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There are many paid survey reviews published on the Internet. Most are based on general opinion. Some are based on personal experience as to how a given paid survey site was at one time. Few offer meaningful metrics or other objective analysis aids to backup their opinions. There is a great deal of money being made on the Net by those who participate in taking surveys, those who fill out the questionnaires and get paid for doing so. There is more money to be made by others who would like to participate. But 80% of the money paid for online surveys is paid out by 20% of the survey makers on their 20% of the total number of surveys being made. Without a reliable guide, one who is on your side and will steer you where you need to go to make money, you will likely fall prey to the 80% of nopay/low-pay survey makers. This latter group, the 80%, pay recruiters to send them fresh meat; newbies just getting started with paid online surveys. Newbies that don't know the score and fall victim to "free lists" whose sponsors are paid to send them new recruits. (Some of these recruiting efforts will even pay you $4 to sign up with them!) Paid survey reviews should steer you around these low-pay/no pay survey makers. Sadly, most do not. The reality is that in order to actually make money with paid online surveys you must have a good list of good survey makers. Survey makers amongst the 20% that offer legitimate paid online surveys that actually pay you, in reasonable amounts, on time. You can develop a list yourself by joining all of the survey makers and then discarding the bad ones. There are over 700 survey makers and over 3000 worldwide. You must join each separately. It's a big task, but you CAN do it, if you have the patience for it. The best way to get a good list is to buy or rent it from someone who already has such a list. There are over 200 paid survey membership sites that offer such lists. Some good, some less so, and some not so good. The way you pick a good one is by listening to the opinions of the current and recent past clients of that site. You can see the opinions of their clients expressed in the paid survey site's refund rates. This is the key metric that any paid survey review should inform you of. Since low refund rates mean happy, satisfied clients and high refund rates mean many unhappy clients demanding their money back, you want to choose a paid survey guide site with a low (3-

6%) refund rate. Think about that when you visit any paid survey review site or read any paid survey review. A good list is indispensable for making money with paid surveys - no way to make money without one. The ones who offer such good lists are paid survey sites with low refund rates. The paid survey review you want to read is the one that tells you about that. And tells you about which paid survey sites have low refund rates, so you can get their list, make money and join their happy clients.

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