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From Brian in Florida: 241 Calls, 2 Good Loan Apps, 2 Hours

Hey! (Your Name)

Thanks to the Feds lowering rates, I only have time to call a few friends who I think I can really help. Besides, mortgage rates are so good you'd kill me if I didn't call you. Mortgage rates are in the 4's on fixed 15 and 30 year loans for those that qualify. And since your rate isn't in the 4's, you're throwing away money by the fist full.

If you'd like to stop this absurd behavior, call me and I'll show you how I saved a friend of mine $440 per mo this morning on his no cost refinance. That's over $150,000 that will now stay in his pocket. What would you do with an extra $150,000?

You could be saving big too, but only if you call me. Pick up the phone and call me now.

(your name, your company, your phone number)

Successful Member Scripts  

Successful Member Scripts