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The Law Of Compounding Effect One of the laws of suggestions is the more someone activates the suggestion, the more they experience what you say as being true, the easier the response to further suggestions and the opposite is also true. When a suggestion fails, there is a tendency if they start losing faith in you that all of them will fail. And this is the key thing, it's only if they lose faith in you and you have some lovely area to maneuver within that. So the first way that you can prevent people losing faith is using this little technique, which is to present suggestions in such a way that they ultimately make the meaning. You don’t tell them what specific memory to think of, just that it's a happy one. So whichever one they select, as long as it's happy, they're right in there and they go, “Wow! Well, he made me do this so he's a good hypnotist.” The other thing you can do, and this is slightly more advanced, is that even if you mess up some kind of suggestion, you maybe take a few steps too far ahead and they can't activate it, for example as we did with the arm levitation, some of you didn’t experience the arm levitation. Well, if that happens, then your job is to move right along as if nothing particularly important happened and you have something to your advantage as a hypnotist. Nobody else, apart from you, knows exactly what you're trying to achieve. So if something doesn’t quite work out the way you want it to, as long as you act as though nothing in particular, or nothing serious happened or everything is going according to plan, they won't know any better. As far as they're concerned you just prepared the mind in some way. You’ve done your preparation and you’ve moved on. So the capacity for people to forget failures is phenomenal and it works in your favor but only if you maintain your cool, and if something doesn’t quite work out the way you want it to you are flexible enough to make changes, to move in a different direction. And that is part of the power of a hypnotist is the ability to be flexible so you can try different approaches. You now have had seven different examples of seven different styles of suggestion causing seven different slightly different effects. Now, suggestion styles can be multiple and varied. The effects can be multiple and varied. But just focusing your attention on these core principles basically words can affect the mind. Pictures can affect the mind. Words and pictures can affect the mind in a different subsystem, the way you feel, the muscles the way they move, the way you experience things, the way you hallucinate stuff, the way that you have thoughts and experiences (for example memories), all these things are within your repertoire as a hypnotist to suggest and have an impact on. Now take all these lessons. Think about what you’ve learned and most important of all, start playing with these suggestion experiments with everyone you get a chance to. Just use them as little party pieces or as curious little psychological facts and introduce them into normal conversations just to see how different people respond. Click here to have more details.

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