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The Providence Center Annual Report Fiscal Year 2010


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This year’s annual report is dedicated to our staff, community partners and our clients who work so hard to tap into the power and potential of recovery.

Message from the President/CEO and Chair of the Board of Trustees




Providence health









recovery is



we’ve seen it happen for thousands of people for over 40 years. We also know that recovery is dependent on the strength and resilience of individuals, families and communities to improve the health, wellness and quality of life for people working toward recovery. And we know that our team approach to treatment and our partners in the community play an important role in helping us to meet Dale K. Klatzker, Ph.D., President/CEO

the needs of the people we serve.

Within our organization, our dedicated staff members work together in teams to identify and meet our clients’ unique needs. Outside of our organization, we work with our partners in the community not only to ensure that our clients receive exceptional services, but also to create a behavioral health delivery system that shares our recovery-focused philosophy.

At The Providence Center, we are driven to providing high quality, recovery-oriented systems of care, never losing sight of the fact that teamwork and partnerships can only serve to

James Botvin, Chair, Board of Trustees

enhance what we do.

“...recovery from mental health and substance use problems is possible— we’ve seen it happen for thousands of people for over 40 years.”

to Rec s y o wa

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Located in the heart of Providence, The Providence Center Recovery Apartments provide residential and supportive services to people in recovery from substance use problems. The people who live there work with Providence Center case managers, counselors and employment and education specialists to build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Learning to live in recovery takes commitment and support. “For many of our residents, it’s the first time in their lives that they’ve felt safe and part of a community,” says Jim Gillen, clinical coordinator of Recovery Services at The Providence Center. “We work to build our clients’ self-confidence and support them

Recovery Apartments

as they learn to budget responsibly, repair relationships and find jobs. We connect our residents with services at The Providence

The Providence Center

Center and help them to build a new life.”

Recovery Apartments

Peer support is an important part of the program

are an oasis for the 10

at the Recovery Apartments. “One way we keep

people in recovery from

our residents engaged in recovery is through The Providence Center’s Recovery Coaching

substance use problems

program,” says Gillen. “Our coaches run weekly

who live there. It is their

group meetings for our residents, act as role

home, the place they take pride in, the place where

models, and give presentations on recovery at schools and treatment centers. It’s their opportunity to give back to the community.”

they celebrate their accomplishments—the

Joe is a recovery coach and resident at The Providence Center Recovery Apartments. He is

place where they feel

in recovery from substance use problems. Joe

safe to hope and dream.

spends his days volunteering at community meal sites and shelters in Providence. He also runs group meetings at the apartments and provides telephone support for the recovery community. His positive energy is felt by everyone he meets.

“Addiction, hunger and homelessness are very real, ugly truths on the streets of Rhode Island. Trust me, I know—I’ve been there. In order to get off the streets and get your life back, you need support and a strong foundation. I found that at the Recovery Apartments. Jim Gillen runs the program. With his support and the help of my therapists at The Providence Center, I learned how to ‘work’ my recovery by volunteering in the community and helping others to find hope. Recovery coaching has given me an opportunity to give back and helped me stay committed to my recovery.” Joe, a client of The Providence Center, resident of the the Recovery Apartments and recovery coach

“Community service is an important part of the program at The Providence Center Recovery Apartments. We encourage our clients to volunteer in the community. It gives them an opportunity to support their peers and become involved in whatever they are passionate about. Another important part of living in recovery is learning how to take pride in yourself, your home, your daily accomplishments and your friends. Our residents are committed to recovery and to each other.” Jim Gillen,

clinical coordinator of

Recovery Services

“When people struggling with addictions come in for a hot meal, we get to know them and learn when they are open to receive help. That’s when we call on Jim Gillen from The Providence Center. Jim is deeply knowledgeable about addiction services and has a down-to-earth, judgment-free attitude that quickly earns trust. Together, we work to make a positive difference in people’s lives.” The Rev. Mary Margaret Earl,

administrator at

McAuley House,

a meal site and house of hospitality serving men, women and families with children searching for a sense of belonging and the basic human needs of food, shelter and clothing


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Children’s Emergency Services Jayden is five years old. His mom is a single mom, and he’s her only child. Jayden is having difficulty dealing with the fact that his dad is not fully involved in his life. When Jayden’s mom receives a call from his daycare telling her that Jayden threatened to harm himself, she rushes to her son’s side. Just two hours later, Travis Hermance, acute care clinician, has completed his evaluation and determined that while Jayden is not in danger of hurting himself, he is screaming for help in a way that is sure to get everyone’s attention.

As a clinician in

Emergency Services at The Providence Center, Travis Hermance responds to crisis situations involving children and adolescents in the Providence area. He receives referrals from parents, daycare centers, community health centers, schools, emergency departments and group homes. “The children referred to me are under a tremendous amount of stress,” says Hermance. “Whether they are the target of bullying or threatening to hurt themselves, it’s my job to identify the seriousness of the situation and make recommendations for their safety and follow-up treatment.” Within hours of receiving a referral, Hermance has completed an initial phone screening and usually has enough information to decide whether or not the child needs to be hospitalized. “If the child needs to be in a safe place or is at risk to hurt himself or others, I will coordinate his transfer to the hospital. Thankfully, that only happens with about 10% of the referrals I receive,” says Hermance. In some cases, an onsite evaluation is necessary. “I often go where the child is to conduct an evaluation,” says Hermance. “I meet with the child and gather information from parents, school administrators, teachers, social workers, student assistance counselors and anyone else who is in a position to offer insight into the child’s life.” Once Hermance has the background information he needs, he is ready to recommend treatment. If the child is stable and Hermance feels outpatient therapy is the best option, he arranges an appointment for the child with a therapist in Child and Family Services at The Providence Center. In severe cases, Hermance suggests The Providence Center’s Partial Hospital Program where, for five days a week, six hours a day, the child will learn to manage his symptoms in a supportive, structured setting. Educating parents about the importance of following through with treatment for children in crisis is an important part of Hermance’s job. “Many times parents are distraught and confused about what treatment or hospitalization might mean for their child. In that case, I work with them to help them understand their child’s illness and the benefits of treatment,” says Hermance. Jayden started kindergarten in September. He is still seeing his counselor and doing very well. He has made great progress and is learning how to deal with the issues he has with his dad. Jayden and his mom are very close.

“Jayden is my gift to the world. I always tell him that he’s my heart and that I cannot live without my heart. I am deeply grateful to The Providence Center for helping me to keep my son— and my heart—safe.” Anika, Jayden’s mom

“When a child makes a comment like, ‘I wish I were dead,’ red flags go off for parents and caregivers. That’s when they call me. It’s my responsibility to determine whether or not the comment was said impulsively or if the child is really serious. At the end of the day, I’m grateful to know that the kids I’ve seen are someplace safe.” Travis Hermance, LICSW acute care clinician at

Children’s Emergency Services

“As teachers of young children, we are privileged to have the opportunity to watch them grow and play a role in their development. We are also in a unique position to notice when they lack the skills they need to succeed, especially in their social and emotional development. When their needs are beyond our expertise, we turn to The Providence Center for help. One child we referred really stands out for me. I walked him to The Providence Center every morning for a year. He’d spend the morning there and return to us in the afternoon. When he was ready to transition back to us for full days, the staff at The Providence Center spent time in his classroom not only helping him with the transition, but also teaching us how to work with him. Working together, we made a difference in that child’s life. That’s what teaching is all about—making a difference one child at a time.” Carol Mahoney,

child care director of

The Mt. Hope Child Care Center

The Greater Providence YMCA,


a child care center with

an educational and developmental component for children from six weeks to five years old

The Providence Center School High School Team The kids at her high school taunt her and hurt her feelings. Elizabeth has tried to ignore them, but the problem is getting worse. She is angry, confused and doesn’t know how to respond to her so-called “friends.” Elizabeth has been missing a lot of school and her grades have dropped. Her mom is distraught. She feels her daughter would do better in a different environment and turns to the principal for help. When public school officials decide they can no longer address the needs of children like Elizabeth, they turn to The Providence Center School. Licensed by the Department of Education, The Providence Center School offers a unique learning environment for children in grades Pre-K through 12 experiencing acute behavioral and emotional symptoms. The High School Team serves young adults in grades 9 through 12. Small high school classrooms of 8 to 10 help students feel safe and give teachers flexibility in tailoring lessons. “We have students at grade level, below grade level and students who are gifted. Our classes are designed to meet their individual needs,” says Michelle Hayes, High School Team leader.

technology coordinator. “With SMART Boards and SMART Tables, students learn communication, problem solving and critical thinking skills as they work in groups to complete interactive lessons. It’s a great way to make learning fun and exciting.” Family support counselors are important members of the High School Team as they not only support students, but also act as a link between home and school. “If a student needs to talk, he makes an appointment with one of us; or if the family is having difficulty with the child at home, we will make a home visit to help them deal with the situation,” says David Thayer, family support counselor. The speech and language therapist, behavioral specialist and occupational therapist work with teachers and teacher assistants to address each student’s needs in the classroom. “Our speech and language therapist works on communication skills, while our behavioral specialist teaches students how to make healthy, safe choices at school, at home and in the community,” says Hayes. “Most of our students need help with organization skills. That’s where our occupational therapist steps in.” Transitional support is an important part of the program for all students at The Providence Center School, with the ultimate goal of returning them to their community schools. For high school students, additional goals may include working to satisfy graduation requirements, arranging to take the SAT, applying to college or exploring job opportunities. No matter what the goal, the vocational specialist and transition team are there to help. Elizabeth has been a student at The Providence Center School for the past two years. She comes to school regularly, gets good grades and has new friends. As a senior in high school, Elizabeth will be very busy with her portfolio, senior project and the presentation she will make at her

Core classes like math, social studies, science and English are complemented by music, art, character education classes and an advanced technology program that includes a mobile computer lab and SMART technology. “Our state-of-the-art technology program gives our teachers flexibility in designing lessons,” says Dolly Brooks,

community school in June. She’ll also be working with the vocational specialist on her college applications and visiting colleges with her mom. She says none of it would have been possible without the help and support she received at The Providence Center School.

“I feel safe at The Providence Center School. When something is bothering me, I make an appointment with my family counselor. He’s really helped me to learn how to deal with my problems. My teachers have been working with me on completing the graduation requirements for my community school. I’m grateful for the help and support I’ve received at The Providence Center School. The proudest day of my life will be the day I accept my high school diploma.” Elizabeth, a senior at The Providence Center School

“Our students come to us with special needs. We work as a team to address their needs and watch as they change and grow into responsible young adults. When they leave us, we know we’ve worked hard to help them to be successful in their families, communities and schools. What we do is very rewarding. Watching our students as they walk across the stage to accept their high school diplomas is an amazing experience. “

Michelle Hayes, The Providence Center School High School Team


High School Team Joel Beauchemin, music teacher/teacher assistant/substitute teacher Dolly Brooks, technology coordinator/Middle School team leader Michael Esposito, student and family support counselor Joe Harwood, senior behavior specialist Michelle Hayes, team leader Donald Hoard, special education teacher Ben Holden, teacher assistant-case manager/substitute teacher Nicole Johnson, teacher assistant/substitute teacher (not pictured) Eve Labb, special education teacher Erin Lane, Psy.D., clinical director (not pictured) Leslie Masterson, teacher assistant Michaela Mayer, physical education/health teacher Martha Morris, principal/special education administrator Melissa Pedus, occupational therapist Lisa Plummer, senior vocational specialist Miguel Quintanilla, special education teacher Deb Rainey, teacher assistant-case manager/substitute teacher Kazi Salahuddin, M.D., pediatric psychiatrist (not pictured) Laura Samit, speech and language pathologist Deb Sczuroski, R.N., school nurse teacher Susan Sisson, special education teacher Rachel Slack, teacher assistant David Thayer, LICSW, student and family support counselor Carl Wieting, special education teacher

“The staff at The Providence Center School works hard to meet the academic, behavioral and emotional needs of each student. They do a great job keeping me informed and responding to my recommendations. I’ve been working with The Providence Center School for 12 years. I am grateful for the professionalism of the staff and their commitment to the children they serve.”

Penny Pare, LICSW, Clinical Team the

case manager for

Providence Public School Department


ry ve

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Prisons are overwhelmed with people like Steve who often need treatment, not incarceration. The Providence Center’s Community Diversion Program is designed to give police and other first responders a resource that provides an effective alternative. Brydie Bernardo, coordinator of the Community Diversion Program, works with police, emergency medical technicians and fire fighters to prevent inappropriate incarcerations. She occupies an office at the police substation at Kennedy Plaza, a place where the police are often faced with dealing with people who commit misdemeanors. “Minor offenses may be tied to substance use or mental health problems. That’s where I come in,” says Bernardo. “Rather than make an arrest, the officer will bring the person to me for an intervention. Our goal is to divert people with

Community Diversion Program

mental health and substance use issues away from the criminal justice system and into treatment.” Bernardo’s interventions typically involve a brief assessment and referral to The Providence Center’s Emergency Services department where the person

It’s Monday night, and Steve

will be connected to services at The Providence

is causing a disturbance at

managers to access a wide variety of programs

Kennedy Plaza. The police

Center. Bernardo works with clinicians and case and services including individual and group counseling, housing, employment and education,

officer on duty knows

medication management and wellness programs.

Steve has mental health

give us the flexibility to develop a treatment plan

issues and needs help. He also knows that if he

“The Providence Center’s comprehensive services to ensure that each client receives the specialized services he or she needs,” says Bernardo. Bernardo does everything possible to keep clients

arrests Steve, he will set

out of the hospital, but in cases where their safety

into motion a costly

is necessary. “Sometimes, hospitalization is the

sequence of events

or the safety of others is at risk, hospitalization best alternative,” says Bernardo. “In that case, the police call an ambulance or drive the client to the

involving judges, public

hospital. My assessment expedites the admission

defenders and prosecutors,

the client’s illness and symptoms.”

not to mention court fees

Steve has been a client of the Providence Center

and a criminal record.

process by providing detailed information about

for over two years. He takes his medication daily, has a place to live and sees his counselor once a week. He has not seen the inside of a jail cell since the day he was brought to Bernardo for help.

“I am no stranger to the Providence jails. I’ve been arrested for misdemeanors more times than I can count. But all that changed the day the police took me to a counselor from The Providence Center who said I needed help, not jail. The Providence Center has given me peace and my life back. I am deeply grateful.” Steve, a client of The Providence Center

“Even though our knowledge of mental illness is limited, as police officers we often face challenges in dealing with this vulnerable population. With assistance from The Providence Center and, in particular, Brydie Bernardo, we have made great strides in understanding the problems people with mental health issues face every day. Without The Providence Center’s help, these people would probably be at the ACI, which is no place for anyone with a mental illness. The program we have in place at Kennedy Plaza works. We are grateful to The Providence Center for making it happen.” Sergeant George Smith, Providence Police Department

“People with mental health and substance use problems are often arrested for misdemeanor crimes associated directly with symptoms of their illnesses. The goal of the Community Diversion Program is to provide law enforcement with a resource other than arrest. We take a preventive approach, which benefits not only the individuals, but also the Providence Police Department, the overburdened legal and corrections systems, and the community as a whole. Our program is designed to take a step toward changing a system that currently ‘warehouses’ people with mental health and substance use problems in prisons and jails.” Brydie Bernardo,

coordinator of the

Community Diversion Program


ry ve

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The Engagement and Diversion Team is one of six teams at The Providence Center working with individuals experiencing severe and persistent mental health and/or co-occurring substance use problems. Each team is comprised of psychiatrists, nurses, clinical therapists, case managers and staff specializing in mental health, addictions, education and vocational services. They work to develop and implement a recovery-focused plan of care that will keep the people they serve in the community and out of the hospital. The teams serve clients of all levels of care, but the Engagement and Diversion Team specializes in serving only those clients with the greatest need for intensive services.

Engagement and

The Engagement and Diversion Team has the

Diversion Team

of the initial contact. “When we receive a referral,

They work to keep people out of the hospital and go where the need takes them. They may be found in homes, physicians’ offices, courts, grocery stores, shopping malls, restaurants, libraries and other community settings helping their clients to live as productively as possible in the community among family and friends.

flexibility to respond to referrals within 24 hours we act immediately,” says Holly Fitting, associate director of the Community Support Program at The Providence Center. “If clients cannot come to us, we go to them, even if it means an afternoon of searching the streets and homeless shelters.” Once the initial contact is made and the client agrees to treatment, the Engagement and Diversion Team sets to work on a treatment plan. The treatment plan for a client of the Engagement and Diversion Team can be very complex. In addition to providing traditional clinical services aimed at symptom management, specialized staff members work with individuals to locate safe, affordable housing, develop independent living skills, secure and maintain meaningful employment, identify educational opportunities and introduce them to community, therapeutic, social and recreational activities. “We do whatever needs to be done to keep our clients functioning at a level that will keep them in the community,” says Ralph Apici, team manager. “We make medication visits, help them budget their money and take them shopping. If we have to spend an afternoon cleaning a client’s apartment so that he will not be evicted, we do it. We are there for our clients seven days a week.” Idalia is receiving services from The Providence Center’s Engagement and Diversion team. She has shown amazing strength and resilience in recovering from the shocking loss of her husband.

“At The Providence Center, I feel safe and supported. My therapist helped me to find a place to live and a job working in the kitchen at The Providence Center a few days a week. I stopped drinking and started exercising. With the support of my therapist, my family and my faith, I’ve found hope for the future. I’ve always loved to cook. My dream is to study cooking. Thanks to The Providence Center, I have hope that my dream will come true.” Idalia, a client of The Providence Center

“El muerte de mi esposo me dejo con sentimientos solas, triste, ansiosa y deprimida. No pude imaginarme la vida sin el y tome un sobre dosis de mis pastillas varios veces. Mi ansiad fue tan terrible que fue ingresada al hospital. Es cuando yo busque El Providence Center por ayuda. Por El Providence Center, yo sentí segura y apoyada. Mi terapista me ayudo a buscar un lugar donde vivir y un trabajito en la cocina en el Providence Center algunas días por la semana. Yo deje a tomar alcohol y comencé a hacer ejercicio. Con el apoyo de mi terapista, mi familia y mi fe, he encontrado esperanza para el futuro. Siempre me encanté a cocinar. Mi sueño es a estudiar cocina. Gracia al Providence Center, tengo la esperaza que mi sueño sea realidad.” Idalia,

una cliente de

The Providence Center

“Our team members are completely dedicated to our clients. I’ve never heard the word ‘no’ from any of them. When we encounter a situation or a problem, we work together to get it resolved. We all pitch in to help our clients and each other. I am proud to be a part of this amazing team.” Ralph Apici,

team manager of the



Diversion Team

“The clients I assist are fragile from both a medical and psychiatric perspective. Being able to work collaboratively with The Providence Center has enabled me to ensure that our mutual clients receive the care and support they need. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to partner with The Providence Center’s dedicated, professional staff.  Together, we are working to positively impact our clients’ lives.” 

Engagement and Diversion Team Members Ralph Apici, team manager Eileen Carpenter, hospital liaison/case manager (not pictured) Lynn Diggins, case manager Judith Ferris, LICSW, clinical therapist Elizabeth Finan, case manager Holly Fitting, LCMHC, LCDP, associate director, community support program Syreeta Jackson, case manager Amy Monahan, R.N. (not pictured) Allyson Pellegrino, R.N. Mary Santa Teresa, M.D., psychiatrist Bruce Taraska, case manager Arthur Thomas, BSW, substance use treatment specialist Jackie Wallace, R.N.

Eileen Hogan, R.N. Connect Care Choice the

nurse case manager for

Providence Community Health Centers 

Consolidating Statement of Activities and Changes in Net Assets for Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 2010 Source of funding Federal




State of Rhode Island



Occupancy costs (in kind)



Cities and towns



Fundraising and contributions






Client activities, fees and residential rental income



Third-party reimbursements



ProMail, Etc. sales



Consultation and other income






Use of funding Program Services: Adult Behavioral Health

$ 7,777,579


Child and Family Services



Community Support Services



Residential Services



Vocational Services



Supporting Services: Fundraising



Management and General



Total Change in net assets

$31,582,649 $




Service Statistics

The Providence Center staff:

People served by race:

White – 64%

White – 44% Hispanic/Latino – 25% Black/African American – 17% Other – 3% Southeast Asian – 2% Unknown – 9%

Black/African American – 17% Hispanic/Latino – 12% Asian – 3% American Indian or Alaskan Native – 1% Two or more races – 1% Unspecified – 2%

Year in Review July 1, 2009 - June 30, 2010

Child & Family Services -

The Providence Center served 42% of the chlidren and adolescents who received behavioral health services at mental health centers in RI.


Imagine Preschool, located at the CCRI campus in Warwick, received a RI Department of Education pilot grant to add a pre-K classroom.


With programs focusing on advanced technology, quality education, supportive therapeutic opportunities, positive behavioral intervention strategies and truancy prevention, The Providence Center School continued to grow, receiving referrals from 15 different school systems throughout the state.


A new access center was opened in Child and Family Services, making first appointments available within three days of the initial request.


Weight management support and nutrition education were provided to a number of children and their caregivers through Fit2BHealthy, a comprehensive childhood obesity treatment program made possible through a grant from the RI Foundation.


The Botvin, Porcaro, Teverow Families Therapeutic Playground was dedicated at The Providence Center’s 520 Hope Street location. The playground serves as a therapeutic and educational tool for children ages three through six years old from both The Early Childhood Institute and the preschool classrooms of The Providence Center School.

Adult, Intermediate and Residential Services -

Services for individuals with substance use problems were expanded through grants from the RI Departments of Corrections and Behavioral Health, Developmental Disabilities and Hospitals.


The Continuum Program, targeted to serve individuals re-entering the community following incarceration, was implemented through a federal grant appropriation.


Efforts to embrace and raise awareness of a recovery-oriented model of care continued both at The Providence Center and through community-based efforts, such as the recovery coaching program and training first responders on how to approach people with mental health and substance use problems.


The Providence Center was chosen to participate in RAISE—Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenia Episode—a two-year study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and led by Yale Medical School, Dartmouth Medical School and other institutions to evaluate interventions for early onset schizophrenia.


In partnership with the RI Department of Employment Services, ProMail, Etc., a mailing fulfillment business and vocational program of The Providence Center, provided on-thejob training and classroom instruction on office procedures and Microsoft Office.


The Providence Center was a main sponsor and participant in state and national celebrations of the 20th Annual National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month in September. Staff and clients organized activities and created a recovery

quilt, which was displayed at RI’s kick-off event, Providence City Hall and at various events throughout the year. Jim Gillen, coordinator of recovery services, spoke at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s national press conference in Washington, D.C. Gillen also represented RI in New York City at the Recovery Rally, a part of Arts & Entertainment Television’s The Recovery Project, where delegates from all 50 states walked together over the Brooklyn Bridge to celebrate recovery.


Through partnerships with Providence and Blackstone Valley Community Health Centers, The Providence Center received a three-year Rhode Island Foundation grant to integrate behavioral and primary healthcare.

Access and Emergency Services -

The After-hours Emergency Services program was relocated to Roger Williams Medical Center. In an effort to reduce inappropriate, costly incarcerations, Emergency Services staff worked cooperatively with police and court officials at the Providence Public Safety Complex to assess the needs and treatment options for people with substance use and mental health problems arrested for minor offenses.


The Providence Center’s new Community Diversion Program was established to divert people with mental health and substance use problems who commit misdemeanors away from the criminal justice system and into treatment. The program provides daily support to police at the Kennedy Plaza substation.

Administration -

The Providence Center’s year-long 40th anniversary celebration culminated at Circle of Stars where 350 guests gathered to celebrate the organization’s milestone anniversary. Honored as representatives of The Providence Center’s board of trustees, clients, employees and donors were Bill Devereaux, Esq., Kathy Hinkley, Dr. James Greer and Nixon Peabody LLP.


The Providence Center continued to pursue grant opportunities from the state and federal government, as well as corporations and foundations. A total of $2.4 million was awarded to support programs and services including a wellness program for seniors with behavioral health problems; mental health consulting to children, parents and teachers at Rhode Island preschools; recovery services; SMART Tables for The Providence Center School and supportive services for incarcerated people with behavioral health problems transitioning back to the community.


The Providence Center’s 9th Annual President’s Cup Golf Tournament, held at Ledgemont Country Club in Seekonk, MA, attracted over 130 golfers and netted over $90,000 in support of The Providence Center’s Coping with Crisis Fund.


The Providence Center was awarded the Governor’s Award for Wellness Innovation for providing outstanding support to clients seeking services for mental health, substance use, behavioral and emotional issues.


The Providence Center’s President/CEO Dale K. Klatzker, Ph.D., was presented with the RI Communities for Addiction Recovery Efforts Advocate of the Year award for his dedication to recovery and implementing a Recovery Oriented Systems of Care throughout all programs and services at The Providence Center.


Dale K. Klatzker, Ph.D., president/CEO of The Providence Center, was selected to the 2010 RI Foundation’s Fellows Program, which provides development support to CEOs exploring new initiatives in their organizations. Klatzker will research models and develop a business plan for the creation of the state’s first recovery high school.

The Charles E. Maynard Society The Charles E.

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Devereaux, Esq.

Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein & Peirce

Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Doyle

Shechtman Halperin Savage, LLP

who have made a

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ericson

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schwartz

significant investment

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Grossman

Security Concepts, Inc.*

Hareld Glass Co.

Shriners of Rhode Island Charities Trust

Providence Center as beneficiary of a

Genoa Healthcare

Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Silver

planned gift such as a bequest, trust or

Deborah and Mark Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. David Sluter

Hasbro Children’s Fund

Sparrow & Company

totaling $10,000 or more as of

June Rockwell Levy Foundation, Inc.

Sovereign Bank/Santander

June 30, 2010.

Lawrence Kahn/Kahn,

Starkweather & Shepley Insurance

Maynard Society recognizes donors

in The Providence Center. Members have named The

retirement plan with a value of $10,000 or more or have cumulative giving

Litwin, Renza & Co., Ltd. Anonymous (3) Mr. David Allen and Ms. Sheree Kaplan Mr. James Berson and Ms. Lauren Baer Bank of America Beacon Health Strategies, LLC* Billy Andrade - Brad Faxon Charities for Children* Blue Cross and Blue Shield of RI Donald R. Barbeau, Coffee Express LTD Mr. and Mrs. James Botvin Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bready Butler Hospital Dave and Anne Campbell* Joseph and Paula Caramadre Governor and Mrs. Donald L. Carcieri The Champlin Foundations Howard Chudacoff, Ph.D. and Nancy Fisher Chudacoff, Esq. Citizens Bank The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Inc. The CVS Caremark Charitable Trust, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm G. Chace Coastway Community Bank Dr. and Mrs. Steven I. Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Delaney Dr. and Mrs. Charles Denby, II, M.D./ Bromwell Trust Electric Boat Corporation Employees’ Community Services Association The Del Prete Family Foundation

Brokerage, Inc.

Jayna and Dale Klatzker

Ms. Kathleen Sullivan

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Anne and Michael Szostak

The Forrest C. Lattner Foundation, Inc.

Telaka Foundation, Inc.

The Law Firm of Marasco &

Joshua and Cindy Teverow

Nesselbush, LLP LISC – RI Childcare Facilities Fund

The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation



The Lyons Company, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Weiner

Martins Maintenance, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wood, Sr.*

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Maynard

Youths’ Friends Association, Inc.

Dr. and Mrs. Charles McDonald The Miriam Hospital Mrs. Lilia G. Nash Neighborhood Health Plan of RI* New England Toyota Dealers Advertising Association, Inc. Nixon Peabody LLP Governor and Mrs. Philip W. Noel Nortek, Inc. O. Ahlborg & Sons, Inc. Ocean State Charities Trust Richard** and Sandra Oster Artie and Beverly Pacheco The Fred M. Roddy Foundation, Inc. Ropes & Gray, LLP Parker Thompson Brouillette Felix and Lori Porcaro The Procaccianti Group The Providence Journal Company The Rhode Island Foundation RI Realty Management Corporation

Planned Gifts Anonymous Donald R. Barbeau, Coffee Express LTD Howard Chudacoff, Ph.D. and Nancy Fisher Chudacoff, Esq. Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Grossman Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Maynard Dr. and Mrs. Charles McDonald Mrs. Lilia G. Nash Ms. Emily Nelson Pamela and James Rubovits Ms. Kathleen Sullivan *new member **deceased

Tribute Gifts

In Honor of William P. Devereaux, Esq.

In Memory of Joyce Johnson King


Ms. Meeckral Searight

Our sincere appreciation to the

Representative Lisa Baldelli-Hunt

following donors who generously

Ms. Margaret Bouffard

supported The Providence Center’s

Mr. John Capalbo Temple Beth-El,

In Honor of Dale K. Klatzker, Ph.D.

mission. This list reflects memorials

Mr. Herbert W. Cummings   Rabbi Leslie Yale Gutterman

and honorariums received

Ms. Donna M. D’Aloia  

between 7/1/09 and 6/30/10 for

Ms. Helen Daley   In Memory of Kenneth Logowitz

the Annual Campaign only.

Mr. Paul DiSanto   Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Zindler Mr. Charles A. Feldman  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this list, please contact Lisa Desbiens at (401) 528-0127 or

Ms. Lisa Fiore, Ms. Anita Fiore and

In Honor of Charles E. Maynard

Ms. Paula Fiore

Mrs. Chester Rutkowski

Mr. Gregory Garner

Mr. Robert Heller In Memory of Mary C. McNally Mr. Richard Humphrey, Esq. Ms. Ann E. Maykish

In Memory of Cynthia Andersen

Mr. Lawrence I. Kahn   Mr. Joseph M. Bennett, IV Mr. Kenneth Langley   In Memory of Dorothy Marie Mitchell

Mr. David Matteodo   Mr. Wallace Mitchell   In Memory of P. Michael Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Maynard   Mr. and Mrs. Philip Doughty Diane T. Monti-Markowski   In Memory of Lynn Mulvey

Mr. William E. O’Gara   Ms. Judith P. Watts

In Memory of Teresa Baccari

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pesare

Mr. Vincent J. Baccari, Jr.

Mr. Daniel Procaccini In Honor of Nixon Peabody LLP

Mr. Michael Raspallo   Mr. Charles A. Feldman

In Honor of Andrew Bainer

Mr. David Thomas   Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Maynard


In Honor of Kevin Donohue In Honor of Andrew B. Prescott, Esq.

In Memory of Janice Barbar

Ms. Joan Donohue

Ms. Helena Marshall

In Memory of Pamela Dutwin

In Honor of Nicki Sahlin, Ph.D.

In Honor of Alice Barbeau

Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Dutwin

Mr. James Hackett and

Donald R. Barbeau, Coffee Express LTD

In Honor of Patricia Ford

In Honor of Joseph M. Bennett, IV

Mr. Kevin Ford   In Memory of John J. Sullivan, Jr.

Ms. Joan McQuillan

Mr. Charles A. Feldman

Dr. Roberta Feather, Ed.D., J.D.

Mr. Joseph M. Bennett, IV

In Honor of Robert B. Fox Ms. Kathleen A. Sullivan In Memory of Leo Bernardino

Ms. Bryna Hebert    

Ms. Dina A. Gagliardi

In Memory of William Thornby

In Memory of Jim J. Francisco In Memory of Bob Anonymous

Ms. Madeline Jones

Ms. Lynne Thompson

In Memory of Celia Valderrama

In Honor of James E. Greer, M.D. In Memory of Louise Capaldi Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burgoyne

Mrs. Carla Sosa

Ms. Catherine Grieco Mrs. Mary Ann Greer Chase

In Memory of Ed VandeGraft

Mr. Charles A. Feldman In Honor of Linda Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Maynard

Ms. Margaret M. Kennedy

Mr. and Mrs. H. Lebaron Preston

In Loving Memory of

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Santaniello

In Memory of Donah Collard In Honor of Paul and Jodi Hendricks Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Charles Gabelman In Memory of John Corriea In Honor of Kathleen Hinckley Mr. Kevin Ford   Mr. Thomas DiPaolo

Mr. Charles A. Feldman

In Memory of Gerard J. Desforges

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Maynard

Ms. Jane A. Desforges and

Mr. Christopher P. Vitale

Mr. William J. White In Memory of Mrs. Jake Kaplan

Mr. Evan Freid and Mr. Barry Freid

Melissa Lynn Watson Mr. and Mrs. Austin H. Watson In Honor of Bob Wood Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Worrell

Annual and Endowment Gifts

Circle of Stars $2,500 - $4,999

James E. Greer, M.D., and Family

Alpha Pension Group



Gloria and Bryce Hall

Aurora Technologies/EDI Support, Inc.

Hall Capital Management Co., Inc.

The Rev. and Mrs. Robert T. Brooks

Ms. Carol A. Hamilton

Capitol City Group, Ltd.

Hareld Glass Co.

Citizens Bank Foundation

Hollis Meddings Group

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this list, please contact Lisa Desbiens at (401) 528-0127 or

Mayor David N. Cicilline

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Jennings

CVS Caremark Charity Classic

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence I. Kahn

Family Service of Rhode Island

Ms. Elaine S. Kaplan-Ashcroft

Mr. Ralph A. Lord

Law Offices of Michael A. Kelly, P.C.

Donors $50,000

Dr. and Mrs. Charles McDonald

The Honorable Patrick J. Kennedy

Del Prete Family Foundation

Neighborhood Health Plan

Kimball Foundation

Our sincere appreciation to the following donors who generously supported the Annual Campaign and Charles E. Maynard Fund for the Future between 7/1/09 and 6/30/10.

The Rhode Island Foundation

Martins Maintenance, Inc.

Donors $25,000 - $49,999

Ocean State Charities Trust

Mr. Kevin Martyn


QML, Inc.

MassMutual Financial Group

Mr. James Berson and Mrs. Lauren Baer

Security Concepts, Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Maynard

Shechtman, Halperin, Savage, LLP

Ms. Kathleen A. Sullivan

Mazza Construction

TD Bank

Ms. Mary E. McClure

The Beacon Mutual Insurance

Sara and Jack McConnell

Donors $10,000 - $24,999


Butler Hospital Dave and Anne Campbell Coastway Community Bank

Mr. Craig McKenna Mr. Paul Metro and Ms. Jackie Hattoy

Circle of Light $1,000 - $2,499

Mill City Construction, Inc.

Adler Pollock & Sheehan, P.C.

OST Services LLC

LISC-RI Child Facilities Fund

Beacon Health Strategies, LLC

Partridge Snow & Hahn LLP

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schwartz

Mr. Mark D. Bevelander

Philadelphia Insurance Companies

Bristol County Savings Charitable

ProMutual Group

Donald R. Barbeau, Coffee Express LTD

Founders Circle $5,000 - $9,999

Aetna Bridge Company

  Mr. David Allen and Ms. Sheree Kaplan

Lighthouse Computer Services, Inc.

Governor and Mrs. Philip W. Noel

of Rhode Island

Bank of America Billy Andrade - Brad Faxon Charities for Children Blue Cross & Blue Shield of RI Mr. and Mrs. James Botvin The Chace Fund, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Doyle Electric Boat Corp. Employees’ Community Services Assoc. Kahn, Litwin, Renza & Co., Ltd. The Law Firm of Marasco & Nesselbush, LLP

Foundation Casey Family Services

The Right Charitable Foundation

Howard Chudacoff, Ph.D. and

Roberts, Carroll, Feldstein & Peirce

Nancy Fisher Chudacoff, Esq.

Salvadore Auction & Appraisals, Inc.

Mr. Walter R. Craddock, Esq. CFP® and

Mr. and Mrs. Eric Schold

Ms. Lynne Urbani

Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Sherwin

Dan’s Management

Sovereign Bank/Santander

George and Georgia Davala

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Szostak

Mr. and Mrs. John R. Deal

The Groden Network

Delta Dental of Rhode Island

Toyota Motor Sales

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Denby, II

United Behavioral Health

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Devereaux, Esq.

Pannone Lopes Devereaux & West LLC

Mr. James Hackett and

Brokerage, Inc.

Roger Williams Medical Center

Dr. and Mrs. Steven I. Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ericson

Starkweather & Shepley Insurance

Health Centers

Ms. Marguerite Chadwick

Nixon Peabody LLP

Shriners of Rhode Island Charities Trust

The Providence Community

Dr. Roberta Feather, Ed.D., J.D. Ms. Lisa Fink Ms. Linn F. Freedman

Joshua and Cindy Teverow

Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Friedman

Youths’ Friends Association, Inc.

Gateway Healthcare

Ursillo, Teitz & Ritch, Ltd. Washington Trust Ms. Judith P. Watts Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. White Winkler Group Ltd. Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Wood, Sr. WPRI 12/FOX Providence

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Paolino, Jr.

Mr. Rodd L. Casper

Circle of Hope $500 - $999

Paster & Harpootian, Ltd.

Mr. Thomas Castelnuovo

Guy Abelson Catering

Ms. Jana M. Planka

Mr. Richard J. Cawthorne, Jr.

American Century Investments

Primarily Care

Ms. Lyn Chapman

The Angell Pension Group, Inc.

Mr. Paul Richardson

Mr. Ralph Chiodo, Esq. and


Mr. John R. Jordon and Dr. Mary Ruby

Architectural Resources

Mrs. Chester Rutkowski

Ms. Kris Chwalk

Mr. Damon Arpin

Mr. and Mrs. James R. Schomer

Ms. Deborah P. Clarke

Ms. Michele A. Auerbach

Mr. David Thomas

Dr. and Mrs. Rodney J. Clifton


UFCW Local 328

Mr. Cary J. Coen

Ms. Susan Beck

United Healthcare of New England

Mr. James Cogswell

BNY Mellon Asset Management

Universal Gold

Mr. Vincent A. Colagiovanni

Mr. Michael B. Botvin

Victory Funds

Mr. John Colburn

Mr. Kevin Bristow

Mr. Christopher P. Vitale

Mrs. Lucille J. Collard

Columbia Management

Viti Mercedes-Benz

Ms. Stacie B. Collier

Community Health Charities

W.B. Mason Co., Inc.

Mrs. Eileen M. Comparetto

Ms. Ann Corey

Ms. Mary Ann Santoro-Chiodo, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Connaughton

Mr. and Mrs. Neil A. Corkery

Circle of Friends $100 - $499

Mr. Richard Corley

Ms.Donna M. D’Aloia

AAA Southern New England

Mr. Jonathan Cornell

Mr. Dan Dilorati and

Advanced Benefit Strategies

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Costello

The Alan Shawn Feinstein Foundation

Cox Business

Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dias

Mark Allard, LICSW

Mr. and Mrs. John S. Cumming

Dimeo Construction Company

Allstate Fire Protection, Inc.

Mr. Herbert W. Cummings

Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Anonymous (2)

Mr. Richard Curran

Applied Microimage Corporation

Ms. Sam Dale

Eaton Vance

Mr. Edward G. Avila

Mr. James O. Daley

Ms. Jennifer A. Fellmann

Representative Lisa Baldelli-Hunt

Lisa D. Desbiens, CFRE

Flynn Consulting

Mr. and Mrs. James Baldwin

Ms. Jane A. Desforges and

Fontaine & Croll Ltd.

Barbara Sokoloff Associates

Mr. Edward A. Fowler

Ms. Lucille Baron

Mr. Steven Detoy

Mr. and Mrs. Fuchs

Ms. Carol G. Barton

Mr. Evo Deus

Fusion Partners, LLC/

Bay to Bay Architects

Mr. Scott DiChristofero

Mr. Ken Belcher

Mr. Thomas DiPaolo

Gilbane Building Company

Mr. Julius Bloom

Mr. Paul DiSanto

Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Grossman

Mr. Sanford Altman and

Mrs. Erica L. Donnelly

Mrs. Joan Devereaux

Association of RI

Worldwide Express

iCentrix Corp.

Ms. Alice Boss Altman

Mr. Michael J. White

Ms. Joan Donohue

Independence Bank

Ms. Margaret Bouffard


Bradley Hospital

Janus Capital Group

Paul L. Breidbord, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Marcel Dutwin

Jayna and Dale Klatzker

Mr. Robert Brooks

Mr. David Duxbury

Mr. Ian Lang and Ms. Melissa Malone

Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Brothers

Embolden Design

Mrs. Jane H. Langmuir

Brown University AMA/MSS

Dr. and Mrs. Raymond Endreny

Mickey Lavender-Lavender

Mr. and Mrs. Harold Burgoyne

Essential Learning, LLC

Mr. William Cadieux

Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Farmer, III

McCue & Lee LLP

Mrs. Deborah A. Cameron

Mr. James L. Farrell

MFS Investment Management

Mr. and Mrs. John Capalbo

Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Faulkner

Mr. Michael V. Milito

Mrs. Mary Ann Greer Chase

Mr. Charles A. Feldman

MTS Medication Technologies

Carboline Company

Ms. Lisa Fiore

Ocean State Oil, Inc.

Mr. Daniel Carto

Ms. Holly A. Fitting

& Wyatt Systems, Inc.

Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels Architects

Dianne M. Flaherty, LICSW

Mr. Paul M. Mahoney

Pamela C. Rubovits, Ph.D.

Mr. Richard G. Fleischer

Mrs. Dorothy W. Marshall

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel J. Ryan

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald J. Fogarty, Jr.

Ms. Jeannne McCarthy

Nicki Sahlin, Ph.D.

Mr. Kevin Ford

Mr. Joseph McKeon

Kazi M. Salahuddin, M.D.

Mr. Keith L. Fornal

McKinnon & Harwood, LLC

Mrs. Laura Samit

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Fredericks

Ms. Joan C. McQuillan

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Santaniello

Mr. Evan Freid and Mr. Barry Freid

Mrs. Marilyn M. Meardon

Ms. Barbara Schapiro

Mr. Richard Gallogly

Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Mearns

Ms. Kimberly Serra

Mr. Gregory Garner

Ms. Rosemary Mede and Tom Rainey

Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Sevigny

Mr. Christopher Gateman

Mr. Joseph Medeiros

Mr. William Sikov

Gatti & Asscociates and

Mr. Bruce F. Melucci

Dr. and Mrs. Michael A. Silver

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Millard Miller

Mr. Barry Sloane and

Xavier Associates Mr. Louis Giancola and

Ms. Carol Miroff

Dr. Candace Lapidus

Timothy Morgan, Esq.

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Sormanti

Mr. Anthony Giannini

Mr. Paul L. Morin

Louis V. Sorrentino, M.D.

Michael F. Gilson, M.D.

Mr. Timothy Murphy

Sparrow, Johnson & Ursillo, Inc.

Ms. Beverly Goldfield

Mr. and Mrs. James Murray

Ms. Karen Squillacci

Gora Communications Associates

Mrs. Lilia G. Nash

Mrs. Chrysanthe H. Stamoulis

Greater Providence Chamber

Mr. and Mrs. Alan D. Nathan

Mr. and Mrs. Joel Stark

Mr. George Nikola

Stephen’s Masonry Inc.

Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Greenleaf

Ms. Ana P. Novais

Ms. Susan E. Stevenson

Greenwood Distributors, Ltd

Mr. William E. O’Gara

Mr. Thomas Tarro

James E. Greer, M.D.

Orson and Brusini, Ltd.

Ms. Beth Tasca

Ms. Terese T. Gregg

Ms. Kathy Parsons

Ms. Jill E. Tavares

Mr. Richard H. Gregory, III

Ms. Denise Patnode

Ms. Michele A. Tedeschi

Ms. Joyce M. Hall

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pesare

The DOM Company

Daniel S. Harrop, M.D.

Ms. Dianne S. Piccerilli

Mr. Merrill Thomas

Mr. and Mrs. George Healy

Mrs. Betty B. Pinkos

Ms. Lynne Thompson

Ms. Alison G. Homan

Mr. and Mrs. John Pinkos

Tony’s Cleaning Service

Horton Interpreting Service, Inc.

Dorothy A. Poirier, LICSW

Updegrove & Gontarz, LTD

Mr. Richard Humphrey

Andrew B. Prescott, Esq.

Mr. Herbert Sackett and

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph B. Hynes

Mr. and Mrs. H. Lebaron Preston

IDC, Inc.

Mr. Daniel Procaccini

Ms. Charlotte Watkins

Ms. Bonnie Jaffe

Mrs. Frances M. Protano

Mr. and Mrs. Austin H. Watson

Jays Company

Providence Business News

Alan B. Weitberg, M.D. &

Ms. Sharon Jennings

Mr. Michael Raspallo

The Dept. of Medicine,

Mr. Brian J. Kelleher

Ms. Jean Rene

Roger Williams Medical Center

Cmdr. and Mrs. Paul J. Kennedy

RI Association for the Education

Dr. Pamela High

of Commerce

Kirks Lawn Maintenance, Inc. Mr. Jon Korzeniowski Ms. Jeanne Lafazia

of Young Children RI Council of Community Mental Health Orgs., Inc.

Ms. Ronnee Wasserman

Mr. David S. Whiting Mr. and Mrs. Steve Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. Kent Willever Mr. and Mrs. Jean Wolters

Mr. and Mrs. Fraser Lang

Ms. Donna Richard

Mr. Tobias Yarmolinsky

Mr. Kenneth Langley

RI-R County Lane, LLC/RI-R

Mr. Paul Young

Mr. Paul Lietar

Sturbridge, LLC

Lifocus, Inc.

Scott A. Ritch, Esq.

Mr. Philip Liscio

Ms. Lina Rodrigues

Mr. James T. Lynch

Damaris J. Rohsenow, Ph.D.

Michael Lynch, Esq.

Mr. Harry M. Roldan

Mrs. Suzanne M. Magaziner

Mr. Alan Roseman

Ms. Kathleen I. Zannini

Patrons $1 - $99 Ms. Karen L. Adams

Mr. Dennis P. Fiore

Ms. Pearl Nathan

Peter Friedmann, M.D.

Ms. Cheryl L. Nelligan

and Amy Gottlieb, M.D.

Mr. Thomas L. Nowell

Mr. and Mrs. John Affleck

Dr. and Mrs. Charles Gabelman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. O’Brien

Ms. Anthonia Akinrimisi

Ms. Dina A. Gagliardi

Ms. Josephine O’Connell

Mary Allard, LICSW

Ms. Kristle Gagne

Ms. Liberty O’Hara

Ms. Nicole Allison

Mr. Thomas Gelsomino

Mr. Daniel Omoayo

Ms. Jaime Ambeault

Mr. James E. Gillen, Jr.

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Panzini

Anonymous (2)

Mr. George A. Goodspeed

Ms. Vanna Phrommavanh

Ms. Elida Araujo-Picard

Ms. Barbara M. Gruber

Mr. Arthur Plitt

Mr. Louis Azie

Ms. Linda L. Halliday Moitoza

Mr. John Reeder

Mr. Vincent J. Baccari, Jr.

Ms. Melissa J. Hawes

Ms. Margaret Reid

Mr. Jason Bailey

Ms. Bryna Hebert

Mr. Frank Ricci

Mr. and Mrs. David Bainer

Ms. Susan Heffner

Ms. Kathleen M. Roderick

Ms. Cynthia Barry

Mr. Robert Heller

Mr. Mark Salamone

Mr. Leo A. Beliveau, III

Mrs. Blanca I. Herrera

Mr. Jerrold A. Salmanson

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Bennett, IV

Mr. Benjamin Holden Mr. Robert Schiff and Ms. Janis Cote

Ms. Judith Bennett-Wilson

Mr. Paul Jamrog

Mr. Forrest Schofield

Ms. Mary-Ellen Benoit

Ms. Madeline Jones

Ms. Deborah Sczuroski

Ms. Brydie Bernardo

Ms. Muyibat T. Kazeem

Ms. Meeckral Searight

Biotechnology Integraton &

Ms. Margaret M. Kennedy

Ms. Allison Sebastiao

Ms. Lisa Kowalski

Ms. Margaret A. Sharkey

Ms. Angeline Bishop

Mr. Michael A. LaPolla

Ms. Kathleen Silvia

Ms. Linda M. Bishop

Mr. Thomas Emmet and

Harry and Janet Skorupski

Management, LLC

Ms. Anna M. Braz

Ms. Karen Lee

Mrs. Carla Sosa

Ms. Susan Breault

Jacqueline L. Levinson, LICSW

St. Mark’s Roman Catholic Church

Ms. Erika H. Burrows

Mr. Gary Ley

Mr. Matt Stark

Mr. John Calise

Ms. Cezanne Macary

Charles Strickland

Mr. and Mrs. Robert N. Champagne

Ms. Ann Marie Marshall

Mr. Michael Sullivan

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Clarkin

Ms. Helena Marshall Temple Beth-El,

Ms. Lina Conti

Ms. Joann Martin

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Costa

Mr. David Matteodo

Ms. Dianne N. Tetreault

Ms. Suzanne Cote

Mrs. Cheryl A. Mayer

Mrs. Ghislaine D. Therien

Ms. Darlene Cowan

Ms. Ann E. Maykish

Ms. Shaunne N. Thomas

Ms. Lois C. Cumming

Mr. Louis H. Maynard

Ms. Luisa Vieira

Ms. Jo-Anna Dailey

Mr. and Mrs. Romeo A. Maynard, Jr.

Ms. Jacqueline M. Wallace

Ms. Helen Daley

Ms. Susan McAllister

Mr. Ralph L. Weaver

Ms. Georgette L. Deluca

Mr. William McAulay and

Mrs. Ruth B. Whipple

Ms. Constance DeSouza

Dr. Dianne McAulay

Rabbi Leslie Yale Gutterman

Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Worrell

Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. DiSano

Mr. Patrick J. McQuillan

Ms. Amanda Young

Mr. Charles J. Donovan

Ms. Annette Mendonca

Mr. and Mrs. Jerrold Zindler

Mr. and Mrs. Philip Doughty

Metro Motor Group

Ms. Elizabeth V. Earls

Mr. Gerard Miller

Ms. Elizabeth H. Edgerly

Mr. Wallace Mitchell

Ms. Jeanne Eng

Ms. Brenda Molho

Ms. Gloria S. Feibish

Mr. and Mrs. Edward Markowski

Mr. Raymond Fernandes

Mrs. Lucille T. Morin

Mr. Luis Ferreira

Ms. Martha J. Morris


Ms. Leslie Sormanti-Folco

Audubon Society of Rhode Island

Triggs Memorial Golf Course

Blaze Restaurant

Our sincere appreciation to the

Wannamoisett Country Club

Blithewold Mansion, Gardens &

following donors who generously

The Westin Providence

supported The Providence Center’s mission. This list reflects in-kind donations received between 7/1/09 and 6/30/10.

The White Family

Chemawa Golf Course Circle of Friends $200 - $499 Agawam Hunt

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this list, please contact Lisa Desbiens at (401) 528-0127 or

Narragansett Improvement Corporation Providence Business News Rota Portrait Design

Circle of Stars $2,500 - $4,999 Mr. Joseph Bagley Jonathan Edwards Winery Koch Eye Associates Sir Speedy - Cranston

Guy Abelson Catering Mr. and Mrs. James Botvin DES Printing Fire Works Catering Martins Maintenance, Inc. Ms. Justine Metz and Ms. Kerrie Fisette Newport National Golf Club RightTrack Solutions, LLC Travelers

Cedar Ridge Studio


Clean Harbors Environmental

Mrs. Eileen M. Comparetto

Ms. Lucile Alves Anonymous Architect’s Inn Ms. Mary-Ellen Benoit Bravo Brasserie Restaurant

Ms. Ann DeBonis

Conlon Moving & Storage, Inc.

Lisa D. Desbiens, CFRE

Cox Business

Eagle Quest Golf Dome

Mrs. Erica L. Donnelly

Mr. Charles A. Feldman

Mr. Alfred Folco

Dianne M. Flaherty, LICSW

Ms. Janice Gil

Gel Optionz

Dr. and Mrs. William A. Hancur

Mr. Jim Goulet

Hyatt Regency Newport

Johnson & Wales University

IKON Office Solutions, Inc.

Mohegan Sun

Mr. Dennis Joyce

Monster Mini Golf

Ledgemont Country Club

Museum of Art, Rhode Island

Massage Envy OneBeacon Insurance Group, Ltd. Mr. Joseph Plummer Mr. Alan Roseman Mr. Cliff Sahlin Sheraton Boston Hotel Ms. Donna Sormanti

School of Design

Ms. Sheran Little

Newport Sailing School and Tours

Mr. Joe Meddings

Mr. Richard J. O’Brien

Newport Vineyards & Winery

Ocean State Theatre Company, Inc./

Pawtucket Country Club

Theatre By The Sea

Ms. Leann Pickering

Panera Bread

ProMail, Etc.

Payden & Company, LLC

Mr. and Mrs. James Purcell

Performance Environmental Services

Quality Beverage L.P.

Providence Children’s Museum

Mr. Robert Russell

Rhode Island Philharmonic Orchestra

Sakonnet Vineyards & Winery Salon 888

& Music School Rhode Island Zoological Society and Roger Williams Park Zoo

Harry and Janet Skorupski

Rhode Island Monthly

Starkweather & Shepley Insurance

Rob Roy Academy

Brokerage, Inc.

Salon Deko & Day Spa

The Lobster Pot


Trinity Repertory Company


Westport Rivers Vineyard & Winery

The Gamm Theatre The Raffa Center

Ms. Dina A. Gagliardi G Media & Associates

Cranston Country Club

Coastway Community Bank

Siena Restaurant Circle of Hope $500 - $999

and Nancy Fisher Chudacoff, Esq. CIGNA Group Insurance

Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Lewinstein Circle of Light $1,000 - $2,499

Howard Chudacoff, Ph.D.

Anonymous (4)

Services, Inc. Founders Circle $5,000+

Arboretum Cafe Luna

Patron $1 - $199

TriState Enterprises/The Family Maid

A Beautiful You


AAA Southern New England

Welcome House

Allied Waste American Laser Centers Apple Valley Cinemas Applebee’s Apponaug Chiropractic Center

The Providence Center



James Botvin, Chair

530 North Main Street

Nancy Fisher Chudacoff, Esq., Vice Chair

Providence, RI 02904

Joel Stark, Treasurer



Patricia Cawley Affleck, Secretary 528 North Main Street Providence, RI 02904

Donald R. Barbeau Mary-Ellen Benoit

520 Hope Street

Marguerite Chadwick

Providence, RI 02906

Linda M. Cohen, Esq. Walter R. Craddock, Esq., CFP速

111 Howard Avenue, Building 56

James O. Daley

Cranston, RI 02920

William P. Devereaux, Esq. Roberta Feather, Ed.D., J.D.

2198 Wallum Lake Road

Joyce Hall

Pascoag, RI 02859

Sheree Kaplan Commander Paul J. Kennedy


Mary E. McClure

(401) 528-0123

Ana P. Novais Claude-Anthony Pierre, M.D.


Jana M. Planka

(401) 276-4020

Damaris J. Rohsenow, Ph.D. Nicki Sahlin, Ph.D.

The Providence Center is a private, non-profit behavioral health organization.

Matthew Stark Robert C. Wood, Sr. Trustees Emeriti Lionel Delaney

Linda Thimann Dewing Robert M. Doyle Karl Ericson


Charles Feldman

Gora Communications Associates

Stanley Grossman

Karen Lee

401.354.9229 photography: Jeremiah Whiteside

Maureen McDonald Lilia G. Nash

Cedar Ridge Studio

Emily Nelson


James H. Reilly

Pathways to Recovery Annual Report FY2010  

The Providence Center's fiscal year 2010 Annual Report.

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