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It’s not just about swiping right or left anymore. Samantha Daniels on modern-day matchmaking and the best apps for online dating. apps quite successfully. If you are thinking of using one, you need to use them smartly and efficiently so you can make a real connection. To that end, don’t be the person who is on every app; choose one or two at a time. Remember, it’s OK

or are a man who is more Type A, then this app might feel a little frustrating.

THE LEAGUE A good choice for people who are all about invitation-only. If you are someone who enjoys being where other

one who lives or hangs in your own neighborhood.

JSWIPE This is a dating app akin to Jdate. It’s for the social and trendy single Jewish people. If religion is important to you, this would be where you hunt for your significant other.

RAYA Strictly for

to eliminate people who are not true contenders and focus on real prospects only. And make sure to follow up with true possibilities so that you can meet “the one.” What’s the right app for you? Here is my take on some of the top ones on the market right now:

people might be excluded, this is the app for you. You can either join their gargantuan waitlist, or ask a friend who is a member to invite you. To me, The League has a somewhat collegiate feel to it, so it’s a better fit for a younger singleton.

HAPPN It’s all about

BUMBLE Popular because

locale. HAPPN shows you matches who are in your vicinity at any given moment. Don’t get scared off by the surveillance gimmick; it might be fun to date some-

women make the first move. If you are a lady who likes to be in charge, then Bumble is for you. However, if you would rather be asked first, 162

the Hollywood crowd. You need to be accepted to Raya, like a Soho House or a San Vicente Bungalows. There is a certain appeal to this if you are one of those people who prefers exclusivity and who likes to be at the right place all the time. (I have an invitation-only dating app, The Dating Lounge,, hitting the market shortly, that focuses on strategic connections and dealbreakers.) However, Raya sometimes feels cliquey, so if you want to be successful here, be bold, be confident and bring your best you! Samantha Daniels is the owner of bicoastal matchmaking service Samantha’s Table (samanthastable. com) and the author of Matchbook: The Diary of a Modern-Day Matchmaker (Simon & Schuster).

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I have been a professional matchmaker for 20 years. I started my business, Samantha’s Table, before dating apps or even online dating was in existence. Back then, I needed to break through a stigma because matchmaking was considered only for the desperate and the lonely. Fast forward to today, dating apps and matchmakers are the norm, and my matchmaking business is booming with high-profile, successful and busy clients who prefer meeting people with strategic assistance rather than meeting them by chance or having to wade through endless profiles on their phone. Why this sea change? Why do we now require a full-blown digital résumé before agreeing to grab a cup of coffee? We saw the shift with Google; people can now find the name, rank and serial number of any potential suitor, and this creates a false sense of connection. As I tell my clients, it’s not until you are sitting face-to-face with someone that will you know if you have that “je ne sais quoi” chemistry. Be that as it may, many people still do use dating

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The Purist Spring 2019 Issue  

Glory, Glory Julianne- Cynthia Rowley Interviews Julianne Moore Mary-Louise Parker's Meditations Eddie Stern & Deepak Chopra on the power of...

The Purist Spring 2019 Issue  

Glory, Glory Julianne- Cynthia Rowley Interviews Julianne Moore Mary-Louise Parker's Meditations Eddie Stern & Deepak Chopra on the power of...

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