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Panhandle Environmental Partnership

PEP Rally! Earth Day Facts 

Earth Day was originally celebrated in 1969 in San Francisco, which is the City-Namesake of the patron saint of nature— Saint Francis.

April 22nd was chosen for Earth Day due to its placement on the college calendar so professors could teach environmental lesions after Spring Break but before semester exams.

April, 2012

Issue #15

Earth Day is Coming! Earth Day is on Sunday, April 22nd and it is a great opportunity to let the people in your community know what you are doing about recycling and landfill diversion. So many communities in the Panhandle are involved with diversion through limb chipping, scrap metal recycling, used motor oil collection and recycling to fullfunctioning recycling/baling centers that send thousands of pounds to recycle mills every year.

whole library of materials that can be delivered for your events.

Earth Day is a day to toot-your -horn and let your people know they are making a difference through the programs already in place!

Earth Day is intended to inspire awareness about the common concern we have about the earth but also it is an opportunity to educate people on the importance of conserving landfill space for the future.

The Panhandle Environmental Partnership has materials available for any tour or event you may have at your recycle center and the Texas Commission has a

When the reality of the astronomical costs associated with designing, permitting and constructing a new landfill is explained to residents, the

“hippie factor” is eclipsed by what it would cost taxpayers. It is a fact that recycling and diversion saves space in the landfill; thereby, postponing the need to construct a new landfill for the area. Another fact is that your residents would truly be impressed with what you are already doing. You should have them out to see what you are doing! Happy Earth Day! You’re doing a great job!

Pick-Up Request Information The recycle loads from the Panhandle region are usually shipped to the mills in Oklahoma. Each month the mills release a limited amount of loading numbers. Loads requested early in the month usually get those loading numbers so it is always best to request your loads very early in the month to avoid having to wait a couple weeks for your truck to arrive. The PEP Rally Newsletter and Market Report is available on the PRPC website under the Solid Waste Program Page:


Monday, March 26, 2012


PEP Regional Marketing Contract Participants


Elizabeth Thomas, Regional Services Program Coordinator


CTRA Monthly Price Sheet

Below you will find the current market prices for March, 2012. As the year progresses the market prices seem to be getting a little better each month. The only decrease is in steel prices. The high scorer for March is SOW, High Grade Office Paper at a 26.67% increase to $95.00 per ton. OCC is slightly higher at $105.00 per ton. Plastics are still paying very well and should be on the minds of all of us as a material to add to your program. It pays well and takes up a lot of unnecessary space in landfills. Give me a call when you are ready for a pick-up. Thanks for everything you do for the Panhandle! ‌elizabeth COMMODITIES Steel Cans UBC (Aluminum Cans) PET HDPE Natural HDPE Colored HDPE & PET OCC (Corrugated) * ONP (#6 News) * Deink (#8 News) SOW (High Grade) White Ledger CPO Computer Paper Mixed Paper

Feb-12 Mar-12 $ 130.00* $ 128.00

$ $ $ $

950.00 $ 300.00 $ 388.00 $ 258.00 $ scale price

994.00 340.00 420.00 310.00 scale price


100.00* $


$ $ $ $ $ $

25.00* 63.00 75.00 * 200.00 * 140.00 60.00

25.00 * 68.00 95.00* 200.00* 140.00 65.00

$ $ $ $ $ $

% of Change Apr-12 -1.54% 4.63% 13.33% 8.25% 20.16% NA 5.00% 0.00% 7.94% 26.67% * 0.00% 0.00% 8.33%

% of Change


% of Change


% of Change


12-Month Change + -69.53% -59.15% -55.88% -41.43% -53.55% NA -22.86% -128.00% -86.40% -98.74% -25.00% -78.57% -53.46%

Emboldened Commodities indicates those materials for which guaranteed floor prices have been set. Emboldened Amounts indicates that the floor prices have been reached. Direct Mill Runs are available for full loads of a single baled commodity and can be shipped at no cost to the member. * - Represents an average of the cost range provided this month for this material + - Represents the percentage of change from the current month prices versus the prices from the same month in 2005.

The PEP Rally Newsletters and Market Reports are available on the PRPC website under the Solid Waste Program Page:

Solid Waste Newsletter - #15 April 2012  

Solid Waste Newsletter - #15 April 2012

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