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Module 7: The Factory PART 1: Monitoring PART 2: Maintenance PART 3: Human Automation

PART 1 Monitoring

Monitor Rankings - has a free trial, does weekly email reports.

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BIG TIP: Starve The Ponies and Feed The Stallions

PART 2 Monthly Maintenance

Go Longtail •  Research New Long-Tail Keywords •  Find more long-tails to rank for. You can often find keyword phrases that have low search volume (30-50) and zero competition so an optimized page will rank immediately and give you traffic boost. Use blog posts or Web 2.0 to rank


Monthly PTF Basics Daily Tasks

Weekly Tasks

•  1 new blog post •  1 blog comment (on someone else’s blog) •  1 forum post •  1 Ping.FM message

•  •  •  • 

1 new article 1 press release Submit to directories Submit RSS Feed

Extra Credit •  Submit 1 Video through LinkBounder •  L2L Send at least 1 link a month to your 50 best inbound links •  Establish 1 new blogging buddy •  Personally answer every comment you get •  Check your site for broken links:

Pump Priming $25 (Optional) •  Buy $5 in Google PPC .05 bids for longtail terms (search Adwords Coupon $75) •  Buy $5 in Yahoo & Bing PPC .05 bids for longtail terms (search Yahoo or Bing Coupon) •  Buy $5 in Stumble Upon Traffic •  Buy $5 in Plenty of Fish Traffic •  Buy 100 Type In RSS feed subscribers for $5 (Mechanical Turk)


PART 3 Human Automation

Probably my only (semi) famous quote…

“If I don’t have to do it… it’s AUTOMATED!”

MICRO OUTSOURCING: The “Biggest” Little Secret in SEO Getting Tasks Done In Bulk By Your Own Private Army for Pennies Each



All jobs .5 cents to $20.

Good Uses for MTurk •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Competitor Research (reviews) Photo Gathering Transcribe Voice Content Full Article Writing (prime article) Re-Create Public Domain Texts Translate Posts to Different Languages Gather related videos, pics, rss feeds on topic


All jobs $5.00


Good Uses for •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Blog Installs Logo Design PowerPoint Creation Article Writing Web 2.0 Setups Read Articles to Video (with pics) Social Media Profiles/Facebook Fan Pages


Average job .15 cents


Good Uses for •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Create Accounts Write Blog Posts Human Spinning (Article Spinning by humans) Social Bookmarking/Web 2.0 Setup Tweet Your Message (bid by followers) ¼ Cent Vote & Comment on Videos, Download PDF’s Comment on Blogs and Forums for you


Average job .05 cents


Good Uses for •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Re-Write Sentences for Human Spun Articles Post on Facebook Follow people on Sub-Twitter Accounts Set Up Gmail Accounts Find, Crop, Edit and Name Photos Watch Videos – (end test) Download PDF’s Comment on your Web 2.0 Blogs


GOING FULLTIME: How To Hire an Outsource Manager The Most Leveraged $300 a Month You’ll Ever Spend – If You Do It Right


Average Monthly Salary $300

Good Uses for Onlinejobs.Ph •  •  •  •  •  •  • 

Run LinkBounder Build Blogs Manage Outsource Projects Edit Outsourced Articles Manage Your Schedule and Personal Needs Upload Videos Manage Backpackit


Your $3,000,000 Management Backbone System Run your company as big as you want it to be for $50 a month


$49 a month for 10 users, unlimited projects & schedules

Keeping Them Honest

Charges 10% of contractors fees

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