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T h u r s d ay, N ove m b e r 5, 2015

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Business author explores globalization, success By Clayton Kemp Associate Reporter

UW-La Crosse and the College of Business Administration were honored to host Ram Charan, world-renowned business author and lecturer, on campus to speak this past Wednesday, Oct. 28, as part of the Russell G. Cleary Leadership Lecture Series. Ram Charan spoke on a wide range of topics, but much of his focus revolved

Ram Charan spoke on a wide range of topics, but much of his focus revolved around the importance of globalization and understanding its impact in multiple sectors. around the importance of globalization and understanding its impact in multiple sectors. People, companies and governments

all within different nations are important to understand from a contemporary, technological standpoint, according to

Charan emphasized that everyone must find what it is that brings them happiness, and only then will energy follow. With this energy, one will find their own success. Charan. He shared with the predominantly young audience in attendance on Wednesday some highlighted points to take home. Charan emphasized that everyone must find what it is that brings them happiness, and only then will energy follow. With this energy, one will find their own success. Above all, Charan stated that if someone is not happy in their current work environment, they should leave that environment immediately. Charan is also the best selling author of The Attackers Advantage, Boards that Lead

and Global Tilt, among other texts, and he was willing to share more insight as to how to strategically discern what latest things in this globalized market will harvest success. He did, however, have more advice than just following one’s gut; he shared with the UW-L audience what he sees as the next big steps for a business mind in this highly globalized world. One of the main texts Charan alluded to in his talk was his book Global Tilt, in which he addressed the globalized, technology based opportunity that the world presents students with today. After Charan’s lecture, one finance student in attendance noted, “I think he gave me a better idea that I’m not just a little person. I can make a difference if I think big and have big ideas. I think this talk was a step in figuring out where I want to be.” Charan stressed the importance of first realizing that we live in a digitized world and that the future of business is in “digitization”

and globalization of the market. He provided examples of already digitized companies such as Amazon and eBay, among others, and explained that because of this, the future lies in our mobile phones, writing algorithms and software. During his talk on globalization, Charan

“There’s no substitute for visiting, go and see. Think globally.” Ram Charan Business Author and Lecturer stressed the importance of globalizing the self by also visiting other cultures. “There’s no substitute for visiting, go and see,” said Charan. “Think globally.” The College of Business Administration Russell G. Cleary Distinguished Leadership Lecture Series looks forward to hosting more highly regarded speakers.


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Thursday, november 5, 2015

What has UW-L Up in Arms

Like every topic, there are pros and cons. Concealed carry on campus is just another example of this. Like with any prevalent issue, it’s important to look at both sides and weigh them out for yourself. Before arguing that concealed carry on campus would result in more gun violence in colleges, I think it’s important to know the process behind legal authorization of a citizen to own a concealed carry. It is equally important to understand the stance of the proconcealed carry group. Almost every state, if they don’t already ban concealed carry, requires an application to be approved by the Department of Justice. In the application, there are many different steps, along with a $40 fee. One must also show proof of Wisconsin residency, current Wisconsin driver’s license and acceptable proof of training. In Wisconsin and Minnesota, a resident must be 21. The application goes through training requirements of possible firearm safety courses or military issued documents that can be accepted. Following, is applicant information and a series of questions regarding criminal history. Then, there is a portion concerning the statutes on places that the carrying of weapon is prohibited, and finally Wisconsin’s Self-Defense Laws. There must be three signatures throughout the application binding any citizen to the understanding of these laws and statutes. It is up to the Department of Justice to decline or approve the license. Within the last couple of years, both, a pro and con group for the issue have emerged. The official pro-concealed carry organization specifically geared towards college students is called

Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. They have plenty to say about why this issue is so prevalent today. According to concealedcampus. org, the organization is student-run, national, and non-partisan, advocating for legal concealed carry on campuses in the United States as an effective means of self-defense. In my opinion, one of the most prevailing arguments that organizations like SCCC has, is the idea that we can’t plan for emergencies to happen. This specific organization argues that we should be prepared and not paranoid, self defense is a human right, and feeling safe doesn’t equal being safe. Much of these assertions can be related to by collegiate students and staff, especially in concern with the most recent college shooting in Oregon. School shootings, though unbearably painful to talk about, are a very real issue. A spokesperson for SCCC pleads that, “Denying licensed individuals the means to defend themselves on college campuses turns institutions of higher learning into supermarkets for wouldbe. . . mass murderers. . . In the event of a school shooting, students and faculty are left with no recourse but to hide under their desks, hoping to survive until enough police arrive to formulate a plan and storm the building.” There’s validity in the hopelessness that students, staff and parents have in these situations. I think it’s very possible that a concealed carry, to many students and staff, would provide relief considering the raise of on campus violence throughout the years. Just knowing that you’re protected by carrying a concealed weapon, may just be reassurance if, perhaps, there would ever be an event of such hopelessness.

Is Buzzfeed really that reliable?

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In today’s techno-savvy age, we like our news to be quick and accessible, as well as relevant to the topics we care about. Those topics can range anywhere from what’s going on around the world to which celebrity has caused the most trouble in the week. One of the most used news sources today is Buzzfeed, an online network that informs readers on current topics while also including topics of entertainment. While Buzzfeed prides itself on being a fun, open-minded way to get your news fix, there is question of whether or not it can be credited as a reliable news source. A lot of the articles posted on Buzzfeed are opinionbased articles; so many opinions and viewpoints posted are a reflection of the specific author who wrote them rather than a reflection on factual evidence. For example, one author may write on who they think is going to be voted in as the next president of the United States based on which candidate they like better instead of casting an educated prediction on who might win based on statistical evidence and polling. This is also an issue because a lot of articles on Buzzfeed have to do with trivial, pop-culture topics. Articles on Harry Potter, the Kardashians, and other trending topics are largely opinion based, casting a noticeably positive or negative outlook on the topics written on. This is one of the reasons Buzzfeed may be seen as incredible: There

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Concealed Carry:

By Destiny Baitinger Staff Reporter

By Megan Poczos Staff Reporter

Ellie Brown Viewpoint Editor viewpoint@theracquet.net

are many cases in which an opinion is formed either consciously or unconsciously for the reader. Another problem Buzzfeed has with credibility is that they rarely, if ever, credit their sources in their articles. The only credit for information given is the reporter’s name and where they are located. While it is good to have the author’s name, it is still important to give credit to all of the sources used within an article, and Buzzfeed tends to have a lack of credit given. Buzzfeed also allows any registered users to make their own posts. While this is a great way to get members more actively participating within the news community, it leaves a lot of room for unprofessional, unaccredited and untrue writing. Unless all of these posts made by unpaid “reporters” are filtered through some editing system, there is no regulation for what can and cannot be said in these posts. If anybody can write a post about any topic they want to and blatantly state their own opinion, can this site be considered a credible source? All of these things considered, Buzzfeed does do a really good job of entertaining its readers and remaining open towards the variety of topics the readers want to be exposed to. However, if Buzzfeed’s only strength lies in entertainment value, then perhaps they should call themselves an entertainment source rather than a news source.

By Eagan Norman Staff Reporter

Umpqua Community College, Sacramento City College, Savannah State University, Mississippi State University and Texas Southern University; what do these five schools have in common? They all have had on campus shootings since the beginning of the 20152016 school year. The last one, at UCC in southern Oregon which resulted in 10 people killed and seven injured, occurred less than a month ago. Also in this past month, there have been major pushes in the UW System to pass a Concealed Carry Act for all UW Campuses. Many people view this as a positive event, so students can defend themselves in the case of a school shooting, but there is a lot of overlook on potential issues that might come with the passing of this act. Having concealed carry on campus may put students at higher risk than on a weapon-free campus. There is the argument that in the case of a campus shooting, a person with a concealed carry permit may be able to stop the shooting, but that is just one scenario where it is beneficial. There are many cases in which it may not be safe to have guns on campus. It would make it far easier for non-permit students to get their hands on a gun than if there was no concealed carry on campus. This could potentially lead to an increase in campus-shootings that wouldn’t have been an issue without concealed-carry being passed

on UW-Campuses. There is also the argument that guns don’t kill people, people kill people. In most cases, that is true, but there are situations where guns do kill people without the owner’s intention. Between 2005 and 2010, almost 3,800 people were killed in unintentional shootings, and over 1,300 of them were under the age of 25. There are numerous cases in which people are killed or severely injured while the owner of the gun believes that the safety is on. There are also many cases in which a gun owner doesn’t know how to properly use their firearm, and unintentionally, harm other people. In both of these cases, it wasn’t the person’s intentions to harm someone generally, but injury and/or death are still the outcome. In the last few years, there has been a rise in campus shootings based on data from the U.S. Department of Education, and part of this can be contributed to the fact that it is much easier for people unfit to handle firearms to obtain them nowadays. By passing concealed carry on UW-Campuses, this could help continue the steady increase, not only by making it easier for students to obtain weapons, but increasing the likelihood of an unintentional shooting by someone who handles their firearm incorrectly. Many say that concealed-carry is the only way to defend yourself from an attacker, but there are many alternate methods that are safer, and would make it more difficult for unfit students to obtain a firearm.







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Thursday, NOVEMBER 5, 2015

How to avoid being an anxious mess in college By Miranda Martin Staff Reporter

“Have I done all my assignments for today? Maybe I should check if my exam grade is in for the fifth time this hour. Is this essay ever going to get done? Man, I hope my friends aren’t mad that I haven’t had time to hang out lately. Am I going to fail out of college? Ugh, I don’t have time to be worrying about this!” If this sounds like your internal thoughts, fear not and read on. #1 - Make a To-Do List Whenever I am stressed, my favorite way to cope is to make a list. This can show you what you have left to get done, and it feels

good to get items checked off. A to-do list makes you more productive and helps you keep track of how far you have left to go. #2 - Don’t Procrastinate One reason many people get anxious is because they’ll have three very relaxed weeks in a row, and then all of the sudden the next week they’ll have a million and one things to get done. The trick is to try to do assignments when they are given early, because when that busy week hits, they will already be turned in. #3 - Get Enough Sleep and Exercise When you don’t get enough sleep, things can seem much worse than they actually are. If you find yourself in tears while studying late at night, maybe it’s time to get some rest. Those books will still be there tomorrow!

Staying trendy through the sweater weather By Sarah Busse Staff Reporter

Winter is just around the corner, meaning it is to time to bring on all that is cozy, warm and fuzzy. It is the time of year for hot cocoa, thick blankets and sweaters. When senior Emily Perkins was asked why she is so pumped up about this upcoming sweater weather she responded, “Sweaters are so warm and cozy; that they make you warm and cozy!” Who doesn’t want to be cozy when the temperature dips and snow begins to fall? While summer is all about staying cool, winter is all about trying to keep warm. There are seemingly endless varieties of sweaters to choose from: turtle necks, cable knits, sweater dresses, sweater vests, cardigans, the list goes on and on. While sweatshirts and hoodies are nice for a light nip in the air, nothing beats the comforting embrace of a knit sweater. Expect when it is solely made out of wool. Then it is an itchy form of torture. To avoid having your skin becoming as inflamed as phoenix reborn from the wool, be sure to wear an under layer. Otherwise, you will suffer the consequences. Remember cold weather dressing is all about the art of layering. This is the key to regulating your body temperature and staying comfortable while transitioning from inside to outside. The greatest thing about sweaters, aside from the fact that they are warm, is that they can be sophisticated without putting any more effort into dressing than you would throwing on a hoodie. Just toss on an oversized sweater that covers your bum (because who really wants to deal with the legging-

pants debate?) and some leggings and voilà! You now have an outfit that is as comfortable as sweats, while still looking like classy and sophisticated. This type of outfit is also great for most cold weather activities from trudging to class in snow, snuggling up for an epic marathon Netflix binge or being out and about on the town. While sweaters can be instantly sophisticated, not all of them are. Just look up pictures of your parents wearing sweaters in the 80s with the heavy use of primary colors and geometric patterns. You will quickly come to the realization that the 80s were not at time of less is more when it came to fashion. Also, think of all the tacky holiday sweaters that make an appearance starting in November each year. Never will a cartoon character emblazoned across the chest be sophisticated. Possibly cute, but never sophisticated. While one might think it is time to do away with these tacky sweaters all together, you might want to re-think this because the latest trend in the past few years is throwing ugly sweater parties. In this particular case, the uglier the sweater the better. If you do not own an ugly sweater and do not have any relatives that will allow you to raid their closet, you can always make your own or scourer the racks of Ragstock or Goodwill. If you chose to make your own Pinterest is good place to seek inspiration. Remember cold weather dressing is all about the art of layering; this is the key to regulating your body temperature and staying comfortable while transitioning from inside to outside. Stay warm and be sure to rock some sweaters this season.

Getting jazzy with UW-L Vocal Ensembles

By Alexandra Ronnestrand Staff Reporter

UW-La Crosse has been known for its extensive liberal arts programs. The music department, in particular, has delivered wonderful performances time and time again. The bands, choirs, jazz and orchestra ensembles are always dependable sources of entertainment. The upcoming concerts performed by the three Vocal Jazz Ensemble groups, the Collegiates, Maroon and Gray and La Cappella, provide thrilling music for everyone’s enjoyment. One of the members of Vocal Jazz Ensemble III, La Cappella, sat down with to talk more about the group and its performances. Karlie Kiel, a sophomore majoring in theatre design and minoring in music, has always been musically involved. She is currently in the Concert Choir and La Cappella vocal group. A step aside from traditional concert choir, Kiel enjoys the movement and flow of the vocal jazz ensemble group. “I love that it’s really jazzy,” Kiel stated. She raved that the practices and performances are full of energy and liveliness. Director Dr. Gary Walth has been essential to the female vocalist group. He trains the girls while also looking after their well-being, making sure that nodes, a common vocalist injury, do not become a problem. Kiel and the other members love the fun that Walth brings to everyone. “Dr. Walth is awesome. He’s funny, he

picks good songs, he’s helpful, he’s not mean or overbearing,” stated Kiel. She also informed that Walth and the group know when to be serious to get things done. What separates the La Cappella vocal jazz ensemble from the Collegiates and Maroon and Gray is that, unlike the other two groups, which include male vocalists and more instruments, La Cappella is more a cappella based. The concerts are not only full of spunk and jazzy tones, but Kiel talked about how there are more characterizations in the singers’ faces and that everyone, including the audience, really gets into it. For their upcoming concert this Sunday at 8:30, the vocalists are including a bass player for one of their numbers. La Cappella are also trying to incorporate more stomping and claps to their performances for added effect. The all-female vocalist group sings jazz music with few instruments that create an upbeat, cool, energetic and, of course, jazzy atmosphere that everyone is sure to be entertained by. Also performing on Sunday are the other two vocal jazz ensemble groups that also employ an array of instruments suited to their harmonized vocals. The Collegiates are an all-male vocalist group that deliver low, soothing sounds to accompany their tunes. The Maroon and Gray vocal jazz ensemble group are a mix of both male and female jazz singers for a blend of sounds incorporated by both genders. With a different and pronounced sound from each group, an audience member could not be disappointed in watching any of these strong vocal jazz ensembles.

Exercise is a productive way to take a break from studying and can even help relieve some of that stress #4 - Set Aside Time for Fun As much as you have going on, it really helps you stay motivated and get work done when you have something to look forward to at the end. If you have done a lot of work today, maybe it’s time to pop in a movie and veg out with your friends. #5 - Admit When You Need Help We are not superheroes, and we cannot do it all. When you need help with something, it is best to admit it. Your professors, your roommates, your RA, the tutors and so many other people are there to help! Whatever you need help with don’t be afraid to ask,

because… #6 - How You Feel is Normal Sometimes being anxious makes us think that we are the only people that feel that way, but that is not true at all. The truth is, most college students are overly stressed, and it is helpful to remember that you are not alone. If you confide in a friend, chances are they will be dealing with the same issues, and you will both feel a lot better. #7 - Put it in Perspective Overall, just remember: it is important to do your best, but at the end of the day, your mental health is most important. If you find yourself needing further help, you can always contact the Counseling and Testing center, located at 2106 Centennial Hall.

Organize your planner like a pro By Emily Hilby Staff Reporter

In college it’s actually kind of important to know what day it is, what’s due when and exactly how long you have to procrastinate on that final project. Where do you go for all of this information? Your student planner of course. Whether yours is the school-sponsored planner or one you grabbed at Target, keeping your planner organized is the first step to keeping yourself organized. First things first, make it identifiable. You never want to run the risk of losing


your planner mid-semester. How would you remember your roommate’s birthday? Or what date you signed up to give that presentation? Making your planner stand out is essential, especially if you have the same planner as half of campus. Make yours pop by gluing a photo on top or adding stickers or doodles to the cover. If you want to add a great pop of color, use Washi tape to either border photos or simply line the planner itself. Use decorating your planner as just another excuse to get crafty. Plus the less morbid looking your planner is, the less depressing the long list of things to do inside of it is. The next step to keep your planner organized is to make it as easy and efficient to flip through as possible. Placing laminated tabs labeled “This Week” and “Next Week” at the top of said weeks makes it incredibly

quick to flip to your current list of things to do. Rather then endlessly flipping to find your place you can find it in a snap. The laminated

Placing laminated tabs labeled “This Week” and “Next Week” at the top of said weeks makes it incredibly quick to flip to your current list of things to do. Rather then endlessly flipping to find your place you can find it in a snap. The laminated tabs are sturdier than traditional tabs or post-its, which keeps them from wilting and easier to reuse from week to week. tabs are sturdier than traditional tabs or postits, which keeps them from wilting and easier to reuse from week to week. Another great thing to invest in for your planner are mini post-its. Write all of your important things, like schoolwork, recitals etc. in the actual planner, but write extra goals you want to achieve for the week on the mini post-its. Things that you’d like to do, but aren’t sure if you’ll get around to like laundry, calling mom, or returning that order to Amazon. At the end of the week if you accomplish your post-it goals pulling them off of your calendar feels victorious, and if you didn’t get around to them they can be pulled off, thrown away and forgotten, almost like you never had to do them in the first place. A win-win. Whether you use these tips or add your own flare, organizing your planner is essential in keeping yourself organized, the constant battle of a college student. Keep writing your goals and homework down in your planner, and soon enough you’ll be the student who actually has a well-prepared grocery list, pays off their bills on time and schedules a biannual visit to the dentist. What a life that would be.

BREAST & CERVICAL CANCER SCREENINGS Offered in La Crosse at Essential Health Clinic along with: • Annual health exams • Pregnancy testing & counseling • STD & HIV testing • Birth control services • Emergency contraceptives • Education & resources

Call (800) 657-5177 to make an appointment. Visit essentialclinic.org.

(formerly Options Clinic)

1201 Caledonia Street, La Crosse, Wis Hours: Monday & Tuesday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Wednesday & Thursday 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Friday 9 a.m. to noon (closed every 3rd Friday of the month)

Sports & Wellness

Justin Nichols Sports Editor sports@theracquet.net

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Women’s soccer team wins share of 1st conference title since 1996

By Alex VandenHouten Staff Reporter

It was a cold and rainy Saturday afternoon at Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex where the UW- La Crosse Eagles Womens’s soccer team was at home against the UWOshkosh Titans in a crucial WIAC matchup. It was the final regular season game for both teams and was critical due to the fact that both teams came into the game tied on top of the conference with a 5-1 record in the WIAC. The winner would clinch the conference title and then earn the number one seed in next week’s conference tournament. With a lot on the line, it was Oshkosh who got out to a quick start thanks to a goal in the 25th minute from player Rylee Engelland to put Oshkosh on top 1-0. UW-L was able to answer in the 41st minute with a goal from Alex Cording on an assist from Maddie Edmark. With that goal the game went into halftime in a 1-1 tie. The fans in the second half saw a game that was marred by fouls and cards.

In the second half, there was a total of seven cards handed out, UW-L was responsible for two of those cards and Oshkosh the other five. Each team’s bench also received a yellow card for arguing calls. Oshkosh was down a player after Alek Kleis received a red card with 20:26 left in the second half.

Titans. La Crosse outshot Oshkosh 16 to 13. With the tie both schools clinched a share of the conference. It is UW-L’s first conference title since 1996 and Oshkosh’s first conference title in school history. Both schools also receive byes in this week’s conference tournament, however Oshkosh receives the number one seed in the tournament due to the tiebreaker of goal differential.

It was Oshkosh who got out to a quick start thanks to a goal in the 25th minute... UW-L was able to answer in the 41st minute with a goal from Alex Cording Oshkosh played the rest of the game down a player but UW-L was unable to capitalize against the stout Titan’s defense. The game went into overtime in a 1-1 tie. Once again even though Oshkosh was still down a player, the Eagles could not execute as both teams went back and forth in overtime. But either team was unable to put the winning shot in as the game ended in a 1-1 tie. The Titans were able to withstand nine

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Alex Cording, UW-L Freshman scored the Eagles only goal on Saturday

corner kicks by La Crosse and withstood 16 shots, however UW-L only had three shots on goal. Kennedy Brault had four saves for the Eagles while Nina Muzi had two saves for the

With the tie both schools clinched a share of the conference. It is UW-L’s first conference title since 1996 and Oshkosh’s first... in school history. Both schools also recieve byes in this week’s conference tournament, however Oshkosh recieves the #1 seed UW-L finishes the regular season with a 12-5-2 record with a 5-1-1 in WIAC play and will be the two seed and will face the highest remaining seed in the semifinal game Thursday, Nov. 5 at 6 p.m.

WHO puts bacon in the same category as diesel exhaust and tobacco By Tyler Frickson Staff Reporter

Red and processed meats, common staples in many households have recently come under scrutiny by the World Health Organization. This agency reports that red and processed meats have the potential to cause cancer in humans, drawing ire towards various meat industry groups.

The IARC, considered a high authority in evaluating evidence on cancer causation has stated that there is evidence to support a link between eating too much meat and the beginning of colorectal cancer This determination, which was published by a panel of researchers for the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), has classified processed meat products such as bacon and salami as carcinogenic to humans, which has an incredibly strong risk factor for

cancer, and is the same category that tobacco smoke and diesel engine exhaust shares. The IARC, considered a high authority in evaluating evidence on cancer causation has stated that there is evidence to support a link between eating too much meat and the beginning of colorectal cancer, the third-most common type of cancer on a global scale. This classification involving processed meat was centered on evidence that linked consumption with colorectal and stomach cancer, while the red meat classification took into account the positive associations with colorectal, pancreatic and prostate cancer. During its review, the committee assessed more than 800 studies and weighed most heavily around research which studied the general population and followed people over time. It cited studies that suggested that even small amounts on a daily basis are associated with an increased risk of certain types of cancer. For example, one analysis of a group of 10 studies, there was a 17% increase in the risk of colorectal cancer for every 100 grams per day of red meat consumed, as well as




The Y’s Youth and Young Adult Cancer Survivor Program “A New Direction” is designed to assist youth and young adult cancer survivors regain their health and well-being before, during and after cancer treatments. This FREE 24-session physical activity program will provide youth and young adults the opportunity to regain their health and well-being in the safe and comfortable environment of the Y. Benefits of the Program: • A one-on-one environment with a certified instructor where each participant is able to bring a guest (relative or friend) to each class to accompany them. • Free Membership for particpant and guest during the 24 sessions. • A concentration on stretching, balance and functional ability, cardiovascular activities and strength training. To learn more about the A New Direction program contact: Denise Malone, LIVESTRONG® at the YMCA Project Manager 608-519-5507 | dmalone@laxymca.org

an 18% increase for every 50 grams daily of processed meat. However, it is important to note that the data in general was not as clear-cut for red meat as much as it is for processed meat, according to the committee. “No clear association was seen in several of the high quality studies” and it was difficult to separate diet from other lifestyle factors such as smoking or exercise. This lead to the committee’s conclusion that there is limited evidence in human beings for the carcinogenicity of red meat.

“I heard that processed meats can be bad for you in large doses, but I always figured red meat was more of a rumor” Jon Miles UW-L Senior Jon Miles, a senior at UW-La Crosse, said that “I heard that processed meats can be bad for you in large doses, but I always figured red meat was more of a rumor.”

While there clearly is evidence to suggest that processed meats can be linked to causing

While there clearly is evidence to suggest that processed meats can be linked to causing cancer... red meat may have a similar potential. Further research will definitely be needed. cancer, it can be implied that red meat may have a similar potential. Further research will definitely be needed to be done in the future to concur this; however, this does not mean we cannot be prudent in our choices to limit out intake of these types of foods. Diet and exercise are a great way to monitor our own health, but within our diet choices we can continue to make smart choices. Limit the different types of meats we intake as well as a balanced diet of other essential foods can have a great influence on the future. In the end, it all comes down to choice and moderation.

Volleyball team upsets #8 ranked Whitewater By Dustin Skolaski Staff Reporter

The UW-La Crosse Volleyball Team continued their impressive season by sweeping 8th ranked UW-Whitewater Wednesday night in Mitchell Hall. UW-L came into the night with just one WIAC conference loss and were going up against a UW-W team that was hot to say the least, they entered the evening with a 16-match winning streak. UW-L opened up the first set by going on a run to take a 15-7 lead. UW-W would cut it closer but at 18-16, UW-L would pull away and take the first set 25-19. The second set was much closer and UW-L is no stranger to winning games in every which way, whether it be in a blowout, a come from behind victory or even overtime wins; this team has done it all so a drag it out

key plays from Senior Leah Putzier and Junior Ashley Entinger found the Eagles with another advantage and one they would not look back from as they would finalize the sweep with a sound 25-17 victory. Head coach Lilly Hallock has been very excited about her team this season. “This (win) helps show other people of how our team already feels,” said Hallock. “We know we have the potential to do great things this season and I think this helps to prove that to the outside world. This just confirms what we already know what we are capable of doing.” UW-L also clinched at least a share of the 2015 WIAC title after their Friday victory against UW-Platteville. UW-L’s next game will be Friday, Nov. 6 in the WIAC Championship Semifinals with a TBA location.

“This (win) helps show other people of how our team already feels... we know we have the potential to do great things this season...” Lilly Hallock UW-L Head Volleyball Coach battle against a top 10 team didn’t phase the Eagles. This game was tight the entire way through with no team gaining momentum to carry a run. Sophomore Stephanie Henk’s kill late in the game gave UW-L a 23-22 lead and UW-W committed hitting errors to end the game and give UW-L the set and a 2-0 advantage. UW-L, looking to put away UW-W in straight sets, found themselves trailing but

Leah Putzier, UW-L Senior