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The Recycling Factory proposal to


Why choose The Recycling Factory? “Since The Recycling Factory began, we have raised over £2 million pounds for UK charities.” John Studholme Managing Director The Recycling Factory has a wealth of experience working with businesses & charities; large and small. Registered in the UK, we specialise in the recycling of used inkjet and toner cartridges, mobile phones and small electronic gadgets. On average, 700,000 items are recycled by The Recycling Factory each month. Items are recycled within the UK, ensuring that our carbon footprint is kept to a minimum. We offer a no obligation, zero cost, transparent and ethical solution to recycling, by providing you with all of the materials that you will require to initiate a recycling scheme. As well as helping to save the environment, you will also be able to raise funds for your charity for each item that we can successfully recycle. The Recycling Factory works closely with all its partners to identify their specific needs. Our charity programs continue to be some of the most successful in the recycling industry; we work in partnership with the NSPCC Childline, RSPCA, RNLI, British Heart Foundation, MS Society, Mencap and Sense, as well as corporate sponsorship recycling on behalf of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, PC World and Wilkinsons. Working closely with our partners to increase social awareness and the importance of recycling to achieve zero landfill, The Recycling Factory recycle for over 30,000 charities, businesses, volunteer groups and individuals. We recognise every customer as an individual and therefore offer to tailor our recycling programs to meet their needs. Whatever the size of your charity or organisation, The Recycling Factory can offer a unique, customised recycling program.

Inkjet cartridges

Laser toners

Mobile phones & small gadgets


Accreditations The Recycling Factory is committed to the ethical, transparent and secure recycling of printer cartridges, mobile phones and I.T. waste. Our aim is to reduce the harmful landfill burden on our environment and further assist companies and homeowners alike with their efforts to achieve zero landfill. We believe everyone has some responsibility for reducing waste. We aim to provide recycling solutions that reduce landfill, reduce C02 emissions and do not impact upon the third world civilisation.

Certifications held by The Recycling Factory



Marketing support The Recycling Factory has an in-house Graphic Design & IT team and press room which enables us to deliver a first class service to our partners. Having an on-site team allows us to turn around bespoke requests at short notice and provides us with the flexibility to make the necessary changes to artwork without further delay. Having worked with high profile charities and retailers, our team understands the importance of your brand and would work closely with you to ensure that guidelines are met prior to sign off. The Recycling Factory would provide Macmillanwith the following marketing materials:

Freepost envelopes; provided in a professional, convenient dispenser with a personalised header label which displays your charity’s logo & associated information.

Promotional posters; designed by our in-house Graphic Design team and available in either A4 or A3, these posters can convey your unique marketing message and are a great way of drawing attention to the recycling scheme & your charity.

Freepost envelope & dispenser

Collection box; available in two sizes (desktop & free standing) and particularly popular with corporate supporters, collection boxes should be placed in a prominent position to create awareness of the recycling scheme & maximise its potential. Once full, we provide either a same or next day collection service to supporters.

Collection boxes

What would £200,000 fund?

ft... A hovercra

annual training for 158 crew memb ers...

a ‘B class’ Atlantic 85 lifeboat plus one years maintenance...

s. 1,330 crew pager

All photographs: RNLI/Nigel Millard

Postcards; sent to supporters who request envelopes from us, postcards thank the supporter for recycling and also provide them with an indication of what their donation could fund.

Postcard - front & back


Marketing support Recycling website; not only would your charity appear on The Recycling Factory website, we also offer the option of a dedicated recycling website e.g. This site would provide your supporters with more information about your charity, how they can recycle in support of the charity and other ways in which they can provide help & support. Plus, the latest news & events - this would link directly back to your own website.


Account management team We believe that they key to a successful relationship is communication. A dedicated Account Manager & marketing team would work closely with Macmillan to explore all available marketing opportunities throughout the partnership. A marketing plan would be formulated and agreed with the charity. We carry out regular review calls & meetings to ensure that we remain proactive in our activity and seize any forthcoming opportunities that may present themselves to us. Our team has built excellent working relationships with several media contacts which has proved beneficial when circulating press releases into the public domain. Wherever possible, we use these

Dedicated Account Manager

sources to capitalise on any news-worthy articles that may generate additional interest and promotion of the partnership.

Service levels All personnel whose activities and responsibilities affect not only the quality and the service that we provide but represent our charity and retail partners, are thoroughly checked to ensure they are qualified on the basis of training, education and / or experience, to ensure that the individual is able to perform their job satisfactorily. Only trained or experienced personnel are assigned to each job. Staff regularly receive training which not only enhances their existing strengths but also introduces new skills & techniques. Training reviews are carried out on a quarterly basis as part of a Management Review. We see performance appraisals as essential for the effective management and evaluation of staff. Appraisals help develop individuals, improve organisational performance and feed into our business planning. Formal performance appraisals are conducted annually for all staff in the organisation. Each staff member is appraised by their line manager & tasked with set goals for the forthcoming year.

Reporting systems We continue to invest in our bespoke reporting system. The live tracking function ensures that TRF UK THE RECYCLING FACTORY LTD 29/05/2012 FREEPOST TO 22/05/2012 ANG3654 Credit: BOSTON ved: Fails Recei 0.00 PE21 7BR 3 9RS ved: 0 st Sussex,RH1 Non Virgins Recei 0.00 orsham,We 1 0 outhwater,H Virgins Received: Head Office 0.00 rforce Way,S er: 2401,RSPCA 0 0 Wilbe 41010 5 CA 05041 Numb Total collections report for period 22/05/2012 to 29/05/2012 0.00 LYONS,RSP TRF Part 0 0 2 0.00 ANDREW 60 ved: Type: Virgins: Non Virgins: Fails: Contributor 0 90001 0 Recei 1 Item 129B0 0.00 60 0 2 05041410102401 RSPCA Head0 Office 129B090002 0.00 LC900BK 60 0 RSPCA Wilberforce Way, RH13 9RS 90003 0 16 129B0 0.00 LC900C 60 INKJET 3,068 89 429 0 0 36 129B090004 0.00 LC900M 60 PHONE 28 124 0 0 0 9 129B097042 0.00 LC900Y 60 0 TONER 23 0 0 7 29 129B098042 1.00 LC970 Mix 60 0 98542 0 INACTIVE 0 8 62 0 129B0 0.00 LC980 Mix 60 1 0 2 NON0.00 SCHEME 63 25 129B100042 405 LC985 Mix 60 0 0 1 3,182 841 246 129B110042 0.00 mix LC1000 60 0 14 05042613174701 RSPCA BIRMINGHAM REHOMING0CENTRE 129B222001 4.50 Mix LC1100 60 0 RSPCA REHOMING0CENTRE, B29 5UP 2 129C000201 13.75 TN2220 60 INKJET 2 0 1 1 0 1 129C000501 21.35 BC-02 60 NON SCHEME 0 0 0 0 1 4 129C002001 0.60 PGI-5BK 60 3 0 2 2 0 11 129C002103 24.00 BC-20 60 1 05051309304501 RSPCA GONSAL FARM ANIMAL CENTRE 1 17 129C003701 1.20 C-EXV21M 60 RSPCA GONSAL FARM0AMIMAL CENTRE, SY5 0 7ET 0 129C003813 INKJET 0.00 3 0 PG-37 60 0 1 0 10 129C004001 0.00 CL-38 67 3 0 0 0 0 0 129C004001 50.40 06092213412901 THE LOCKWOOD DONKEY CENTRE PG-40 60 0 0 3 129C004113 0.00 THE LOCKWOOD DONKEY CENTRE, GU8 5UX PG-40 DCI 67 2 0 1 129C004113 INKJET 31.50 3 0 0 CL-41 60 3 0 23 129C005001 27.60 3 0 0 CL-41 DCI 60 0 0 129C005113 7.20 07011515084901 0 CRUFTS 2007 (RSPCA) PG-50 60 1 RH13 9RS 0 15 RSPCA WILBERFORCE WAY, 129C051001 0.00 CL-51 67 0 13 0 0 INKJET 0 11 129C051001 0.00 PG-510 60 0 0 13 0 0 3 129C051113 0.00 PG-510 DCI 60 0 08070913555501 16 WILDBORE VETREINARY GROUP 0 129C051201 0.00 1 CL-51 60 0 43 TURNER ROAD, S81 7AE 0 129C051313 2.70 12 1 PG-512 60 1 0 0 INKJET 34 129C052001 0.00 CL-513 60 0 0 2 0 0NON SCHEME0.00 69 129C052142 PGI-520BK 12 3 1 0 5250160 0 2 129C0 0.00 Mix CLI-521 60 08081211305301 D 2 0 1 H D & C0 129C052642 0.00 651A MAULDETH ROAD WEST, M21 7SA PGI-525BK 60 0 0 4 129C100301 0.00 Mix TONER 0 0 17 CLI-526 60 0 0 1 129D000742 1.25 0 17 0 BX-3 60 0 00942 1 1 Mix 1 7 129D0 0.00 08103116280501 PAUL IZZARD Dell Series 60 0 0 5 MK990-5 129D001142 31 GOLDSMITH DRIVE, CW11 3GS 0.00 Dell Ser9 60 0 01542 0 Mix 1 1 INKJET 6 0 11 0 129D0 0.00 Dell Series 60 0 0 2 15 Mix 6 0 0 129D002142 0.00 Dell Series 60 1 0 1 09011911085501 MERCEDES-BENZ OF LIVERPOOL 129D052901 0.00 Series 21 60 1 66- 681PALL MALL, L3 7DB 0 8 129D100742 6.00 T0529/N587 60 TONER 14 0 14 2 1 01142 0 0 7 Mix 129D1 0.00 Dell Series 60 14 14 0 1 2 0 11 Mix 2 129D132030 0.00 Dell Series 60 09041615585201 RAVENSDALE JUNIOR SCHOOL 0 32038 2 6 35-B 129D1 0.00 DEVINSHIRE DRIVE, DE3 9EY 1320|2130|21 60 0 256 0 35-Y 129D132039 1.50 NON SCHEME 0 0 1 1320|2130|21 60 0 0 35-M 132 129D464001 1.30 0 1 0 1320|2130|21 60 5 1 6 320 129D464613 0.00 09090312573301 TMAT LTD M4640/J556 60 0 0 60 S42 5UY 7 129E000001 0.00 PARK ROAD, M4646/J556 60 0 INKJET0 1 0 51 0 129E000701 0.00 CART EPSON 60 1 0 44 1 0 0 129F001001 1.40 Pin Epson 7 60 0 0 31 09112516023201 THE DYNAMIC DIALLERS 129F001015 4F9761 60 0 WEST MARSH 9 ROAD, PE21 7TX 129F003001 4F9762 60 INKJET 28 1 1 7 129F003013 8345217 60 NON SCHEME 1 0 5 129F003030 1022854 60 of 39 29 6 1 Page 1 129H001001 1550532

we are able to track & control incoming items at any time of the day from anywhere in the world. The intelligence of this real time system provides our customers with the reassurance that Credit:

1,915.20 112.00 0.00 0.00



Company Number: 1757389 VAT Registered: 364693029

Page number

credited on a minute by minute basis. So intelligent is the system, it is able to send a confirmation

0.00 0.65

1.80 1.80

email for every consignment received.

1.80 1.80

6.00 6.00


Financial reports are generated on either a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis;

0.00 8.70

0.00 0.00


Bespoke report

consignments are dealt with quickly & efficiently, resulting in your account being updated &




9.00 9.00

0.00 0.00

2.10 2.10

depending upon your preference. We will tailor the reports to meet your requirements. For example, we can identify the source of the funds raised so that, if desired, we may write to your supporters on your behalf to thank them for their help.

21.45 0.00 21.45 1 of 3


How do we measure our success? Recycling Partners


What our partners say about us... “Our participation in this recycling scheme confirms our commitment to run a charity that is environmentally responsible, and encourages its supporters to be as well. Working with The Recycling Factory has also added value to our corporate partnerships by providing our partners with more creative and easy ways to raise money for us. The Recycling Factory’s proactive stance on finding new supporters and distributing materials means that resource within the NSPCC is freed up to work towards our aim to end all cruelty to children in the UK.” Svetlana Kirov Head of Corporate Partnerships, NSPCC ChildLine.

“The Recycling Factory have a great team with a can-do attitude, who are really fun to work with. We were impressed by their facilities, their commitment to proactively promoting their partnership with the RNLI and by their commitment to the environment. It was an ideal combination. The partnership has already raised over £400,000, which is an incredible figure and we are enormously grateful. As a charity, we rely completely on the support of the public and of companies like The Recycling Factory. The partnership has also helped raise awareness of the RNLI as well as helping our supporters lessen their environmental impact. Internally, it’s also had an effect as our staff and volunteers have really got behind the scheme. This is great for us, as the RNLI is actively trying to reduce its impact on the environment.” Emma Martin Corporate Partnership Manager, RNLI.


What can The Recycling Factory offer Macmillan? A six month telephone marketing campaign During our week long campaigns, our team of coordinators target businesses across the UK and ask them to display freepost envelopes in support of your charity; we would target those businesses that we believe have an affinity to the charity, including nurseries/playgroups, children’s activity centres, baby shops & nursery equipment and doctors surgeries. An average weekly campaign would distribute over 250,000 envelopes. We currently provide this service to the NSPCC ChildLine, RNLI, RSPCA , MS Society & British Heart Foundation, all of whom are delighted with the level of donations that it generates.

Competitive donation rates Inkjet & Toner Cartridges There are over 230 inkjet & toner cartridges eligible for donation. Our cartridge list is reviewed and revised on a monthly basis to ensure that we remain competitive. Donations for cartridges range from 20p to £3.50; the donation is determined by the make and model of the cartridge.

Mobile Phones With almost 700 mobile phones eligible for donation, there are two options available; in both instances the value of the donation is dependent upon the make and model of the handset and the donation list is reviewed & revised each month:

Fixed donation - a donation of between £5 & £30 per handset Variable donation - a donation of between £5 & £380 per handset

A free service to your charity There is no cost to your charity for The Recycling Factory to devise and implement a customised recycling program and to provide freepost envelopes & associated marketing materials for your supporters. We offer a very simple payment structure. For every cartridge and mobile phone that can be successfully recycled, we will make a donation to Macmillan.


Frequently asked questions How often will payments be made? Payments are made on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis; depending upon your preference.

Can you provide Gift Aid on the donated items? Yes. We can provide a monthly Gift Aid schedule & the associated documentation in support of your claim.

Do you have the ability to track items? From the time of booking a collection via our Collections Co-ordinators, we have the ability to track all boxes collected by our couriers, via a live internet tracking system. Once a delivery is received by The Recycling Factory, each item is processed and our in-house system enables us to track & control incoming items at any time of the day from anywhere in the world.

Can you collect boxes in England, Wales and Scotland? The Recycling Factory work very closely with our couriers who are able to make collections across the whole of the United Kingdom. For the past four years Parcel Despatch have provided us with an unrivalled level of service. The Recycling Factory can provide a guaranteed same day collection service, providing the collection request is made by 11:30am. For collection requests made after this time, we guarantee next day collection (excluding weekends).

If you have any further questions, please contact us on 01205 318673


“Since the launch of the recycling partnership in 2005, The Recycling Factory’s professionalism and proactive approach to recycling has generated significant revenue to further the work of the RSPCA. The recycling partnership with The Recycling Factory is one the RSPCA are very proud of and continues to grow, delivering fantastic results.”

Ed Sharman Senior Corporate Account Manager, RSPCA.

The Recycling Factory Marsh Lane Boston, Lincolnshire PE21 7TX England T: 01205 318673 E:

This guide is printed on Evolution 250g/m2, 100% recycled, FSC-certified paper.

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As the industry’s largest UK recycling company, The Recycling Factory collect over 8 million inkjet & toner cartridges and mobile phones eac...

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