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Buyer Leads By Tonight How to use Craigslist and other free online advertising sources to generate 100’s of buyer leads each month. By Josh Schoenly Midststate Property Group, llc

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Buyer Leads By Tonight

with Josh Schoenly

Video 1 – How To Post With Craigslist Josh: All right, in this video we are going to show you the two different ways you can post on CraigsList and take you through the actual technical part of actually making posts. If you already know how to post to CraigsList you probably want to jump ahead to the next video as this one may not be as valuable to you.

Two different ways. You can simply hit ‘post to classifieds.’ I’m just going to write a quick little ad here. Okay. So real quick ad. Continue, write continue. All right. You have to accept the terms of use and to finalize type in, this is what’s called a captcha. You have to type in what it’s shown there to finalize it.

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You can see the “post to classifieds link in top left corner.

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Here is what the “captcha” looks like.

And then what happens is it actually sends you an e-mail through the e-mail that you put in there. So when you post this way the ad is not live yet. So what we do is we go to the e-mail server. Let me go slow, okay here we go. So we do the post, edit, delete. When you click on the link it’ll take you to a new webpage. No reason my connection’s being slow. And then we hit ‘publish.’ Once we do that’s it’s live. We can still edit it or delete it if we want but now it’s live. If you’re doing it this way you definitely want to keep these. I would create a folder to keep these e-mails because that’s the only way you’ll be able to edit it at a later time or delete it if you want to. So I would definitely keep those. So that’s the first way.

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Now the second way let’s go back to the main page. The second way is to create an account and so to create an account it’s free and you can create as many accounts as you want. If you need multiple, and you’re going to need multiple accounts if you really use the strategies that were going to talk about here because you’re going to create several campaigns. And for you to track everything and maximize what you can do with this you’re going to need multiple accounts. But it’s real easy and it’s free. So let’s do an account that I don’t have a CraigsList account, an e-mail account that I don’t have a CraigsList account for.

So you put your e-mail address. You have to do this captcha thing majig again. Create an account and same thing here, the e-mail. They send an e-mail to your e-mail account. So let’s see here, [inaudible] Gmail. So CraigsList, new account, very similar to when you post, you want to hit this, which will make it active. And then it makes you pick a password. One thing I do is because I have many, many accounts I keep my password the same for all my CraigsList accounts. It just creates much less confusion.

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Here is just a screen capture of an account of mine. You notice in this one that they green background mean that an a post is active and the pink means that a post was flagged.

So here’s what it looks like when you’re in account. And it’s slightly different to post a new ad once you’re in your account. You’re going to choose whatever city. It’s already on the city I want to post to. Going to choose that one. From there it’s the same process with one slight change. So I’m going to do something quick here. So I’m just trying to make this as short for the video here.

Okay, notice here we don’t have to put our e-mail because it already has our e-mail because were logged into our account. So that’s one slight difference between doing it the first way we showed you. Continue, continue. And then you put the captcha doohickey. And your ad is live.

Now you can go back to your account and you can edit the account from here if you choose. If you delete the account sooner than 48-hours after you posted it you will get an error message saying that, “If you delete you can’t repost it until 48-hours from now.”

What the delete and repost error message looks like. Page 7 of 32

Which will make more sense and be more important once we start showing you how to create campaigns to maximize your lead generation through this. So just one thing to keep in mind and we’ll just, again, go back. This is what it will look like, kind of your dashboard once you have an account created. You do not have to have an account to get posting. The first way I showed you is just fine.

And in fact, the first way can potentially have some advantages. It can mean that you could get flagged less, which if you had gotten some of the free videos that I had shared with all of you I had mentioned that. I’m also going to go over that in more detail in the course here. But that’s one advantage.

And there can be some other advantages. I personally like to have the accounts because I’ve got different accounts for different campaigns and it’s a way of organizing and managing things. So that’s it for this particular tutorial – how to actually do your postings.

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Video 2 – Where to Post

All right in this quick tutorial were going to talk about where to post your ads. There are several ads for real estate. Well first of all there’s the housing in general, okay? I can tell you from experience the two that get the most amount of traffic are apartment housing, real estate for sale.

Here are all the categories you can post to.

There’s also under services real estate and financial, which may apply. I can tell you that although it can make sense to post on these similar to the newspaper, where the real estate services section typically does not get nearly as much activity as the for sale or the for rent. Same applies here. Were going to show you in some other tutorials where, rather when you would post in the services and some other things to be thinking about when you’re posting to the services section. Page 9 of 32

Now real estate for sale, there are two designations under real estate for sale. There is real estate by broker and real estate by owner. Obviously if you’re a licensed real estate agent you want to be posting by broker. I believe, at least in Pennsylvania, you have to by law. If you are for sale by owner or not a licensed real estate agent you can probably get away with the real estate by owner.

Also there is not that specific designation for apartments and housing for rent but you do want to keep in mind your state regulations for what information you have to put in your ads and so forth. Obviously just a real quick tutorial but again the two areas that get the most traffic are real estate for sale and apartment and housing for rent.

However, if you are in the commercial field, although there’s not as much traffic to the office commercial, the traffic that goes there is typically pretty targeted and in some areas, depending on the type of area, vacation rentals, get a lot of traffic. So these are just generalities and you’re specific location and you’re specific niche may dictate that you focus in posting in different particular categories. But again just a general real estate for sale and for rent sections are the two most traffic.

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Video 3- Headlines

In this tutorial were going to talk about importance of your title. Basically your title is your headline for your ad. So not only is it important to consider your title in drawing attention to your ad and getting it clicked on, that’s vitally important. It’s also important that you put keywords in your title that could be picked up by the search engine. I have seen at certain times CraigsList ads show up on the first page of Google for certain keyword searches.

So you want to carefully consider your keyword terms. And depending on what type of list you’re building there’s a great keyword search tool that you can use. It’s through Google. So if you go to Google and you type in Google keyword tool, click on that and then what you do let’s say were building a list for, ( let’s just go with the estate homes. Just see what we get here. So you type in your keyword phrase or if it’s a singular keyword and now it will give you results for the past month, and these are approximates in the average search volume. So for the term ‘estate homes’ you’ve got 135,000 but a similar term, luxury homes, has much more, many more times the number of searches as estate homes. And I would not have known that without looking that up.

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Here is what the Google Keyword Tool Looks like. So if you are selling estate homes or luxury homes, and let’s see what else – waterfront homes, [inaudible] homes – so it looks like luxury homes. And what you can also do is then do the keyword search for luxury homes. Now you’ll get a lot of the same things but you may get some different ones. So the key thing here is that you use, those could be two of your headlines – estate homes or estate houses, or luxury homes and luxury houses. So those could be your keyword terms.

And where this all ties in with the keyword and SEO is here’s just one example and this isn’t a great one. But I typed in REO properties, York, PA because that’s what York, Pennsylvania’s where we did this little list here, list generation.

And on the third, now were on the third page. Were not the first page as you can see down on the bottom, were on the third page. But a free ad with CraigsList comes up as a listing. Now the other key thing here is as we show you other free sites and how to use them is there are now some sites like Kijiji shows up really well. Oodle you can see is on the first page here and depending on the search there are other free online advertising sites, websites that show up very highly even higher than CraigsList. So you definitely Page 12 of 32

want to consider that. This is a very important tool for you to use in building your list and it’s free. So it’s great. I would highly recommend you using this. But the two important things to consider with the titles, just kind of summarizing this, is one, the title needs to be attention getting and give the reader of the title a reason to click on the ad.

And you also want to incorporate keywords. So if you’re making a campaign, and we’re going to show you the whole process of making a whole campaign, you want to include both of those types of titles. So titles that are just attention getting, drawing attention to get clicked on. And you also want to include titles that include keywords that will be important in search engine optimization. So those are the two most critical arts of your title and mixing them together for your campaign will yield the optimal results.

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Video 4 – When To Post

All right this is going to be a brief, little tutorial here about what times of day are ideal or the best to be posting your ads, specifically your CraigsList ads? This is the account that I did the test, which I generated a hundred free leads in a week. If you are on our e-mail list and got the videos that I had given away this was one of the videos where I documented how I generated almost a hundred free leads in exactly seven days using the ads you see right here. There was a total of 15 ads. And so I’ll point out here, now the times, these times are Pacific Standard Time. But the ideal times that I have found, specifically during the week to be posting is in the morning between like 11:00 and 11:45. No later than 12:00 ideally. And in the evening between 5:30 and 7:00.

Here’s why and then I’ll show you, I’ll illustrate as well. If you think about it many people who are at work, many people are surfing the net even when they’re at work unfortunately. But many people who are not surfing the net when they’re supposed to be working they’ll have time over their lunch break, typically between 12:00 and 1:00 and when you post during that timeframe before that what will happen is, I’m just going to bring up where there are some ads here.

Let’s just see here. Ideally see you want to be at the top when the most activity is there. So if you post at say 11:30 and people start going on at 12:00 you’re going to be on this front page if not the top of the page and that’s where you want to be because, the same concept as being listed on the first page on Google. You’re in front of them. They don’t have to go searching way down to find you or even click on the next page.

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Ideally you want to be “above the fold” at the times when people are searching. By “above the fold” I mean that people don’t have to scroll down to see your ad.

And then in the evening, the most amount of traffic on CraigsList is 7:00 on. The other thing with posting in the evening is depending on how active your local CraigsList is you may be near the top at the end of the day. So look at this on Sunday. This last Sunday was near the top of the end of the day. Well this little page break here draws attention and if you’re the first ad underneath that, that will draw extra attention for you as well. So that’s during the week.

Now the weekends you’re going to want to test yourself because I have found different cities to have different results as far as the timing of when you post. You definitely want to post during the weekend if you can because there is a lot of traffic on the weekend. But you’re going to want to test what are the best times of the weekend. So it’s important. I can tell you from experience. I learned that what I used to do before I knew what I was doing is I would get up and it would be like the first thing I would do every morning is I’d post all my ads. Page 15 of 32

Well by lunch time my ads, in some of my areas, were already buried and so even though I [quote, unquote] got it out of the way for the day they were not performing as nearly as well as they could’ve been if I had done less ads even or just timed them properly during the day. And if you don’t have the time or don’t want to be doing them hire your kid or have your assistant be posting during those times because that is critical. It’s a small thing. It’s one of those big, little hinges swing big doors and that’s a little hinge. This bit of information is a little hinge. In fact, it’s probably one of the most important things you’re going to learn throughout this whole thing with regard to posting on CraigsList even if you’re using the worst ads. If you post them the right time you’re still going to get traffic to your ad and get responses to your ad. So it is critical, critical, critical. It’s, again, it’s one of those little hinges that swing a big door. It’s 80/20 principal, whatever you want to call it, but it’s critically vitally important to your success posting ads on CraigsList.

I urge you to follow that. I urge you to test on the weekend to find out in your area which is best as well.

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Video 5 – Creating a Campaign

In this tutorial we’re going to really start to get into the meat of this particular section and were going to talk about creating a campaign. And what I mean by that is you’re going to build a list of potential buyers or whatever you’re building a list for or even if you’re trying to sell a particular property, which again I would highly recommend you be building a list and if you’ve got specific properties to sell to be doing that as well. But to maximize your results using these methods you need to be posting frequently, which we talked about earlier, typically twice a day, ideally. On the weekends maybe just once but if you really want to max it out on the weekends even doing it twice as well.

And so to do that we have to create what I call a campaign. And what I mean by that is you cannot just post the exact same ad twice a day everyday. In fact if you post an ad, let’s say you posted an ad, and I think I covered this already, but let’s say you posted an ad at noon on Tuesday. You cannot repost an ad that looks similar to that ad or that exact same ad again for at least 48-hours. And at that point you would delete and repost.

So what you need to do then, or what I recommend you do, is you create a campaign. So the campaign would simply be, what I recommend you do, is to create six to eight different ads for your same list that you’re trying to build or, again, if you are doing a particular property six different ads for that property.

So in the example here what were going to do is I’m going to show you just a sample way that we create a campaign for, in this instance were going to use for building a buyer’s list of people looking for estate homes and luxury homes. So the first thing were going to do is, let’s say, were going to say estate homes, luxury homes. Now what are some other words that we could use with this? We could put luxurious, houses instead of homes, properties, property. We’ll add in maybe free list. Let’s see here.

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---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Sidebar: Here is just a quick look a simple template I use to create a campaign: City’s To Run Ads: Harrisburg, York, Baltimore Section: Real Estate For Sale by Broker When to run: Daily between 11 and noon and 5 and 7 and weekends at least once/day Prices: $24,900 49,900 99,900 149,900 200,000 Bedrooms: leave blanks Headlines: Apartment Buildings – free list & Up Multifamily Properties Multi-Family Buildings Multifamily Investment Props – List w/pics Multi-tenant investor houses Apt. Houses with cash flow Multi-Fam Houses with positive $$$ flow Location: Central PA Harrisburg York Dauphin, Cumberland & York County Central Penn. Central Pennsylvania Body Ad: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><img src="" border="0"> Nothing needed for address city and state ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Well for now let’s just start with that. So okay were going to make six headlines. So we need at least six titles or headlines, whatever you want to call it. So the first one will be Estate Homes Free List. Then we’ll do Luxury Houses No Cost Listings. Estate Properties, Luxury Properties and a Free [Inaudible]. You got to get creative in an instance like this to get around their postings. So we might put like luxurious homes. Even though that’s similar it should be different enough. And then we need one more so let’s do Estate Houses. Okay, so those are titles.

You also are going to want to have like six different prices. So I might do $499, $5999, $550, might do like $9990, $7999, six. It’s important when you’re doing these that you do mix things up because the more different the ad looks the more likely it is to allow you to repost. So we’ve got titles, we’ve got prices. Another field is the city. I’m going to put Harrisburg, PA, East and West Shore, suburbs. Last one will do Central Pennsylvania.

Now for the body. Now the easy way to do this is you create one image like there’s a video in this module. We also shared a video for free, which you probably have already seen if you’re on our list. Is you would create an image that you would post to the body. So what I would recommend you do is review that, have it included in this, review that one and do that. However, if you just want to get going right away you could create six different body ads. And what I would recommend you do if you do that is take the title that you use, use that as the first line of the body.

So let’s say copy this, put it as the first line of the body and then I’d say free list, sent weekly with pictures, visit and then I’d put my broker. Now so that would be one. Very simple, straightforward and you would probably want to attach a photo either if you have estate homes listings for this example, if you have one and you got a good photo, great. Or just go to Google and find a photo of an estate type home. Page 19 of 32

And then if you attach a different picture in each one that’s another difference that will help you in posting. You would also, if you got different phone numbers you could use here, anyway that you can mix this up. If you’re going to do text ads, anyway you can mix this up. So if you have multiple domain names here that would help. But, again, you can easily get over this by doing the image. So I highly recommend. It’s really easy once you get it set up. It might be a little daunting if you’re technologically challenged a little bit but once you get it set up it’s truly a piece of cake. So I wouldn’t let that…spend the time. It will save you time in the long run because changing up this body is the hardest part of being able to do this.

So once you do that, once you’ve got your six titles, your six prices, your six city entries and you’re image you’re ready to go and you start posting. And so at that point you would just start with your first one. Make that post, again, using the timeline information that I had shared before, when to post, the important times to post. And once you get that cycled back to your first one you should be okay with the whole 48-hours thing. So once you have six, now you can make more if you want if you really want to get aggressive and post…if you’re in an area that there’s just tons and tons of postings each day. You could get aggressive and post three times a day during the week and two times over the weekend. And in that case you would have to get a little bit more creative and create some more titles and pricing points and so forth or price numbers you could punch into there.

But once you have this I’d recommend you save it and you’re ready to go. You’ve created a campaign. Now let’s say, despite my best efforts, well not to despite my best efforts but you’re also trying to sell a property. You would do the exact same process. Now you may not want to use an image ad in that case and so you may have to get a little bit more creative in the body. But if you’re including any description of the property that’s a good way that you would be able to mix it up in the body with your description, Page 20 of 32

how you’re describing the home. And I would not go overboard here because any ad you do you want to think of it as a lead generation tool. You want leads coming in. And if you’re too, too specific you’re going to lose leads. And so you want to be sure that you craft those, even if it’s for a specific property, you craft them in such a way that it’s lead generation style. So just a little bit of information, kind of like a classified ad in the paper, enough information to get your phone to ring or to visit your website or send you an e-mail.

So that’s it for creating a campaign and this can be used in CraigsList as well as many of the other classified sites, online classified sites that I’ve shared in the comprehensive list you’ve got if you’re on our list. And that I will also be going into more detail in later modules about specific ones in particular. So the concept would be the same. You can take these campaigns and apply them to the other sites as well. So once you’ve got that it’s very important, especially if you’re building the free list. This is, the beautiful thing here is it’s once and done. You create this and you may want to tweak it from time to time but once you’ve created it you can use it, especially in an instance like this where this is just a lift building lead generation ad. You just keep using it. Maybe you could literally use these ads over and over for years just rotating them through. And I recommend that you do that.

So it’s a little bit of work up front but ultimately it’s well, well worth the time up front for being able to use that long term. So that’s it for this tutorial and see you again real soon.

Just want to add a couple of things here to the campaign and show you an example of a campaign I used, and you may recognize this from some of the videos that we had shared to our list, kind of showing some of the results that we had using the concepts to actually just one of the concepts in this course here. So I just wanted to show you it in action because I think that always helps understanding and implementing. So this is the

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campaign I created for building the list of nearly a hundred leads in a week using number of posts.

So as you see here I’ve got, how many different headlines do I have? I have one, two, three, four, five, looks like I just got give. I didn’t even do six in this particular instance. But as you can see each one has a different title and if I click on them I’ll show you that. They typically have different prices. This is the image file that we talked about. And the location, doesn’t post up here. Sometimes I think in think in the actual post it post up here but when you’re editing it post down here. So that one I put York and Adams County, the public notice here. I put York and surrounding and notice up here the price is slightly different than the other one.

Also notice this is another way you can create different titles is spelled it wrong. That wasn’t an accident. I did it on purpose because it was not letting me get past using that exact same word ‘foreclosure.’ So I spelled it wrong. It’s a common misspelling of foreclosure. So it’s not a big deal and so in this instance it helped me to kind of get through that. So that’s two.

This one I actually put York and surrounding in the title. And I put York and Adams County, C-O period, down there. And again different price. This one, this one was flagged so it doesn’t show us the price and the title and so forth. [Inaudible]. Here we go. Those will actually be great because then you can see the difference. Okay so even a third a price in this instance I didn’t even put a specific location, so that’s one way you can mix it up as well. Have one of them just not, don’t have a location and one of them don’t have a price. They have to have a posting title. You want to have that but that’s another way you can mix it up. I didn’t even talk about them on the last one is if you’re really struggling for different things, like I was struggling for a sixth description of a location when I was showing you the campaign. That’s another thing you’d do is just not even have a location or not even have a price. Page 22 of 32

So that’s another way to mix it up even further. You could also, even with the image ad do a picture. I don’t recommend that. You can do it. It’s not really harmful. There’s nothing wrong with doing it really. But if you’ve got your ad and then a picture below, again it might not hurt but it’s not really necessary if you’re using the image ads, which again I strongly recommend you do so. I just wanted to show you that, that sample campaign and you could have multiple campaigns in the same account. There’s not necessarily anything wrong with that, although it can get a little confusing. This is very straightforward. You can just go into an account, you have one campaign, good to go.

So like one thing you may want to do is let’s say you’re building a couple of different lists and you have a couple of different properties. You may just want to do your specific property ads in one account and then an account for each specific list building tool, list building campaign that you created. So I hope that was helpful and see you on the next tutorial.

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Video 7 – Creating an Image Body Ad

I’m about to show you how you can create an image that you can use as the body of your CraigsList and there’s some advantages to doing this, one of which it can help and avoid being flagged. And there’s several other advantages. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you one way you can do this and I’ll talk you through a couple of the ways you might be able to do it as well. But the way that I typically do it is I open up my Microsoft Publisher and I’ll choose a blank template. For example, I’m going to choose this template here, which is blank. Now I’ve got to create my ad and so to do that were going to use textboxes at least for part of it. [Inaudible] textbox here and were going to say, “Rent to own homes. Free List with Pics. [Inaudible]. And we’ll put phone number here.

So we’ll add some text, going to make that bigger so it’s easy to read in the ad. Reformat the textbox a little bit. All right, now I’m going to add a, insert a photo. This is always, well it’s just always helpful, I think, in these types of ads. So I’m just going to grab a photo from one of my properties that we have available right now.

So now we’ve got a photo, couple other things were going to add. I’m going to add another textbook for legality reasons. Were going to put like broker. Technically we have to have that be the same font size as the other information. Were going to have one other textbox and that’s going to say, “Click on image to get more information.” So pretty simple so far. Just make a little ad.

One other way, I might as well tell you right now, another way you can do this is, and this was recently shared with me by a business partner, Rob Minton. And one other way to do this is there’s a program called Five Clicks, which I had never heard of before. It’s like $20 dollars. You can download a free trial. And what it does is it will take pictures

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of your screen. So you can actually use this and take a picture of your screen, actually let’s do this one. So this is another way we could do it.

Now I’m going to show you a different way to do it but that would be on way and it’s called Five Clicks. It will actually take pictures of your screen and then you can save it as a picture. But that’s just step one in the process. What I’m actually going to do is I’m going to show you how we can save. In Publisher you can save as Publisher but notice you can save as all different file types. Were going to save it as a JPEG. Okay, now we have to get it into a server. We have to get the picture uploaded online. So to do that or one way you can do that, the way that I do it, is I’ve got a Gmail account and if you log into a Gmail account one of the things, the options you have is to upload photos.

So you would log into your Gmail account. You would want to upload a photo. I already have a CraigsList album and so were going to try and find a photo here. All right the ad we created is called RTO Free List. I’m just going to upload that. Okay, now let’s go to, real quick were going to open up CraigsList. Were just going to post, I’m not going to log in to my account. Just for simplicity here I’m just going to go ahead and post to classifieds. I must already be logged in.

All right, so I’m going to post this under apartments, housing for rent. I’m going to add an amount and were going to say, “Rent to own homes. Free list with pics.” And I’m going to say, “Harrisburg.” And suburbs. All right, now, here, oh we got to put the email address. Change that.

Now here’s the key. All right here’s the key, in the body, in the posting description here what were going to post is some HTML code and believe me I am, I know little or nothing about HTML code. I got this from a friend. You don’t need to know code to do this. All you need to do is you have to have this string here, which hopefully it’ll be up long enough where you can just pause this and take down the string. But the important Page 25 of 32

are the parts in parenthesis. So you’ll notice this here in parenthesis. That is whatever website you want them to be directed to if they click on the image. So that’s the important part. (here is sample code: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"><img src=" s720/FT%20Ad%202.jpg" border="0"></a>, all you do is put your landing page after a href= and web address of image after img src=)

And the other important one is this here in parenthesis. Okay, this is going to be the photo or the image that you’re going to show. So were going to go back to our web hosting site. So we’ve got the image loaded. We’ve got here. You’re going to right click and go to properties and it’s going to tell you the location of it on the web. So were going to copy that. Were going to paste that. We’ve already got this highlighted. So you’re going to paste that in the quotations. I just want to make sure I got that right. That looks right.

Now were going to copy all of that. Okay so copy that. Were going to go back to our CraigsList ad. Were going to post that. Okay so we paste that there. No real need to put in street or nearest cross [inaudible] or anything like that. And were not going to update a photo because there’s a photo, there’s a picture actually in the ad that were doing. So as you can see when I hit continue it shows us how the ad is going to look. And one thing I’ve noticed that I didn’t catch when we were doing it, is I don’t have the full number at the bottom there. Not a big deal for this. But that would be something that I would want to go in and change.

So were going through accept terms of use. And the way CraigsList works they’ll send me an e-mail to make it live. But essentially that’s unimportant at this point because I know it’ll be live. So the key here is being able to create an image, a JPEG. You can do it in Publisher or you can use that Five Clicks. If you don’t have Publisher what you can Page 26 of 32

do is get…you could do the ad in Microsoft Word or a similar program and use the five clicks to select it and save it as a JPEG and do the same process. You also don’t have to use Google. You just have to have the picture uploaded, that it has a URL that you can post in here. There’s lots of free photo hosting services, none are coming to mind right now but if you Google free photo hosting service or free online photo hosting, you can find that.

So that’s how you can make your ad an image in CraigsList. So I appreciate your time. I hope it wasn’t boring and I hope you got something useful that you can use moving forward.

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Video 8 – Avoid being Flagged

Hi everybody, Josh Schoenly again. I put together a short video sort of as a follow-up to the initial video on this series. If you haven’t watched that video and haven’t started implementing what I went over in there I strongly, strongly recommend you go back and watch that again before you watch this video. There was some things in there that you can and should start to implement immediately in your business that will help you with your lead generation efforts immensely.

If you’ve begun to use those methods, as again I strongly recommend you do, there’s a chance that you will increase the likelihood of being what CraigsList calls flagged. What that means is simply is that your ad becomes deleted in their system. So this short video I’m just going to give you some quick tips that you can implement along with these strategies that were going over that will help decrease your chances of being flagged. Again no guarantees. I don’t totally understand everything that goes with a post being flagged but these are just some things that I have found that have helped.

The pink means this ad was flagged in their system, so it no longer shows up under the listings. Page 28 of 32

So were going to look at one of my ads. As you can see this is a lead generation ad, what we talked about on the first video. So a couple things I want to point out. Make sure you always have something under the section location. That’s what it’s called when you’re in the posting format. It’ll be under location. You want to put your city or you can put county. Or if it’s got…if you’re area has a nickname but you want to put something there. One of the things, and I’m actually breaking the rule here but I haven’t had too much trouble with this particular with this but I’ll just go back to another ad. You want to, most of the time you’re going to want to include a price, even if it’s not specifically applicable. So even though I’m generating a list here using lead generation you do want to include a price, typically. And that’s something you can test as well.

A really, really big one is not making your URL live. So if you had, instead of just www, if you had http://w, if you did that your link would be live in the ad. And I can tell you that that definitely increases your chances of being flagged. Again it will not, it doesn’t mean your ad will automatically be flagged but it definitely increases the chances of it being flagged. So it’s again something you want to test. If you’re getting flagged these are the things that you want to tweak with your ads to help you avoid being flagged.

So again if you’re not being flagged don’t worry about it for now. Kind of store this information and you may need to apply it in the future at some point. Another, a word in the title that can, again just can lead to you being flagged is the ‘free.’ Similar to the negative affects that that word free has when you’re sending e-mails in the subject line. Same thing here. The word free in these kinds of ads can lead to being flagged. Again I’ve had ads that I have the word free in and they don’t get flagged or hardly ever get flagged. But if you’re having trouble these are the things that you want to look at.

Another thing I’ll talk about is the time of day that you’re being flagged. I have found that flagging most often occurs during normal working hours. So one thing you can do to Page 29 of 32

avoid being flagged is posting after normal working hours. So after 5:00. That should decrease your chances of being flagged. Again no guarantees.

The last thing and I’m going to go to a different ad that I have to illustrate this point, and actually the next video is going to go over how to do this. Well you can actually create ads where your post, the body of your ad is an image. So the title’s the same, location is the same. Notice I did put a price on this title. So price, that’s the price. This is the headline per say. I have an extra character there. And then this is the location.

But here’s the interesting thing. Notice even though this is text plus a picture this is actually an image and if you click on it will go to my landing page. Now we don’t have to really go to the landing page, that’s not the important thing. The important thing here is if you use these types of post I have found that you decrease your likelihood of being flagged. So I’m actually going to put together another video that specifically shows you how to do that. But some of you tech savvy folks probably already know how to do that. And I can tell you I am not tech savvy and I figured out how to do this. So for those of you who are not don’t be intimidated by this. It’s really not that hard. But again that’s just another way that if you’re getting flagged by using the types of ads that were talking about using here that’s just another way to help avoid that.

So again just recap – you want to include price typically. You want to include something under location, the city, etc. If you’re using a URL you don’t want to include the http://. Try to avoid using the word free in the subject line. Think about the time of day. Posting after 5:00 should help with that and then actually having your ad be an image that can be clicked on to go to your landing page. So again if you’re not getting flagged store these ideas, save this video because they’re may come a time where you are and want to know these little strategies to help with that.

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And again if you’re not using these types of ads, if you haven’t started implementing what’s in that first video I strongly recommend go back, check out that video and start to use that stuff. So I appreciate your time again. I hope this was helpful and I wish you all lots of prosperity.

This short tutorial, I’m just going to give you some ideas for types of lists that you can build. Just to give you some ideas in case if that’s something that’s you’re hung up on or you’re struggling with. And so you’ve seen a couple of them, just as we’ve gone through these tutorials. So I’ll start with a couple that you’ve seen, a list of estate homes. So you build a list of people looking for estate homes. You send them a list each week, each day, whatever, however you want to do it and that’s just a way to generate leads, foreclosure leads, properties that have been foreclosed upon. And you might, in those you might want to include like short sales, distressed sales, etc.

Let’s say you’re in a really big area and you specialize in a particular neighborhood or a particular school district. You could build a list for that. So build a list for, like around here one of the big school district’s is Cumberland Valley School District. So you could build, you could create a campaign, you could build a list of people looking to buy in the Cumberland Valley School District. It would help further your positioning as well as that school district guru or expert.

You could if you do rental placement or anything with rentals you could build a list of houses for rent. For example, we do rent to own, we do a lot of rent to own, so we’d offer a free list of rent to own homes. Rent to own free list.

You’re really only limited by your creativity. Now if you get to narrowed down you may not generate as many leads but that could be okay in your situation. That could mean that the leads you generate are much better quality because it’s narrowed down. So you just have to think about what makes the most sense in your situation with what you’re doing Page 31 of 32

and then get creative with that. These are just a couple. Obviously I hope it gets you thinking.

You could also, just off the top of my head, you could also do like rural or farms, depending on your area. You could do, I just had one here it left me. You could do rental properties or if you’re trying to build a list of investors. Or you could do multifamily. You could use to build a list. If people are looking for to purchase multi-family buildings, apartment buildings you could certainly do that.

And you could do townhouses. Free list of townhouses or free list of new townhouses or all new construction, new construction homes. So a free list of all the new construction homes in your county or in your area, whatever. Again you’re only limited by your creativity and some of these topics will generate more leads than others. Foreclosures that’s the big thing right now, big buzzword, everybody sees things on TV. So that’s one that I’m particularly using in my business and having a great deal of success generating a lot of leads for. So again just some ideas to get you thinking what you can be doing to generate leads that makes sense for your business for what you focus for what you’re doing.

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