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Vol. 51 No. 29 Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Penny Record of Bridge City and Orangefield • Founded 1960

Bayou Bowl Scholarship Banquet, Mon. Nicole Gibbs

For The Record

Spaghetti is on the menu when Cardinals and Bobcats dine together for the Bayou Bowl Scholarship Banquet hosted by the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce, Monday, Oct. 31. The banquet is a community event that raises scholarship money for a Bridge City and Orangefield senior athelete. The guest speaker will be Mike Defee, longtime area football referee. Mike is currently calling games in the Big 12 Conference. It is the third year that the chamber has hosted the banquet to be held at the Orangefield Elementary cafeteria at 7 p.m. Tickets are $12 each and

can be purchased at a Bette’s Gift Shop, located at 2011 Texas Avenue in Bridge City, or Trophies by Lee, located at MCINNIS 9123 Stonewood in Orangefield. Nominees for the scholarships are chosen based on good sportsmanship on and off the field. Raffle tickets for footballs that have been autographed by each football team will be sold at the next home game. The proceeds will be applied toward the scholarships. Please find the tables where the tickets will be sold and participate in this fundraiser. The footballs will be given away at the

Bayou Bowl Banquet. “The banquet is designed to bring our communities together for an evening of levity and goodwill,” said McInnis. “At the same time we are raising money for scholarships and showing our appreciation and recognition to our local athletic programs.”

The chamber awards two $1,000 scholarships from the banquet. Recipients for 2010 were Bridge City lineman Shane Stankus and Orangefield quarterback Quinton Evans. A friendly rivalry surrounds the Bayou Bowl that began in 2000 when UIL district re-

alignment re-assigned Bridge City from Class-4A to Class3A. The change pitted the Cardinals with district repercussions against the neighboring Orangefield Bobcats. The banquet begins a week of Bayou Bowl activities that has become a tradition among high school football fans in

the annual get-together. The finale comes on Friday, Nov. 4 when the Bridge City-Orangefield Rotary Club awards the Buzzie Gunn Trophy immediately following the game. The Penny Record newspaper came up with the gameBAYOU BOWL PAGE 3A

Mosquitoes have Orange County ‘under siege’ Penny Leleux

For The Record

Although mosquitoes were not on the agenda Monday, Patrick Beebe of Orange County mosquito control spoke on behalf of a resident, Poland Guillot, when the court opened for discussion items not on the agenda. “He made me promise I would come to the court and ask a question, so I told him I would. His question was due to the present mosquito situation which is extremely bad. Everyone in this room knows that,” said Beebe. “He wanted to know if I or this court could ask that a federal judge waive the restrictions on the use of residual materials used by mosquito control operations or public health programs.” After a short discussion, Thibodeaux told Beebe if Guillot called again, tell him, “That’s a congressional issue to be taken up in Washington by changing the bills that support the EPA,” said Thibodeaux. John Dubose said, “I appreciate that judge, but I also

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appreciate the fact that Patrick is doing all he can with what he’s allowed to use and it’s not working. It’s not working as DUBOSE effectively as it needs too. We’re getting absolutely killed with phone calls about mosquitoes.” County Attorney Doug Manning said, “On the commercial side, the concentrations on some of the pesticides we have to apply are weaker than some of the things you can buy at Home Depot for personal applications. You can buy and mix-up a product and put on your lawn that’s many times stronger than he’s allowed to spray. Our hands are tied. “It’s one of those things that kind of upsets me because we’re all here and we see the big pink elephant in the room and congress and our state government wants to ignore it because they’re not as burdened with mosquitoes in Austin as we are down here. It doesn’t affect them.” Commissioner Precinct 2 Owen Burton said many people get worried when those products mention West Nile Disease and other things carried by mosquitoes. “Fortunately to date, we have not detected any disease activity in the county through collections we have had,” said Beebe. “I contacted all the surrounding counties and parishes and we’re all under siege, Cameron, Calcasieu, Jefferson County, Chambers, Houston, it’s a coastal thing. It was brought about by those high tides. The full moon didn’t help. “We’re all in the same boat right now. Everybody is wide open and trying to do all they can. It just doesn’t seem to be enough right now,” said Beebe. Orange County kept its burn ban in place on the recommendation of Jeff Kelley, Emergency Management director. The week’s rain “didn’t even wiggle the needle on the KBDI,” said Kelley. “We are at what the 7-14 day prediction COUNTY BUSINESS PAGE 2A

Jeremy Norton (right), a Bridge City native, reenacts a fight scene with Larenzo Lamas. Norton’s first passion was football until knee injuries and surgeries left him unable to play. He found his new passion for theater while attending Lamar University.

From small town to big screen Darla Daigle

For The Record

For many the typical story of “Small Town Boy Makes it Big” has become a cliché, but the adventure that brought Jeremy James Douglas Norton on the clear road to fame is far from typical because Jeremy is far from typical. Born and raised in Bridge City, Norton graduated from Bridge City High School in 1995. He played football here and went on to McNeese where he also participated in the sport. Hits to the knees and three surgeries to repair the injuries ended his football playing days. After coming back to attend Lamar University, he found a new and greater passion; theater. “I fell in love both with making mov-

ies and acting. I devoured it,” Norton said. “I grew up in Bridge City, played Little League and football. It’s a great town full of blue collar workers. I learned a good work ethic. It’s still my home at heart.” For this small town boy that hard work ethic is starting to turn gold as his career in the acting field is starting to take off. “I know every aspect of the movie making process,” he said. “I have worked as a light man and an actor. I took every conceivable class to learn about it all at Lamar. “ He graduated from Lamar in 2002 but is still one of the students theater professor and local film makers use in the festival and competition or teaching productions. The oldest of three

children, he says his parents, Jerome and Margaret Norton, and siblings have been, “A great supporting cast. After I couldn’t play sports I got a little depressed. ” Another member of that supporting cast has been his high school sweet heart and wife, Susan (Bennett) Norton. “I know this will sound strange but I was fortunate enough to have a bad accident that changed my way of thinking,” he said. The freak accident involved a simple stunt gone wrong, but caused head injures and some post traumatic stress issues. “When things like that happen you it puts your whole life in perspective. You SMALL TOWN, BIG SCREEN PAGE 3A

County gives Pearl Burgess special day Penny Leleux

For The Record

She was taken completely by surprise at commissioners court Monday when Orange County Judge Carl Thibodeaux proclaimed Thursday, Oct. 27 as “Pearl Burgess-Stanfield Day.” “I’ve written proclamations and we’ve passed them for the last 17 years,” said Thibodeaux. “This is one of the most interesting stories I have read. When I read this proclamation you’ll realize the historical value of Mrs. Burgess and the historical value to Orange County of her family.”

Burgess’ family fills the pages of Dr. Howard Williams’ book, “Gateway to Texas.” Pearl’s copy has bookmarks BURGESS scattered throughout the volume indicating her family’s mark on Orange History. Born at home in Brunner on Oct. 27, 1918, Stanfield was one of six children born to Oscar Olivia (Poole) Myers and Henry Carlyle Myers. Her family tree has been traced back to Europe and also includes Osage Indians native

to America. “Some of my family met the Mayflower,” she said in an earlier article on her life. “I am proud of my heritage.” A true tomboy, Burgess loved to hunt, shoot marbles and could “split a top” as well as any of the boys, if not better. Both of Burgess’ grandfathers were Orange County judges and so was her greatuncle. Not all of her family history is glorious. Her grandfather, was shot and killed in a dispute with another meat market owner in the infamous “Meat War.”

Myers was not the only member of Stanfield’s family to die by the gun. The legend of the Poole brothers reads like a western “shoot ‘em up.” Three brothers, all shot to death in unrelated instances and different times. In 1936, Burgess’ cousin, Ed O’Riley, the chief of police was gunned down by a Baptist preacher named Edgar Eskridge. “I don’t know why my preacher is always saying, ‘Pearl, behave yourself,’” she said laughing Monday. Pearl married Billy Burgess PEARL PAGE 2A


• The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pearl gets special day

in 1938. Together they raised three daughters, Juanita, Billie and Beverly. Billy passed away in March 1997. She later married J.D. Stanfield. After nine years, he died on Nov. 15, 2008. Pearl spends her days visiting the sick in nursing homes and does church work. She continues to drive and maintains her own home and yard at the ripe young age of 93. “Like most families we were not perfect, but the legacy I want to leave my children and grandchildren is to remember the Lord. Walk in his way and accept the Bible verse John 3:16 God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son and those that will accept Him will have eternal life.” “I want to say amen after that.” said Precinct 3 Commissioner John Dubose. Burgess said her daughter Beverly jokingly told her she was bringing her to court to commit her. She said her preacher was there to make sure she was committed. “This is a great surprise to me,” said Burgess. “I have two grandfathers up there on the wall,

their pictures, they were judges. I really appreciate this, it makes me feel humble in front of ya’ll. Thank you very, very much.” “When I read your story, that was the most interesting thing I had read in a long time. Especially the gun fight,” said Thibodeaux. “I know you don’t like to talk about that, but that was interesting. Maybe you want to tell the court about those gunfights.” “Well I gave up my last gun the other day,” said Burgess. “My last gun was a BB gun and it’s for my great-grandson.” “So your going to go the straight and narrow now?” asked Thibodeaux. “The court can rest easy now,” said John Dubose. Thibodeaux said, “Mrs. Burgess, now that your leaving, we’re gonna let the deputy sheriff go home now.” “He better follow her,” said one of the audience members as they laughed. “Like I just said, I left my guns at home,” said Burgess laughingly, as she left the courtroom.

County business last week said. We are solidly in the 700 range with a high of 736 in some areas of the county.” He said next week the county will likely be averaging 750. Kelley said the fire departments did battle fires over the week and said it would be best to keep the burn ban in effect. Owen Burton brought up an item to be put on the Nov.7 agenda concerning possibly accepting wood and “green waste” at the landfill during times the county is under a burn ban. Drought conditions have caused the cancellation of the trout release at Claiborne West Park. Donna Scales, park director said the ponds were so low they would not support the trout that are usually stocked in the spring. She does not expect that condition to change, so she did not order fish for the pond. Some trees are also dying due to dry conditions and have to be removed. The park is now closing at 5 p.m. daily due to earlier nightfall. Two proclamations were issued Monday. The court proclaimed Thursday, Oct. 27 as “Pearl Burgess Day.” Burgess’ family holds a big part in Orange County history with both grandfathers and a great-uncle being county judges. She lost several family members, all brothers in separate gunfights. Read more of Pearl’s history in a separate article In The Record. A proclamation naming October “National Domestic Violence Awareness Month was presented to Cindy Fertitta, primary prevention specialist/education coordinator, Rape and Sui-

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Pearl Burgess is pictured with (left to right) David Dubose, Owen Burton, Carl Thibodeaux, John Dubose and Jody Crump at Orange County Commissioners Court. RECORD PHOTO

From Page 1

cide Crisis of Southeast Texas I come twice a year up here to talk about family violence or sexual assault. Hopefully one day I won’t have to come up here.” She thanked the court, law enforcement and media for their continued efforts to help end domestic violence. “When your children come home and tell you they’re being bullied, please do something about it. We still believe if you hold bullies accountable, it saves lives latter. If you see a bruise or see something wrong, never be afraid to say something.” Three items on the agenda had to do with the collection of business personal property for delinquent taxes. The court issued a resolution authorizing the taxation of “Goods in Transit” as defined by 11.253 of the Texas Property Tax Code. It was also decided that the list of delinquencies will be turned over to Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson, LLP April 1, which is three months earlier than the usual date of July 1 under the early penalty provisions of section 33.11 of the Texas Property Tax Code relating to delinquent tangible personal property. Steve Bird, representing the law firm, said the earlier date gives a better opportunity to recover more of the property for the county. A direct deposit from the State Comptroller of $290,832.24 was received representing the ½ cent sales and use allocation for the month of August. A reimbursement for road materials in the amount of $24,950.07 was received from the City of Bridge City.

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The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Small town, big screen want to really live life every day.” Norton has done that, with help and support from family and friends. Now residing in Austin, Norton has just finished filming his latest film on location in Conroe, Texas. “Return to Vengence” is a saga film of good and evil in which Norton plays the consummate bad guy. Though his character, Klu has a one on one battle with Lorenzo Lamas in which Klu meets his death. Also in the film are Daniel Baldwin and Corbin Timbrook. The film wrapped on Monday and has gone into post production and is slated to be released in 2012. It is produced by a Texas company out of Tomball, Rusty Yankee Productions. “They have become like family,” Norton said, “they are a small production company but very professionally run. They kept on schedule and started when they said and wrapped when they said.” He confides that it is a different experience on each set he has worked on but has found it all had learning value for him. “I have loved every minute of it. This latest experience has just been amazing.” He remains humbled by all of it and has no desire to do anything but be a great actor. “If I could have the kind of career Harry Dean Stanton has had, who is still acting in his eighties I would be honored.” He went on to discuss the variety of actors that he has met on set and their varied views and drives, “Many of the young ones are all about the money, but for me it is completely a passion.” At 35 he is still young but has developed a veteran film maker’s perspective since he has worked all aspects of the process. His respect travels beyond the acting and direct-

From Page 1

Jeremy Norton, a Bridge City native, first had a passion to play football until knee injuries and surgeries left him unable to play. He found his new passion for theater while attending Lamar University

ing and extends to the gophers and boom operators. “It takes everyone doing their job to produce a quality product,” he said. :We can’t make a film without everyone. No one is more or less important and that’s very humbling.” Another feature film being released in 2012 has Norton playing the lead. It is a True Story Thriller about serial killer and torturer, David Parker Ray, also dubbed The Toy Box Killer. Ray was found guilty of several rape/torture/ murders in and around Truth or Consequences, New Mexico in 2001. He was sentenced to 224 years behind bars of which he served a mere six months before dying of a heart attack. “He was a very sick individual,” Norton said. “Though I enjoyed getting the experience of playing someone like him I don’t really want to do it again. I had to read over transcripts and view some of the evidence photos, listening to recordings of him. It gave me insomnia. I am glad it is over.” This film titled, “Toy Box Killer”, is scheduled for release in 2012 and is in final stages of post production. Produced by an independent production company, “It will be released early next year and it is my

understanding there are several distributors knocking at the door to get it.” Norton has another film débuting this coming Friday in Nacadoches, Texas titled “In My Head” directed by Brad Marr, plus a film he was in called “Jacob” which debuted at the Splatter Fest in Houston. Though not a splatter film, which is a subcategory of horror dealing with gore, Norton has participated with a team to produce a splatter film for the annual competition for the past three years, placing in the second and third place positions two of those years. You an also look for him in the film, “Cherry Bomb”. When it comes to acting there are a lot of methods, but Norton takes more out of real life. “You have to be a good listener. And if I could tell young people anything it would be, ‘don’t ever, ever, ever lose the kid in you. Be a responsible adult but keep the kid in you.” That kid in all of us keeps us amazed at the world. For Jeremy Norton, he has found his passion, his cast for life and the life he never knew wanted. And he will see you soon, at the movies.

Bayou Bowl banquet name “Bayou Bowl.” The newspaper sponsored and promoted the event the first four Bayou Bowl contests. In 2004 the paper turned the trophy presentation over to the Bridge City-Orangefield Rotary Club. The Buzzie Gunn Trophy remains with the winners until the next Bayou Bowl is played. It is regarded as a symbol for good sportsmanship and memorializes local photographer and Orange County football enthusiast the late Buzzie Gunn. Gunn and his father, T.L. Gunn, were pioneers in photographing the early years of Orange County football for the local media. Buzzie eventually became the second generation owner of Gunn’s Studio in Orange after shooting for various publications including Sports Illustrated. Today the studio is owned by Buzzie’s son, Chris Gunn. Tables that will seat six people are being reserved for $200, or tickets will be sold at the door for $12 each. Tickets may be purchased at Trophies by Lee or Bette’s Gift


From Page 1

Shop. Reserved tables may be decorated to honor a favorite player or student, or to represent local businesses. The following businesses are sponsoring the 2011 Banquet: Allstate Insurance, BC Bank, Bridge City Police Officers Association, Bridge City Independent School District, Bridge City Little League, Bill Nickum Insurance, Capital One, David Self Ford, Dishon Surveying, Judge Courtney Arkeen, Donovan Industrial Services, Dr. John Hackbarth DDS, Family Clinic, Firestone Credit Union, Gina Mannino, Golden Triangle Family Care Center, John Dubose, Economy Insulation, LaQuinta, Orange Oilfield Supply, Farmer’s Insurance, K-Dan’s, Walmart, F & F, Central Office Supply, The Record Newspapers, Wayside Florists, Trophies by Lee and Bette’s Boutique and Gift Shop. Contact Jerry McInnis at 409-882-2237, or Bette Smith at 409-670-8566 for more information or tickets.

Cowboy Church final ‘Playday’ Oct. 29 Cowboy Church of Orange County will be hosting the third (of three) Buckle Series Playday, Saturday, Oct. 29. Registration is 8 to 9:30 a.m. with events starting at 10 a.m. Events include barrels, poles, speed race, flag race and baton race. Buckles will be awarded for overall high point for each age group. Special classes are lead line, mutton bustin’ and stick horse race with special awards also given at end of series. There will also be a Costume Class at this playday for horse and rider, so bring your costumes and compete for a prize. Current negative coggins and signed release form required. Everyone is welcome. For more information contact Debbie Vance at 409745-0656.

Hunter education safety class to start Oct. 27

Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Education Home Study Safety Class Field part will be taught Thursday, Oct. 27 from 6 to 10 p.m. in Orange. Please call Danny Odom to register at 409-8838118. This class is not just for hunters but anyone who handles firearms can benefit from it.

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Grand Prize includes a FREE HEALTH PLAN*

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For more information, call West Orange City Hall at 409-883-3468.


• The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Roy still proudly displays it.)*****Bobby and Evelyn Bernard, of Bridge City, celebrated their 50th anniversary Oct. 3. ***** A Little Bite Gaudy holds a grand opening sale Oct. 29 to Nov. 1. The shop is located at 3515 Mockingbird, Suite A, in Orange. *****The Record’s “Players of the Week” are Kenneth Beasley, West Orange-Stark; Dale Armand, Bridge City; Michael Thomas, Orangefield and Jonathan Davis, Little Cypress-Mauriceville. ****Bridge City students who attended Stark High celebrate their 50th class reunion. The 1953 class had 269 grads, 42 have passed away. One hundred thirty class members attended the reunion. They had recollections of the Yanks beating Brooklyn that year to win the World Series for the third time in a row. Songs that year were “Doggie in the Window,” “I Believe,” “Stranger in Paradise” and “Rage to Riches.”***** Mount Zion Missionary Baptist Church celebrates their 102-year anniversary.

From the Creaux’s Nest WE JUST THOUGHT IT WAS BAD My birds are still AWOL. I haven’t taken the time to call the Extension office to find out why. Other folks report their birds are also in exile. I have one old Hummingbird that stayed behind, too long a trip to South America for the old guy is what I suspect. Also missing in action for most of the last month is Roy. He’s due back this week then Mark leaves, when he returns Nicole goes on vacation. Our 38-year employee, Debbie, now retired, will come in and pitch-hit. Mosquitoes are swarming but hold on just a few more days. Despite aggressive spraying, both by land and by air, the south winds bring in a new batch as soon as the old bunch is killed. It’s hard to get ahead of them. We should see some relief by the weekend. Temperatures should drop down in the 40’s allowing the spraying to catch up to them. The good thing is that floodwater mosquitoes don’t carry diseases, such as West Nile, etc.*****Because of this drought, with rainfall expected to be 40 percent less this winter, our roads face greater damage. As the soil shifts, so does pavement. Cities and states will face major road repairs. Also 40 percent to 50 percent of our trees are expected to die. That breaks my heart but it also will be expensive to remove dead wood. Look for more concrete slabs to crack due to the drought, which is not too unusual in this area. We just thought it was bad two months ago when we even had Neighbor Cox doing his rain dance. It has gotten far worse since. Some rainfall is expected Thursday which might help surface plants but not much else. *****Gotta move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm. HE MEANS BUSINESS—KEEPS HIS WORD Last week, President Obama’s threats that Moammar Gadhafi had to go were fulfilled. The “Mad dog” is no more. The same warning was issued to Egypt’s Hosini Mubarak. If I were President Bashar Assad, of Syria or Ali Abdullah Saleh, of Yemen, I would be trying to find a country to move to before Obama says, “Enough already, you have to go.” Not yet but after Obama is re-elected, I’ll bet you a beer he’s going after the little weasel in Iran. No doubt he’s on Obama’s radar. *****The gutsiest political call in my lifetime was Obama’s getting Bin Laden, who was being hidden and protected by Pakistan. If that mission would have failed Obama was done politically. He killed the leader of al Qaeda and all of his top men. The world, and especially the United States, is safer with the mastermind dead. If Obama hadn’t made that call, Bin Laden would be masterminding terrorist attacks for years to come. No one else had the guts to do what President Obama did. You can’t argue with his national security success. CONDOLENCES We were sorry to learn about the death of Glen Peveto, 77, who died Sunday, Oct. 23, at his home. Services are at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 26. A native of Orange County, he was a cattle rancher along with his brothers Simon, now deceased, Sam, Marion and Wayne. Their roots ran deep in county history. Our condolences to his daughter Lynn and her entire family. Please see obits.*****We were saddened by the death of Marie Brown, age 90, who passed away Wednesday, Oct. 19. Services were held Oct. 22. Mrs. Brown was a 55 year resident of Bridge City where she and her husband, the late Aval Brown Sr., raised their family. Her three boys are Aval Jr., John, and Kenny Brown. We extend our deepest sympathies to the entire family. Please see obit. TURNING BACK THE HANDS OF TIME Eight Years Ago-2003 Dana Allen is crowned Bridge City Homecoming Queen. *****The World Series for 2003 is in the books. The Florida Marlins, with the outstanding pitching of 23 years old Josh Beckett, knocked out the New York Yankees, 2-0 in game six. Beckett was named MVP. He beat fellow Texan Andy Pettitte. Beckett never allowed a runner past second base in the five hitter game.*****Soldiers continue to get killed in Iraq. *****Matt Bryant, our Bridge City boy with the New York Giants, is still recouping from a leg injury. *****Mark Dunn was surprised on his birthday, Oct. 31, by a visit from daughter Jenna and 2 year-old grandson Nate, who flew in from Boston. Mark and Nate, who will celebrate his third birthday Nov. 2, celebrated together on Halloween. (Editor’s note: This year, Mark is flying to Boston to celebrate Nate’s 10th birthday and visit Jenna, granddaughter, 3 years old Delilah and Jenna’s husband, Robby. His other daughter Amber is planning to fly to Boston from Cleveland to visit with her dad also. The family doesn’t often have the opportunity to get together.)*****Susan Bailey and Richard Corder have been filmed and will appear on the Texas Country Reporter show, Sunday on Channel 6, at 10:30 p.m.*****Roy Dunn was on cloud nine Friday when Lou Garriga presented him with an autographed football from Brett Farve, Green Bay’s quarterback. Lou is Brett’s cousin. (Editor’s note: Hurricane Ike didn’t get the football.

38 Years Ago-1973 Dr. Terry Fontenot has moved his practice from Bridge City to Merryville, LA. *****Lynn Bock had a big night punting for Lamar. Lynn is a former Bridge City Cardinal. He kicked 10 points for better than a 45-yard net average. (Editor’s note: I believe Bock still holds the all time punting record for Lamar.)*****The West Orange Chiefs rolled over Jasper 47-6. Outstanding players were Victor Enard, Ray Pousson, Roy Williams, Barney Duhon and Lorrance Wills.*****Sharon Tippet was chosen homecoming queen at Bridge City. The Cards beat LC-M 28-0. In seven games the Bridge City “Wild Bunch” defense has allowed only six points. They are in a three-way tie with West Orange and SFA. *****Tony Giarratano, a West Orange student, was named to “Who’s Who Among American High School Students” for 1972-1973. BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK Evan Swenson, Phyllis Yeats, Deedra Wilson, Toni Dyer, Don Cummings, Geneva Buker, Hunter Smith, Rene Marsolan, Dan Sanders, Brent Burch, David Dupuis, John Lumpkin, Nathan Coffey, Pierce Butler, Pearl Burgess, Betty Trantham, Becky Cooper, Derrick Cole, Chris Stone, Ronna Dickman, Ronnie Moerbe, Barbara McLellan, Cori Woodard, Heather Dubose, Beverly Brown, Brandon Allensworth, Emma Scott, Vicki Cormier, Zach Corbello, Brock Whittle, Jessica Bradberry, Kevin Sorrels, Laura Moreau, Virgie Scales, Mark Dunn, Stacy Doiron, Taylor Thurman, Alana Ball, Chester Abshire, Janel Menard, Don Harmon, Joey Campbell, Joseph Johnson, Alice McCray, Chris Moore, Kyle Prosperie, Lauren Bland, Lib Davenport, Lorna Wade, Marla Carter, Whitney Gonzales, Nancy Blacksher, Rebecca Phelps, Carissa Saenz, Caroline Young, David Moreau, Ed Miller and Isaac Melvin. A FEW HAPPENINGS Congrats to Van Wade, recognized at the West OrangeStark/Bridge City game last Friday. The Stangs, by the way, won the game. Van has been covering local sports for 20 years, plus serves as Sports Editor. It’s a full time job and he does it well. *****On Oct. 28 and 29, the Hardin County Cajun Country Music Festival will be held. It’s not far and you can’t go wrong if it’s Cajun. *****We hear that Congressman Kevin Brady has been spending a lot of time in what will be his new district. That’s not a bad idea. Eighty-two percent of Americans disapprove of the job congress is doing, republicans and democrats alike. Even though the Tea Party is getting the most heat for doing nothing and holding jobs, congress and the country hostage when it comes to improving the economy. Brady has to walk a fine line between the Tea Party voters and established republicans. Tea Party ran a weak candidate last time. Brady’s problem is that he voted 98 percent for the failed Bush policies that drove the bus in the ditch, also only 13 percent approve of any incumbent congressman. Filing deadline is Dec. 12; we’ll see who takes him on. *****Some special folks celebrating their special day: On Oct. 27, Ms. Pearl Burgess turns 91. A proclamation at Monday’s Court meeting declared Thursday, Oct. 27, “Ms. Pearl Burgess Day” in Orange County. Ms. Pearl, a noted poet and Orange County native is quite a lady. She has an historical background on both sides of her family tree. Best wishes for many more Ms. Pearl. ***Sharing the same Oct. 27th birthday is Betty Harmon. Betty will do to ride the range with. A great friend. ***Another outstanding lady, Heather Dubose, marks another year Oct. 28. She should monitor closely the folks Commissioner David runs with. Just kidding, wishing you the best. ***Carlos Vasek reaches a big number on Oct. 30. For his age he’s not only in great physical shape but still very sharp. He is a devoted TCU fan. ***Celebrating on Halloween is our buddy Don Harmon and our own Mark Dunn. There must be something to the signs you are born under. Both are very quit, level headed and great guys. ***Celebrating Trick or Treat day also is Mel’s other half, Joey Campbell. ***A beautiful lady, Virgie Scales, celebrates Oct. 31. She will turn 100 and is now residing at The Meadows. She is definitely a treat. *****QUOTE OF THE WEEK is by Anita Perry, Rick’s wife, “God told her that her husband should run.” Then she adds, “We have been brutalized, beaten up and chewed up in the press and by some in our own party. I think it’s because of his faith; they may feel like God called them also.” Like Roy’s cousin Jessie Duplantis, who claims he went to Heaven and visited with God, I wonder which one, the Father, Son or Holy Ghost? *****That reminds me, Nov.1, is “All Saints Day.” Does anyone other than Catholics observe that day? *****Speaking of religion, which I never should, this week the Mount Zion Baptist Church, in Orange, is 110 years old. *****CREAUX’S TIP OF THE WEEK. Whenever you purchase a box of SOS pads immediately take a pair f scissors and cut each pad into half. You won’t have to throw away rusted, used up or smelly pads and it’s much more economical. It won’t only sharpen you scissors but the SOS pads will last you indefinitely. *****Defining Cajun words: Etouffee, (pronounced) aytoo-FAY), is a spicy and delicious Cajun stew traditionally made with crawfish, vegetables and a dark roux and usually served over rice. Etouffee is a New Orleans and Cajun country specialty. It is also cooked often by Southeast Texans who are transplanted from Louisiana or picked up the recipes. The word Etouffee means smothered in French. *****Oyster producers in Texas are worried about the Red Tide blooms of the toxic algae are the largest they have been since 2000. Because of the outbreak, the Nov. 1 opening of oyster harvesting could be delayed. It’s going to be a tough year for oysters. Ike damaged about 8,000 acres of oyster reefs in 2008. That’s bad news for oyster lovers but no

one will be unhappier about it than Judge David Peck and “Pappy,” who buy oysters by the bushel and eat them until they can’t down another.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch will dine at Robert’s Restaurant this week and at Novrozsky’s next week. Everyone is welcome; you can’t go wrong, great food, good fellowship. No need to dress up. *****Frank Anderson is gone from HUD. What took so long? His problems go back years. Tonya Wilson will replace him. *****”Don’t Mess With The Old Folks.” That’s a good way to get on Judge Thibodeaux’s bad side. You may drive the Judge out of office but when he goes he’ll be walking hand in hand with senior citizens. If you plan to attack him for what he does for older folks forget it. It won’t do any good. That’s one thing he won’t budge on. *****This is the last week to get a FREE bush hog with any tractor you buy from our country buddy George, at David Self Tractor, in Buna. They are really moving out the tractors. Business is good, look them over. *****You also might want to visit PawPaw’s Market, on Hwy. 1442, next to Burger Town. Pumpkins, Louisiana yams, vine ripened tomatoes, and don’t forget those great hog cracklins. Also fried turkey orders are now being taken. Stop by, he’s got great stuff. *****Major Brad Frye, BCPD, used to be the pride of Orangefield, at least he thought he was. Well, that’s no more. Judge Courtney Burch-Arkeen has passed everyone else up. She’s not only nicer than Brad; she’s a whole lot prettier. I’d say she ranks high with a lot of folks. *****Thanks to Lydia Damrel, with the Southeast Texas Tea Party. It confirms my beliefs by the way. I forwarded your message to Roy, who has been away the past couple of weeks. *****Have you tried Romano’s Italian Restaurant on West Roundbunch in Bridge City yet? The food is great and you can’t beat the homemade pizza. *****We also got good reviews from Adams Bayou’s Muddy Water Marina on Dupont Drive. *****Sharon Hoffpauir’s cat, Missy, climbed up a tree and got stuck. Panicking she called Terrell’s Tree Service. Ronnie was tied up but Charles came to Bridge City from Groves and assured her everything would be all right. He rescued her precious cat and Sharon is very grateful to the Terrell’s. CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS On Oct. 26, Hilary Clinton will be 64; Dylan McDermott, 50; Keith Urban, 44 and Tom Cavanagh, 43. ***Kelly Osbourne will be 27 on Oct. 27. ***Charlie Daniels will be 75 on Oct. 28; Annie Potts, 59; Bill Gates, 56; Julia Roberts 44; Brad Paisley, 39 and Justin Guarini, 33. ***Richard Dreyfuss will be 64 on Oct. 29; Winona Ryder, 40; Henry “Fonzie” Winkler, 66 on Oct. 30 and Ivanka Trump, 30. ***On Oct. 31, Dan Rather will be 80; Jane Pauley, 61; Peter Jackson, 50; Willow Smith, 11 and Vanilla Ice, 43. ***Lyle Lovett will be 54 on Nov. 1; Sophie B. Hawkins, 44; Jenny McCarthy, 39 and Toni Collette, 39. CAJUN STORY OF THE WEEK Clovis Badeaux wat is flying for da first time in his life, taking a plane trip to visit his very ill sister, Agnes, in California. Clovis is really nervous about da trip, him. Not too long after dey take off dem, da pilot is making da usual welcome announcements over da PA system. “Ladies and gentlemens, dis is the captain. I would like to welcome you aboard Cajun Airlines. We are flying non-stop from New Orleans to Los Angeles. Me, I expect a smooth and uneventful flight. Jus sit back and enjoy da----Oh My God!” Den dere is nuttin but silence. A minute later, da pilot comes over da PA again and say, “Ladies and gentlements, I’m sorry me if I scared you but da stewardess accidentally spilled a big cup of hot coffee in my lap. Boy, you should see da front of my pants.” Badeaux him, breath a big sigh of relief. He say “KeeYaw,” to da passenger sitting next to him, “Da front of his pants ain’t nutten, you should see da back of mine.” C’EST TOUT Well, I missed my prediction that the Texas Rangers would win the World Series in five games. I was right about St. Louis winning the first game but like I said, you never know what a Cinderella team will do, like winning game three 16-6. The Rangers lead 3-2 now. Game six is in St. Louis Wednesday. If there are no rainouts, game seven will be played Thursday. I still believe the Rangers will win it all but remember, the team that wins game three usually wins the series.*****The Texas amendment election is now in progress. I haven’t even read the amendments yet but I plan to and will vote and you should also.*****Roy is back in the saddle this week. The doctors say he’s good to go for sometimes yet. In this issue Roy is running a Down Life’s Highway column on the 10th anniversary of the Courthouse hostage situation and the part his friend, the late Parker Thompson played in it. *****We extend our best wishes to our buddies “Sleepy” Smith and his new Pacemaker, to Doug Harrington, who will complete his radiation treatments Nov. 2, and to a great friend Sharon Bearden who is undergoing tests in Houston. *****It looks like Gov. Perry’s star is falling. Shows how weak the Republican presidential field is. Herman Cain leads the pack. Perry is down below 10 percent in all the polls. Romney isn’t moving. He is at a standstill at 23 percent. I don’t see one in the bunch that can beat Obama. Maybe another candidate will appear. Some folks have predicted a Romney/Cain ticket, one’s a Mormon, and the other is black. Knowing how basis some Orange County folks are they won’t sell here any better than Obama, a black and Biden, a white boy. Strange how things are in politics. *****I’ve gotta get out of here. Please read us cover to cover. Thanks to our family of advertisers, thanks also to you our faithful readers for making us Orange County’s most read publication. We reach over 45,000 every week. There is no better way to reach the consumer than in The Record Newspapers, The County Record and The Penny Record. Also check us out on our Web site ***** Thanks for your time. Take care and God bless.

The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Parker Thompson, Hostage Situation 10 Years Ago Recalled Ten years ago, Oct. 24, 2001, was an eventful day at the Orange County Court House. That’s the day my late friend, constable Parker “P.T.” Thompson, who passed away Sept. 2, 2007, averted a potential court house disaster. P.T. was standing outside the administration building when he spotted deputies running toward the courthouse, then he heard the shout, “Hostage at the Court House.” He rushed to the second floor of the Court House where a jailed inmate, Keith Wayne Gonzales, was holding court bailiff, deputy Carla Spell and another prisoner, Curtis Green, hostage in judge Pat Clark’s courtroom. Officer Spell had just escorted the two prisoners from the jail when Gonzales overpowered her and took her weapon. There was a Texas Ranger in the doorway of Clark’s courtroom, a district attorney investigator across the hall, in the jury room, and several deputies in the foyer of the area. Attorney Sharon Bearden was in Clark’s office. P.T. learned who the hostage taker was. He had arrested Gonzales in the 1970’s, when he was a teenager and involved in a burglary. He went to the penitentiary, got out and went back to prison. At the time he was charged with armed robbery and had been in jail 140 days. He had come to court to accept a 33-year sentence for the June robbery. Gonzales had visited Constable Thompson after completing a ten-year prison sentence. He wanted P.T. to see his new red truck. He had learned welding in prison and was doing well. He had gained respect for P.T. for the way he was treated when arrested as a teenager. That wasn’t unusual; P.T. had a way with people and treated even those he arrested with respect if they respected him. Because P.T. knew Gonzales he took over the negotiations for release of the hostages. He talked to the 41 year old about the past and about God and pleaded with him to let the hostages go. Gonzales released the inmate but held onto Deputy Spell. Thompson kept talking to him. He told P.T. he needed psychological help and had been trying to get it but couldn’t. He said he just couldn’t take it anymore and kept crying. That shook Parker up but he kept reasoning with the hostage taker. Gonzales was hell bent on not going back to prison. P.T. pushed on and in about 20 minutes, Gonzales released Deputy Spell and surrendered after shackling himself to a courthouse bench. Gonzales had given Spell her .357 Magnum revolver that he had taken from her. He had fired it twice, striking deputy Faye Kirk’s lower left leg when he shot down the hall. Officer Spell lost the cap to a tooth in the struggle when she lost her gun. Attorney Joe Alford, who represented Gonzales and was due to meet him in the courtroom, said he was surprised at his client’s action. “Obviously he didn’t want to go back to the pen although he seemed to understand he had to. He didn’t seem angry, just afraid,” Alford said. Constable Thompson visited with Gonzales after the hostage event. He said he just snapped, he was going to kill himself that morning and thanked Parker for saving his life. Gonzales was charged in J.P. Joe Parkhurst’s court with one count of escape, one count of aggravated kidnapping, assault on a peace office, first-degree felonies punishable by five to 99 years or life in prison.

On January 10, 2002, district attorney John Kimbrough, represented the state in judge Pat Clark’s court. Gonzales plead guilty to four felonies and Clark, following Kimbrough’s recommendation, sentenced Gonzales to four life terms. Today he is 51-years-old and will be a longtime resident in the Texas State Prison System. For over two years Parker battled health probWE SELLlems and was in and out of the hospital. A few days PARTS FOR before he died, my late friend Cal Broussard and I visited Parker at the hospital. He weighed only ALL MAJOR but was glad to see us. He said, “Let’s BRANDS!!!90-pounds, get me unhooked from all this stuff and go outside and get a cigarette.” I said to P.T., “Those damn cigarettes will kill you.” He got a laugh out of that. He knew he had only a few days left. He died on the very same day my mother had, three years earlier. I was privileged to give the eulogy at his funeral. I gave the boy from Abilene my best shot. He was only 59 years old. A John Wayne admirer he was never seen without his boots. He served a hitch in the Navy and two months after his time was up, he joined the Army and went to battle in the Vietnam War. The Texas Department of Public Safety awarded Parker with a plaque that tells the story about the hostage situation. It is mounted on the bench honoring Constable Thompson that sits just outside the Court House. I’m reminded, on the 10th anniversary day, of a special guy, a friend I was privileged to know Down Life’s Highway and how he averted a potential crisis 10 years ago.

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• The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Community Bulletin Board Toy drive for Bastrop wildfire victims extended to Nov. 3 Due to the great response and the need of toys, the toy drive to benefit the children of Bastrop wildfires has been extended to Nov. 3. Treasures Requested but not limited to are: NEW dolls, trucks, cars, balls, bats, gloves, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, nonmotorized riding toys, action figures, books, etc. Treasures for all ages needed All NEW toys will be appreciated by the children; no clothes please. Drop off locations: Vidor: Novrozskys; Bridge City: Big Red Air, Joy Dubose-Simonton, Attorney at Law, Bridge City Bank and Firestone Credit Union; and in Orange: Orange: Novrozskys and David Self Ford. This toy drive is sponsored by Vidor, Bridge City and Orange Area Chamber of Commerce. For more information: please call 779-0281

Fraternal Order of Eagles to host pool tournament, karaoke The Fraternal Order of Eagles, Sabine 2523 located at 803 N. 28th Street in Orange, will host a pool tournament and American Dream Karaoke with Patty Ferguson on Friday, Oct. 28 from 8 p.m. until midnight. The public is invited to attend, pick out a song and join in the fun. For more information, please call 409886-7381.

Orange VFW, Ladies Auxiliary to how POW/MIAs Orange Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2775 and The Ladies Auxiliary will honor all POW/MIAs and their families during a special ceremony on Veterans Day. Post Commander Robert LaFleur and Auxiliary President Cathie Duhon will preside over the program.  The Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 348, will have their TEXAS WALL set up for viewing.  The wall honors all Texas POW/MIAs from the Vietnam War.  The program is open to the public and will take place at the VFW at 5303 Sixteenth Street on November 11th at 11 am.  For further information, contact Commander Robert LaFleur at 886-0315 or 313-0502.

Farmers’ Market held Wed. and Sat. The Orange County Farmers’ Market has opened for the season and expanded to include Wednesdays from 4-7 p.m., in addition to the usual 6:30-10 a.m. on Saturdays. The market ends when the produce is sold out, which is often earlier than the times shown. The following items are now available: Satsumas, mustard and turnip greens, radishes, sweet potatoes, watermelon, tomatoes, yellow squash, okra, hot peppers, bell peppers, smoked turkeys and chickens, a variety of jams and jellies, canned vegetables, fresh eggs, local honey, baked goods, blueberry juice, blueberry bushes, and house plants. The market is held in the parking lot in front of Big Lots on MacArthur Drive. For additional information, contact Texas AgriLife at 882-7010.

Fraternal Order of Eagles to host open Sunday The Fraternal Order of Eagles, Sabine 2523 located at 803 N. 28th Street in Orange, will host and open Sunday on Oct. 30. Doors will open at noon and free chicken and sausage gumbo will be served. The football game will be on the television, dominoes will be available and anyone wanting to play a game is encouraged to bring it. For more information, please call 409-8867381.

VFW Post 2775 contest deadline set for Nov. 1 Orange Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2775 reminds all hopeful entries in the annual Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s Pen and Citizenship Teacher of the Year entries that the deadline is November 1st for entries  to be IN THE HANDS of the VFW or Auxiliary Chairmen.  Materials were taken to area schools at the beginning of the school year.  For further information, contact Post Chairman James Seales at 409-338-1853 or Auxiliary Chairman Patricia Kemp at 409-886-2796.  Following judging the winners will advance to the District Level of competition.

Hunter education safety class to start Oct. 27 Texas Parks and Wildlife Hunter Education Home Study Safety Class Field part will be taught Thursday, Oct. 27 from 6 to 10 p.m. in Orange. You much complete the online home study computer sections, print completed tests and bring them to class. Please call Danny Odom to register at 409-883-8118. This class is not just for hunters but anyone who handles firearms can benefit from it.

Fraternal Order of Eagles to host dance Oct. 29 The Fraternal Order of Eagles, Sabine 2523 located at 803 N. 28th Street in Orange, will host a dance featuring Jesse & Company Saturday, Oct. 29 from 8 p.m. to midnight. There will be a costume contest with first prize of $50, second prize of $30 and third prize of $20. Admission is $5 per adult and $2 for children 18 and under. For more information, please call 409-886-7381.

Orange VFW to give scholarship

The Orange VFW Post 2775 Ladies Auxiliary is taking applications for a $1,000 “Continuing Education Scholarship” offered by the National Ladies Auxiliary VFW.  To qualify, the applicant must be a member for at least a full year, or be a spouse, son or daughter of a qualified member.  Entries must be at least 18 and pursuing a college degree or career direction at a technical school.  Four scholarships are presented by National to each of four conferences.  Scholarships are paid directly to the College or Tech School, in the student’s

name, for use during the 2012-2013 fiscal year.  For an application  and criteria, contact Chairman Jeanette Clark at 883-0264 or email at

South Texas Beef Symposium, Trade Show with CEU’s

The Symposium and Trade show will be held Nov. 14 from 8:30 am to 4 p.m. at the Ford Park Event Center in Beaumont. The focus for the beef symposium and trade show will be, survival and recovery of the drought. Topics of discussion will include; health problems and management during and after drought in a cow-calf herds, Managing forages and pastures during and after a drought, Cattle marketing, calves and cows during and after a drought, and What happens now to the cowcalf herds “The Beef Cattle Industry”. Pre-registrations is required. Cost is $20 per person and includes, BBQ lunch, Discussions and Trade show. Three (3) CEU credits will be given. To register contact the Jefferson County Extension office at 409-835-8461

American Legion to host pool tournament The American Legion Lloyd Grubbs Post 49, located at 108 Green Ave. in Orange, will be hosting a pool tournament every Friday from 7 p.m. to midnight. There is a ten player maximum. The community is encouraged to join in the fun and free food to help support the Veterans. For more information, call 409-3304847.

Orange Community Band to meet every Thursday The Orange Community Band rehearses every Thursday from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the National Guard Armory, located at 4103 Meeks Drive in Orange. They are in need of players for the following sections; flute, clarinet, saxophone, French horn, and percussion, but ALL are welcome! The band performs Veteran’s Day, Christmas, Memorial Day, and Independence Day concerts. At least one traditional band concert is performed annually. Please visit us on Facebook at Orange Community Band.

Rape and Suicide Crisis Center to offer support group meetings The Rape and Suicide Crisis Center of Southeast Texas will be hosting a support group for female survivors of sexual assault the first and third Wednesday of every month, starting at 5:30 p.m. Meetings will be held at the Foundation of Southeast Texas building, located at 700 North St. in downtown Beaumont. To RSVP or for further information, please contact the Crisis Center at 409-832-6530.

BCISD to administer Credit by Examination

Bridge City ISD, in accordance with Chapter 74.24 TAC, will administer the Texas Tech University Credit by Examination Tests. Testing dates will be December 6, 7 and 8, 2011 and June 5, 6 and 7 2012. Students in grades first through fifth will be allowed to take each of the five tests (Math, Science, Language Arts, Reading, and Social Studies) at the elementary level without prior instruction. The student must score at least 90 on each of the five four tests to be considered eligible for grade level acceleration. Students in grades sixth through 12 will be permitted to take an examination to earn credit for an academic course for which they have had no prior instruction. Students must score at least 90 on the test to receive course credit. Additional information and registration forms can be obtained by contacting Gina Mannino at:

Friends of BC Public Library to host book, bake sale Staff Report

For The Record

The Friends of the Bridge City Public Library will be hosting a Book Sale and Bake Sale on Saturday, Nov. 5 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The event will be held outside at the Bridge City Trade Days, located at 163 Mann Street in Bridge City. Books to be

Then & Now by Pearl Burgess

I came into this world such a happy, active kid Now I’m looking back on all the things I did, Raised with three brothers, not much older than me I turned into a tomboy, what else could I be? Games of “cowboys and Indians,” dressed in cowboy suits Rode our horse and stomped around in fancy cowboy boots, Homemade bows and arrows and a noisy B-B gun Provided endless hours of playing and having fun. Life brought us many changes when we all attended school Lessons learned daily under the strict school master’s rule, Studying gave us purpose with a future filled with hope Playtime made us stronger with baseball and skipping rope. We grew into adulthood and each went a separate way I found my special sweetheart, we planned our wedding day, We built a home of love and raised three pretty, little girls We prayed for God’s blessings as each entered in our world. My family’s grown in numbers, we’re planning a celebration A new baby is soon expected, she’ll be my fifth generation, Years have passed so quickly, life’s races I have run Thank you God for memories as I now turn ninety-one.

sold include fiction and non-fiction, children’s and adults, paperbacks and hardbacks. There will also be a variety of VHS tapes and magazines. Homemade goods include fudge, pralines, brownies, pumpkin bread, muffins and cookies will be sold also. The proceeds of the sale will benefit the building fund for the new extension on the Bridge City Public Library, which is located at 101 Parkside Drive. Progress on the addition to the library building can be viewed at the address above. Monetary donations will be gratefully accepted at the Library for the benefit of this new building until completion of this new addition. The Library is open Monday through Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.; on Thursdays the hours are 1 to 7 p.m. and on Fridays from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Book donations are also being accepted with the exceptions of encyclopedias and Reader’s Digest Condensed Books. Books in good condition may be dropped off inside the Library during regular business hours. Please do not put these books in the Book Drop or outside of the Library doors. The deadline for book donations for this sale is Thursday Nov. 3. Any questions can be addressed by calling the Library at 409-735-4242.

The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Deaths and Memorials To Be held:

Glen Peveto Orange James Glen Peveto, 77, of Orange, died Sunday, Oct. 23, at his home. Funeral services will be held at 10 a.m. Wednesday, Oct. 26, in the chapel of Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. Burial will follow at Autumn Oaks Memorial Park in the McLewis Community. Mr. Peveto was born in Orange on May 7, 1934, to Horace Marion and Lola Mae (Stoffer) Peveto. He was a cattle rancher and a veteran of the U.S. Army. Mr. Peveto was preceded in death by his wife of over 50 years, Zelda Mae Peveto; his parents, Horace Marion and Lola Mae Peveto; his brother, Simon Peveto; and his grandson-in-law, Craig Hanna. He is survived by his daughter, Vlynn Kepley; daughter and sonin-law, Deven and Morgan Michael, all of Orange; grandchildren, Mandy Self Hanna, Daniel Kepley, Zack Kepley, Chett Michael, James “JT” Michael and his wife Mandy and Kaitlyn Michael. Mr. Peveto was looking forward to the birth of his first great-grandchild, Maci Grace Michael. Mr. Peveto is also survived by his brothers, Sam Peveto, Marion Peveto and his wife Betty, Wayne Peveto and his wife Sandra and his sisters-in-law, JoLynn Peveto-Winthrow and Melba Kelley. Serving as pallbearers will be Guy Collins, Jimmy Frazier, Daniel Kepley, Zack Kepley, Chett Michael, and J.T. Michael. Honorary pallbearers will be his granddaughters, extended friends, family and fellow cowboys. Held:

Krystal Reneé McCord Orange Krystal Reneé McCord, 32, of Orange passed away Oct. 21, in Beaumont. She was born Nov. 2, 1978 in Orange to Tim and Kathy (LaTour) McCord. Funeral services were held on Tuesday, Oct. 25, at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange with the Rev. Barry Bradley of First Baptist Church in Orange officiating. Interment followed at Autumn Oaks Cem-

etery. She was preceded in death by her grandparents, Ralph McCord and Terry and Billie LaTour and uncle, Ronald McCord. Krystal is survived by her parents, Tim and Kathy McCord; grandmother, Vera McCord; sons, Michael “Bubba” Arsenault and Ayden “A.J.” Arsenault all of Orange and brother and sister-in-law, Sean and Kristin McCord of Houston. She is also survived by her uncles, Jerry LaTour of Houston and Traylor McCord of Orange; aunts, Marlene Ballast of Orange, Lamore McCord of Orange and Vickie LaTour of Houston and numerous cousins. Sean McCord, Jerry LaTour, Corbin Ballast, Sam Ballast, Jason McCord and Rusty Bernard served as pallbearers. Honorary pallbearers were Guy Scott, Todd Scott, Frank Scott, Billy Smith and Traylor McCord.

Montez “Monty” Sohoski Orange Montez “Monty” Sohoski, 73, passed away Thursday, Oct. 20, at the Oakwood Manor. Funeral services were held on Sunday, Oct. 23, at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. She was born in Pineville, La. to Wade and Bessie (Thompson) Bordelon. She was a waitress at the Jack Tar Hotel and later at the Ramada Inn. She enjoyed playing Bingo, cards and gambling. She was preceded in death by her parents; husband, Victor Sohoski; son, James A. Martin Jr. and son-in-law, Danny Mosley. Mrs. Sohoski is survived by her son and daughter-in-law, Robert and Samantha Martin of Titus, Ala.; daughter, Tina Mosley of Lumberton; son and daughter-in-law, Alan and Mary Sohoski of Fannett and daughter and son-in-law, Mechelle and Alvin Helm Jr. She is also survived by her grandchildren, Cheri, Jessica, Felicia, Tiffany, Chris, Sean, Matthew, Ricky, Danelle, Alana, Ryan, Jeremy, Rebecca and Kevin; ten great grandchildren and brothers, Wade Bordelon Jr. and Leonard F. Bordelon and wife, Patsy. For those who desire, memorial contributions may be made in honor of Jeremy Sohoski to the Muscular Dystrophy Association, 3300 East Sunrise Drive, Tucson, AZ 85718.

Mary Lou Hilliard Orange Mary Lou Hilliard, 86, of Orange, died Thursday, Oct. 20, at the Sabine House. Funeral services were held Monday, Oct. 24, in the Slade Chapel at First United Methodist

Church in Orange with the Rev. John E. Warren officiated. Born in Salt Lake City, Utah, on March 27, 1925, Mrs. Hilliard was the daughter of Don and Marie (Givens) Tr u e b l o o d . A resident of Orange since 1945, Mrs. Hilliard was a member of First United Methodist Church in Orange, where she taught the three year olds’ Sunday School class for 30 years. She was a former member of the Women’s Club of Orange, and served as a Gray Lady at the former Orange Memorial Hospital. She loved salt water fishing, and deer and turkey hunting with her husband. She also loved gardening and working in her yard. She was preceded in death by her husband, John Pearce Hilliard; and brother, Bill Trueblood. Mrs. Hilliard is survived by her daughter, Susan Marie Foote; and grandson, John Michael Foote, both of Orange.

Marie Brown Bridge City Marie Brown, 90, of Bridge City, died Wednesday, Oct. 19, at Baptist Orange Hospital. Funeral Services were held on Saturday, Oct. 22, at Claybar Funeral Home Chapel in Orange with the Rev. John Bickham officiating. Burial followed at Wilkinson Cemetery in Orange with her sons and grandsons serving as pallbearers. Born in Glenmora, La. on March 21, 1921, Marie was the daughter of John David Mosley and Ada Sarah (Nichols) Mosley. At an early age, she moved with her family to Orange. Marie has resided in Bridge City for the past 55 years. She was preceded in death by her husband, Aval D. Brown Sr.; and brothers, Pete, J.D. and Leo Mosley. Marie is survived by her three sons, Aval Brown Jr. and wife, Victoria of Bridge City, John Brown and wife, Cindi of Santa Fe, Texas, and Kenneth Brown of Bridge City. She is also survived by her four grandchildren, Justin Brown and wife, Jennifer, Bridget Hunsucker and husband, Jack, Sky Brown, all of Houston and Maci Brown of Anchorage, Alaska; greatgrandchild, Maybee Hunsucker; brother, Lamar Mosley and wife, Lee of Simpsonville, S.C. and numerous nieces and nephews. Marie’s fondest memories were of growing up in Orange, going to her sons’ ball games and Christmas time with her grandchildren. During the last few years, the calls and visits

GET YOUR JEST ON! Enter to win 4 tickets to the Texas Renaissance Festival! FILL OUT THE FOLLOWING & MAIL IT IN TO:

The Record Newspapers, 320 Henrietta St., Orange, TX 77630 Entry must be submitted on or before Monday, November 1st, 2011. Names will be drawn at random. Winners will be contacted by phone three times only and tickets will be given to subsequent winners after three failed phone call attempts. Tickets must be picked up in person at The Record Newspapers Orange office at appointed time to be scheduled at time of winning phone call. No exceptions will be made. Please print legibly. All unreadable entries will not be considered.

NAME:__________________________ ADDRESS: ________________________ CITY/STATE/ZIP: _____________________ HM. PHONE #: ______________________ CELL #: _________________________ CLAN TYNKER JESTER TROUPE

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she received from her nieces, nephews and friends were very special.

Margaret Ann “Peggy” Croto Wichita Falls, Texas Margaret Ann “Peggy” Croto, 78, passed peacefully at The Hospice Center of Wichita Falls on Oct. 8. The funeral Mass was celebrated on Saturday, Oct. 22, at St. Mary’s Catholic Church, with internment to follow at the St Mary’s Cemetery next to St. Francis Catholic Church. Peggy was born 1933, in Keene, N.H. She was the daughter of the Charles Edward Hassett and Evelyn Lamoureaux. She graduated from Keene High School. She studied computer applications at Kodiak Community College. She lived, volunteered and/ or worked in Keene, NH, Massachusetts, Florida, Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas, New Mexico, Orange, Yuma, Ariz, and Kodiak, Alaska, before retiring back to Orange in 1996. She was a a hospital chaplain’s secretary and then an insurance secretary and was always very proud of helping people through her work. Throughout Peggy’s life she volunteered in the church and community. While volunteering, she worked with children, in the health field and especially with people in need. While residing in Orange, Peggy served the church as a Eucharistic Minister to Orange Baptist Hospital, RCIA, Choir, and codirector of the Soup Kitchen at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. In her spare time, she served as a trained hospice volunteer. She loved to knit and crochet. Peggy was an avid reader. She enjoyed traveling, taking care of children and assisting people in need. Peggy is survived her two adored sons, Mark A. Croto and his wife Alayne S; and James L. “Jim” and his wife, Siobhan K. She was the loving grandmother to Sean-James, Ashley Marie, Keelan, Aaron, and Annelise. She was preceded in death by her husband and her parents. She will be dearly missed by his family and friends. Memorial donations may be made to the Hospice of Wichita Falls for a memorial tile in Peggy and John Croto’s honor.

J.T. “Luke” McKay Orange J. T. “Luke” McKay, 85, of Orange, passed away Thursday, Oct. 20, at his residence. Services to remember his life were held on Saturday, Oct. 22, at the Old First Orange Baptist Church with

Reverend Keith Meyers, officiating. Military honors and interment followed in Autumn Oaks Memorial Park in Orange. Born on Sept. 29, 1926 in Logansport, La. to his parents, Tom McKay and Gertrude (Ricks) McKay, he had lived in Orange since 1943, he worked for the Neches Butane Plant in Port Neches as a pipefitter, retiring in 1986 after 40 years of service and he was a veteran of the United States Navy during World War II. J.T. will be remembered as a loving husband, father and grandfather, who was very proud of his children and grandchildren. He was a deacon at the Old First Orange Baptist Church and a member of the Trailblazers Sunday School Class. He enjoyed hunting, fishing, vegetable gardening, camping with the Good Sam Club and also working with the Volunteer Christian Builders. J. T. is preceded in death by his parents; his brother, Robert B. McKay and his brother-in-law, Macdane Harris. Those who will most cherish his memory are his wife of 63 years, Elmarie McKay of Orange; his daughter, Barbara Ryder and husband, Tony Howard of China, Texas; his sons, Kenneth McKay and wife, Peggy of Mauriceville, Jim McKay and wife, Glenda, Jerry McKay and wife, Vina and Ronnie McKay and wife, Anna all of Orange; his sister, Mary Sue Harris of Orange; his brother Tommy L. McKay and wife, Robbie of Orange; eleven grandchildren, fourteen great grandchildren, two on the way and numerous nieces, nephews and extended family. For those who desire memorial contributions, please make a donation in memory of J.T. to the Old First Orange Baptist Church, 7925 I-H 10 East, Orange, Texas 77630-8365.

Thelma Mae Owens Orange Thelma Mae Owens, 85, of Orange, died Monday, Oct. 17 at Pinehurst Nursing and Rehabilitation. Funeral Services were held on Friday, Oct. 21, at Cornerstone Baptist Church, 2537 FM Hwy 1078, in Orange with the Rev. Lanny Wheat and the Rev. Don Sheffield officiating. A Graveside service was held later Friday, at Sacul Cemetery in Sacul, Texas, near Nacogdoches. Born in Vernon, Texas on July 2, 1926, Thelma was the daugh-

ter of Calvin B. and Lula Mae (Sanders) Corley. She was a member of Cornerstone Baptist Church in Orange. Thelma had a passion for quilting, sewing and bowling. She was preceded in death by her husband, Frank J. Owens; parents, Calvin and Lula Mae Corley; daughters, Mary Ellen Franklin, Martha Darlene Owens; son, Franklin Ray Owens; granddaughter, Lorie McLain; greatgranddaughter, Sandi McLain; three brothers and one sister. Thelma is survived by her daughters and sons-in-law, Lynda and Lanny Wheat of Orange, Sandra and Larry White of Jacksonville, Texas, Joe Franklin of Orange; grandchildren, Keith Wheat of Beaumont, Lani and Lando Carter of Lawton, Oklahoma, Lance and Lana White of Searcy, Ark., Wendy and Kevin Crim of Conroe, Erik and Elizabeth Franklin of Clute, Kerri and Russell Campbell of Orange, David Franklin of Orange, Sharon and Paul Davies of England; 26 great-grandchildren; and eight great great-grandchildren. She is also survived by her brother and sister-in-law, Arvle Neal and RoAnn Corley of Duluth, Minnesota; brother-in-law and sistersin-law, Carl Ray and Linda Owens of Houston, Esther Owens of Porter, Texas; and numerous nieces, nephews and friends. Keith Wheat, Kevin Crim, Lance White, Dallas Robinson, Larry White and Mike Jeffries served as pallbearers. Honorary pallbearers were Pfc. Justin Carter and Sgt. 1st Class Lando Carter.


• The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cooking with Katherine: Sausage-and-Shrimp Gumbo



Katherine Aras For The Record


I believe it is now officially gumbo weather again. Here is a twist on the traditional gumbo with green chile rice. Instead of making a dark roux, this gumbo calls for you to brown the roux a light golden brown or some may call it a blonde roux. I found this recipe in one of my favorite magazines. They make special editions only for the holidays. You can always find extra good recipes during this time of the year, so don’t forget to pick up your favorite magazine when you are checking out at the grocery store. Happy eating! ½ cup of butter 2/3 cup of all-purpose flour 1 ¾ cups chopped onion 1 cup chopped celery 1 cup chopped green bell pepper 4 cloves garlic, minced 2 (32 oz.) cartons chicken broth 2 (28 oz.) cans fire-roast-

ed diced tomatoes, drained 1 pound Cajun-style smoked sausage, sliced 2 cups frozen cut okra 2 bay leaves 1 teaspoon ground black pepper ½ teaspoon Italian seasoning ½ teaspoon of ground coriander ¼ teaspoon ground cumin 2 pounds large fresh shrimp, peeled and deveined Green Chile Rice (recipe follows) In a medium stockpot, melt butter over medium heat. Whisk in flour; cook for five minutes, whisking constantly, or until roux is light golden brown and has a nutty aroma. Add onion, celery, bell pepper, and garlic; cook for one minute or until onion is translucent. Add broth, tomatoes, sausage, okra that has been sauté first in tablespoon or two of butter to get sliminess out, then add bay leaves, pepper, Italian seasoning, coriander,

and cumin. Bring to a boil over medium-high heat; reduce heat, and simmer, uncovered, for one hour. Stir in shrimp; cook four minutes or until shrimp are done. Remove and discard bay leaves. Serve with Green Chile rice. Green Chile Rice 3 cups of chicken broth 2 cups long-grain white rice, rinsed ¾ cup of water 2 (4 oz.) cans chopped green chiles, drained and divided

¼ teaspoon of salt In a large saucepan, combine broth, rice, ¾ cup of water, one can green chiles, and salt. Bring to a boil over high heat; stir, and immediately reduce heat to low. Cover and simmer for 20 minutes or until rice is tender. Remove from heat. Fluff rice with a fork, and stir in remaining green chiles. Katherine Aras Look Who’s Cooking Now (409)670-3144

In a large pot you plan to cook the beans in add at least 4 slices of bacon cut in small pieces, add one large cut up onion. When bacon and onion are done add the soaked beans with plenty of the hot water cook slowly. Season with salt and pepper.

The secret to cooking the beans is slowly, that makes the good gravy otherwise you will just have a pot of dry beans so to speak. Slowly is the secret to most cooking. Hope you enjoy this Gooder’n Syrup cookin. Von

Country Large Lima Beans

grease in the iron skillet and a half cup of milk. Now I have a good meal but if I want more I can add it. Cream corn is a I soaked one good thing to add, also pound of large white a green salad and a light Lima beans yesterdessert such as jello or day and today I am Von Broussard an instant pudding. going to prepare a Now back to the Lima meal around them. bean. We like the large ones I will need a pan of cornbread. You can fix it the old fashioned however the smaller ones way, however I am going to use are just as good only they are a prepared package that I just small. Soak them at least two have to add egg and a little hours in plenty of water.

Country Cookin’ by Von Broussard


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The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011



To place your announcements



Happy 100th Birthday!


Dentler wed Dougharty on Oct. 22 DaLana Dentler became the bride of Justin Dougharty, Saturday Oct. 22 at 5:30 p.m. at FountainGlenn Event Center in Leander, Texas in a doublering ceremony with Richard Mauldin officiating. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ronny Dentler of Victoria, Texas. Her father escorted her down the aisle. The bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joey Jay and Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Dougharty Jr. all of Orange. Attending the bride as matron of honor was Genevieve Beyer. Bridesmaids were Sarah Gorenc, Beth Camos and Elise Swingler. Paige Gorenc was the flower girl while Cameron Dougharty carried the rings. Chris Holland served as best man. Groomsmen were Sam Dougharty, Court Camos and Brandon Dentler. Chris Swingler and Jake Roos seated the guests. FountainGlenn Event Center was also the site of the reception. The bride is a 2004 graduate of Memorial High School and graduated from Victoria

Vergie Mansfield Scales will celebrate her 100th birthday on Monday, Oct. 31. On Sunday, her family and friends will host a birthday party for Mrs. Scales at Orangefield Baptist Church from 2 to 4 p.m.

College in 2009. She holds an Associates Degree in Nursing. She is employed by North Austin Medical Center as a Registered Nurse. The groom is a 2000 graduate of Little Cypress-Mauriceville High School. He is employed by Nyle Maxwell

as a Service Advisor. Prenuptial courtesies included several bridal/lingerie showers given by family and friends. Following their honeymoon cruise to The Virgin Islands, the couple will live in Cedar Park, Texas.

Stephson to marry Pringle on Nov. 19 Kathie Stephson and Doug Stephson, of Bridge City, are proud to announce the engagement of their daughter, Amanda Jo Stephson to Jeff Pringle, son of Mark and Carol Pringle of La Belle. Grandparents of the couple are Bill and Mary Loyd of Bridge City, Al and Jeanie Stephson of Groves, Weldon and Jackie Rogers of Pearland and Leonard and Isla Pringle of Houston. The wedding is set for Nov. 19 at 4 p.m. at St. Paul United Methodist Church.

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• The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Cardinals host HF in final home game


Kaz’s Fearless Football Forecast H WEST ORANGE-STARK over SILSBEE—The Mustangs’ offense has been lethargic to say the least, but they have been winning games with their Chain Gang defense and special teams. Look for the ‘Stangs to do whatever is necessary to down the Tigers Friday night in Silsbee. H LIVINGSTON over LITTLE CYPRESS-MAURICEVILLE—The Battlin’ Bears not only are facing one of the better teams in District 20-4A but also are playing on the road. An upset victory certainly would throw the playoff picture into a turmoil and even give the Bears a shot at playing in the postseason. H BRIDGE CITY over HAMSHIRE-FANNETT—The Cards need to take care of business at home Friday night and good things should happen when playoff time rolls around. H ORANGEFIELD over HARDIN-JEFFERSON—H-J has been having a tough season and has probably earmarked the Bobcats as a chance for a victory. The ‘Cats still are hopeful of getting into the state playoffs and a victory in Sour Lake Friday will keep that dream alive. Bridge City Cardinal wide receiver Caneron Dishon catches a pass at the goal line in his second touchdown against the West Orange-Stark Mustangs. RECORD PHOTO: Mark Dunn


The Bridge City Cardinals (6-2, 2-1) will host the Hamshire-Fannet Longhorns (2-6, 1-2) on Friday with just two games remaining in regular season before the playoffs begin. If you did not take the trip to Dan R. Hooks Stadium last Friday, you sure missed a heavy weight bout. The Cardinals and the West Orange-Stark Mustangs (5-3 3-0) went toe-to-toe for 48 minutes. The game saw six lead changes with the Mustangs coming out on top 2116. The Cardinals took the first swing with

an 81 yard touchdown pass from Matt Menard to Cameron Dishon, who had a great run after the catch, on the first play of the game. After a failed point after the Cardinals jumped out to a 6-0 lead with 11:40 left in the first quarter. The next possession for each team ended in a punt, but the Cardinals punt did not go to well. WO-S Quinton Tezeno returned the punt for a score, and with the point after the Stangs took the lead 7-6 with 7:28 left in the quarter. With 3:39 still left in the first quarter, the Menard to Dishon combo struck again with a nine yard TD pass, the point after was good, bring our score to 13-7 in favor of the Redbirds. Tezeno would strike again, returning the pursuing kickoff for six. After

the PAT, the Mustangs retook the lead 1413 with 3:25 left in the first. Compared to the first quarter, the second quarter was boring. The only threat of scoring was stopped by a fumble recovery from Bridge City’s Ashton Hunter, recovering the ball at the six yard line. The teams would head in to make their adjustments with the Mustangs on top 14-13. The teams came back from the break and traded off with each a punt in their first possession. The Mustangs second possession ended in a punt also. Jamarcus Rhodes, who kept the Cardinals on the ropes all night long with his punting, made his only mistake of the game. BRIDGE CITY CARDINALS PAGE 5B

H PORT NECHES-GROVES over VIDOR—One of the toughest places for any team to play is at The Reservation, especially when it is trying to remain eligible for the state playoffs. The Indians have been playing well, but so have the Pirates. This game Friday night should let everyone see what they are made of. H CORRIGAN-CAMDEN over DEWEYVILLE—The Pirates keep running into tough opponents and this week is no different. An upset victory would be a big feather in their caps. H SAM HOUSTON STATE over LAMAR—The competition keeps getting stiffer as the season progresses and this week the Cards will be facing the team that probably will win the Southland Conference championship. Hopefully the Bearkats will take the Redbirds lightly and get ambushed. H MCNEESE over STEPHEN F. AUSTIN—Hopefully the Cowboys will recover from that butt-kicking (38-14) they took in front of the home crowd in Lake Charles last weekend. H



• The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mustangs travel to Silsbee

Kaz’s Forecast

From Page 1B

BALL CHRISTIAN HOME SCHOOL—The Lions are more than ready to get back into the win column and take out their frustrations on these visitors in a game that kicks off 2 p.m. Saturday at Lions Stadium.

H HIGH SCHOOL—Channelview over Beaumont West Brook, East Chambers over Buna (both Thurs.), Port Arthur Memorial over La Porte, Beaumont Central over Lumberton, Nederland over Beaumont Ozen, Kirbyville over Diboll, Woodville over Kountze, Hardin over Warren, Newton over Anahuac, West Hardin over Colmesneil, High Island over Sabine Pass, Beaumont Kelly over Houston St. Thomas, Beaumont Legacy over The Woodlands Christian, Evadale over Cypress Christian, Katy over Strake Jesuit, Lufkin over Kingwood, North Shore over Baytown Sterling, Brenham over Magnolia, Barbers Hill over Goose Creek Memorial, Cleveland over Liberty, Splendora over Tarkington, Coldspring over Huffman.

West Orange-Stark Mustang Quinton Tezeno breaks open for one of two touchdowns to defeat the Bridge City Cardinals 21-16. RECORD PHOTO: Mark Dunn


Although the monumental 21-16 win over the Bridge City Cardinals was a team effort, three underclassmen stepped up and made plays that helped secure the win. Juniors JaMarcus Rhodes had three punts that pinned the Cardinals down past the 10-yard line, two almost at the end zone. Junior Quentin Tezeno scored two of three touchdowns and junior Jhayllien Monette had the crucial sack that kept Bridge City from scoring with 25 seconds left in the game. “Our effort this week was a great effort,” Head Coach Cornel Thompson said.

“We played hard for a full 48 minutes, which we haven’t done every game. We really played smart.” Bridge City started the game off with a touchdown from their first play from scrimmage. Quarterback Matt Menard hit Cameron Dishon off the right side and Dishon took it 81-yards to put the Cardinals up, 6-0. On the Mustangs’ first offensive series, Rhodes was forced to punt and with the help of teammates Nathaniel Colbert and Taywaun Lucas was able to pin the ball on the 1-yard line. BC couldn’t get out of that hole and were forced to punt. Tezeno struck for the first time when he snagged the punt and took it 37 yards for six. Kicker Jerquis Beasley hit the PAT and the Mustangs were on top, 7-6.

Deer Hunter Special:

On their next possession, the Cardinals moved the ball down the field and were able to score on a 8-yard pass from Menard to Dishon. Kicker Daniel Faulk’s kick was good and WO-S, 13-7. BC, however, hadn’t learned its lesson and kicked off straight to Tezeno, who went 73 yards down the Cardinal sideline to return the ball for another touchdown. Beasley’s kick was again good and the Mustangs ended the first quarter up, 14-13. “I was able to score twice by following my blocks from my teammates,” Tezeno said. The Cardinals were able to get on the board for the last time with a 29-yard WOS MUSTANGS PAGE 5B

H COLLEGE—Pittsburgh over Connecticut (Wed.), Miami over Virginia and Houston over Rice (both Thurs.), TCU over BYU (Fri.), Texas State over Northwestern State, Georgia State over UTSA, Central Arkansas over Southeastern Louisiana, Oklahoma State over Baylor, Texas over Kansas, Texas A&M over Missouri, Texas Tech over Iowa State, Oklahoma over Kansas State, Tulsa over SMU, Arkansas State over North Texas, Jackson State over Prairie View, Southern Miss over UTEP, Texas Southern over Mississippi Valley State, Mississippi State over Kentucky, Marshall over UAB, Central Michigan over Akron, Western Michigan over Ball State, North Carolina over Wake Forest, Florida State over North Carolina State, Clemson over Georgia Tech, Iowa over Minnesota, Nebraska over Michigan State, Northwestern over Indiana, Michigan over Purdue, Penn State over Illinois, Virginia Tech over Duke, West Virginia over Rutgers, Syracuse over Louisville, Maryland over Boston College, Auburn over Ole Miss, Arkansas over Vanderbilt, Bowling Green over Kent State, Air Force over New Mexico, Arizona State over Colorado, East Carolina over Tulane, Miami, O. over Buffalo, Notre Dame over Navy, Georgia over Florida, Louisiana Tech over San Jose State, Central Florida over Memphis, Hawaii over Idaho, Colorado State over UNLV, Utah over Oregon State, California over UCLA, Washington over Arizona, Oregon over Washington State, South Carolina over Tennessee, Wisconsin over Ohio State, Stanford over USC, Nevada over New Mexico State, San Diego State over Wyoming, Western Kentucky over Louisiana-Monroe, Middle Tennessee State over Louisiana-Lafayette, Alabama State over Alabama A&M, Southern over Alcorn State, Arkansas-Pine Bluff over Grambling State, Army over Fordham. H PRO PICKS—Houston over Jacksonville, Tennessee over Indianapolis, Minnesota over Carolina, Detroit over Denver, San Francisco over Cleveland, Pittsburgh over New England, New Orleans over St. Louis, NY Giants over Miami, Baltimore over Arizona, Buffalo over Washington, Cincinnati over Seattle, Dallas over Philadelphia, Kansas City over san Diego (Monday Night). Bye Week for Atlanta, Chicago, Green Bay, NY Jets, Oakland and Tampa Bay.

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The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bears face Livingston on the road

made the score 28-7 with 2:55 left in the third quarter. Another crossing of the goal line gave Bertrand his fourth touchdown of the night with 11:29 on the fourth quarter clock. The first play after the kickoff was a completed pass to Sezar. Sezar was hit hard and down for several minutes. He was taken out for the remainder of the game. Sezar had 13 carries for a total of 80 yards out of the total yardage of 103 earned by the Bears.


The PNG Indians forced the LCM Battlin’ Bears into hibernation as the Indians dominated play and gave the Bears a loss with a score of 35-7, ruining the Bears homecoming. Next Friday the Bears journey to Livingston to try to cage the Lions. The Lions are in a two way tie for second in district with Vidor. Both teams are 6-1 for the season and 3-1 in district. The Bears loss to the Indians drops them to seventh in district with a record of 4-3 for the season and 1-3 in district. Friday’s play started when the Bears took the opening kickoff on the 36 yard line. Alex Sezar made a six yard run, then two more runs for small gains. Faced with a fourth and inches situation, the Bears punted. In a six play series, the Indians made two first downs, but were unable to advance far enough to score. They booted the ball back to the Bears. The Bears went airborne, but could not complete the passes. Faced with a fourth and 11 situation the Bears punted again. PNG took the ball on the five yard line. In 12 plays, the Indians Chase Bertrand crossed the goal line to give the Indians the first score of the night with 1:51 left in the quarter. Bertrand carried the ball across the goal again to give the Indians another two points and the score was 8-0. The Bears were unable to gain much ground and in five plays the ball went back to the Indians as the first quarter ended. Opening the second quarter, the Indians made one pass and four runs, mostly up the middle. With 9:41 on the clock, Bertrand scored for the second time. A kick through the goal posts put the score at


Tony Romo and wife expecting first born STAFF REPORT FOR THE RECORD LCM Battlin’ Bear quarterback Kyle Herfurth finds running room against PNG. RECORD PHOTO: Ty Manuel

15-7. On the first play after the kickoff, Sezar made a good run for a first down. On the second play quarterback Kyle Herfurth, fumbled the snap but was able to recover and keep the ball. He pulled a rabbit out of a hat and made a one yard gain on the play. Herfurth tried two passes that were both incomplete and then got sacked on the fourth down play by Indian Tanner Thompson. Plays went back and forth until late in the quarter when Indians quarterback Travis Miller handed the ball to Bertrand on the 18 yard line and Bertrand crossed the goal line. A good kick and the score was 22-0 with 1:35 remaining in the second half. The Bears mad a good drive

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Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo revealed Tuesday morning that he and his wife are expecting their first child. Romo and Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin were at Cedar Hill High School in Cedar Hill, Texas, to address students as part of the school’s Red Ribbon drug prevention campaign, when he revealed the news. When a teen asked Romo if he had any children, the quarterback replied, “I got one on the way. My wife’s pregnant.” Romo and former Miss Missouri and sports anchor Candice Crawford were married in Dallas in May. Coincidentally, pregnancy rumors surfaced this month for Romo’s former girlfriend, singer-turned-fashion-designer Jessica Simpson, who has been photographed recently with a prominent baby bump.

toward the goal, but the clock was against them. With 18 seconds remaining the Indians intercepted a pass and ended the half with the ball. Sezar of the Bears and Bertrand of the Indians were the dominate players of the second half. Both young men made sweeping runs and pushed up the middle making hard earned gains for their teams. After a nine play drive that started on the Indian 45 yard line, Bertrand carried the ball across another time to make the score 28-0 after the kick hit the left goal post. There was 6:21 remaining. The Bears took the ball on the 21 yard line. A nine play drive ended with a pass from Herfurth to Preston Armstrong that put the Bears on the scoreboard. A good kick

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• The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Eleven day car trip verifies beauty of our country KAZ’S KORNER JOE KAMAR FOR THE RECORD

It was something we had talked about doing for a long time but had never gotten around to it. We thought it would be a great adventure to jump into the car and head West-- without any kids or grandkids. Now we did plan our 11-day, 3,200 mile trip well enough to earmark our destination each day, but nothing was written in stone. We had plenty of flexibility in our planning in case we decided to take a little side trip, or stay a bit longer at a point of interest. Wife Susan was the navigator and after receiving a GPS for Christmas two years ago, she finally got to put it to good use on this excursion. It not only gives specific directions, but also informs one of the elevation and the distance to the next point of reference. We embarked from Orange with a cloudless sky Monday morning—Oct. 10—and headed west on IH 10 to Fort Stockton. After passing San Antonio the speed limit on the Interstate jumped to 80 mph. It felt strange to be going that fast and still be legal. But that area was pretty desolate—no houses, people, animals or birds. The next point of reference was to reach Santa Fe, N.M. by going northwest, but before we started traveling, we visited the fort. The reason the government selected that middleof-nowhere site was because of the artesian springs located there that were capable of producing 60 million gallons of water each day. There were five barracks that each housed 50 soldiers and three stables that each accommodated 100 horses. Because of the segregation that existed in the U.S. Cavalry after the Civil War, former slaves who wanted to serve their country during the Reconstruction Era were sent to Ft. Stockton and were called “buffalo soldiers.” En route to Santa Fe we went through Pecos, Carlsbad and Roswell. It’s no wonder

there were reports of outer space aliens landing in the Roswell area-- the outskirts of the city look just like pictures of Mars and the moon, making those aliens feel right at home. Santa Fe is a beautiful old city at an elevation of around 7,000 feet. And to think that would be our lowest point that day as we headed for our targeted destination of Vail, Colo. which is nearly 12,000. The snow near the top of the mountains that we had seen earlier in the day was right on the side of the road at Leadville where we stopped to eat lunch. It had snowed a couple of days earlier and hadn’t melted much. The temperature there was only 39 degrees at 1 p.m. We continued to Vail and found our hotel—the Arrabelle—and saw our elegant room which commands between $800-900 per day during the ski season. But in October, the cost was just a fraction of that. The suite was huge with a fireplace and even had heated ceramic tiles in the bathroom. We learned quickly that if you don’t ski, but enjoy the beauty of the mountains, October is the time to visit Vail. All of the many shops had reduced their merchandise at to 50% off and the elegant restaurants had their entrees at 50% off. We left Vail Friday morning to begin the second leg of our journey—to see the newest member of the huge McGraw Clan of which Susan is a member. Susan’s father was one of 13 children with the descendants still living in Central Missouri. Brody Bult is the newest member. The nine-week old boy now weighs 14 pounds, three ounces and is 25 inches long. This places him in the upper 90th percentile for babies’ height and weight. We are sure he is going to make his dad proud whenever he’s able to put a football helmet on. His mom Glenna is an assis-

WOS Mustangs From Previous Page

field goal by Faulk after stalling with a little more than two minutes left in the third period. On the Mustangs next possession, quarterback Jimmy Salter and company marched down the field, but as soon as they neared the red zone, were penalized two plays in a row. On second and 27, Salter found a well-covered Larry Sonnier just over the goal line and a good Beasley PAT put the Mustangs up for good, 2216. The Mustangs seemed to have things made with just a couple minutes left in the game when the Cardinals went for it on fourth down and didn’t make it. However, the Mustang offense was stopped on a fourth and one and BC took one more opportunity to try to win the game. Menard got the ball all the way down to the 23 but on fourth and four, Monette shot threw the Cardinal offensive line and sacked Menard, saving the game for WO-S. “The win at least gives us the Co-Champs title,” Thompson said. “One of the biggest positives from the Bridge City game was the effort we gave. We came out and maintained our effort all 48 minutes.” This week, the Mustangs will face Silsbee (7-1, 2-1). The Tigers have only lost to Bridge City, 0-6. The Tigers have several key players in running back Floyd Spearman, free safety Garrett Drake and quarterback Pat Reed. “We will have to have the same effort and more than last week because Silsbee is more athletic than Bridge City,” Thompson said. “We will have to have a phenomenal effort on the road and put together two great games in a row. The Mustangs will play at Silsbee with a district start time of 7 p.m. Tickets for the visitor side will only be sold at the gate. The subvarsity teams split wins and losses with the Cardinals. The JV team lost, 24-8, while the freshmen team won, 22-6, at Larry Ward Stadium. The eighth graders won, 38-0 and the seventh B team won, 48-0 while the seventh A team lost a hard fought game, 22-18. (Thanks to all of those coaches who keep me updated with the scores.) The Lady Mustang volleyball team currently sits in a threeway tie for second place after defeating the Lady Cardinals in five games on Friday. The Lady Basketball team has already hit the hardwood with the boys starting on Wednesday. Good luck to all Mustang athletes this week! There will only be one game on Thursday as the JV team will take on Silsbee at Dan R. Hooks Stadium as long as the weather cooperates. The middle school games and varsity football game will be played in Silsbee. Come support Mustang football!

Everybody Reads ‘The Record’

tant high school principal and his dad Brock is an assistant football coach at Fort Osage High School, the alma mater of World Series star Albert Pujols. The football team made it to the state finals last year and is 8-1 and perhaps even better this fall. Another of Susan’s cousins, Mike and Sandy McGraw, are proud of their football-playing son Owen, who is a senior two-way performer at Blue Springs South High School, a Class 6-A school in the Kansas City suburbs. Owen is a cornerback and a wide receiver on the team that boasts an 8-1 record and also is headed to the state playoffs. We also visited another of her cousins, Patty McGraw, who has Orange connections because her brother Russell Long lived in Orange and worked for Gulf/Chevron Chemical. We traveled East down IH 70 to Susan’s hometown of Marshall, Mo. to visit her only living uncle of the McGraw Clan, 89-year old Charlie McGraw. I call him Uncle Chuckie, but am the only one who calls him that. We met him and four of his five kids—Danny, John Paul, Charla and Janie plus grand-daughter Glenna-- for dinner. Mike McGraw wasn’t there.

I had hoped to sneak in a round of golf on Tuesday, our final day in Missouri, but saw a bunch of young people eating breakfast at our motel. They said they were members of a college golf team from Indiana that was playing against Missouri Valley College in Marshall. That killed my golf plans because the course would be tied up. So Susan suggested that we go to near-by Waverly where she used to go with her parents to get apples. She insists that the Jonathan apples from Waverly are THE BEST for making apple pie. And after eating her apple pie last weekend, I agree. We drove Southwest through Missouri and Oklahoma and spent the final night of our trip in Paris, TX. We both were happy Thursday afternoon to see the sign saying “Orange County Line”. Eight of our 11 days were cloudless, blue-bird days. We encountered a short rain shower the Monday night we were in Marshall, but never had to drive through any rain the entire trip. And we never saw a mosquito until we returned home Thursday where they seem to be swarming. KWICKIES…Congrats to the West Orange-Stark Mustangs for edging out football

victories against cross-county rivals Orangefield and Bridge City and leading District 213A with a 3-0 loop mark. However Friday’s game at Silsbee will probably be their toughest district contest so far and should determine their playoff status. The word in Missouri is that the Mizzou Tigers want out of the Big 12 and after leaning toward the Big 10 will probably accept an invitation from the SEC. However, their reason for leaving, unlike the Texas Aggies—is not out of jealousy of the Texas Longhorns Network, but just to play in a tougher conference. Of course it must be pointed out that Mizzou—just like the Aggies-didn’t exactly tear up the Big 12 during their tenure in it. The Dallas Cowboys finally had to utilize their talented rookie running back from Oklahoma, DeMarcus Murray, Sunday and on his first carry of the game he broke loose on a 91-yard touchdown gallop and finished with 253 yards on 25 carries. This surpassed NFL rushing leader Emmitt Smith and Hall of Famer Tony Dorsett to the top of the franchise’s single-game rushing chart. The Pokes (33) ripped the winless (0-6) St. Louis Rams 34-7 by scoring in every quarter.

The Houston Texans were piqued that they were a threepoint underdog Sunday at Nashville against the Tennessee Titans and that so many NFL experts picked them to lose the game for first place in the AFC South Division. They took their wrath out on the Titans, obliterating them 41-7 with their most impressive performance of this season— and any season for that matter. Now they are sitting atop the AFC South with games coming up against Jacksonville (15) Sunday, then Cleveland (33) and Tampa Bay (4-3) before having a bye week. JUST BETWEEN US… With the sale of the Houston Astros still up in the air, look for Major League Baseball to dangle a carrot in the form of possible compensation to prospective new owner Jim Crane to move the team to the American League. This would be a very unpopular move for the Houston Astros’ fans and probably even the players, but a possible $50 million compensation package for Crane and his group of investors might do the trick. MLB has been trying to even the two leagues with 15 teams each, but every National League team asked by Commissioner Bud Selig has flatly turned down the suggestion.

The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bobcats down HF, face Hawks on the road MARK WALLES FOR THE RECORD

Week eight of the local high school football season gave the Orangefield Bobcats (4-4, 1-2) hope for the remainder of the season. After coming off of two very close loses to the most recent district champs, Orangefield came up with a 2814 win over the Hamshire-Fannet Longhorns (2-6, 1-2). Orangefield will travel to Sour Lake this Friday to play the Hawks (1-7, 0-3) of Hardin-Jefferson high school and look to improve their record and keep the hopes of a possible playoff spot alive. This past week at Hamshire-Fannet the Longhorns received the opening kick off and were having success driving the ball down to the Orangefield 21. Facing a fourth and one, the Bobcat defense came up strong forcing the ball over on downs by tackling the runner in the backfield for a loss. Three plays later on a third and three from the 34 yard line, Orangefield’s Rylan Cook exploded up the middle for a 66 yard touchdown at 5:45 of the first quarter. The point after attempt failed and Orangefield led 6-0. The Bobcats used their version of the on-side kick following Cook’s touchdown and the Longhorn players just watched as the ball rolled past them and Carl Wiley of the Bobcats grabbed the ball and mo-

Bobcat running back Ty Johnson. RECORD PHOTO: Teri Newell

mentum carried him out of bounds, Orangefield’s ball. Cook scored his second touchdown of the night on a 22 yard run around the left side with 4:55 on the clock in the first quarter, Orangefield’s Casey Raley scored on the two point conversion bringing the Orangefield lead to 14-0. Hamshire-Fannet scored their first touchdown of the evening after the Bobcats fumbled a Longhorn punt. After hitting the ground in front of the Bobcats receivers, the football bounced just over the heads of the Orangefield players and took a Longhorn roll to the Bobcat eleven yard line where it was recovered by the Long-

Bridge City Cardinals

The Cardinals shot themselves in the foot with a holding call and an illegal motion penalty. Bridge City had to settle for a Daniel Faulk 29 yard field goal to regain the lead 16-14 with 2:41 left in the third. The Mustangs would take over putting together a drive that stated at their 34 yard line. The third quarter would come to an end with a big hit by safety Mitchel Hub-

Trunk or Treat Mon. , Oct. 31st 5:30 pm

• Lots of Candy • Bounce House • Face Painting • Refreshments • Everyone Welcome!

Orangefield UPC, Hwy 105 (across from schools)

dental would like to remind you that October is..

National Dental Hygiene Month So if its time for a check-up, give us a call!

We'll see you soon!


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Tyler Roberts picks up yardage for the Bridge City Cardinals against the Mustangs. RECORD PHOTO: Mark Dunn

Rhodes shanked a punt giving the Cardinals good field position. One of the nicest play of the game came next. Menard had to make some nice moves to get away from WO-S pass rush, then he found his target, Cameron Dishon, who made some nice moves, and dashed his way through the West Orange defense for a 52 yard gain, bringing the ball to the eleven yard line.

horns to give them a first and ten. The Longhorns Smith scored on the next play with Blake Hicks kicking the extra point, the score now stood at 14-7 with 8:52 of the second quarter and that would remain the score going into halftime. Orangefield’s Ty Johnson displayed his break away ability on the first play from scrimmage after a punt into the end zone for a touchback set up Orangefield on the twenty yard line and Johnson took the handoff and was through the line and headed for the end zone 80 yards away at 6:45 of the third quarter. Orangefield lined up to kick the PAT, instead of kicking, they attempted a run around the end that failed, leaving the score at 20-7. The fourth quarter saw Longhorn quarterback Dante Smith score on a 3 yard quarterback sneak at 8:35 and with the PAT the score is now 20-14 Orangefield. Johnson had a 34 yard run late in the game to bring the ball to the 2 yard line and set up a Justin Bradley touchdown and Ackerman two point conversion to give Orangefield the final winning score of 28-14. The Bobcats continue to improve each week. Their mis-direction offense keeps the defenders wondering where the ball is and the Bobcat defense is playing well, swarming the ball and containing the outside runs and not giving up the big plays.


bard. The Stangs would continue their drive in the fourth quarter with a 1 & 10 on the Cardinal 18 yard line, but a holding would bring them back ten yards. QB Jimmy Salter stepped back and hit Larry Sonnier, who made an outstanding catch for a touchdown to give the Mustangs back the lead 21-16 with 10:39 left in the game. Each team followed with punts that took valuable time of the clock. The Cardinals would go for a fourth & six from their 39 yard line, but the pass would fall incomplete. The Card’s defense stepped up to give the Cardinals one more shot, stopping them on a fourth & two on the 31 yard line. On a fourth and four, Menard would get a big run of 39 yards, giving the Cardinals hope and a first down on the Mustang 23 yard line. The Chain gang would step up keeping the Cardinals out of the end zone, sacking Menard on a fourth and nine to take over on downs. The Stangs would get in the victory formation and run the clock out for a 21-16 victory. Matt Menard had 91 yards rushing on 16 carries and was 12 for 25 in the passing game for 213 yards. Hunter Clark carried the ball 21 times for 72 yards and caught one pass for two yards. Cameron Dishon led in the receiving department with five catches for 150 yards. Tyler Roberts had four catches for 49 yards, Mitchel Hubbard had one catch for eight yards and Slate Arnold had one catch for four yards. The Cardinals will host Hamshire-Fannett Friday night, with kickoff slated for 7:00 pm. It will be senior night for our team. Come out and support our Cardinal football team, the Cheerleaders, our band and especially our seniors for their last home game, and how about those STRUTTERS!

16453 Highway 62 S. Orange


• The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Flounder fishing is on fire this month CAPT. DICKIE COLBURN FOR THE RECORD

“The trout are biting good over here, but no one gives a hoot right now,” answered Greg Meaux when I asked him about the state of fishing on Big Lake. “All anybody cares about right now is cast netting shrimp at the weirs or catching flounder and neither could get much better!” Greg was also quick to point out that timing and location were the two keys to how quickly you can catch your five gallon bucket limit of shrimp. “If you are a little late you might have to wait in line and you can be ten feet away from another cast netter who is just loading up with big white shrimp while you are only catching five or six each cast.” The biggest draw, however, is the annual flounder run and at the risk of adding yet a few more boats and more bank fishermen to the crowd, it is unlike anything you have ever seen. For years, very few

fishermen outside of the locals and the guides knew anything about this annual bite. Now retired, Dr. Fred Bessell of Beaumont, has fished the fall run for years and just shakes his head every time the subject comes up. “Twenty years ago we would drive down to Cameron, catch our limits of big flounder at a leisurely pace and see very few other fishermen in October and November. I think the bite is probably still just as good, but you aren’t alone anymore!” The more liberal Louisiana limits have little to do with the reason fishermen wedge into the armada of boats anchored along the ship channel nearly every day. They are there because the catching is incredibly easy and the average flounder is a healthy two to three pound fish. The fact that Texas anglers are limited to two flounder per trip during the month of November also contributes

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to the predawn caravan crossing the Causeway each morning with their headlights pointed eastward. Louisiana Game Wardens are not unaware of the fact that at least a few folks exploiting this bite tend to get a little greedy and they are usually on hand to help you count your fish. Woe be unto the angler that opts to exceed the limit or not have a valid license and gets checked as it can be a very expensive mistake. Over the past six or seven years, I make that trip only two or three times and have fished with nothing other than a Gulp shrimp on a jig head. You will see other fishermen doing just as well with finger mullet or even fresh dead shrimp, but why make it any more difficult than it has to be. I have never found color to be important, but I always carry a pack of new penny and a pack of white just in case there is a first time. I have no doubt that the new

For The Record

1818 Nederland Avenue in Nederland, TX.

Lamar Belcher with a true saddle blanket!

geted shrimp on the surface rather than flocks of opportunistic gulls. We have been catching trout up to five pounds on topwaters when the lake flattens out and discovered that we could do the same thing with a Crazy Croaker when it was windy. Remember to fish that lure with an in-line swivel and short leader or a speed clip with a swivel as it will quickly twist your line otherwise. The flounder bite is still very strong both in the lake and in the river right now and the average size fish has just been over the top. We caught only

three while fishing crankbaits for reds and trout Tuesday, but all of them were over the three pound mark. Lamar Belcher returned to the dock with a sure enough saddle blanket Monday. “I don’t remember exactly what I was doing at the time, but I had stopped retrieving my bait” said Belcher, “We were catching trout under the gulls and my lure was just lying on the bottom when the big fish picked it up.” That big fish was a behemoth flounder that measured 24-inches in length and weighed 5 1/2 – pounds!

Weekend youth hunts offer up prelude to season openers CAPT. CHUCK UZZLE

Call 409-727-5440 for an Appointment

Target-X scented baits that we have been experimenting with lately will work also, but I don’t know that for a fact. They have worked really well on Sabine thus far and they passed one more test with a nine-year old client last week that indicated that the smell of the new scented bait must be on the money. While his dad and uncle were wearing the trout out on top waters and tails in the front of the boat, he sat in the back and more or less trolled a shad colored paddle tail Target-X rigged on a Carolina rig. All but unattended most of the time, the bait still caught croaker, sand trout and his limit of slot reds. It had to be all about the scent because more often than not he wasn’t even holding his rod when a strike would occur! The wind was a limiting factor only a couple of days last week, but the last front pushed more shrimp into the open lake and the bite continues to improve all the way from East Pass to Blue Buck Point. Almost without exception, the anglers that caught not only the most, but the largest trout as well were the ones that tar-

Perhaps the only thing better than shooting a big deer or filling a strap with a limit of ducks is watching a kid accomplish the same feat. Young hunters in this day and age face a wide variety of obstacles in everyday life and those obstacles also spill over into the sport of hunting. Anti hunting groups spread half truths designed to keep kids away from the sport, land is tougher to access, and people just don’t have as much time anymore it seems. Well the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is doing its fair share to change that. According to the TPWD website the Texas Parks and

Wildlife Department has established statewide Youth only open seasons for deer, turkey, and squirrel and, with cooperation of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, waterfowl. The purpose of these Youth Only open seasons is to provide youth with opportunities to learn about wildlife conservation through an enjoyable and memorable outdoor experience and allow parents and mentors to introduce them to safe and responsible hunting. The Youth Only open seasons hunts are scheduled to occur at times when youth are out of school. Texas Parks and Wildlife Department encour-

ages experienced hunters to seek out youth and provide the guidance to make the event both enjoyable and educational for the beginning hunter. This weekend is the opener for the special youth only hunting season for and this annual event has become a much anticipated activity in the hunting community. Each year there are young hunters all over the state who get to make their first deer hunt on this particular weekend thanks to this special season. The primary focus of all who take to the woods for this event is to share the sport of hunting with the next gen-

eration. Proper gun safety and ethics are two major lessons that are stressed during this special time, by making this a youth only weekend the adults can concentrate solely on the kids and their hunting experience which is nothing short of great. One thing that almost always seems to happen during the youth only weekend is that some lucky youngster winds up taking a really exceptional deer. A few years ago in Orange County a local youngster took a 150 class Boone and Crockett buck during the youth only weekend, talk about taking advantage of an opportunity. Most kids will take does or spikes but that doesn’t matter as long as they get to hunt and have a good time doing it. This special season helps to further the sport of hunting as well as allow kids a chance to be the main focus. There is plenty of quality time to be had in the outdoors by kids and parents alike, make the most of it. This weekend should be an exciting one for local hunters all the way around. Even though Saturday and Sunday will be just a taste of things to come in the next week or so it will still be just as exciting. A brief word of caution for all who plan on participating in any form of this weekends hunts, please remember to be safe. Duck hunters who are getting in boats be sure to put on those life jackets, running lights, and kill switches. Deer hunters be aware of your targets and what’s behind them, also be sure and take that extra minute or two to unload that gun while driving or crossing fences. This special weekend should be one to be remembered for all the right reasons and right reasons only.

The Record • Week of Wednesday,October 26, 2011


BRIEFS Wesley United Methodist to host Fall Festival Oct. 30 On Sunday, Oct. 30, Wesley United Methodist Church, located at 401 North 37th Street in Orange, will host a Fall Festival from 2 to 4 p.m. The community is invited to attend this trunkr-treat. Games, hayrides, food, candy a moonwalk and more will be available to all.

First Baptist Church-Orange to host Car Carnival On Sunday, Oct. 30, children of the community are invited to attend a free event for trick or treating. It is the second annual Car Carnival. Held in the back parking lot of First Baptist Church of Orange, 602 W. Green Avenue, preschoolers through sixth graders are invited to play games at a variety of vehicles parked in the parking lot. Children will receive candy and treats after playing the games which will be provided by church members. Friendly costumes are also encouraged. The Car Carnival will be held from 5 to 6:30 p.m. For more information about this children’s event, contact the church office at 409-886-7461 or visit the website at

Cowboy Church final Playday Oct. 29 Cowboy Church of Orange County will be hosting the third (of three) Buckle Series Playday, Saturday, Oct. 29. Registration is 8 to 9:30 a.m. with events starting at 10 a.m. Events include barrels, poles, speed race, flag race and baton race. Buckles will be awarded for overall high point for each age group. Special classes are lead line, mutton bustin’ and stick horse race with special awards also given at end of series. There will also be a Costume Class at this playday for horse and rider, so bring your costumes and compete for a prize. Current negative coggins and signed release form required. Everyone is welcome. For more information contact Debbie Vance at 409-745-0656.

Faith United Methodist to Fall Festival   A great Fall Festival has been planned at Faith UMC for Sunday, October 30 from 3 to 6 p.m.  Something for everyone! Inflatable obstacle course, moonwalk, cake walk, hay ride, face painting, sack races, games galore, prizes, candy – you name it, we’–ll have it!   Also, offering the greatest hot dogs and frito pie imaginable along with drinks, slushies and popcorn.  Come and bring your family, friends and neighbors for a wonderful evening of fun and fellowship.  Children (young and old) are encouraged to wear costumes appropriate for the church event.  Faith United Methodist is located at 502 N. 6th Street in Orange.

McDonald Memorial Baptist to host Halloween Festival McDonald Memorial Baptist Church will host a Community Halloween Festival on Sunday, Oct. 30, from 3 to 5 p.m. in the Burton gym building. There will be a moonwalk, games and prizes. Everyone is welcome to attend. The church is located on the corner of South and Broad Streets, across the bridge from Lions Den Park. The church can be contacted at 409-883-3974.

W.O Christian Church to host Trunk-r-Treat The West Orange Christian Church, located at 900 Lansing St. in West Orange, will host a Trunk-r-Treat on Saturday, Oct. 29 from 6 to 8 p.m. The community is invited to attended and is encouraged to wear costumes. Fun, food and games will be available for all. For more information, log on to www.wocc.weebly. com, or call Kurtis at 409-779-3440.

First Baptist Church of Orangefield to host Fall Festival The First Baptist Church of Orangefield will be hosting their annual Fall Festival on Monday, Oct. 31 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. There will be lots of games, prizes and candy. A super slide, moon walk, cookie decorating, chili dogs and popcorn will be available. There will be lots of fun for the whole family.  Everyone is invited to this community wide event.

Salem UMC to host Trunk or Treat Oct. 30. On Sunday, Oct. 30 the Salem United Methodist Church, located at 402 W. John Ave. in Orange, will host a Trunk or Treat from 6 to 8 p.m. Children of the Community are invited to enjoy the festivities and free treats.

Trinity Lutheran Church to host Fall Fun Fest The Trinity Lutheran Church, located at 1819 N. 16th Street in Orange, will host a Fall Fun Fest on Sunday, Oct. 30 from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m. There will be games, food, crafts, a hayride, moonwalk and a trunk or treat. The public is welcome and costumes are encouraged. Fun for all ages.

St. Mary Altar Society offers gift shop, luncheon The women of St. Mary Altar Society will host their annual gift shop and luncheon 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 17 at the parish hall located at 912 W. Cherry in Orange. Homemade baked and canned goods will be available for purchase along with crafts, raffle tickets, frozen gumbo and frozen casseroles. A silent auction will be held 9 a.m.-1 p.m. The gumbo luncheon is $6. Tickets are available at the door. Containers are furnished for take-outs.

Fall Concert at Fellowship Baptist Church Staff Report

For The Record

Fellowship Baptist Church in Bridge City would like to invite everyone to their Fall Concert on Saturday, Nov. 5. Fellowship is excited to host Kennith and Sandra Ratley of Houma, La. for the concert to start at 6 p.m. They will also be at Fellowship Baptist for Sunday morning services at 10:30 a.m. and again for the evening services at 6:30 p.m.  Kennith and Sandra are contemporary gospel artist and have been singing for the past 22 years.  They sing a wide range of music and 99 percent of their music is original compositions that Kennith has written.  They have led revivals and held concerts all over southern Louisiana and Texas. Fellowship Baptist church is located at 1965 Miller Drive in Bridge City.  For more information, call 735-9511 on Wednesdays or Sunday mornings.  

North Orange Pentecostal Church



PASTOR LEO ANDERSON Boat, trailers, furniture, guns, quilts, household items, and much, much more!

409-883-4800 7144 Hwy 87 N

Church Directory

First Baptist Church Orangefield

9788 F.M. 105 Orangefield, 409-735-3113 Pastor Forrest Wood Sun.: Bible Study - 9:30 a.m., Worship Service - 10:30 a.m., Evening Worship- 6:30 p.m. Wed.: Midweek Meal- 5:30 p.m., Praise & Prayer - 6:30 p.m. Youth & Children Activities, 7:15 p.m. - Choir Practice Email:

St. Paul United Methodist Church 1155 W. Roundbunch Rd., Bridge City 409- 735-5546 Pastor Brad Morgan Sun. Mornings: Worship Experience - 8:15 a.m.; Sunday School - 9:30 a.m.; Worship - 10:45 a.m. (Nursery provided at all services) For Mid & Sr. High Youth Sun. Afternoon: 3:30 to 6 p.m. Sun. Evening : Taizé Service - 7 p.m. For Children Ages 4–10 on Wednesday evening – 6 to 7 p.m. – JAM (Jesus & Me) Club

Apostolic Pentecostal Church IH-10 at Highway 62, Orange (409) 745-3973 Rev. Leo Anderson Sun. Morning at 7:30 a.m. on A.M. 1600 KOGT Radio Sun.: 2 p.m. • Tues: 7:30 p.m. 24 Hour Prayer Line: 409-779-4703•409-779-4702

Back to God Fresh Anointing Ministries 1011 10th St., Suite 108, Orange 409-779-3566•409-883-0333 Pastor Gerald Gunn Co-Pastor Pearlie Gunn Sun. School 9:45 a.m. Sun. Morning Worship 11 a.m. Tues. Night Bible Study 7 p.m. Men of Valor & Women of Warfare classes on Thur. 7 p.m.

First United Methodist Church

Have a Happy Thanksgiving

Each Sunday Morning @ 7:30 a.m. On A.M. 1600 KOGT

24 Hour Prayer Line 779-4703 or 779-4702 CALL (409) 745-3973

Scripture of the Week

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord, and to sing praises unto thy name, O most high: Psalms 92:1


Call 886-7183


502 Sixth Street, Orange 409-886-7466 Pastor: Rev. John Warren Dir. of Fine Arts & Music: Doug Rogers Organist: Justin Sanders Dir. of Youth & Christian Education: Allisha Bonneaux Sun.: Worship in the Chapel: 8:15 a.m., Celebration Service in Praise Center: 8:55 a.m., Sunday School for all ages: 9:50 a.m. Worship in the Sanctuary: 11 a.m., UMYF & Methodist Kids: 5 p.m.

West Orange Christian Church 900 Lansing Street, W.O. 409-882-0018 Sunday School - 9:30 a.m. Sunday Worship 10:40 a.m. & 6 p.m. Wednesday Evening - 6 p.m. “Our church family welcomes you!”

Cowboy Church of Orange County 673 FM 1078 Orange 409-718-0269 E. Dale Lee, Pastor Sunday Worship Service 10:30 a.m. “Round Pen” (Small Group)

Studies: Men’s group: 7 p.m. Mondays, Ladies’ group: 6:30 p.m. Thursdays Come as you are! Boots & hats welcome!

First Christian Church of Orangefield 4234 FM 408 (between BC & Orangefield) 409-735-4234 Minister Jim Hardwick Sunday School: 9 a.m.; Sunday Worship: 10 a.m. & 6 p.m. Wednesday: Prayer & Bible Study 7 p.m. Nursery provided For a ride, call 735-4234

Trinity Baptist Church 1408 W. Park Ave. @ 14th Street, Orange Office: 886-1333 Pastor Dr. Bob Webb Worship Leader Dan Cruse Sun. Morning Worship 11 a.m. Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Nursery Provided

Miracle Restoration Revivals Church 608 Dogwood St., Orange 409-883-5466 Residing Pastor Rev. Larry Doucet Founding Pastor Rev. Tunney Vercher Sr. Sunday Worship: 10 a.m. & 6 p.m. Wednesday night Prayer Meeting 6:30 p.m. Wednesday night Bible Study 7 p.m.

Orange First Church of the Nazarene 3810 MLK Drive, Orange Lead Pastor: Ray McDowell Music Pastor: Bruce McGraw Youth Pastor: Michael Pigg Children’s Pastor: Marilyn Ball Sunday School 9:45 a.m. Celebration Service 10:45 a.m. Prayer Service: 6 p.m. Wednesday Service: 7 p.m. Everyone Welcome!

First Baptist Church of Bridge City 200 W. Roundbunch, BC Office: 409-735-3581 Fax: 409-735-8882 Rev. Bob Boone, Pastor Sunday Schedule: Traditional Worship - 8:15 a.m.; Bible Study at 9:30 a.m.; Celebration Service - 10:45 a.m.; CSI, Youth Bible Study, Discipleship Classes - 5:30 p.m. Wednesday Schedule: Prayer Meeting - 6:30 p.m., Youth Worship “Living Stone”

Harvest Chapel 1305 Irving Street, Orange 409-882-0862 Ruth Logan Burch, Pastor Sun. Morning 10 & 11 a.m. Evening Service 6 p.m. Wednesday Service 5 p.m.

Echo Church

1717 FM 3247, Orange 409-735-8580 Pastor George A. Cruse Jr. Sunday Service 10:30 a.m. Praise & Worship Contemporary music! Come as you are!


Call 886-7183 for more information!!!

8B • The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011


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• Penny Record Office: 333 West Roundbunch, Bridge City • County Record Office: 320 Henrietta, Orange Note: Offices Closed On Wednesday

TOUGHLOVE is a self help parents support group for parents of children displaying unacceptable behavior. Meets every Tues. at 7 pm. at Immaculate Conception education building, 4100 Lincoln (corner of Lincoln & Washington) in Groves. For more information call 9620480. AT. ST. PAUL UNITED METHODIST you can experience the warmth of friendly people, beautiful music, and inspiring sermons. Join us at 1155 W. Roundbunch Rd., BC each Sunday at 8:15 AM or 10:45 AM for worship experience at 9:30 AM for Sunday School. You’ll be glad you came, and so will we!

COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL cleaning. Excellent references from longtime customers. 409-734-8096.

SUICIDE RESCUE of Orange County. Suicide is not the answer, give us a chance, 769-4044 Vidor.

PETS & LIVESTOCK CKC REGISTERED CHIHUAHAS 2 males, $300 and $350, (409) 313-6270. (10/19)

CRISIS CENTER. Rape and crisis center of S.E. Texas needs volunteer advocares to provide direct services to survivors of sexual

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2 ABANDONED DOGS, sisters, free to good homes, about 1 yr. old, good with kids & other pets, wormed, have ads & picts. on Bridge City, call Amy @ 920-3765.





Actual size: 1x5”

Defendant, NOTICE: YOU HAVE BEEN SUED. You may employ an attorney. If you or your attorney do not file a written answer with the clerk who issued this citation by 10:00 A.M. on the Monday next following the expiration of forty-two days from the date of issuance of this citation and petition, a default judgment may be taken against you. Said ANSWER may be filed at the District Clerk's Office at the Orange County Courthouse, 801 W. Division Ave. or by mailing it to 801 W. Division Ave., Orange, Texas 77630

To be published in The Record Newspapers 09/28/2011 Said PLAINTIFF'S ORIGINAL PETITION ******PLEASE FAX ANY was filed and docketed in the Honorable 128th District Court of Orange County, Texas at the CORRECTIONS BY District Clerk's Office at the Orange County Courthouse, 801 W. Division Ave., Orange, Texas on JULY 29, 2011 in5 thisP.M. cause, MONDAY numbered A-110298-C on the docket of said court, and styled, BAC HOME LOANS SERVICING, LP Plaintiff to 735-7346


is hereby given that ISAAK P. WIEBE, Owner of a business operating under the assumed name of MUDDY WATER MARINA, has supplied to the County Judge of Orange County, Texas for a Beer Retailer's On Premise License Beer Retailers Off Premise License Wine and Beer Retailer's Permit Wine and Beer Retailer's Off Premise Permit At 2100 DUPONT DRIVE, ORANGE, TX 77631


Thanks, Nicole Plaintiff Bank of America, N.A., successor by merger to BAC Home Loans Servicing

The nature of plaintiff's demand is fully shown below:

LP, its successors and assigns by and through its attorney of record, Anthony Waddell of Barrett Daffin Frapper Turner & Engel, LLP, 15000 Surveyor Blvd., Addison, Texas 75001, 972-386-5040, brought suit against Defendants Marty Herring aka Martin Douglas Herring, Dana McKnight, Tuan Herring, the Unknown Heirs of Hue T. Herring, and the Unknown Heirs of Jesse M. Herring, to enforce the Loan Agreement on the property located at 3575 Ponderosa, Vidor, TX 77662 and legally described as:

said premises not having heretofore been licensed for that purpose.


KAREN JO VANCE, County Clerk Orange County, Texas













LAB/PIT MIX, 8M old, spayed female, on heart worm prev., free to good home, (409) 7469502.

AL-ANON MEETS ON Wednesday & Sunday at 7pm. 1512 Strickland Dr., Orange, call (409) 779-4289 or Cindy @ 994-5503 for details.

assault in a medical setting. Comprehensive training is provided, Anyone interested should contact the Crisis Center at (409) 832-6530.



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Tractor and Dump Truck Service

The name and address of the attorney for plaintiff otherwise the address of Plaintiff is: Anthony C. Waddell 15000 Surveyor Boulevard Suite 100 Addison, Texas 75001

We haul dirt and spread, sand, 60/40, top soil, slag, limestone, wash-out, bark and garden mix. We also do Dozer Work, backhoe, mini & large Excavator work. We dig ponds and fill swimming pools, remove concrete. No Job too small. call for price @ (409) 735-6588

ISSUED AND GIVEN under my hand and seal of said Court at Orange, Texas this the 6th day of OCTOBER A.D., 2011. VICKIE EDGERLY, District Clerk Orange County, Texas

By: Charlean



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The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011 • 9B

Mel Brooks’ classical comedy, Young Frankenstein goes musical

A.J. Homes (l.) as Frederick Frankenstein with Rory Donovan as the monster in Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein” the musical. COURTESY PHOTO. APARTMENTS VERY NICE AND CLEAN 1/1, Apt., ceramic tile floors, CA/H, Lg. all tile bathroom w/ vanity and mirrors, plenty of storage, all S.S. appliances, dish washer, nice size kitchen & dining, No Pets, $575 monthly + elec. & water and $400 dep., (409) 735-6277 or 626-1968. (ss) LUXURY 2/1 TOWN HOME IN BC, ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! All brand new downstairs, ceramic tile, fireplace, open concept. This is a must see! 222 Parkside, $795 monthly + $400 dep. +$35 application fee, (409) 721-9500. (11/2)

I BUY JUNK CARS COMMERCIAL NICE886-0010 BRICK BUILDING, 1/1 DUPLEX APT., W/D hookups, refrig. & stove, $425 monthly + $200 dep., (409) 735-6691.

great office space just off Texas Ave., BC, totally remodeled inside, $950 monthly,



Call for an appointment to see @ (409) 735-2030. (M&R) VERY NICE & REDECORATED, approx. 1,400 sq. ft., ready to go for 7 chair beauty salon, shampoo bowls, nail techs, lunch room, laundry room, 3 energy efficient AC/H units, lots of storage, concrete parking, yard maint. included. Also could be used as any type retail or office space, $900 monthly, (409) 735-6277 or 626-1968. HOME RENTALS 1/1 IN MAURICEVILLE, Log Cabin, in the woods, $550 monthly, Call for an appointment to see @ (409) 7352030. (M&R) NICE BRICK 2/2, 2 car carport, has ceiling fans, carpet and ceramic tile, CA/H, Lg. closets, W/D connections, kitchen has refrig / stove and dishwasher, $900 monthly + $500 dep., (409) 735-2030. (M&R) McLEWIS AREA, 2/1, Happy Home Dr., $550 monthly, (409) 735-2030. (M&R) 3/2 ON 1 ACRE, BCISD, bus pick-up in drive way, $880 monthly + $880 dep., references req., (409) 735-3237 or 670-2620. (10/26)

GARAGE SALES WED. & SAT., 2969 WOODCOCK, ORG/OF, by Hwys 62 & 105, 8 till 1. Lots of clothes, baby items, shoes, books, Lots More Good Stuff! THURS., 106 MOCKINGBIRD LANE, BC, 7 till noon. Household items, size 10 women’s clothes, toys, gift cards & wrap, picture frames, tolls, More! THUIRS., 5008 N. MAGNOLIA, McLEWIS, off N. feeder road from Hwy 62, behind Trampolines, follow signs, 8 till ? 2 Riding mowers, washer & dryer, lots of antiques, wood stove, dishes, lots of men’s tools & stuff, More! (409) 745-1574. THURS THRU SAT., 813 LlANO, PORT NECHES, 8 till 3. 2 Guns, Piano, antique chest, antique Singer Sewing machine, refrigerator, washer & dryer, cedar chest, WW2 memorbelia, jewelry, etc. SAT., 9249 WINLIN DR., ORG. COUNTY, Hwy 1442 N. of IH-10, on the corner of Winlin and 1442, 8 till 3. Some furniture, pots and pans, dishes, some crystal, knick-knacks, misc.

GARAGE SALE OR MINI MALL? 403 S. Naquin Rd., Orange, McLewis area. Approx. 2 miles . of Hwy 62 on South Feeder Road (Old 90) Saturday 7:30 till 2 4 Familes and over 14 years since last Garage sale

Clean women’s and men’s clothes (most from Dillard’s), toys, kitchen items, books, living room furniture, desk, dining room table and chairs, cast patio table and chairs, home decor, 32 Gal. shop vac, electronics, NOMEX, safety toed shoes, TV’s. Bundled packages - save $$$ ‘88 Chevy Camero, 400 hp. w/ 20’ steel deck car trailer, runs great! Much Much More!

Fond memories were brought back Monday night while viewing Mel Brooks’ musical version of “Young Frankenstein” at the Lutcher Theater. “Putting on the Ritz” was the only musical number in the black and white original film in 1975. Brooks put music and lyrics to the story line for Broadway, but kept most of the original dialogue and gags, throwing in an updated line occasionally. Mel Brooks has always had an interesting sense of humor. Extremely bawdy jokes, but with only the occasional use of a curse word. The show is not really intended for children, though there were a few in the audience. The young Dr. Frankenstein (pronounced Fránk•en•steen) was played by A.J. Holmes. The grandson of Victor Von Frankenstein who has spent

3 BEDROOM IN BC, Blueberry St., $580 monthly + dep.; 1 bedroom Mobile Home in BC, E. Roundbunch Rd., $375 monthly, No Pets, (409) 498-1573. 3/1 IN ORANGE, on Butler St., $625 monthly + 1/2 month rent for dep., + utilities, (409) 553-9291. BRIDGE CITY 3/1/CP, remodeled, 195 Schoolview, No Pets, references req., $750 monthly + $500 dep., (409) 719-8636 or 540-2205. (11/2) 3/2/1 W/CP, BCISD, $850 monthly + dep., (409) 3134270 or 735-4817. 1/1/ W/ CAR PORT, W/D hookups, stove & refrig., water & garbage paid, grass cut, $600 monthly + dep., (409) 313-4270 or 735-4817. 2-1-1 IN BC, NICE YARD, 245 Hebert, Stove and Refrigerator, CAH, NO PETS, $710 Monthly, + $500 Deposit, (409) 735-3477 M-F 8 - 5, or (409) 988-3663 After 5 p.m.

req., (409) 474-1518. HOME SALES BRIDGE CITY 3/1 BY OWNER, 175 Darby, 1,500 sq. ft., 69K, financing available WAC, (409) 963-5594. LAND & LOTS OVER AN ACRE, VICTORY Gardens, nice quiet neighborhood, water and electric ready, cement dr., perfect homesite, $28,000 OBO, Call Mike @ (409) 735-7680. MOBILES OK!, 1.282 acres on 2 wooded lots in Mauriceville, LCMISD, MUDD water and sewer available, financing avalable, WOODRIDGE LAND, (409) 745-1115. 430 HOLLY ST., BC, lots 28 - 29 - 25’ of 27 a n d 15’ of 30, $30,000, water and sewer tap paid; 450 Holly, 1 bedrm. house, zone B, buy ALL for $50,000, No Owner Finance, (409)735-5041.


READY TO MOVE ON! 1.993 acres in ofisd, concrete runners, MMUD water and sewer on site, WOODRIDGE LAND, (409) 745-1115.

BC AREA , as little as $30 daily for rooms, M.H.’s by day or week, starting at $30 a day or weekly, 735-8801 or 7347771. (cctfn)

5 ACRE RESTRICTED homesite, LCMISD, cleared land with 2 small ponds, MUDD water and sewer available, additiona land available

2 BEDROOM IN BC, in Shady Estates, Mobile Home, all appliances, $500 monthly + $200 dep. includes water and garbage, (409) 474-1518.

I BUY JUNK CARS 886-0010

2 BEDRM W/ 2 FULL BATHS, Mobile Home,CA/H, Lg. covered porch, all appliances, located in Shady Estates, BC, $650 monthly + dep., references req., (409) 474-1518. 2/2 IN COUNTRY SETTING, out of city limits, washer & dryer, elec. stove, near BC schools, does not flood, $625 monthly + $600 dep., friendly neighbors, No Criminal Records Please! (409) 7358306. 3 BEDRMS. WITH 2 FULL BATHS, Mobile Home, CA/H, located in Shady Estates, BC, $675 monthly + dep., includes water & garbage, references

THE VILLAGE AND SOUTHERN OAKS APARTMENTS Great safe location in the heart of wonderful Bridge City. Perfect for Motiva, Valero, Invista, and total contract workers. Excellent school district (BCISD) with a family friendly location in a neighborhood setting. Award winning management and on-site 24 hour maintenance. Chamber of Commerce approved and a A+ rating with the BBB! Monthly rent starting at $450 - $800. Come check us out! Pet Friendly

(409) 735-7696 ~ 504-9952 474-97314

“Before you write out the check, let us check out the title” Our staff has more than 250 years of combined experience. Let the professionals help you with your next real estate transaction 1-800-273-5031 • 409-883-8495

washer and dryer, priced to sell @ $29,900, (409) 7353404.


HILLCREST GARDEN Hwy 87 South. One plot for sale. Call 409-313-4404.


‘68 FORD MUSTANG. GT Fastback, Automatic, runs and drives well, Price $6950, for details mail me at / 512-782-4586. ‘99 PONTIAC GRAND AM. $2,500 OBO. Call 409-8820774. 1926 FORD MODEL T for sale. Runs good, looks good. Little Rust. $10,000 firm. 409-926-9472.


‘HUNTER’S SPECIAL! ‘00 Fleetwood Terry 23’ 5th. wheel, queen bed, jacknife sifa bed, dinette, slde out, $5,000, (409) 989-8116.

ANDREA WHITNEY You Can’t Buy Better Orange County Advertising


MOBILE HOMES FOR SALE 2 BEDROOM IN BC, in Shady Estates, all appliances Refrig / microwave/ stove, ceramic tile, full bath, roomy and cute inside, #107 Hazel st., BC, $4,500, will finance with $1,000 down (409) 474-1518 or 474-2260.


A/C, C. player, auto trans., PS/B, good motor, no oil leakage, real workhorse, $3,000 OBO, ask for Ruth @ (409) 735-7353 ‘98 CHEROKEE CLASSIC. 3 yrs old. Std body & fair for parts. Call Dee at 658-5225.

‘04 FORD F-150, excellent cond., 30K miles, garage kept, reg. cab, loaded, (409) 768-1840.

(337) 786-3443

(877) 398-5622 Hours of Operation M-F 7:30am--3:00pm


Buying Steel, Copper and U-Pull it yard now open. Call for part pricing



0 Get

On ‘10 Ranger, ‘10 F-150 & ‘11 Super Duty


ELECTRIC RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL Free Estimates Specializing in older home rewires

Office (409) 735-4171 or 749-4873 jhaden@ stakeselectric. com


9207 Beverly, OFISD

This 4/2.1/2 home in Oak Manor has TONS of space with 2647 sq ft. on .44 acre. Beautiful landscaping and many updates, including granite, hardwood floors and tile. Priced at $220,000. Motivated sellers! Call Tracy Permenter 920-0714


% apr


Plus Additional

$1,000 toward your

‘09 16’ X 80’, LIKE NEW 3/2, stove refrig., dishwasher, new

409-727-3999 • toll Free 866-735-3999


‘'85 CHEVY C-10, V-8, LWB,

‘90 FORD F-150, straight 6, 5 spd. manual trans., good cond., $1,600; ‘98 Dodge Dakota, v-8, 5 speed man. trans., good cond., A/C, needs power steering pump, $1,200, (409) 221-0798 or 735-9729.

1451 Hwy 12, DeQuincy, La.


#1 Ford Dealer & Pre-Owned in Orange County! Your Friend in Transportation,


Email: 800-817-5255 • 409-781-7028 • 1601 Green Ave., Orange

1969 Chevelle Malibu

RV - 1977 Avion



$13,0ing 00 Ready for paint ! Runs and Drives 355 engine


‘T R U C K S & VA N S

Iron Mountain Recycling, llc



Elizabeth Pawlowski (front to back) with A.J. Holmes and Christopher TImson taking a roll in the hay on the way to Frankensteins’ castle in Transylvania. COURTESY PHOTO.

‘86 REBEL 250, runs good, ‘86 Rebel 250 “fixer upper” or for parts, $1,200 takes both; 110 Youth size ATV, runs but needs new battery, $200, (409) 745-3254. (9/21)

BOREL BOAT. 15 1/2 ft length, 54 inches wide w/ trailer and 90 HP Yamaha motor. Call 409-794-1367 or 409-883-0678.


Jim Clark has another fun filled season lined up at the Lutcher with “Shrek the Musical” up next on Nov. 6 at 3 and 7:30 p.m.

ities that only Mel Brooks can provide. The doctor got the girl, the monster got the fiancé and the housekeeper got the blind hermit. It was love in the air!

for purchase, WOODRIDGE LAND, (409) 745-1115. (10/26)

1433 South hwy. 69, NederlaNd, tX 77627 719 Front St. Orange TX 77630

his whole life trying to live down his grandfather’s legacy. Igor (pronounced eye•gore) was played by Christopher Timson. He really did Marty Feldman justice. It’s hard to imagine anyone else in that role, but Timson did a great job. Frankenstein’s assistant, Inga was played by Elizabeth Pawlowski, the young hot body anxious to fulfill all the doctor’s needs and wants. A roll in the hay in song and dance. Pat Sibley played Frau Blucher (Is that the sound of horses I hear?) Rory Donovan did a great job as the monster. There were two cast changes for the night. Elizabeth, the fiance’ of Frederick Frankenstein, was played Monday by Caitlin Maloney. Caitlin’s usual parts were covered by Lauren Kadel. It was a fun romp through the Transylvania countryside what was filled with eccentric-

2001 Jeep Wrangler Askin g

$9,99 5

$550in0g Local Owner.

2003 GMC Denali XL $10,50 0

Hardtop, Local Owner, bimi comes with it, Auto Trans.

6.0 , heated front/rear seats Fully Loaded

2004 GMC Envoy

2006 Jeep Commander


$799ng 5

6cyl. Auto Trans. extra Clean

$15,250 5.7 HEMI, Beautiful Leather , 3rd row , 3 sunroofs

210 Green ave.

Downtown Orange . For a good Deal see Billy Snyder Owner


• The Record • Week of Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Breast Cancer

A wareness

From the Record

Judge Pat Clark

Vickie Edgerly District Clerk Orange County, Texas

Proudly Supports Breast

Cancer Awareness! Finding the cure starts with hope

Orange County Court at Law

Commissioner Pct. 3 John DuBose 123 South 6th Street Orange, Tx 77630


Support Breast Cancer Awareness!

Orange County Courthouse 801 W. Division Orange, Tx 77630 Office: 409-882-7028 Fax: 409-882-7083



Christy Khoury



409.735.3477 240 HEBERT ST. 409.735.7548 FAX P.O. BOX 67 1.800.773.1736 BRIDGE CITY, TX, 77611


Chris Humble Constable Precinct 1 Orange County, Texas Office: 409-882-7810 Cell: 409-988-8006

Support Breast Cancer Awareness!







National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Tommy Gunn Attorney at Law

202 S. Border Street Orange, Texas 77630

tommy gunn ATTORNEY AT LAW

(p) 409.882.9990 (f) 409.882.0613

Judge Arkeen is a staunch supporter of cancer awareness and research. She participates every year in fundraising programs like the Cattle Barrons Ball for the American Cancer Society. Pol. Adv. Pd. for by judge Burch-Arkeen Campain, Steve Parkhurst, Treasurer in compliances with the voluntary limitys of the Judicial Campaign Fairness Act and the Fair Campaign Practices Act.

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Everybody Reads The Record  

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