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Many people who want to make money with paid online surveys ask these questions: How do you identify and choose the best survey site? Where is it? Who operates it? Take me to the best survey site! I want to know which is the best paid survey site now! O.K., but hold your horses a moment. Let's go about this in a logical, systematic way. First off, in order to choose rationally, we need a working definition of what constitutes good, better and best. The "measures of goodness" or indicators of superiority are: 1. Size. All things being equal big sites with lots of clients are better than smaller ones. Why? Because they had to be doing something right to get big in the first place. Then they must have been doing something really right to stay big. A paid survey site that does not deliver, loses clients and they tell others why they left. The word gets out and the paid survey site loses clients, shrinks and is not so big anymore! 2. Increasing size. If a paid survey site is increasing in size, it means that they are gaining clients and growing. This is an indication of general health and client support. Losing size may mean that they were once good but have changed (maybe a management change or ownership change) and are now neglecting the good things that made them big in the first place. So, increasing size is good, decreasing size is bad. 3. Guarantee. A strong guarantee is very important. It means that the paid survey site is willing to stand behind its services and promises and refund your money if you are not satisfied. That is not just so you can get your money back, but so that you will know that they know that they are holding your money on the condition that they perform! It means that the paid survey site is on probation, subject to proving themselves. The best guarantee is backed up by a third party financial institution like a bank or PayPal or ClickBank. Of course you always have the recourse to ask your bank, the one that issued your credit card, to take the payment back because of non-performance on the part of the recipient of the funds. But this is a hassle and you need to allege fraud, etc., and your bank will look with some suspicion on you if it happens too often. But when the paid survey site's financial agent makes the guarantee, that's strong! You weren't satisfied; you want your money back. They give it back and look with suspicion on the paid survey site! Now the paid survey site knows that that could happen and they very much don't want it to happen. So they try very hard to keep you happy! 4. Refund rate. Probably the most important indicator of all is the percentage of the paid survey

site's clients who demand a refund. These represent the utter failures of the paid survey site to meet their client's expectations. So low refund rates are good, high refund rates are bad. The refund rate should be low, in the 3-5% range. Anything over 10% should be a red flag. By using these indicators and criteria, all you have to do is screen through the available candidates so you can find the best paid survey site for you. But be aware that these indicators change over time. Last year's winner can become this year's loser. New, ambitious, hard-working companies emerge and outshine the older, better known ones. So you will need to monitor these indicators over a period of time. Sites like can help. They maintain statistics on the top 20 paid survey sites and update them monthly. has good info on refund rates for the 70 or so paid survey sites that promote through ClickBank's network. And, ClickBank will enforce their 60-day, no questions money-back guarantee policy. So there you have it. Now you know how to find the best paid survey site for you.

Jorge Chavez is an experienced business analyst, accountant and internet entrepreneur. To learn more about paid online surveys follow this link: Paid Online Surveys To learn more about ranking and comparing paid survey companies to pick the best one, follow this link: Paid Survey Review

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==== ==== Join The #1 Paid Survey Site! ==== ====

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