Solid Waste Newsletter - #3 - February 2011

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TCEQ Hires Rural Ombudsman It is safe to say the solid waste issues in Dallas and Houston differ from those in rural, West Texas towns. While a Public Works Department in a large city may have a hundred employees who are each responsible for a small part of the solid waste process; a rural PW Department might consist of one person who is also the waste water guy and the dog catcher and a volunteer fireman in his “free” time.

Jason Robinson is the new Rural Ombudsman for the TCEQ.

It is due to these vast differences the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality determined they needed a Rural Ombudsman. Jason Robinson will call upon his 12 years of experience as the PW Director for the City of Ovilla, Texas (near Dallas) to serve as an advisor to TCEQ regarding small local governments and the effects of regulations on small local governments.

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Upcoming Training Sessions Texas Illegal Dumping Resource Center Classes

Coordinated Local Environmental Enforcement HILLSBORO- 2/3/11—Free Foreclosure and Property Enforcement BEEVILLE - 3/22/11—Free

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