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THEQUEERINTERIOR Our Mission The Queer Interior Team is driven to create dynamic editorial and art content celebrating queer impact in everyday objects, people, and interiors. Join us in the movement and share in these unique spaces and stories. We are dedicated to spotlighting the intersection of the LGBTQ and Design communities through photo, video, and media. Every day and each month, we will share exclusive profiles of featured homes, businesses, and people which facilitate a conversation around the queer experience. The invaluable stories, advice, and tips from these tastemakers give our readers a chance to become inspired and involved.

Our Team Founder & Editor in Chief-

Douglas Calhoun Douglas Calhoun has worked as a jack-of-all-trades in Brooklyn since he arrived over 6 years ago and has been working to realize his dream,

ISSUE 1 At Home Matt Caprotti’s Crown Heights Apartment

Director of Online Media-

Colleen Ryan Colleen Ryan has worked in various medias including video, design and web as well as business developement for start-ups all over the city. MySpace, Getty Images and CosmoGirl are among her growing client list.

Lead Photographer & Photo Editor-

Michael Popp Michael Popp is a Brooklyn-based photographer and artist who produces shoots for varied media publishers and brands from his Ditmas Park studio. His work in portrait and interiors has been featured in CBS News Online, Nylon Magazine and Overflow Magazine. Art Direction and Graphic Design-

Jonathan Zajdman Jonathan Zajdamn is an illustrator and designer living in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. He comes from an illustration background creating comic and editorial content for the likes of CMJ Magazine and Elevator Pitch Press.

Content Manager and EditorBurgess Bub Burgess Bub holds an M.A. in Media, Culture, and Communication and is a facilitator for the Brooklyn-based media literacy non-profit The LAMP (Learning About Multimedia Project).

A Shared Space

Sara Bacon’s Greenpoint CoWorking Studio

Stars in His Eyes Adam Goldman’s photos from the road

Gay at the Flea Dig up some gems at the 1 Hanson Flea

Profile: Ed Roth

Stencil 1’s Founder and Author Ed Roth exposed

Q.I. Photobooth Public Assembly Q.I Party Retrospective

Special Thanks A Letter From Q.I.’s Founder Douglas Calhoun

Cozy in




Autumn Cashmere’s Matthew Caprotti

Matthew Caprotti and his boyfriend Nick Lanni have been together seven years and have been in their Crown Heights apartment for more than two. The Queer Interior was able to step into their space brimming with inherited pieces, odd-ball collections, and street finds. Matt’s succinct style and Nick’s welcoming presence translate into their space. Autumn Cashmere’s Matt Caprotti has been working with the brand since April 2011 and Nick Lanni is in textiles with Swavelle/Mill Creek Design.

Nick Lanni & Matt Caprotti


Vintage Toys Nick’s Childhood Possessions

Leather Ottomans Pottery Barn ($300) Mid-Century Modern Couch Upstate New York (Gift) Floral Curtains IKEA ($60)

The playful nook is comprised of childhood possessions, Japanese toys, a vintage globe from the 1970s, and design books and magazines. Matt and Nick’s design appetites have garnered design and fashion magazines from all over.

Truly vintage or throwback inspired posters make a retro impact on a dime.

Old School Chairs and Vintage Poster West Village, Street Finds

Bookends Woodstock, Flea Market ($20)

Industrial dĂŠcor is a breeze. Vintage Metal Fan Upstate, New York -Flea Market ($15)

Curtains Urban Outfitters ($80)

All Utility Kitchen Jars Jonathan Adler Sample Sale ($20 each)

Make an impact with a one-of-a-kind piece and alternative lighting. Print by Richard Segalman Woodstock, New York Gyllen collection IKEA ($40)

A Shared Space Sara Bacon’s Greenpoint CoWorking Studio


a cold weekend in December, taking hurried bites of my chocolate croissant, I walked past the G train Nassau stop on my way to Sara Bacon’s Greenpoint CoWorking Space. Upon entering the sparse space, I spilled my bag onto the communal table, Bacon and I shared a chaste air kiss, and Mike Popp (The Queer Interior’s lead photographer) began to set up. I took a deep breath and something remarkable happened: I immediately sensed the centering quality of the space. As a stressed-out, overworked, underpaid freelancer in New York, it’s hard to slow down and take measured, intentional inhalations of air. Unfortunately, it’s just not how we’re conditioned. Mirroring her space’s atmosphere, Bacon is welcoming and possesses a centering quality. She acts as the creative director of her own boutique web and graphic design studio COMMAND C, and for her, this cozy coworking environment is icing on the cake. The modern philosophy of coworking is meant to close the gap between the individual and inspiration by way of community contribution/collaboration. It is meant to create an opportunity for independent creatives to be challenged and informed by working side-by-side with other freelancers, writers, and designers. The Queer Interior learned about the inspiration behind Bacon’s design choices and her own self-care routine as we snapped some candid shots of her studio and her 6-year-old Rat Terrier, Sushi.

Q.I: There is a Zen feeling to the space. It’s predominately white with

bright touches of neon green and some streamlined black pieces. What led you to those choices? Is it at all similar to your domestic space?

S.B: I definitely can’t take all the credit for this. I collaborated on the design

of the space with the incredibly talented Pete Oyler and Nora Mattingly, and I absolutely could not have done it without them. I specified what I wanted/ needed from the space: to be conducive to individual work, while lending itself to collaboration.

This is not an easy feat to accomplish, as it’s inherently contradictory in nature (kinda gay, huh?). That said, their genius minds came up with the strategy of creating individual stations that aren’t blocked off from one another. This aspect was considered the most independent area of the space. They also designed a couple of more social settings: the lounge area with Fatboy beanbag chairs and a chalkboard wall (that Sushi–the-pup has subsequently claimed as her own), and the kitchen with a comunity table for shared lunches as well as meetings. Aside from the functional aspects, I specified that I wanted the space to feel modern, but not too sterile or straight out of an Ikea catalogue. I wanted a beautiful space that could yield a bunch of workers without feeling overcrowded, a space that was gorgeous, but also totally accessible. Pete and Nora did a remarkable job with my not so simple requests. And yeah, it’s kinda my style. My domestic space feels pretty similar for sure.

Q.I: Because you’re the creator

of the space, do you find that more queer collaboration happens here than in different scenarios?

S.B: I’m pretty queer and I

have a bunch of queer friends and colleagues who are in and out of the space, ahem, but the space doesn’t give off a tone of being especially queer or especially straight – which I really appreciate. In my mind, it feels really open and welcoming to everyone.

Q.I: Something struck me dur-

ing our shoot. You mentioned the space had gone through an identity process as a collaborative space and that now it was part of your “self-care” routine. Tell our readers more about that revelation.

S.B: Oh my god, you know me

so well. I’m all about self-care. In my mind, it’s really simple: if I’m not taking great care of myself, then how in the world am I going to be of any use to you? No one wants to come into a space (or have someone build a website, my other business) where

In my mind, it’s really simple: if I’m not taking great care of myself, then how in the world am I going to be of any use to you? the person running it is miserable. So, in my mind, creating an environment that supports me in everything I do is a part of my self-care. The way I see it, it’s all an integral part of me being the best I can be at what I do.

Q.I: How can someone become a

Q.I: How has Sushi collaborated


with members?

S.B: Sushi’s expertise lies in

sniffing out stress and planting a big, dog-breathy wet one on your face in the midst of a client call that makes you feel like your life could very well be over. She likes to remind us that it’s not all such a big deal.

member? We love it here!

S.B: Oh so easy: Thank you!

Stars In His Eyes Adam Goldman Goes Hollywood. From Newton, Massachusetts to Hollywood and Vine. Adam Goldman’s combined weird, how queer, that there are these suburban and that their namesakes

fascination with geography and identity took him from his front stoop Brooklyn apartment all the way to Hollywood, Anywhere USA. His one-man fundraising efforts on propelled him into a cross country adventure to discover the less iconic Hollywoods. We snapped some glamorous 60sesque portraits fit for a starlet in our Brooklyn studio and learned more about Adam, Hollywood, and the interiors he encountered along the way. Adam sees things differently, aside from being blind in his left eye. He views the world and our United States in a specific and fascinating way.

I asked him about the impetus for his project, “Going Hollywood.” Adam gives it a moment’s thought and states assuredly, “I was looking at a map and I did the modern day equivalent of spinning a globe and putting my finger down. I randomly located, I zoomed in, and it was Hollywood, Florida.” He goes on to elaborate. “I didn’t know that there were any other Hollywood(s) in the U.S other than Hollywood, California. Whenever you talk to someone and they say Hollywood, they mean California.” After poking around the Internet he discovered that there were something like 22 Hollywoods in the U.S. Shrugging and leaning in, as if telling a secret, Adam shares, “I thought how

other Hollywoods that nobody ever thinks of and they probably have nothing in common at all with the westcoast Hollywood which has all these sort of specific associations with it.”

weren’t meant to celebrate their celebrity sister city.

“It’s just a type of tree. Because Hollywood is actually one of those frightfully generic names like Oakwood or Adam shares that he was itching for Elmwood, these developers would a road-trip, had recently lost his job, come out from the west coast or from and that things just lined up. “I want- Florida or from wherever there were ed to travel across the country and I going and just say, ‘Oh, It’s Hollythought it would become an interest- wood, sounds like a nice name.’ ing project...I didn’t know when I’d have this sort of opportunity or the Some of these towns have very protective associations with that word. For time for it again.” instance, Hollywood, Alabama has I inquired about his first stops and he written on a giant water tower ‘We’re continued. “I started in my hometown the real Hollywood.’” of Newton, Massachusetts at the inMr. Goldman found that each Hollytersection of Hollywood and Vine.” wood was an individual, and residents We share a chuckle. “My first official in each town were eager to share their stop was Hollywood, Pennsylvania. perspectives on each unique town. There are actually two Hollywoods in Pennsylvania. The first one that I Curious to find out who gave him the went to is an abandoned mining patch. inside scoop, Mr. Goldman replies, A mining patch is, basically back in “Everyone was really nice. Most of the coal mining days, coal mining the trip was me knocking on people’s companies would make and engineer doors. People thought I was a Mortiny little towns called mining patches mon although one guy said I wasn’t so that when the miners moved there well dressed enough to be one.” with their families, there would be a The following are part of a series documentschool, a watering hole, and houses. ing his travels during the “Going Hollywood” There’s nothing left of it, but a giant roadtrip. Photos and captions by Goldman. hole in the ground. It seemed like a fun place to start and to make my way from there to the most well-known of the Hollywoods.” QI He was surprised to find that a majority of these towns and cities were

A bowling alley located in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania.

Robert Sarco Restorations in Hollywood, South Carolina.

Danny Peacock (Adam’s boyfriend) in a window in Los Angeles. Right outside of Hollywood, California.

Taco, the house cat, in Los Feliz, Los Angeles.

Hank’s house in Los Angeles.


A Gay @ the Flea


fixture of the Brooklyn skyline, 1 Hanson Place was erected as a bank in 1927. Whether it’s a solo date or a group affair, there is nothing quite like going to the church of flea by Atlantic Terminal in Fort Green and it’s a perfect season for a hot cup of coffee and some indoor junk buying. The building’s 500 foot-high clock began counting time again in 2010 coinciding with the opening of luxury condos. Luckily, the main level of this landmark is, on chilly weekends, an ideal retreat for everything from modern edibles to trinkets galore.


he Queer Interior’s Douglas Calhoun took us through this crowded flea where we met two queer flea patrons and picked our spotlight vendors, Bleecker Street and dan’s Parent’s House. Rock your winter duds and we’ll see you at the Flea next time!

Flea Looks* Two queer flea-goers we stumbled upon Wren (left), a jewelry designer at and DJ at Le Poisson Rouge

Walter Youngblood, Flea Market Vendor and Creator of KingLeche Crèmes Ice Cream

Vendor Picks* Our spotlight vendors


AN’s Parent’s House – Dan Treiber’s amazing collection of collections is an instant go-to. You can find everything from comic book figurines, skeleton keys, old cameras, political pins from yesteryear, and miniature bric-a-brac. Treiber’s finds are a great source for a surprise gift strategically hidden in someone’s coat pocket, or for a whimsical desktop figurine.

Dan’s finds include every-one’s favorite Star Wars character Jar Jar Binks.


leecker Street, a wonderfully curated booth (http://www.bleeckerstreetantiques. com/home.html) is a lot like time traveling. As Patsy Kline croons from a small cassette player, Aline Ridings neatly stacks and shelves maps, books, and vintage erotica. We talked music and history as Ridings held court beside her 1940s and 50s memorabilia.

An album of vintage nudes for $4 each at Aline’s Bleecker Street booth

Ed Roth and Dolinda Meeker strike a pose for Micheal Popp

QUEERMAKER WE <3 - ED ROTH Stencil 1’s Ed Roth is a self-made D.I.Y. expert with a stencil empire on the rise. His products and books

have been featured by Martha Stewart Living, The New York Times, Country Living, and many more design taste-setters. Stencil1 is an innovative brand meant for every level of D.I.Y. design adventure. Whether you’re doing an at-home craft project or big room remodel, there are 201 (and more) ways to use these stencils. They range from organic to modern and feature traditional classics like the hound’s-tooth pattern and such oddities as headphones w/cord. We’re crushing on the the man behind the stencils and are itching to share our playful game of this-or-that.

Q.I: We think you’re so cute!

Both of your stencil books have been met with a really positive reception. Are you daydreaming up another publishing project?

silly or tacky! I guess if you are in love then it’s great and if you’re not it’s an eye roller.

Q.I: Single or Taken? E.R: Working it out, I am mar-

ried to my work though.

Q.I: Pepsi or Coke?

Ed Roth: First, I think you’re

E.R: Yuck, water.

super cute too! As for my latest daydreams, I am releasing many new stencils on the site and working on supplies such as spray inks, Sharpies, cutting tools, and more. As for books, I am wrapping up another one, Stencil Style 101, a book of 20 stencils and over 20 how-to’s focused on apparel. I’m excited to go in that direction!

Q.I: San Fran or NYC? E.R: NYC but SF is my second

home. I have to live in NY though, I am inspired daily!

Q.I: Dogs or Cats? E.R: Uh DOGS! My dog Larry

is my spiritual support.

Q.I: Do you have a favorite of all

your stencils?

Q.I: Boxers or Briefs?

E.R: I love my birch trees since I

E.R: Briefs mostly, boxers to

spent a lot of time in the Catskills photographing nature and trees. I also like my mini graffiti sets since they are iconic and the first stencils I made.

sleep. God! Did I just tell you that?


Q.I: This time last year you were

introducing a ton of new stencils. What can we look forward in 2012? How is your brand changing?

E.R: In 2012 my focus is devel-

oping new product and licensing/ co-branding. I am creating home goods such as pillows, plates, etc. and am looking to work with other companies on these developments. CB2, call me!

Q.I: Weigh in on Valentines Day:

Love it? Hate it? Indifferent?

E.R: Hmm, well I think it’s silly

and tacky, not to say I don’t like

Q.I: Where will you be on V


E.R: Last year I did an event

at Etsy where we made wooden valentine postcards; this year I am doing an event with 3rdWard. It may or may not be on Valentine’s Day, still deciding, but that would be fun.

The Queer Interiorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s PreKickstarter Launch Party November 17th, 2011, we partied with featured guests - Stencil 1 and DJ Ron Like Hell BIG THANKS to our Sponsors -Designer Pages, Sixpoint Brewery, & Lights Up!

Caroline Hendrix, Sam Young, Pablo Beau Rendon III, Nicole Brydson, Nina, Noel Nocciolo, Jennifer Tullock, Craig Hunter, Sian Keegan, Caitlin, Derek Zimmerman, Anne O’neil, Jen Korff, Kari Wrede, Leslie Murray, Golzar Selbe Naghshineh,Mackenzie, Blake MacKay, Megan Moore, Maggie, Desiree Akhavan, Lucinda Rogers, Rachel Fleury, Kara Dunne, Joey Pelletier, Jessica Freeman, Teale Sperling, Sarah Ludington, Keila Cordova, Liza, Brigham Mosley, Natalie Peart, Tristan Guarini, Erica, Mandy Kordal, Patrick Kelly, Jackie Ackeifi, kbitler, Ben Compton, Jonathan Zajdman, Martha, Susan, Kathy Kellam, Stephanie, Lauren Gulbrandsen, Lindsay Sanwald, Kate, Cate Foster, Liz Reisch Picarazzi, Burgess Bub, Kyla McCracken, Sara Bacon, Andrew Boyajian, Ann Horwich-Scholefield, Susu Kassel, Kathryn Zenger, Lucy Marcil, Gene, Emily, Kimberly M. Lowe, Eileen Gerber, Carl, Daniel Heller, Erica Harsch,AAngela Fleury, John J. Hagan, Diligent, Abigail Gullo, Nekisia Davis, Felix Esquivel, THANK YOU FROM DOUGLAS CALHOUN Michelle to LeBlanc, Lefkowitz, Lisa Hofmann, Geri Cole, TimKickstarter Reylek, Stacie Myszewski, the Jaclyn 219 amazing contributers via Isabel, D.A. Whittemore, Carolina Ramirez, Nola Armstrong, Rob Boothe, Dave Harper, Greg November The Queer Interior launched 47 day fundraising Marcil,On Megan Sullivan,17th, Ann Josman, Carolie, Sarah, Bridget aGreen, St. Clair Calhoun Trucampaign on Friends, family, co-workers, andNicki strangers luck, Debbie McDaniel, Alexander Lee Testere, Steve Jewell, Kyle Durban, Truluck, Avi gathered togetherWade andMeyer, spreadLiz, theSam news that this motley crew of creatives Flombaum, Ben Garrett, Horwich-Scholefield, Matthew Clay, Anthony wanted makes something beautiful. We were and Melissa touchedPerez-Halley, when Fischer, SarahtoWinawer-Wetzel, Karen Sama, Donna Popp,honored Ed Madden, the 1st of January we entered year T.with a capitalJon of $15,000 thanks to Kelseyon Knight Mohr, Rob P Watkins, Sarathe Perry, Bacigalupi, Kowalski, Dari Project, 219 of ourLaw, backers. Genevaall Hyman, Tom Annalee Jewell, Wayne Jewell, Dan Salera, Hillary Perkins, Kimberly Ling Murtaugh, Laura Russell, Alston Gore, Nick Cope, Maggie Hoag, Luke Baxley, A Monroe heartfelt,John and sincere thanksKassel to any, and everyone who was able Morene to pitch Jewell, in! Michala and Patricia Harris Grill, Wanda Jewell, We’re amped to share this, our first of many issues celebrating queer interiors Julia Specht, Jane Kriss, Kate Russell, Amelia Calhoun Kriss, Sally Haskell, Trisha Craig, starting in Brooklyn and coming soon to a hometown near you! We can’t Sam Bowen, Michael Popp, Dustin Kight, Hannah Labaree, Karen Harmon, Mary Kate, John wait to wow you with more queer profiles, Q&As, interior photo spreads, Scholefield, Robin Bacior, Colin Summers, John Warren, Caroline Taylor, Christopher DIY projects, and so much more! Your advice, comments and feedback are Bolduc,integral Matt Ungermah, Tiffany Watson, Patrick Calhoun, Michel McNinch, Claire, to our ongoing work, so make sure to let us know what you love, whatNicole Daunic,you Lisawant Knudsen, Hamman, Matt Gilbert,from Elizabeth Jacquelyn MccormoreJohn of, and to share anything your Shipley, own space or interiors mick, Demetria Marsh, Carolyn Denomme, Debra Saunders, Karen Clowney, Marissa Watyou lust after. son, Dylan, Margaret C. Moses, Elisabeth Heard, Peter Kriss, Lisa Bahr, Paul de Ruijter, Erin Felgar, Charlotte Housel, Chris, Romina Rodriguez-Crosta, Moriah Simmons, Lynn Borowitz, Mackenzie Foster,Doug Johnston, Flora Shepherd, Georgia Collins Coleman, Bud Yackey, Liz, Shelby Stec, Nathan Karp, Alexis, Michal Haskell, Patty, Cewlie Daizey, Kolin Pope, Evan Donevant, Adam Tate, Kate Longley, Jamie Coker, Mark Kriss, Michael Hawley, Jesse Kriss, Nick Shimkin, Francisco J Rodriguez, Ashley Paige, Lexi, Terry Garthwaite,Gus Cancro, Tirzah, Alann Salvador, Ruth Holton Hodson, Andy Schultz, Jeff Colosino, Sandy

Thank Y’ALL!

The Queer Interior  

Queer Interior's premiere issue features a cozy Crown Heights apartment, a modern Greenpoint CoWorking space, Stencil 1's founder Ed Roth, a...

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