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Feb. 14, 2013

Actions ruin rivalry fun

Friendly competition is part of parking lot. the high school experience, but At the rematch on Feb. 5, it events at a recent McIntoshwas the McIntosh students who Starr’s Mill boys’ basketball had the class we claim to posgame went too far. The rivalry, sess. While they acted like norwhich has existed between the mal basketball fans, some Mill two schools since 1997 when students treated the McIntosh the Mill first opened its doors, dance team with no respect. has been evolving over the years They booed the Chiefettes as from “friendly” to “fierce”. they entered the court, turned It’s good to have that one their backs on the dancers and school everyone held up dollar wants to beat, bills while chantthat game that ing “dirty girls”. everyone goes to, Many SMHS but name-calling, students who chanting specific didn’t particistudents’ names, pate in the crude and destruction of behavior said they school property were embarrassed cross the line of a by the way their simple rivalry. classmates acted. After the Chiefs Some of our won by a point in fans also ripped overtime in the out bleachers teams’ first meet- Both McIntosh games end- from the visiing, their students ed with students destroying tors’ section and emptied out of the bleachers at eachothers’ snuck them out visitors’ bleachers schools. Ansley Armagost/ of the gym as a Special and gathered at souvenir. center court to celebrate. Then Since our boys lost both they ran over to the Panther stugames, souvenirs seem kind of dent section and taunted them. useless. SMHS administrators were Students should remember able keep their students in their that a rivalry is supposed to be seats and stop them from retaliat- about a sport, about a game, not ing. Instead of joining the McInabout the personal drama both tosh students at center court, Mill sides try to interject into these students started throwing plastic events. This rivalry has evolved water bottles and other pieces of into something much more hurtgarbage on the court. ful than sporting. The chaos continued into the Both student bodies need parking lot with drivers cutting to realize that behaving like each other off and some yelling elementary school children will insults out windows. not help their team. No accidents were reported It only gives them a reputabut someone could have easily tion that exemplifies every bad have been injured and vehicles stereotype adults have of this could have been severely damgeneration of teenagers. aged. It’s time to live up to the Many parents were horrified classy reputation that we claim by the thoughtless behavior of to have, but can’t seem to follow students, especially in a crowded through with.

SCAD a big plus This might be the biggest thing to hit Fayette County since Zac Brown became a resident. The Savannah College of Art and Design is looking to buy 30 acres, currently the Rivers Elementary property off Sandy Creek Road, from the Fayette County Board of Education to add a campus in Fayette County. If this happens, this would present a tremendous opportunity to students who want to pursue careers in Fine Arts. According to a front page article in The Citizen, some of the classes SCAD would offer are “building arts and communications, design, fashion, digital media, entertain-

ment arts, liberal arts.” “Starr’s Mill has many talented students who interested in the Fine Arts,” guidance counselor Colleen Petty said. Adding a campus in Fayette County will not only benefit students academically, but financially as well, she said. “People who want to go to SCAD can live at home, cutting down the tuition fees,” Petty said. The tuition for one academic year at SCAD is around $32,000. “That makes it more affordable.” Having this school would be a plus for the county, the tax payers, and the students. Let’s do this thing.

Marco Amalfitano ’14

lip-sync, but most people aren’t focused on her singing anyway.

Staff Writer

Cheers to the Baltimore Ravens for winning Super Bowl XLVII and to the networks for limiting the Ray Lewis coverage. The rest of the country may have forgotten about his past but Atlanta sure hasn’t. Cheers to Prom season. It’s not until May, but there is nothing funnier than watching high school boys fight over who they’re going to ask to Prom. Cheers to Winter Break starting at 3:20 tomorrow. If you’re involved in sports, you probably won’t be going anywhere without your teammates and coaches. For the rest of us, we’ll be waking up at noon and hitting up our friends on the daily. Cheers to Punxsutawney Phil

Jeers to the Superdome’s power outage during Super Bowl XLVII. It was such a buzzkill for the Ravens to have lost all their momentum after receiver Jacoby Jones had a 108-yard kick return for a touchdown. Punxsutawney Phil says winter is sticking around for a little while longer.

for seeing his shadow. A couple more weeks of winter can do the South good. It’s not like it’s going to matter anyway. Georgia winters aren’t real. Cheers to Beyonce’s performance at the Super Bowl Halftime Show. Her voice sounds great without having to

Jeers to the parent drivers dropping off their kids in the student parking lot. If only there was some sort of circular drop off area where they could safely pick up their kids without disrupting student drivers. Hmm... Jeers to Starr’s Mill and McIntosh’s Proms happening on the same night. The rivalry has elevated to a new level. Who’s going to get the bus and dinner reservations first?