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Asemic Colon Mark Young

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MMXIII [rcp 54]

Asemic Colon Mark Young

Š Mark Young, 2013

slice ^ body of research a bottom-dweller actions of dinosaurs it’s a conciliatory element unable to settle on a genre richly textured space synth takes any particular anecdote the drummer & his colleagues range of different habitat types the adoption of coherent design adaptations to help us cope with the only time you’ve tried green tea failures of parliamentary functioning the collective entity that is the audience one even has to document offbeat music survive by a series of conservation maps has an energetic connection to another part term papers on Religion In Hollywood Movies hue on your feet bequeath swell or discontinuity a subculture expected to become the next batch of exploring introductory courses in cultural anthropology how would you answer the questions in the second paragraph

Why I am jealous of Ben Bernanke In an unprovenanced manuscript of  Oedipus Rex which has just been placed on the market by an anonymous vendor from  Uzbekistan, there is  an exorcised passage  in which Oedipus  states that the presence or absence of poets after the various  Greek Wars were the first true example of labor economics. “Who needs bards” he ends “when there  is no victory to sing about?” Someone—a different hand, most probably Sophocles’ editor— has crossed that out & in the margin written: “Economics is fine, but what relevance do poets  have to a story  about a man who  fucks his mother?”

After Tertullian The courts of justice are infested. The defence of the sect has been upheld. Now it is truly lawful for silent letters to set up shop in your ears. You can say yes to kerchief auctions, to diligent studies of solar flares. The immediate will happen, finally. It does not licence you to be a gypsy. Nor to be published in open access journals. To lead the empire. To play in the first tier of the UEFA soccer league. Or carry iron. Or be the presiding judge of a city. To read palms. To be concerned & drink liquor. To wear your watch in public & convey the time to inquiring Arabs. Or should that be in inchoate arabesques?

The Survivor That was the year we wintered in Montparnasse. The ferry, I remember, was empty apart from us, might never have sailed except its skipper lived on the other side of the river & she wanted to get home that night. Upstream was thick with forest. There were fireworks somewhere. I heard them, but I did not see their bloom.

Angst/Romance fanfiction with characters He was sharing a croissant with the cat when his mother  told him he wasn’t  hers. Still, she was his, & life forms are interdependent: it’s why the crossing  point of three sides  of the economy has  higher rates of regeneration &  growth than the wet  forests, & recovering  cancer patients  search eBay for  months looking for vintage furs  or a 2003 Topps  Heritage Starter Set  with over 250 cards  in NrMt condition.

An autonomous region within China I was on the elliptical machine—a beautiful device—working out. The palate is clean with a toasty finish. Up close, aphids resemble little muscle cars with a pair of tailpipes. Sometimes it’s hard to tell without having to run to the network room. Much more effective to soften water in order to keep delicate species of tropical fish than to use a structured, cognitive behavioral program. The era of the over-documented wedding comes with fiery dancehall vibes.

No, No, Nonet The method of martyrdom of Saint Sebastian played a pivotal part in the design of the recently released Freddie Mercury action figure.

uncools His translations of Apollinaire reek of formaldehyde when it’s absinthe we’re after.

A line from Albert Einstein A garden hose is most often more effective & always cheaper than myocardial perfusion scans in reading subtle body energies once we know what it is we are doing & the visual shorthand necessary to interpret the vagaries of water becomes intuitive.

The Fourth D-bate Signed any legal documents in the last few years? Written in a notebook  or on a post-it note? Made another  metal bird feeder by cutting out  both ends of a coffee tin? Become  a Guinea Pig? The hoping-to-bePresident’s focus on restricting freedom has brought about the reformation of The Confederate Army of West Tennessee to help him communicate his message clearly  to the targeted audience that you  are part of. Join now, learn how to  be a successful stay at home mom.

Piath It is midnight before I get out to do  my lunchtime  shopping. Dogs follow me. In the streetstall under the peppertree a single-engined beggar offers me a Piaf CD  autographed by the singer herself. I buy it with no regrets & sign my name immediately  below hers. The  supermarket calls me Al. I don’t care. We  are in love, Edif & me.

version 2 Claiming to have more than enough expertise to transform the marketing potential of the space available on the inner t-shirt into venture capital, a consortium of lentils & lean beef has launched a socalled “lads’ magazine� which examines the spiritual & therapeutic practice of taking retreats into metaphysical darkness whilst wearing only flimsy underwear.

A line from Samuel Taylor Coleridge Last night, from a small hill at the back of Higashi-Okazaki station, NASA launched, at one minute intervals, five small rockets in order to make a delicious five-minute ice cream.  After nearly 25 years in prison earthquake preparation has finally become a normal part of life for the abstract sciences, along with free canoeing & the use of bicycles.

geographies: Clare To reduce congestion & flooding impacts we are becoming a 24-hour society. Vacation Bible Schools challenge contemporary attitudes to sexuality. A documentary about a sloth orphanage will probably make your eyeballs explode from cuteness & cause your DNA to further unwind. Film loading & commentary on politics helps older adults stay mobile & independent. Who hasn’t wanted to do that?

geographies: Chaopraya River A few bold keystrokes accidentally trip a security alarm in the otherwise  small, quaint, tidy universe, changing the sidemen into ferocious tigers. Prophetic literature is laying down a perfect Sunday boogie session.

Another section contains carriages The signal strength of the patient’s perception  of his inner self sucks. That’s a clinical expression—take it  to mean that his concept  “false-self” is probably not aligned with the  vertical centerline of  the business communities  of Southwest Missouri  but with the distal end of a  dog. If not that then it’s because he wears high heels  & tries to save a few bucks  here & there on his power bill.

An experience of relative isolation Function trumps form. Dance has become a derogatory term. Downloading Burl Ives is indicative of marked turbulence in local blood flow. No American artist, Jasper Johns once said, invented more than Mr. Rauschenberg.

He / negotiates a / forced labor contract I recently got a fabulous new flat screen TV & I have been searching for the perfect place to perch it on. Nothing really struck my eye until I saw the chic new black Trollsta sideboard from Ikea. Although I am trying to get away from using Ikea furniture, I don’t think I will be able to find something else I like at such a reasonable price point. I can’t wait until it comes to stores in April! My son took the option to opt out of bukatsu, choosing to spend the time studying the piano privately instead. Emo girls love seeing two emo boys kiss! They find this to be very hot & sexy! Much like Emo boys, when they walk they have their head hanging down, & not looking at anybody that walks by. Emo girls are very depressed looking & they tend to be very emotional and sensitive.  So fun & fabulous. The High School Musical 3 Prom Doll is dressed in her beautiful senior prom outfit & is ready to party!

Deuteronomy 3:11                              It’s a vibrant dance                 scene; but, even when                                               parsed & properly                                executed, can turn childhood games into                                               obsessions. We’ve                                               long played with                                warrantless wire               tapping, combining                                exhaustion & any                thing with a cheetah  pattern to increase the                                               level of uncertainty. If                 only half as much media                                               attention went into                                photographing the vapid.

geographies: Fort Worth Not quite your local drugstore,  more like a  CGI gulag, but the Texas  Rangers’ PX  Store is wellsupplied with  exclusive couture  fashion & body  jewelry in surgical  steel & provides  a unique shopping  experience where the weekend just  flies right by.

The cornhusking of disturbances Voice behavior promotes change. He did exactly what he did in the 70s, manually decompressing the large intestine so that the picture-making mechanism was crushed. A film about climate change, & the plans & artist’s impressions of a few random buildings of no particular importance are all that are left.

Asemic colon The latest stand-alone software shows clearly the intricate designs  of invisible or ‘occult’  bleeding; but, by itself, provides sparse & inaccurate data about  the internal state of the patient when accessed.  Additional, traditional medical techniques are still required. Upholding Frantz Fanon’s dictum, that colonoscopy doesn’t  end with the coming of independent apps.

geographies: Muscle Shoals Because of its links to wildlife decline the  Code of the Warrior  produces high quality  bluegrass. I’ve been  moving across town  for the past few days,  installing high-tech filters  to recycle most of it into chemicals that elsewhere  have been banned for  decades & making natural history documentaries as I go that are designed for machines first &  humans second. I’ll live with the guilt  for years & years. It’s my equivalent of the mushroom cloud.

The Podunk Poems 1. William Carlos Williams (early) Pardon my injuries O crimson salamander Dahlias— Upon the dead grass New books of poetry will be written Keller Degen Gom 2. Allen Ginsberg Path crowded with thistle fern blue daisy O dear sweet rosy Dawn’s orb orange-raw shining over Palisades Ugh! the planet screams Neal Cassady was my animal: he brought me to my knees Kali Ma tottering up steps to shelter tin roof 3. Frank O’Hara Pan seized the reeds O Fort Savannah! do you remember Ann Bailey? Dear Bill I think it was very nice of you to have me Up at Borton-Smergens, the little town by the sea, you went Night (blue) Kenny! 4. Octavio Paz Parabola of movement Objects & apparitions Daily fire Ustica Nagarjuna Key of Water

5. William Carlos Williams (late) Paper by Mailliol, no kiddin’ O let the seeds be planted December bird in the bare tree Under a low sky Nine truckloads of jewels Kitten! Kitten! grown woman

Some of these poems have previously appeared in 3 a.m., Country Music, Cricket Online Review, Ditch, Gobbet, Marsh Hawk Review, New Mystics, Offcourse, Rabbit, & Streetcake Magazine. My thanks to the various editors.

Mark Young Has been publishing poetry for nearly fifty-five years. His work has been widely anthologized, & his essays & poetry translated into a number of languages. He is the author of more than twenty books, primarily poetry but also including speculative fiction & art history. He is the editor of the ezine Otoliths, & lives on the Tropic of Capricorn in Australia. Recent work has appeared or is to appear in Moria, Fact-Simile, The Last Vispo Anthology, Eccolinguistics, Ditch, Cricket Online Review, 3 a.m., E·ratio, Streetcake Magazine, Gobbet, Cordite, Country Music, Quarter After, & BlazeVOX amongst other places.

The Red Ceilings Press

MMXIII [rcp 54]

Asemic Colon  
Asemic Colon  

by Mark Young