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*Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019 The Punjab Guardian - A25

A26 - The Punjab Guardian *Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019

Delhi Office: Building No. 104, Ground Floor, Lane No.2, Sera Enclave Saidulajab, Westend Marg, Near Saket Metro Station, New Delhi-110030 +91-11-46039920 -

In Canada: Roko Cancer Bank: TD Bank, Canada A/c No: 92760-5239918

In UK: Roko Cancer Bank: Barclays Bank, Trinity Park, London A/c No: 10811998 Sort Code: 20-44-22 IBAN: GB23 BARC 2044 2210 8119 98 Swift Code : BARC GB 222

In INDIA: Roko Cancer Charitable Trust Bank: Canara Bank, Nehru Place New Delhi A/c No: 0390101153148 RTGS Code: CNRB0000390 MICR Code: 110015016

*Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019 The Punjab Guardian - A27


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lrinMg lwiesYNs, istIjniSp • kwr, tYksI, b`s, tr`k jW motrsweIkl dy lrinMg lwiesYNs dI iqAwrI krvwauNdy hW • istIjniSp ieMtrivaU Aqy tYst dI iqAwrI • irAl AYstyt dIAW syvwvW pRdwn krdy hW

sMprk kro iekbwl isMG brwV

604-596-9600 (sYl), 604-591-1239


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loV hY[nvyN bMdy vI AplweI kr skdy hn[qnKwh 15 fwlr qoN SurU kIqI jwvygI[qjrby Anuswr v`D qnKwh vI id`qI jw skdI hY[ AYbtsPorf qy srI qoN rweIf dw pRbMD hovygw[kMm dw mwhOl vDIAw hovygw[ AOpn vrk primt Aqy pI.Awr vwly vI AYplweI kr skdy hn Call:

604-825-0763 / 778-255-3135 Workers Wanted


0961857 BC Ltd., 5688-168St Surrey BC V3S 3X4 requires Full time seasonal farm workers to work on their vegetable farms. Wages offered are $13.85 per hour Opportunity to earn incremental pay raises, performance pay and bonuses (not guaranteed) upon performance evaluation at the discretion of the employer and duties include planting, harvesting, washing and grading vegetables. This positions requires no education, formal training or work experience. Accommodation is available if required. Interested candidates should be available to work anytime in different weather conditions and must be able to lift up to 55 lbs of vegetable boxes. Please, Call at 604-760-9563, fax resume to 604- 575-7819.

Workers Wanted

Canadian Farms Produce requires Full time seasonal farm workers to work on their vegetable farms. Wages offered are $13.85 per hour Opportunity to earn incremental pay raises, performance pay and bonuses (not guaranteed) upon performance evaluation at the discretion of the employer and duties include planting, harvesting, washing and grading vegetables. This positions requires no education, formal training or work experience. Accommodation is available if required. Interested candidates should be available to work anytime in different weather conditions and must be able to lift up to 55 lbs of vegetable boxes. Please, fax resume to 604- 5745773.

srI ivc Akwl AkYfmI v`loN kIrqn, qblw, pMjwbI Aqy hom vrk hYlp leI klwsW

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AwrMB kr id`qIAW geIAW hn[15 idnW ivc ilKxI, pVHnI, bolxI is`Ko[pRoivMSIAl iemiqhwnW dI iqAwrI vI krvweI jWdI hY[rijstr hox leI A`j hI sMprk kro

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604-780-7200 Farm Supervisor Wanted

Job Description

Permanent Position: Farm Supervisor Terms of Employment: Permanent, Full Time, Overtime, Weekend, Day, Night, Evening Wage Rate: $17.00 , Hourly Opportunity to earn incremental pay raises, performance pay and bonuses (not guaranteed) upon performance evaluation at the discretion of the employer. Anticipated Start Date (at the latest in 3 months): As soon as possible Vacancies: 02 Locations: 16185- 48th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3Z 1E8 Education: High School an asset Experience: 2 or more years of experience Languages: Basic English Preferred, but not required Type of Farm Operations: Vegetables, Fruits and Field crops. Job Duties: Co-ordinate and supervise the work of general farm workers and harvesting labourers, Supervise harvest operations, Perform general farm duties, Supervise farm operations. Additional Skills: Develop work schedules and establish procedures, Maintain quality control and production records, and Train workers Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities: Fast-paced environment, Work under pressure, Attention to detail, Combination of sitting, standing, walking, large workload Essential Skills: Problem solving, Decision making, Critical thinking, Significant use of memory Other Information: Candidate must be legally entitled to work in Canada and must be willing to work on all shifts. Company Name: Canadian Farms Produce Inc. How to Apply: By Email: By Mail: 16185- 48th Avenue, Surrey, BC, V3Z 1E8 By Fax: 604-574-5773

Ajay painting Co. required full time painters •Vacancies : 2 Vacancies •Terms of employment: Permanent, Full time 40 Hours / Week •Start date: As soon as possible •Employment conditions: Flexible hours Job requirements: Languages:English Education:Secondary (high) school graduation certificate or equivalent experience Experience:1 year to less than 2 years Work Conditions and Physical Capabilities Attention to detail, Hand-eye co-ordination, Bending, crouching, kneeling, Ability to distinguish between colours, Physically demanding Work Location Information:Various locations Work Site Environment:Outdoors, At heights, Confined spaces, Odours Personal Suitability:Reliability, Initiative, Flexibility, Client focus, Effective interpersonal skills, Team player Additional Skills: Estimate costs and materials Specific Skills:Prepare, clean and sand surfaces to be painted, Repair cracks and holes, Mix paint to desired colour and texture, Measure, cut and apply wallpaper and other fabric to walls, Advise consumers on colours and choice of wall coverings, Erect scaffolding and swing stages and attach rigging, Apply paint, wallpaper and other materials and finishes to interior and exterior surfaces. Salary: $20.25 to $22.00 / Hour (To be negotiated) Intended job posting audience:Anyone who can legally work in Canada can apply for this job. If you are not currently authorized to work in Canada, the employer will not consider your job application. Email:

778-855-1106 /


jy ky AYs ivMfo skrIn pYtIE Aqy slwiefMg forW dI vI skrInW lwieAW jWdIAW hn[

AsIN nvyN jW purwxy GrW dIAW jwlIAW (skrInW) bxwauNdy hW[ vDIAw jOb dI grMtI G`t ryt, PrI AYstImyt

604-614-6467, 604-607-5832

express vu rk kro:

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A28 - The Punjab Guardian *Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019

klwsIPweIf CLASSIFIEDS General Contractor, Licensed, Insured and Bonded #GREWCI992DK

* Commercial Buildings * Project Management * Quality Custom Homes * New addition to home & Commercial Buildings * Licensed & Bonded

mIt pYkrW dI loV ircmMf mIt kMpnI nUM ickn pYkrW dI loV hY[kMm P/T vI iml skdw hY[ Pu`l tweIm svyry 8 vjy qoN Swm 4.30 vjy q`k hovygw Aqy qnKwh

quhwfI mnpsMd dw Gr bxw ky idMdy hW[

$14/GMtw hovygI[ikRpw kr ky Awp Aw ky AplweI kro: 11951 Forge

quhwfy purwxy Gr nUM rImOfl jW AYkstYNSn krvwaux leI A`j hI swfy nwl sMprk kro[

Place, Richmond BC V7A 4V9 jW Pon kor: 604-278-4450

GURINDER GREWAL 206-941-5454

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Oct 25



swnUM PryimMg dy kMm leI vrkrW dI loV hY[qnKwh vDIAw Aqy qjrby dy AwDwr qy id`qI jwvygI[kMm Pu`l tweIm[srI/fYltw qoN rweIf dw pRbMD hovygw[nvyN vI AplweI kr skdy hn[sMprk kro:


• Glass Railing • Aluminum Railing • Window Security Bars • Sliding Automatic Gates • Motor Gates • Automation Work • All Kinds of Steel • Fabrication Work • Patio Cover • Glass Patio • Flat Roof • Fence

GURPREET: 778.319.4683 SUKHI: 604.780.4312

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swnUM ryilNg dy kMm leI vrkrW dI loV hY[ A~j hI sMprk kro:



# 8-12331- 84th Ave., Surrey

Residential & Commercial


GrW Aqy PyNsW ivc nvyN pyNt Aqy rIpyNt leI swfy koloN vwjb ryt Aqy qs`lIbKS syvwvW lau

ibjlI dw kMm GrW, kmrSIAl iblifMg jW rYstorYNt Awid leI iksy iksm dI vI ielYktRIkl muSkl nUM AsIN h`l krdy hW[nvyN GrW, dPqrW leI vwieirMg dw kMm krdy hW[ hor jwxkwrI leI Pon kro gurpRIq isMG 604-763 1625

pMmw tYNt hwaUs High Peak & Low Peak Tent Availble Here Gr iv`c iksy vI pRogRwm leI tYNt, tybl, kursIAW, gYs vwly cu`lyH, spIkr, BWfy Aqy hor jrUrI smwn ikrwey ‘qy lYx leI A`j hI gurdIp kOr m`lHI nUM Pon kro (604)596-3365 jW (604)762-5554

V3W 3G8

• Interior & Exterior • Quality Work • Fast & Friendly Service

Ramandeep (1) G050620




v`fy, Coty tYNt, myz, kursIAW, pqIly, stov Aqy tYNt, lweItW dw pUrw pUrw pRbMD hY[ v`fI, CotI pwrtI, ivAwh, mMgxw, Gr dI pwrtI jW brQfy pwrtI dy iksy vI pRogrwm vwsqy sMprk kro


604.537.6024 Bharti Art Jewellers ipCly 40 swlW qoN ibjns ivc



kstmrz leI spYSl ryt


Two Locations: 6612 Main St.Vancouver BC


Unit 346 8140 128th St Surrey BC (Payal Business. Centre)


*Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019 The Punjab Guardian - A29

lVkIAW dI loV kny f IAn istIjn j` t is` K lVky, aumr 28 Aqy 29 swl, vDIAw sY Y t lf, k` d 6 Pu ` t , vDIAw jObW kr rhy hn, vwsqy knyfIAn jW AmrIkn istIjn/ ieMmIgrWt lVkIAW dI loV hY[Pon kro : 250-701-1025 Awpxw bwieEfYtw Aqy qsvIrW eImyl


lVky dI loV j` t is` K kny f IAn istIjn gryvwl qlwkSudw lVkI aumr 29 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 4 ieMc, LPN nrisMg p`kI jOb kr rhI, leI pVHy ilKy knyfIAn istIjn jW ieMmIgrWt, vY~l sYtlf, cMgI jOb kr rhy lVky dI loV hY[ivjtr jW stUfYNt sMprk nw krn[vYnkUvr Aqy mwlvy nUM pihl[lVkI dw swrw pirvwr knyfw ivc sYytlf hY[sMprk kro:604-889-1434 con


lVky dI loV rwmgVIAw is` K pirvwr nwl sbMDq knyfIAn jM m pl lVkI au m r 28 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 4 ieMc, vDIAw jOb kr rhI hY,vwsqy knyfIAn jMmpl srdwr lVky dI lo V hY [ sM p rk kro:778- 710-4655 11 AkqUbr


lVkI dI loV knyfIAn jMmpl suhxw sun`Kw, Dentist Doctor & Master in Physiotherapy, j`t guris`K lVkw aumr 30 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 10 ieMc leI knyfIAn jW AmrIkn istIjn/ ieMmIgrWt pVHI ilKI brwbr dI Xogqw r`KdI lVkI dI loV hY[Awpxw bwieEfYtw eImyl kro:jsvancouver76@gmail. com jW Pon kro 604-6173227 25 AkqUbr


Looking for 2 girls Need 2 girls for 2 Jatt Sikh brothers. One brother (height 5’8) is settled in Canada. Only contact if you can arrange marriage for second brother (age 35, height 5’9) in Punjab, India. Preference will be given to people from Doaba region. Divorcees are also welcome to contact. Contact 250634-4041 to discuss. Only serious inquiries.No time Oct 11 waste please.


lVkI dI loV j`t is`K iF`loN lVkw born 1979, k` d 6 Pu ` t , MBA Finance (Audit), Auditor with CA Amritsar vwsqy knyfIAn pI Awr jW istIjn lVkI dI loV hY[lVky dw Brw kYlgrI ivc sY~t hY [ sM p rk kro : 604-71018AkqUbr 7682

2 lVkIAW dI loV 2 j` t is` K BrwvW leI 2 lVkIAW dI loV hY[iek Brw (k`d 5 Pu`t 8 ieMc) knyfw ivc sYtlf hY[isrP auhI sMprk krn jo ausdy ieMfIAw rih rhy dUsry Brw aumr 35 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 9 ieMc nUM irSqw krvw skdy ho x [du A wby nU M pihl[qlwkSu d w qy vIcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[isrP auhI sMprk krn jo sIrIAs hox, smW brbwd nw krn[sMprk Oct 11 kro: 250-634-4041


lVkIAW dI loV au m r 34 swl, k` d 6 Pu ` t , AmrIkn istIjn vY~l sYtlf lVkw (Widower) vwsqy AmrIkw/ knyfw jW luiDAwxw qoN unmarried lVkI dI loV hY[ lVky dy 2 Twin byty hn ijhnW dI aumr 6 swl hY[lVky dw Cotw Brw jo AmrIkw ivc rih irhw hY, aumr 27 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 10 ieMc, vwsqy vI AmrIkw jW knyfw qoN p`kI jW grIn kwrf holfr lVkI dI loV hY[koeI dwj dhyj nhIN, swdw ivAwh[qlwkSudw vwly ikRpw kr ky sMprk nw krn[Pon kro: 604-721-8019, 1-908-46311 AkqUbr 8884


lVkI dI loV knyfIAn istIzn K`qrI ihMdU pirvwr dw sonw-sun`Kw qlwkSudw lVkw (ibnW b`cy qoN) cMgI jOb kr irhw, aumr 34 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 10 ieMc leI knyfIAn pI Awr jW istIjn lVkI dI loV hY[stUfYNt, vrk primt qy AweI Aqy qlwkSudw (ibnw b`cy qoN) qy vIcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[jwqpwq dw bMDn nhIN[ sMprk kro:778-554-1836 11 AkqUbr


Groom Wanted Looking for an educated Jatt Sikh preferably Canadian boy for our 32 years old daughter. Born and raised in Canada, health care professional, vegetarian. Contact at 604-615-2237 (Call between 5 to 8 pm) or email: raj_d27@hotmail. com 11 Oct


lVkIAW dI loV knyfIAn pI Awr K`qrI lVkw, aumr 34 swl, cMgI jOb kr irhw vwsqy Xog lVkI dI loV hY[lVky dy ieMfIAw rihMdy sky Brw aumr 28 swl nUM knyfIAn irSqw krvw skx vwilAW nUM pihl[jwqpwq dw koeI bMDn nhIN[sM p rk kro : 639-47018 AkqUbr 2756


lVky dI loV knyfIAn istIjn qlwkSudw j`t is`K lVkI aumr 39 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 6 ieMc, 2 b`cy, vwsqy lVky dI loV hY[bIsI nUM pihl[sMprk kro:236887-1122 jW604-3382917 18 AkqUbr

lVky dI loV knyfIAn pI Awr tWk kS`qrI pVHI ilKI lVkI aumr 33 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 3 ieMc leI Xog vYSno vr dI loV hY[vYnkUvr ivc sYtlf PYmlI nUM pihl[lVkI dw swrw pirvwr knyfw ivc p`kw qy vY~l sYtlf[sMprk kro:604377-6567 jW 778-957-2097 18 AkqUbr


lVkI dI loV knyfw ivc vrk primt qy AwieAw j`t is`K vYSno piVHAw iliKAw lVkw aumr 24 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 11 ieMc, leI Xog lVkI dI loV hY[knyfIAn ieMmIgrWt jW istIjn lVkI nUM pihl[qlwkSudw qy vIcwr kIqw jw skdw hY [ sM p rk kro:778-840-5044 25 AkqUbr


lVkI dI loV knyfw ivc ivjtr vIjy qy AwieAw j` t is` K gry v wl lVkw aumr 29 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 7 ieMc vwsqy knyfIAn pI Awr/istIjn lVkI dI loV hY[qlwkSudw jW stUfYNt/ vrk primt qy AweI lVkI qy vIcwr kIqw jw skdw hY [ ieM f IAw ivc AwVH q dw vDIAw ibjns qy zmIn dw mwlk[lVky dw Brw knyfw ivc vY~l sYtlf jo ayusdI m`dd krygw[sMprk kro:604368-6214, 236-818-5580

AkqUbr 25


lVkI dI loV knyfw ivc ivjtr AwieAw j`t is`K lVkw aumr 27 swl, k`d 6 Pùt 1 ieMc, mkYnIkl ieMjInIAirMg kIqI hoeI, vwsqy knyfIAn lVkI dI loV hY[stUfYNt/vrk primt qy AweI lVkI jW kny f IAn qlwkSudw lVkI qy vIcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[lVky dy ipqw jI ieMfIAw ivc kwnUMgo hn[sMprk kro:778552-1631 jW 604-595-2460 25 AkqUbr


2 lVkIAW dI loV knyfIAn pI Awr j`t is`K lVkw aumr 25 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 8 ieMc, Awpxw kMm kr irhw hY, vwsqy lVkI dI loV hY[isrP auhI sMprk krn jo ausdy ieMfIAw rihMdy Brw aumr 27 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 11 ieMc, nUM knyfIAn lVkI dw irSqw krvw skx[sMprk kro:778985-9380 jW 778-929-1708

Groom Wanted Canada based well-educated Jat Sikh parents invite matrimonial alliance for their Canadian citizen daughter, convent educated, very fair, extremely beautiful, sober, cultured, family-oriented, 29, 5’7”, BBA and working in reputed organization. Boy should be handsome, professionally qualified and belonging to a respectable Jat Sikh family. Please send biodata and pictures at: gkah2016@gmail. com or Whatsapp: 778-939-9393

lVkI dI loV ivjtr vIjy qy knyfw AwieAw j` t is` K lVkw au m r 34 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 11 ieMc, leI knyfIAn lVkI dI loV hY [ lVky dw swrw pirvwr knyfw ivc p`kw qy vY~l sYtlf hY[ieMfIAw ivc cMgI zmIn jwiedwd dw mwlk[qlwkSudw qy vIcwr kIqw jw skdw hY [ sM p rk kro : 236-5987912 jW 604-781-2225


lVkI dI loV ivztr vIzy qy Awey j`t is`K lVky aumr 26 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 10 ieMc leI knyfIAn lVkI dI loV hY[ stUfyNt vIzy, vrk primt jW qlwkSudw knyfIAn (bgYr b`cy qoN) lVkI qy vI ivcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[ pirvwr ieMfIAw iv`c cMgI zmIn-jwiedwd dw mwlk Aqy luiDAwxy izlHy nwl sbMDq[ lVky dI BYx knyfw iv`c p`kI Aqy vYl sYtlf, pUrI mdd krngy[ sMprk kro : 604503-1274, 778-858-7472

25 oct

“ Jat Sikh family seeking match for their Canadian born Daughter , 30 years Old, 5”2, Post graduate degree holder from Canadian university, Working in BC healthcare. Boy should be educated and Canadian born, preferred with turban.Please send Picture and bio-data Email: matr2108@ or Call 604-3075731

Oct 25

-------------------------lVkI dI loV knyfw ivc ivjtr AwieAw pirvwrk j` t is` K lVkw aumr 36 swl, mwstr ifgrI, niSAW qoN rihq, leI kYnyfIAn/AmrIkn iemIgrwˆt jW istIzn pirvwrk lVkI dI lo V hY [ qlwkSu d w (b` c y vwlI) jW ivjtr lVkI qy vI ivcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[lVky dw skw Brw kYnyfw iv`c vY`l sYtlf hY[Contact:778-7988391(whatsapp), 604-5968391 30 sqMbr

25 AkqUbr

25 AkqUbr



lVkI dI loV j`t is`K lVkw aumr 26 swl, k`d 6 Pu`t 1 ieMc, B. Tech (4 Years) Engineering Degree leI USA Citizens/Green Card lVkI dI loV hY[lVkw Multiple Visa qy AwieAw hoieAw hY, mwqw ipqw ieM f IAw ivc srkwrI nO k rI krdy hn[ swry pirvwr kol USA Multiple Visa hY[ Contact:206-398-9100 Email:


-------------------------lVkI dI loV knyfIAn j`t is`K qlwkSudw cMgy suBwA dw lVkw aumr 45 swl, k`d 6 Pu`t, vY~l sYtlf Awpxw kwrobwr, leI AmrIkn istIjn/pI Awr lVkI dI loV hY[lVky dw swrw pirvwr AmrIkw ivc p`kw Aqy vY~l sYtlf[lVky nUM XU AYs ivc mUv hox leI ko e I mu S ikl nhIN[sM p rk kro : kevincheema1@gmail. com 11 Oct

lVky dI loV ieMfIAw rih rhI j`t is`K lVkI aumr 22 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 5 ieMc, lYb tYknISIAn dw ifplo m w kIqw ho i eAw, leI knyfIAn lVky dI loV hY[lVkI dw swrw pirvwr knyfw ivc p`kw qy vY~l sYtlf hY[qlwkSudw (ibnw b`cy vwly) sM p rk kr skdy hn[Po n kro:778-246-1376 jW 778928-0781 25 AkqUbr

1 Nov

2 lVkIAW dI loV j` t is` K kny f IAn lVkw aumr 23 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 8 ieMc, im`l ivc vDIAw jOb kr irhw, leI Xog lVkI dI loV hY[isrP auhI sMprk krn jo ausdy ieMfIAw rihMdy irSqydwr guris`K lVky aumr 27 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 6 ieMc, bYNk ivc nOkrI kr irhw, nUM knyfIAn lVkI dw irSqw krvw skx[ jlMDr izlHy nwl sbMDq hn[sMprk kro:604276-2579 jW 604-4014045 1 nvMbr -------------------------lVky dI loV knyfw ivc vrk primt qy AweI j`t is`K lVkI aumr 29 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 5 ieMc, ieM f IAw qo N B Tech kIqI hoeI, leI knyfIAn pI Awr jW istIjn lVky dI lo V hY[nwnkw pirvwr knyfw ivc vY`l sYtlf[sMprk kro:236632-2380 1nvMbr

-------------------------lVkI dI loV knyfIAn ieMmIgrWt lVkw aumr 45 swl, k`d 5 Pu`t 6 ieMc leI lVkI dI loV hY[qlwkSudw qy vIcwr kIqw jw skdw hY[hor jwxkwrI leI sMprk kro:604-805-5494 1 nvMbr

-------------------------lVkI dI loV knyfw ivc ivjtr vIjy qy AwieAw j`t is`K klIn Syv piVHAw iliKAw lVkw aumr 34 swl, k`d 6 Pu`t 4 ieMc leI knyfIAn istIjn jW ieM m IgrWt lVkI dI lo V hY[lVky dw swrw pirvwr knyfw p`kw qy vY~l sYtlf qy luiDAwxy izlHy nwl sbMDq[qlwkSudw, st`fI jW vrk primt qy AweI lVkI qy vIcwr kIqw jw skdw hY [ sM p rk kro : 778-8343073 18 oct

lyfI vrkr dI loV


klovrfyl srI ivc iek pMjwbI pirvwr nUM hwaUs kIipMg, swP sPweI, Kwxw bxwaux leI lyfI vrkr dI loV hY[kMm 4 GMty hPqy ivc 3 idn hovygw[AwpxI rweIf vwly nUM 11 AkqUbr pihl[sMprk kro:604-719-7603


Awpxy vpwr dy vwDy leI ieSiqhwr pwaux leI Pon kro 604-590-5200

25 AkqUbr

lVkI dI loV knyfw ivc vrk primt qy AwieAw piVAw iliKAw j`t is`K pUnIAw lVkw aumr 27 swl, k`d 6 Pu`t 1 ieMc, hYvI ifaU t I mkY i nk vwsqy Xo g istIjn jW pI Awr lVkI dI loV hY[lVky dw pirvwr knyfw ivc sYtl hY[stUfYNt qy vIcwr kIqw jw skdw hY [ sM p rk kro:236-887-5924 jW 604506-3610 25 AkqUbr

Change of Name

I, Inderjit Singh, S/O Avtar Singh holder of Indian Passport No. L1065745 issued at Jalandhar on 13/06/2013 permanent resident of VPO Budhiana, Distt Jalandhar. Pb, India PIN 144025 and presently residing at 9130 Prince Charles BLD Surrey, BC, V3V 1R5 do hereby change my name from Inderjit Singh to Inderjit Singh Badesha with immediate effect.

Bel’s Gro

A30 - The Punjab Guardian *Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019

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12817-96 Ave, Surrey BC


Awpxy BweIcwry dw jwixAw pihcwixAw Aqy mMinAw pRmMinAw PrnIcr stor UPTO

bwks bY~f Aqy mYitRs a tradition since 1978qy BwrI syl

Kwlsw swjnw idvs Aqy ivswKI dIAW sB nUM l~K-l~K vDweIAW

Bel’s Grocery Ltd.

Awpxy BweIAW dw fwlr stor Having Difculty in Getting Insurance Claim Instead of Going To Different Agents to find 8 Unlocked Phones for Sale Different companies prices, 8 Prepaid Cell Contact Rupi Sahota Phone Plans 8 Sim card make order today

G`t qoN G`t kImqW qy nvyN Aqy purwxy Anlokf Pon KrIdx leI swnUM Aw ky imlo[ hr qrHW dy mobweIl pRI-pyf kwrf G`toN-G`t kImq qy

• supr Free vIzwIPTV ieMSNew orYNs box • lweIP ieMSorYNsavailable Recharge Ask details at customer • ifsey bIltI ieMSorYNs service • mOrtgyz ieMSorYNs *Scan, • trYv*Photocopy l ieMSorYNs *eprint *Fax • kirtIkl ieMSorYNs PASS *TRANSIT – BUSielns PASS, COMPASS • Awr AwrisAY `s pIavailable Aqy Key Cutting also here Awr eI AY`s pI

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AsIN hr qrW dy kstm myf sOPy, bwks bYf bxwauNdy hW[ horW nwloN hjwrW fwlr ssqw Aqy vDIAw PrnIcr lYx leI sMprk kro[


*Scan, *Photocopy *eprint *Fax : 778.773.5772,

#13-13767-72 Ave, Newton, Near Fruticana, Surrey



hr pRkwr dw kwrnr stor dw swmwn, v`K-v`K kMpnIAW dIAW kImqW pqw krn leI v`K-v`K eyjMtW lwtrI, hr iksm dIAW cwbIAW kol jwx dy bjwey rUpI shoqw bxvwE nwl sMprk kro jo knyfw dIAW swrIAW v~fIAW ieMSoryNs kMpnIAW nwl fIl krdI hY

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Rupi Sahota

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for Less wpxy b`cy leI srkwr pbilk v`loN moid` qI jWdI bweIl quhwnUM pYsy ByAplweI jx leI sB grWt *leI kIqw ieAw ? qoN G`thokImq ivc hY sB

v`K-v`K kMpnIAW * vDIAw ryt * vDIAw srivs

12817-96 Ave, Surrey BC

qoN v`fw nYtvrk idMdw hY[ Because you shouldn’t be charged for features you didn’t want in the first place.


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ieMSorYNs klym lYx ivc koeI muSkl AwauNdI hY?

Independent Insurance Broker



lVky dI loV ivztr vIzy qy AweI j`t is`K brwV pirvwr 5 Pu`t 3 ieMc leI knyfIAn iemIgrWt jW loV hY[ lVkI ny GNM dw kors kIqw hoieA swl dw qjrbw hY[ lVkI dI PYimlI knyfw sMprk kro : 778.861.5727, 7

2007 qoN bwd pYdw hoey b~icAW leI $1200 dI srkwrI 8 PrvrI grWt AplweI krn leI rUpI shoqw nwl sMp5415-9032-0086-5 rk kro


10/21 $75 + tYks

*Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019 The Punjab Guardian - A31

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nvIN id~lI: jykr qusIN kSmIr dIAW vwdIAW ‘c GuMmx dI soc rhy ho qW quhwfy leI cMgI ^br hY[ jMmU-kSmIr qoN Dwrw 370 htx dy do mhIny bwAd srkwr ny sYlwnIAW dy GwtI ‘c jwx ‘qy l~gI rok htw id~qI hY[ ies dw mqlb ik qusIN KUbsUrq vwdIAW dI sYr kr skdy ho[ GwtI ‘c hr swl ie~k kroV sYlwnI GuMmx jWdy hn[ sUby dy rwjpwl s~iqAwpwl milk ny 65 idnW qoN c~lI Aw rhI AYfvwzrI ƒ vwps lYx dy hukm id~qy hn[ jMmU-kSmIr iv~coN Dwrw 370 dy htwey jwx qoN do idn pihlW ieh AYfvweIzrI jwrI kIqI geI sI[ ies dOrwn AmrnwQ XwqrIAW qy sYlwnIAW ƒ jld qoN jld Gr vwps Awaux dI slwh id~qI geI sI[

Now Providing Professional Services For All Your Matters Related To


Vaid & Associates Immigration

vrkrW dI loV bYst st`ko vwilAW nUM kMm krn leI vrkrW dI loV hY[ibnw qjrby vwly vI sMprk kr skdy hn[qnKwh 18 qoN 20 fwlr/GMtw hovg y I[srI/ fYltw qoN rweIf dw pRbMD hovygw[sMprk kro:604-773-5024

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Oct 18





Best IPTV Box Service*

spYSl syl!

spYSl syl!

spYSl syl!

Awp swirAW dIAW mMgW nUM mu~K rKidAW hoieAW AsIN Awpxy gwhkW leI bhuq hI ssqIAW Aqy vDIAW fIlW lw id~qIAW hn[ hr bwks dy nwl Cy mhIinAW leI jW iek swl leI srivs dI kImq nUM mwrikt ivc bIt kIqw jwvygw[ vDIAw, ssqI BrosymMd, siQr srivs leI qruMq Pon kro[

778-803-5786, 778-381-5999


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dIAW pyitMg jrUrqW leI Gr Aqy kmrSIAl iblifMgW (AMdroN qy bwhr qoN)

PYNs pyitMg, st`ko pyitMg, spryA pyNt, burS pyNt Aqy rol pyNt Awid

swry kIqy kMm dI grMtI - qs`lIbKS syvwvW

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A32 - The Punjab Guardian *Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019

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pYrwleIz (ADrMg), PARKINSONS glokomw (kwlw moqIAw) dw ielwj vI krdy hW[ quhwfI hr iek g`l Aqy ibmwrI gupq r`KI jwvygI[

AsIN kYNsr Aqy eyfz dw ielwj vI krdy hW

hoimApYiQk f`ktr sMqoK isMG jMfU Homeopathic Dr. SANTOKH S. JANDU DHMS. ICAM

Ph: 604-597-5065 TOLL FREE: 1-866-597-5065

6992-142 St., Surrey BC V3W 5N3 Dr. Jandu is a homeopathic practitioner and is neither associated with, nor a registrant of, the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia

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*Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019 The Punjab Guardian - A33

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AkwlI-Bwjpw sMbMD: suKbIr isMG bwdl dy XU-trn qoN AkwlI vrkr doic~qI iv~c cMfIgVH:- SRomxI AkwlI dl qy BwrqI jnqw pwrtI ny hirAwxw dIAW coxW dI nrwzgI Bulw ky pMjwb iv~c ho rhIAW cwr au~p coxW iml ky lVn dw AYlwn kr ilAw hY, pr dovW pwrtIAW dy vrkr doic~qI iv~c hn[ hyTly p~Dr dy vrkrW ƒ smJ nhIN AweI ik ie~k-dUjy dy iKlwP ieMnI iq~KI ibAwnbwzI krn dy bwAd iPr iek~Ty ikvyN c~ilAw jw skdw hY[ vrnx Xog hY ik g~TjoV dIAW BweIvwl dovyN pwrtIAW AkwlI dl qy Bwjpw dy sInIAr lIfrW ny PYslw kIqw hY ik au~p coxW dOrwn ie~k-dUjy ivru~D byloVI ibAwnbwzI nw kIqI jwvy, ikauNik ies dw Awm votrW au~qy mwVw Asr pYNdw hY[ hirAwxw iv~c g~TjoV nw ho skx kr ky dovW pwrtIAW dw qxwA vD cu~kw hY[ ies kr ky PgvwVw qy mukyrIAW ivDwn sBw hlikAW iv~c Bwjpw aumIdvwrW dy h~k iv~c pRcwr krn qoN AkwlI vrkr iJjk rhy hn[ Bwjpw lIfrisæp ies kwrn kwPI iPkrmMd sI[ SnIvwr ƒ dovW pwrtIAW dI qwlmyl kmytI dI mIitMg iv~c AkwlI dl dy pRDwn suKbIr isMG bwdl ny ikhw ik PgvwVw qy mukyrIAW ivDwn sBw hlikAW iv~c ij~Qy Bwjpw AwgU AkwlI vrkrW dI ifaUtIAW lwaux ƒ kihxgy, EQy AkwlI vrkr lwey jwxgy[ ies mIitMg ip~CoN BwvyN sInIAr lIfr ie~k-dUsry dy iKlwP BVws k~Fx qoN ht gey hn, pr Awm vrkr Ajy doic~qI iv~c hn[

ROADMASTER We provide the best in Class Driving Instructions, For your Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7

hux tr`k dw lwiesMs lvo isrP $2000 AsIN rof tYst dI iqAwrI pMjwbI ivc vI krvwauNdy hW

PrI eyAr bRyk kors

Needed Part time/Full time Class 1 Professional Instructor

HARDEEP SANDHU Tel: 778.855.3299

The Builder's Direct DIAMOND TREE SERVICE LTD. Experienced & Honest


Bath & Kitchen Fixtures





Best Rates, Will Beat Any Other Price Guaranteed Work


Wholesale price to public

 dr~Kq

We carry all major brands

Fireplaces Also Available

   

Get all kind of Kitchen & Washroom Fixtures at wholesale prices.

ree F r l Fo Cal mates Esti

Harjit Sahota: 778-808-2628

604-593-7755 12652-82 Ave, Surrey BC

d, Bonded & Insured

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Located at Abbotsford BC


Services in all of Fraser Valley, 7 days a week, Free Estimates Licensed, Bonded & Insured


A34 - The Punjab Guardian *Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019

r`iKAw mMqrI ihMdU hY, ies leI rw&yl 'qy Em iliKAw : AwcwirAw pRmod nvIN id~lI : dyS ƒ kl rsmI rUp ivc pihlw rw&yl lVwkU jhwz iml igAw[ &rWs pu~jy riKAw mMqrI rwjnwQ isMG ny auQy pihlW jhwz dI pUjw kIqI[ aunHW jhwz auqy 'rolI cMdn' lwieAw Aqy 'Em' vI iliKAw[ ieho nhIN, ihMdU rvwieq muqwbk jhwz ivc aufwn Brn qoN pihlW twierW hyTW inMbU vI r~Ky gey[ iPr aunHW pwielt nwl rw&yl dI svwrI kIqI[ auDr, kWgrs dI itkt 'qy lKnaU qoN cox lV cu~ky 'Drm gurU' AwcwirAw pRmod ny rw&yl 'qy rolI cMdn lw ky Em ilKx 'qy svwl KVy kr idqy hn[ aunHW ikhw ik riKAw mMqrI ihMdU hY, ies leI rw&yl ƒ rolI cMdn lw ky Em iliKAw igAw[ AwcwirAw pRmod ny tivtr 'qy ikhw, 'riKAw


mMqrI ihMdU hY, ies leI jhwz auqy Em iliKAw igAw[ jy mMqrI muslmwn huMdw qW kI 'Ajwn' idMdy? Aijhw lgdw hY ik hux sMivDwn ivcoN sYkulr XwnI Drminrp~K Sbd htw dyxw cwhIdw hY[aunHW dy eynw ilKx dI dyr sI ik tivtr vrqx vwly aunHW ƒ pY inkly[ lokW ny qrHW qrHW dIAW itpxIAW kIqIAW[ ku~J lokW ny AwcwirAW dw smrQn vI kIqw Aqy ikhw ik rw&yl jhwz vI hux i&rkU ho igAw hY[



AsI GrW, kwrW, ibjnYs Aqy lwieP dI ienSorYNs krdy hW A~j hI kwl krky PrI AYstImyt layyu Aqy pYsy bcwayyu! We are Independent Insurance Agent.


notrI pbilk

We deal with all Reputed Insurance Companies to get a Good Coverage and Good Rate

muKiqAwrnwmw, rwhdwrI, vsIAqnwmw Awid qy notrI dy hor swry kMm ! GURDEV SINGH (DAVE) ASSOCIATE BROKER (REAL ESTATE SPECIALIST) PLEASE CALL @ 360-224 -5277 For

BUYING, SELLING OR INVESTING IN REAL ESTATE bYilMghYm Aqy ies dy nwl dy ielwky ilMfn, blyn Aqy Prnfyl ivc iksy vI qrW dI pRwprtI, Gr jW lwt KrIdx jW vycx leI A`j hI Pyn kro !








Gurdev (Dave) Singh



Now Open and Visit us: 4370 Meridian St., Bellingham, WA 98226




• • • • •

h&qy dy s`q idn klwsW AwpxI nOkrI C`fx dI zrUrq nhIN vrk primt clygw lwiesYNs rIkwl clygw AMgryzI nhIN AwauNdI qW vI koeI g`l nhIN


253.289.4683 405 PORTER WAY, FEDERAL WAY

• • • • •

isAwtl ivc sB qoN G`t ryt mhIny ivc CDL nUM primt swry iekoN ryt ivc koeI vwDU PIs jW Krc nhIN Aswn Bugqwn Xojnw



*Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019 The Punjab Guardian - A35

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vwihgurU jI kI Pqih

Akwl mUriq AjUnI sYBM gur pRswid]

8600 - NO. 5 RD., RICHMOND, B.C. · TEL : (604) 274-7479, FAX: (604) 274-0046

Awaux vwly pRogrwm sRI gurU nwnk dyv jI - 550vW pRkwS purb

11 AkqUbr idn Su`krvwr

gurduAwrw swihb ivKy pRkwS purb sMbMDI hr mhIny iek ivSyS smwgm hoieAw krygw[

12 AkqUbr idn Sincrvwr

dupihr 2:30 vjy mlkIAq isMG iF`loN nimq rKy sihj pwT dy Bog pwey jwxgy svyry 10:00 vjy gurdIS ig`l pirvwr vloN AnMd kwrj dI rsm inBweI jwvygI dupihr 2:30 vjy hrdyv isMG nimq rKy sRI sihj pwT dy Bog pwey jwxgy Swm 6:00 vjy kulbIr kOr dUly pirvwr vloN lMgr kIrqn dy dIvwn sjwey jwxgy svyry 10:00 vjy jIq isMG nwgrw pirvr vloN AnMd kwrj dI rsm inBweI jwvygI

julweI mhIny dw smwgm 27 AkqUbr idn AYqvwr svyry 10:00 12 AkqUbr idn Sincrvwr vjy hovygw[ hwjrIAW Br ky ikrqwrQ kro jI[ pMjwbI skUl dIAW klwsW SurU hn[ Awpxy b`icAW nUM Byj ky lwhw pRwpq kro jI[ 11 AkqUbr idn Su`krvwr

12 AkqUbr idn Sincrvwr

svyry 10:00 vjy qijMdr mWgt 13 AkqUbr idn AYqvwr pirvwr vloN AnMd kwrj dI rsm inBweI jwvygI

ivSyS dIvwn bMdI CoV idvs - idvwlI

CyNvyN pwqSwh gurU hirgoibMd swihb jI dI 52 rwijAW smyq gvwlIAr dy ikly ivcoN irhweI auprMq sRI AMimRqsr phuMcx qy sMgqW vloN KuSI Aqy suAwgq ivc kIqI geI dIp mwlw dI Xwd mnwaux leI 27 AkqUbr idn AYqvwr Swm 06 vjy kIrqn drbwr sjwey jwxgy[ gurbwxI kIrqn hovygw, ies ieiqhwisk Avsr nwl sMbMiDq gurU jI dy jIvn qy vIcwr hovygw[ gurU kw lMgr Aqu`t vrqygw[ hr swl dI qrHW 7:30 vjy AwiqSbwjI (Fireworks) prdriSq kIqI jwvygI[ mwqw ipqw nUM bynqI hY ik b`icAW nUM Awpxy ptwKy ilAwaux qoN mnw krn[

not : Awpxy ptwKy ilAwauxw qy clwauxw sKq mnw hY jI

rozwnw pRogrwm

Swm dw dIvwn

svyry 5:00 vjy pRkwS gurU gRMQ swihb 6:00 vy qoN 6:45 vjy inqnym 7:00 vjy qoN 7:30 vjy kIrqn dIvwn 7:45 qoN 8:00 vjy Ardws smwpqI

Swm 6:00 qoN 6:25 vjy rihrws swihb Swm 6:25 qoN 6:45 vjy kIrqn Swm 8:00 vjy suKAwsn syvw

ivSyS suKmnI swihb pwT hr AYqvwr svyry 5:45 qoN 6:45 vjy pMjwbI klws : gurduAwrw swihb ivKy pMjwbI klwsW ArMB hn[ b`icAW nUM mwq BwSw Aqy ivrsy nwl joVx leI dwKl krvwau[ zrUrI sUcnw : 8 hr mMglvwr svyry 10 vjy bIbIAW v`loN suKmnI swihb dy pwT kIqy jWdy hn Aqy gurU ky lMgr dI syvw kIqI jWdI hY[

hor vDyry jwxkwrI leI gurduAwrw swihb dI vY~bsweIt ‘qy jwE

zrUrI sUcnw : Awp jI nUM sUicq kIqw jWdw hY ik gurduAwrw nwnk invws ieMfIAw klcrl sYNtr AwP kYnyfw 8600 - nMbr 5 rof ircmMf ivKy hr mMglvwr Aqy vIrvwr Swm nUM 7 vjy qoN 3:30 vjjy q`k Xogw dIAW klwsW l`gdIAW hn[ hor vDyry jwxkwrI leI Pon 604-274-7479

not : jykr iksy pirvwr ny sMgrWd jW hor iksy idn lMgr dI syvw lYxI hovy, qW hyT ilKy nMbr ‘qy sMprk kr skdy ho[ sMgqW dy dws:

blvIr isMG jvMdw (pRDwn) 604-649-5366

mohx isMG sMDU (KjwncI) 778-384-9572

cYn isMG bwT (sk`qr) 604-274-4492

gurduAwrw swihb dw Pon nMbr (604) 274-7479

She accepts new patients as well as walk in patients MD

A36 - The Punjab Guardian *Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019

New Doctor

Accepting Patients

CIVIC FAMILY HEALTH CENTRE #110-13588 88 Ave, Surrey BC V3W 3K8

Evenings & Weekends Available

Dr. Manvir Nijjar

604.503.1159 AYn Awr AweI BYxo-Brwvo! ieMfIAw dy byloVy c`kr Gtwvo!!! pMjwb dI quhwfI iksy qrHW dI sm`isAw hovy jW

zmIn jwiedwd nwl juiVAw koeI kMm ijvyN

* Prd jmHWbMdI/igrdwvrI * iksy vI qrHW dw ieMqkwl * qksIm jW qbdIl mlkIAq


mwl mwmilAW dy mwhr, qjrbykwr Aqy pMjwb srkwr dy swbkw sInIAr AiDkwrI

New Female Doctor

s. hrcrn isMG sMDU pI sI AY~s (irtw:) dy pMjwb dy 35 swlW dy qjrby dw lwhw lYx leI 604-518-3637 qy Pon kro[

Accepting Patients


pI sI AY~s lYNf silXUSnj ieMk:

#110-13588 88 Ave, Surrey BC V3W 3K8

*Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019 The Punjab Guardian - A37

Largest Indian & Asian Grocery Store

vwh !!! PrUtIkwnw dw Kwxw !!!!!!

Apna frooticana 25414 104th Ave SE Kent WA 98030

Ph : (253) 277-1497

swnUM kMMm krn leI vrkrW dI loV hY

Super Special Sale all the time

Office / Shop Space available for Rent Fresh

Mozafa Dates


2 for




Golden Temple A a







Sugar Free A a

750 gm

2 for


20 lbs

10 Royal Basma

11.99 19.99 $


Sher A a Desi

Krunch Eggless Cake Rusk


30 imMtW ivc vrlf vweIf

8.99 Fresh

vDIAw rytW ‘qy pYsy Byjx jW pYsy mMgvwaux leI A`j hI Pon kro


Sugarcan Juice


Tiger Lines LLC 25414 104th Ave SE Kent WA 98030

Ph : (206) 687-0900

Now Hiring

Babaji Sooji Toast

Owner Operator and Company Driver for Local and Long Haul

y a P d o o



We also provide

Fuel Card

Kulwinder Singh Powar Narinder Singh Powar (Lala)

206 687 0900 206 380 5252

A38 - The Punjab Guardian *Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019

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*Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019 The Punjab Guardian - A39

7050 120 Street, Surrey, British Columbia V3W 3M8, Tel: (604) 598-1300 Fax: (604) 594-1669

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gurimMdr isMG miCAwxw Aqy smUh pirvwr v~loN sRI suKmnI swihb jI dy pwT Aqy lMgrW dI syvw hovygI (svyry 10 vjy )


srdwr Avqwr isMG Atvwl nimq AwrMB sRI sihj pwT dy Bog pYxgy Aqy AMqm Ardws hovygI (dupihr 2.30 vjy) srdwr hrBjn isMG sMGw nim~q AwrMB sRI sihj pwT jI dy Bog pYxgy Aqy AMiqm Ardws hovygI (dupihr do vjy)


5. 6.

gurU goibMd isMG st~fI srkl v~loN sRI gurU nwnk dyv jI dy 550vyN pRkwS purb ƒ smripq gurmiq krYS kors kYNp dw dUjw sYSn (Swm swFy pMj vjy qoN hwl nMbr do ivKy) suKivMdr isMG jOhl Aqy smUh pirvwr v~loN sRI suKmnI swihb jI dy pwT Aqy Swm dy lMgrW dI syvw hovygI (Swm cwr vjy) 13 AkqUbr, idn AYqvwr


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ShId BweI hrijMdr isMG ijMdw qy ShId BweI suKdyv isMG su~Kw ShIdI idhwVy ƒ mnwauNdy hoey ivSyS dIvwn s~jxgy AmrIkw dy hUstn Sihr iv~c ShId hoey ifptI SYirP srdwr sMdIp isMG DwlIvwl nimq AwrMB sRI swihb jI dy pwT dy Bog pYxgy Aqy Aqy bulwirAW v~loN SrDWjlI Byt kIqI jwvygI ( dupihr ie~k vjy) gurU goibMd isMG st~fI srkl v~loN sRI gurU nwnk dyv jI dy 550vyN pRkwS purb ƒ smripq gurmiq krYS kors kYNp dw AwKrI sYSn (dupihr fyF vjy)

5. 6.

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ivSyS pRogrwm 13 AkqUbr idn AYqvwr ShId BweI hrijMdr isMG ijMdw qy ShId BweI suKdyv isMG su~Kw ShIdI idhwVy ƒ mnwauNdy hoey ivSyS dIvwn s~jxgy

1. kIrqn mukwbly 18 Aqy 19 AkqUbr Swm 5:30 vjy qoN 9:00 vjy q`k AmrIkw ivc ShId hoey srdwr sMdIp isMG DwlIvwl nimq ArMB sRI 2. ivSyS knvYnSn 20 AkqUbr svyry 10:30 vjy qoN dupihr 1:00 sihj pwT dy Bog AYqvwr 13 AkqUbr dupihr 1:00 vjy pYxgy Aqy vjy q`k hovygI ijs iv`c pRis`D bulwry rwjivMdr isMG rwhI, pRoPYsr gurduAwrw swihb dI pwrk iv`c Swm 4:00 vjy kYNfl lweIt ivjl hovygw muhMmd iekbwl kysr, fw: gurivMdr isMG DwlIvwl Aqy hrmn isMG Bwg lYxgy 3. inSwn swihb dI syvw 10 nvMbr 2019 idn AYqvwr svyry 10:00 vjy hovygI 4. gurbwxI Su`D aucwrx mukwbly SnIvwr 2 nvMbr hwl nM: 2 ivKy svyry 9:00 vjy ArMB hoxgy 5. dsqwr mukwbly AYqvwr 17 nvMbr dupihr 11:00 vjy qoN 3:00 vjy q`k gurduAwrw swihb v~loN c~l rhy gurmiq skUl iv~c hyT ilKIAW klwsW c~l rhIAW hn[ vDyry jwxkwrI Aqy b~icAW ƒ rijstr krvwaux leI dPqr iv~c sMprk kro jI

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gurU nwnk is`K gurduAwrw srI fYltw ivKy nvyN lMgr (rsoeI Gr) dI kwr syvw SurU ho cu`kI hY ijs vwsqy sMgqW dy ivSyS sihXog dI loV hY[ qn, mn, Dn nwl syvw krky gurU Gr dIAW KuSIAW pRwpq kro jI[

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sUcnw : hryk sMgrWd nUM smUh ShIdW dI Xwd ivc sihjpwT dy Bog pwey jwxgy Aqy jylHW ivc bMd is`KW dI irhweI leI Ardws kIqI jwvygI[

A40 - The Punjab Guardian *Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019


SiverCity Brampton Northgate Winnipeg Movie 12 Edmonton

Canada British Columbia

Cineplex Strawberry Hills Cineplex Mission

*Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019 The Punjab Guardian - A41

n~QUrwm gofsy ny gWDI ƒ golI mwrI sI pr A~j ivdySI is~K jQybMdIAW BweI FfrIAW vwly dy h~k ivc in~qrIAW dy gofsy dyS ƒ Kqm kr rhy hn: EvYsI

AOrMgwbwd: mhwrwStr ivDwn sBw coxW 2019 dy m~dynzr AOrMgwbwd ivc gWDI jXMqI dy mOky ‘qy boldy hoey AsdudIn EvYsI ny ikhw ik A~j dy gofsy dyS ƒ brbwd kr rhy hn[ auhnW ny ikhw ik, ‘n~QUrwm gofsy ny qW gWDI ƒ golI mwrI sI pr mOjUdw gofsy gWDI dy ihMdosqwn ƒ Kqm kr rhy hn jo gWDI dy mMnx vwly hn, mY auhnW ƒ kih irhw hW ik ies vqn-ey-AzIz ƒ bcw lE[ivDwn sBw coxW dy m~dynzr auhnW ny AOrMgwbwd qoN eyAweIAYmAweIAYm dy mOjUdw sMsd iemiqAwz dw izkr krdy hoey ikhw ik jdoN dunIAW ieh smJ rhI sI ik ihMdosqwn ivc hr QW Bwjpw dw qUPwn c~l irhw hY qW lok mzwk aufwauNdy sI ik iemiqAwz ie~QoN ikvyN ij~qxgy[ auhnW ikhw ik r~b quhwfy ipAwr ƒ hor mzbUq kry[EvYsI ny A~gy ikhw, ‘mY lokW ƒ ApIl krdw hW ik gofsy dy lVikAW ƒ hrwE, gWDI dy Bwrq Aqy AMbydkr dy sMivDwn ƒ bcwE’[ auhnW ikhw ik modI Aqy auhnW dy gRih mMqrI vwr-vwr bol rhy hn ik AYnAwrsI ilAwE....sMivDwn bwdSwh hY.... [ auhnW ikhw, ‘qusIN Swh hovogy, pr sMivDwn bwdSwh hY’[

sRI AnMdpur swihb : ivdySW dIAW is~K jQybMdIAW kOmI pRcwrk BweI rxjIq isMG FfrIAW vwilAW dy h~k ivc auqr AweIAW hn[ ies sbMDI kYlIPornIAw ivc siQq dSmyS drbwr Aw& lofweI AYNf stwktn vloN SRI Akwl qKq swihb ƒ ic~TI ilKI geI hY[ies bwry jwxkwrI idMidAW auQoN dy gurU Gr dy hYf gRMQI BweI dlbIr isMG ny d~isAw ik gurU Gr dy pRDwn AimRMqpwl isMG itvwxw Aqy sYktrI Avqwr isMG rMDwvw vloN ilKI geI ic~TI ivc jQydwr BweI hrpRIq isMG ƒ bynqI kIqI geI ik BweI FfrIAW vwly q~q gurmiq dy pRcwrk hn jdoN ik aunW dy iKlwP ivvwd pYdw krn vwly gurmiq ivroDI ieqhws dy hwmI hn[ Awp jI kol BweI FfrIAW vwilAW iKlwP kwrvweI krwaux leI auqwvly ieh lok ij~Qy sRI Akwl qKq swihb dI is~K rihq mirAwdw qoN AwkI hn auQy gurbwxI dI ksv~tI qy Krw nw auqrn vwly ieqhws dI pYrvI krdy hn[aunW jQydwr ƒ ikhw ik dSmyS drbwr AwP lofweI AYNf stwktn kYlIPornIAw dI smUMh sMgq ies cl rhy ivvwd dy m~dynjr bynqI krdI hY ik Aijhw dUrAMdySI nwl PYslw ilAw jwvy qW jo dyS ivdyS dIAW sMgqW doPwV nw hox sgoN rl iml ky eykqw qy ipAwr nwl kOmI cVdI klw nwl ivcrn[


ies hPqy gurduAwrw swihb ivKy pMj sRI AKMf pwT swihb dI syvw ho rhI hY[ (1) ngr F`peI izlHw kpUrQlw dI sMgq vloN, (2) ngr p`qo hIrw isMG izlHw mogw dI sMgq vloN (3) ngr QrIky izlHw luiDAwxw dI sMgq vloN, (4) ngr rhImpur dwsUpr izlHw jlMDr dI sMgq vloN Aqy (5) ngr srINh izlHw jlMDr dI sMg vloN hovygI[ ieh swry AKMf pwT swihb Su`krvwr 11 AkqUbr svyry 9:30 vjy ArMB hoxgy Aqy AYqvwr 13 AkqUbr svyry 9:30 vjy Bog pYxgy[ auprMq Ku`ly dIvwn sjxgy[ gurU dw lMgr Aqu`t vrqygw[ —11 AkqUbr idn Su`krvwr nUM bytI nvnIq kOr sMDU dw AnMd kwrj hovygw[

gurduAwrw swihb dy hr roz dy pRogrwm svyry drvwzy Ku`lHx dw smW Aqy pRkwS gurU gRMQ swihb jI: 4.00 vjy sihj pwT:4.30-6.00 vjy Awsw kI vwr: 6.00-7.45 Ardws/hukmnwmw:7.45-8.00 vjy kQw hukmnwmw: 8:00-8:30 vjy kIrqn:8.30-9.40 vjy kQw:9.40-10.30 vjy FwfI:10.30-11.30 smwpqI

Swm dy dIvwn cONkI sodr: 4.30-5.00 pwT sodr:5.00-5.30 gurbwxI kIrqn:5.30-6.40 kQw:6.40-7.15 FwfI:7.15-8.00 smwpqI

sK u mnI swihb dw pwT Aqy ismrn Aq Y y vwr 1-3 vjy qk ` dK u Bj M n qr y w nwm dy vIrW Aqy bIbIAW vl ` No kIqw jWdw h[ Y bIbIAW vl ` No sK u mnI swihb dy pwT: hr mg M lvwr 11.30 qNo 1.30 vjy qk ` ,

—12 AkqUbr idn Sincrvwr Swm kIrqn Aqy lMgrW dI syvw BweI ieMdrjIq isMG pirvwr vloN hovygI —13 AkqUbr idn AYqvwr Swm dy kIrqn Aqy lMgrW dI syvw 1. BweI mnpRIq isMG sMDU Aqy bIbI jspRIq kOr sMDU pirvwr vloN Awpxy byty ismrjoq isMG dy jnm dI KuSI iv`c hovygI[ 2. BweI kuldIp isMG Aqy bIbI nirMdr kOr pirvwr vloN AwpxI bytI mnjoq kOr dy 13vyN jnm idN dI KuSI iv`c hovygI[

ivSyS gr u dA u wrw isG M sBw ivKy hr SnIcrvwr Aqy Aq Y vwr 11:00 vjy qNo 1:00 vjy qk ` bzr u gwˆ dy bs ` pws, pwspr o t qy pn Y Sn dy pp y r Bry jWdy hn Aqy hr o sv y wvW m& u q idq ` IAW jWdIAW hn[ pMjwbI Aqy kIrqn klwsW :- somvwr qy bu`Dvwr Swm 5 qoN 7 vjy q`k rwgI j~Qw :

1. BweI jorwvr isMG jI (rudrpur vwly) 2. BweI byAMq isMG Kihrw ‘luiDAwxy vwly’ kQwvwck: BweI jgjIq isMG jI FwfI jQw: BweI jsvMq isMG ‘joS’ (PgvwVy vwly)

iksy pirvwr ny ke o I vI pg oR rwm bk `u krvwax u w hv o y qW pb R D M kW nwl sp M rk kro

Pn o :604-590-3232, 778-713-5121, 604-590-3224, Pk Y s:604-572-3276

A42 - The Punjab Guardian *Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019

kYnyfw kwr hwdsy ’c ijMdw sVy pMjwbI pqI-pqnI

huiSAwrpur: kYnyfw ivc ieMjIinAr kulbIr isMG is~DU Aqy pqnI kulivMdr kOr is~DU dI hoeI drdnwk mOq mgroN aunHW dy huiSAwrpur nyVy pYNdy ipMf mihqwbpur ivc sog dw mwhOl pwieAw jw irhw hY[ drAsl bIqy idn kYnyfw dy Sihr bRYNptn ivc iek kwr durGtnw ivc ienHW dI kwr ƒ iBAwnk A~g l~g geI sI, ijs ivc ieh dovyN pqI-pqnI ijMdw sV gey sn[ies mMdBwgI Gtnw nwl aunHW dy j~dI ipMf ivc sog dw mwhOl pwieAw jw irhw hY[ jwxkwrI Anuswr ieh pMjwbI joVw kYnyfw ivc rwq ƒ ApxI bytI ismrnjIq kOr ƒ bRok XUnIvristI sYNt kYQrIn Sihr ivc C~f ky vwps Gr prq irhw sI qW iek qyz r&qwr kwr ny Zlq sweIf qoN Aw ky aunHW dI kwr ƒ t~kr mwr id~qI, ijs kwr kwr ivc iBAwnk A~g l~g geI Aqy dovyN pqI-pqnI kwr ivc ijMdw sV gey[ies dOrwn kwr ƒ t~kr mwrn vwlw vI burI qrHW Juls igAw[ aus dI hwlq vI gMBIr d~sI jw rhI hY[ kulbIr dy Brw fw. sohn isMG ny roNdy hoey d~isAw ik aus dy Brw kulbIr ny bVI imhnq nwl kYnyfw ivc Apxw kwrobwr sY~t kIqw sI pr bIqy idn iksy AMgryz ny aunHW dI kwr ƒ t~kr mwr id~qI, ijs kwrn kulbIr Aqy aus dI pqnI dI mOq ho geI[d~s deIey ik kulbIr isMG is~DU kYnyfw dI AYcAYseyAYssI kMpnI ivc qknISIAn dy qOr ’qy kMm krdy sn jdik aunHW dI pqnI kulivMdr kOr is~DU vwlmwrt stor ivc bqOr mYnyjr kMm krdI sI[ Gtnw dI ^br imlidAW hI kulbIr dI mW cMnx kOr Aqy ipqw mihMdr isMG Apxy byty dy AMqm sskwr leI kYnyfw rvwnw ho gey hn[

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We do all kinds of SBA & Conventional loans. We specialize in Gas Stations, Liquor Stores, Hotels, Conveniene Stores, Motels, Apartment Buildings, Food Franchise. We can get your loan approved within a few days


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AJ Sandhu (MBA)

Managing Broker/Realtor/Consultant Licensed in IL, IN, WA

XU. AYs.ey ivc ibzns KrIdx jW vycx leI 916-995-0783 (Cell), 425-529-6283 (Direct) sMprk kro 630-206-2467 (Fax),

101 W 22nd st, Suite 111, Lombard, IL 60148 23280 Pacic highway south , Suite 307 , Kent , WA 98032

*Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019 The Punjab Guardian - A43

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Inderjit Singh

Real Estate Broker

Inderjit Singh (Real Estate Broker) Cell: 425-420-4055 Tel: 425-775-8525 Fax: 425-670-3500 19020 33rd Ave West, Suite 300 Lynnwood, Washington 98036

gurduAwrw isMG sBw

591 Telegraph Rd, Bellingham WA 98226 3086-Northwest Street, Bellingham WA 98225 gurduAwrw isMG sBw bYilMghwm dI nvIN iblifMg SurU ho cu`kI hY Aqy swrIAW smUh sMgqW Aqy ibzins mwlkW nMU bynqI hY ik Awpxy kIrq-kmweI ‘coN v`D qoN v`D ih`sw pwvo[ hr AYqvwr nUM svyry 10:00 vjy qoN 12:00 vjy q`k dIvwn sjdy hn[ swry ielwkw invwsIAW sMgq nUM bynqI kIqI jWdI hY ik suKmnI swihb dw pwT, kIrqn Aqy kQw dw AnMd mwxo

Rashpal Sandhu Vice President Ph: 206-571-3780

Five Star Transport Inc.

Harman S. Sandhu President Ph: 360 296 2541

A44 - The Punjab Guardian *Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019

FOREMAN OF ALL APPLIANCES Pir`j, stov, vwSr, frwier, ifSvwSr irpyAr krvwaux Aqy pwrts lYx leI hyT ilKy Pon nMbr ‘qy sMprk kro[

LIVE WELL MEDICAL CENTRE ivnIpYg ivKy 10 swl dIAW syvwvW dyx qoN bwAd fw: blivMdr isMG ig`l srI iv`c Aw gey hn[ aunHW ny ie`Qy AwpxI pRYkits SurU kr id`qI hY[ auh nvyN mrIz lY rhy hn[


AsIN hr bRWf dy tr`k dy Pir`j vI irpyAr krdy hW

nirMdr vrmw


For More Information Or Book An Appointment; Please Call Live Well Medical Centre

Dr. Balwinder S. Gill M.D.,C.C.F.P

Tel: 604-498-1900

9839 138 St., Surrey BC V3T 5E3 We are The Manufacturers Custom Furniture Ltd. Est. 1999

Dream Oak

frIm Ek PrnIcr AwpxI PYktrI ivc ipCly 19 swlW qoN soilf mypl Aqy soilf Ek dw PrnIcr bxwauNdy Aw rhy hn

AsIN AwpxI PYktrI ivc Awpxw swrw smwn vDIAw kuAwiltI dw bxwauNdy hW[ AsIN Awp mYnUPYkcuAr hW[ swfI PrnIcr kuAwiltI nUM koeI bIt nhIN kr skdw[

soilf mypl vU~f

8 Pc.Bedroom Suite

soilf mypl vU~f

soilf mypl vU~f

8 Pc.Bedroom Suite

soilf mypl vU~f



8 Pc.Bedroom Suite


soilf mypl dw pytI bY~f

We Single Size : $375 are Queen/Double Size : $500 The King Size: $600 Price Extra Manufacturers Headboard Starting From $150

7 Pc.Bedroom Suite


soilf mypl vU~f

8 Pc.Bedroom Suite


604.574.4822 #109 18669 52nd Ave Cloverdale, BC

Mon-Fri: 6am to 2pm

Business Hours: Sat: 7am to 12 noon - Sunday Closed

PYktrI dw pqw hY:

hweIvyy 10 Aqy 184 strIt dy nyVy

*Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019 The Punjab Guardian - A45

A46 - The Punjab Guardian *Oct. 11 - Oct. 17, 2019

Profile for The Punjab Guardian Newspaper

E paper – 10 Oct., 2019 – Section A 25-48 – The Punjab Guardian  

E paper – 10 Oct., 2019 – Section A 25-48 – The Punjab Guardian