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Raconteur The Selected Works of Matthew Tomoni

Š 2017 Matthew Tomoni. Cover and Book Design: Matthew Tomoni Text: Matthew Tomoni Photography: Matthew Tomoni Digital Printing and Binding: BLURB.COM

07 | Nuts About Nature 15 | Mind Unbound 23 | Aroma's of the Orient 31 | Clean Persuasion 39 | Colors of Yesteryear 47 |Our Frayed Humanity 55| Generational Resonance 63 | Taste of Home

Preface A raconteur is a narrator, a storyteller. As a graphic designer, my purpose is to take the project set before me — whether it be a brand design, a package design, a poster, app, brochure, or book — and use color, shape, line, and type to tell its story. To give it a voice and persona, making it more than just another design and instead creating a personal connection between the final product and the viewer.

“If we could treat every natural resource as a gift rather than a commodity, we would be on the path to sustainability. The difference is that a gift does not belong to us but to the universe.� Victor Shamas

Raconteur | Nuts About Nature

Nuts About Nature The humble nut, and its myriad of varieties and types, has been a sustaining factor throughout the whole of human civilization. Nuts have nourished billions of people from the dawn of time, a constant friend to the casual snacker or the focused culinary madman alike. The impact of nuts has not stopped with the seed alone as mankind has found uses for every part of the nut, from the fibers of its shell, to the oils hidden within its flesh. A true miracle of nature, the nut is easily overlooked, but never forgotten or rendered obsolete.

Concept | Sunfield is a nut based product

Class Info | Tom McNulty

boutique store that caters to individuals who are

Packaging Design 4

healthy oriented and organically focused.

Fall 2016

Inspiration | Having recently read a biography of George Washington Carver, I was obsessed with his innovations regarding the peanut. His approach inspired me to consider what a store that focused on utilizing the variety of nuts available in all their products would look like. As such, I developed a brand that incorporated nut based and organic materials in their products across three different home good area’s. Key Words | Sustainable, Healthy, Organic Classification | Identity, Packaging

Sunfield | 07

Matthew Tomoni | Selected Works

Raconteur | Nuts About Nature

Sunfield | 11

“What transforms this world—is knowledge. Nothing else can change anything in this world. Knowledge alone is capable of transforming the world while at the same time leaving it exactly as it is.” Yukio Mishima

Raconteur | Mind Unbound

Mind Unbound As technology continues to evolve and morph into great and terrible things, we are constantly left wondering how new knowledge will affect future generations. One of the great conscious fears that people possess is a fear of death, although not necessarily in a corporeal sense, but rather a fear of the decay of mind. It is our ability to think that gives us an innate sense of being alive, but without it, we fade into nothing. Thus the preservation of our mind through electronic means, and all the thoughts, and the emotions that stem from those thoughts, becomes a single pursuit.

Concept | Transmute is a compilation book of

Class Info | Carolina De Bartolo

answers to the 2009 annual question

Typography 3

"What Will Change Everything?"

Spring 2015

Inspiration | Change is inevitable, but there is no greater question regarding change, than the question of change in the future, especially in the fields of science, medicine, and technology. With these disciplines in mind, I scoured the various answers on in order to compile a variety of thoughts that revolved around what may happen to our minds via technology in the future. Key Words | Future, Change, Brainpower Classification | Typography, Print, Photography Transmute | 15

Matthew Tomoni | Selected Works

Raconteur | Mind Unbound

Transmute | 19

“ a religion of the art of life.” Kakuzo Okakura

Raconteur | Aroma's of the Orient

Aroma's of the Orient There exists a moment within a feeling that one experience’s when taking the first sip of a quality, well-brewed cup of tea. It is a moment shared by everyone no matter their lot in life, whether rich or poor, young or old, country folk or city dwellers. A moment born out of elegance and simplicity, mirroring life with the same variety that is found in the myriad of tea’s around the world. It is a moment that allows us all a respite from the fears and hardships of life, leaving us safe and satisfied in its warm caress.

Concept |

Rishi is a line of tea packaging

Class Info | Valerie Taylor-Smith

designed to embody the concept of minimalism

Packaging Design 2

and elegance through the use of white space.

Fall 2014

Inspiration | The art and culture of Asia has captivated the western world for centuries. Within the art of calligraphy, one finds an understated elegance, a song written with each stroke of the brush. It is this song that gave birth to my concept and approach for this project. The end result is a set of clean tea boxes that standout from among the competition on any grocery store shelf. Key Words | Calm, Clean, Graceful Classification | Packaging, Identity Rishi Tea | 23

Matthew Tomoni | Selected Works

Raconteur | Aroma's of the Orient

Rishi Tea | 27

“I always wondered why makers leave house keeping and cooking out of their tales. Isn't that what all the great wars and battles are fought for, so that at days end a family may eat together in a peaceful house� Ursula K. Le Guin

Raconteur | Clean Persuasion

Clean Persuasion There is a driving need found in every person to varying degree’s for order and cleanliness in one aspect or another of their lives. To scrub and polish and wipe away the grime in our lives. This is all a metaphor of course, because life will always be covered in grime. So instead we scrub away at our kitchens and our bathrooms, because at the very least we can exercise some form of control over these.

Concept | Natures Touch is a line of household

Class Info | Tom McNulty

cleaning product package designs made with

Packaging Design 3

environmentally friendly ingredients.

Fall 2015

Inspiration | When I was a kid, part of my chores were to clean the bathroom, do the dishes, and wipe away smudges from the coffee table and corner table in our living room. I didn't mind, I liked the smell of cleaners and solvents. So for this project, I sought to create a sense of sentiment through label designs and product scents, while also emphasizing the environmentally friendly aspect of the product. Key Words | Natural, Child Safe, Eco-friendly Classification | Packaging, Identity

Natures Touch | 31

Matthew Tomoni | Selected Works

Raconteur | Clean Persuasion

Natures Touch | 35

“Remembrance of things past is not necessarily the remembrance of things as they were.� Marcel Proust

Raconteur | The Colors of Yesteryear

Colors of Yesteryear What makes men and women so wistful for the past is the simple fact that they did not have to live it. We view the events of history through the eyes of a closet romantic, yearning for a simpler time. Because of this, we subconsciously attribute only the good to that which reminds us of the past. This in turn becomes a powerful tool for a designer seeking to design and market a product that has ties to that past.

Concept | Nostalgia is a line of paint products

Class Info | Valerie Taylor-Smith

wherein the packaging is inspired by the work of

Packaging Design 2

Frank Lloyd Wright.

Fall 2014

Inspiration | During the initial research for this project, I came across the Original Taliesin Color Palette From 1955 as well as various stained glass windows that were used in Wrights homes and designs. Armed with these colors and designs, I was able to create a series of package layouts that embodies Frank Lloyd Wright's work in a modern way, hinting at design from days gone by. Key Words | Classic, Modern, Geometric Classification | Packaging, Identity Nostalgia Paint | 39

Matthew Tomoni | Selected Works

Raconteur | The Colors of Yesteryear

Nostalgia Paint | 43

“Love is not patronizing and charity isn't about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same­­­—with charity you give love, so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead.” Mother Teresa

Hemet Assist

Raconteur | Our Frayed Humanity

Our Frayed Humanity There is an unearned privilege and sense of self that comes with never having wanted for anything. Yet in spite of that, most people, even those who have never truly experienced poverty and hunger, are able to empathize with those deemed “the less fortunate”. However, while empathy is a noteworthy character-trait, it is acting upon that empathy that truly determines the extent of an individuals character. It's one things to imagine walking a mile in someone else’s shoe, but it is a completely different thing to buy that person a new pair of shoes.

Concept | Hemet Assist intends to identify a

Class Info | Kathy Freathy

problem in my hometown and then create a

Graphic Design 3

campaign to help solve it.

Fall 2015

Inspiration | With a few exceptions, I’ve spent my entire life living in Hemet, California. Nestled in the heart of the fertile San Jacinto Valley beneath the shadow of San Jacinto Peak and surrounded by rolling hills, Hemet is home. Yet the issues with drugs and homelessness that plague my city are becoming worse by the day, inspiring within me a desire to help. Key Words | Future, Change, Brainpower Classification | Identity, Web Design, Mobile Hemet Assist | 47

Matthew Tomoni | Selected Works

Raconteur | Our Frayed Humanity

Hemet Assist | 51

“When I hear music, I fear no danger. I am invulnerable. I see no foe. I am related to the earliest times, and to the latest.� David Henry Thoreau

Raconteur | Generational Resonance

Generational Resonance Music is the language of the Ages, spanning time and space, a cornerstone for every civilization that has been, that is, and that will come. When done right, it allows people from all creeds and colors and ages to come together, united in a singular love for sound. There is no greater celebration of this unity than the classic coming together that is a music festival. A place of wonder and excitement, of emotion and connection. A place where there is nothing but the music.

Concept | Remi Boncoeur is a fictional music

Class Info | Troy Alders

festival campaign that is designed to encompass

Visual Systems 1

my vision of a dream festival.

Fall 2015

Inspiration | Like most of humanity, I am fond of music and have developed my own taste in genre over the years. While I have attended plenty of concerts, one thing I’ve never had the chance to do is go to a music festival. So I thought to myself, if I could attend the ultimate festival, what would that look like? Who would be playing? Where would it be? The resulting project is the answer.

Key Words | Indie, Vintage, Elegant Classification | Identity, Web Design, Print

Remi Boncoeur Music Festival | 55

Matthew Tomoni | Selected Works

Remi Boncoeur Music Festival | 59 REMI




Del’ Aco




IC FE • 12 STIVA 1 3 -14 L re B • • 2 ayou O p IVAL0 1 5 •

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• •


• •



Del’ Acore Bayou Open Arena


T he Blac k Keys · T he Racont eurs · Cage T he Eleph ant · T he D e ad Weather · T h e S t r o k e s The White Stripes · Gary C l a r k J r. · C a r d b o a r d K id s · K i ngs o f L e o n T he K ille r s · K a s a b ian


Raconteur | Generational Resonance

“We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there.� Pascal Mercier

Raconteur | Taste of Home

Taste of Home It’s the simple things in life. The little things that bring you back to your safest memories of home and love and goodness. Smells, sounds, and sights that make bad days good and good days even better. The smell of fresh jam. The sound of a crunchy first bite into a piece of toast. The sight of a table spread with all the tasty comforts that one can sink into, forgetting if only for a moment, about the world beyond the kitchen nook.

Concept | Duerr's Jam is line of jam packaging

Class Info | Valerie Taylor-Smith

designed to standout on the shelf based on the

Packaging Design 2

flavor of jam in each jar.

Fall 2014

Inspiration | Jam is one of those substances that almost everyone in the world is familiar with. While flavors and ingredients may change slightly, the general product remains the same, gracing our kitchen tables and our toast with its delicious flavor. Building on that idea, I wanted to create a line of simple and easy to read labels that communicated quality and succulence. Key Words | Fresh, Organic, Quality Classification | Packaging, Identity Duerr's Jam | 63

Matthew Tomoni | Selected Works

Raconteur | Taste of Home

Duerr's Jam | 67

Matthew Tomoni | Selected Works

Acknowledgments My sincerest gratitude to the artists of the past, those who have come before and created the inspiration and standards for future generations. Additionally, a great thank you to my parents who helped me pay for classes, to my professors at AAU whose guidance has helped me arrive to this point, to James Mellick who taught me to not give a damn and pursue my interests with intensity, to Joanne Vaughn who instilled in me a love of words, and to Brian Deemy who has been a constant source of inspiration and encouragement. Colophon Printing and Binding: BLURB.COM Paper: Premium Matte 100lb Typeface: Verlag, Baskerville Software: Adobe Creative Cloud Instructor: William Culpepper Course: GR 460 Senior Portfolio Spring 2017 Academy of Art University School of Graphic Design All rights reserved. No part of this book can be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted without permission from the author and designer.

| 69


The Selected Works of Matthew Tomoni

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