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Reasons Fon Teen Substance Abuse By

What is Teen Substance Abuse ?

 Teenage is an age of great turmoil.  Most of the teens get addicted to drug at this age.  Substance use and abuse is a widespread issue.  It affects the life.  Various diseases occur due to teenage substance abuse.

Reasons for Teen Substance Abuse

Teenage is a time of experimentation. At this stage parents get worried about their teens as they try to make use of new things like alcohol, drugs etc.Teenage substance abuse is a matter of great concern as because substance abuse may cause mental depression. There are various reasons for teen drug abuse.  Culture.  Friends Influence.  Self Medicate.


 Culture is one of the reasons for teen substance abuse.  American teens live in a culture that promotes substance abuse.  Media also acts as an influencing factor .  The teens who are more vulnerable gets digest to it.

Friends Influence

 Due to the increased need of social connections, one gets abused to drug.  At this stage they forget about their own health.  Less self assured teen has a huge tendency to use substances.  Lastly the friends influence the teen to abuse them.

Self Medicate

 In order to cope up with difficult feelings, teens also use substance abuse.  Teenage is an age of great turmoil.  Many things happen in this age.  Substances can be used to escape difficult feelings.

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Causes for Teen Substance Abuse  

Substance abuse brings great effect on health. A PDF is made by focussing on the various types of teen...

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