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the paradigm-shifting “hair wellness service” Nutrafol. “But we do know more if we study the literature: Hair loss and thinning is the first sign that the balance of the body is off, and the culprits are almost always elevated cortisol from chronic stress, which can throw off thyroid hormones and DHT hormone, leading to inflammation, poor liver function, a compromised gut microbiome, oxidative stress and nutritional deficiencies. You just have to connect the dots, then

Ancient systems of health care and ultramodern fields of medicine have both held the keys to stopping hair loss and encouraging hair growth, but you wouldn’t know it from conventional approaches. “For decades, women and men have been told by physicians, ‘Your labs are normal, our hair problems are genetic; try Rogaine or biotin, there’s not much else we can do,’” rues Roland Peralta, co-founder of 76

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Two pioneering makers are radically upgrading our understanding of the roots of vibrant health and beauty. BY AMELY GREEVEN

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