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Feb. 14, 2013

Which one: AP, Dual Enrollment? Students want more info sooner

and AP Literature teacher Nancy Close said. Junior Sue Utt said she wished the Dual Enrollment option had been discussed before students became upperclassman. “Underclassmen should be prepared and have all the information about Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment beforehand to make the decisions about which ones to take,” Utt said.

Nicole Resler’14 Staff Writer

Students are always looking for ways to get ahead in school whether it is Advanced Placement or Dual Enrollment classes. During Special Programs Night on Jan. 7, students and parents learned about the kinds of classes that can put students ahead.

Students can get ahead The Advanced Placement program offers 17 classes. Students can earn college credits while still in high school. Dual Enrollment allows students to take actual college classes off campus while still attending some classes in high school. However, the main focus during Special Programs Night is the Advanced Placement classes.

Junior Sue Utt discusses Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment courses with guidance counselor Colleen Petty. Nicole Resler/Staff

Students want information “Kids need to have [Dual Enrollment and AP] information to make those decisions,” said Lela Crowder, who teaches CP American Literature and AP Language and Composition. “There are a lot of questions about Dual Enrollment and a lot of the students I teach are college-bound and want to know their options and which option best fits their needs.”

Panthers Go West.

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This year as in past years, students who wanted to explore Dual Enrollment have had to wait until after making decisions about taking Advanced Program classes and going through the process of filling out applications and submitting them to the Advanced Placement teachers. “To me, it would make sense to have Dual Enrollment representatives at Special Programs night,” 9th grade Gifted Literature and Composition

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9/13/12 4:11 PM

More students are interested According to guidance counselor Colleen Petty, Utt’s concerns make sense, but she said Dual Enrollment is complicated and we want to make sure students are knowledgeable about the process. Now that more students are expressing an interest in Dual Enrollment classes, Petty said the guidance counselors are looking at ways to move the dates closer together or include both in Special Programs Night.

Getting all the information “Now that it is getting more popular, we will do it all in one day or try to get the dates

as close to each other as possible,” Petty said. Moving the dates closer together or having them both be discussed on the same night might not even be a problem for Clayton State representative Leslie Moore. “I am happy to present a night time program – it is up to the counselors at your school,” Moore said.

HOPE changed its ways Another factor that is making Dual Enrollment more attractive to high school students is a change in the way the HOPE Scholarship accounts for these credits. The HOPE Scholarship only pays for 127 college hours. Dual Enrollment used to count toward those hours making students less interested in taking it, but since Dual Enrollment hours no longer count toward that 127, students are becoming more interested, Petty said. “They are both great programs if you want to challenge yourself and have the work ethic that is required for taking a college-level class,” she said.

The math team celebrates their third place ranking in the Griffin RESA 2013 Regional High School Math Contest. Tiera Joseph/Staff

Math Team takes third place Tiera Joseph’14 Staff Writer

Bringing home the third place title in the Division III Griffin RESA 2013 Regional High School Math Contest, math teacher JB Campbell said “anytime you come home with a trophy is a good feeling.” School systems of the Griffin RESA region such as Butts, Fayette, Henry, Lamar, Newton, Pike, Spalding and Upson all competed for the first place title in the math contest. Junior Rachel Boggs along with seniors Jeremy Gura, Jeremiah Smith, Qintin Zang and Chris Pham all devoted themselves to intense preparation for the competition. With the top scorer being Pham, the team reigned third

in the division for all schools with the largest population. Although first place went to McIntosh High School, the team still had their heads held high. “You never want to lose against McIntosh, but we still did well,” Campbell said. First place individualist for Division III came to a tie between McIntosh High’s Ji-Shoo Shin and Pike County High’s Forrest Durham. Second place went to Union Grove High School, whose own Jerry Lin placed second for the individual portion. Although the team did not bring home the first place trophy, it was still a job well done for the math team.

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