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Used and Scrap Tire Storage Any site that generates scrap tires must not store more than 500 scrap tires on the ground or more than 2,000 tires in trailers without registering. If storing fewer than these amounts you must still follow scrap-tire rules. 

Monitor tires stored outdoors every two weeks to prevent health hazards such as fires, insects, flies, mosquitoes, rodents, and snakes.

Use a scrap-tire manifest system to document the removal of scrap tires or pieces.

Use a registered tire transporter to manifest and deliver tires to an authorized facility.

Manifest each load even if hauling their own scrap tires and deliver them to an authorized facility.

Obtain the completed manifest within 60 days after the scrap tires or pieces were transported off-site.

Notify the appropriate TCEQ regional office if a transporter or scrap-tire facility alters the generator portion of the manifest or fails to complete or return the manifest within three months after the off-site transportation.

Keep copies of manifests for three years.

Good used tires intended for sale must be sorted, marked, classified, and organized or they will be considered scrap tires that must meet all requirements.


October 5, 2012


PEP Regional Marketing Contract Participants


Elizabeth Thomas, Regional Services Program Coordinator


CTRA Monthly Price Sheet

Below you will find the most current price sheet. With any commodity in the market, prices see a lot of change throughout the year. China is the largest purchaser of US cardboard and recent demand is in decline. Much of the cardboard from the Panhandle stays in the U.S., but when the material from California and other markets does not go overseas, their material fills-up the mills and the market comes to a slow grind. This situation resulted in a limited number of loads being accepted by mills; therefore, loads are moving slow at the moment and prices are lower than usual. We are waiting to see what happens in the market in the near future. As always, thank you for everything you do for the Panhandle! ‌elizabeth COMMODITIES Steel Cans UBC (Aluminum Cans) PET HDPE Natural HDPE Colored HDPE & PET OCC (Corrugated) * ONP (#6 News) * Deink (#8 News) SOW (High Grade) White Ledger CPO Computer Paper Mixed Paper

Aug-12 Sep-12 $ 180.00* $ 160.00

$ 1,100.00 $ 1,460.00 246.00 $ 320.00 530.00 $ 560.00 420.00 $ 460.00

$ $ $

scale price


$ $ $ $ $ $

scale price

70.00* $

40.00* 57.00 160.00 * 240.00 * 170.00 43.00

$ $ $ $ $ $

47.00* 30.00 * 47.00 140.00* 200.00* 150.00 30.00

% of Change -11.11% 32.73% 30.08% 5.66% 9.52% NA -32.86% -25.00% -17.54% -12.50% * -16.67% -11.76% -30.23%

* *

* *

* *

* *

12-Month Change + -56.25% 4.79% -6.25% 39.29% 57.39% NA -210.64% -281.67% -136.17% 50.36% -20.00% -60.00% -700.00%

Emboldened Commodities indicates those materials for which guaranteed floor prices have been set. Emboldened Amounts indicates that the floor prices have been reached. Direct Mill Runs are available for full loads of a single baled commodity and can be shipped at no cost to the member. * - Represents an average of the cost range provided this month for this material + - Represents the percentage of change from the current month prices versus the prices from the same month in 2011.

The PEP Rally Newsletters and Market Reports are available on the PRPC website under the Solid Waste Program Page:

Solid Waste Newsletter #20  

Monthly News Letter from the Solid Waste