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Look inside for a stage by stage account of election night and quotes from all of the winners.

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News: Election Results Editorial Greg Bailey The student body has spoken and there seven newly elected Sabbatical Officers poised to run the SU next year. On behalf of myself and everyone here at the Rabbit I would like to say congratulations to all of the winning candidates and commiserations to those who were unsuccessful. The standard of those running was exceptionally high and this was reflected by the close fought battles and tiny winning margins, some just by 5 votes. I am sure all those who secured a position will fully embrace their new role and do their upmost to deliver on the better future for students at Essex. Inside this issue you can find a stage by stage account of what happened during the unveiling event which took place in Sub Zero. As well as all of the election news you can read about two of our team members who were lucky enough to visit Amsterdam courtesy of Stenna Line. This is through a new promotion running out of the Burrow which covers transport to and from Colchester to the land of the clogs and windmills. Find out all about their fantastic experience in Lifestyle. On top of all that we have; a Brit Award special in Music, Film talks fantasy and TV looks at Ricky Gervais’ Derek. Science looks at women who have shaped the world through their contribution to discovery, Jobs has top tips on how to write the perfect CV and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are this issues Team of the Week. If you have any thoughts, feedback or want to write for any of the sections please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Contact Us: Editor: Greg Bailey Deputy Editor: Rachel McGrath Head Designer: Ali Shah

The votes are in! You made your choices, so here are your new Sabbatical Officers! The seven triumphant candidates who will run the SU next year were announced in one of the most competitive and tense elections to date. The winners were declared at a special election event held in Sub Zero on the same day as the voting closed. There was a huge turnout of students supporting the hopeful candidates, who were seen to be pacing back and forth. Dimitry Christie summed up the tension stating “I hope that all this will end soon”. The first award of the night went to Max Slipaczek as the new VP Southend and Loughton. He was the only candidate in this group and took the position with 1746 votes against 237 to reopen nominations. Dmitry Christie was the next successful candidate taking the role of VP International. He took a four stage victory over the other candidates

in his group with a winning total of 988 votes. Surprisingly the mysterious Barack Obama came a close second only trailing by 126 votes. His true identity was finally revealed during the final stage of this vote. Some have questioned whether it is fair to have fictional candidates and what the consequences would be if he actually won. Concerns were also raised over the volume of votes for someone who just promoted himself via social networks. Chantel Le Carpentier was the next winner in a gruelling six stage round to take VP Welfare and Community. Le Carpentier won with a total of 792 votes, just five more than Abigale Moore’s 787. Becky Newbury also faced a tough five stage fight to take VP Services and Communications. Newbury was in close second for the first two stages but took the final three achieving a total of 1066 votes to Edwin ‘DJ Swoosh’ Ssekabira’s 835.

Sarah Smith won VP Student Activities in similar style to Newbury. She trailed the first two stages and dominated the next three resulting in a total of 900 votes to Chris Clarke’s 829. Then it came to the head to head battle for VP Education. Victory was taken by James Potter with 1157 votes to Harris Fitch’s 856. Finally the results came for the presidential nominations. The top position went to Becky Fisher who is currently VP Student Activities. Fisher won each stage of the presidential battle finally beating Henry Stevens with a margin of 343 votes. All of the candidates thanked their supporters and the winners vowed to deliver all they had promised in their campaigns. Greg Bailey, Editor Sabrina Iavarone






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Becky Fisher Before running in the election last year I never thought that, a year later, I would be elected as president of the Students Union. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported me and everyone who voted, I wouldn’t be here without you. I cannot wait for next year and am already getting excited about all the positive changes the sabbatical team hope to make next year. It’s the university’s 50th birthday next year too and your votes have set it up to be an amazing one!

Andrea Sanderson Well done to all the candidates, especially Becky Fisher. I voted for her because she is already doing a fantastic job for the SU and I am sure she will continue to do so.

Dmitry Christie I’m really looking forward to beginning my work on the new ideas and will continue to build up the success of the existing ones. In the meantime, I will concentrate on finishing my 2nd year, fulfilling my existing commitments and will continue stalking the current VP International, so that I get to know all the ins and outs of the position. Thanks again to all those who have supported me! Becky Newbury I am still absolutely overwhelmed that I have been elected and it is all slowly starting to sink in. I really cannot wait to take office and start turning my policies into action as soon as possible! I just want to say thank you so much to all my supporters and campaigners and all the people who voted. I promise to do you all proud as your new VP Services and communication. It’s going to be a good year! Max Slipaczek I am looking forward to starting my position and changing the future of students in both Southend and Loughton and bringing the standards of societies, sports and basic aspects of university life level with that of Colchester Chantel Le Carpentier I’d like to thank everyone who supported me, voted for me and believed in me. Thank you so much. It was a tremendously tough election. I can’t wait to be your VP Welfare and Community next year. Welfare will be truly safe in my hands. Look forward to better mental health provisions, a safer safety bus and support off campus. Join me this March and run for welfare committee! Sarah Smith I can’t wait to make sports and societies even better and get more people involved. There were a great bunch of candidates with some awesome policies that I’d love to adopt as well as my own. It’s a shame that Sophie was ill and missed the camaraderie of campaigning in the squares, as it was so much fun getting to know all the candidates and I know the new Sabbs will all get on really well and be an amazing team. Hopefully a big difference you will see is a sense of community within the sports clubs and societies as we support each other in our successes. James Potter I want to thank everyone who supported, voted or put up with me during the election campaign. I look forward to working with you all, to free up student media, to deliver real change on employability and making sure that our union delivers.


Greenstead stabbing shocks students Students have been left shocked after a man in his 30s was stabbed multiple times near the CoOp at Fivefields Court in Greenstead. The incident happened at around 8.30pm on Wednesday, February 6. Detectives believe that there was an altercation between the victim and two other men, one of whom had a knife. The victim was taken to Colchester General Hospital by ambulance; his injuries are not thought to be life-threatening. Since the incident police have increased visibility in the area and patrols will focus on the area of Fivefields Court. Final-year student, Katherine Ashman,who has lived in Greenstead for the past two years, said: “I’m quite shocked by this incident. I’m

aware that crimes happen in Greenstead, it does have a bad reputation, but I’ve always felt safe living here with my friends. However, to hear about this kind of extreme violence so nearby, it is a bit frightening. I will definitely be more wary when I am out in the evening”. Police are asking for anyone with information to contact detectives at Colchester CID on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. Natilly Macartney Local News Editor



UPLIFTING QUOTES "Happiness often sneaks in through a door you didn't know you left open." John Barrymore

"Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions." Dalai Lama

"Happiness doesn't depend on any external conditions, it is governed by our mental attitude."

Enterprising Essex The University of Essex is in the top five for enterprising students according to new rankings put together by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Group.The RBS rankings are designed to recognise how students get involved in university life through organising activities, events, volunteering and fundraising.

Michael Spencer, President of the Essex Enterprise Group, added: “It is excellent that Essex ranks well in the enterprise criteria, and I feel that Essex has offered me invaluable opportunities to develop commercial awareness, and I would definitely recommend the ‘Essex degree’ to budding entrepreneurs.!”

The University of Essex Students’ Union is one of the most active in the country and has more than 165 clubs and societies including Enactus Essex, which specifically promotes entrepreneurship and is one of the SU’s ESSAaccredited societies. More than 700 students also volunteer through the vTeam scheme.

The University of Essex Students’ Union is one of the most active in the country

Nathan Bolton, Students’ Union President stated: “[The ranking] highlights the high quality experience that we offer for students at Essex. Almost every possible interest is covered within our student societies, from arts and music through to religion and politics, giving Essex students unbelievable opportunities to explore their passion at the same time as developing enterprising skills that will help them when they graduate”’. Universities are ranked according to how many societies have received RBS Enterprising Student Society Accreditation (ESSA) and have been nominated for bronze, silver or gold categories in the RBS ESSA Awards.

Dale Carnegie

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony."

David Stanbury, Director of Employability at Essex, statedsaid the University worked closely with the SU and undertook a huge amount of work to support students to reach their potential, develop their entrepreneurialism and turn their business ideas into reality. He said: “The University of Essex aims to help all our students become graduates who are enterprising and prepared for the future by having an enterprise strategy that takes students through all stages of the process from having an idea to launching their own business.” Jatinder Kalsi, Student News Editor


Local MP Votes In Favour Of Equal Marriage Bill The long-awaited Equal Marriage Bill was voted for by the majority in The House of Commons on Wednesday, February 6. Among those who voted in favour of was Liberal Democrat and local MP, Bob Russell. Despite the result, the Conservative party had a very split opinion, with 136 opposing. This comes as a shock to many as the conservatives claim to want a fairer and more equal society, regardless of gender and sexuality. Religion was said to be a great factor in the opposing votes against the bill. During a recent appearance on Question Time, Conservative MP Mary McCloud, said that she feels: “it is important that people can have their faith and believe their faith”. Essex student and member of LGBT, Jessica Fitzsimmons, spoke to the Rabbit about the result: “I’m so happy that the MP’s in the House of Commons decided to vote in favor of same sex marriage. This is a big step towards equality for people in the LGBTQ community”. When asked about the role she believes religion has in the Equal Marriage Bill Jessica said: “Some people believe that the politicians are essentially forcing the churches to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies and that politics has nothing to do with religion, but I don’t think that’s the case. We need these politicians to help convince churches and other religious bodies that their views on gay people are very old-fashioned and that they need to move into the modern age. Same-sex couples are just as in love, dedicated and responsible as many heterosexual couples, gender shouldn’t matter.” Natilly Macartney, Local News Editor Jennifer Draper

Mahatma Gandhi





Essex and NASA join forces


STUDENT Scientists from University of Essex have been working with international space agency NASA, on a unique project in which they controlled a virtual spacecraft through thought alone.   They have been using technology called brain computer interface (BCI), in which there studies found that combining the power of two people could be more accurate in steering a spacecraft than by one person alone.     Essex University has built-up an international reputation for

its research in this scientific field. It is currently expanding its work into a new area where tasks are performed by combining the signals of multiple BCI users.   The £500,000 project with NASA’s jet propulsion lab in Pasadena, California, involved two people together steering a virtual spacecraft to a planet using a BCI mouse, developed by the scientists at Essex. Professor Poli described the experiment to ‘measuring someone’s gut feeling’. Jatinder Kalsi

Get Involved Interested in writing for the theatre, acting in a theatre or perhaps helping with stage lighting? Then ROAR is perfect for you; the Theatre Arts Society will be holding the festival, which takes place next term, and are looking for people who are interested in trying something out for it - even if it’s not a completed script or you want to direct something but haven’t got anything written yourself, it’s a free stage for you to experiment on. The only thing we ask is that if it’s a piece you want to put on, it must only be roughly 20 minutes long! For more information, drop us an email at

New study suggests International league tables ‘not accurate’ International League tables are “misleading” and “riddled with error”, according to a new study into education. According to findings taken by The Sutton Trust, the global league tables give an inconsistent representation of how well institutions are performing. The study, led by Professor Alan Smithers of the Centre for Education and Employment Research at Buckingham University, examined a number of international rankings, such as the PISA survey, which looks at maths, science and reading levels among 15-year-olds; TIMMS which analyses performance in maths and science at ages nine to 10 and 13-14, and PIRLS which looks at reading among 10-year-olds. The last PISA study demonstrated a slide in England’s performance, with TIMMS suggesting the opposite. Different countries have been shown to take part in certain studies, and not others, resulting in inconsistent and selective results. International surveys may also test different aspects of literacy, numeracy and science, it added. The report states: “England’s position in international education league tables depends on which other countries take part and what is taken into account.”

Have your say.

The Rabbit:News @Rabbit News

Professor Smithers said: “These league tables are designed to enable education systems to be compared, and it is easy to assume that any differences in pupil performance are due to the education system. The report said that in a number of the PISA tests, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands and Canada tended to outperform England. The report also found that Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan generally perform better than England in all tables. In his foreword to the report, Sir Peter Lampl, chairman of the Sutton Trust said this could be a cultural issue, and noted that Chinese students tended to outperform their classmates in Britain. But Professor Smithers added that this is “not necessarily the case”, adding that “The superior performance of Asian pupils has been attributed to a culture of hard work and effort, the personality trait of quiet persistence, and distinctive parenting. After all, Chinese children also shine in England’s education system” Eleanor Brimelow


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Fifty Shades of Grey has revolutionised sex, showing that BDSM can be healthy and fun. It has liberated women everywhere. Just kidding. Ana Steele submits to “kinky fuckery” only to please Mr Grey. E.L James repeatedly associates hard kink with mental instability, as if there was not enough discrimination around. What is really insulting is the implication that somehow Christian could always do hearts and flowers, he just needed love. That is not necessarily how it works. Being a dominant or submissive is a bit like being gay or straight (though BDSM stigma is nothing like the systematic oppression faced by the LGBT community). People are bi, some are pan or asexual. Likewise, some people can switch and for some people it does not matter; but neither orientation nor fetish can be dismissed as a phase or turned off at will. Even though 50 Shades it is often advertised and applauded as revolutionary, it ignores the vast diversity in sexuality. Though it is not entirely E.L James’ fault that the media only likes to talk about the experiences of the middle class, able-bodied, cisgender and heterosexual white people, it is still problematic. There is a darker problem too. A friend recently confided that his partner asked to be spanked because: “that what guys want, right?” It is not a problem to like kink, but to blindly take it as gospel without thinking about what we would really enjoy is - or even worse feeling too insecure to object. Kink is not a requirement

It’s Either Love or Sex

Love and Sex in the Modern Generation.

The unimportance of love and sex as motivation for any form of relationship with another became clear to me when starting university this year. Sex, in the minds of a number of students, has become highly important, with intoxicated students going out of their way to ‘get laid’. At least for the younger generation, it seems that the importance of love in our society has all but vanished. But then again what is love? Is it a one-night stand? Is it sexual relations with a friend on a regular basis? Is it the desire to have sex? Is it a meaningful relationship? ‘Old-fashioned’ love now appears to be complete fiction, which makes the meaning of love even harder to understand. Those who have not had sex are forced to lie to avoid embarrassment, especially when socialising and partaking in the often alcohol-fuelled game of ‘I have never…’. The concept of qualifying as a ‘lad’ also plays a large role in male desire. Just look at the anonymous male on the ‘University of Essex Confessions’ Facebook page, who wrote how he was “eager to prove” that he too “was a lad”. This leads to people being blinded by peer pressure and individual morals being pushed aside.

for a good sex life. A healthy sex life is every night or not at all, flogging or spooning, gymnastics or missionary, mono or polygamous and everything in between. It is consent and communication – it is what you all agree on. And frankly, it is nobody else’s fucking business.

It’s a shame that students tend to lack the confidence to follow their own morality.

Lexi Keegan

Jenni Draper DO YOU HAVE AN OPINION? Let us know and we’d be glad to hear from you! You may even get published.





Coming Out I am Bisexual. Coming out is hard. Admittedly, this is true for any LGBTQ person but coming out is a little bit harder for some than others. For homosexuals there is an established path of coming out as gay or lesbian, with help and advice available for every step out of the closet. Furthermore, being homosexual means there is a pantheon of idols to follow. Gay women can follow in the footsteps of the likes of Sue Perkins, Sandi Toksvig and Claire Balding. For gay men, the glorious Cantabrigian trifecta of Stephen Fry, Derek Jacobi and Ian McKellen lead the way. All of these are comfortable public figures who, simply by going about their daily business, make being homosexual acceptable

and safe. Consider the bisexual equivalents. Christopher Hitchens, Lady Gaga and Jessie J are a few examples, all of whom stand apart from the crowd. The waters are further muddied by David Bowie who was bisexual for a bit before he decided not to be and Freddie Mercury, who died of AIDS.

Baby Steps The recent decision by MPs to pass the Same Sex Marriage Bill has rightly been lauded as an important step towards a more modern and equal society. But let us not get ahead of ourselves. Consider the civil rights movement of the 1960s. The work of activists such as Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr brought about important and historic changes, yet minorities living in USA (and indeed across the globe) still face prejudice and inequality on a day-to-day basis, even 50 years later. The opening of marriage to all is indubitably important. It is however, just one step up a tall mountain. Adam Bond

I do not blame any of these people; there is no duty to conform placed upon any famous LGBTQ figure that is out. It does however mean that I did not, and continue to not have, anyone to point to and say “look, it is all OK.” Kit Cherry

Break-ups I have witnessed many breaks-ups this week. More than is fair, frankly. People hurt, deceive and misunderstand each other, and god knows what else. Author John Green gives the best relationship advice: “Use your words”. Communication is tough. It means exposing yourself; your own private language becomes a shared language and thoughts infect each other. The consequences of withholding your words are far greater though. It leads to loneliness and discontent; you get so wrapped up in your own thoughts and language that you forget the other person also has words. Your words become dominant but not shared. Life is complicated, but you must be brave. Use your words. Oliver Morris

Sex is like pottery. Sometimes it is fun. Sometimes it is gooey. It has to be baked in order to become solid. It can get quite muddy. When it is done right, you create something of inordinate beauty from nothing but natural things. It is the act of making something very simple and natural into something more complex. You can store flowers or water in it when it is done. It can have tessellated patterns on it. Although I have never done pottery.

Feminist Slut

I am a sadist and a submissive - but no doormat. I am strong, able to articulate my desires and limits; my Dom is no manipulative maniac on a power trip - we enjoy turning each other on, that is it. Nor is it a self-esteem issue. Sir calls me a slut in a very different way to that drunken stranger across the street who is trying to shame me for who, when, and how I fuck – though I could be virginal pristine for all he knows. Sir uses it to remind me that I trust him to take control of my body. Explaining submissiveness is difficult. There is anticipation, role play and relief, but mostly

it is what just feels right. However, it is not me snubbing responsibility and succumbing to inherently womanly obedience – he is My Dominant. I know what to say, how to move, and what to do to make him feel good. What is more sexist, an equal exchange of desires, or shaming a consensual act that both enjoy because the vulnerable woman might get hurt? This sexual power dynamic is strictly limited to the bedroom. Respect my autonomy; I don’t sleep with misogynists. Claire Combey


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Culture Propaganda Aesthetics A

A good way to get people to think about the point you wish to put across, or even to get them to realise the movement exists, is a flood of images with snappy and eye-catching content. All over campus there are stickers which wish to draw your attention to various injustices in the world. Take a lift in one of the paternosters at the Albert Sloman and you can see “Palestinian solidarity,” “Smash Sexism,” “Crush Fascism” stickers on the spaces between each floor. I genuinely like these, it is nice to know that there are people who are still angry and passionate enough to slap those around the place. It may seem like a small thing; but it is truly the small things which get you thinking, as well as having the potential to become big things- every cause has to start somewhere. People need to be angry and they should be as well. There needs to be protest movements even if people disagree with them - and what better way to gain support and spark interest than using a punky decal and a couple of words above your website address. A message is made stronger when accompanied by a decent design. Look at the organisations Anonymous and Occupy who are using Alan Moore’s Guy Fawkes’ Mask design. It seems to be that when a movement is more “urban” it gains a certain aesthetic; a sort of rugged primitivism, playing on the stereotypical, in order to relay a message quickly and emphatically. Lewis Butler

Promote yourself A

photograph can make or break an idolised politician – such is its power. No matter how high or how loved one is, you shake hands with the wrong person and you are doomed

People trust photographs, although quite often images are taken out of important context. to see that photo everywhere you look, every time you run for an office. People trust photographs, although quite often images are taken out of important context. Policies are the things which are actually important to a campaign of any sort, but people will not pay attention to policies if they don’t know who you are. Campaigners and politicians

have to carefully sculpt themselves a public image and shout as loud as they can. A common campaign tactic that was seen used on campus during last week’s elections is to approach people on a night out and take photos of them holding a frame or sporting a campaign T-shirt - weirdly this seems to work. As much is it may annoy some of you, approaching the right people when they are maybe a little sozzled and smiling at them, usually puts people in good step. What this means, is that when the photo is taken, if you have made them laugh a little or just shown them a friendly smile, they will do the same back or even do a hilarious pose for the photo, which makes the campaign seem all the more student- friendly. It’s a sort of relational aesthetics, in order to get the product – which in this case is the promotion – a unifying factor or some sort of visual relation must be established. Lewis Butler

Campaign Art Campaign art is something that has been around for centuries; WWII’s ‘We Need You’ posters are still recognisable today. These were used to attempt to enforce “the right message to the right people at the right time”, as Jim Spencer claimed campaigns needed to do. Last week’s campaigners on campus, I am sure, can relate to this quote as this is exactly what they attempted to do. As you wandered around you will have found the on-going elections unavoidable, as would-be sabbatical officers tried to gain supporters by putting up posters emblazoned with slogans and mini-manifestos Some of the posters I spotted around campus had artistic twists to them, employing colours and designs to reflect and reinforce their ideas. Remember the ‘Hope’ poster from Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign? Shepard Fairey’s work is a strong example of how resounding and influencing campaign art can be. With regard to the SU elections, I agree with Spencer, posters stood out to me due to their colours and designs. There were light-hearted cartoon style images designed to catch the eye of the passer-by, in the hope that they would also read the election promises; while others employed bright colours against slightly clichéd slogans. Despite their variations, one thing is for sure: The colours, designs and slogans were an integral part to each campaign. Camela Cuison


Music The Brit Awards are on 20 February 2013, check out who wins then. For now, check out who The Rabbit Music want to win, or wish were even nominated!

British Group – One Direction British Female Solo Artist – Jessie Ware

I’ve made no bones about my dislike for One Direction in the past, so it is no surprise that I don’t want them to win Best British Group. What have they done that The xx have not? Okay, I guess they do deserve some credit for their fastgrowing global success. I mean, yeah, they have sold A LOT of albums and have had some of the biggest singles of the past 12 months. But still! Muse have done… um… okay fine, One Direction should win.

South London singer Jessie Ware crafts soulful pop music with an edge, making her a stand out competitor in this highly competitive category. There are plenty of successful British female singers, which might make you may think there’s no need for another one, but not many have both the mainstream appeal and critical approval that Ware does. Instead of churning out bland, safe music she’s set herself apart by working with wide range of artists from Julio Bashmore to The Invisible’s Dave Okunmu. For saving pop, Jessie Ware more than deserves to win. Deborah Findlater

British Breakthrough – Alt-J Last year, Alt-J came crashing on to the music scene with their debut An Awesome Wave and with it came a sound like no other. Innovative musicianship, slick harmonies, exemplary song-writing and choruses which become instant earworms are joined seamlessly by Joe Newman’s unique and peculiar voice, creating a collection of beautiful and fascinating electronic pop songs. With the Mercury Prize already under their belt, the only way is up for these guys. Amy Foster

Adam Bond

British Male Solo Artist – Ben Howard

Ben Howard’s gentle folk sound and unique voice created something special in his debut album Every Kingdom, and recent EP Burgh Island was just as charming. With sweet harmonies, nimbly-plucked guitar and cello accompaniment, Ben Howard has produced both up-tempo anthems and beautifully written, subdued songs, all delivered with emotion and sincerity. He has made folk music popular again and deserves to be praised for that. Amy Foster

British Album – Mumford and Sons, Babel Mumford and Sons' Babel must win Best Album. It's a no-brainer. Fans of their debut album Sigh No More may have questioned if anything could match it but Babel answered this with a resounding yes. With added maturity and a hearty dose of the

band's innate passion, Babel absorbs the best elements of its predecessor and offers something all the more glorious. Honest, earthy and sublime, it is truly a treat to listen to, a worthy winner. Caroline Smith




Album Reviews The Courteeners – Anna The latest instalment of Manchester’s contemporary answer to Britrock comes in the form of Anna, The Courteeners’ third album since Falcon in 2010. Anna sadly begins in a generic and somewhat unambitious manner, literally carrying on where their previous album left off in terms of style and structure.

Alternative British Group – Bloc Party One of 2012’s biggest highlights was the unlikely reformation of Bloc Party. Who would have ever expected Kele Okereke to abandon his musical ego trip to return to the throne as Bloc Party’s famed frontman? But we’re glad that he did, as the London quartet returned with their most abrasive release in years in the form of ‘Four’, an album which featured everything from visceral riffs to delicate melodies. British music wouldn’t be the same without them.

Alternative British Breakthrough – Bastille

Mark Wood

Alternative British Female Solo Artist – Lucy Rose

Bastille have excelled from the depths of the UK's smallest, grottiest venues and thoroughly exceeded the level of success most bands hope for in their entire career and all within the space of a year. Apart

Despite missing out on being nominated for this award, Lucy Rose is undoubtedly one of the most exciting female acts of 2012, and arguably the ‘Ben Howard’ of the female music scene. By providing backing vocals to Bombay Bicycle Club’s latest album A Different Kind of Fix, she established herself as an impressive talent before the release of her debut album Like I Used To. Her softsounding vocals pack a punch; her lyrical and acoustic prowess flowing wonderfully together. Definitely one to watch. Luke Peedell

Alternative British Album – Richard Hawley, Standing at the Sky's Edge Given the sombre and downbeat nature of his previous album True Love’s Gutter, nobody would have expected Sheffield legend Richard Hawley to return with his heaviest album to date. His latest offering is littered with Eastern influence and undeniable psychedelic tendencies a

definite departure for the crooner as we’ve come to know him. Standing at the Sky’s Edge is filled with brooding atmosphere, engrossing lyricism and the hard evidence that Richard Hawley still owns a fuzz guitar-pedal. A true masterpiece of British music. Mark Wood

from supporting Two Door Cinema Club across their most recent UK tour and conquering Sara Cox’s Live Lounge on Radio One, our favourite electro-pop outfit stand on the brink of their very own headline shows at Shepherd’s Bush Empire. You’ve got to give credit where credit’s due.

However, as the album progresses, the tender, non-fussy moments, in the form of Marquee and Here Come The Young Men, save this album from being incredibly one-dimensional. Anna doesn’t tread much outside The Courteeners’ established comfort zone and as usual, our love-hate relationship with this band will continue.

HHHHH Foals – Holy Fire Ambitious is a word that is synonymous with Oxford hailing mathrockers Foals, and their third album Holy Fire is no different.

Becky Excell, Music Editor

Alternative British Male Solo Artist – Gary Barlow If there is someone who should win, out of those overlooked, it is Gary Barlow. He travelled all over the world in 2012, from Jamaica to Kenya and beyond to culminate a host of different sounds and produced Sing, the sensational song dedicated to the Queen's Jubilee. Besides the knighthood he deserves, this song will always remain in everyone’s hearts. Oh, and he is a ridiculously talented all round musician too. Rhys Stevenson

Inhaler kicks things off with a Rage Against the Machine-like smack-down and infectious track My Number that follows truly combines the two sombre and frantic facets of Foals once and for all. Late Night features one of the most rhythmic and infectious guitar solos of Holy Fire and Milk & Black Spiders shapes up to be a more upbeat Spanish Sahara and a true triumph. I’m not afraid to say that Holy Fire never drops the ball, not once. Every track on this album is pure class and has had thought and graft put into it that so few bands manage to muster up. Mark Wood



Film Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief was a commercial flop, but that wont stop them trying

If it ain’t broke... Film is a business, there is no denying that. Film companies are in the business of making money before innovation. If there is a formula that makes money then by god they will milk that cash cow until it is nothing but bare bones. The fantasy film is an example of this mindset; rather it is a specific type of the fantasy film that they cling to. You ask

those who keep their ears to the ground about new releases have noticed the trends. Harry Potter-mania sparked off a load of other fantasy book adaptations to see if other studios could have the same money spinner that Warner Bros had. The Spiderwick Chronicles and Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief were all made

to cash in on the success of JK Rowling. Again the same thing has driven studios to compete against the new franchise, Twilight has just finished and people are already talking about what the next big thing is going to be. A few tasters have been thrown our way in the form of the Hunger Games and this year’s Beautiful Creatures.


There are other supernatural romance films on the way with a real zom-rom-com Warm Bodies. It feels as though that even though The Twilight Saga has conceded the effects that it has had on movies will stick around in a similar fashion to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. Benjamin Pinsent, Deptuty Film Editor




Twilight and its impact on the fantasy film genre The Twilight Series has grossed $385 million worldwide and has gained followers all over the world, but has decidedly split the critics and the audiences. It’s like the film version of marmite, you either love it or you hate it. For me, I’m rather indifferent to it; it has all of the cinematic tropes which equal big box office success. First component; big name stars, The Twilight Saga boasts an impressive cast. The two leads are portrayed by Kristen Stewart and Brit Robert Pattinson, and the supporting cast include Taylor Lautner and ex-child star Dakota Fanning. Second component; universal themes, The Twilight Saga is known for its themes of identity, love and sexual awakening, which all appeal to its pre-teen audience. Final component; fantasy, this big budget film series would be nothing without the fantastical element vampires and werewolves at war. And similar to the Harry Potter Series all of the action happens in our modern day humdrum world. What these successful films show is that evidently, this is a genre which is still relevant in modern day society. Films are a way to escape the humdrum of life, to forget our worries if only for a couple of hours.

What these successful films show is that evidently, this is a genre which is still relevant in modern day society. Of course, in order for the studios to keep producing fantastic, indie films, they must create these big budget fantasy films to keep their business going. The Twilight Saga is only one example of a big budget fantasy film and with Beautiful Creatures set to be released next month, it seems the industry isn’t quite finished with this cocktail of films. Naomi Jeffreys, Film Editor



DID YOU KNOW Titanic (1997)

• The film was originally called “Planet Ice” • After James Cameron finished the script, he discovered that there was a real “J. Dawson” who died aboard the Titanic. • The most expensive firstclass suite on the Titanic cost $4,350, the equivalent of about $75,000 today.

Best of the Rest

The Rabbit surveys some of the other fantastic theatrical releases of the last year.





The upcoming fantasy film ‘Beautiful Creatures’ is set to be released next month. Based on the novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stoh. A bored small town teenager meets a girl who possesses supernatural powers. Will this lead her to the light or dark side? Romance and magic seems to be a popular theme in recent times and this should prove a hit with young people and adults alike.

The film has its roots in practically everything to date, from Romeo and Juliet to Japanese teen violence Battle Royale. Kids are made to fight to the death for a dystopian futuristic reality TV show. It is truly distressing but amongst the tense killings is a love story, which is lame but they’re forced to abide by the book and attract Twilight fans so what did you expect.

Okay first thing wrong with the film was that the ‘OF MARS!!’ was dropped by a focus group who though it was too nerdy and wanted to appeal to a wider audience. These people are morons. The negatives only continue: the film is long, boring, disjointed and the retrofitted 3D is so offensive it hurts my eyes. Some man can jump high, this is all!

Perhaps the biggest film to come out in 2013. Halle Berry and Tom Hanks lead an all-star cast in six different storylines which take place in the past, the present, the future and the far future. A big budget film is bound to draw in huge audiences, written, produced and directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski. A fantasy film across different time spans, it set to thrill audiences.

Anna Parker

Tom Steggall

Tom Steggall

Tom Steggall










The Blue Planet – no documentary list would be complete without an addition from David Attenborough. ‘BP’ showcases the wonders of the unknown world miles under the world’s oceans. ‘BP’ lost out on a BAFTA to Banzai, seek your revenge by watching ‘BP’ in its entirety.


The World at War – a quintessentially British 26 part series that chronicles the events of WW2 in rare colour film. I once heard someone watched the entire series in a weekend after a particularly messy break up. If I should ever be inflicted with such heartbreak, I hope to follow in this person’s wisdom.


Review: Derek Ricky Gervais’ latest comedy drama is put under the microscope by TV Editor Kerri Butcher The build-up to the new Ricky Gervais comedy drama series has pre-emptively induced people to scream with rage. Derek is a man with learning disabilities that works in an elderly care home. How could he be so insensitive as to do such a thing? That’s a piss poor question for starters. Anyone harbouring this view has obviously not watched The Office in its entirety otherwise they would be aware of Gervais’ ability to write emotive and particularly sensitive scenes such as the sob rendering display at the end of ‘The Office’. Gervais, although a comedian, doesn’t make his occupation to mock every living soul, furthermore, to attack people with learning disabilities is

To cut to the chase I thought Derek was pretty good.

certainly no way to get started or win popular acclaim. To cut to the chase I thought Derek was pretty good. It is typical of Gervais to produce a show via the form of a mockumentary, which he has proved to excel himself in before. It simply showcases Derek as being a caring, innocent individual who only wants to make others happy, and care for old people. Gervais’ script in no way mocks anyone unfortunate enough to have disabilities; it simply provides an alternate view to the way we observe things in the most considering of manners, which most would describe as observant and charming. The comedy side is provided mostly by Karl Pilkington who plays Douglas, Derek’s best friend. The hidden talent is Hannah, played by Kerry

Godliman and is Derek’s coworker. Gervais has always been capable of writing great female characters, whether it be Maggie from ‘Extras’ or Dawn in ‘The Office’. I look forward to more instalments of Derek. Anyone who doubts that Gervais can pull off emotion and sensitivity needs to abandon their insecurity. Were these people offended with Daniel DayLewis’ performances in My Left Foot, or Tom Hanks in Forest Gump, or Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man? No, that’s because they had already seen the film and there was nothing beguiling about their acting. The same goes for Gervais in Derek, watch before you judge, you might be surprised. Tom Steggall, TV Deputy Editor

Catastrophe – Tony Robinson aside, this documentary is as close to perfection as is possible. You are guided through the birth of our planet straight through to its imminent death. If you have ever required an illustrated version of Bill Bryson’s Short History then look no further than Catastrophe. Tom Steggall, TV Deputy Editor

Your Comment Lewis Menham I was expecting something really cringey and harsh like the Office or Extras but Derek is a bit different, it’s more emotional and real. I think Gervais can go a bit far sometimes, in An Idiot Abroad I think he can come off as a bit of a bully and I don’t really like the idioms he’s put on for Derek. Nonetheless I would definitely recommend the programme to anyone looking for some thought provoking and amusing television.




Jamie Oliver


am Gordon R


Junior Doctors: Your Life In Their Hands


It’s fair to say that being a doctor is a tough job at the best of times, let alone when it’s your first day and you have a camera crew filming your every move. This isn’t for the faint hearted; so far this show has produced scenes that have genuinely induced sick burps, but yet has also made me weep like I’ve just witnessed my rabbit getting caught in the lawnmower. It can’t be easy, yet somehow I feel sorry for the patients as I watch a Junior Doctor ram a needle into an angry Scouse’s arm for the

fourth time. It’s fair to say that this show has plenty of drama, often witnessing crash calls, followed by a death, which is then succeeded by a reflective scene featuring the doctors at home. Drinking tea and pondering, before cracking out the wine; are standard responses really when you consider they are barely older than I am. If you enjoy not keeping your food down whilst watching TV, I suggest you crack on with Junior Doctors. Kerri Butcher, TV Editor

Review: Charlie

Brooker’s Weekly Wipe As a huge Charlie Brooker fan, my excitement at the prospect of his new show was only comparable to that of incontinence. I must first praise Brooker for finally returning to the wipe format after 3 years of absence. Sadly what hasn’t returned is his sarcastic, satirical outlook upon popular culture. Brooker unfortunately persists in his overly negative and cynical perspective which does nothing except drain the viewer of any stimulus in the belief that we are all doomed. It was great to see the return of character Barry Shitpeas as the show’s commentator,

however, it was let down by exerts from know it all comedy drudger Douge Stanhope as well as a truly bizarre panel review section that broke the show’s aura and pace. Yeah, it’ll do, but if you want some classic Brooker then find the old Screenwipe from 2006. If you are new to his comedy, I assure you he can do better. Tom Steggall, TV Deputy Editor

As: God e Known Otherwis g people’s ove: Meltin Special M ve words his offensi h it w ff o faces ight, well umpkin? R “P : e in L Best in, and I’ll re pumpk o m u o u y t I’ll ge rse, do yo ur f***** a o y p u it ram ed?” hole or dic want it w y: 10 Likeabilit Ability: 10 g in k Coo al: 10 Sex Appe

Otherwise Know n As: The Naked Chef Special Move: Sin gle-handedly tackling obesity in the USA (and failing) Best Line: “Pukka ” Likeability: 5 Cooking Ability :2 Sex Appeal: 1


Ricky Gervais @rickygervais

“For what it’s worth, It’s Karl’s favourite episode of Derek tonight. He said “it gave me a proper lump in me throat” Haha. Bless ‘im.”



Can Art Ever be Classified as Inappropriate? Camela Cuison looks at the themes dealt with in controversial pieces of literature such as Vladimir Nabakov’s Lolita I’ve had this idea in my head for a while now and have never really resolved my own opinions on it. I suppose the genesis of this internal debate is closely linked to reading Vladimir Nabakov’s infamous Lolita. While there is no denying its great literary merit, it’s not a text that I study in my degree and yet it somehow always manages to find a way to inch itself into any discussion concerning what classifies as appropriate. Perhaps the question I’m really posing is: “Can art ever be classified as inappropriate?” It is only

Evolution of Literature I suppose my greatest fear is that within this digital revolution my beloved books will no longer have a pride of place on my shelf. They will ascent to antique status and sit behind glass, becoming something to be admired from a far. Where eBooks cost less than an espresso, combined with the easy access to an infinite number of titles, and the romantic justification that writers will finally be able to get what they truly deserve in terms of profit how can I stand in the way of this literary evolution? Simply because without books how would I possibly satisfy my literary promiscuity? How could I indulge in multiple relationships without feeling bad? You can’t practise my own intense form of literary bigamy with what is essentially a binary code on a screen. I know full well going into any bookshop means coming out with a shiny new hardback with absolute commitment to the heavens above that this is the one I will finish. It never is but I’m just as open to being easily seduced the next time. Camela Cuison

only through the fingers of such gifted authors that uncomfortable topics can be breached for the consumption of a main stream audience.

But then again is this true? Yes the final product is beautiful writing but the reason that we find this book beautiful is because of the pleasure it gives the reader; it titillates us. For those of you reading this that may be ostracised at this point, perhaps a more accessible question is: “Does through our violent culture encourage the fingers of such violence?” If there is no morality Lolita is a beautifully written to be found in art, does it book (“I rolled over him, he gifted authors that then encourage the notion rolled over me, we rolled over uncomfortable topics that is therefore acceptable? us” is one of the quotes that can be breached for remained imprinted on my brain the consumption We do derive some kind of after reading) and yet, does the pleasure from reading “Lolita”, but a main how do we maintain this while beauty and literary merit exempt of audience. still completely condemning it from the controversial central stream plot of Humbert Humbert’s paedophilia? Modernism made obsession with the 12-year-old Dolores Haze? sure that art and literature were removed from After almost 3 years of being exposed to high an elitist pedestal and the moral (and any other levels of romantic sentiment and being taught type of) judgment lied with the reader. If this is that appreciation of the writing itself can forgive the case, then surely censorship is something all kinds of sins (whether or not I was in love that has been censored; for to say otherwise with Moby Dick by the end is up for debate, would threaten to disempower readers. but I do appreciate the craft) somehow lends And that would be the worst tragedy of all. me to a compassionate defense of art. If such a touchy subject were going to be breached Camela Cuison surely the only means of which to do so would be through the skills of a writer; it is





Living Dolls:

The Return of Sexism by Natasha Walter

I’d like to begin by urging you to give this book a try: despite the title, this is not a furious rant by yet another frustrated feminist. This is a well-rounded - albeit subjective - analysis of modern day pornography, the sex industry, and the way it affects daily life. It focuses on women without being about women as victims of male oppression, or taking the “all men are pigs” stance often fired out by third-rate social commentaries; it is about women because most porn films and magazines are about women. Rather than pitying the poor, misfortunate wretches, Walter’s book takes a look at the way in which the female body is both glorified and thrashed at the same time for entertainment and money.

Admittedly, it’s biased. Hell, it’s more than biased: the author’s disapproval is palpable almost throughout. But it cannot be denied that Living Dolls offers a fresh view on sexism and the way consumerism shapes little girls into women that see pornography as proof of female liberation and self-empowerment. The most interesting thing about this book, however, is that it makes readers aware of a surprising fact: the Third Wave (yeah, you guessed, feminism!) is far away. And when I say ‘far’, I mean FAR – out there with smaller taxes and the Second Coming of Jesus. If you don’t read it for the subject, the least you could do is take a look at its pretty pink cover. All feminists ever wanted, really.

The Rabbit Books

Have your say.

@therabbitbooks Blog

Iulia Minulesca


The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The REBOOK Window And Disappeared VIEW by Jonas Jonasson In my life I have learnt many things: don’t get too attached to pet fish, never get involved in a land war in Asia, never moon a werewolf, beware men with very small hands – the list goes on. Now, having read The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared, I have learnt one more: beware of novels with clever titles which the author clearly came up with before considering the plot.

It has, of course, a terrific setup: a hundred-year-old man climbs out of the window of his care home, accidentally steals a suitcase full of money from a hapless criminal, and disappears on a bus. And that’s just the start: “These really were strange times,” the narrator concedes at one point, just after a hotdog vendor has gone off to provide medical care for a bellowing elephant on a Swedish farm. This bonkers central story is

told alternately with the titular centenarian’s equally bonkers back story, which involves comical encounters with numerous twentieth century world leaders, including Franco, Stalin and Churchill. It’s all very silly and occasionally quite funny, and I applaud Jonasson for his imagination and invention, but that’s as far as I’m prepared to go in praising what is an otherwise flawed and forgettable book.

Why so flawed? Well, its main plot relies on a ludicrous string of coincidences which undermine its occasional cleverness, and Jonasson’s satirical irreverence too often strays into a kind of smug fool’s wisdom which gets tiresome quickly. Moreover, the plot runs out of steam long before the historical narrative is finished. As a result, what feels like a prolonged epilogue is tacked on to the end of the central story in

order for Jonasson to finish off the Forrest Gump-style back-story, which has already grown tired and formulaic. All tension and narrative drive is lost and getting through the book’s final third becomes a chore. In the end, it’s a problem of over-reaching: the setup would have made a fun short story, there’s just not enough there for a 350-page novel. Tim Andrews



Puzzles If, like us, you’re looking for something to distract you from essays and dissertations, look no further than the Puzzles page!

Anagrams Queen Hit Singles




1. Netting 5. Grave marker 10. Rate 14. Chocolate cookie 15. Snouted animal 16. Black, in poetry 17. Savvy about 18. Matchless 20. Coping 22. Saloon 23. Bother 24. Extreme 25. An armored dinosaur 32. Keyboard instrument 33. Twelve dozen 34. Observed 37. Thrust with a knife 38. Ecru 39. Part of the outer ear 40. Commercials 41. 1000 kilograms 42. Restaurant 43. Blend 45. Sand bar 49. “___ Maria” 50. Have 53. Stretchable 57. Secondary 59. Numerous 60. Its symbol is Pb 61. Clamor 62. Circle fragments 63. Stringed instrument 64. Sound from a nest 65. Tidy

1. State of mind 2. Sea eagle 3. Bristle 4. Ruffian 5. Smells 6. A tart spicy quality 7. Upon (prefix) 8. Arm or leg 9. Diva’s solo 10. A type of necklace 11. Monastery head 12. Hue 13. Colonic 19. A framework of beams 21. Weightlifters pump this 25. Couch 26. Stepped 27. Auspices 28. Go-between 29. Pee 30. “Message received and understood” 31. Utilize 34. A short musical composition 35. Cain’s brother 36. Used to be 38. French for “Good” 39. A certain sports official 41. Covered with linoleum squares 42. Opera star 44. Hammer 45. Overflow 46. Product of bees 47. Academy award 48. Comment to the audience 51. Dispatched 52. Winter precipitation 53. Leisure 54. Container weight 55. Ancient Peruvian 56. Vesicle 58. Bind




Fun Facts

The strongest muscle in proportion to its size in the human body is the tongue.



Suicide Bunny


Below are a selection of tweets, some are real and some we have fabricated – which ones are the real deal?

by Andy Riley

William Shatner @williamshatner

“Lenny, it’s your time to pay for a meal. I must talk to you about how you’re wasting your life. My best, Bill.” Stephen Colbert @StephenAtHome

“Can’t believe the pope quit. It’s like that old saying goes: “Does the pope quit in the woods?” I’m pretty sure I got that right.” Kourtney Kardashian @KourtneyKardash

“Do ants have dicks?” Betty White @BettyF*ckinWhite

“Don’t hate the playa, hate the game. FU Sudoku!”

Wordwheel There is at least one nine letter word hidden in this wordwheel. How many more words can you find?

Last Weeks Solutions

Burt Reynolds @NotBurtReynolds

“When I lose a follower, I just assumed they died. Because let’s face it, it’s hard not to love me,” Bill Clinton @PimpBillClinton

“There’s a thin line between being the world’s shortest regular dude and the world’s tallest midget. #yeahimhigh.”





How to Write the Perfect CV

Okay, we all know how important a CV is when it comes to job hunting, but sometimes, it’s finding the time to sit down and get something on paper is the biggest task. You may find yourself tweaking the same CV you have had for a while whenever you begin looking for a new job, you must stop doing that; it will not get you too far. If you find yourself on a short deadline or are simply procrastinating over what font to use, many career website such as Target Jobs and Milk round have templates available which can help you get started. This will save you some of the pain while putting together an application form. Here are the Top Five CV writing tips:

#1 Check for typos Poor spelling is hated by most recruiters. Make sure you spell check everything each time you edit your CV. #2 Read the Job Descriptions Don’t get blown way with the Job Title or the salary package. Read through the role’s requirements and ensure you know all of them.

Language is our first line of defence Mandarin Chinese language opportunities I London MI5 and MI6 protect the UK from threats to national security including terrorism and espionage. Join us as a Mandarin Chinese language expert and your Mandarin Chinese language skills and cultural awareness will make a key contribution to the work of the investigative or operational team you’ll be embedded in. For language opportunities with more impact, visit or To apply you must be over 18 and a British citizen. Discretion is vital. You should not discuss your application, other than with your partner or a close family member.

#3 Tailor your CV for the role Try to avoid falling into the category of ‘fit for all’ CV – it simply will not work. Spend time researching what the employers are looking for and apply this to get to the interview. # 4 Use Specific Words Most recruiters use job sites to search for potential candidates based on specific

words used in your CV. It is essential to include the terms which describe the kind of employment you are looking for. #5 Be Clear & Concise Employers receive far too many applications for a single post. While describing previous experience and knowledge try using the STAR model of communicating your key

points. Identify the situation, task, action and result, formulate this into a short key point. Now you know how to make your CV stand out. If you want advise on your CV just pop into the Employability & Careers Centre on square 2! Zain Kukaswadia, Vice President Education/Deputy President






Celebrating Women in Science The University of Essex has become a member of the Athena SWAN Charter, recognising women working in science, technology, engineering, maths and medicine (STEMM) in higher education and research.

Rosalind Franklin and the 60th Anniversary of the double helix 2013 marks the 60th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix. This ground-breaking scientific discovery was long accredited to the work of molecular biologists Watson and Crick. However an unaccredited partner was instrumental in this breakthrough, Rosalind Franklin. In a time where women in science was a rare concept, Franklin was an English biophysicist and x-ray crystallographer. In 1951, Franklin made a finding which prompted suggestion that DNA was in fact helical. However, this was a time where sexism was rife in the work place. Franklin was not seen as an equal in the department and thought of as a technical assistant. In Watson and Crick’s renowned 1953 Nature publication announcing their discovery, Franklin’s work was barely mentioned. Furthermore in Watson and Crick’s 1962 Nobel Prize acceptance speech, Franklin went unnoticed. Almost 60 years on, Rosalind Franklin’s work on the structure of DNA has become more recognized thanks to the international scientific community. Franklin was a scientific pioneer in a time where men used to dominate acclaimed research. Tatiana Oldfield

The University is currently pursuing a bronze grading, but must first demonstrate substantial achievement and equality in career progression for women to obtain a ‘gold’ standard. An achievement coveted only by York and Edinburgh Universities at present.

One Giant Leap for Womankind

Science: A Man’s World? You only need to flick through the popular science journals, BBC science news screen or even through the departments at the University to see that science is a world presided over by males. Science is a subject with a male voice: David Attenborough, Brian Cox, Stephen Hawking, Richard Dawkin, all hold the science media limelight. Most of us would struggle to name even one notable female scientist. Even the younger generation, the voice of the future, may even confuse Marie Curie with Mariah Carey. The truth is there are plenty of women scientists out there who just aren’t making

headlines. Maria Mayer, Rachel Carson and Rita Levi-Montacini have all been overshadowed by big male names such as Darwin, Watson and Wallace. In fact, 43 women have received a Nobel Prize since its establishment in 1895. However, this number is dwarfed by the 783 males who have received the prestigious title. There is a need for women to come out of shadows. Science needs female role models to inspire the young minds of the future. As much as we would like to believe we are regarded equal, many still see the female as the weaker sex. However, we can use this to our advantage in inspiring others. After all, if we can do it, anyone can!

Space is historically known as a place where gender equality thrives. Constellations have been named after goddesses since Ancient Greece and comets have bared the names of their female observers from the 1700s. It should therefore, not come as a surprise to know that Britain’s first astronaut was female. As a chemist at Mars Corporation (proving not all women are from Venus), Helen Sharman worked in the flavour improvement department for the popular chocolate brand. In 1989, Sharman discovered Their mission the possibility of becoming Britain’s was one first astronaut as even Felix part of Project Uno, advertised on the Baumgartner local radio station. Sharman was picked from 13,000 applicants, in a launch that would be funded by the national lottery.

would think twice about

On the 18th of May 1991, following 18 months of intensive training, the 27 year-old boarded the Soyuz TM-12 mission alongside two Soviet astronauts. Tasked with medical and agricultural tests, photographing her homeland and radio communicating with British schoolchildren, Sharman returned eight days later with the title of the first Brit in space.

Sarah-Jane Walsh, Science Editor


David Hughes @Groovyfokker Whenever I stay in a hotel, I replace the Gideon bible with a copy of The God Delusion by @RichardDawkins

Since her trip to the stars, Helen has received an OBE, and now inspires the minds of the future as a science broadcaster and lecturer. Stefan Stoican TheRabbitScience

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@SciRabbit Blog



D.I.S.C.O This is a rare occurrence; I find myself alarmed and almost embarrassed as I realise a trend has crept up on me, unnoticed: the disco pants. High waisted, silky in appearance and touch, the disco pant is sure to divide the high street world of fashion. The first debate is as to whether they qualify as trousers. They hug the legs like leggings, but they do have zips and back pockets. I’m on team trousers. Secondly, what do we pair them with? Are they suitable for daytime use? The very name of them suggests not, but wet look leggings seem to be making a not entirely welcome reappearance, teamed with knit jumpers for early morning lectures.

LEFT: Your idea of a perfect Valentine’s Day Present? Or maybe more of a cringe.

Valentine’s Day A rose for your sweetheart? You probably should. Valentine’s Day: florists love it, singletons hate it, Thornton’s count down to it, card shops go mad for it and restaurants raise their prices for it. Has the true meaning of the day been lost? Or have retailers seized the opportunity to make a profit from a day that was once recognised as the beginning of birds’ mating season? Although millions of us take the opportunity to show our loved ones just how much they mean to us, (after all nothing says I love you like a £5 bouquet from the nearest co-op) I can’t help but think that the meaning of Valentines has changed to suit the consumerist society that we live in. It’s all about buying the biggest teddy, the richest chocolates, and the glitteriest card; anything that unashamedly shouts to the world ‘I LOVE YOU’. Why is this one day different from the other three hundred and sixty-four of the year? If we don’t pledge our love on the 14th of February do we love our

partners any less? Clinton’s would certainly have us believe so. Most of us celebrate Valentine’s Day, but how many of us actually know who St Valentine was? Did you know, for instance, that he was a

If we don’t pledge our love on the 14th of February do we love our partners any less?

Roman priest martyred for marrying Christian couples? Although this is vaguely romantic, the fact that he was allegedly beaten with clubs and stones before being beheaded is slightly less so. The Valentine’s Day that we recognise was in fact the

‘love child’ of Geoffrey Chaucer and later 18th Century Antiquarians. It is only since then that the day has become associated with romantic love and manipulated into what we know it as today: the next big thing after Christmas (or so the retailers would have us believe).

Words by Jordan Milne

There seems to be a certain tribe of girls snapping up and, undeniably, rocking the disco pant trend. Lethal, and sartorially mortifying on the wrong person, disco pants seem to have a cool, semi-indie appeal. Teamed with any of the variety of cute, poppy crop tops this season has to offer, the disco pant appears not as a glorified pair of leggings, but actually as very fashion forward. Words by Kesi Johnson


Chilli Con Carne Recipe


After the LSA course last week it was time for Laurence to be put to the test - and what better way than a blind date?

Laurence Atterbury

Ingredients • 2 large onions • 700 g lean stewing beef, fat removed and cut into 1-2cm cubes • 5 cloves garlic, crushed • 800 g canned chopped tomatoes • 2 green peppers, sliced • 3 green or red chillies, chopped, seeds left in if you like your chillies fiery • 2 tsp ground cumin • 1 tinned red kidney beans, 400g • 1 tsp brown sugar

To serve • 125 ml soured cream • 4 tbsp cheddar cheese, grated



Heat the olive oil in a saucepan and fry the meat until it changes colour - about 5-7 minutes. Add the onion and garlic and stir for a minute or so before tipping in the tinned tomatoes, chopped chillies, peppers, and a good pinch of salt.


Cover the pan and simmer for about an hour, until the meat is tender and the liquid reduced to a thick sauce. If it gets too dry during cooking, pour in a little more water.


Add the cumin, kidney beans (and a little of the bean liquid if you like) and the brown sugar. Simmer for a further 10 mins before serving with rice, a spoonful of sour cream and topped off with the grated cheddar cheese. For a spicy kick, serve with hot chilli sauce.


The Rabbit: Blind Date that there are no absolute rules when it comes to dating, and if you’re acting like someone else you’re not going to attract the right kind of people. So I think I used the tip just to act confident and talkative.

Here is another delicious meal; and if you club together with your flatmates it won’t cost much at all!


What were you expecting/ hoping for from the date? I was mainly worried about how the conversation would go, to be honest I was just hoping for a fun evening with lots of drink!

Marks out of 10? I think I would give Kizzy an 8, first dates can be nerve wracking, but she pulled it off and I had a genuinely enjoyable evening.

Were any similarities or big differences between you two discovered? A mutual love of free chicken? I think we both had a fairly similar lack of ambition for the future and plans to travel. Any awkward moments? None that I can think of, even when there were brief silences it didn’t feel awkward.

Kizzy Sear What were you expecting/ hoping for from the date? I was hoping to experience dating as I hadn’t dated before, and to meet someone new! What were your first impressions? How polite Laurie was, and how confident he seemed to be, which put me at ease.

Is there a second date on the cards? Kizzy is a nice girl and I would definitely see her again as a friend, but I think she’s not quite what I’m looking for right now.

What did you guys chat about? What didn’t we chat about would be a better question! All sorts of things including travelling, mutual friends, he even taught me how to draw!

Do you think the tips from the LSA helped? To be honest, the thing I learned most from the LSA was

Were any similarities or big differences between you two discovered? We found that we are from

The Rabbit:Lifestyle:2012/2013

Have your say.

@rabbitlifestyle Blog

Any awkward moments? Not in my opinion, conversation was flowing well despite neither of us having dated before. Is there a second date on the cards? Not immediately, but who knows what might happen in future. I’m sure we’ll see each other again as we know a lot of the same people. Marks out of 10? 8, for great chit chat and a lovely first ever date.

What were your first impressions? Kizzy seemed like a lovely girl, quite confident and easy to talk to. What did you guys chat about? Err, all sorts really, university, plans for the future, Nazis came up in the conversation oddly enough.

very different places, and also that he is good at drawing and I’m not!


TRAVEL TIMELINE 16/03 - Brit band Foals play the Paradiso

14-24/03 Amsterdam Gay & Lesbian Film Festival will see over 100 titles screened

LEFT: Amsterdam’s picturesque Eastern Canal Ring BELOW: Nightlife is something ‘Dam definitely isn’t short of

April - Spring is the perfect time to take a stroll through the canal districts

15/05 - Europa Cup Final takes place at Ajax’s Stadium, Amsterdam Arena

20/05 - The xx take their tour across the North Sea to the Heineken Music Hall

June - As part of Jubilee celebrations a host of museums are planning special events

June - A post-exam trip to ‘Dam is a great way to round of the University year

August - Eclectic Festival Lowlands takes place an hour from the city centre

The idea of heading to Amsterdam for a weekend is nothing new or innovative. But whilst destinations like Budapest and Prague attempt to threaten Amsterdam’s status as everyone’s first option for a good time, none have managed to create the eclectic and almost festival-like nature Amsterdam has cultivated for itself. Transport links to the Dutch capital have never been better, and the Rail&Sail deal from Stenaline makes getting to Amsterdam incredibly simple. A ferry overnight on the Friday gets you to Centraal Station for 10am.

Quick getaway: Amsterdam Rachel McGrath discovers that there’s more to the Dutch capital than coffeeshops and the Red Light District

It’s best to hit the ground running One of the most budget-friendly and get the cultural aspects ticked things about Amsterdam is the off straight away. Anne Frank’s fact there’s loads to see from House is an incredibly street level – avoiding interesting exhibition, costly entrance ! getting there early fees to exhibitions. Must See and avoiding Head south for a sterdam The IAm the queues t i s stroll along the i v y r e is advisable, Sign - ev canals and to y chees especially in the the bohemian needs a Winter months. It’s Jordaan district, oto here h p an understandably the perfect place to sobering experience so relax after a big night follow it with a walk back to out and/or long day of sightDam Square – just watch out for seeing. the cyclists. Don’t bother with the gigantic Rijksmuseum, skip it and head for the Van Gogh museum instead where you’ll actually recognise the works on display. For a slightly less culturally heavy exhibition – but one that definitely still counts as a museum - the Heineken Brewery Experience is well worth a visit.

For nightlife, Warmoesstraat, a street on the edge of the infamous Red Light District, is lined with bars and clubs. Put down the guidebook and just pick the most bustling venues and bars in order to experience the lively atmosphere Amsterdam is famous for. For live music, check

online beforehand to see what’s going on during your stay. Rachel McGrath, Deputy Editor


Top tips to get the most out of ‘Dam

1. Travel: Stenaline’s Rail&Sail deal gives yo the option of travelling via ferry either overnight or during the day. Spare yourself a costly trip on the StanstedFlyer followed by Ryanair and book a place on this instead. Tickets are now being sold from the Burrow. 2. Living: There are hostels aplenty in ‘Dam, location-wise being close to Dam Square is avisable, most of the hostels include perks such as discount food and drinks in the bar. Durty Nelly’s Inn is an Irish Pub on the ground floor and a comfortable, clean hostel on the ones above. Shared rooms start at £12 a night. Alternatively have great deals on NH City Hotels, even if you aren’t booking late. Make use of the Top Secret Hotels deal to nab a five star room and pocket friendly prices. 3. Food: Damstraat is full of restaurants and eateries to cater to every whim and budget. Close to many of Amsterdam’s nightspots this is the perfect place to head to for either dinner or a restorative post-bar crawl meal. Metropolitan Deli is also a must-visit location for any foodie; make sure you try the chocolates which are all handmade on-site.



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Sports Essex Teams Secure Places in BUCS SemiFinals On Wednesday 6th February eight Essex t e a m s competed in the quarter finals of the BUCs Cup with hopes to reach the semi-finals. With hard competition, some teams were unsuccessful, with the men’s football, men’s fencing and women’s tennis teams losing their chance to grasp victory. Despite some losses, many teams were unbeaten. The women’s teams were triumphant, working hard to secure a place for Essex in the semi-finals. The women’s fencing team secured a 126-105 win against University College London and the women’s hockey side beat the University of Hertfordshire by 11 goals. Although the women’s tennis team were defeated the men’s tennis squad proved victorious against the University of Westminster with a 10-2 win. With three teams from a variety of sports facing the semi-finals on Wednesday 20th February, Essex are in with a fighting chance of bringing back the BUCs trophy to Colchester this year. Jennifer Monger, Sports Editor

Netball Second Team Win First Point University of Essex 2nds - 23 Kings College London 1sts - 23 The Seconds got a point in their match against Kings on January 30th. The girls did not win the match, with Kings just managing to even the score in the last moments of the final quarter. Both Kesi Johnson and Indea SmithBoora made a great pair in attack. Katie Hall was named by Kings as man of the match as goal defence. Relegation may be avoided in a match between Goldsmiths at the end of the season, but their next match against Hertfordshire will hopefully see them maintain the performance they put in against Kings. Words by Katie Hall

Boxing Series Brings Success to Essex Espen Røstad Øvrevoll has won the English University Boxing Series after taking on students from all over the country Over the last two weekends the University of Essex have hosted the English University Boxing Series. Over two hundred students from a vast array of universities nationwide arrived to compete in the series, held in the Ivor Crewe lecture hall.

The Rabbit caught up with Essex fighter, Espen Røstad Øvrevoll, pleased with his performance he stated: “It was great to win after all the hard work I put in preparing for the fight, but I still felt I could have done some things differently.”

The series allows participating universities to increase their standing in a National League table by scoring points. The university with the most points come the end of the 2013 season are crowned the champions.

Espen has hopes that through holding this competition the boxing club will be able to improve, “It helped us create a bit more hype around the club and what we do. Hopefully it will inspire more people to try boxing”.

Essex Blades Boxing Club sent thirteen competitors to fight for points in the ring. In this six competitors were successful beating Coventry, Kent, Portsmouth, Brunel, St Mary’s and Cambridge universities for points.

With such a successful tournament to look back on, Essex Blades Boxing Club hope for more opportunities for success in the future. Matthew Cockman

UEHC Men take two top spots University of Essex Men’s 2nd XI – 3 University of Hertfordshire Men’s 2nd XI – 1 University of Essex Men’s 1st XI – 2 St Bartholomew’s and the Royal London Hospitals Mens 1st XI - 1 The University of Essex Hockey club men have taken the top spots in their BUCS leagues after their respective wins on the 30th of January. The men’s 2nd team won three goals to one against bottom of their league securing them the top spot in a very competitive league. The 1st team won a very difficult and competitive game against St Bartholomew’s with a good defensive effort from returning player Mark Jewell. Fred Forster


Futsal fight for glory



2013 Upcoming Home Fixtures Saturday 16th February Rugby Union Men’s Second Team

v. Canterbury CC Second Team

Sunday 17th February Men’s Futsal Second Team v. University of Westminster First Team

Wednesday 20th February Women’s Badminton

After achieving a national position of eighth last year, Essex Futsal Club have found it tough to emulate their success. With the addition of fresh players and determination they are hoping to hold on to their top ten spot. A win against Buckinghamshire University was crucial for Essex to secure one of the last sixteen places in the national championships. A nervy start meant that Essex struggled to take the lead in the first half of the match, however due to some heroics from keeper Sam Ashfield, the team managed to secure a 3-2 lead. With the confidence of a lead behind them, Essex tackled the second half of the match head on, where Harry Protopapas’ quick thinking

and skilful passing led the team to be two goals clear. Comfortable in their lead, scoring became straightforward with Andreas Kyriacou, Carl Phillips and Eddie Bingham securing goals against the opposition. After a tiring game Essex cruised into a 10-3 win against Buckinghamshire, increasing their hopes of becoming national champions. With their next match against last year’s national runner up, Bath University, Essex have a tough game ahead of them. However with their unity, lack of injuries, high spirits and determination to win, Essex Blades might just be able to keep their dream alive.

University of Essex First Team v. University of Kent First Team

Wednesday 27th February Netball First Team v. University of Hertfordshire Second Team

Wednesday 27th February

Written by: Carl Phillips

Lacrosse Essex cruised into a 10-3 win against Buckinghamshire, increasing their hopes of becoming national champions.

Men’s First Team v. Royal Holloway First Team

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Brazilian of the week Jiu-Jitsu

Bharat Vankadari

Espen Ovrevoll

Sunny Chan President

“Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) is a martial art where technique and skill on the mat is crucial. The sport requires strength, endurance, flexibility and balance, making it a great way to get fit. Our club prides itself on its dedicated and friendly environment where we train and socialise throughout the week. BJJ is a great sport to get involved in whether it be for the competition or just for fun so come and try it out. See you on the mat!”

One to watch: Espen Ovrevoll What is it that makes you love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu? I love Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu because it is a sport where you do not adapt to the sport, but you adapt the sport to yourself. There is always something new to learn or a detail that might change a technique from being useless to amazing. The sport develops every day, you can never know all the techniques there are because new one’s are constantly being added this means it is never boring. What is your proudest moment within the sport? So far my proudest moment is when I got graded and got my blue belt, which took me

three years. Unlike many other martial arts you have to prove worthy in many different ways before you are graded. These include; ability to both learn and teach, getting good results from competitions, dedication and also being respectful to yourself and the people around you.


Join In: Training and Social Events

Training Sessions Fundraiser: ay 7pm Tom Thorman Mond -8.30pm d 6.30pm e W Secretary: 8pm Aaron Chan Social Secretary: Islam Abdullah

Tom Thorman

Lauro Campos

Rizwan Khan

Kiren Dabasia

President: Sunny Chan Vice President: Espen Røstad øvrevoll

Aaron Chan

BJJ hold a number of social throughout the week, where we get a chance to meet each other away from the mat. As well as the usual sports fed style socials, as a club we often go to watch BJJ or Mixed Martial Arts events. Given the closeness of friendships that members of the club instantly create, socials regularly happen and do not need much planning. Being part of the club is a great way to meet new people, new friends and relax and enjoy yourself both on and off the mat.

Rhys Frake

Islam Abdullah

Alex Manousos

James Waller



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Hopes for a Win Slip Through The Net For Essex Blades Netball


Imperial College London 1st – 14 University Of Essex 1st – 11 Despite a wet pitch and harsh winds, Essex made a strong start gaining immediate possession of the ball and scoring two quick fire goals. Jenni Monger and Amy Fry’s confident use of space in the circle proved advantageous for blades, resulting in solid periods of possession. Without possession, hard work from Ciara Cooper and Elysse Lane enabled Essex to quickly

recover the ball and push forward. Play from both teams was incredibly fast, resulting in mistakes and loss of possession due to the adverse conditions. At this point Imperial slowed the game down, retaining possession. Fluid passing down the pitch from Imperial resulted in the scoring of several more goals. A number

of interceptions from player of the match, Yasmin Harry, gave Essex the chance for a comeback. Essex advanced forward into the shooting circle, dominating the goal area. Although Imperial’s play was fast and well thought out, it became clear it was too fast for the weather conditions, with possession lost due to continuous footwork allowing Essex to equalise.

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In a tense last quarter, communication became vital in the closing stages of the game. Imperial managed to build a lead over Essex even though they managed to maintain a decent proportion of possession. Working until the last minute Essex pushed up the pitch, however a series of missed goals meant that they were unable to equalise.




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29/01/2013 13:32

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