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Congressman Ron Kind presents College Affordability Action Plan By Stephanie Koss Senior Reporter

On Monday, Feb. 8, one of Wisconsin’s congressmen, congressman Ron Kind, was on the UW-La Crosse campus in regards to the Student Loan Debt Listening Session that was held in the Cameron Hall of Nations in Centennial Hall. Recently, Ron Kind has released his College Affordability Action Plan in order to create fairness and opportunity for students at Wisconsin universities, and it could have large potential impacts for UW-L students. This plan, which is comprehensive plan to make college more affordable for Wisconsin students, includes five key elements: • The Government Shouldn’t Profit from Student Loans • Allow People to Refinance Student Loans – Like Mortgages • Extend and Expand Tax Incentives to Increase College Affordability for Students and Families • Make Sure Students Have Access to Affordable Job Training Programs • Permanently Extend the Perkins Loan Program

It’s no secret that college is becoming increasingly expensive every year, and Kind wants to continue addressing and discussing this ever-increasing issue with his new plan. He presented some striking statistics regarding college debt. The average loan debt after obtaining a four-year degree in Wisconsin is $28,000, a total amount of $1.2 trillion nationwide for student loan debt. This is the first time EVER that the total student

“Any student that aspires to attend college should be able to attend, regardless of socioeconomic background. There is more and more pressure in today’s society to attend college, and it’s becoming increasingly necessary to have a college education if you want to be successful. Financial insufficiency should not hold people back from making this happen.” Ron Kind Wisconsin Congressman loan debt amount has surpassed credit card debt.

U.S. Rep. Kind would like to address this problem partly by allowing college graduates a 20-year time limit for loan repayment. The monthly amount would be adjusted to fit your income so that you wouldn’t be paying more than you can afford. After 20 years, whatever you have remaining on your loans would be forgiven and you would not be required to pay the rest back. Kind also mentioned expansion of grant availability and work-study opportunities to aid lower-income students in financing their college educations. “Any student that aspires to attend college should be able to attend, regardless of socioeconomic background. There is more and more pressure in today’s society to attend college, and it’s becoming increasingly necessary to have a college education if you want to be successful. Financial insufficiency should not hold people back from making this happen,” said Kind. Kind also discussed his idea of refinancing student loans to allow students to have a lower interest rate pegged to their loans. “People working on Wall Street have an interest rate that is at the very bottom of the barrel – 0.5% to be exact. Why shouldn’t students have the

same low interest rates? We need to start allowing the people who have the greatest

“People working on Wall Street have an interest rate that is at the very bottom of the barrel – 0.5% to be exact. Why shouldn’t students have the same low interest rates? We need to start allowing the people who have the greatest need for low interest rates to have access to them.” Ron Kind Wisconsin Congressman need for low interest rates to have access to them,” said Kind. Kind had much success in 2015 regarding his college affordability accomplishments, and he plans to extend these accomplishments into the 2016 year with his new action plan. If you would like to read his full College Affordability Action Plan, visit the following link: http://kind.house.gov/uploads/ CAAP%202016%20Info%20Sheet.pdf.

Big Band Cabaret jazzes up Valhalla By Mary Purdy Copy Editor

On Saturday, Feb. 13, UW-La Crosse’s Tuxedo Dance Orchestra and Black Coat Jazz Band performed at the 29th Annual Big Band Cabaret. This annual event filled Valhalla with the jazz music of Les Brown, Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller and Count Basie. Both jazz ensembles are under the direction of Senior Lecturer of Music and Director of Jazz Studies Ms. Karyn Quinn. To set the scene, audience members

“The event brings together the community, faculty, and students. It has music and dancing, and it’s a great escape.” Dr. Christopher Frye Music Department Chairman enjoyed listening to the music and dancing. Professional dancers Stan and Molly

Britelow were invited to perform and teach audience members how to swing, samba and salsa dance. Mrs. and Mr. Britelow are ballroom, swing and Latin dancers from Winona and traveled to La Crosse for the event. The multiple activities at the event created an energetic and lively atmosphere for the audience members and performers. When I asked UW-L Music Department chairman Dr. Christopher Frye why people come to this annual event each year, he stated, “The event brings together the community, faculty, and students. It has music and dancing, and it’s a great escape.” Guest artists shared the stage with both ensembles to show off their vocal talents. After she performed, I asked senior music education student Catherine Purdy what it felt like to perform at the event. Purdy responded, “It was a once in a lifetime experience. I felt like I was Doris Day. I was very fortunate and grateful that I could have the opportunity.” Purdy sang Doris Day’s hit, Sentimental Journey, accompanied by the Tuxedo Dance Orchestra. In addition to Ms. Purdy, senior music

student Emilee Walbrun and musician Tim Henke also joined the big bands to sing classic jazz tunes. Walbrun captured the audiences’ attention with her lovely voice and charm by singing, It’s Been A Long, Long Time. If you know the voice of Frank Sinatra, you would love to listen to Henke sing a jazz tune. His voice resembles Sinatra’s unique sound and spark. He performed Sinatra’s famous

“Playing for Big Band Cabaret is always so much fun! We revive a lot of the classics, and it’s great to see the community come to dance and support our program.” Anton Lenertz Senior Music Education Student standard’s, Just The Way You Look Tonight and You Make Me Feel So Young. This was not the first time Henke has performed at a UW-L Jazz Program. He sang and played the drums at Swinging Yuletide this past December.

All proceeds from ticket sales and generous donations from the event help support music scholarships for students in the UW-L Jazz Program. Most of the big band members in both ensembles are on scholarship and appreciate the support from faculty and community members. Senior music education student Anton Lenertz has played in the event for the last four years. Lenertz said, “Playing for Big Band Cabaret is always so much fun! We revive a lot of the classics, and it’s great to see the community come to dance and support our program.” Lenertz plays saxophone in the Tuxedo Dance Orchestra. With the diverse selection of pieces and performances by the instrumentalists and vocalists, Big Band Cabaret was an entertaining and enjoyable experience. If you are interesting in more events hosted by the UW-L Jazz Programs or Music Department, you can visit the events and performances page on the Music Departments website. You should remember this event for next year to bring your sweetheart or friends for a Valentine’s Day date.

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Thursday, february 18, 2016

Can’t stop, won’t stop By Eagan Norman Staff Reporter

Miley Cyrus has been in the spotlight ever since she became the star of the TV show Hannah Montana, but since she has grown up and left her Disney roots behind, she has become a topic of controversy. Since 2013, she has been releasing songs and establishing herself in the public eye as somewhat perverse and deeply involved in the party scene. Because of this, many people have written Miley off as a negative influence, and someone who isn’t fit to be a good role model. Does all this partying in the USA really make her a person that people shouldn’t look up to though? As a college student who has seen enough of what the media puts out into the world, I can’t say that I’ve ever been very phased with Miley’s negative actions. At some point, I believe that we all come to the realization that celebrities are going to do what they

want to do, and if that is partying all of the time, that’s their own business. Unfortunately, due to her history with Disney channel, she is known to many as the innocent Miley Cyrus from Hannah Montana, and for kids who are fairly impressionable, they may find it acceptable to partake in the lifestyle of a partier. As someone who intends on being a parent someday, I don’t think that I would ever point her out to one of my children and say, “Grow up to be like her and I’ll be happy” (although I will love my children regardless of how they turn out when they grow up). In my opinion, she’s not fit to be a role model for the kids who are in the target age group for shows like Hannah Montana. However, that doesn’t mean that she’s not fit to be a role model. I believe that whether she intended to or not, she remained fit to be a role model for the generation of kids who grew up watching Hannah Montana in a different way: teaching us that

“Miley Cyrus [...] teaching us that it’s okay to be ourselves. ” it’s okay to be ourselves. Many people criticize Miley for being a rowdy individual who is surrounded by a negative public image. However, she exudes confidence in whatever she is doing, and isn’t worried about what people are saying about her. In a lot of interviews, she can be quoted saying that she is aware of what she is doing and does not care about what people say about her actions. Now this isn’t always the best way to go about one’s life, but I believe that we can all take a page out of her book here. In day to day life, most people worry about what people will think of their outfit, or their ideas, or their dreams and they lock away a part of their real self. If people stopped living to conform to others standards and did what made them happy, I believe that the world we live in would be just

By Megan Poczos Staff Reporter

Netflix instead of cable, ramen noodles instead of real food and designer sweatpants instead of designer jeans—these are all typical sacrifices college students make daily. It is no secret that the average college kid has almost no money to their name, but have we ever actually took a look as to why that is?

First, there are the basic school funds that take up a lot of a student’s cash. Books, housing and general tuition are what gobble up the most out of your wallet at one time. Depending on the school and if scholarships are a factor, college tuition these days can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $60,000 on average. This makes sense as to why college students may not have extra cash a lot of the time. However, if a student takes out a student loan, they usually don’t have to start paying that bill until after they graduate, or until they’ve been out of classes for six consecutive months. But there are definitely other reasons as to why students are broke. A lot of the time it is easy to forget that most college kids are just starting out in life, and have not have any kind of salary or even any kind of steady income. They have not had time to save up for the kinds of spending we see adults making all the time, such as cars, apartments or houses and other spend-y purchases. Another important aspect of college that terrorizes students’ wallets is entertainment, extra food, and alcohol. While students

don’t generally spend $200 worth of their hard-earned, somewhatsparse cash at the movies in one night, it is easy to spend $10 here and $20 there. This kind of “just this once” mentality is the hidden enemy of college students. It doesn’t seem like you’re spending a lot at one time, but these little trips out to eat and paying for a six-pack every time you go out can start to add up to some big bucks. My advice for those students out there who feel they are struggling would be this: Don’t freak out. Yes, it may seem like you are completely out of money and you have to start selling your blood to be able to buy groceries (which I’ve known people to do,) but a lot of other college kids are broke too. Like, A LOT. People have been broke long before you

“People have been broke long before you and they will be broke long after you. It’s going to be okay. ” and they will be broke long after you. It’s going to be okay. Get a job. I know, I know, this makes me sound like the overbearing parent who wants the kid out of the house for the summer. But if your financial status is really worrying you that much, it would be a huge weight off of your shoulders to be able to have a weekly income, even if it is minimum wage. Lastly, understand that it’s okay to be broke. Sure, you don’t want to be without cash for much longer than your college days, but this is probably the last time in your life where you can live completely free of commitments. If you can afford it, spend your money on concerts and food and experiences, because these are the days that you are going to look back on and say, “I’m so glad I did that.”

Classified Holmen Park & Recreaton Dept. is accepting applications for: spring soccer (referees, supervisors, coaches and volunteer coaches), spring & summer track (supervisor, instructors), men’s softball (umpires), aquatics (lifeguards, WSI instructors, admissions/concessions, swim team coaches and water aerobics instructors), basketball (supervisor, instructors), fitness (instructors), girls softball (coaches, supervisors, and umpires), t-ball (supervisor, volunteer coaches), tennis (supervisor, instructors), volleyball (referees, supervisors, coaches), tot sports, youth activity and arts and crafts (instructors), Sunday Concerts (supervisor), and spring & summer park maintenance. Applications available at the Holmen Village Hall (421 S. Main St., Holmen, WI 54636) or from www.holmenwi.com. Hiring MarchApril, call (608) 526-2152 for more information.

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a little bit brighter. This is why I feel it is important to have people like Miley Cyrus in the spotlight, teaching us to be okay living as ourselves. This is especially important for our generation as we prepare to head out into a world where our name on paper is no different than anyone else, but our personality sets us apart.

“If people stopped living to conform to others standards and did what made them happy, I believe that the world we live in would be just a little bit brighter. ” Whether you are a fan of Miley Cyrus or you think she is the most revolting person on the planet, you better get used to her, because she’s not leaving mainstream media anytime soon. We can’t stop and we won’t stop talking about her.

Meninism: moving from jokes to equality

Broke student stigma

“Depending on the school and if scholarships are a factor, college tuition these days can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $60,000 on average. ”

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By Destiny Baitinger Staff Reporter

Feminism is a concept that is widely known. It’s the promotion of women’s equality on all rights of political, social and economic realms. This topic is widely discussed, I know. However, it’s male counterpart isn’t. Women have long been fighting for equal rights, but history has often fought back and encouraged male superiority. This is where feminism develops. Much like feminism, meninism arises on issues that put down men in society. Some of these issues concern body image usage in media, tough standards of masculinity and emotionality. Meninism, though the term emerged through a satirical mocking of the term feminism, has actually surfaced as a genuine movement to advocate for men’s equality. This term developing as men fight for two central things: meninism either works harder to mock and oppress women, or genuinely advocates for male equality on the aforementioned topics. Now, I’m all for formal male equality, but I won’t side with taking away women’s minimal agency.

“Meninism, though the term emerged through a satirical mocking of the term feminism, has actually surfaced as a genuine movement to advocate for men’s equality. ” Let me clarify here: I am feminist, and I know what you’re thinking. However, I do not condone the way men are manipulated in media, the expectations that are set for masculinity, or the relationship assumptions of a male either. Meninism, in one sense, addresses these things. Feminism doesn’t mean antimen; it means anti-oppression. Likewise, meninism doesn’t mean anti-women, it means anti-oppression. Women, fortunately have been emerging in media with ‘plus-size models’. Yet, society has seized to acknowledge the array of body frames men have. Equally so, men are supposed to remain immune to these photo shopped stan-

dards, and act as if it doesn’t emotionally affect them. It’s obvious in films like Magic Mike and Marvel’s super hero movies, as they set unrealistic expectations of male bodies. This isn’t to mention the thousands of images in magazines that do the same. We need meninism because men are equally entitled to feeling sensitive. Emotionality shouldn’t define anyone. Emotion shouldn’t have negative connotation when associated with men. Yet there are men who are emotionally fragile, have minimal ways to escape these stigmas, and are bound to being unemotional. As Emma Watson advocates, “Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong”. Meninism pleads for a lack of pressure in relationships, emotions, and in society overall. Meninism and feminism alike fight for equal rights among each other, yet in their arguments they oppose one another. It comes down to evaluating both practices under the means of formal

“As Emma Watson advocates, ‘Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong.’” equality, that is treating like beings alike. “It is time that we all perceive gender on a spectrum not as two opposing sets of ideals,” according to Watson. Conclusively, I can’t find myself supporting meninism when it’s intended to strip away the small voice that women have fought so hard to earn. I can’t support meninism when it’s used as an instrument to further objectify women sexually, or even to further oppress women. What started out as a joke, quickly spiraled into a male platform advocating for equality and anti-oppression. The initial use of meninism was to mock and weaken feminism, but genuineness has surfaced and men are coming forth using this to advocate for equal and fair treatments specifically in the media. This is a meninism I can stand behind.

Fun February Facts • • • • • • • • •

Amethyst is the birthstone for anyone born in February Is your birthday on February 12? So was Abraham Lincoln’s! February is the only month affected by a leap year. Because this year is a leap year, which is a year divisible by four, there will only be 28 days this month This month is Black History Month in both the United States and Canada February 22 was George Washington’s birthday! The two zodiac signs for February are Aquarius (January 20 - February 18) and Pisces (February 19 - March 20). 400 years ago in Shakespeare’s time, this month was known as “Feverell.” It has only been recognized as “February” for about 100 years. It’s the only month that can pass without a single full moon because it’s so short Violet and primrose are the birth flowers for the month of February


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Thursday, february 18, 2016

90’s trends that are still ‘all that and a bag of chips’ By Alexandra Ronnestrand Staff Reporter

Each decade seems to be having their own time in the spotlight. The 70s had the bell bottom jeans and long straight hair, the 80s and the big chunky sweaters with skinny jeans. Now the 1990s are having the time of their life with the return of some classics produced from the era.


Crop top, jeans jackets, black lether jackets, short skirts, and combat boots are not only a college trend. Fashion icons like Zoe

Saldana and Victoria Beckham are rocking the crop top and long skirt trends. The jean jacket, scoffed at five years ago, can now be seen everywhere in every way. Jean jackets

Remember when Carrie Bradshaw remarked on how outdated scrunchies were? Well, scrunchies are back. with jeans, jean jackets and dresses, even jean jackets and sweats are making headway. Crop tops too were hugely popular in the 90s and are shown in every 90s show especially Friends, are made in long to short sleeve, v neck to turtle neck, lace and cotton. No closet is complete without the essential crop top. In season seems to be the matching outfits as well. Whether matching floral skirt and blouse, or plaid shorts and shirt, matching is very in. Matching used to be seen as something you did for your cute toddler or you’re just maybe your middle school child,

but now this fashion statement is making an appearance in the adult world. Anyone remember when Carrie Bradshaw remarked on how outdated scrunchies were? Well, believe it or not, scrunchies are back. A new piece to add to any wardrobe, the scrunchy turns that drab ponytail into a fun on the run item. Now granted some 90s trends no one wants coming back to haunt the future. But there are some that the 90s produces that many would like to be see more of. Silly putty, slinkies, and ring pops were childhood favorites that have disappeared for no reason. These are not just enjoyments for little children, but can be fun excitement for young adults as well. Around the grape-vine, there has been talk about the return of French Toast Crunch cereal. A revamp of this all around classic could not be more welcomed. Other trends appearing on the street are nude lips. Bold lips are still quite stunning for those certain occasions but the nude lip is in for day to night wear. Strong makeup

Spring forward into 2016 fashion By Sarah Busse Staff Reporter

New Season, new fashion. While winter still holds on with a tight grip for now, spring will be blossoming before we know it. This means stores have already began phasing out winter garb for lighter and brighter garments better suited to warmer weather. It’s a given every spring bright and floral rule the roost. Beyond these givens the trend that is to spread far and wide is the return to the 70’s. Mixing neutral is going to be everywhere. Neutral colors include: black, white, cream, gray, chocolate, fawn, taupe, and navy. A hint when mixing neutrals is to pick two colors and stick to those colors. Not to say this is a hard rule, but part of the fun of more basics it that it allows more leeway in in wearing loud or bright accessories.


Next trend to look for is the mixing of prints. A common example is mixing stripes with florals. When mixing patterns again picking two is the tick to looking sophisticated rather indecisive in planning your outfit. No one wants to go out looking reminiscent of a clown. Also very the sizes of the patterns for example pick one that is more small

and intricate, and another that is bigger, simpler pattern. Try to stay within the same color scheme (unless one of the patterns is composed of neutrals then it is okay colors that do not match) without


being matchy-matchy; pick patterns that have one or two of the same colors that tie in different pieces of the outfit together). Also try and picking prints that different in style for example a floral with a geometric print. If still unsure of how to do this just take peruse through a couple of magazines and do not be afraid to ask sales associates for help in the stores, that is what they are there for (Hint: Go ask a sales associate who’s outfit you feels is very put together and matches your personal style). As for particular colors pink and fawn (not necessarily together) are in. Pink is particularly in fashion for giving more traditionally thought men’s ware items a more feminine touch along with use of ruffles. Fawn is a more surprising choice for spring since browns tend to be more of a fall color, but then again fawn also refers to a baby deer and spring is all about rebirth. As with all fashion advice it is yours to pick and choose how and what to use. The best dressed people are always those that know to stay true to their unique personality, while fitting the context they are in.

on the eyes were popular in the 90s also. Celebrities flaunted the metallic or blue eye shadow. Once outdated is a trend today. Do not be afraid to rock any of these trends, or search in the food and toy aisle for


any sign of the 90s once loved by the masses. History has a tendency to repeat itself so why not take a plunge back into the 90s. Head bob to some Pearl Jam or Nirvana, pop on that killer leather jacket, and watch some Friends.

Down to Earth

Limonene cleans mercury in oceans By Shelby Roberts Guest Reporter

So anyone who’s taken or currently taking the survey version of organic chemistry has done the limonene lab. You know, the lab where you get to peel an orange, (and eat it afterwards depending on who your professor is) sheer off the peel, slap some other solvents and catalysis and other chemicals into it, and end up with the teeny tiniest amount of limonene when you’re done. Very satisfying. But the lab room smelt good for a little while at least. Well, that very same compound has been harvested in much greater quantities (and probably done with a better yield by actual organic chemists) and now might be able to save the oceans from mercury! Mercury contamination is unfortunately a growing problem in a vast majority of the world’s waterways. It enters a system through mining byproducts and causes neurological problems in fish. And, as we’ve heard in bio classes since high school, that mercury rides up those trophic levels (just like it did with DDT) causing health and cognitive problems in children if the concentrations get too high. Bottom line, the mercury is bad, not helping anyone, and needs to be taken out. Lucky for penny-pinching politicians and orange-lovers around

the world, the limonene in those peels have been seen to actually suck the mercury out of water. The limonene is combined with a Sulphur byproduct from the petroleum industry and makes a polymer. This polymer went through preliminary tests and has so far remained non-toxic! What it does do is bind with mercury and actually change the color of it from a red to a yellow, showing the extracting process. This is good news as it can potentially be used as an indicator for mercury as well as a clean-up agent. Australian scientists hope to find a way to line industrial water pipes with this polymer compound to stop the mercury from getting into the water body in the first place. This would be absolutely huge in preventing this harmful chemical from doing any more damage to our already strained water systems. The future holds a lot of good promising outlooks for the Earth’s future. There are a lot of people out there that want to help and are combining brainpower to make it happen. So go out and do your part to save the planet: eat an orange. Also, if any of this turns your brain and peaks your interest, UW-L has an amazing aquatic science department with great classes and amazing professors! Go to WINGS and see if any of the titles might be classes you want to take in the future.

How to love your skin: a guide to skin self-care By Miranda Martin Staff Reporter

Although our skin sheds over time and replaces itself, the damage we do to our skin can cause problems we never recover from. When we treat our skin poorly at a young age, we can damage it for life and not ever know until it is too late! Follow these easy steps to have healthy, happy skin that is ready for the long run.

Sunburn can hurt our skin much more than we ever expect. Try to use sunscreen anytime you will be in the sun for a long period of time, and make sure to reapply it. Avoid sitting in direct sunlight by finding shade beneath a tree or building. As hot as it can be, it is also helpful to wear protective clothing in the sunshine so the rays cannot touch

Wash your face with a gentle cleaner. Harsh cleaners can get rid of acne quickly, but are bad for your face long-term.

Wash your face

This one may seem obvious, but we often forget! Wash your face with a gentle cleaner. Harsh cleaners can get rid of acne quickly, but are bad for your face long-term. The best method is to use a kind cleanser and wash your face in the morning and again at night.

Eliminate stress

Use moisturizer

Our skin needs to be nourished and replenished from how dried out it gets when we wash it, or when the air hits it in the winter. Whenever you wash your face, be sure to put on moisturizer to stay hydrated. Moisturizer keeps your skin looking younger through the years, and will benefit you as early as today by keeping it soft and smooth.

Protect from the unexpected evil- the sun!

blood flow to the skin on your face, and because of the repeated faces you make while smoking. Another skin care problem is that smoking makes you look older! To avoid these problems, don’t start smoking in the first place, and if you are try to quit-or at least cut down.


you. As for your face and more sensitive parts of your body, try to find a moisturizer that has sunscreen in it. Although it may not feel like it, the sun can harm you even in the winter!

Stay away from smoking

Smoking can cause wrinkles because it decreases

Easier said than done, right? But the less stressed you are, the better your face will react. I’m sure we all know this fact from having a stressful week and ending up with a ton of pimples, and it’s true-the less stressed you are, the healthier your skin will be. Our skin may not be the biggest concern in our lives right now, other than checking if we have a good enough tan or if our face looks clear. But the truth is, we live in Wisconsin in the winter- your tan can wait, especially since it means a healthier you over time. Follow these steps, and your skin will thank you for it! If you want to show your skin some extra love, try a facemask or spa treatment.

Sports & Wellness Thursday, February 18, 2016

Gymnastics team stays perfect By Alex VandenHouten Staff Reporter

The UWL women’s Gymnastics celebrated senior, as well as breast cancer awareness night in style this past Friday night at Mitchell Hall with the proceeds from the meet going to the Steppin’ Out in Pink Foundation as well as the Norma J. Vinger Center for Breast Care at Gunderson Lutheran. It was a great turnout for the meet that the ladies provided. UWL earned a 188.250 to 179.475 victory over visiting Gustavus Adolphus College (Minn.). Fresh off of another Gershon/McLellan title for the 7th straight season, La Crosse kept the momentum going against Gustavus sweeping all four individual events. UWL scored 47.775 on the vault, 45.950 on the uneven bars, 47.500 on the balance beam, and 47.025 on the floor exercise. With a score of 47.775 the Eagles set a season high on the vault while also tying a season high of 47.500 on the balance beam. The 188.250 was the team’s second highest score of the season, just behind the high of 189.125 the team set in a dual against Winona State on Jan http:// www.uwlathletics.com/images/2015/11/9/ medium_Wiekamp.jpg uary 29th. Freshman Dani Barmore, coming off a strong performance at the Gershon/McLellan that included taking second in the all-around, won a pair of individual titles. Winning both the vault (9.675) and the balance beam (9.625). She also was able to place third in the uneven parallel bars (9.500). Lauren Wilson won the uneven parallel bars for the Eagles with a score of 9.625, Wilson also finished tied for fourth on the vault (9.500). Elsa Spitzmueller captured the floor exercise with a score of 9.700. A week after Eagle’s sophomore Samantha Wiekamp won the all-around, becoming only the 8th gymnast in school history to accomplish the

feat. She followed it up by taking second in the all-around (37.050) this time around finishing behind Alex Kopp (37.050) from Gustavus. Wiekamp finished second in the vault (9.650), sixth in the floor exercise (9.000), and eighth on the balance beam (9.150).


Samantha Wiekamp, UW-L Sophomore

In addition to Wiekamp’s stellar performance, sophomores Amy Enright and Leah Spankowski each had three topeight finishes. Enright placed second on the uneven parallel bars (9.550), fifth in the floor exercise (9.350), and sixth on the balance beam (9.375). Spankowski was second on the beam (9.600), sixth on the vault (9.450), and eighth on the floor (8.850). With the win the Eagles have yet to lose this season as they continue their pursuit of their 17th National Championship. The Eagles will be tested at the next meet at the Iowa State Quad, where they will square off against Iowa St, Nebraska, and North Carolina.

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Women’s basketball drops another By Dustin Skolaski Staff Reporter

The UW-La Crosse women’s basketball team dropped another conference game, this time to the Falcons of UW-River Falls. The fans in attendance were treated to a pink UW-L rally towel and the game was set to benefit the Kay Yow Fund, which is to aid in the fight against cancer. This UW-L team has been searching for answers to solve their offensive shooting woes and defensive miscues to try and pick up some wins as the season comes to a conclusion. UW-RF, a nationally ranked team, offered a good benchmark test to see if UW-L could secure a signature victory late in the season. The first quarter saw action tight until UW-RF pulled away from UW-L. UW-RF’s height advantage down low led to a bevy of second chance opportunities which put UW-L down double digits early. In basketball, one of the most important things is how you end the first half and how you start the second. UW-L hit a few key shots near the end of the first half, which finally brought some life to the quiet Mitchell Hall crowd and drew the game within two possessions. However, much like they did

The bright news is that this roster features just two seniors and UW-L has been receiving major contributions from underclassmen in the first quarter, UW-RF went on a run to end the half, and after a moving video tribute to Kay Yow, kept the fire going as the second half began on a 15-2 run to lead 48-26. Despite the score differential, UW-L did a good job of playing competitively and not giving up despite a 20+ point deficit late in

Photo by: Jim Lund, uwlax.edu

Rachel Atchison, UW-L Junior

the second half. The problem Wednesday night was the fact that UW-L’s shots simply were not finding the net and UW-RF’s were during certain stretches in which UW-L couldn’t buy a bucket. UW-RF held a massive advantage in getting to the free throw line with twice as many trips to the charity stripe. UW-L did find success and scoring off the bench in junior Rachel Atchison who tied for a team high with 11 points. Sophomore Elise DeNoyer who has been on a tear recently, couldn’t find her shot this game but still managed to finish with 11 points and was one rebound shy of a double-double. With just a few games left to play, it’s safe to say that this season hasn’t been the one that head coach Lois Heeren envisioned for her team. The bright news is that this roster features just two seniors and UW-L has been receiving major contributions from underclassmen (Atchison, DeNoyer and Sierra Watrud) so there is a core in which the team can build upon to compete in WIAC play over the next few season, but not this one.

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