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Here’s What Homes Are Selling For In Your Neighborhood – Plus A Free Way To Find Out Exactly How Much Your House Is Worth Right Now Dear Neighbor, Here’s your copy of the most recent Market Activity Report for your neighborhood. This should give you a general idea of what homes are selling for right now. I’ve also included a report with some tips on “How To Make Your House Show Like A Model Home In One Weekend – For Less Than $200.” If you’re going to sell your house in the next six months – what you do right now could make a difference of thousands of dollars… and you’ve got some time to prepare for the sale.

Here’s How I Can Help You Now… The best thing to do next is to get a really good idea of what YOUR house would sell for right now. And what would be the best things you can do to get the highest return on your investment. Just call me at 905.873.8839 ext 5 or send me a quick email at and we can pick a time to get together. Look forward to talking…

Jennifer ps. If it would be easier for you, we can pick a time in the evening, or on Saturday.

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