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psychologist vol 24 no 9


september 2011

psychologist vol 24 no 11

november 2011


psychologist ogis st vol 24 no 10

october 2011

The shock ck of the old A special issue reconnecti reconnecting with m’s obedien Stanley Milgram’s obedience studies, 50 yearss on

The lure of horror Christian ‘Jeepers’ Jarrett with a Halloween treat

Incorporating Psychologist Appointments £5 or free to members of The British Psychological Society

letters 626 news 632 big picture centre careers 696

towards healthier er meetings 668 defending A-level el psychology psycholog 674 school students and work 67 676 the realities of studying 706 tudying psychology psyc Incorporating Psychologist Appointments £5 or free to members of The British Psychological Society

The riots A comment special on disorder, sorder, ology can distortion and how psychology contribute to the debate

Incorporating Psychologist Appointments £5 or free to members of The British Psychological Society

letters 710 news 728 careers 774 looking back 788

mindfulness in schools 736 workaholism 740 life’s long and winding roads 748 false confessions 752

news 804 methods 828 careers 854 looking back 866

the appliance of science 816 until death do us part 820 thoughts on suppression 824 interview with Geoff Bunn 832

1 The British Psychological Society

The BPS is a professional organisation, charged by the Crown with overseeing, in the public interest, psychology and psychologists. Its publications, websites and other services are your best opportunity to reach a large, affluent and wellqualified audience of Psychologists.

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vol 24 no 8

The Psychologist

ps yc ho lo gi august 2011

Wish you we re here? Christian Jarre psychology of tt on the holidays

The Psychologist is the Society’s monthly publication, and the undisputed market-leading media for training and events advertising for psychologists – the first choice for advertisers and readers alike. Each month The Psychologist is read by more than 48,000 members of the British Psychological Society: all have or are working towards an accredited psychology degree. It is also passed on by many, giving it an average issue readership of over 69,000. Three-quarters of all members spend between 15 and 60 minutes reading each issue and keep it indefinitely to refer back to.

Incorporating Psych

ologist Appoin £5 or free to ointttment members of me entss The British Psychological Society

Average issue readership of over

69,000 Ben Nelmes Senior Sales Executive 0207 880 6244

letters 558 55 big picture centre centr careers 610 looking back 622

deception in psychologic al research coach your cortex 580 586 working on an acute medic al ward 592 interview with Alex Haslam 596


2 Our readers include… Research workers and lecturers in institutions of higher education.


vol 24 no 10

Clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists, health psychologists and neuropsychologists working in healthcare and community settings, in research or private practice.

psych ologi st october 2011

The he rriots iotts A comment special on disorder, distortion stortion sto n and h how ow psychology can contribute ntr tribute e to the e debate

Incorporating Psychologist

£5 or free to members of The British Psychological Society


letters 710 news 728 careers 774 looking back 788

mindfulness fuln lness iin n schoo schools ools 736 workaholism ho olism 740 740 life’s long ng g and winding winding g roads 748 false confessions nfe ession ns 752

Educational psychologists in LEAs, schools, special schools, colleges and clinics. Occupational psychologists in management, personnel, training, selection and careers advisory services. Forensic psychologists working in penal institutions and special hospitals. Sport and exercise psychologists working with teams and individuals.

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psych ologi st vol 24 no 9

september 2011

Students on sixth form, undergraduate (one of the largest and fastest growing subjects at university level) and postgraduate courses.

The shock of the old A special issue reconnecting Stanley Milgram’s obedience studies, 50 years on

Incorporating Psychologist

of £5 or free to members Society The British Psychological

Ben Nelmes Senior Sales Executive 0207 880 6244


letters 626 news 632 big picture centre careers 696


668 towards healthier meetings 674 defending A-level psychology 676 school students and work psychology 706 the realities of studying

3 First choice for advertisers

The Psychologist is the one magazine that focuses on professional issues for psychologists, across the range of employment sectors.

Readers rate The Psychologist as their main source of information about training courses and events, and advertisers tell us that their advertising works.


of readers have some inuence over purchases

Advertising with the British Psychological Society is highly visible, and an effective way of reaching out to the right people in the right numbers.

44% of readers aders have responded o tto an advert the last rt in th 12 months

Ben Nelmes Senior Sales Executive 0207 880 6244

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advertisements must conform to the British Code of Advertising Practice the Editor of The Psychologist reserves the right to refuse or cancel any advertisement or part of any advertisement without reason or notice. The full code is published at and can also be obtained by post from the Society’s office. 2012 Display Schedules THE PSYCHOLOGIST




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