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The Prostate Centre is a unique concept in healthcare for men. We believe we provide the best prostate care available. Let us tell you why‌


Reassurance. Confidence These are words we hear time and again from our patients. We hope that once you’ve read this brief introduction to The Prostate Centre, you’ll understand why.

Everybody at the Centre knows about prostates. They live and breathe men’s health – but in particular, everything that goes on around the prostate. So with every little ache and pain you think is unique to you, they can tell you what it all means because they’ve seen it before. Which is amazingly reassuring and confidence-building Scott Cormack, Partner, KPMG; patient

and welcome

An introduction Welcome to The Prostate Centre, a private outpatient clinic offering expert assessment, diagnosis and management of all prostate-related problems. Healthy men may also attend for a prostate check or executive health screen. Prostate cancer, enlarged prostate, poor urinary flow, raised PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen), painful prostate, impaired sexual function – these are some of the many conditions to which we devote our skills. The Centre was an initiative launched by Professor Roger Kirby, urological surgeon and prostate specialist of international renown, together with anaesthetist/men’s health physician Dr Peter Amoroso and a small but dedicated management team. Their aim was to provide the best, most efficient, least stressful experience possible, not only for the men who come to the Centre but for their partners and family who support them too. From the moment you walk in to a warm welcome, you’ll notice our bright, fresh interior, designed to feel calm and relaxing.

Determined to think “outside the box”, we set out to do things differently – looking at everything from a patient’s perspective and asking ourselves what we would want if we had to go through such an experience.

So let’s take a look at some of our core values...

expertise, technology

Expertise You’re in the safest possible hands. For the latest robot-assisted surgery, no other private clinic can match us in terms of volume, experience of handling technically difficult cases, or resources for helping patients through the whole process. Our surgeons can claim to be the best in the country, and patients are referred to us from all over the world in recognition of this.

For traditional surgery or non-invasive treatments, patients have access to some of the very best urologists, oncologists, radiologists and physicians. All prostate disease can be treated, from mild infection to advanced prostate cancer. Each one of our specialists – many of whom are professors – is at the pinnacle of his or her profession, respected nationally and internationally as an authority on a specific area of medicine. They cover incontinence, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, imaging, sexual function, health screening and preventative medicine. And as we grow, we will be recruiting some of the brightest and best in their field, adding new skills, new technology and new services. Just as important, in our view, are the highly skilled specialist nurses, therapists and lifestyle practitioners who make up our clinical team.They complete the holistic service we offer, with expertise in erectile dysfunction, incontinence, post-operative recovery, massage therapy and nutrition. We’re convinced you won’t find a similarly experienced team anywhere else in the UK.

Technology State-of-the-art equipment ensures that we can offer the very latest proven technology. We have access to first-class facilities within the Centre, at the hospitals where our operations and other treatments take place, and in the imaging centres and laboratories we use. From fast, accurate biopsy reporting to the ultimate in robotic equipment, we select technologies that will deliver an enhanced standard of care to our patients.


sit Po A cheerful attitude can go a long way to make people feel better. Everyone here, at every level, is demonstrably pleased to see our patients and goes out of his or her way to make them feel comfortable. More seriously, the power of positive thinking has helped many a patient who is suffering anxieties in the face of an unwelcome diagnosis. We know that no matter how bad things may be or seem, there are always a number of things that can be done to help. Trust us.

We hope patients will bring their partner or other companion with them because it’s always useful to have a second pair of ears. When it comes to decision-making, a patient can move forward much more easily if more than one person has heard and understood the implications and consequences. But what is often overlooked is the fact that partners themselves may suffer – albeit in a different way from the patient. They often have to carry a heavy emotional load while at the same time having to conceal their own feelings. We’re attuned to this and can offer support in a number of ways – one of them being our ability to put patients and their families in touch with people who have been through the treatment and emerged strong enough to give advice and support to those about to go through it. We call this our ‘Buddy System’.

It’s very rare indeed in the private sector to find a multi-disciplinary team working together in the way we do.

We offer a truly “joined-up” service in which consultant surgeons, physicians, radiologists, nurses, therapists and administrative staff combine forces to look after our patients – a kind of ‘360° care’ system. We talk to each other, both with and about our patients. So you’ll never be left high and dry if your usual specialist is away.

Our weekly multi-disciplinary team meetings, where experts across the specialties discuss individual cases and agree on best-practice management, are open to all staff. This involvement fosters a sense of ownership amongst everyone who works at The Prostate Centre.


Respecting patient choice is fundamental to our practice. We understand that decisions about treatment are often difficult for patients to make, so our objective is to provide as much unbiased information as possible and every opportunity to explore options with different experts. We don’t mind if a patient wants to be referred elsewhere for another opinion (indeed we know the best people to suggest); all we want is for him to be comfortable with the path he has chosen. On the other hand, we don’t believe in laying out a bewildering array of options and asking the patient to choose! We do believe in clarity of guidance, backed up by evidence-based recommendation, and will give every patient the time he needs to arrive at a fully informed decision.


We always look on the bright side.

We’re all in this together.


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We all share a passion for patient-centred care. Our hand-picked team of like-minded individuals are not only exceedingly good at what they do, they strive to make a real difference to the lives of the patients – and their families – who come to us. We value the opinions and contribution of everyone. From top specialist to typist, the whole team is encouraged to comment on any aspect of our work; to attend optional training seminars on a variety of topics such as men’s health as well as compulsory modules such as basic life support; to become involved in charity fundraising; and to join in our social events.

Patient safety A culture of risk awareness permeates everything we do. Well before the National Patient Safety Agency was established to address medical errors in the NHS, Prof Roger Kirby was developing a training programme aimed at reducing accidents in healthcare, using expertise from the airline industry. Naturally, it follows that we are imbued with a particularly high sense of responsibility when it comes to the safety of our patients. So, for example, we have robust systems in place to ensure that any patient scheduled for an operation will have a formal assessment of his general health to establish any extra risks he might face during surgery and anaesthetic. Sometimes we may ask for a full cardiological review. Often we can motivate a patient to reverse an unhealthy lifestyle: reducing weight, giving up smoking and beginning an exercise programme – all of which we know will help enormously in his recovery.

And we’re on a specific mission to prevent avoidable illness. Our experts in cardiovascular risk reduction, lipid-lowering and diabetes can help identify and advise those patients who are at risk of other life-threatening diseases. So many men in middle age and beyond come to us with a prostate problem, but turn out to be in far more danger of succumbing to some underlying disorder. For this reason, we think of the prostate as “the gateway to men’s health”!

Cleanliness and hygiene are high on our list of priorities. Below the surface runs our scrupulous attention to infection control. For example, innovative protocols we have introduced prior to prostate biopsy have helped to make this procedure safer; similarly, we pro-actively screen patients for MRSA infection before they are admitted to hospital for surgery.

teamwork, patient safety




We pride ourselves on the level of written information we make available to patients. From a step-bystep guide to a robotic operation to an explanation of fees, everything is written in plain English (some documents are available in Greek and Arabic for the benefit of patients from overseas). Books, journals and films/DVDs specially commissioned and produced by us are always accessible in our resources room, and our website gives a broad picture of who we are, what we offer and our news and views.

Quality We take regulatory compliance very seriously. The Care Quality Commission (previously the Healthcare Commission) is the body responsible for standards in the healthcare sector. We were pleased to receive an excellent report on our first inspection; and ever since then, we’ve done our utmost to monitor and improve everything we do. Health and safety and rigorous risk-management are a top priority – because we think: if one of us were a patient, wouldn’t we want those standards to be in place for us?


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As Chairman of Prostate UK and Honorary Secretary of The Urology Foundation, Prof Roger Kirby has been responsible for generating millions of pounds for both charities.

Many of us are also active trustees or fundraisers, devoting time and energy to events ranging from the annual Pants in the Park fun run to helping with auctions at charity functions; from racing in the New York and London Marathons to cycling hundreds of miles in Sicily and Malawi; from trekking in Jordan and Borneo to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. We’re delighted to say that hundreds of our patients are also supporters of these events – whether taking part or donating generously.

innovation, information, quality, charities

Often, though, we’re ahead of the game. Our experts are involved in writing papers and books, editing journals, running committees, advising industry and government bodies, as well as appearing in newspapers, on television and radio. We hold seminars at The Prostate Centre for GPs to learn about various aspects of men’s health. In short, we actively do as much as we can to inform and be informed.

Knowledge is power – patient power.


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We constantly review the literature and our own protocols to keep abreast of the latest developments and to update our practice. Our specialists, therapists and nurses regularly attend and contribute to national and international conferences, teaching as well as learning.



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...and finally

We’ve built up a great reputation:

... and finally

Respect In the few short years of its existence, The Prostate Centre has won the respect of the healthcare community, not just in the UK but overseas as well. We are acknowledged to be a centre of excellence for prostate care and specifically for robotic surgery. A great many of our referrals are from abroad; still more are seeking a second opinion from our experts who are seen to be unbiased and authoritative.

The Prostate Centre is becoming rather like a gentlemen’s club to me!

Recognition Our patients report what they find to their GPs, who often tell us how happy they are with the service; but we also encourage feedback via satisfaction surveys and the results from these are overwhelmingly positive. It’s no coincidence that a substantial proportion of our new patients approach us as a result of recommendation by friends, family and colleagues.

Reward We’re passionate about what we do at The Prostate Centre: enthusiasm permeates our entire team. We genuinely believe that, if you have to see a doctor about a prostate problem, you’ll be pleased you chose us.

Chris Lane; patient

Why not come and see for yourself?

The Prostate Centre opened its doors in 2005, with an official opening a few months later by HRH The Duchess of Gloucester, GCVO. Her Royal Highness continues to take a lively interest in our work and is Patron of Prostate UK.

The Prostate Centre 32 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8GT T +44 (0)20 7935 9720 E

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