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January – February 2012

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Cover The Real Script Vol 1 by Mason Pages of Artwork: Illustrations by Lisa Hutchinson Graphic Art by Sevan William Artwork by Jack McGuiffe Illustration by Izumi Yeh­Ling Faces of Color Canvas by Edward Shaughnessy World of Ink by Dino Dinapoli Illustrations by Mark Millett Graffiti­ Acoma Art & Design Poems by Gawain Caldwater Ross Poem by Lisa Garvey Poem by Chloe Vine Jewelry by Lara Gordon Comics by Chris Pittas Artwork by Josh Durant Illustrations by Justin Tinkler Tattoos and Artwork by Mike Helz Acrylic canvases by Mason Graffiti Masterpieces Advertisements

Lisa Hutchinson DayDream Designs 45 Airport Road Beverly, MA 01915 978.524.0407

Graphic Art Titled: Sevan Art* Contact: For Sizing & Pricing 401-212-0861 or Search 90sevan on Facebook.

Works by Jack McGuiffe EVILution (Digital Art)

Love (Acrylic on Board)

BladeRunner(Acrylic on canvas)

Art Not War (Acrylic on board)

(Acrylic on canvas)

"Woodland Friend" by Izumi Yeh-Ling Freelance Illustration Artist

Edward Shaughnessy FacesofColor Canvas

Dino Dinapoli World of Ink

Boston drawing 12x16 $20. Limited edition framed prints $200 - $400

Mark Millet - everything on here is for sale if an acceptable offer is made also. $25 on a standard size white matte 11''x14'' with a window size of 7.5''x9.5''

Mr. Spraycan and the Elements Acoma Art and Design took roots in 1995 when its founder Alvin Acoma Colon was just 15 years old. A troubled kid  tagging up walls in the schoolyard, anyone else would've considered him an everyday vandal. Anyone except his art  teacher Janaya Majied­Janey. She saw something different... talent. To her Alvin's expressions were an art from full of  international spirit and urban pride. Through Majied­Janey's guidance, Alvin found confidence and pride in his artistic skills. He co­founded Young Graffitti  Masters, a non­profit group dedicated to redirecting young folks in a positive direction through art. Painting inspirational  murals throughout the city, the group became renowned in Boston for its community contributions. Alvin continued his artistic training beyond high school, receiving a full scholarship to Mass Art to pursue a degree in  graphic design. Mass Art gave him exposure to new mediums and styles ­ fueling a whole new realm of artistic inspiration. In 2010, Alvin Colon achieved another dream. Acoma Art Gallery, Alvin's first studio and art gallery, open its doors in  Charlestown, MA. Acoma Art Gallery is not only the creative studio of the Acoma Art and Design team but also a meeting  place for local groups that inspire and support the artistic exploration of Boston's youth. By supporting organizations such  as All Things R Possible, Acoma Art and Design is able to help others overcome the struggle and create reality from their  dreams... much like Janaya Majied­Janey helped Alvin over 15 years ago.

The RZA by Acoma

1How Love Shatters Gawaine Caldwater Ross It was way too early for me to move in, But love conquers all, or so the poets say, But nothing could prepare me for the javelin. At first it was an electric lusty heaven, We were so in love our words could not convey The trouble that was hiding there like a javelin. Loving she was, and so very feminine, But every day she dragged me to AA, She could be sharp, like the head of a javelin. Soon I knew what fear was, and the anger therein, She simply could not trust me, even though I prayed And assured her I was faithful, she raised the javelin. Nothing was enough for her, her demands had no end, I was driving into breakdown, an auto-da-fey, And on a fateful day, I ran into the javelin. And after all the surgery, paranoia set in, She destroyed our trust, both night and day, I wept and wept, the tears falling from my chin, It was not enough for her to delay the javelin.

1The Holyday Gawaine Caldwater Ross Through the rays of holy light I ambled in the forest green, filtering through the morning mist the sound of distant water falling. Deer leapt off across the ferns, cedar trees some ten feet thick lay across steep wet ravines. I was treading on the sacred ground of Eartha and her swelling mounds: Oh She was fully sexed that day. In my mind I walked with Embla the very first woman, born of an elm, and I was Ask, the mighty ash thick and tall and proud and strong. We stepped across the Rainbow Bridge and found a soft place in the grass for rooting in the summer sun. She was human, and yet more, someone to love, and to adore. No open space beneath a dome of church or mosque or synagogue can ever claim to be as pure as the mountain sky so high and blue we inhaled as we drifted through the heartscape of our lives entwining.

& The Dish Ran Away with the Spoon By Lisa Harvey There’s a cat swimming in the garden, and a fish floating above my head. And somehow my broom has swept me off my feet, placed me in a place I’m not sure what to call. It’s somewhere my hair stands on end as if I’m dancing on the ceiling. Maybe it’s a world of Dr. Seuss where everything is backwards and eggs are green. My eggs aren’t green, but once you were as green as the blades of grass under your feet. Now you’re more like the color of soil. But if it’s backwards day, maybe I hate you means I love you. And maybe I never want to talk to you again means I love you forever and a day. And maybe, just maybe, that look you gave me as you slammed the door was an “I’ll be there until the end, Momma.” Forever instead of never. Someday maybe gravity will decide to stop playing tricks and I’ll be back on two feet with my arms wide open and you’ll be running into them again instead of away and maybe my life will be filled again with your smile and I’m sorry means I’m sorry and I love you means I love you and the cat will be sitting on my lap and you’ll brush my gray hair straight and I’ll say I know. Don’t worry. I know.

By Chloe Viner Mortar and Men The materials don’t matter brick, mortar, hay, plaster or particle board all make for the same a house is not a home they say licking lips and twirling hips lost in the sound of construction each hammered nail a symphony each sweaty shout a dazzling lyric so much can be found in the mundane because in the end everything is made by Mortar and Men Muscles flexing, the sun rises and sets in their arms the rain and snow fall from their brows every piece of the earth is exuded from their skin. Wolf People fear the wolf, she is too beautiful for this world her mysticism frightens them born of a no-winters kind of world, having no familiarity with hibernation they lift large rock slabs over their bodies to shelter them from the inevitable death not knowing she came to nourish them with her fangs covered in berries the fruit of their frightened selves taste so bitter. If you waded in the waters far enough to reach her den you would find a dignity not known among men. The wolf is more man than man and men cower beneath rocks with weapons raised, more animal than animal. 240.888.8802 Lara Gordon 240.888.8803 Moss Aquamarine and Smoky Quartz Necklace $295 Moss Aquamarine Earrings $95

Diamond Bar Necklace $150

"Chris Pittas is an artist and writer living in Cambridge, MA. In addition to TIPS Comix, Chris makes illustrations, screenplays and graphic novels. For more comix or any inquiries, visit"

Joshua Durant was born and raised in the South Shore and Boston Massachusetts. As a self taught painter he has been actively working and showing his paintings since 2004. Recently he has participated in "Auters Hand" at DD172 Gallery in New York, NY and "For the Birds" , a collaboration show between the Brush Gallery in Lowell MA and the Massachusetts Audubon Society. In August 2011 Joshua was featured in "The Perch" the National Audubon Societies online magazine. Originally an Oil painter and a master of spray paint, he currently uses Gouache as his medium for his most recent works.

Justin Tinkler

Tattoos by Mike Helz

Graffiti by Mike Helz

Acrylics by Mason



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