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Tradi&onally, a mojito is a cocktail that consist of ďŹ ve ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime juice, soda water and mint. The mojito is one of the most famous rum-


based highballs

Endure the summer heat with these sweet and refreshing oerings from Plunge Pool Bar

Restaurant Tapenade’s Midday Menu for November 2016 “Rosted Cod” with roasted bell pepper stew, garlic, and spinach.

Grilled U.S Bistro Steak -Restaurant Tapenade Midday Menu

Tagliata di Manzo served with baby potatoes, mushrooms, shallots and rosemary – balsamic jus.

Stone Oven Roasted Salmon - Restaurant Tapenade Midday Menu

Restaurant Tapenade’s January Featured Pasta: Classic Spinach & RicoAa Ravioli

Chef Renan Ignacio the head chef for Flame Restaurant pla&ng to perfec&on one of their menu during the restaurant’s soN opening.

Creamy Chestnut Soup : a refreshing starter from Flame Restaurant’s Power Lunch

Flame Restaurants’ Power Lunch: Pulled Pork CroqueAes

A delicious and a healthier food oering from Flame Restaurant’s Power Lunch : Steamed Snapper

Flame Restaurants: Spiced Prawn & Ravioli with Bouillabaisse Sauce

The best way to end your gastro experience with Primea’s Restaurants is with the following dessert that it offers.

Restaurant Tapenade also offers the Philippines’ most favorite dessert : HaloHalo

Flame Restaurant’s Power Lunch Dessert : Toasted Almond Crème Brule with coconut ice cream

The Gilarmi Lounge’s : Deconstructed Sundae – a DIY Ice Cream Masterpiece in the making.

Hi I’m Quennie T. Gamboa but most people called me “Q”. I’m an Accountant (a CPA) by profession. I’ve been affiliated with hotel industry for almost 9 years, as an accountant and as a revenue audit. Being in an accoun&ng field never did I imagine myself as a hotelier, but I guess it was God’s plan, for me to pursue my passion with photography. It was one of my wildest dream to own a very good camera when I was in high school (one of my best friends back then owned one and I was always the one who used it during school events and even during our own “Lakwatcha”). And since I grew up in the province wherein having your photos taken in the studio was a bit expensive for my family, we had a very few memories recorded in photographs, so I did promised myself that when I’ll get a good paying job in the future I’ll purchase a camera so that I and my family could always capture and record all our memories together. So there aNer 3 years of working I’ve purchased my very own mirrorless camera (EPL Pen2 by Olympus) Taking photos of anything that catches my aben&on always gives me joy and it has been my diversion during those very stressful seasons in my accoun&ng career (monthend and audit seasons). Going places has always been in my bucket list. And because of my knowledge with photography I’ve enjoyed and loved it the most. I always love knowing the history and culture of every place that I’m visi&ng. Being one with nature gives me immeasurable peace and happiness. Because of my work industry my food photography skills have been enhanced. Even before when I’m with their resort team (discovery shores boracay) the marke&ng and F&B team would usually ask of my help with their monthly offerings. And I was happy when my new team now (discovery primea) have seen my talent with food photography and also seek the same help with their monthly food and beverage offerings. Hope you did enjoy browsing my pordolio. You can contact me at : Mobile #: 0917-309-7917 For more of my photos taken you may also visit my IG accounts: @q_gamboa


Thank you, QGamboa


For the love of food and travel.