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Panhandle Environmental Partnership Newsletter

May, 2011 Issue 6

Workshop Success! The 2011 Recycle & Baling Workshop can be listed in the books as a great success! Sixty-Eight attendees were present to hear presentations, eat great barbeque and network with vendors & other recyclers from the region. CTRA co-sponsored the event as was on hand to honor Cities for their 2010 recycling efforts. CTRA also recognized those Cities who had been in partnership with the organization for more than ten years. ECS Refining gave the group a presentation on the positive effects of recycling ewaste and how it reduces the need for mining and keeps ewaste from landing on the shores of third-world countries. ECS also announced the Panhandle would be approved to recycle up to 240,000 pounds of e-waste in 2011. The region recycled 65,000 pounds in 2010.

Turn Over a New Leaf ...Compost! Attendees listen as a representative from Greenstar talks about baling techniques at the April 7th Recycle and Baling Workshop

Charity Shoes and Clothing got everyone’s attention with their presentation on recycling clothing, shoes, toys and household items. The best part is your staff does not have to sort through the material and Charity Shoes will come pick-up the load at no charge and...WILL PAY YOU BY THE POUND!

3Ws BBQ in Panhandle Provided everyone with a great lunch & TCEQ provided information on new waste management licensure requirements and PRPC offered a legislative update. Greenstar did a workshop on paper and plastic baling & Vermeer gave a new fuelefficient chipper presentation!

Easy Recycling for Printer Toner Car tridges There is an easy and FREE way to recycle printer toner cartridges! Office Depot located at Georgia and Wolflin in Amarillo will accept up to 10 printer toner cartridges from a customer per month.

This would be an easy solution to offer business customers in your community. Each business could bring-in their cartridges when they come into town for other business. As an added bonus, Office Depot will give a $2 credit on a

company’s Office Depot account for each toner turned in to them for recycling. Find a way to let your City offices, schools and other businesses know about this opportunity to not only recycle their toner cartridges but earn $2!

Of the 250 million tons of waste produced by Americans each year, 25% -30% is plant matter, which can be composted. By offering a separation method for residents (e.g., yard waste dumpsters) communities can divert up to 30% of the waste from the landfill. Compost can then be used on City property such as parks and public building lawns and/or it can be offered to residents for their personal lawns, flower beds and gardens. Some communities offer a food waste separation option for restaurants, schools and hospitals.


April, 2011


PEP Regional Marketing Contract Participants


Elizabeth Thomas, Regional Program Specialist


CTRA Monthly Price Sheet

Below is the CTRA Price Sheet for March/April, 2011. The market took a hit where it hurts‌in OCC and SOW! OCC is down almost 15% for the month of April with most of the other paper products holding steady (except SOW). Steel and aluminum remain at good prices again this month and plastics are up again. Papers either remained at the status quo for another month. May’s report will be coming very shortly. Thanks for all you do everyday! -Elizabeth

COMMODITIES Steel Cans UBC (Aluminum Cans) PET HDPE Natural HDPE Colored HDPE & PET OCC (Corrugated) Deink (#8 News) Mixed Paper ONP (#6 News) SOW (High Grade Office) White Ledger CPO Computer Paper

$ $ $ $ $

Feb-11 217.00 1,500.00 494.00 558.00 404.00

$ $ $ $ $

scale price

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

125.00 * 117.25 * 99.75 57.00 * 181.15 * 241.00 250.00

Mar-11 217.00 1,582.00 530.00 594.00 476.00 scale price

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

129.00 126.75 99.75 57.00 188.80 250.00 250.00

* * * *

% of Change 0.00% 5.47% 7.29% 6.45% 17.82% NA 3.20% 8.10% 0.00% 0.00% 4.22% 3.73% 0.00%

$ $ $ $ $

Apr-11 217.00 1,623.80 566.00 647.00 512.00 scale price

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

110.00 * 126.75 * 100.00 57.00 * 214.00 * 268.00 250.00

% of Change 0.00% 2.64% 6.79% 8.92% 7.56% NA -14.73% 0.00% 0.25% 0.00% 13.35% 7.20% 0.00%

* *

* *

* *

* *

Emboldened Commodities indicates those materials for which guaranteed floor prices have been set. Emboldened Amounts indicates that the floor prices have been reached. Direct Mill Runs are available for full loads of a single baled commodity and can be shipped at no cost to the member.

+ - Represents the percentage of change from the current month prices versus the prices from the same month in 2009. * - Represents an average of the cost range provided this month for this material For more information on CTRA pricing and CTRA visit

12-Month Change + 21.20% 17.70% 45.66% 22.90% 22.69% NA 6.98% 11.64% -3.76% -101.75% -11.76% -1.20% -4.00%