WH WH?  WOW OH  WH WH WH?  Y?  ?

33 Wick, Wickthing - Wicked, Wicken, Wicker, Wicket, Wicking...Widdle, Why it is Happening? or  Wick, Wickthing - Wicked, Wicken, Wicker, Wicket, Wicking...Widdle... little forceless shout “Why?”.

34 Dick of Dali is Trollin’ the Sky

35 W of my WOW had cracked in two. I got to VOW now. Byde Low 36 Sonsie Sook - a baby - Sound your Ah-and-Argh Sonsie Sook - a coward - Sound your Ah-and-Argh  Sonsie Sook - a calf - Sound your wavy sine that thrashes all around  or  Sonsie Sook - a baby - Sounds it’s Ah-and-Argh  Sonsie Sook - a coward - Sounds it’s Ah-and-Argh  Sonsie Sook - a calf - Sounds his coily sine wave Sool on the sow, lying on the sowed fields. Shoals, Throngs, Crowds  in big mass all of them  Together  In the Try of the Connection

37 Manicate Hands in the Water Hair on the Hands - Dancing

38 Hoi Polloi Mass of Clay  Mass of Metal  The Mass of The Manoeuvre  Shapeless Mass  Sticky Mass  And in the end - Plastic Mass  On the Land Mass  With Dense mass of smoke over it  Large Indistinct Stretched all along  And on the edges - camellias, azaleas are growing Mass Education  Mass Production  Mass Demonstration

39 virgin rock mass virgin rock mess  virgin rock Moss Aisley Disturbed mass  Mass from Elementary Schools  Filling the empties of the High-School  Gas Purifying Mass  Initial Mass  Isotopic Mass  Launching mass  Localized mass  Mole Mass  Molecular mass  Packaged Mass  Pointed Out Mass  Mass out of point  Mass that Points  Probability Mass  Reaction mass  Masses at rest  Significance en mass  Under the Sun  Spectral - Structural  Take-off 

Unbalanced Warm Mass  Water Mass  Mass hangs the string  Mass is drilling mud  air masses -  free masses -  inertia masses -  oscillating masses -  permissible masses -  rotating masses -  sprunged masses -  but  unbalanced masses -  unladened masses -  unsprunged mass  Axis Mass  Correction mass  Design Mass  Lumped MAss  Flying Mass  Wheeling Mass  Guided Mass  Awayed Mass  Parasiting Mass  Reducing mass  Rotating Mass  Sealing Mass  Testing the Mass  By Eggs  By Fecals  By Pollen

Shoals of Angry Letters Shoals of Panic Fishes  Together in one vessel  Together in one liquid Gab Gab Down by the Gullied Gulley - Test for the Gullibility Vocalisizing Ellipses. Anemic and Rallied.

40 Loco-Motion on the trail LATE.  Choke  on  Plate.  Time goes -  he’s Chocolate  de-Coy  de-Cay  Mmm  Au  (A-.U.-H)  ah.  Am,  Am,  Am.  For the Time

41 Putting Ketchup in The Fridge How Can You Be Sure?  How Do You Sit Still  How Can You Be Sure?

42 Bum the Boom for the Bigger Bang Not on the plate  Not of the paint  Dum Dum the Doom of the Greater Loom.

43 mishugged Snow falls on my snow trace

44 Big Brother - Time pass  Pig Brother.Corruption took it’s place.

45 Evening Mess for Mass from Mood of Mess in evening wing-ding alsays wishes to be whine And the last match broken whimsy-whamsy wants to be a wing-ding wing-ding wants to beat a whimsy-whamsy  Perfect pair Bow the Rain

46 In Four Movements - (three dots)... and (free dots)... and (tree of dots)... and ... then (dot).

47 Reflections S...  Ions? Ti.  Ons  Ions  S...  Tio - Ect  Le, Le...f....  Ef, Ec, Io.  Re, Re, Ef  Ecti, On...  S...  Unusual Sounds

48 Behold your holding piece before the holding place  Aside of lettered spines  Assuming to be suede

49 0 ‘bout saints  I’m gonna build a boat  of them  the greatest sacred chilly-thrilly  Because of mindlessness  And middle of the wordness  Of the world-mess  Between the ground, between the sky  Like a spit - a shriek - a spill  For long and more and later  - pillow beat of the chime blow  The boat is useful now 

1 The Saints are Coming!  Oh!  That’s only the song.  Oh, whatever...  2  ...  Well,  and I got this thing,  idea-thought, the Question -  The Saints are Cuming?  Are the Saints cuming?  Well,  Do the Saint -  You’re gonna cum.

50 D down D and P  D and C  d and d  D up Pow Wow!

51 Ecce Homo! Bliss and sparkles  Ecce Autodafe!

Volodymyr Bilyk is a writer, translator and occasionally visual artist. His book of visual poems was published in the series This is Visual Poetry, his book of asemic short stories CIMESA was published by White Sky Books and his book of visual poems SCOBES was published by No Press. His works appeared in The New Post-Literate, A-Minor magazine, REM magazine, Cormac McCarthy’s Dead Typewriter, The Otolith, Altered Scale, Ex-Ex-Lit, Maintenant, 3am, Underground Books and many others.  He translates Ezra Pound, Billy Childish, Gertrude Stein, Paul Savoie, Tristan Tzara, and Kurt Schwitters.  He is the co-editor of Extreme Writing Community.

The Red Ceilings Press

MMXIII [rcp 56]

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Casio's Pay-off Peyote  

by Volodymyr Bilyk

Casio's Pay-off Peyote  

by Volodymyr Bilyk