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Week of Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mound of dog pooh removed by county Debby Schamber For The Record

County officials recently made a disgusting discovery on Baily’s Fish Camp Road. According to Donna Scales, Orange County Parks Director, an unknown person had dumped a large amount of dog feces along the waterway across from the second pier. County workers cleaned up the mess and hauled away more than four five-gallon buckets full of the feces. It is believed this person also left

behind a red, plastic gas can containing an assumed flammable liquid. It is not a health violation to dump the dog feces, Scales said. “My concern is, it’s in the food chain,” she said. Many people, including children, frequent the area for fishing. There are also people who may keep their catch for a future meal. But, the latest thing dumped is not the first. In the past, there are other items such as mattresses, furniture and household garbage. One re-

cent addition to the waterway was a wheel chair. Another problem on the popular waterway is fisherman who sane for bait. They take what they want and leave behind the rest. As a result, there are dead bait fish everywhere which causes a foul odor and an unsightly mess. It is a violation of the law to do this, according to Scales. Some people are doing more than leaving things behind. Others have taken a trash can what was once attached to a pole. The trash can was there

A county worker cleans up more than 20 gallons of dog feces that was dumped along the waterway on Baily’s Fish Camp Road.

for people to use instead of leaving their garbage behind on the ground or in the water. Orange County officials are asking the public for their help in finding out who is responsible for these actions. Scales encourages the public to get the violator’s license plate number and take a picture of the person committing the act. To make a report, people can call the Orange County Sheriff’s Office at 409-8832612, Game Warden Phillip Ledoux at 281-842-8100, or the Parks Department .

Tunnel Boat race weekend starts Friday Farmers’ Market has new Saturday hours Staff Report For The Record

The Orange County Farmers’ Market now has new hours on Saturdays. It will be open from 8-11 a.m. in order to better serve the public. Stop by this week for purple hull peas, muscadine grapes, jams and jellies, homemade baked goods, homemade granola, a large variety of yard plants, and house plants. If you are a gardener and want to make some extra cash, just bring your fresh produce to the Orange County Farmers’ Market. New vendors are always welcome, and there is no fee. For information, contact any of the Market Coordinators, Jean Fregia 409670-6121, Joann Risinger, 409-920-2577, or Debbie McHenry, 903-539-0245. The market is sponsored by Texas AgriLife.

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Debby Schamber For The Record

The area around the City of Orange boat ramp located at 1000 Simmons Drive will once again be buzzing with excitement when the Tunnel Boat Races begin Sept. 20 through the 22nd. Racers are from Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Oklahoma and as far north as Detroit and Chicago. Spectators can certainly feel the thunder from the roar of the motors as the tunnel boats race toward the finish line. This family oriented event provides a safe environment, but the high speed of the racing boats still creates an exciting environment. Race times are from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday and 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Saturday. The finals are scheduled to begin at 3 p.m. on Sunday. “This is the 6th year the event will be held, which is organized and funded by the City of Orange Convention & Visitors Bureau, and approved by the City Council in an effort to promote tourism,” said Jay Trahan, Director of Economic Development for the

The Tunnel Boat Races begin Sept. 20 through the 22nd.

city of Orange. “There have been up to 10,000 attendees for the three day event in the past and we are hoping for a great turnout this year as well,” Trahan said. Free parking is available along Simmons Drive. People are encouraged to bring lawn chairs and blankets for a place to sit back and enjoy the races comfortably. Pop-up tents are

County departments update commissioners Debby Schamber For The Record

It was business as usual as Orange County Commissioners met Monday afternoon. First on the agenda was to file into the minutes a direct deposit from the State Comptroller of Public Accounts in the amount of $323,520. These funds represent the one half cent sales and use Thibodeaux allocation for the month of July. The money was credited to the general operating fund for the county. Approved by commissioners was to pay the bills presented to them. They were $91,568 to the Orange County Appraisal District from the general fund to pay for the fourth quarter funding. In addition, $6,177 and a bill $24,995 was paid to Maverick Communications from the general fund for the county portion for the Shelter

of Last Resort. Precinct 4 Commissioner Jody Crump asked county department heads to watch their spending. ‘It’s tight,” he said. Orange County Judge Carl Thibodeaux asked Jeff Kelley, of Orange County Emergency Management, if he had anything such as a burn ban to report. Kelley responded by telling the court, a burn ban was not necessary although the KDBI stats are “creeping up.” Before adjourning, three different departments entered a report on their latest happenings. A representative from MIS department submitted a brief statement regarding their various trainings they had attended in addition to the various projects they were working on or completed. Mark Wimberly of the Maintenance Department also updated commissioners on the various happenings within his department. Finally, Patrick Beebe, of the COUNTY BUSINESS Page 3A

only allowed at the top of the levee. There are approximately 65 staff and volunteers who work the event to make sure things go smoothly and everyone leaves happy. This year’s event will include food booths, craft booths, adult beverage booth, pit passes to enter the race area, and helicopter rides that may be purchased. For those

beverages and several other food items. In addition, there will be a free musical concert scheduled for 7 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 21, at the downtown riverfront pavilion by the band, Rock Alley. However, ice chests, pets and bicycles are not allowed at the event. The Tunnel Boat Races event is very important to the City of Orange due to the opportunities it creates for increased hotel occupancy, a quality of life event for residents and visitors, and to showcase the City Boat Ramp where the recent Bassmasters Elite Series fishing tournament was held during March. Event partners include the OrRECORD PHOTO: Larry Trimm ange Parks Staff, Orange Fire Department, Acadian Ambuwho wish to purchase a busilance, Orange Boating Club ness VIP Tent Sponsorship for and Orange Chamber of Comemployees and guests, please merce. Security is provided by contact the Orange Chamber the Orange Police Departof Commerce at 409-883ment, Orange County Sher3536. iff’s Office and the US Coast There will be lots of great Guard, according to Trahan. food items and drinks along For additional information with the free admission to the please contact the City CVB event. Food booths include office at 409.883.1011 or visit shrimp on a stick, link sandthe website at www.orangewiches, ice cream cones, adult

Roasters toast Ross Smith

RECORD PHOTO: Larry Trimm “I want to tell you what a great father I have,” Trey Smith said. Above: Trey Smith greets his father Ross Smith during the Bridge City Chamber of Commerce Celebrity Roast held on Thursday. SEE STORY PAGE 3A

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• The Record • Week of Wednesday, September 18, 2012

A little something dad taught me Caroline Brewton Feature Columnist

rejecting and not me — not our close, loving relationship, which I saw as inescapably bound to our afternoons in the news van. All of a sudden, he was spending long hours (away from me!) at practices or watching game footage with his football boys, who I viewed as usurpers to my father’s affection. I still hero-worshipped him, as little girls do, but we began to drift apart. I stopped visiting my Dad at work. I got mad when he talked about his job. I didn’t want to meet his football boys. Our lives continued to diverge as I embarked on my own career as a journalist. It took me a few years of working in this industry and growing up to understand how childish my behavior was. Looking back, I’m ashamed at my lack of maturity in reacting to his job change. I punished Dad when I should have encouraged him. When I should have learned from him.

For The Record


grew up as the daughter of a journalist. That meant whenever my dad went out on an assignment — one that didn’t come along past my bedtime, anyway — I was usually allowed to tag along. I loved riding in the front seat of the big white news van and watching Dad at work. That kind of childhood lent itself to adventure. “Hey,” he’d say, “How do you feel about going to the fair?” And we’d go to the fair. While Dad filmed interviews, I was allowed to wander around, eating cotton candy and feeling content with my afternoon’s adventure. I never got tired of my life as my Dad’s sidekick, but as the years passed, I noticed that the excitement seemed to be wearing off for him. I didn’t know then about the often-unpredictable hours and constant deadline pres-

Caroline Brewton

sure, I only saw the cool bits: getting to skip lines, meeting important people and going places other, non-media people couldn’t. A young journalist myself, now I see the stress of the job and understand his disenchantment. Yes, the long hours and strain wear on you, but at least in my case, I put up with them because journalism is my great life’s passion. It wasn’t my dad’s. Dad’s great passion was football, and one year while I was in elementary school, he switched from being a journalist to being a high school football coach. I took it personally. I didn’t realize it was the job he was

For The Record

This month marks 40 years for the Thrift and Gift Shop in Orange. It started downtown off Green Avenue as a place senior citizens could sell crafts and such to make a little extra money. They also sold lunches for $3, which was very popular with the people that worked downtown. Ladies gathered to make quilts and still gather for quilting a couple of days a week now. Ten years ago, the shop moved to the old Salk Elementary School located on 37th Street. Charles “CJ’ Benoit, 88, has been a volunteer at Thrift and Gift almost from the start. He and his son Randy look after the bargain room which has garage sale type deals. Benoit also earns money on his woodworking projects. It was one of his birdhous-

Caroline Brewton, an award-winning student columnist and photographer, has written for numerous publications including the Baylor Lariat, the Dallas Morning News and comedy website BoomPop Media. She is a senior at Baylor University.

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Nova Strickland and CJ Benoit are volunteers at the Thrift and Gift which celebrates 40 years this month. RECORD PHOTO: Penny LeLeux




And so, as school starts again, and with it, football season, I think about my dad and how he was brave enough to leave an industry in which he was established to leap blindly into something new, even as an older man. I hope that if the time comes and I need to make a change to pursue my great passion, I’ll have the same kind of courage he did. My point is this: when you’re young and looking for your career, gravitate toward your passion. Don’t let fear hold you back. And if you choose incorrectly at first, don’t be afraid to start over. It’s a little something my dad taught me.

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The Record • Week of Wednesday, September 18, 2012


Ross Smith toasted in BC Chamber celebrity roast which made the audience laugh heartily. However, he said some serious comments as well. “You’ve been a big help to Lamar State College in Orange,” he said to Smith. “It’s

Debby Schamber For The Record

Business and community leaders met Thursday evening to roast fellow business man Ross Smith. It was a packed house and people listened to the roasters, Larry Webb, Dr. Mike Shahan, John Gothia, Trey Smith, Stephen Lee and Gary Stelly tell their crazy stories and jokes. Monte Morphew was the first to take a stab at Smith. But, he also said he has known Smith for 28 years and he has a lot of good qualities such as being trustworthy. He added, Smith’s favorite phrase, was “Where’s the beef?” Dr. Mike Shahan told jokes

“This has been fun,” Smith said. “The last time I had this much fun, I was getting a root canal.”

Ross Smith jokes with the audience after being roasted by Bridge City Chamber of Commerce celebrants during the ‘Celebrity Roast’ on Thursday. RECORD PHOTO: Larry Trimm

County business Mosquito Control Department gave a report on the activities of his department. He said they number of service requests received by his office had totaled 11 in July and dropped to four in August. The service request received are investigated to determine the need for an area treatment. Beebe also stated they did participate in surveillance activities on adult mosquitoes to determine the landing counts

been a pleasure to be here.” Trey Smith, Ross Smith’s son, also told jokes, but his speech was also filled with moving, heartfelt moments. Trey Smith who works with his father spoke of his battle and survival from cancer. “I want to tell you what a

taught me, “ to get a pre-nup.” He went on to say his father gave him values and standards to live by. “I feel honored and blessed,” he said. When he was finished, Ross Smith stood and they hugged and slapped each oth-

er on the back. Stephen Lee also spoke of his friend. Lee told the crowd Smith could live anywhere, but chooses Orange. “For them this is home,” Lee said. “Because of them (Ross and Eva Smith) we all have a better life.” He concluded by stating, he was proud to say Smith was his friend and mentor. The crowd roared with laughter as each gave their brief speech. But, nobody laughed as hard as Ross Smith. Ross Smith finally took the podium and was met with a standing ovation. “This has been fun,” Smith said. “The last time I had this much fun, I was getting a root canal.”

Welcoming New Patients To Our Brand New Office

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in the field. Activity of the adult mosquitoes varied according to the location. Some activity levels where high compared to others who had a low or moderate activity. However, there is no mosquito disease activity found during the periods checked, according to Beebe. In July there were 123 ground treatments which covered 112,964 acres while in August there were 108 ground

Thrift and Gift turns 40 es that kicked the shop over its first $100,000 decades ago. “I believe Thrift and Gift was one of the last stores to leave downtown,” said Nova Strickland. The spry 80-yearold is the daughter of former Orange sheriff, the late Chester Holts. Strickland and Benoit are the two oldest current

great father I have,” Trey Smith said. He began to list the many things he has learned over the years such as how to be polite and a gentleman. But, jokingly he added he also

volunteers at the shop. Strickland said she doesn’t volunteer on a set schedule, but comes in when she can. Recently the quilters from Thrift and Gift demonstrated their art at the recent Oil Centennial in Orangefield at the Cormier Museum. They were such a hit they will return for

treatments yielding a total of 95,891 acres treated. In addition, there were aerial treatments as well. There were 10 aerial treatments in July which covered 25,000 acres. In August there were 10,240 acres treated during four aerial treatments. Beebe added, they increased the number of treatments in September. There have been 24 to date, he said.

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the Christmas in Orangefield celebration in December. They will also pick the raffle winner for their annual quilt fundraiser at the event. The Thrift and Gift is open Tuesday through Friday and is located at 350 N. 37th St. Call (409) 886-7649 for more information.

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• The Record • Week of Wednesday, September 18, 2012

Bean’s release.*****Jim Aarons is principle at Bridge City High. (Editor’s note: Jim died a few years ago from cancer.)*****Matt Bryant, former Bridge City star, youngest son of Mary and Casey Bryant, kicked 32-yard field goal to give Baylor at 33-30 win over North Carolina. Matt’s cousin, Raun Bryant, is the place kicker for the BC Cards.*****A good man, Terry Latour, died Sunday, Sept. 20, 1998 and his service was held Tuesday. He was a member of Pipefitters Local 195 in its heyday. He leaves wife Billie, daughter Kathy and son Jerry.*****Also passing away over the weekend was Iva Talbert. She was a wonderful lady and valued member of the community.*****The 32nd County Music Awards has an Orange County flavor. Former B.C. beauty queen, Theresa Hearn George, daughter of Ray and Elaine Hearn and granddaughter of Inez, will produce the country music show on CBS. (Editor’s note: We used to hear from Teresa from time to time. If she has come home lately no one let me know.)

From the Creaux’s Nest ANOTHER COUPLE OF RAMPAGES The latest, a mass shooting, leaves 14 dead and a dozen more wounded in a Navy yard in D.C. Aaron Alexis, the shooter, was killed at the scene.The 34-year-old had lived in Fort Worth for several years. The law says he acted alone. The Navy yard is the latest in a string of multiple slayings involving weapons, including the deaths of 20 children and six educators in Newtown, Conn. At long last the relentless rain has stopped inColorado. The death toll from the massive rampage has left eight dead and others unaccounted for, estimated at about 400 people still missing. After seven straight days of rain, that brought over 20 inches of rain, the sky had cleared by Tuesday. Floods destroyed U.S. Hwy. 34 to Estes Park, Colorado. The shortest route to get there now requires a 140 mile detour. It’s the route to the popular Rocky Mountain National Park. Shootings, floods, fires, sink holes, etc. You think maybe the Big Man is trying to tell us something?*****I’ve got to move on. Please come along, I promise it won’t do you no harm. A LOOK BACK AT A SPECIAL TIME AND PEOPLE In this week’s Down Life’s Highway column, Roy looks at a special time in downtown Orange history. A time between wars. During those years Orange was visited by almost every statewide political candidate. Most governors visited often. Gov. Preston Smith, Dolph Briscoe, Mark White, Ann Richards, John Connelly and others considered Orange County a political strong hold, back before the redistricting of 2000, when all political power was striped away from rural counties. At one time the way Orange County voted was the way the state went. We have a picture of LBJspeaking in the Jack Tar ballroom around 1960. For the first time few elected officials visit Orange and we have no local statewide office holder. Every election I see local people voting against their own interest. Orange County always leaned conservative but was for the most part evenly divided, with a strong labor force. Orange political power is no more. For years it had been my hope that another convention-type hotel would be built on the banks of the Sabine, in downtown Orange, but we know now that it will never be. Today there is not that one place like it was back then. However people and times have changed. A few different groups still gather in different locations for coffee breaks or lunch outings that keepscitizens in in the know about the happenings around the city, courthouse and etc. THE TEXAS TEST We’re learning something new about Texas every day. See how many you know. Answers are at the end of this column. No peeking. 1. Before he became the most famous symbol at the Texas State Fair, what was Big Tex’s prior job. 2.  Where is the World’s Largest Parking lot? 3.  Where is the Cattleman’s Museum? 4.  What Texas city claims to be Cowboy Capital of the World? 5.  What is the Cotton Capital of the World? 6.   What city is known as the Goose Hunting Capital of the World? 7.  What Texas museum has the most complete flying collection of U.S. and foreign World War II combat aircraft? 8.  Where was the first Jackrabbit Roping contest in Texas held? 9.  To visit the first rodeo, when and where would you have had to visit in Texas? 10. Bridge City and the University of Texas football great Steve Worster was selected in what place in the Heisman Trophy balloting and what year? TURNING BACK THE HANDS OF TIME 15 Years Ago-1998 Orange County awoke Sunday to tropical storm Frances, the storm that never hit but wouldn’t go away. The combination of excessively high tides and rainfall of more than 16 inches, combined to flood streets and some houses. The Airfest 98 air show was cancelled as was the Johnny Montagne bash, due to Cow Bayou raising out of it’s banks. The party was moved to Jewel Cormier Park. Dr. David and Barbara Olson shot video at the party to send to Fred Gregory, now is in Houston hospital.*****Charlotte Anderson is on a carrot juice kick and has Dow Gene on it also. She says, “If he’s going to keep up with this hot momma, he’d best drink his carrot juice. (Editor’s note: Just wondering if carrot juice still does the trick?)*****Joey and Ramona Hargraves are expecting a baby.*****Dr. Chuck and JoAnn Majors are expecting a baby boy in January.*****Services were held last week, Sept. 12, for Pastor Ed Robinson, 61, who died in Jasper on Sept. 9. He was  one time pastor atSecond Baptist Church in Bridge City.*****The Bridge City Cards stormed Kelly in a rainy 35-7 win. Coach Les Johnson’s troops ran the Wing-T and logged in 369 yards on 74 totes. Fullback Daniel Kibodeaux gained 169 yards on 33 carries.*****The Orangefield Bobcats rolled up 409 yards to beat East Chambers 34-6, in a rescheduled game played in Winnie on Saturday. It was still raining. Running back Beaux Daville rolled up 166 yards and one TD.*****Tommy Bean, who has been held in a Mexican jail for the past two months on illegal weapons charges was released and arrived in El Paso on Monday, Sept. 21. Con. Nick Lampson was instrumemntal in gaining

35 Years Ago--1978 Ask any old timer who was the best football player to play for Orange High, and they will tell you Bohn Hilliard. The football legend died this week. In 1926-28, Hilliard was on the team with Louis Weaver and Ox Emerson. He went to Shriners’ and entered the University of Texas in 1932. He beat Notre Dame in ‘34 with the only TD. He was an All-American at UT and played pro ball but was injured during his rookie year.Hilliard died Saturday, Sept. 23, of a heart attack. He was buried Monday in Arlington. A native of Deweyville, he was reared in Orange. His family owned Dr. Pepper Bottling.*****Sharon Gregory is chosen Miss Bridge City. Other finalists are Denise Soileau, Brenda Braquet, Theresa Hearn, Lisa Young, Shelly Pate, Liz Godwin, Tanya Hoffpauir, Danette Davis and Melanie LeDoux. (Editor’s note: What a beautiful bunch of ladies.)*****Rep. Wayne Peveto cuts the ribbon at the new West Orange City Hall dedication.*****Corky and Betty Harmon had a rehearsal party Thursday night, married their daughter off Friday and hosted the monthly supper club the same day. They took the members to Pat’s in Lake Charles.*****Big News Flash: Inez Hearn is retiring from Ward’s at the end of the month. She spent 27 years with the company. (Editor’s note: The company folded in Orange soon after she left.)*****Edna Lusignan is recuperating in St. Mary’s after having surgery.*****Ace Amodeo buys his wife a new Chevy.*****On the way to a party this week Ed Bacon’s wife tells him, “You know Ed, if the party is dull, you leave it that way.”*****Attorney and former judge Grover Halliburton opens a law office across from Farmer’s Mercantile.*****Attorney General John Hill brings his candidacy for governor to Orange County on Oct. 7.*****DA investigator Wilson Roberts has a pet duck, his answer to “Baretta’s” white cockatoo.*****Betty Jo Spence is under the weather this week.*****Chef Bob Garretson prepared fried fish, hush puppies and cabbage salad and Uncle Jim McKay added potato salad and banana pudding for the hungry newspaper crew on Sixth Street.*****Sambo’s opens in Orange Sept. 27.*****BC loses to Nederland 7-3. The Cards’ only score came on a 42-yard field goal by Gary Peery. Andy Griffin is head coach.*****LC-M beat Mt. Carmel 14-0. Chris Gunn was the leading rusher with 86 yards on 21 carries.Quarterback Don Richard and receivers Brian Breach and Jody Kelly tallied the game’s 14 points. Defense standouts were Mickey Davis and Robert Stelly.*****Orangefield Junior High twirlers are Janney Barnes, Janois Weldon, Stephanie Frillou and head twirler Shannon Lytle. BIRTHDAYS THIS WEEK Ben Ludwig, Debra Gauthier, Kaleb Swarers, Melodi Nugent, Helen Peddy, Joey Tutt, Joy Evans, Kara Killman, Melanie Cottom, Mark Milligan, Mike Zenos, Sue Plagens, Cecil Byers, Dreaux Minchew, George Navarro, Jimmy Prewitt, Leslie Sparks, David Yeats, Colby Gonzales, Matthew Carter, Michael Wuske, Michelle Jaarah, Rita Morris, Susan Pennington, Caitlin Ziller, Gary McAllister, Jan Thurman, John Clark, Lucille Powell, Ruthie Hannegan, Bobby Cormier, Mary Rawls, Ronnie Teaff, Vernon Murray, Howdy Dawson, Janice Kelly, Jenny Sims, Jonah Thurman, Lorayne Welch, Beverly Mixon, Miranda Fisette, Corey Faulk, Brooks Tally, Connie Arnold, Donna Broomes, Matthew Broussard, Michael Broussard, Miranda Fisette, Noah Burns, Penny LeLeux, James Broom, Julie Saltzman, Mark Kelly, Megan Fontenot, Sammy Pratt, William Dotson, Jayna Campbell, George Mullins, Jeremy Cooper, Katie Baker, Laura Roberts, Lindsey Kimbrow, Jeannie Barnes, Mark Norwood, Dustin Jackson, Teresa Beauchamp, Trey Rhodes, Zelma McCullough, Beckie Kimbell, Blake Seibert, Brittany Bean and Jimmy Thurman.

A FEW HAPPENINGS A little about the natives. Our buddy, Parks Director and champion cake baker Donna Scales attended the Paula Deen event in Houston last weekend. Donna had a nice visit with Paula and gave Deen her famous Almond Joy cake recipe. Paula was real interested and asked for Donna’sphone number. For years Donna has been baking the cake for special events. She also has made the recipe available to anyone for the asking.*****Robert and Karen Jo Vance celebrate their 40th anniversary Saturday, Sept. 21.****Also celebrating this week is Joey and Mel Kemp Campbell.***The Navarro girls, Lani and Emily, are both pregnant and expecting a couple days apart. Both are having girls and both of those beauties were former Mexican Heritage Festival queens. They have their mothers good looks. They are the daughters of Sandra and George Navarro.*****We understand pretty Angie and Don Breaux will be grandparents again.*****Patti Hanks is just getting over an emergency appendectomy. She is expecting her ninth grandchild in January. Lane Thomas, a relative, was the centerfielder on the American team that won theWorld Youth baseball tournament in Taiwan last week. Patti is looking forward to her parents Lucy and Rene’ Hanks visiting her and family for Thanksgiving.*****Former city manager, a native of Bruner Addition, West Orange, Jack Huffman, is moving to Irving where he once served as city manager. His lovely wife Betty Ramsey passed away a few months ago. Jack also owns a ranch in the hill country. Jack once said when he returned to Orange that he would never leave again. Son Jack, Jr. lives here so I wonder what is attracting him to Irving.*****We understandCoach Bob Frank is home from hospital and doing better. He had knee surgery and developed a blood clot.*****Long time friend, Vietnam vet Blaine Brown stopped by. He is retired and staying mostly at his place on Toledo. Of course being the former son-in-law of W.T. Oliver we shared some W.T. stories.*****We get a lot of response from Ms. Pearl’s poems. She has another in this week’s edition.*****Suzanne Halliburton, who started her sports writing for the OVN as a LCM student in 1978, and now working for the Austin American Statesman, wrote a piece on Johnny Manziel that was picked up by the A.P. and ran across the country. Her mom Sue still lives in this area.*****Orange native, coach R.C.

Slocum,was inducted into the “College Football Hall of Fame” and also is the 2014 recipient of the Paul “Bear” Bryant Lifetime Achievement Award. R.C. is the winnest coach in A&M history. *****What a game Manziel had in the 49-42 loss to Alabama. He threw for 464 yards, ran for 98 yards and threw five Tds. When you score that many points you’re suppose to win. The Alabama offensive line is awesome and beat the Aggieline and linebackers all day. ****Year in and year out, West Orange Mayor Roy McDonald does a great job running his city. He runs a tight ship without all the scuttlebutt.*****The Wednesday Lunch Bunch, a great bunch of folks “On the Know,” from throughout the county will, for the first time, gather at Peggy’s Off the Bayou on Hwy. 62, at Norton’s RV, and will be back to Robert’s next week. The Bunch will also be returning to Novrozsky’s from time to time. Everyone who would like to dine with this knowledgeable group is always welcome.*****A few special folks we know celebrating their special day. On Sept. 18, Debra Gauthier, Helen Peddy and Joy Evans celebrate birthdays.***Sept. 19, celebrating with the full moon is our buddy since he was in short pants, longtime law enforcement officer, now police chief at BCISD, George Navarro marks a birthday. Also joining him is Leslie Sparks, Sue Plagens, Dreaux Minchew and Mark Milligan.***On Sept. 20, the boy from“Old Dime Box” and VFW activist John Clark, gets older. Also joining him is David Yeats and Rita Morris.***Sept. 21 finds a guy fast becoming his dad as he climbs the ladder of life, Robert “Bobby” Cormier, “Cowboy” to some. He’s the guy that was lucky enough to marry pretty Devera. He’s fortunate in many ways but one thing he can’t stop is the clock of life that keeps on ticking. Joining him is Mary Rawls, Jenny Sims, Jonah Thurman and DA secretary Ruthie Hannegan.***On Sept. 22, twins Matthew and Michael Broussard are a year older as isMiranda Fisette, Corkey Faulk and Connie Arnold.***On Sept. 23, our buddy Tommy Simar, who throughout the year, with the help of wifeSue, keeps us supplied with seasonal goodies, celebrates another birthday. We hope it’s a good one. Also we wish Penny Leleux who is marking a birthday today. Penny is our Jack-of-alltrades here at the Record, a gal who gets around and covers the community. Also celebrating on this day is County-Court-at-Law Judge Troy Johnson.***On Sept. 24, in 2005, the forgotten storm Rita blew in. Because of Ike, we seem to forget how damaging Rita was. Our friend, city councilperson Theresa Beauchamp, Marcel Adams’ beautiful daughter and Franks longtime partner, celebrates on this historic day. Joining her is Mark Norwood, Trey Rhodes, and pretty Brittany Bean.***Sept. 25 is a special day for a special guy, Jimmy Thurman celebrates another one. Happy birthday to all. Please see complete list.*****Kristie Gunn, talented daughter of Chris and Cindy, is making quite a name for herself in the “Hip Hop” world. Read Penny’s story on this young beauty.*****Bill Gates is still the country’s richest person. His net worth has doubled to $72 billion in the last five years. Second is Warren Buffett at $58 billion They earn more in one day than 99 percent of Americans will earn in a life time.  CAJUN STORY OF THE WEEK Two Louisiana businessmans, Leroy Romero and Roy Migues, who owns R&M Crawfish Sales, went to New York for a big seafood convention. Migues and Romero, dey were invited to a party an maybe dey drank a lot of booze, dem. When dey return to dere hotel room abo’t 10 p.m., dey turn on de TV and watch de local news. Dere was a man standing on de roof of a 20-story building, hollering dat he was gonna jump, him. De police was trying to stop him. Migues say, “I’ll bet you $10 Leroy, he jump, him.” “I’ll call dat me,” Romero answer. Dat man, him, he jump, and Romero pull out his 10-spot. But Migues him, he say, “I can’t take you money, me, I saw dat earlier on da 6 o’clock news.” “Well, me too,” Romero say, “but me, I didn’t tink the fool would do it da second time, no.” C’EST TOUT The U.N. confirms “large scale Sarin attack in Syria. War crimes panel probes 14 other possible incidents. In one attack 1,400 people died, mostly women and children. Syrian dictator Bashar Assad must be held accountable. If the U.S. Congress would have stood up for the Commander- and-Chief, a lot more progress could be made towards that goal. I believe by not standing up for the President’s national security policies, likely opens up a can of worms that could spread around the globe. Congress’ approval rating is up five percent from a month ago. It’s highest level since 2012. Polls not withstanding this is the worst congress in my lifetime and it’s about to get worse as they play games and threaten to shut down the government over the debt ceiling and stop gap funding. One just needs to go back five years when the country was on the brink of a great recession, jobs were being lost at 800,000 a month and two major auto makers were facing bankruptcy. The deficit had gone out of sight and now has dropped every year, 40 percent from last year. Jobs have been added, at least 7.5 million. Not enough but if congress would have passed a jobs bill two years ago, millions more would be working. The congress said “NO” to everything, including a farms bill. The country remarkably has come a long way in the past five years despite a congress spending their time fighting health care, wanting to do away with Social Security, Medicare and minimum wages. Tea Party members claim Sen. John Cornyn and Mitch McConnell are not conservative enough. That just shows how extreme they are. Our country has a cancer eating it from within. Think about that and place blame where it goes.*****We are short handed and last week the paper didn’t get proofed and we may still have problems jump up this week. Please bear with us. Thanks for your time. Please support our family of advertisers, read us cover to cover and check us out on our web, the Take care and God bless. Texas Test Answers 1. Santa Clause 2. DFW International Airport 3. Fort Worth 4. Bandera 5. Lubbock 6. Eagle Lake 7. Confederate Air Force Museum, Midland 8. Odessa 9. 1883 in Pacos 10. Fourth, in 1970 Texas Test A

The Record • Week of Wednesday, September 18, 2012

Bridge City Intermediate First Six Weeks Ambassadors

Laynee Badgett

Cameron Collins

Parker Norwood

Gabby Honeycut

Vance Thomas

Sara Ibarra

Gavin Joiner

Jim Sharon Bearden

Zoe Ryan

Jude Danks

Kaydence Corkran

Bridge City Intermediate First Six Weeks Ambassadors-chosen based on citizenship and character. The students represent their hallway for a six weeks period by helping in the office and around the campus.

S tudents have fun while lea periment rning thro in Mrs. D ugh an e illon’s Sc xienc e cla ss.

Bridge City High School’s Executive Student Body Officers 2013-2014 pictured left to right: Vice President: Jannet Tran, Public Relations, Marsha Tran, Historian: Karley Worthington, Secretary: Blaine Huff, President: Windsor Nguyen, Safety Coordinator: Colton Huebel, Parliamentarian: Kellyn Cormier, and Treasurer: Kelly Zoch.

*BCHS Student Council welcomed the “Class of 2017” at its annual FISH camp, August 12. Over 180 incoming freshmen and their parents were “oriented” into what it takes to be a part of the success of Bridge City HS. Pictured are “fish” groups and their “fish guides.”




• The Record • Week of Wednesday, September 18, 2012

Decades Ago When Downtown Was Special n A time and place where movers and

shakers congregated

I came in on the tail end of the heydays of the famous Holland Hotel, where a person could get a bath and a shave for $1. Rooms had no phones, no television, no radio. It was a historic hotel in a small town, featuring a barber shop with eight chairs and two shoeshine stands. The chandeliered dining room had white linen tablecloths. The hotel was located on the exact spot that Orange’s first settlers, the John Harmon family, had pitched their tent. Arriving by raft, they settled No Man’s Land and what ultimately became downtown Orange, Texas. The Holland faded into history when right across the street, on the banks of the Sabine River, the new Jack Tar Hotel replaced it. It became the gathering place for locals not only at mealtimes but also during the many daily coffee breaks. The Jack Tar’s hot spot, the Sugar & Spice Restaurant and Coffee Shop, was a constant buzz with the community’s movers and shakers. The yacht club upstairs drew the late afternoon/evening crowd, where bartender Lloyd Gilbeaux and crew mixed and served the best drinks and live entertainment; even some acts from Vegas were featured. The large ballroom had many purposes, from banquets and big band dancing to serving as a gathering place for all state and national politicians who came to town. And many did--every governor for a 25-year-perior plus U.S. senators and those who aspired to be: Joe Christi, Ben Barnes, John Tower, Waggoner Carr, Price Daniel, Preston Smith, Dolph Briscoe, John Connally and a multitude of others came. I remember back in ‘66 when a young oil man named George Bush came to town seeking votes for his U.S. Senate candidacy. I’d heard him before and remember commenting about being impressed with his delivery and message and that if he was a Democrat he could be president some day. He didn’t win the senate seat, but despite being a Republican, he did become vice president and later president of the United States. He was a more impressive speaker as a young man than later. He had a special charisma and good looks. Even though he was a northeast Yankee, he had settled in West Texas. All civic organizations met at the Jack Tar--the big Lions Club, Rotary, Kiwanis and the big biscuit-throwing Optimist Club of Jimmy Conn and Ed Lovelace.

But it was at the Sugar & Spice where the action really took place. The Sunday morning round table chaired by attorney Paul Owen drew local politicos, but on any given day you could run into most of the men that served as heart and breath of the community. Here political deals were cut while some men still saucered their coffee. It was commonplace to see attorneys Bill Sexton, Dub Hustmyre, Ponce Dunn, John O. Young, Jim Morris, Roy Wingate, Lou-

The historic Holland Hotel on 5th Street.

The new Jack Tar Hotel, where locals congregated.

is Dugas, Graham Bruce, Ward Stephenson, Marlin Thompson, Gene Hoyt, Dewitt Bennet, Judge Tullus, the Lea Brothers and others: bankers Elmer Newman, Shon Hudson, and Bennis Lee; Businessmen Raymond Selzer, Meade Graves, Tony Griffin, Ted Belile, Frank Manchac, Murry Spector, Clarence Kyte, Frank Zeto, Joe Burke, Lannie Claybar, Benny Johnson and Alvin Keown; politicians Raymond Sanders, Sid Caillavet, Charlie Grooms, James Neff, Sheriff Chester Holt and deputies W.S. Wagner and Charlie Burch, James Stringer, Judge Neal Miller, Sr., Mayor Neal Miller, Jr. and Major Inman. Most often Edgar Brown, Jr. gathered a bunch around him while he told stories. Joe Blanda’s barber shop was located in the Orange House and was always a good place to get an argument. Joe Dupuy later ran the travel agency with wife Dixie. Marge Roberts ran the real estate office. Gus Harris’ Farmers Mercantile was across the street, where he kept peanuts roasting in winter time. The entire neighborhood had a life of its own, the law offices,

courthouse crew, Albert’s Inn and the Playhouse. I moved into the Sixth St. building when we started the Opportunity Valley News. The Sugar & spice had the best waitresses that could be found anywhere and the Spice Girls knew more secrets and happenings going on than anyone in the county. Millie Harper recalls also the fun people and characters of the day. Joe “Fats” Molley was a frequent visitor, along with car dealers Charlie Wickersham, John Paul Gasow, Claude Brookshire, Leon Slayter, Bill Bell, Leo Brown, Bill Berry, Cecil Scales, Bill Kyser, the Harrison boys, J.T. and Willie, the Harmon brothers, Jackie, Corky and Don. Also there was the big man from Livingston Shipyard, Cecil Beeson, who had given many young men jobs. Commander Glen Poplin and Navy base employee Doug Ardoin, fire marshal Henry Stanfield and assistant police chief Alton Williams always had something going. Ed Bacon, Robert Sims, Dixie McCormick and Frenchie Longron added the color. It’s a time that can never be

The original Spice Girls of the Jack Tar Hotel’s Sugar and Spice Restaurant were the people in the know in the hotels heyday. They served the movers and shakers and visiting VIPs. Left to right: Sharon and Sandra Amen, Shelona Gerrish, Catherine Harper, Milly Harper, Sue Vercher and Della Bonnin with 1966 senatorial hopeful George H. Bush.

again, but in my bag of memories I will always treasure my lifetime friends. Daily coffee with Mr. McCorquodale, who laid every pipe under Orange. Most have gone on and depending on which direction they went, I will be joining them again some day in the not-too-distant future. The Jack Tar Orange House was a special place, just like the people who frequented it. It was the central place where deals were made on a handshake and a man’s word was good, and if he earned a thousand dollars a month, he was indeed fortunate. The pace was slower, the fighters fought hard, and the jokester played


Live Music September 27, 2013 • 8–11pm

Mad Maude Cover charge $10 • SCV members $8* & For ages 21 & over. Valid I.D. required. The Hatters •Special tours highlighting historically banned books in Orange, •Paper marbling demonstration •Make a whimsical hat, hairpiece or bowtie Texas •Light refreshments & soft drinks included in cover charge •Wine & beer available at cash bar

*SCV Members must present their membership card at the door.


712 Green Avenue in Orange, Texas 409.886.2787 or

Image by Lacie Grant Photography. Stark Museum of Art is a program of the Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation. © 2013 Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

the same way. Politics was serious and often pitted friend against friend, who was man enough to forget it the day after the election until the next time. Some of the original Spice Girls are still around. Some have buried their mates. Like me, that period in their lives was when they were younger, with young families and they wondered what the future held for us all. Time hasn’t stood still. The families have grown and gone, and today that young senatorial candidate, now 90, and retired after watching his own governor son, George W. serve in the Oval Office. We can all look back into

our good and bad times and recall the voyage down life’s highway that has brought us to this point. In some way, we’re all molded today by the friendship and surroundings of yesterday. I’ve been luckier than most and accumulated a lifetime of memories laced with a special breed of people and more friendships than I was ever entitled to--and that’s just the boys. The Jack Tar, Sugar & spice and the neighborhood of downtown Orange was indeed unique and the hub of activity. It was the backdrop of a special time in my life and I thank God for that experience.

The Record • Week of Wednesday, September 18, 2012

Katie Vee LaBry Orange Katie Vee LaBry, 64, lifelong resident of Orange passed away at her home surrounded by her loving family. A gathering of family and friends will be Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013 from 5 to 8 p.m. at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. Cremation will be held under the direction of the funeral home. Born in Orange on Oct. 14, 1948, she was the daughter of Curtis and Neva Duhon. Before retirement, Mrs. LaBry was the manager of cosmetics at Walgreens and was a member of the VFW Ladies Auxiliary. She enjoyed camping, fishing and loved to dance with the love of her life, her husband, Glen J. LaBry. She will best be remembered for her love that she not only shared with her husband and sons but everyone she met. She will truly be cherished by all who knew her. She is preceded in death by her parents, Cutis Duhon and Neva (Breaux) Duhon Dorman; son, Curtis LaBry and stepfather, J.B. Dorman. Those left to cherish her memory are her husband of 50 years, Glen J. LaBry; sons, Ronald J. LaBry and Phillip J. LaBry and his wife, Rhonda; and aunt, Charlotte Kirkpatrick all of Orange. She is also survived by her grandchildren, Cody, Alex, Kyle, Sandra and Kimmie; great-grandchildren, Abi, Nate and Aiden; sisters, Dorsie Savoy and Earline Blanchette; and brothers, Wilbert Duhon and Kim Dorman.

Robert H. Wallace Bridge City Robert H. Wallace, 91, of Bridge City, passed away Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013, at Baptist Orange Hospital. Funeral services will be 10 a.m., Wednesday, Sept. 18 at Claybar Funeral Home Chapel in Bridge City. Officiating will be Allen Wallace and Chuck Osborne. Burial will follow at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens near Bridge City. Visitation was Tuesday at the funeral home. Born in Three Sands, Okla. on July 15, 1922, Robert was the son of Walter Harvey Wallace and Mildred M. Cooper Wallace. He served as a tripod machine gunner for the U.S. Marines in the Pacific and retired from SRW after 32 years of service in instrumentation. Robert loved and spent many hours coaching little league baseball and was instrumental in the founding of Bridge City Little League. He had a passion for country music and adored his dogs, Roscoe, Maize, Abby, and Chachi, as well as his cat, Possum; they brought him much love and companionship. Robert was well thought of and adopted by all his neighbors. He was a strong and determined man who loved his family; his door was always open for loved ones to call home. Robert was preceded in death by his wife, Imogene M. Wallace; daughter, Carolyn Leigh Wallace; and sisters, Mary Jane Rayburn and Dorothy Osbourn. He is survived by his son Darrel W. Wallace and wife, Betty Kay; daughters, Darla J. Wallace and Marilyn M. Blum and husband, Kent; grandchildren, Joe Langston, Monica Langston, Chad Langston, Brad Langston, Jacob Wright, Dustin Wallace, Kaleigh Wallace, Jennifer Clarke, Philip Richard; 15 great-grandchildren; brothers, Bill Wallace, Glen Wallace, Jim Wallace; and sisters, Peggy Rambo and Margaret Cathy. Serving as pallbearers will be Dustin Wallace, Joe Langston, Kent Blum, Paul Clarke, Philip Richard, Jacob Wright, Anthony Vines, and Brent Lansdale. Honorary pallbearers are Chris Allen and Mark Biggs. In lieu of flowers, memorial

contributions may be made to Southeast Texas Humane Society; 2050 Spindletop Ave. Beaumont, Texas 77705, (409) 833-0504.

James Edward Riley Orange James Edward “ Ed “ Riley, 77, of Orange, passed away Monday, Sept. 16, 2013 at Senior Rehabilitation in Port Arthur following an illness. Services to remember his life will be at 10 a.m. Friday, Sept. 20 in the Chapel of Dorman Funeral Home in Orange. Conducting the services will be Chris Eppler and Justin McCorkle, ministers with the Mauriceville Church of Christ. Military Honors, Rite of Committal and Interment will follow services where he will be laid to rest next to his wife at Hillcrest Memorial Gardens near Bridge City. A gathering of family and friends for a time of reflection will be from 5 p.m.. until 9 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19 at the funeral home. Born on April 20, 1936 in Cheraw, S.C. to his parents, the late, Oretta (Honeycutt) Riley and the late, Clifton Riley. Ed lived in Orange since 1974. He worked as a carpenter in the construction industry and spent twenty years serving his country as a member of the U.S. Navy. Ed enjoyed hunting, fishing and spending time with his family. Ed is preceded in death by his parents; his wife, Mildred Riley and his daughters, Rhonda Riley and Blenda Riley. Those who will most cherish his memory are his son, Mike Riley of Vinton, La.; daughter, Tracy Jones and husband, Glen of Groves; son, Brian Riley and wife, Darlene of Orange; grandchildren, Michael Riley, Valerie Riley, Justin Lasseter, Darren Lasseter, Justin McCarver, Shawna Riley, Colt Riley, Jo Riley, Kelly Riley and Kassie Riley; eight greatgrandchildren and a host of extended family and friends. Friends and family may sign the register and leave condolences for the family at http:// www.dormanfuneralhome. com/.

William “Bill” Hartmann Orange William “Bill” Hartmann, 84, of Orange, passed away Friday, Sept. 13, 2013, at Baptist Orange Hospital. A graveside service will be 10:30 a.m., Monday, Sept. 23, at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery in San Antonio with interment to follow. Born in Fredricksburg, Texas, on April 28, 1929, William was the son of Bruno Hartmann and Emilie Meurer Hartmann. He served in the U.S. Army and later worked as an operator for Lone Star Brewery. William loved traveling and spending time with his grandkids. He also enjoyed watching basketball; especially when his team, the San Antonio Spurs, was playing. William was preceded in death by his parents, Bruno and Emilie Hartmann; as well as his partner, Frankie Kimbro. He is survived by many family members including grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Goldie Maudean Johnson Orange Goldie M. Johnson, age 89, passed away Saturday surrounded by her family. A gathering of family and friends was held on Tuesday, Sept. 17 from at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. Services are at 2 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 18 with burial to follow at Autumn

Oaks Memorial Park. She was born Oct. 12, 1923 to Mamie and Charlie Trammel of Mittie, La. She was raised in Mittie and graduated from Fairview High School in Grant, La. She married A.C. Johnson March 1, 1942. They had three children. Goldie is preceded in death by her husband A.C. Johnson, parents Mamie and Charlie Trammel; sister Jewel Johnson; great-grandson Jaxon Israel and a very dear niece Vivian Laurence of Denham Springs, La. She is survived by her daughter Darleen Hodges and husband Kenneth of Orange; Dewana Melton of Tulsa, Okla., and Angel Johnson of Orange, one brother, Larry L. Trammel of Chapel Hill, N.C.; and a sister Jemmette Rush of Columbus, Ohio; nine grandchildren, Elizabeth Ansley, Michelle McDonald (Scott), Kenneth Hodges (Dawn), Wayne Johnson, Goldie Dannette Williams (Troy), Devin Melton, Lisa Joy Stines (Neil), Aron Melton, and Amanda Israel, 20 greatgrandchildren and numerous relatives and friends. Goldie loved to travel, read, crochet, and spend time at her childhood homestead with her horses on Elizabeth Fire Tower Road outside of Elizabeth, La. She also enjoyed watching her great-grandchildren run and play.

Attorney At Law

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George F. Zirlott Sr. Orange George F. Zirlott Sr., 81, of Orange, died Friday, Sept.13, 2013 at Harbor Hospice House in Beaumont. Funeral services were Monday at Claybar Funeral Home in Orange. Officiating was Pastor Reggie Brandonburg of Family Outreach Church of God in Buna. Burial followed at The Cemetery in Mauriceville. Born in Fowl River, Ala., on Feb. 12, 1932, George was the son of Ellie Frederick Zirlott and Ruby Inez (Harris) Zirlott. He served in the Merchant Marines and later supervised for Levingston Ship Building. George was preceded in death by his parents; brother, John Sarth; sister, Mary Ellen Manning; and stepson, Roger Elmore. He is survived by his wife of 41 years, Evelyn Sharp Zirlott of Orange; sons, George F. “Ricky” Zirlott, Jr. and wife, Gayla of Orange, James E. Zirlott and wife, Kathy R. of Orange, Marvin I. Zirlott of Orange; daughters, Kathy A. Zirlott of Orange, Sheila G. Dans of Orange, Sherlyn A. Tilley and husband, Ronald of Atlanta, Texas; 12 grandchildren; 17 great grandchildren; stepdaughters, Rhonda Parrott and husband Darwin of Houston, Janice Robicheaux and husband, Royce of Orange; three step-grandchildren; two great step-grandchildren; brother, Walter Zirlott; and half-sister, Barbara Ann.

Paul M. Fukuda


Deaths and Memorials



This Attorney is Licensed to Practice Law by the State Bar of Texas in all State Courts and is Not Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in any one area.


DIVORCE ~ CUSTODY Paul M. Fukuda Attorney At Law

Call 883-HELP This Attorney is Licensed to Practice Law by the State Bar of Texas in all State Courts and is Not Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in any one area.


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Complete Frames with single vision lenses

Orange 2313 16th Street (409) 883-7200


Complete Frames with bifocal lenses

VIDOr 225 W. FreeWay (409) 783-1800

Hrs: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday thru Friday BeaUMOnt 545 11th Street (409) 813-3930


• The Record • Week of Wednesday, September 18, 2012





The ultimatum I was served prior to leaving the dock was, “We’re into trying anything you want to do as long as I am sitting in my seat on the fifty yard line in Jasper at five o’clock.”Leland’s wife confirmed his demand with a nod of the head and we shoved off ten minutes ahead of official sunrise time. Fortunately, I had a back-up plan that would only require netting a few shad and finger mullet, but the wind hadn’t kicked into full gear so I elected to swing for the fences on our first stop. I lowered the troll motor on the fifteen foot break, handed both clients spinning rods rigged with four inch Sea Shads and instructed them to simply flip the bail and let their bait drop straight to the bottom. We were talking about the bumper to bumper traffic climbing the Rainbow Bridge when Leland’s rod telegraphed the first strike of the morning. The look on his face said, “I can’t believe I actually even got a bite doing this,” as I slipped the net under a skinny 17 inch trout.”His wife immediately followed suit with a gafftop that somehow made it into the boat and covered her new suede tennis shoe with slime. With only a light incoming tide I was forced to rely on the troll motor much like strolling for crappie on Toledo Bend. SEE COLBURN PAGE 4B




Kaz’s Fearless Football Forecast H

Upcoming Games Of The Week H WEST ORANGE-STARK over JASPER

The Mustangs have had a tough time at Jasper in the past, but it appears as if the Mustangs are just about ready for District 21-3A play as they fine-tune their program for the final game of their pre-district schedule.



The Bears seem to be catching all of the elite teams in Class 3A as Coldspring comes to town Friday after losing 24-0 to Navasota two weeks ago and then coming back to nip LaMarque 24-22 last Friday. The trap is set by LCM to surprise this team into thinking Friday night’s came will be a yawner.

Bridge City Cardinal runningback Josh Henry takes the handoff against the Kelly Bulldogs. The Cardinals defeated the Bulldogs 31-7. RECORD PHOTOS: Mark Dunn


After facing three potent opponents the Bobcats will welcome a game against an unranked team. But they must take on this victory-hungry Bulldog team in Beaumont, which should make the task of finishing their pre-district slate at 3-1 a bit tougher.

H ORANGE COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN over MOUNT CARMEL The Lions take a quick break from their district schedule to host this Houston-Area foe. The game will kick off at 5 p.m. Saturday on Lions Field.

H LAMAR over BACONE The Cards should have a great opportunity to even their season record at 2-2 as they welcome this small school from Oklahoma for a 7 p.m. kickoff Saturday at Provost-Umphrey Stadium in Beaumont. KAZ’S FEARLESS FORECAST PAGE 4B

The Bridge City Cardinal defense hones in on a Kelly Bulldog ball carrier. On the tackle is Josh Henry, Jordan Boudreaux and Jordan Schamber.


• The Record • Week of Wednesday, September 18, 2012

The West Orange-Stark Mustang Chain Gang defense swarms Central. The Jaguars only had 42 yards in the first half. RECORD PHOTOS: Meri Elen Jacobs

Quarterback Chase Rutledge heads around the left side for the last touchdown of the game. Rutledge had seven carries for 54 yards. RECORD PHOTOS: Meri Elen Jacobs

Week 2 proves plenty of parity in the NFL KAZ’S KORNER JOE KAZMAR FOR THE RECORD

The one good thing about the first few weeks of the National Football League season is that almost every one of the 32 teams in the league are at least 95 per cent healthy. Not many of the impact players are sitting out due to injury. And with most of the teams at full strength—except for the New England Patriots-- there are very few blowouts during the first month of the NFL

schedule. The teams that are supposed to be prime candidates for making it to the Super Bowl— except for the Denver Broncos— are having a hard time posting early easy victories. And those who are predicted to finish in their respective division’s cellar, are playing very competitively—except for Jacksonville—and are even winning games they were supposed to lose. Last weekend was Week 2 of

the 2013 NFL schedule and all but three games were within 10 points between the winning and losing teams. And five of those games were won on the final play of the game. Most of the stadiums were full when the final gun sounded. Besides there being a majority of real close games last weekend, there also were four upsets when the underdogs won outright (San Diego +7 over Philadelphia, Miami +3 over Indianapolis, Buffalo +3 over Carolina and Arizona +1 ½ over Detroit). And there also were five favorites that won but failed to

cover the Las Vegas point spread (New England -12 and won 13-10, Houston -9 won 30-24 in OT, Kansas City -3 and won 17-16, Chicago -6 and won 31-30 on a field goal as time expired and New Orleans -3 and won 16-14 on a field goal as time expired). The bottom line is that teams are obtaining players in the draft and the free-agent marketplace that really can help them become stronger and more proficient immediately. A quick check of the divisional standings reveals some surprises with the likes of the

Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs, the Chicago Bears and even the Seattle Seahawks sporting unblemished 2-0 records. And if one looks back a few months, they will discover that all four of those teams made some huge deals when the free agent marketplace opened. Each one strengthened some of the weaknesses on their respective rosters. Although our Houston Texans are supposed to be one of these teams with valid Super Bowl aspirations, they won their first two games on the FINAL play of each contest

and should have lost both of them. Credit the victories to a few inspirational team leaders who simply refuse to lose. Last Monday night the Texans played before a national audience and stunk up Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego in the first three quarters. They trailed 28-7 and found the intestinal fortitude to rally back and kick a field goal as time expired to win 31-28 despite being favored by more than a touchdown. And just to prove that wasn’t a fluke, they did the same SEE KAZ PAGE 7B

The Record • Week of Wednesday, September 18, 2012

Mustang’s ‘Dynamic Duo’ plasters Central MUSTANG INSIDER MERI ELEN JACOBS FOR THE RECORD

In the first home game of the season, the young Mustangs (2-1) put on a stellar performance, beating the 4A Central Jaguars, 31-7. In front of a huge crowd of 5000, the Mustangs used a balanced offensive attack and a strong defensive stance controlling the game from the beginning.. “Our kids came out and played hard,” Head Coach Cornel Thompson said. “I thought the kids rose to the occasion and showed flashes of brilliance where Mustang football is concerned. We still are not playing the full 48 minutes, with a lull in the third quarter, but we have overcome a big hurdle.” The dynamic duo of Mustang quarterbacks Dillon Sterling-Cole and Chase Rutledge combined for four touchdowns and kicker Rodikson Cano hit all four PATs and a 27-yard field goal to hit 31 points in the game. The Chain Gang defense held strong in the first half, limiting the Jaguars to just 43 yards. The defense came up with big plays early when Kalen Garrett intercepted Central’s quarterback, giving the ball back to WO-S. Sterling-Cole hit the end zone for the first time with less than seven minutes left in the first quarter when he ran around the left side 10 yards for the score. Central’s special teams struggled all night and the Mustangs were able to take advantage of the miscues and score two more times before the half. The second score, Cano’s 27-yard field goal, came after the Jaguar punter’s knee hit the ground before he could ever get the punt off. WO-S took over at the 16 yard line and four plays later, Cano did the honors to put the ‘Stangs up, 10-0. Central’s next punt soared

over the punter’s head, giving the Mustangs excellent field position and another chance to score. With just 5 seconds off the clock in the second quarter, Rutledge took the ball in from three yards out for the score. The Jaguars came out strong after the half and were able to move the ball down to the 5 yard line but the Chain Gang held and the ball went over on downs to the Mustangs. Ten plays later, the Mustangs again hit the end zone when Sterling-Cole connected with receiver Dwain Boullard on an 8 yard pass and Cano’s PAT put the Mustangs at 24-0 with less than 6 minutes left in the third quarter. On the last play of the quarter, Central was able to get into the endzone but the Mustangs didn’t let that put a damper on the game as they quickly answered back with a 32 yard scamper by Rutledge with 10:12 left in the game. John Scott led the team with 11 rushes for 65 yards and fellow running back Chris James had 12 for 38 yards. Quarterbacks Rutledge and SterlingCole combined for almost 100 yards. Sterling-Cole threw for 83 yards with Boullard being his top receiver with 2 catches for 24 yards. The Mustangs will now turn their attention to the1-2 Jasper Bulldogs, who are coming off of a heartbreaking 23-20 loss to Kirbyville. The Bulldogs beat Liberty, 28-7 in week zero, but lost to Orangefield, 30-22 in week one. “We’ll travel to the Alamo and I have told the kids it is a hard place to win,” Thompson said of this week’s game. “They didn’t believe me when I told them that about the Reservation and this is the same kind of deal. They will be defending

their home turf so we better have a good week of practice.” Jasper is a senior team, starting only one junior on offense. Quarterback Steven Walker has been running things in Bulldog Country for three years. Senior Terrence Cuney runs the ball and is a threat on offense. The showdown will start at 7 pm and all tickets must be purchased at the gate Friday night and are $5. The subvarsity teams both beat the Central Jaguars at Babe Zaharias Stadium Thursday night. The ninth grade team started the night out right beating Central, 52-6. KJ Miller had 20 yard TD reception from Malik Phillips and BB Tezeno scored the two point conversion. Tezeno also score the next touchdown on a 9 yard pass from Phillips. Phillips scored the two point con-

version. Trey Guillory also had a 10 yard TD reception from Phillips and the two point conversion was made by Jaylen Matthews. Jared Dupree caught a 38 yard pass from Phillips for the next touchdown. Tezeno scored again on a 46 yard reception from Phillips. Matthews blocked a Central punt at the 5 and Teron Brown took it in for the score. Jeremiah Shaw scored the two point conversion. He also scored on a 40 yard run and Miller scored on the final two point conversion. Offensive standouts are Malik Phillips, BB Tezeno, KJ Miller, Jeremiah Shaw, Chris Griffin, Jared Dupree, Trey Guillory and Jaylen Matthews. Defensive standouts are Tarek Riley, Teron Brown, Ronald Carter, Tre Franklin, Torrien Burnett and




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• The Record • Week of Wednesday, September 18, 2012

Colburn: Fishing It wasn’t the best bite I have ever experienced, but we had six keeper trout, one slot red and one nice flounder in the box in the first thirty minutes. “I can’t believe you call this fishing,” barked Leland while staring intently at the tip of his rod.“I ain’t even made a cast yet.” His wife, Carolyn Jo, took the liberty of calling his bluff when she stated in a matter of fact tone of voice, “This is something new for us, Honey. It’s called catching instead of fishing so quit teasing the man and keep your little plastic worm on the bottom like he says!”It is very seldom that I get a first mate and a client in the same package! We kept two more trout before the wind made it too difficult to hold the boat over the schools of bait suspended at ten to twelve feet. Before I cleaned their fish and got them on the road by 2:30, however, we continued to find scattered keeper trout and two more reds on similar breaks from the mouth of the Neches all the way to Adams bayou. I tried a variety of baits while they did most of the damage with Sea Shads, Flats Minnows, three inch Usual Suspects and a smoke colored GULP Mantis Shrimp. No single bait worked well enough to encourage everyone to fish with the same lure. I did stick one very good fish that we never saw on a Maniac Mullet. While you tend to feel as though you are dropping your lure in a small bucket in the middle of the ocean, this pro-

From Page 1B

gram can be very effective when everything else is covered up with boats or the wind is howling on the open lake. The single greatest advantage our fishery provides is productive water that is somewhat wind proof. When all else fails and the salinity is as high as it is right now, you can catch trout and redfish all the way to West Bluff on the Sabine river. Hands down, if you aren’t trying to target only trophy trout with this program, the easiest way to locate the fish is to use live bait. You can drift with the tide or the wind and hold over a spot with the troll motor once you get a bite, but I never drop anchor. You can fish the same Carolina rig vertically and should you not get another bite pretty quickly keep moving. We’ll cover this one more time before I get a pile of emails. A Carolina rig consists of a foot or two length of 20 pound test mono to be used for a leader. Attach a 2/0 or 3/0 Kahle hook to the terminal end and tie the other end to a barrel swivel. Slide a worm weight or egg sinker that is just heavy enough to compensate for the tide on your main line and attach that to the other end of the swivel. It is the same rigging that many dyed- in-the- wool salt water fishermen refer to as a fish finder rig. We use 20 or 30 pound braid for our main line as the “no

Stretch” factor detects even the most subtle of bites and you can free a higher number of unexpected hang ups. I spend a lot of time with a casting rod in my hand, especially since Laguna incorporated the cyclone wrap on their Liquid series, but for this type fishing I prefer a 7-foot medium action spinning rod with a 2500 or 3000 series spinning reel. That combination is far more forgiving when using braid and there is less stress on your wrist because the line never contacts the rod blank. That’s what makes the cylone wrap so special for folks that prefer casting tackle. They also like the fact that it enables you to darn near throw all the line off your reel with a topwater as well! Once you have established some confidence in vertical jigging the breaks with live bait, switch to an artificial and you will catch fish faster than you ever thought possible. As the water gets colder in the fall opt for an even larger lure like the Corky or Maniac Mullet and you may very well catch not only the largest trout of your life, but lots of them. This technique is certainly not for everyone, but at the same time not everyone catches fish either. Running the troll motor is also a whole lot cheaper than running the big engine and you may quickly discover that you have been over looking some pretty good fishing on your way to the lake!

Mustang Insider Jalen Powdrill. The JV team scored late in the third when Michael Snow took a catch and run pass from Jack Dallas 74 yards for the touchdown. Dallas scored on the two point conversion. Offensive standouts are quarterback Jack Dallas, receiver Jeron Preston, offensive linemen Thomas Nobles and Ahmaud Baldwin. Defensive standouts for JV are lineback-

From Page 3B

ers Justin Brown and JD Thompson, defensive lineman Michael Snow and noseguard Quentin Chargois. Both teams will play at home Thursday beginning at 5 pm against the Jasper Bulldogs. Making noise on the college level, DaCarlos Renfro caused a fumble and recovered it in UTEP’s 42-21 win over New Mexico Saturday,

Kaz’s Fearless Forecast H McNEESE STATE over

WEBER STATE This opponent comes all the way over from the left coast and is hungry for another victory over a Southland Conference foe. The Wildcats beat Stephen F. Austin 50-40 to open their season and then suffered huge losses to Division I opponents Utah and Utah State. So the Cowboys had better be ready for a knock-down, drag-out in Lake Charles Saturday night. HIGH SCHOOL— HamshireFannett over Liberty, East Chambers over Hardin-Jefferson, Buna over Hemphill, Silsbee over Livingston, Houston Bellaire over Port Arthur Memorial, Beaumont West Brook over Houston Chavez, Colmesneil over Evadale, West Hardin over Hardin, Warren over Sabine Pass, High Island over Baytown Christian, Tenaha over West Sabine, Longview over Lufkin, Brenham over Waller, Crosby over Dayton, Barbers Hill over C.E. King, Summer Creek over New Caney, Cleveland over Washington, Sam Houston over Tarkington, Houston St. Thomas over Huff-

man, Diboll over Shepherd, Stafford over Splendora, Lamar Consolidated over La Marque. COLLEGE—Clemson over North Carolina State (Thurs.); Boise State over Fresno State (Fri.); UAB over Northwestern State, Samford over Southeastern Louisiana, Nicholls State over Langston, Sam Houston State over Incarnate Word, Montana State over Stephen F. Austin, Central Arkansas over Missouri State, Wyoming over Air Force, Alabama over Colorado State, Stanford over Arizona State, Arkansas over Rutgers, Arkansas State over Memphis, Wake Forest over Army, LSU over Auburn, Utah over BYU, Baylor over Louisiana-Monroe, Cincinnati over Miami, O., Pittsburgh over Duke, Florida over Tennessee, Florida State over Bethune-Cookman, Georgia over North Texas, Georgia Tech over North Carolina, Nevada over Hawaii, Houston over Rice, Washington State over Idaho, Missouri over Indiana, Iowa over Western Michigan, Kansas over Louisiana Tech, Texas over Kansas State, LouisianaLafayette over Akron, Louisville over Florida International, Virginia Tech over Marshall, Maryland over West Virginia, Miami over Savannah

while Joe Lynch had an interception with 50 seconds left in the game to secure Kilgore’s 24-19 win over Trinity Valley Community College. Come out and support the Mustangs on Thursday and Friday and then sit and enjoy watching the former Mustangs play on Saturday and Sunday on TV.

From Page 1B State, Michigan over Connecticut, Middle Tennessee State over Florida Atlantic, Central Michigan over Toledo, Notre Dame over Michigan State, Minnesota over San Jose State, Mississippi State over Troy, Nebraska over South Dakota State, UCLA over New Mexico State, Northwestern over Maine, Ohio State over Florida A&M, Oregon State over San Diego State, Penn State over Kent State, Wisconsin over Purdue, Texas A&M over SMU, Southern Cal over Utah State, Syracuse over Tulane, Texas Tech over Texas State, UNLV over Western Illinois, UTEP over UT-San Antonio, Vanderbilt over Massachusetts, Virginia over VMI, Western Kentucky over Morgan State, Washington over Idaho State. PRO PICKS—Philadelphia over Kansas City (Thurs.); Houston over Baltimore, Dallas over St. Louis, Tennessee over San Diego, New Orleans over Arizona, Minnesota over Cleveland, Carolina over NY Giants, Detroit over Washington, New England over Tampa Bay, Green Bay over Cincinnati, Miami over Atlanta, San Francisco over Indianapolis, Seattle over Jacksonville, Buffalo over NY Jets, Chicago over Pittsburgh, Denver over Oakland (Monday Night).

6B • The Record • WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 18, 2013


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Kaz’s Korner thing Sunday afternoon at Reliant Stadium in Houston. But this time they let a 16-10 fourth-period lead dissipate into a 24-16 Tennessee advantage with less than five minutes left in the game. The Titans marched 99 yards for a touchdown and then ran back an interception for a score. But the main stars on offense— quarterback Matt Schaub, running back Arian Foster and wide receivers Andre Johnson and rookie DeAndre Hopkins--did their thing by driving for a touchdown and a daring two-point conversion to tie the score at 24-24. The Texans missed a 46-yard field goal as regulation time expired, but luckily won the flip in overtime, received the kickoff and marched 78 yards in 11 plays with Hopkins making a leaping catch of a Schaub pass for the game-winner. The Titans’ offense never touched the football in the overtime period. A few hours later Sunday Night Football featured the NFC champion San Francisco 49ers at the 3-point-favored Seattle Seahawks. After a thundershower interrupted the first quarter for about an hour, the Seahawks defense—led by AllPro Orange native Earl Thomas III at free safety—completely stymied the 49ers, limiting the visitors to a field goal in a 29-3 whipping. APPLIANCES USED APPLIANCES, starting at $99.95 & up, Harry’s Appliances, 302 10th. St. (10th. & main), Orange, We buy used appliances, 8864111. FREEZER, $50, (409) 6703155. EMPLOYMENT DRIVERS DRIVERS: DON’T GET HYPNOTIZED by the highway, come to a place where there’s a higher standard! Up to $2K sign on, Avg $61K/yr + bonuses! CDL-A, 1 yr exp. A&R Transport: 888-202-0004. EMPLOYMENT NEED 2 MEN WITH PICKUP truck to drive 20 ft well. 409-

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they could chew by inviting West Alabama to Louis Bonnette Field in Lake Charles Saturday night. The undefeated (3-0) Pokes escaped with a hard-fought 44-42 victory and now must get ready for Weber State Saturday. The Wildcats visit Cowboy Stadium after consecutive losses to Division I foes Utah and Utah State. By the time this Korner hits the streets Wednesday, our Houston Astros could possibly already suffered their 100th loss that had been so correctly projected the day they left spring training in late March. Hopefully they will be better in 2014 if owner Jim Crane opens up his checkbook and obtains some quality major league baseball players. For some reason teams with low payrolls usually finish low in the final standings. The rematch at College Station Saturday afternoon was exciting if one doesn’t like defensive battles. In my opinion the Texas Aggies lost that game when Johnny Manziel elected to throw that fade pass to the freshman in the left side of the end zone instead of his reliable 6-5 guy on the right side. That interception woke up Alabama and the Tide really took off after that Aggie turnover. Some high school football results that might be of interest to our local fans include Brenham 27, Magnolia

According to NBC announcer Cris Collingsworth, it was Earl’s interception of a deflected pass at the goal line that turned the momentum to Seattle and the Seahawks went on to dominate both sides of the football. The 2-0 Seahawks defense has surrendered a meager 10 points in two games so far this season. And the Dallas Cowboys, who last week used six turnovers to surprise the New York Giants, couldn’t do much right at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City Sunday as they stumbled in the red zone, rushed 16 times for 37 yards, dropped a touchdown pass (Dez Bryant) and committed costly penalties and other mistakes and lost 17-16. The Las Vegas Boys seem to be a bit more cautious this week as the Texans visit the Baltimore Ravens as an early 1½-point favorite and the Miami Dolphins host tough Atlanta but still are a slender one-point favorite. However for Monday night’s game where Oakland visits Denver, the Broncos are a whopping 14½-point favorite, despite the fact they’ve given up 50 points in two games. But the Broncos have rung up 90 points in those two games, too. KWICKIES…The McNeese State Cowboys almost bit off more than

746-9631. DOOR TO DOOR SALES Position, Time Warner Cable, make $800 plus! (409)8930684. Golen Troangle area only! MISCELLANEOUS JUGG’S PITCHING MACHINE, like new, auto feeder, throws 30 90 MPH, fast & curve balls etc., paid $2,500, used vey little, will sell for $1,000 for all, perfect cond., great buy! Can be seen at the Penny Record Office in Bridge City! (409) 474-2855. Kenmore large capacity gas dryer, Craftsman radial arm saw, Craftsman band-

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The Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting ceremony for Peggy’s on the Bayou Café II. The restaurant is owned by Peggy and Richard Albair. After much success for Peggy’s on the Bayou Café they decided to expand and open up in another location. The Peggy’s on the Bayou Café II is located at Norton RV Park 18017 HWY 62 South. For more information call (409) 882-0300.

West 7; Crosby 63, Barbers Hill 26; Dayton 46, New Caney 7; Nacogdoches 28, Lufkin 24; Coldspring 24, La Marque 22; Cleveland 47, Sealy 34; Carthage 52, Tyler Chapel Hill 22; Waco Connally 44, Gatesville 19; Cameron Yoe 51, Rockdale 33. JUST BETWEEN US…Many of those 101,474 fans filing out of Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium in Austin Saturday night were scratch-

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Steve Parkhurst

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SAT., 383 SUNCREST, BC/ORG., off hwy 1442 past school on R. by Penticostal Church, 7:30 till ? Whirlpool black side by side refrig., twin mattress, chair stool, Doonley purses, 4T-5T boys and 6-6X girl’s misses clothes, riding toys, books, Way Too Much More To List! SAT. MOVING SALE! 115 GREENWOOD LANE, BC/ORG., (Orange for Nav.) in Waterwood off Hwy 62by Hwy 87, 8 till 1. Washer & dryer, 6’ couch, pots & pans, misc. kitchen items, 4-6’ and short childs book shelves, toys, girl’s clothes, sheets, towels, blankets, children’s books, sports equip., elliptical machine, back yard playset, small freezer, Barbie car, Much Much More! SAT., 249 DIXIE DR., BC, behind post office, 7 till noon. TV’s, home ent. center, decor, games, Lots more of everything! THUR., FRI., AND SAT. 7 a.m. until. 3601 Pheasant, Orange. Kids clothes, adult clothes, DVD, books, appliances, furniture, household items, lots of misc. SATURDAY, 1203 LINK ST., ORANGE from 9 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Clothes, furniture, lamps, pictures and frames and much more good stuff. Fri., Sat. and Sun. 8 a.m. until. 1185 Pinecrest, Vidor. Toys, clothing, books, kitchen items. SAT. ONLY, 7 a.m until, 4350 McFarland Cr. Children to adult clothes, household items, misc. Garage Sale Saturday, Sept. 21. 5118 FM 408, Orangefield, starts 7 am until ??? 3 families- cleaned out storage. Lots of everything. Furniture, stove, washer, dryer, side by side refrig, glassware, home d-cor, kitchen wares, craft supplies, Kirklands art, books. Bar-height table set. More furniture. LOTS of misc. Custom Made Jewelry and Collectible Sale, Fri, Sat. and Sun. 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., 2415 McKee Drive, Orange, TX. Over 800 pieces of custom made jewelry. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, watches, lanyards and crosses as well as hair accessories. priced $3-$25. Collectibles including cloisonne jeweled boxes, Merry Moo’s, Boyds Bears NOTICE TOand ALL and Petticoat Lane. Designer dog apparel accessories sizes small, medium and large. Coach, Dolce & Cabanna and Dooney & BourkePERSONS hand bags. HAVING Designer Shoes sizes 6 and 7. Also 2 Delta Black Innerside tool boxes CLAIMS (48’’) Retail for $350 each, asking $375 AGAINST for both.

All persons having claims against this estate, which is currently being administered, are required to present them to the undersigned within the time and in the manner prescribed by law. c/o Greg Dumas 1601 Main orange, Texas 77630 DATED: the 29th day of May, 2009

Greg Dumas Greg Dumas Attorney for Melissa Savoie State Bar No.: 06201080 1601 Main Orange, Texas 77630 Telephone: (409) 886-5239 Facsimile: (409) 882-0418


Notice is hereby given Notice is hereby given Notice that original ToLetters be published in is hereby given that original Letters offor proofing. Enlarged that original Letters of Testamentary for the The Record Newspapers Testamentary for size: the 1 col. x 4.5" Testamentary for the Estate Actual Estate of MARY PAULINE Estate of James 06/03/09of Billy Eugene Bagwell, CORDOVA, Deceased, Enlarged for proofing. Benjamin Walker, Deceased, were issued on were issued on August Toissued be published in Actual size: in1 col. Deceased, x 4.75" were on September 12, 2013, 22, 2013, in Cause No. August 23,The 2013,Record in Cause Newspapers PlEAsE ANy Cause No. P-16611, pending P16588, pending in the fAx No.inP16599, pending in in the County To Court Law 09/18/13 beatpublished County Court at Law of coRREcTioNs byCounty, the County Court at Law of of Orange Texas, to: Orange County, Texas, to: The Record Newspapers Orange County, Texas, to: Steven Ray Bagwell. Michael JamesNooN Cordova. MoNDAy 09/18/13 JOAN WALKER. PLEASE FAX ANY All persons having claims All persons having All persons beforehaving publication date CORRECTIONS BY against this Estate which is claims against this Estate claims against this Estate PLEASE ANYis currently 735-7346 currently being administeredFAX which being TODAY which is currentlyto being 5 P.M. are requiredCORRECTIONS to present them administered administered are required BY are required Thanks. to the undersigned within the to present themto to 735-7346 the to present them to the P.M. preMONDAY time and in the5manner undersigned withinThanks, the undersigned within the scribed by law. to 735-7346 time and in the manner time and in the manner Nicole prescribed by law. fAx prescribed by law. Thanks, c/o: Paul M. Fukuda c/o Steven Ray Bagwell Stephen Howard c/o TOMMY GUNN # 735-7346 Debbie Attorney at Law FAX Attorney at Law Attorney at Law 1503 16th Street 903 W. Green, 202 S. Border Street # 735-7346 Orange, Texas 77630 Orange, Texas 77630 FAX Orange, Texas 77630 DATED this the 26th day DATED the 12th day of DATED the 22nd day of # 735-7346 of August, 2013 September, 2013 August, 2013

Tommy Gunn TOMMY GUNN State Bar No.: 08623700 Attorney at Law 202 S. Border Street Orange, Texas 77630 Telephone: (409) 882-9990 Facsimile: (409) 882-0613

Stephen C. Howard Stephen C. Howard

Attorney for Steven Ray Bagwell State Bar No.: 10079400 903 W. Green Orange, Texas 77630 Telephone: (409) 883-0202 Facsimile: (409) 883-0209

Notice is hereby given that original Letters Testamentary for the Estate of SYBIL LOCKE, Deceased, were issued on September 9, 2013, in Cause No. P16590, pending in the County Court at Law, ORANGE County, Texas, to: GENE V. LOCKE.

Steve Parkhurst

SAT., 33 W. CARPENTER, BC/ORG., corner of Carpenter and Patillo rd., 7 till ? Porcelain sink, grain scale, old time Popcorn Popper, gumball machine, wash tub, home and holiday decor, some clothes, antiques, misc.

Notice is hereby given that original Letters of Testamentary for the Estate of Judy Gail Pepper, Deceased, were issued on May 29, 2009, in Cause No. 15200, pending in the County Court at Law No. One, Orange County, Texas, to: Melissa savoie.


DATED the 9th day of September, 2013

SAT., 177 RIDGEWOOD, BC, 8 till noon.Tools, fishing poles, sofas, dining room sets, appliances, misc.

Enlarged NOTICE TO for proofing. NOTICE TO Actual size: 1x”4.5 CREDITORS CREDITORS

SER, gray and white, no collar, well groomed, if yours caall and discribe @ (697) 718-0501.

c/o Steve Parkhurst Attorney at Law 1009 Green Ave. Orange, Texas 77630

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ing their heads, wondering why the Texas Longhorns’ offense quit after posting 23 first-half points and letting a six-point halftime lead turn into an ugly 44-23 loss to Ole Miss, which was a 2 ½-point underdog. The fans are wondering who Mack Brown will fire this time. Hope he’s not standing too close to a mirror or else he might get a clue as to who should really go.

All persons having claims against this Estate which is currently being administered are required to present them to the undersigned within the time and in the manner prescribed by law.


NoTicE To cREDiToRs

• WEEK OF SEPTEMBER 18, 2013 • 7B

Paul M. Fukuda

PAUL M. FUKUDA Attorney for Joan Walker State Bar No. 00789915 1503 16th Street Orange, TX 77630 Telephone 409-883-4357 Fax 409-883-6263

Actual size: 1x4.5” To be published in The Record Newspapers 09/17/2013 ******PLEASE FAX ANY CORRECTIONS BY 5 P.M. TODAY to 735-7346 Thanks, Debbie


• The Record • Week of Wednesday, September 18, 2012

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