Solid Waste Newsletter - December 2010

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PEP Rally! Volume 1, Issue 1

Panhandle Environmental Partnership Inside this issue: E-Waste Event Tumbleweed Snowman How-To Market Report STAR Brochure 2011 Texas Recycles Day Magnets

E-Waste Event Kicks Off in Panhandle Region Walk into many American homes and you will probably find a stash of old electronics in the hall closet, the attic or the garage. Putting computers in the dumpster seems like a risk of personal identity. It could be as dangerous as putting your social security number on a sign in your yard. So, we pile old computers up and wait for an opportunity to dispose of them properly. Well, the wait is over! Now is the time to let your residents dig through their pile and bring them into the 2010 e-Waste Collection and Recycling Event. PEP members can participate in the event by collecting e-waste from residents


You will need a broom or piece of rebar long enough stick in the ground, go through all three T-weeds and have enough to hold the hat! Stack the T-weeds, spray paint white and wire the coal and carrots to the branches! Add twigs for arms, a hat & scarf!

then delivering it to one of the five drop-off points: Amarillo, Canadian, Dalhart, Memphis or Tulia. Items must be in Gaylord boxes or on pallets and wrapped in plastic wrap. All items need to be delivThe e-Waste Collection/Recycle Event accepts computers, monitors, phones, gaming systems and ANY TELEVISION

ered to the drop-off point by the 14th to ensure loads are organized and ready to go by 5:00 on the 15th. The event offers free transportation from the Panhandle region to the recycler in Terrell, Texas. This was a great opportunity for us because transportation alone might cost

$3000 to complete an event this large. Sponsors of the event have offered assistance with packing materials and advertising. Call Elizabeth at PRPC for more information. The e-Waste event ends on December 15th.


Snowman How-To‌ (top-left photo)

December, 2010

State of Texas Alliance for Recycling As members of the PEP (Panhandle Environmental Partnership) you are already members of STAR and can take advantage of it’s fall conferences and other benefits. Inside this mailing you will find a brochure about STAR and the

benefits associated with membership. Every October STAR sponsors a large recycling conference that includes multiple workshops and speakers regarding recycling and the industry.

Vendors are on hand to speak with local recycle staff on their products and services. Also included is a 2011 magnetic calendar from America Recycles Day on November 15th. Have a great season everyone!


November 20, 2010


PEP Regional Marketing Contract Participants


Elizabeth Thomas, Regional Program Specialist


CTRA Monthly Price Sheet

Attached is the CTRA Price Sheet for November. The most exciting news of the month is OCC going up to $135/ton. All the plastics saw an increase in the month of November with HDPE Colored seeing a 65.79% increase. The papers held steady this months with drops only occurring in #^ Newspaper and White Ledger. Steel and Aluminum both saw slight increases. Overall the market is increasing and holding steady. Let me know if you have any questions or need a load pick-up. –Elizabeth COMMODITIES Steel Cans UBC (Aluminum Cans) PET HDPE Natural HDPE Colored HDPE & PET OCC (Corrugated) Deink (#8 News) Mixed Paper ONP (#6 News) SOW (High Grade Office) White Ledger CPO Computer Paper

$ $ $ $ $

Oct-10 134.00 1,320.00 234.00 396.00 152.00

$ $ $ $ $

scale price

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

110.00 * 80.40 * 89.75 79.05 * 181.15 * 295.00 250.00

% of Change 10.45% 4.55% 11.11% 6.57% 65.79%

Nov-10 148.00 1,380.00 260.00 422.00 252.00 scale price

$ $ $ $ $ $ $

135.00 80.40 89.75 66.00 181.15 241.00 250.00

12-Month Change + 77.70% 21.45% 55.38% 14.69% 18.25%


* * * *

22.73% 0.00% 0.00% -16.51% 0.00% -18.31% 0.00%


* * *

* *

* *

* *

* *

Emboldened Commodities indicates those materials for which guaranteed floor prices have been set. Emboldened Amounts indicates that the floor prices have been reached. Direct Mill Runs are available for full loads of a single baled commodity and can be shipped at no cost to the member.

+ - Represents the percentage of change from the current month prices versus the prices from the same month in 2009. * - Represents an average of the cost range provided this month for this material

For more information on CTRA pricing and CTRA visit

55.56% -5.72% 26.46% -10.61% 8.92% -4.15% -0.40%