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sshhh‌ (I look for a guilt / I look for a guilty one / somewhere a big mess happened. someone / did evil to me / sometimes these thoughts take all my day sometimes this / consumes my whole heart) one of those days / when I was a boy and / I had beautiful morning and things / that made me happy / there was / a certain someone / in a particular situation / who turned a key in my brain / my soft / morning brain / my brain filled with beautiful things and / since then started this MACHINERY which later on I could never stop. if only I had a gun / if I could arm / and shoot if this world could one day TOMORROW build some kind of link between me and that certain someone)

Adrian Urmanov studied at the Academy of Economic studies in Bucharest, the Pushkin Institute in Moscow, the University of Warwick and currently the University of Durham. He has published five collections of poetry Canonical flesh (Pontica 2001) Utilitarian Poems (Pontica 2003) Skeleton (Pontica 2004) Cheap Literature (Vinea 2005) and Sushi (2007).

3 Romanian Poets  
3 Romanian Poets  

A sampler of the work of 3 exciting contemporary Romanian poets