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“ ‘NCIS’ is a great show. The plot line is really interesting and the characters are very complex. My favorite character is Gibbs because he’s awesome.”

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“ ‘Pretty Little Liars’ because it’s awesome and the guys on it are hot. I get to watch it with friends and it’s interesting because it leaves you hanging every week for the upcoming episode.” ale

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“ ‘Castle’ is the best show on this fall. Nathan Fillian, the actor who plays the main character, is amazing and quirky. I also like the dynamics and romance between Castle and Beckett.”


“ ‘Vampire Diaries’. The story is so good and it keeps you involved. Something I like about it is that it’s not predictable.”

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“I like to watch ‘The Bachelorette’ because you get to see all of the guys rather than all the girls. Also, you can actually picture yourself being on the show because it’s a reality show.”


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“I really like ‘Bones’ because it’s a really good show. They solve murder mysteries and it’s suspenseful and mysterious.”

“ ‘The Walking Dead’ is my favorite show. I like the character dynamics, and the special effects for the zombies are pretty awesome.”

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“My favorite show is ‘The XFactor’ because I like to hear all the different people’s voices. My favorite judge on the show is Demi Lovato because she’s the nicest out of all of them.”

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“I like to watch ‘American Horror Story’. It premiers this October and it’s suspenseful and keeps me on the edge of my seat.”


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What TV series students watch?

Paige Neary ’14


Paige Neary

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oct. 11, 2012

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“ ‘Workaholics.’ It’s funny because the actors are awesome and they make really immature jokes.”

Class rivalry goes a step too far Tiera Joseph ’ 14 Staff Writer

It’s all fun and games until someone gets pushed off the red carpet, and I’m not referencing the Emmys or the Oscars, but students trashing Spirit Week because of their disrespect for school tradition and authority. Alleged reports of destruction of property and physically pushing others are beyond childish. It’s unbelievable how a few students took the threeday Spirit Week and turned it into a spirit nightmare. Their peers gave up their entire weekend to work in an unair-conditioned buildin, trying to keep tradition

alive by decorating the halls. Hours upon hours were spent creating the hallway themes for each class. Bet they didn’t think about that when some merrily ripped decorations off the walls. Twitter, a social media site, overflowed with tweets about the junior and senior wars. But it went 10 steps too far when re-

ports started surfacing that some students had the audacity to allegedly destroy property, trash decorations, and vandalize cars. All this in the name of rivalry? In high school there’ll always be class rivalries. But there’s a hierarchy and everyone needs to respect that. It’s the 2012-2013 school year, so that means it’s the seniors’ time to shine, and if you’re not a senior, it’s time for you to “bow down”. Showing the administrators “who’s boss” by boycotting homecoming tickets and creating unauthorized spirit days, didn’t hurt them at all. Instead it hurt future

school-sponsored events. For instance, not going to the homecoming dance will have a domino effect. According to Junior Class president Reagan Drake, next year’s prom ticket prices will skyrocket and junior dues will soar. Come on guys, it is high school. We should’ve learned by now that throwing a temper tantrum doesn’t get your point across. Sometimes attempting to override authority won’t get you the reaction you think you deserve. Self-indulgent behavior must come to an end. Remember we should accept the privileges given to us instead of greedily wanting more.

6 opinions october 11  
6 opinions october 11