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More and more, market researchers are turning to free online paid surveys to gather consumer preference and opinion information for their corporate clients. These paid surveys are free to those who participate in the surveys and fill out the questionnaires. But they are paid surveys in the sense that the survey participants get paid for their time and trouble. It takes some time and effort to participate in the surveys. To be chosen to participate the survey makers have to know the complete demographic information of the selected participants. They get this information when the would-be future participants apply to be considered for future free online paid surveys. So to qualify, future participants must first apply to the survey maker and give their complete demographic information. This information is transmitted by filling in the data on the application form supplied by the survey maker. Then the participants must accept the surveys offered and fill out the questionnaires to complete the surveys. As you might imagine, almost no one is willing to go through those two steps without some assurance of compensation for their efforts. Now then, all that said and explained, if you want to be a participant and get paid for free online paid surveys, where do you start? You start by finding a good guide company to steer you to the good, reliable survey makers and avoid the pretenders the bad ones and the sales organizations disguised as survey makers who only want to sell to you. Go with a paid survey guide company. You want to be paying your own guide. The "free" guides out there are generally being paid by second rate and worse "survey makers" to bring applicants to them; you will likely end up where you don't want to be. How to identify a good guide company? By size and age (bigger and older is generally better), by recent growth, by the quality of their guarantee and by the lowness of their refund rate. They should offer a money-back guarantee for 60-90 days, backed by a financial company or bank. Their refund rate is most important. The refund rate is the percentage of their members who demanded a refund under the guarantee. A high refund rate indicates many unhappy clients; a low refund rate indicates happy clients. Look for a refund rate that is, ideally, in the 3-5% range. Avoid any company with a refund rate over 10%. When you sign up with your guide company, they will give you a copy of their list of preferred survey makers. You will need to signup with as many of these as possible. They cannot send you free online paid surveys to take unless they know you are there and unless they have your

complete demographic info: age, sex, address, education, hobbies, etc., etc. When they invite you to take a free online paid survey, accept and answer all the questions fully, honestly and to the best of your ability. Respond promptly and you will be sent more surveys. More free online paid surveys will mean more money to you.

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==== ==== Join The #1 Paid Survey Site! ==== ====

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