Solid Waste Newsletter - #4 - March 2011

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March, 2011

Issue 4

 Earth Day is Coming… 4/15

Panhandle Environmental Partnership

PEP Rally Ireland the “Green” Isle 

35% of municipal waste is recycled in Ireland.

There really are no snakes in Ireland

Chances of finding a four-leafclover are 10,000 to one. Each leaf of a clover has meaning: 1st-Hope, 2nd-Faith & 3rdLove and 4th...LUCK!

Recycle Workshop on Thursday, April 7th The PEP, in conjunction with CTRA, will host a Recycle and Baling Workshop on April 7th at the City of Panhandle War Memorial and Recycle Center. Gary Weaver from Greenstar Recyclery will instruct attendees on grade specifications for paper and plastic. Other recycling opportunities will be discussed and recyclers will present and be on-hand to meet with you individually.

April 7th 10:00 - 4:00

Plan to Attend and Save-The-Date!

Panhandle Recycle Center

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Lunch provided by CTRA

Training Available: Class “A” Municipal Solid Waste Supervisor’s Class 

Class A License Course - 28 hours - $525

A License Renewal - 16 CEU Hours - 425

B License Renewal - 16 CEU Hours - $425 March 28th - 31st @ the City of Amarillo Training Center

(see attached packet)

Coordinated Local Environmental Enforcement 


March 15th in Hillsboro - John Ockels, Texas Illegal Dumping Resource Center

The PEP Rally Newsletter is written by Elizabeth Thomas and is available at the PRPC website on the Solid Waste page: