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Module 6: The Hammer PART 1: Trust & Reach PART 2: Content Leverage PART 3: Piggy Backing PART 4: Link 2 Link PART 5: RSS Auto-Linking

Part 1: Gaining Trust and Reach Why Timing and Sequence is So Important to Your SEO Efforts

What Stage Are You In Now •  The Trust Stage: First 30-50 relevant links. (approx 2-4 weeks) •  The Reach Stage: 200-500 Links (Linkbounder) •  The Viral Stage: Your first 1000 Links. (First 60 Days Limit) •  The Untouchable Stage: Open the flood gates & automation



Google is about Trust They simply won’t introduce you to all of their friend until they know you are really a good guy


If you build on a BRAND NEW site too fast or out of order you could get sand boxed by Google

Part 2: Content Leveraging How To AUTOMATICALLY Turn 1 Piece of Content Into 500 and Sky-Rocket Your Links In the Process!


Steps to Content Blending #1 Outsource Your Content Piece #2 Submit and be approved by Ezine Articles #3 Post the original to your blog #4 Enter the content to the Linkbounder Blender (see video) #5 Save blended articles to a text file #6 Post blended content inside your own “Kick Ring” (I’ll explain that in a minute)


You Can Also Blend… •  Articles for smaller article sites & PDF sites (NOT •  Classified Ads (LOCAL) etc… •  Social Media and Social Bookmarking Posts**

Part 3: Authority Piggy Backing How to borrow authority from the biggest sites on the web to control page one

How I Used To Do It…


Web 2.0 Blogs

•  Relevant Blogs On: Blogger,, Squidoo, Tumblr, Posterous, Live Journal •

How To Dominate Page 1! Usually just a few links to your Page or Lens will usually get you a PAGE ONE Google Position on lower competition phrases… In just a few days The GOAL: Take Over Page One

How To Piggy-Back #1 Establish Accounts at 6 recommended blogs #2 Answer all the questions and fill out the profiles #3 Them the blogs around your main subject #4 Post blended content on a regular basis #5 Answer blog comments as you would on your main site


Part 4: The L2L Principle Boosting the sites that link back to the pages that link to YOU can multiply your efforts 900X

BAD NEWS: Most of Your Inbound Links Are Almost Worthless!

Every Link Could Be Worth 900


Web 2.0 Ring = Relevancy Buffer


Link2Link: Step-By-Step #1 Setup your social media, bookmarking and classified ad accounts (using LinkBounder) #2 “Junk-link” to your Web 2.0 posts #3 “Junk-link” to the Top 50 sites linking to you (according to Yahoo Site Explorer)

Use Yahoo! Site Explorer to find out who is linking to you:

Part 5: RSS Auto-Linking When one thing updates… EVERYTHING Updates


Start by Finding Your Websites RSS Feed

RSS = Table of Contents with Links

“Easy” RSS Submission…


If That’s All You Do 75 Links For Every Entry! 100 Blog Posts = 7500 Links But That Ain’t Nothin’

The Next Level:

RSS Mashing

ALL Your RSS Feeds, including: Your Main Sites WEB 2.0 Blogs Flickr Twitter & Facebook YouTube etc…


If you add more properties, just add them to your “Pipe”… …If you add more posts to properties you already have, all the links get created automatically. THE PIPE DOES ALL THE WORK!


Let’s Run The Numbers…

6 Web 2.0 Properties 4 Social Media Sites 3 Bookmarking Sites 100 Posts Each = 97,500 Links (Only About ½ Will Be Found By Google) * These Links Will Be Spread ALL Over Your Network

Take Over Page One!

“But I thought I was only supposed to send 1000 links back to my site! Won’t 97,500 freak out Google?”


Nope. (Remember, these are L2L NOT inbound links to your main site…)

But there’s one last thing… Double Your Links By Turning Your “Pipes” Feed Into a FeedBurner Feed…



The Number of Links DOUBLE, AND… …You’re Running It Through a Google Property. (Remember, Google Owns FeedBurner!) 

Want To Get Downright



Remember L2L? Imagine, creating a pipe for your 50 best backlinks. Just follow the same steps as above and the result will blow your mind

Add Your Top 50 Inbound Links (According To Yahoo Site Explorer) To a New Pipe…

To Review: Steps to RSS Mashup #1 Add all the RSS links from all of your Web 2.0 properties to a Yahoo Pipe #2 Grab the RSS of your pipe and submit it to the RSS directories using Linkbounder #3 Create a new Feedburner Feed from your Yahoo Pipe RSS #4 Grab the Feedburner RSS and submit it to the RSS directories using Linkbounder #5 Repeat the process for your top 50 inbound links RSS feeds


WARNING! This is Powerful Stuff…Go Slowly!


The Hammer  

The Hammer module 6

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