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Setting free Shakti, powerful feminine creative energy, through transformative Buddhi yoga. BY JAYNE GOTTLIEB

Margie Woods

Increased stamina is one reward of a Buddhi yoga practice.

ativity and joy become undeniably attracted to you. As one of the core ingredients to make up the whole of Buddhi, the age-old Kundalini yoga system is basic, indescribably powerful, and one that works fast. While bone broth, jade eggs and meditation can offer powerful healing results, Kundalini yoga has the capacity to work in just one session. African dance in Buddhi yoga awakens freedom, opens the heart and shakes any stale, stuck, stagnant energy up and out, releasing toxins and making space for the new. This spirited movement increases your life force and turns the entire system on. Capoeira requires focus and balance, and promotes agility, grace and fluidity. Putting all of these art forms together, Buddhi is a most enlivening, comprehensive and healing total body workout, equivalent to running 7 miles. It’s known to transform one’s inner environment: Buddhi students have noticed powerful physical results, such as wrinkles fading, eyes becoming whiter and brighter, and best of all, the building and awakening of one’s vitality and magnetism, which shifts the law of attraction in one’s favor. The first week I began consistently practicing Buddhi yoga, my reality turned from surviving to thriving, from being in force to being in flow, from being turned off to turned on. I knew I had found a practice that offered my body, mind and spirit a perfect food to feed the most important radiant source inside me—my inner shakti. Jayne Gottlieb is the founder of Aspen Shakti, where she is also an instructor.

When I first found Shakti Buddhi yoga, not only did my whole life light up, but this practice became the most potent source of my vitality and an addiction I will never give up. Shakti is the creative fertile energy of the universe. Anything that has shakti is alive, luminous and desirable. Part of my life’s work is to share the magic of Shakti Buddhi yoga (“buddhi” is the Sanskrit word for higher consciousness) with as many men and women as I can. Any practice that increases radiant health, confidence, fun, sexuality, and one’s inner and outer beauty has the potential to change the way people can relate to one another, and therefore has the capacity to positively change our reality and our planet. Since I started practicing Shakti Buddhi yoga three times a week over a year ago, I have lost weight, and tightened and toned my entire body. My face looks younger, my spirit is brighter, my joy is contagious, my love life has shifted from frustrating to peaceful, my career is thriving, my stamina is vital. My light is brighter, and my “alive” nature is palpable. If you want to feel empowered and confident enough to step across a threshold that has been holding you back from being your best self, then Shakti Buddhi yoga is your practice. Buddhi Yoga is a brilliant blend of Kundalini energy technologies, vinyasa, African dance, capoeira, strength-training and twerking. This practice is a means to move energy through the body, to clear and purify, as well as to awaken sexual energy, inner confidence, outer beauty, positive body image, joy, freedom and spirit. Life, abundance, cre129

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The Purist Spring 2019 Issue  

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The Purist Spring 2019 Issue  

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