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P.T.Oh By: Javier Castillo

Since elementary school parent involvement has always been a factor; they take time out of their schedules to help us out. The Parent Teacher Organization or PTO at our school has done more for us that we could have ever imagined. The first year the store was estab lished, a $12,000 deficit that was owed to J. Harding for the manufacturing of school shirts at the time. Problems have always had a way to come up throughout the years since then. The most recent prob-

lem is the most noticeable during lunch time. A time that the store makes its majority of the money, which is directed to whichever class is working in it that week. “It’s crazy”, said Ms. Abrego about the state of the PTO store. The disorganization, the rowdiness, the dirty looks are all the things that the average student has been accustomed to. Most students get frustrated and storm off to the ROTC store or just have to push and shove through everyone, and let’s face it every once in a while people tend to snatch a snack when no one else

is looking. The store actually keeps track of every sale and “lost” goods. Ms. Barrientos, the president of the PTO stresses how we are the ones hurting ourselves. The majority of the snacks are $.50, but in the long run it makes a large difference. Most students don’t know that the PTO isn’t only here to help the school but every student on campus. Every one on campus comes from different financial backgrounds, and the members of the PTO under-


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Beware the shoplifters!

stand that every once in a while people need a lending hand.

Remember Building 7 By: Jose Jimenez

By: Bernice Gonzalez

STAAR: the new tests that will be significantly more rigorous than previous tests and will measure a child’s performance, as well as academic growth. For the 2011-12 freshman, the test is mandatory as it counts against graduation. There are four main subjects: English, Math, History , Science. English is divided into two days; one day reading and the other for writing. Students have up to 4 hours to complete the test. In December it will only be re-testers and in spring those enrolled in their specific subject will take the test. However, for those who did not meet the standards are urged to recommend to take the test in the summer or students will have to meet a certain


score to pass. (Not specified yet.) By the time you graduate there are a total of 15 tests. It is not the district who made the decision, the state of Texas did. By law you can take STAAR as many times you want in order to earn the diploma that alleges with your high school graduation plan.

Study, study study!

Last September marked the 11th anniversary of the attacks on September 11, 2001. Many of us remember that day, and will never forget. There is an emerging organization that wishes to commemorate the loss we experienced, through their website, Their main focus is on World Trade Center Building 7, because many of the victim's family members seek information on the destruction of building 7, since the official report does not mention building 7, the building had a mysterious collapse (no plane or debris hit the building), and the families seek closure. Remember building 7 is a non-partisan campaign led by 9/11 family members to raise awareness of

the destruction of the destruction of World trade Center Building 7 through television and other forms of advertisement. In addition, the organization seeks a new investigation led by the New York City Council and Manhattan's District Attorney. The organization does not seek "conspiracy theory" investigations; they seek a scientific and accurate investigation, perhaps a more comprehensive and updated official report. Their website features several professionals, including first responders, U.S. Armed Forces service members, and engineers who say they aren't conspiracy theorists, but that they seek answers as to what happened to building 7. (Continued on page 10)


Our Near to Death Experience at the Reagan Blood Drive By: Isaac Rodriguez and Lazaria Jackson

T.A.G, You’re Pointless By: Wendy Rodriguez

If you’re a sophomore, a junior, or even a senior, you know about Reagan and homerooms. Last year, we had a lot of weird days when we would have advocacy and it was just so confusing! At times, not even the teachers knew we were having advocacy until the day of, which then caused us to sit in a room doing nothing.This year H.I.S.D. has really been trying to push for more literacy in the classroom. Dog T.A.G. was created for just this reason. Dog T.A.G. was created to promote literacy by making teachers give students work or sometimes plays or poems students have to read out loud. Some students, you haven’t even seen the work yet. The “T.A.G.” in Dog T.A.G. stands for Teacher Advisory Group. At first everyone was confused about why it was after first period, shouldn’t it be first? Because it seems a bit strange for a school to have advocacy as second period, instead of having it first right after the first bell for class rings. Last year (and years before that) the announcements would actually take a lot of time from our second period class, so now we can actually listen to the announcements and not have to do a warm up at the same time. Unless, of course,

you’re in a room where the speakers are busted or a lot of students talk over the announcements, sometimes even both. Some teachers (who shall remain anonymous) have admitted to not giving out the work because they think it’s a bit unnecessary, other teachers give out the work but don’t force them to it. I don’t think this makes them bad people, they just have other things they have to do than to teach students about synonyms (which honestly you should probably already know) or read some [INSANELY] cheesy play about going back to school (“The new girl in my first period is my new BFF” Do people even talk like that?) Students also think Dog T.A.G is unnecessary, but later also admitted they use it for homework. Well, at least the homework is getting done, even though we’re not really at home… An activity that I found useful was that some teachers gave students kind of like a credit check, for high school graduation, making students check for what credits they had and what credits they needed. But really, Dog T.A.G. so far is just a study hall.

Working hardly, or hardly working?

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Our experience at the Blood Drive was intense. Those needles were so huge. As it pierced my skin I immediately started to die. I thought my life was over. There was just so much blood coming out of me thought they were going to take all my blood out. I didn’t want my blood to fill up the whole bag because I thought that I was going to pass out, vomit, or even worse die. As I looked to my left there was Lazaria, scared for her life, like if it was ending. I told her to calm down and that everything was going to be ok. She was so scared to donate blood but I reminded her it was for a good cause. Each pint of blood would save three lives and donating blood for a cause The pain! like that gives us great personal satisfaction. When I told Lazaria about that she felt a little more relaxed and happy that she was going to save three lives. When it was time for us to go to the nurse's bed and donate our blood. Lazaria and I were so scared when we saw the needle that was going to go through our skin. We laid down and the nurse gave us a ball to squeeze every 5 seconds so our blood could flow easily from our arm into the bag.

The nurses prepared us, then leeched us with the needle and Lazaria screamed with pain (well not really). I stared at Lazaria and I started laughing because she was in pain. She turned her head glaring at me telling me to shut up and that she hoped that the nurse would trip on my tubes and that the needle would pull out of my skin, start spilling blood everywhere and I would die. What she said freaked me out and had me on lookout for when the nurses walked by. Five minutes has passed and we were done. I was ok and didn't f e e l anything wr o n g . I turned around and I saw that Lazaria was a little dizzy, to the point where she looked kind of drunk. She looked like she couldn't walked by herself, so from the goodness of my heart I helped her walk to the rest area so she could finally relax. I got some snacks and Gatorade for both us, so we could stay hydrated and prevents ourselves from passing out, barfing, and could end up dying.

Better Late than Never? By: Jasmine Campbell

There's been quite a bit of buzz about all the changes being made here at Reagan, including the new schedule we have recently adopted. In our 2011-2012 school year, we only stayed until 3:40. Now with a full seven periods students are here until 4:15. This new schedule conflicted with my AP Calculus BC course. It meant a lot to me that I was one of the few eligible for the course. I worked extremely hard in my Pre-AP Pre-Cal class and to be recognized was an honor. I take pride in being able to handle the most advanced classes, but unfortunately this extended day gave me no option but to drop it. I was chosen by my remarkable PreAP PreCal teacher, Mr. Tan, to take Calculus BC (which is further more than Calculus AB) my senior year. Other high schools with a block schedule require 2 periods of Calculus BC, which equal to an hour and a half of instructional time every day. Therefore, the commitment at Reagan required staying after to school for an extra 45 minutes just to equal that time. At the time, I had no clue the schedule would change and I accepted the commitment, but then I realized that staying after school for 45 minutes meant that I would heading home after 5:00 which puts me right in the middle of traffic. There was no way possible that I could afford to do that every day. Rumor had it that our school day was not long enough according state law. Both Ms. Berger and Mr. Michaels-Johnson confirm that this was true. We had one of the shortest school days in HISD. Ms. Berger said that she felt this was a disservice to the students and decided to incorporate our new TAG period. The school's goal for this "intervention period" is to give At least we don’t have students who are behind or need help a set time during the day to get that to wake up earlier. help without interfering with any other classes. Students who are right on track can use that time to get important things done, such as homework, or seniors can apply for colleges, scholarships, financial aid, etc. Both Mr. Michaels-Johnson and Ms. Berger decided not to go with an earlier start time because of district transportation issues. An out-of-zone Magnet student and HISD bus driver would have to be up at the crack of dawn if the school day started earlier. Berger and Michaels-Johnson had to consider how much more difficult that would be for the bus routes to organize getting us to school so early. Ms. Berger said that we were receiving enough instructional time. We basically just needed a longer day and it was more convenient to integrate our homeroom during the day so that the students are already in school. Athletics and co-op were the only other issues administrators were concerned about because of the longer school day. Athletes have to leave class even earlier than last year because of the TAG period, whereas schools that are ending around 2:30 have plenty of time to get ready without cutting into instructional time. Co-op now ends later than last year, which is a problem for the employers. So the administrators came up with the "zero hour." Its purpose is to allow those students to receive credit for their fourth period class on apex. They’re required to get to school earlier so that they can leave to work at an appropriate time. Reagan has what is called an SDMC, Shared Decision-Making Committee. This committee is made up of teachers, administrators, parents, and representative(s) of the community who were consulted about the schedule change. All approved of the school's extended schedule.

Page 5

Dress Accordingly


By: Carol Hernandez

Reagan dress code policy this year has not changed much from the previous years except for the new all khaki bottoms rule. Students must now dress out in khaki pants, shorts, skirts or jeans. The transition to an all khaki pants school has not been easy. Students had to go purchase new bottoms to wear as well as the regulated grey, white and maroon shirts. This caused difficulties for some students. Senior Cassandra Guzman said, “It’s a waste of money, because we’re seniors and I don’t see the point of khakis if next year we’re going to college. Khakis won’t benefit us since were paying money for something that we really don’t need.” Khakis are acceptable and even standard professional dress, but Guzman said, “No, I don’t think so. The colleges I want to go to have free dress wear and we don’t have to wear khakis.” In the past three years, khaki pants were a stable uniform staple in our dress code. The decision to remove both the jeans and black pants was decided on early

Pay Up Seniors By: Bernice Gonzalez

Senior class officers who have been here from the start (freshman year) have worked hard and succeeded in raising enough money for our class. At the moment we have enough money so that our dues can stay at $250.00. If it were not for the fundraising, we would be looking at $300-350 worth of senior dues. Arrangements can be made with Ms. Galindo about making 2 payments on the following dates; October 19 Page 6

spring by a special committee compiled by staff, students, parents, and the community. Other schools such as Hamilton and Hogg Middle school also factored into the decision making. When Hamilton seized their blue jean policy, Reagan did the same. In the past three years, many faculty and staff complained that students would cause a distraction with their dress in the learning environment. The advantage of having a uniform allows students to be in a safe environment as Ms. Berger said. With an increased number of students, it is a lot easier to identify visitors by the swarm of maroon, grey, and white. Ms. Ford, AP of the Health and Science Academy, also mentions ownership: being a part of Reagan. Although the uniform policy might be a little stricter, students are still allowed to have their individuality.

and December 7, they can either be made by cash or money order. From portion of the money the 2-3 days of spirit week fundraising occur for our class. Final decisions have been made for our prom theme which was ‘Oriental (Asian) Theme’ and also our senior shirts have been decided. If any questions regarding about our senior shirts feel free to talk to Ms. Paine in the Fine Arts academy. Our senior dues pay for prom tickets for you and a guest, senior picnic, panoramic picture, yearbook, senior shirts and a gift with memorabilia. If you don’t pay these dues you will not

Several students may still complain about the importance of having a stricter dress code, however they were responsible for making the change. The biggest complaint that teachers and staff had about bottoms were the ripped and shredded jeans. While this might seem minor, the staff felt that students were getting away from the learning to focus on current fashion trends. Many factors were considered by the committee such as the convenience khakis give to students. Khakis are easy to find and there are many shades to choose from. Uniforms so far this year have not been a problem Assistant Principals said mention that students are doing an excellent job at following the policy.

be able to attend these fun activities that are planned for the seniors.

CLASS OF 2013!

WHAT CLUB DO YOU BELONG TO? Student Council Plan out school events that help raise money for your class. ng eei cle? s f ed o recy Tir e not pl peo


Do you want to me new face?


DECA focuses on marketing and entrepreneurship through its yearly competitions.

Prepare yourself in the business field by taking leadership programs as well as completing community service hours.

Ecology Club


Every Friday after school help members take out teacher recycling bins for community service hours.


BPA guides you into the business management field though attending meetings and competitions.

Are you business oriented?

joy t u en ts? o y Do ar fine

Drama Club Ever dream of being famous? Be part of a main stage production. Actors must be committed and reliable.

euts du d t s e Kann lesen?

Archaeology Club Learn about ancient history as well as getting a personal feel about history. Joining will give you perks such as going to museums as well as meeting university professors.

ant to Do you w ver redisco faith?


Christian Student Union more you n? e r A so hand

German Club Meet once a week to learn more about German culture. Anyone is welcome although German speaking students are preferred. This club also prepares for yearly competitions. Page 7


All denominations are welcome. Students learn to respect and love one another as well as to grow together with the Lord.

No experience needed in design and programming. Anybody can be a part of robotics.

Reagan Overflows with Students By: Jerald Powell

Currently there are 2141 students enrolled in Reagan. The student growth increased because Reagan is trying to advance, Mr. Everline said. The advantages of having more students: Reagan has a better chance of obtaining recognized status and colleges will begin to look at students from here. The disadvantages: lunch lines are larger, Classes are full and most of the seats are taken; it’s harder to learn when you have 30 students in a classroom at one time, and it’s less time for teachers to teach, because they are busy helping students. Some students suggest that each class

should have at least 2 teachers. Students said that at Reagan, you can’t even move when exiting and entering buildings and that the hardest

places to get through are the bridge in between the A and M buildings, the A building entrance, the PTO store at A & B lunch and the main stairs in the A building. Students have said they’ve been late to class, tripped and pushed in

the hallways before getting to classes due to the student overflows. Students are saying that it’s really getting out of hand and the APs should do something about this. Mr. Everline said that Reagan is continuing to advance in academics and as long as we keep advancing, Reagan will grow. He also says that Reagan is moving in the right direction. Reagan students come from all over Houston. Mr. Everline said that we

need to inform the students about the back stars and other ways to get to class on the school website and in posters. Mr. Everline said that even though the school is crowded, he was not expecting dropouts because dropping out is not an option.

Stop Stepping on My Shoes! By: Jose Jimenez

Reagan classes have increased in size, and the halls have grown noticeably more crowded. Many returning students have noticed that getting to class takes a bit longer than it used to. With more crowded hallways and a limited passing period of 5 minutes some people have resorted to using alternate paths to get to their class. The traffic congestion problem can be addressed with simple solutions everyone can take to make getting to class faster.

Page 8

Keep to the right. Keeping to the right minimizes running in the oncoming crowd. It also prevents overcrowding in areas like the bridge, or near the stairs, as long as people maintain to one side. This is perhaps the most important point: the flow of students would be much faster if everyone sticks to the right.  Don’t block exits or doors. Sounds easy, but many people still do it. With exits free of obstruction, people can get to class much easier.

Use the door on the side aren’t in a hurry, don’t be a road block. If you you are walking. Many walk slowly, people use the oppodon’t walk in the site door and, usumiddle of oncomally people are coming traffic. ing out of it. Stick to the doors on the With these easy right (yes, even if solutions, we should it means opening see Reagan’s them). crowded hallways  Avoid standimprove. ing in the middle of the hallway. Don’t Don’t be a ‘road block’. you get tired of trying to get to class on time and have to wait for people to move out of the way? If you



Go Band!

By: Johnny Zapata

By: Nathalie Olivan

UIL (University Interscholastic League) is a competition that tests your knowledge of a certain subject, whether it’s history, science, math or other subjects. The tests vary by subject but basically you take a test once a month to test your knowledge on a subject. Students can compete in several different events as long as none of them conflict or occur at the same time. In spring the UIL team goes to District and competes against other schools in HISD. If you do well enough you move on to Regionals. In Regionals you compete against other

According to Mr. Lee, “Everyone is welcome.” Although everyone is welcome, it takes effort, determination and plenty of commitment. Former Reagan student Papop Kumponkanj a n a s a i d , “Knowledge and patience” when asked what it takes to be part of the UIL. Reagan students have the opportunity to join in whichever categories they like: math, social studies, science, language arts, and Spanish. UIL is currently recruiting new members to join and be a part of the family. Inter-

2012 UIL Team

schools in Southwest Texas, success will guarantee going to state. To other students, UIL is not just a competition, but it is a family. Arlenne González de la Rosa said, “UIL at Reagan is like a family, we all know each other and we all help each other, UIL also helps us excel in academics.” Larry Tuttle said, “It’s a way to learn and have fun and meet new friends, it also looks good on a college application.” Page 9

e s t e d students are more than welcome to talk to Mr. Lee and Mr. Tan for Math, Ms. Vodehnal for Science, Mr. High for Social Studies, Ms. Mendoza for Spanish, and Mr. Krause for Language Arts.

The Marching Band started off a great year with many exciting things headed their way this season, including a new competition that they could not participate in before. It all begins with new officers. The officers for the upcoming marching season are chosen and announced during the music department banquet the school year before. Some of the officers are, Drum Major: Damian Luna, Assistant Drum Major: Amanda Salmon, and Drum Captain: Cesar De La Portilla. For the past two years the band chose music from Cirque Du Soleil. Cirque Du Soliel defines themselves as a mix of dramatic circus arts and street performances. This year however the band chose Phantasm, the amazing music by J.S. Bach. He was a German composer born in 1685 and lived until 1750. Not only is the band the halftime entertainment but they will also be participating in five competitions

SAT LAB By: Nathalie Olivan

The new S.A.T. Lab here at Reagan is a class run by Mr. Rhoden and has actual life benefits. This class could help you increase your S.A.T. score, which could get you more scholarship money, into a better college, and eventually more money over a lifetime. Also this class is

this semester. One of those competitions is in Brenham, Texas on October 13. The bulldog band is not just going to compete, but also to observe and learn from other bands. Brenham is the competition that they could not perform in the past years; Brenham has a reputation for only allowing good bands. Reagan Marching band was finally accepted after many years. “At first they wouldn’t even return out phone calls” said band director Mr. Bellatti. “The Band is full of good kids having fun while participating in an activity that supports the school” said Mr. Bellatti. A lot of students are also fans. Junior, Edgar Olan who said he is a big fan of the Marching Band.” There are a couple of ways to support the band, One way is by buying the theme shirts , which will be sold soon at the varsity football game and are approved Reagan wear. The other way of supporting the band is by buying the snacks sold after school by the band room in the G building.

free unlike other S.A.T. workshops. In his class Mr. Rhoden teaches how the S.A.T is structured and helps you improve your score with his many tips and techniques. Mr. Rhoden also has S.A.T. Prep sessions from 7:30 to 8:30 and during both lunches in room A115. His goal is to make Reagan #1in high S.A.T. scores. He says (Continued on page 10)

National Honor Society Seeks Improvement By: Jasmine Campbell

In my sophomore year I was given the chance to be a part of the school’s elite, the Reagan High School National Honor Society. In order to be eligible, you are required to be an honors student with outstanding school records, a grade point average of at least a 3.5, and no lower than an “S” in conduct in all classes. I saw this as an opportunity to improve my image as a student and be a part of a respected organization. I knew it would also be a large commitment. The requirements are to maintain your GPA, outstanding records, and conduct grade, all while completing 15 hours of community service a semester and staying involved by making it to every meeting possible, helping with fundraisers, and helping improve the organization as a whole. I soon realized that the organization was much less organized than I had originally assumed. The officers had high hopes and great intentions, but due to the changing of sponsors from Mr. Derry to Mr. McSweeney, many parts became confusing. Meetings were chaotic, unannounced, and pointlessly short. Documents were lost in transition. Members never

really knew if they had into the beginning of our missed too many meet- senior year establishing new ings to still be a part or if rules and requirements. they should just go any- This includes more frequent ways. There was no meetings to ensure a stable backup plan for members communication system with who could not make it to the members. We also intethe meetings. The infor- grated a policy stating a mation simply had to be maximum number of meetrelated from a friend. ings a member is allowed to Seniors ended up having miss before we add addito pay full price for their tional hours to the commugraduanity service t i o n req uirement cords or completely due to remove them insuffifrom the orcient ganization. If funds. a member Lastly, must miss we we did have incorponot or- NHS President: rated a der any Alondra Ponce backup plan spirit for those stushirts to represent our- dents to meet with us during selves around campus. It their lunch. We decided on a was incredibly disap- more reliable sign in sheet. pointing to me. Then a suggestions box for However, by the end of community service hours so my junior year at one of that the students to have or NHS’s last meetings I know about volunteer opwas nominated to be an portunities may help those officer along with a few who do not. We’re also of my other peers with pushing for more fundraiswhom I get along with ers so that we will not have great. I was nominated to pay upfront for our honfor Historian. I made a ors cords. These should be a speech to the 2011-2012 reward to us. members and was We want our members to elected at the National feel as if they’ve worked for Honor Society’s annual and accomplished somebanquet. Alexia Pena thing in being a part of our was elected Parlia- organization. For these ammentarian, along with bitions to be carried out, we Teresa Colunga as the officers must also be on Treasurer, Saira top of our duties. We plan to Guillen as Secretary, keep meetings in order, have Citlali Guerrero as a close eye on the members Vice President, and who are and aren’t keeping Alondra Ponce their commitment, and preas President. serving the honorable repuWe have met tation of our chapter. We’ll periodically do whatever it takes to make through the this year in National Honor summer and Society a productive one. Mr. McSweeney: NHS Sponser Page 10

SAT Lab (Continued from page 9)

that Reagan is #4 now but he will bring us to the top and the rub it in Bellaire and Lamar’s faces. “You like apples? How about these apples!”said Mr. Rhoden Mr. Rhoden wasn’t always a S.A.T. teacher. He was a Play it smart coach at Milby H i g h School. He was Are you ready for the SAT? there for four years. Play It Smart is “an educational program targeted at high school football players from economically disadvantaged environments where family and community support are often lacking.” He equaled parts mentor, advocate, counselor, teacher, coach, and friend. We are glad to have him here as much as like he likes being here. Mr. Rhoden said Reagan has a better staff and students than Milby High School.

Remember Building 7 (Continued from page 3)

While there are many popular conspiracy theories, such as the viral YouTube video, "WTC7This is an Orange" and the documentary "9/11: Explosive Evidence- Experts Speak out" , the National institute of Standards and Technology has investigated conspiracy theories and rejected claims made by them. Remember building 7 seeks a government led investigation to debunk any possibly conspiracy theories and get factual Information. The families of those affected focus on building 7, due to it being the least investigated on the official report, and the nature of its collapse. Perhaps a new investigation can ease any doubts we may have.

S P OR T S Varsity Blitz By: Lazaria Jackson

Reagan is kicking this year off with a blast. Friday night at Barnett stadium Reagan defeated Jones high school 38 to 18. Coach Dixon has pride in his players this season. Coach Dixon said, “I have

a feeling that this season will be great, I believe in my team.” Reagan varsity player Jalen Wells and Tyron Washington shine over most players with their strengths during the game. Last year season, Reagan High School went to the third round of the playoffs for the first time unfortunately we didn’t go as far as

Page 11

we wanted. The team last year was excited and proud of themselves and where other students at Reagan high school. Some season previews are Reagan vs Wheatley, Reagan vs Davis, Reagan vs Sharpstown. One player Malik Collins said, “I’m confident in the games we have coming up because I know that we are better than those other teams we are up against this season.” Reagan student, Kianna Jackson said, “The team has gotten better over the years and they should keep it up. I will also try to attend more games to give them some support, and I’m excited to see what they bring.”

Color Guard Returns to Reagan By: Isaac Rodriguez

Color Guard is the combination of dance and the ability to put a combination of moves together while using a flag rifle and/or saber. Color Guard is also the visual effect of the music that the band plays. The Color Guard is lead by their coach, Daniel Martinez. This year the Color Guard Team has 11 members in the team and all are representing our fighting Bulld o g s . They’re a l s o planning to dance in parades and whenever they get things together they will eventually do performances during both A and B lunch.

Sergio Cardona said, “Color Guard is important because it is the story of the music the band plays and it shows all the mixed emotions with the different colored guards.” If you want to be in the Color Guard Team just wait until the end of the year for tryouts or if they have winter guard this year they might do another tryouts. So don't get your hopes up too soon. Vanessa Sanchez said, "They wear too much make up and red lipstick,” while Juan Leija said, "They're cute". Sergio Cardona ended with saying ,"it takes a lot of work, focus, and strength to be in Color Guard."

Football Scoreboard AWAY









North Forest









Page 12

Page 13




Miss Guided has several years of experience in helping teenagers with their problems. She is currently accepting new questions for next month’s issue. Please submit them to



Gremlins have invaded my backpack and they’re eating all my homework, pencil, pens and my planner, how do I get rid of them without damaging any of my school supplies. No More Gremlins Girl

My teacher keeps giving us complicated homework sheets and for every answer we get wrong we turn more and more into an animal, my lower half is now a pig, what do I do.? Donald the Pig Boy Its very simple Don, can I call you Don? You must slay your teacher with a weapon forged from a bone of his ancestor and pierce his heart. Once you have performed the ancient ritual, you will regain your humanity. Or you could just study harder and ask for help.

Gather fertilizer, bleach and baking soda, stir it in your cauldron for 3 days and 3 nights, when its done, pour it into your bag. The Gremlins won’t know what’s happening and will get scared, so maybe just kicking it would suffice.

Album Releases By: Javier Castillo

Cruel Summer, an album under the G.O.O.D. music label, officially released on September 18th 2012. It was in production for over a year and since then gained much attention from fans of Kanye West. The album consisted of a 12-song track list, 5 of which the public had already heard as singles, with the likes of Big Sean, Kid Cudi, and Pusha T, and more. This collaborative project came together by the end of the album. “To the

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world”, a booming track with a cheerful and catchy melody, thanks to the likes of R. Kelly and Kanye West, gives off this vibe and builds up the anticipation for the songs to come. But for those that have been keeping up with the singles already released played on the radio and internet, be ready to hear those over-played songs (“Mercy”, “New God Flow”, and “Don’t

Like”) that interrupt the whole atmosphere. Once that can be overlooked, the 60+ minutes of playback is quite enjoyable. The album digit a l l y leaked on the early hours of September 13th, 2012. Majority of the fans were still sleeping, but for those major fans I’m sure the loss of sleep was worth it. Hardcopies weren’t released

until a week later. From the night it hit the internet, tracks had been dissected and reviewed by fans and continue to be. So did the leak affect album sales in any way? The album is projected to sell roughly around 170,000 to 200,000 digital/physical copies by the 23rd of September. I’m certain that it wasn’t a complete miss, Kanye West always has some sort of way to induce influence on the people, it could end up to be more than what is expected.

What’s in Your Bag? By: Wendy Rodriguez

“My bag is filled with random stuff that I didn’t even know I had.” Kate Kollar

Someone has gym… SAT Practice A webcam?

70 Sheet Notebook $10.00 credit of League of Legends Three pencil cases?

Give me Limits of Give me Death! Created by Mr. ‘Crazy Asian’ Lee

Problem1: Find the sum of the absolute values of all integral values of x that make following expression prime:

Submit your solutions to Mr. ‘Crazy Asian’ Lee @ A278 There is a cool prize for the first and best solutions.

(x2-5x)2-34 Problem2: All the students in Mr. Tan’s first period class are in UIL academic teams. 14 students are in math team. 12 students are in science team. 11 students are in social study team. Only 2 students are in all 3 teams. 12 students are in exactly 2 teams. How many students are in Mr. Tan’s first period class?

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BULLETIN BOARD The UIL Math team meets Mondays and Wednesdays 4:15-5:30 pm. All students are welcome to join. In due time, the senior math team may also meet on Fridays after school, but only by invitation.

The Ecology Club is in charge of the school garden, and collects the recycling from school. We meet every Friday after school.

Interact/Key Club Meets every Monday. We focus on international community service projects. We are in coordination with and supported largely by the Heights Rotary Club.

C.S.U is the Christian Student Union, it’s a group that consists of various denominations that share their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. We’re group of young people who believe in being doers of the Word and not hearer only. James 1:22 The club meets twice a week Tuesday and Thursday, 8:00-8:30am in room A153. Dues: NO CHARGE, membership is always open whosoever will, let them come. We are looking for students who are enthusiastic, full of energy, and caring.



The Robotics club will meet three times per week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – after school to prepare for the Fall suite of competitions. This fall, we are participating in the VEX Robotics competition and the FTC Robotics competition. FRC will begin in the spring.

The Go-Center is providing SAT Mock tests every Saturday from 8:30-12:30, and also providing free SAT workshops before school and during both lunches in room A115 with Mr. Rhoden.

DECA is a business Organization at Reagan High School; sponsors are Eretta Batts and Ross Cullins. We will meet once a month on Thursdays at 8:00 am in the Teaching Theater. DECA’s fundraiser is the School Store near the practice gym. DECA members are

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