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The Queer Chronicle

| Pune

September 2009

Life Life is a possibility, embrace it. Life is beautiful, admire it. Life is wonderful, enjoy it. Life is a dream, follow it. Life is a bewilderment, face it. Life is a mission, fulfill it. Life is a game, play it. Life is a treasure, cherish it. Life is rich, savior it. Life is lovely, revere it. Life is a mystery, uncover it. Life is pain, endure it. Life is a song, sing it. Life is a tragedy, forbear it. Life is luck, benefit from it. Life is an adventure, be regardful of it. Life is very precious, delight in it. Life is a war, learn from it. Life is life, fight for it. Translation of the poem ‘Jeta’, written by Mother Theresa



September 2009

It’s only just begun I still remember the 1st of September 2009

In our February 2010 issue, we are pleased to

when the inaugural issue of TQC was

launch a new initiative through our column

published. Our emotions were a pot-pourri of

‘Art & Soul’ aimed at promoting the talent of

excitement, anxiety and anticipation.

queer artists and simultaneously help to raise








funds for ‘Voices against 377’ a coalition of

community? Would TQC actually serve its






mission to ‘Build a strong, networked queer

together as a united voice to fight against

community’? Would TQC be sustainable?

Article 377 of the Indian Penal Code.

I guess our anxiety was misplaced.

We should be ready to launch the TQC official

Compared with the 250 readers of our

website within February 2010. This would be

inaugural issue, in a short span of five months

followed with the launch TQC Homestays &

TQC’s readership has grown multifold to over

TQC City Tours, aimed at assisting queer

900 loyal readers of our January 2010 issue -


that too, in over 20 countries.

TQC Business Classifieds, TQC Personals, TQC

The past months have established that TQC

Events, TQC Holidays …..

continues to touch lives and is definitely here

It’s only just begun!

Keith Editor, TQC

to stay. I am convinced that the time is right to expand

The editor

TQC to the next level.

Cover: Artwork © Syed Ali Arif

In this issue

Inner Cover: ‘Life’ - Translation of the poem ‘Jeta’, written by Mother Theresa The TQC Team Editor: Keith. Columnists: Ankur Bhojane, Chaitanya Gokhale, Jaideep Bhide, Jayesh Paranjape, Tushar Tayal, ‘Fleeting Sunshine’. Layout concept, design & production: Keith TQC (The Queer Chronicle) is a monthly e-magazine published for and by the queer community in Pune. This e-zine is a non-commercial publication, is not for sale and is exclusively for private distribution. Views expressed are solely the opinions of the individual authors and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the editorial team of TQC, nor its affiliates. The content of this e-zine may not be suitable for all audiences.

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A Queer View: ‘What are you looking for?’ Page 3 Tribute: ‘Wind beneath my wings’ – Part 2 Art & Soul Special Event: Kashish, the Mumbai International Queer Film Festival Travel: Off the beaten track Health: Ask Doctor Tushar Leisure: Tarot Predictions for February 2010 Readers’ Corner Lifestyle: Spring clean your closet Classi-prides: Queer owned and operated businesses in Pune 1

A Queer View 2

What are you looking for? BY ‘FLEETING SUNSHINE’

September 2009

Despite my six year long, checkered

why you can't stand it when he even

career in dating and the experience of

smiles at another guy.

being in a reasonable number of

Certain traits in your partner can

relationships of varying lengths, there is

heighten this pleasure. Let's call them

one question that has always remained

qualities of being 'expensive'. Let's face

hard for me to answer, if I choose to

it. A good looking, educated, witty guy

answer it honestly, that is. What am I

who has an invisible ‘boyfriend in the

really looking for when I log onto

UK’, is less likely to randomly sleep

Planet-Romeo or similar such sites?

around. The expensive quality of your

New experiences? New ex’s? Isn't it a

partner is your feeble insurance against

hopeful denial that a new experience

infidelity and a gateway to probable

will really be different and 'meaningful'?


And, what's meaningful anyway?

Interestingly, having an attitude is also

social insurance is not always available

Fundamentally, the human mind is

subconsciously taken as an expensive

in gay relationships; at least, not in the

queer; and a queer's mind, more so. The

quality. However, behind the overt "I'm

present-day Indian cities. This is one of

mind always seeks a sense of fulfillment

expensive" signal, there is an implicit

the reasons for ubiquitous infidelity in

that is externally derived. Don't we just

statement - "buy me!". Behind all that

gay relations.

love it when someone is attracted to us,

attitude, impractical, childish demands

What also makes gay relationships so

or when we know for sure that if I don't

of an egg biryani at 2 am, there is

mind-bogglingly complicated is the fact

phone him, he will phone me anyway?

innate sense of insecurity and craving

that not only do most gay people

This deep seated craving for acceptance


exhibit both male and female qualities,

is what I'd term as the female part of a

world is full of smart dudes who exactly


gay mind.

know how to exploit such traits. Let me

unpredictable times, with unpredictable

I am not suggesting at all that females

call such dudes as 'males': again,

intensities. Knowing when your partner

tend to be acceptance seeking puppies.

without any judgments. A pure 'alpha

is exhibiting which role can be, in my

I am sure all you bi’s out there have


experience, good for the longevity of

seen quite a few girls and women with

committed to relish the pleasures of

the innately flawed relation.

strong personalities. The reason I use

succulent females without remaining

Okay. So, the question remains - what

the term is because this craving arises

committed to a particular 'flower'.

am I looking for now? If anything, my

out of our biological instinct to nurture

A sneaky but effective way to tame the

past relationships have made me gain a

and care. This is starkly different from



better understanding of humans and in

philanthropy though. At its root, this

relationships, is to enter his or allow

particular, myself. They have enabled

instinct is very selfish. In the process of

him into your social circle. Once they

me live at peace with my 'void', which

nurturing, the mind derives a sense of

have common friends, it raises the

I'd now call my natural tranquil space.

worth. It feels as if your lacuna, void, or

stakes in this game of poker. Both the

Natural, because it can be identified

hole if you will, is filled in, and you are

girl and the boy come as a package,

with everything in nature: from the vast

doing the same for your partner. But

along with their set of 'followers', which

emptiness of an ocean, intergalactic

each silver rim has a cloud. After a

can make it hard to abruptly leave the

space to the space between atoms. Not

while, the mind wants to ensure and

relation, for the fear of being labeled as

surprisingly, my tranquility loves to

ascertain exclusive inter-dependence,

an 'asshole/bitch' by a group of people.


because its sense of self-worth so

That's why social networking websites,

vibrations, big-bangs, tender bangs are

heavily depends on it. This is why he

which in fact are dating websites in

what I'm looking for, until the craving

cannot go to a party without you, or

disguise, are so popular. This type of

exists no more.

why you can't stand it when he even

social insurance is not always available


is like


a fleeting














The Queer Chronicle

Page 3

September 2009

BombayMasala New Year Party, Mumbai | Photo Credits: Ankur & Nihal


‘Wind beneath my wings’ – Part 2


September 2009

BY ANKUR BHOJANE A few years later, I moved to Toronto,

However, my only dilemma was to



explain to them that I lived in the gay

apparently dug out more information

village. Wait, it gets better. I had a full

than I did. When I was packing my

time night-shift job at the front desk of

bags, she sat next to me and said in a

the swankiest gay bath-house. ‘Mum, I

very hush-hush tone so that my father

work where men come for a quick

wouldn’t hear, “They [Canadians] have

f@#$’ was not the best way to explain

decriminalized Marijuana. Don’t do any

my work life. On their arrival, I did

of that stuff. But at least there you will

what is known to be a gay Indian mans

be accepted for who you are. I am very

best talent; I faked my way through it,

happy for you. Don’t know if that will


ever happen here. People are very

Street, the gayest street in Canada,

backward and narrow minded like your

became my father’s favorite street for

daddy.” I couldn’t help smiling at her

evening walks and my mother insisted

my own locker stacked with my

cuteness. I grabbed her in a loving

on joining me at the gay bars to watch

leathers. I was smart; I knew my

embrace and said “You are the most

drag queens perform. Talk about

parents would get into my closet. So

adorable mommy in the world. Did I

things running in the genes!

for the duration of their visit, I shoved

ever tell you that?”

In the middle of August, towards the

all my kinks in to the closet (locker).

“Don’t forget to pack all your new

end of their visit, we ended up on the

Doesn’t that sound ironic? Well,

underwear too.” She quickly changed

Toronto Islands for a picnic. At around

anyway, I got dressed in my leather

the topic with the most ridiculous

five in the evening my best friend

shorts, harness, vest and boots. Just

point one could emphasize on when

David, for whom the word ‘Queen’ is

then, my boss - the bath house


an understatement, called me, “Bee-


Living in Canada was a dream come

atch where are you? The fetish fair has

oversized white shirt and briefs. “Nice

true. It is here that I eventually met my

started. I am wearing ass-less leather

leathers”, he complimented me. The

better half which is a story reserved for

jock straps and boots. You are walking

jerk was being nice for a change. “So

another huge article. I survived the

Church Street with me. Come fast!” He

what are you today? A corporate jock”,

first winter but by the end of which I


I said jokingly. My phone rang. It was

was yearning for the warmth of

entertained. No space or time for an

my mother.

Mumbai. Only in the absence of it did I

excuse to be heard. So, I turned

“Beta, your dad is busy watching TV.

realize the importance of the scorching

around looked at my parents and said,

Can I come too?”



“There is this event on Church Street

Pause. For a second I was wondering

parents decided to visit me. Their

that I want to attend. It has a lot of

what is she getting herself into? But

arrival coincided with their twenty

nudity and stuff. Do you guys want to

hey this is a grown up woman that we

eighth wedding anniversary and my

join?” They just shook their head in

are talking about, responsible for her

twenty-fifth birthday which are barely

negation. Phew!

own actions.

a few days apart. Celebrations were to

Once we got back home, I stepped out,

“Sure”, I said.

be had. Festive moods were to be set.

went to the bath-house where I had

I waited for her down at the lobby of














walked by



The Queer Chronicle

shacks selling dungeon equipment, etc.

pray to Him before you start your

to come there too. A few minutes

My mother began lecturing me about

ceremony.” “Yes mother.”

later, David arrived with his ass

sadism and masochism, of Freudian

A few days later my sister returned to

hanging out, wearing military boots

analysis that plunged me into a series

India and showed my mum the

and a red scarf around his neck. In no

of yawns. Thankfully we were swarmed


time out emerged my mother, in a

by a bunch of boys from the Indian

weekend I received a call from her. Her

lovely Punjabi suit. She took one look


voice was mellow and I could sense she

at me and said, “You look hot.”

clicking pictures of the Desi Mother-

was teary-eyed.

Aww. I caught myself blushing like a

Son duo out for Fetish Fair. I

“I’m sorry I missed the wedding. It

thirteen year old school girl. “You don’t

introduced her to my favorite Cher

looked so beautiful and I’m very happy

mind David’s ass hanging out, do you?”

impersonator, Eddie Barnett, dressed

for you. I promise to be there for Pride

I asked before he could turn around

very androgynous and a few other

next year. We will march together.”

and flash it.

fellow fetish-mates.

Her sobbing had stopped. Those were

“Please he’s just like a son to me. He

She bought a sticker for charity that

the last words I heard from my dear

can be a nudist for all I care”, she

was labeled ‘Mistress’, from my friend


assured me.

Serge who was collecting $2 per sticker

Three days later, my husband sat me

We walked around witnessing various

for the People With AIDS Foundation. I

down on a bench at the Riverdale Park

scenes: boys on their fours on a f@#$

bought one that read ‘boy’. We wore

when we were walking the dogs. He

bench getting whipped, naked men

our stickers proudly marching about

held my hands and started crying. He

walking all about just as nature



broke the news of my mum’s accident.

intended, lesbians marching devoid of



She was hit by a school bus in front of

a top, the streets adorned with little

merchandises. Her trip was a blast

the house. My father ran to her aid


and she took her last breath lying in his

A year later, I called up my mother to


ask for her blessings. I said, “Mum,

I still see her around sometimes and

Glenn proposed to me tonight.” She

other times I wonder what she used to

was aware of our relationship but I

smell like, wonder if I will ever again

couldn’t wait to share this piece of

feel the warmth when she hugged me

news with her. My mum and sister

or the sound of her singing. But all I am

were thrilled. Anagha, my sister, who I

left with is Luther Van Dross’ words, “If

fondly call Ana, was busy buying a

I could have another chance, another

ticket to come over to not only attend

walk, another dance….”








hopping few




September 2009

my apartment building. I asked David


the wedding but first ‘check out’ the to-be-groom anxiously



my the

mother report


Mumbai. Upon approval from Ana and subsequently

February 2010



A tribute in fond remembrance of Mrs.


Bhojane, from her children Ankur & Anagha;

showered us with their blessings. “But

and all the members of the queer community

make sure you have a small Ganesh

that were touched in some way by her

idol at the wedding place and please

warmth, understanding and practicality.

pray to Him before you start your


Art & Soul

Art & Soul

COMPILED BYSeptember KEITH 2009 TQC is committed to encouraging and promoting the creativity of queer & queer-friendly talent. Featured artists: Syed Ali Arif, Resh Val & Sagar Dave. These artists have pledged that 15% of the proceeds on sale of these artworks through TQC, would be donated to ‘Voices Against 377’ , a coalition of NGOs and progressive groups working together as a united voice to fight against Article 377 of the Indian Penal Code. (

Title: “MERRY GO ROUND” Artwork Code: TQC-0001 Artist name: Syed Ali Arif Medium: Acrylic on canvas Style: Figurative Size: 30 inches x 40 inches Mounting: Stretched, Unframed Price for the art: Indian Rupees 70,000/Year: 2008

If you would like to purchase any of these works of art and would like to connect with the artist, please send an email to, mentioning the artwork code in the subject line. All published images are copyright of the respective artists.

Title: “THIRST” Artwork Code: TQC-0002 Artist name: Sagar Dave Medium: Oil on canvas Style: Abstract still-life Size: 12 inches x 12 inches Mounting: Framed Price for the art: Indian Rupees 4,000/Year: 2009 6

Title: “THE PEACOCK” Artwork Code: TQC-0003 Artist name: Resh Val Medium: Oil on canvas Style: Abstract Size: 20 inches x 30 inches Mounting: Stretched, Unframed Price for the art: Indian Rupees 25,000/Year: 2009

Title: “JUST LET FLOW” Artwork Code: TQC-0004 Artist name: Resh Val Medium: Oil on canvas Style: Abstract

Size: 24 inches x 30 inches Mounting: Stretched, Unframed Price for the art: Indian Rupees 35,000/Year: 2009 The TheQueer Queer Chronicle Chronicle


September 2009

Pride parades in all metros, the historic

Many recent as well as undiscovered

Event at a glance

Delhi High Court’s verdict on Section


Dates: April 22-25, 2010

377 of the Indian Penal Code, launch of

contemporary international films are

Host City: Mumbai

India’s first gay magazines, the Indian

being screened. Eminent personalities

Venues: To be announced

Election Commission’s decision to

from films, art, fashion, media and


recognize transgender as a separate

queer activists are part of the jury for



category … the pink flag is rising over

its competitive sections, which will



India, queer visibility is increasing.

carry awards. Panel discussions about

Zealand, Portugal, Singapore, South

Kashish - Mumbai International Queer

Indian queer culture and its portrayal,


Film Festival, 2010 takes this journey

and a photo-exhibition will be a part of

Thailand, UK and USA.

further through the medium of films.

the film festival.


The festival offers cinema as a means

The vision of the festival is to

to understand what being queer

encourage greater visibility of Indian

who would like to volunteer or attend

means, and how it impacts both the

queer cinema and bringing it into the


queer community and the society at



showcasing the films to both queer

Features, short films, documentaries

and mainstream audiences, in order to

















thought, desires and expressions,” says

bisexual and transgender characters

Sridhar Rangayan, Festival Director.

and stories. The films explore the

Kashish - Mumbai International Queer

diverse realities, complexities, joys and

Film Festival, 2010 is being organized

sorrows that make up the Indian queer

by Solaris Pictures, producers of queer


as well as celebrate,

films Gulabi Aaina, Yours Emotionally

reclaim and explain LGBTQ identities

and 68 Pages and Bombay Dost, India’s


first gay magazine, with support from

audiences. February 2010





China, Israel,

Sweden, can





Taiwan, found



Those to:


screened, highlighting gay, lesbian,


Spain, details



Movies That Matter, Netherlands. 7


Off the beaten track



Have you ever been to a holiday at the

your-face service which hotels offer. The

end of which you've come back with the

hosts of the homes will greet you as a

smug satisfaction of actually being a part

long lost cousin and you would be a part

of the culture of the place you visited,

of their family for the time you spend

rather than being just a boring binocular

there. But at the same time you would

clad spectator? And whilst you were

have the much needed solace you expect

photographing those cute little kids

out of a vacation. There are three

bathing in the stream, did you ever give

options for the home stays – Nandan

a thought that whether your visit

Farms in Sawantwadi, Pitruchhaya in

benefitted them in any way, rather than

Shirgaon, and Sreeyog Paryatan in

them serving just as a good inclusion to


your wall collage? If you have thought

Nandan Farms in Sawantwadi is run by

about this, then your way of thinking is

Amruta and Ashish Padagoankar. The

definitely on the ‘responsible’ track.

Padgaonkars are a young and jolly couple

Responsible Tourism is a fast growing

with a lot of positive energy which is

trend globally. Simply put, its tourism

exuberated through their hospitality. The

which creates ‘better places for people

home is a perfect place to unwind and go

to live in, and better places for people to

on an inward journey. Set amidst a farm,


the homes are the typical ‘shet-ghar’

Many organizations within the travel and

(farmhouse) with mud walls, ancient



solid wood beams, sloping terracotta

responsible tourism as a way of life. They

tiled roof, and a large covered veranda.

have not just made ‘normal’ look ‘green’

The food they serve is simply delicious,

but they have made ‘green’, ‘normal’!

particularly the sol-kadhi – a drink made

Located in the Sindhudurg district of

from kokum and coconut milk. Amboli –

Maharashtra, ‘Culture Aangan’ is one

a British-era hill station is just one hour

such organization. Started with the main

drive away from here and is a must-visit

objective of preserving the local art and


culture, they introduced the concept of

Vaishali and Vijay Loke will welcome you


cultural tourism through

to their home ‘Pitruchhaya’, which

homestays – a premise which was alien

means ‘fathers blessings’. Located in the

to the area. Sindhudurg, the southern-

village of Shirgaon, the Lokes offer two

most district of Maharashtra is picture

rooms to tourists in their quaint but

perfect – lush green forests, small

beautiful house. The terrace room has

villages, coconut and mango orchards,

the touch of luxury with a view of the

long stretches of clean beaches and

orchards. Pitruchhaya can boast about

backwaters which can give the Kerala



accommodation providers can – the









bathroom. It’s the

September 2009


destination waiting to be explored. The



Home stays offered by Culture Aangan in

location to soak in for hours, relax,

Sindhudurg are perfect for those who

meditate and watch the beautiful sunset.

are looking for vacations free of the in-


The Queer Chronicle

Ask Doctor Tushar While having anal sex, the condom

post exposure (unless you are unaware

the doctor from asking the donor

broke. I am very afraid! Should I get

of your previous HIV status) because the

whether or not he’s a homosexual.

tested for HIV? - Prashant

test is bound to be inaccurate. If you

The reason for the ban being some

Dr Tushar: Dude, you need to relax!

have been spending sleepless nights

archaic law laid down ages ago which

Firstly, the chances of getting infected in

ever since, you could go for another test

identifies homosexuals as a high risk

an accidental exposure via condom

called HIV-PCR which may be performed

group for HIV transmission; facts now

breakage is very minimal, nevertheless

1-2 weeks post exposure and is quite

withstanding, promiscuous unsafe sex

your worries need to be answered.



of any kind, straight or gay, is a risk

Depending upon who the dominant

expensive. In the interim, while you wait

factor. Blood donation forms at most

partner was, the chances of the

for the window period to lapse, I would

centers have a column asking about


suggest you try abstinence. It is the only

your sexuality, which I’d say need not be

responsible thing to do!

filled up honestly; the only honesty




contracted the disease are even lesser.




required on your part is to ensure that

Also depending upon whether or not either of you have been previously

I have heard that homosexuals are not

you have crossed the window period

tested for HIV, have indulged in risky

permitted to donate blood in countries

(i.e. 3 months) of your last unprotected

behavior in the past, and have been

like the US. Is this true for India as

sexual encounter. Also maintain a gap of

honest enough with each other about

well? Do I really need to inform them

three months between two subsequent

your HIV status, I would advise both the

of my sexual orientation? - Akash

blood donations. As they say, blood

partners to go for HIV antibody testing a


minimum of 4 weeks after the exposure

homosexuals are banned from donating

and repeat the test at 3 and 6 months

blood in many countries, including

{ideally the test to be done 3 months

INDIA, the only saving grace being the

In case you have a health related query

post exposure i.e. after the window

lack of acceptance of homosexuality as a

that you would like answered, email us

period}. DO NOT get tested immediately

norm which (to our advantage) prevents


February 2010


September 2009







donation heals dually, someone’s body and your SOUL!!!!!



Tarot Predictions for February 2010 ARIES - Card of the Month: The Hermit. A month of action, most of it in the mind. A lot can be accomplished but you need to put some ass into it! Channel some of that mental tension into the real world and take some action. Week 3 and 4 would be super busy, but isn’t that always a good thing? Number of Hope and Luck: 9. Best day of the Month: February 18th.

LEO - Card of the Month: The Moon. Spiritual energies are high. You could feel drawn to the mystical. As you tire of the mundane and every day, you begin questioning the meaning and purpose of Life. Go with the flow, don’t oppose the process. At the same time, remain grounded in the real world. Number of Hope and Luck: 4. Best Day of the Month: February 22nd

TAURUS - Card of the Month: 3 of Air. A time to let go, a time to move on. Nursing a broken heart is easier when you know and believe that it’s for the highest good. The hurt won’t go away just yet but it’s important to start with the journey if you want to reach your destination. Try not to lose your cool with those who are just trying to help…you’ll only alienate more people. Number of Hope and Luck: 8. Best Day of the Month: February 26th.

VIRGO - Card of the Month: 3 of Fire. A period of hard-work is behind you and you shall reap the rewards…if only you don’t get cowed down when the time comes to demand it! Stand up for yourself, know what your worth and ask for what you think you deserve…whether it’s that promotion or the next step in a relationship. Number of Hope and Luck: 11. Best Day of the Month: February 11th.

GEMINI - Card of the Month: 8 of Fire. Hold on tight, coz February’s going to be like a steed on steroids and you’re riding without a saddle…but that doesn’t mean you need to lose the reins as well! Think things through before committing to them, later is better than right now! Avoid making impromptu decisions, especially where money is concerned. Number of Hope and Luck: 7. Best Day of the Month: February 7th. CANCER - Card of the Month: Princess of Earth. A month full of possibilities that starts off with a bang but threatens to fizzle out by Week Four. Stop playing the Diva and ask for help if you need it. A creative phase is about to begin, make the most of it. Balance your social life and work commitments. Number of Hope and Luck: 1. Best Day of the Month: February 10th. 10

BY JAIDEEP September BHIDE 2009

LIBRA - Card of the Month: 10 of Air. “What are you waiting for? Nobody’s gonna show you how. Why wait for someone else to do what you can do right now!” This month could either be rewarding and fruitful or it may see you flounder. Trust yourself (and no one else). Number of Hope and Luck: 3. Best Day of the Month: February 12th. SCORPIO - Card of the Month: Justice. Life takes charge of the wheel…sit back and enjoy the ride! You experience contentment and the joy of receiving rewards and platitudes. Don’t get too carried away, there’s still loads of work to be done. Number of Hope and Luck: 10. Best Day of the Month: February 28th. SAGITTARIUS - Card of the Month: 4 of Earth. Tread carefully, spend wisely, CONTINUED ON PAGE 13

The Queer Chronicle

Readers’ Comments

Dear Editor,

Here is what we heard from you, on TQC’s January 2010 edition.

Zameer, Germany: “I went through the

September 2009

“A great edition to kick start the new year.... Thanks to the entire team.” -

issue again, I am amazed again. It has come out well. May I also suggest you to possibly also click Indian photos, I have a feeling it doesn't represent the

Johnny, Pune

Indian ethos so much visually.” “I had a look, great publication. Nice to


see such initiative from community

encouragement and feedback, Zameer. I

members.” – Shiraz, Mumbai

do appreciate your observation and we

“TQC January is the best - loved the layout and the articles too. Hats off to your efforts in compiling something which makes sense in our mad..crazy world.” – Sameer, Pune





would definitely like to consider the use of more ‘Indian’ images. In the past, we have used photographs from reputed photographers like Firoz Shakir and Harpreet. However it is quite difficult to find suitable photographs with Queer

“The article written by Ankur is very






touching. Would you please pass on my

population still is closeted. Additionally,

best wishes to him! I am eagerly waiting

we have to be careful about using

for the February issue.” – Bikash, Pune

photographs and images that have usage restrictions. In case you have any

“I just read the entire TQC from the link on your profile. I just wanted to say that it’s





insightful and entertaining at the same

photographs that we could use, or know of anyone would like to contribute to TQC,







time.” - ‘Patt’, Pune

‘Off the beaten track - CONTINUED FROM PAGE 8 The house can accommodate four people comfortably or a group of six with extra beds at a time. Inspired from Lord Ganesha, Sreeyog Paryatan is run by an old by age, but young at heart couple - Shubhada and Shashikant




enthusiasm will give any youngster a run for their money. They offer two rooms in

Anand, Chennai: Where can I purchase

the ‘aangan’ (courtyard). They offer a

“Love the cover & the articles.... Ankur

this magazine from? Is it possible that I

rare experience filled with starry skies,

& Prasad you continue to make me

send you a cheque and you can send a


proud.” – Anagha, Mumbai

copy to me by courier?

traditional dinner right from Kadam

“Congrats with the magazine - it looks

TQC: Owing to the fact that TQC is 100%

Auntie’s open kitchen. A day trip to the

really nice!” - Tejas and Johan, Denmark

non-funded, as of now we do not have

Sindhudurg Fort and temples in the

any immediate plans for a print edition.

neighbouring villages is a must.

Hence TQC would be available only as a

Apart from tourism, Culture Aangan has

free online ezine. We have also had

successfully developed an art arena at

several readers request that they be

Pinguli near Kudal in Sindhudurg -

allowed to download the ezine, so that

‘Thakar Adivasi Kala Aangan’. This arena

they can read it at their leisure. We

is aimed to showcase, revive and

would be launching the TQC website

promote a dying folk art tradition. A visit

during February 2010 and there would

to the Pinguli Art Complex is highly

be a facility to download the ezine from

recommended. Getting to all the places

our website for a token subscription

is quite easy and Culture Aangan will

charge. The funds generated would help

help will the smallest details. Visit their

cover the expenses of maintaining the


TQC website.

simply find them on facebook.

February 2010





or 11

Lifestyle 12

Spring clean your closet

September 2009


We all make resolutions and decide to

in. The whole damn thing makes you go

the greasy creams and the thick

put all the old baggage and troubles

crazy coz you just cannot decide what to

jackets). Let your Duppattas do the

behind. This year too, we all have

buy and what not to criticize. So, here I

talking. Don’t just be the crowd, lead it!

planned our year even better than the

am, trying to help you guys decide what

2. Converse, Flip Flops and Osho’s all

earlier one.

trends to follow this Feb.

the way.

Well, the one thing we guys usually

1. Mufflers are out. Duppattas are in!!

When you guys need to go out for a

don’t put behind is our WARDROBE!!

Guys, winter is almost dead and the

casual party and are really bored of your

Yeah yeah I know, I too can’t part with

summer days are getting longer. Keep it

denims, just slip in to a pair of

all the clutter that’s lying around in my

very cool. A good pair of Jeans teamed

comfortable casual checkered pants.

cupboard. But then, why not? Let us

with plain casual Tees. Use bright colors

Wear your converse or your Osho’s for

begin this year with a brand new

such as Yellow, Pink, Olive Green,

the perfect blend. Team them up with

wardrobe too. Keep the old stuff that

Brown, Musk Mellon Orange, Indigo

cool Tees. Keep those accessories

really has a lot of memories attached to

Blue, Red, Purple and our all time

rocking and the party too. Guys, who

it or the ones that you really feel

favorite White.

are very flamboyant, wear funky anklets

comfortable in. Apart from all that, it is

Keep your accessories minimal and just

to give it the perfect look.

time to SHOP!!

carry a good pair of CK or Benetton

Some of my favorite places this season:

Just the other day I went window

Shades. Carry a psychedelic cotton

Benetton, Pepe, Either Or, CK. Guys

shopping (ended up shopping) and I was

Duppatta or a checkered one. They

check out these places for great clothes

really surprised to see the number of

make a great clothing accessory and can

and accessories.

new stores and labels that have come

also be used as a Sun Block (Without

Have a great 2010!

The Queer Chronicle



Launching soon!!

September 2009

TQC Homestays | City Tours Centre of Contemporary Dance, Pune Under the artistic direction of Hrishikesh Pawar, the Centre of Contemporary Dance offers regular classes every Monday and Wednesday from 5 pm to 6.30 pm for beginners and from 6.30 pm to 8 pm for advanced students. For those inclined to set their feet atap on weekends, the class on Saturday from 11 am to 12.30 pm is just the thing to kick-start your weekend. The Centre also conducts personalized and customized workshops for corporate clients. Location: Kala Chaya Campus, Opposite Vikhe Patil School, Chaturshrungi. For more details, please visit

eat properly. Review your experiences from last year and plan for this year…it’s still not too late. Bury the past and move on. Avoid using Shopping Therapy to beat the blues. Number of Hope and Luck: 4. Best Day of the Month: February 22nd. CAPRICORN - Card of the Month: King of Fire. The usually nimble-footed Goat will really have to do a balancing act this month, at least where Work and Play are concerned. How do you be the center of attention at work AND at the next party? Be Determined, not Overbearing; be charming, not lecherous. Ultimately, try and achieve equilibrium between what you want to be and what you think you ought to be. Number of Hope and Luck: 14. Best Day of the Month: February 14th. AQUARIUS - Card of the Month: 8 of Fire. Great joy and great despair…as you shuttle between these two states of being, try and not lose your mind with all that’s going on around you. Aquarians are naturally mercurial and this month, those around you will experience the full force of your nature. A lot of volatile activity is predicted by the cards. Be kind to yourself and try not to take things too seriously. Number of Hope and Luck: 10. Best Day of the Month: February 19th. PISCES - Card of the Month: The Sun. Joy, family, love, career, the good times. Could life BE any sweeter for you? You’re on the threshold of something important and lifealtering. It may not be what you wished for, but it will be what you need….you’ll see in time. Number of Hope and Luck: 13. Best Day of the Month: February 13th. This issue of The Queer Chronicle was published on February 1, 2010. The next issue would be published on March 1, 2010.

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The Queer Chronicle - February 2010