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UK MOD Project Profile: Winning D&D of Aldermaston Building A-1

A Winner for a Strategic Customer The Proposal Center (TPC) in

(MOD) and a U.K. Top 200

for commercial nuclear operating

Orlando, Florida assisted the

publicly traded firm. Babcock

and production facilities. Tony

tender response to the U.K.’s

business units support the

Moore is the Managing Direc-

Atomic Weapons Establishment

U.K.’s strategic submarine and

tor, having taken the position as

(AWE) for decontamination

aircraft carrier assets, nuclear

of April 2009. Tony visited TPC

of Building A-1 at the AWE

power sites, railroad industry,

in May 2009 and was very in-

Aldermaston site. TPC’s

and airport baggage-handling

terested in TPC service offerings

customer was Leicester-based


and TPC’s ability to help BNS

BNS Nuclear Services Limited

improve their win rate. Tony is in-

(BNS), a first tier business unit of

BNS provides life cycle require-

novative and aggressive in pursu-

Babcock International Group PLC

ments for high-integrity materials

ing work and believes that TPC’s

(Babcock). With annual revenue

handling, process plant and con-

advanced proposal development

of £1.9 billion, Babcock is the

trols systems engineering, waste

techniques could help BNS win a

largest prime contractor to the

stream management, and legacy

higher percentage of the work on

U.K. Ministry of Defence Estate

cleanup and decommissioning

which they bid.

Babcock maintains the entire U.K. Nuclear Navy fleet, including reactor engineering and repair and overhaul.


Perry-Evans, Group Head of

facility which was one of the

Sales) that TPC’s capability

most important buildings in the

was the best he had ever


seen. A second meeting was held on August 6, 2009 in

TPC’s contract work for BNS

the Leicester headquarters of

began on October 15, 2009

BNS with Liz Pulford, Business

and ended November 26, 2009.

and Marketing Manager; Paul

TPC’s Capture Manager was

Brown, Operations Director; Jim

Paul Miskimin and the assigned

Brassington, Business Director-

Proposal Manager was Emmett

Nuclear Defense; Piers Wood,

Shaffer. They and TPC’s graphic

TPC Proposal Manager Emmett Shaffer briefs airfield maintenance requirements at TPC in Orlando, FL.

Tendering Manager; Gareth

designer, Daniel Schumaker,

Peel, Project Manager; and Guy

supported BNS engineers in

Worsnap, Business Development

developing and publishing the


AWE Aldermaston Building A-1

TPC President, Carl Selfe, briefed

BNS had an upcoming priority

tender response. TPC capability to Babcock Business Development Director Kevin Thomas on August 5, 2009. Mr. Thomas later briefed the rest of Babcock’s Board of Directors on TPC, stating (according to Babcock’s Sean

procurement that they were

BNS won this $75 million

pursuing and for which they

contract in 2010. Babcock

stated they would like TPC help.

has additionally asked TPC to

That was the decommissioning of

consider evaluating sites and

the Atomic Weapons Enterprise

helping to establish a centralized

(AWE) Aldermaston Building A-1,

Babcock proposal center in the

a former plutonium processing


BNS won this $75 million contract in 2010 and it was the first of two contracts TPC helped win for clients supporting the U.K. MOD.


Carl K. Selfe is President/CEO of TechServ Inc. dba The Proposal Center. The architect of a proposal process winning 104 government contracts worth $56.2 billion, Mr. Selfe was previously Director of Business Development for Pan Am World Services, Inc. He started his own company, TechServ Inc., in 1993 and opened The Proposal Center (TPC) in 2005.

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Aldermaston Bldg A-1  

Project Profile: Winning D&D of Aldermaston Building A-1

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