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Building collapses in Laxmi Nagar By Nuqra Naqvi

NOIDA: A five- storied building collapsed on November 15 at 8 pm near Lalita park in Laxmi Nagar. The tall building turned into ruins in few minutes and took away nearly 80 lives. The rescue operation started immediately after the incident and is still on. The owner of the building, Amrit Singh was arrested from Geeta colony. The building was not constructed as per the guidelines of the Municipal Corporation of Delhi(MCD). The construction was found to be faulty and illegal. The MCD permitted to build a three storied building above the ground and if more storeys are to be built then the base walls have to be taller and wider than the usual ones. The chaos is all around the place. The major reason given by the government apart from the faulty construction was due to the heavy rain and water logging this monsoon. The base of the building got weakened and it could not bear the burden.

Police officials at Laxmi Nagar

Victims sharing a meal

The deputy commissioner of the area has been asked to present the report on this incident within 10 days. A.K Walia, Delhi urban Development Minister called a meeting to prevent such events in the future. The minister asked the MCD to survey all the buildings with basements which are within 300-meter radius near Pushta Road.

Buildings with visible cracks will also be thoroughly checked to ensure their structural stability. He also accepted that there were complaints about water logging in the areas nearby Shakarpur. The residents of the area are still under shock and they only hope not to have such a disaster again.

Getting ready for 3G By Samir Xalxo

NOIDA: Within a few months India will be revolutionized by the more advanced 3G mobile services. India has been waiting for the services. The 3G to India was delayed due to government procedures in giving out licenses to private telecom players including Airtel, Tata Docomo, etc. Every section of the society is waiting for the 3G services to start in India. The younger generation of the society is eagerly waiting for the service . Eventhough 3G comes with high value added services like vidoe call, high speed internet, etc broadband internet is still higly preferred. After a huge success of broadband internet with about 8000 subscribers in March 2003 to 8,770,000 subscribers in March 2010 ( Internet Service providers Association of India). Most of the users of the broadband internet on desktops are young people between the age group of 15 to 24. In October 2010 there were 509 mill

Gearing up for 3G

ion subscribers of 2G mobile services (Cellular Operators Association of India). The eagerness for welcoming the 3G has not been dampened despite the delay from the govern-

ment. The possession of a 2G or 3G mobile or services is not restricted by its useability, ”I would like to make video calls”, says Avana, a cab driver. He finds the idea of seeing the per

November 20, 2010 New Numbering Scheme for Trains By Abdul Majid

NOIDA: The Ministry of Railways have decided to use five digits numbering for all the trains, in place of the existing ‘four’- digit numbering system. The New ‘Five – digit numbering system of trains will be effective from December 20. The Minister of state for Railways , Sri. K.H. Muniyappa gave this information in written at the Lok Sabha on 18th November. This is a significant move to make the Indian Railways more scientific, logical , uniform and user friendly. Five digit train numbering scheme has become necessary in view of the four digit numbering scheme having got exhausted as Indian Railways runs more than 10 thousand trains every day. For the existing express trains only a prefix of the digit ‘1’ will be added to the ‘four’- digit numbers . a fifth digit shall be prefixed as digit “0” for special trains, digit “5”, “6” and “7” for conventional passenger trains, MEMU(Main line Electrical Multiple Unit) and DEMU (Diesel Mechanical Multiple Unit) trains respectively. Suburban services in Kolkata shall begin with the digit “3”, in Mumbai with “9” and in other parts with digit “4”. This scheme shall apply to all special trains, whether super fast train, Express train or passenger train. This major initiative will create a unique “ train Number” which will be a national level identity for each train, Passenger and suburban train also.

son whom he is talking to very inter esting. BSNL, a leading telecom company all over India, has been running trials of the 3G service in metro circles of its network. “The services are not consistent, there were frequent call drops while connecting to the internet”, said Praveen, an IT graduate, “I have been using internet from the time I was getting 1 kbps of download speed through the 2G mobile internet “, added further. The subscribers are aso wondering if the Broadband speed is expected to be at par with the landline broadband speeds. The subscribers wishing to change from a 2G service to 3G it will cost nearly Rs. 5000 extra for in terms of a 3G enabled mobile phone and a 3G service plan. In a few months everybody will be rushing to the 3G stores to experience the change.

Eid-ul - Adha -a festival of prosperity By Abu Zafar NOIDA: Ed-ul-Adha, is the festival of sacrifice, joy and happiness. People from Azamgarh,Uttar Pradesh performs Ed prayers and offer sacrifice on this day. Maulala Qazmi Islamic Jasmine, an Islamic scholar in Azamgarh says that the Ed-ul-Ada is a major festival on the Islamic calendar. It marks the end of the fifth pillar of Islam, the Pilgrimage.

People of all ages gather at the mosque early in the morning to offer prayers. Ahmad, a 8 years old student says, “I am very happy on this festival. My mom has given me eidi and cooked delicious food. I want to play and enjoy.” But Rashid, a9 year old has a different story to tell. He hasn't seen his father for the last two years. With a tear in his eye he says, “ Abbu (Father) spoke to me over the phone. He wished me Eid Mubarak

but he is not with us in this celebration”. Eid -ul-Adha is celebrated annually on the 10th day of the 12th and the last Islamic month of Dhu al-Hijjah of the Islamic calendar. Eid- ul-Adha celebrations starts after the Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia descends from Mount Arafat. According to Abdul Wasay “it is celebrated to commemorate the sacrifice that was made by Prophet Ibrahim

(May peace be upon him) several centuries ago when he had a clear direction from almighty to use his son, Ismail, as sacrifice to Allah. This was the toughest test of faith for Prophet Ibrahim having waited for a long time to get a son. But just at the time Prophet Abraham was about to sacrifice his son, the Almighty Allah replaced Ismail with a white ram.” The sacrificed meat is distributed among friends, family and the poor.

The Quest

November 20, 2010 Page 2

A woman’s journey- blending three continents By Alaskai Moore Johnson

NOIDA: It’s 7:30am in Noida, she opens the main gate and leads her 11year-old son outside into the world. Vivan Lal is dressed in a pair of black shoes, short khaki pants, and a short-sleeve red and white stripy shirt. He has worn this uniform for a little over a year since coming to Noida, in April of 2009, with his mom, who has just led him outside the gate as he heads for school. He attends Kothari International School in Sector50,Noida.

Vivian Lal in a quiet moment

Dressed in her gray morning pants and a light green blouse to match, Ru-

bina Lal watches her son, who looks very cheerful this Monday morning, takes steps away from her towards his school bus on the opposite side of the street in Block-499, Sector 19, where she has one of the modern homes in Noida. Before he runs across the street, he turns around and blows her a kiss as she compliments: “Love you, Niku and good day,” blowing him kisses as well. Among Noida’s approximately 300,000 inhabitants, Rubina, 42, could fit for most of the other local women, who bring their children to various school bus stops every school day. She still prefers her native Indian way of dressing, which enhances and blends with her multicultural exposures. Outside India Rubina is back after nearly 25 years of being outside her native India. Her first stop would had been the small Gulf State of Dubai. “Dubai is a small country; it is a paradise on earth; you can smell perfume in the air,” she described it. Rubina: “I love Dubai; when I was there everything appeared new because they were just constructing the city. It is in a rich country.” She looked into space and sighed: “Oh, how I love to go back to Dubai. If

somebody makes two or three thousand United States Dollars, that person can live a better life in that country than here in India.” Of course that small Arab nation has become an attraction place not only for Rubina but for many others, including leading stars. The English footballer, David Bechkam, who in 2009 was regarded as the richest footballer or soccer player after he switched allegiance from Spanish football club Real Madrid to US side Los Angeles Galaxy, has a multi-million dollar home there. Michael Joseph Jackson, the late King of Pop, was also reported to have bought a home in that city, where Rubina says: “The quality of things there is good. Two US Dollars can give you a very good suit that is of quality.” Indeed, businessmen and women of every race on the Africa Continent, where Rubina would later make her home, also go to Dubai to buy goods that they can later sell to consumers in the countries where they have their businesses. Of vast contrast between peoples on both continents, Rubina said in Dubai the people there are “selfish and selfcentered” and “everybody mans his/her

own business.” But in the east African city of Nairobi, Kenya, where she lived for five years, “We would be careful with the Africans, fearing that they would harm us because Asians had been bad to them.” Nevertheless, she praised the African Continent for its “beauties, simplicity and friendliness” its peoples show to strangers. Unlike in Nairobi, she said that in New York City, where she moved after leaving Africa, people of colors and other races mixed without the fear that that one color of person will harm the other person. “Everyone lives like Americans and not like Africans or Asians or whatever.” Interestingly, for 12 years she would learn the Western way of life to blend with her previous two continental experiences before returning India, where she would build a home, containing rooms for paying guests (PG). She has to deal with every kind of persons, who come in looking to spend the night or stay a little longer. People of all races have passed through her two-storey guest house, which rooms are fully air conditioner But the long years in the West now have a bearing on her as she longs to move back to the US with her family.

A colourful Bhutanese festival attracts believers 'By Tshewang Lhamo NOIDA:Bhutan is a small landlocked country,also known as 'Land of the thunder dragon' or Druk Yul. Buddhism being the official religion, many religious festivals are celebrated in Bhutan. The most celebrated festivals is Tsechu (literally day 10). Tsechu are the annual religious Bhutanese festival that is celebrated in all 21 districts in different months and dates in their respected Dzongs(fortress). Most of the tsechu honors the life of Guru Padmasambhava, popularly known as the Guru Rinpoche. The essential part of the tshechu is the 'Cham' (mask dance). All the chams are performed by the monks. There are many

Monks enjoying Cham dance

chams such as 'Guru tshengye (8 manifestation of Guru Rinpoche) 'Zana Cham' ( Dance of black hat with drums), 'Durda Cham' 'Ging tsho ling

cham'. Most significant cham is the '8 manifestation of Guru Rinpoche' performed by the monks from the dzong. It is because this cham shows the 8 different forms Guru Rinpoche took when he was subduing the demons hidden in the cave of Bhumthang district. It is believed that watching such auspicious chams, it would not only bestow blessings from Thongdrel( large Scroll) of Guru Rinpoche to all the viewers but also believed that when we die we will come across this manifestation and if we are familiarize it now we would not get scared when we meet them. It even shows the consequences of a sinner afterlife by the dead god.

The biggest tsechu is celebrated in the Capital Thimphu from 17-19th September since it has large number of participation and audiences. People even from the spread out villages gather on this day. On this day all the people from the old to the youngsters wear their best national dresses made from the silk. Women and little girls wear traditional jeweleries. This is also the day where people can show off their wealth. Families bring their own special home cooked meal which would be red rice, pork, beef and ema datshi (red chilly curry). This 3 days celebration is not only auspicious but also huge social gathering of Bhutanese people.

Get smart with generation ‘Y’ smart phones

By Saurabh Yadav

NOIDA:Google Android has ensured that iphones are not the only cool things in the mobile bazaar. For those who came in late, Android is a platform for smart phones which includes an operating system and applications. In short everything which runs the cellphone and everything which runs on the phone. In the Rs 11,000 to 15,000 range, there are many possible smart phones and new models are released all the time. With increased competition and falling prices, the phones are getting better and making email, documents and social networking a touch away. With some standard features like a touch screen, GPS(Global Positioning System), megapixel camera, mp3 player, microSD card, it’s not easy to pick one out of the lot. The LG Optimus, released last week in India boasts of the latest Froyo 2.2 version of Android, which makes it quicker and feature rich. You can even turn the phone into a wi fi hot spot. The Dell XCD28, the most reasonably priced, has curves to flaunt and is a solid phone but has a slightly unresponsive screen. The Samsung Galaxy has winners in the swype keypad, an awesome new way to type and the excellent battery life which stands out among other Android phones.

Comparison of some features of smart phones running on Android The Sony Ericsson X10 has great design and the flip out keyboard makes it the only phone on the list with one. The music player and the neat menu options also help but it runs on an older platform and the screen resolution is low. The Motorola Quench is excellent in call quality but has some issues with the touchscreen, that won't matter to first time users but don't compare it with other smart phones . The HTC Wildfire has a wildcard with the Friendstream app . This integrates

Facebook, Flickr and Twitter and there's no comparable program others have. The screen is responsive, readable in sunlight and the Wildfire is the all rounder in the pack. Sony Ericsson X10 is the pick of the lot for its design, features and music player. Samsung Galaxy 3 is a close competitor, master the swype, and you won't miss the keyboard. Or save your money and wait for the soon to be released Sharp LYNX 3D phone .Released in Japan recently, the phone should be out in the US, China and India in

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