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Here comes the Sun Favourite season of extremes, hold or cold?


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June gardening It’s officially Summer, which means our gardens are in full bloom, but there are still jobs to do…

Summer’s tracks Get summer ready with the hottest tracks to enjoy in the sun

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Will England be Euro stars? EURO 2020 finally arrives and we have all the fixtures all in one place.

WELCOME TO THE JUNE ISSUE! It’s an exciting month. On the 21st, if things continue to plan, all social distancing measures will be lifted. And what better month for the UK to get back to normal than the official start of the summer? With this in mind, this month we are going all out for the good times with a feature showcasing some of the best summer facts around. Can’t stand the heat? On pages 8 & 9 we give you some great ideas how to keep your home cool during the warmer months. Father’s Day is on the 20th June and we have put together a guide of some of the hottest present ideas this year alongside two BBQ features; one keeping you up to date of the best kit available and another with some fantastic recipes to try.



The delayed EURO 2020 football competition kicks off this month too, which is why we have created a handy guide of every single fixture so you don’t miss a kick, alongside a preview of the top teams vying to bring the trophy home. And if that wasn’t enough, we explore the delayed films that are finally being released at the cinema; the top summer tracks you’ll all be singing along to this year as well as our usual monthly gardening guide. So, what are you waiting for? Light the BBQ, grab a beer or a vino, get settled in and enjoy… Jonathan Wheatley Editor

It’s the start of our favourite season of extremes “I love to see the summer beaming forth, and white wool sack clouds sailing to the north…” are the opening lines to a sonnet by John Clare, the so-called Northamptonshire Peasant Poet whose romantic visions of the English countryside made him a hot topic with Victorian chattering society. And what we could do with is a “beaming” summer to banish the gloom cast by a world-enveloping pandemic. June traditionally marks the start of the brightest, warmest and most longed-for season of the year. So here are a few facts to amuse, amaze and kill the conversation at your socially-distanced barbecue…



It has snowed in June. At least a centimetre fell in parts of the country on June 2nd, 1975, forcing the abandonment of several county championship cricket matches. And, if that wasn’t bad enough, the bedding plants took a proper battering on June 19th, 1955 and June 1st and 3rd 1962 in Santon Downham, Norfolk, when temperatures dipped to a bulb-numbing -5.6°C – that’s 21.92°F, chillier than most winter nights.

Although meteorologists say summer officially starts on June 1st, the astronomical summer doesn’t begin until the 21st, when there is a 23.5° tilt of the Earth’s axis in its orbit around the Sun. The summer of 2006 is considered the warmest on record with daytime temperatures averaging 15.8° Centigrade (around 60° Fahrenheit). However, the hottest day was recorded at Cambridge University Botanic Garden on July 25th, 2019 when plants wilted in the sweltering 38.7°C heat (101.66°F).

Figures show that the summer of 2012 was the wettest on record. From June until the end of August, 366.8mm of rain fell across the UK, compared with 384.4mm in 1912.

The Eiffel Tower grows in the summer. Paris’ iron landmark can expand by up to 17cm on a hot day. Theoretically, it is possible to fry an egg on a car bonnet. TV chef James Martin did it in June 2018 in 26°C heat, although experts say you really need a dry heat of 70°C (158°F) to get it done properly. Which means you need to be in Death Valley, California, or the Australian outback to have a decent fry-up on your Merc, although it will make a mess of your paintwork. Droughts are not uncommon in the UK. One of the worst started in the autumn of 1975 when below-average winter rainfall preceded a blistering summer. From June 23rd, the temperatures did not dip below 32°C (90°F) for two weeks, peaking at 35.6°C (96.1°F) with the first significant rain falling on August 27th. You can work out the evening temperature by listening to a cricket. Count the number of chirps over 25 seconds, divide by 3 and add 4 to the Celsius figure. Yes, really. More


More than 405million kilogrammes of ice cream were sold in Britain last year. Hardly surprisingly, ice cream manufacturers say the most popular flavour is vanilla, followed by mint choc chip and raspberry ripple.

Folklore says if it rains on St Swithin’s Day, it will rain for 40 days thereafter. Remember the date – July 15th. More thunderstorms occur during the summer than at any time of the year, most occurring over the south-east of England.

There are currently 195 Blue Flag beaches in the British Isles. While most accept it is a recognition of water quality, the flag is also awarded for environmental management, safety and services, plus education and information. So, it is aimed at resort beaches with plenty of facilities as much as smaller, picturesque coves. Even though it does not have a sandy beach, the little village of St Mawes in Cornwall was last year named Britain’s ideal seaside resort in a Which? study. Skegness, Great Yarmouth, Bognor Regis, Blackpool, Morecambe and Cleethorpes didn’t fare as well. Chesil Beach in Dorset is the longest in the UK, at 18 miles long. But it is a shingle spit, so the sandy beaches at Bournemouth and Pendine Beach in Wales, which are more than seven miles long, are officially the longest. In comparison, the largest in the world is at Praia do Cassino in Brazil – a piffling 150 miles long.


One of the world’s largest fixed barbecues has been made in Gloucestershire. The £10,000 monster, commissioned by a wedding venue, can cook seven whole lambs, three pigs or two cows at the same time, as well as

1,000 sausages or 500 burgers, is heatproof to 600°C, weighs two tonnes, measures 5m across, needs 14 bags of coal to ignite and can be worked by three chefs. It is made by the Bespoke BBQ Company and is dubbed… God-grilla.




e’ve all missed spending precious time with our parents, so this year make it extra special with our unique gift guide to help you find the perfect gift for your dear dad this Father’s Day.

GLAMPING TRIP A glamping break might be the perfect way you and your dad, or your dad and his partner, can escape the hustle and bustle of city life. The beauty of a glamping pod is that you get the advantages of camping, but without the hassle that traditional camping can sometimes bring.

DRINKS CADDY This gift would be perfect for a picnic, and/or for carrying beers in. Even if it’s not a picnic, this would be extremely useful for just about any kind of travelling event. These caddies can sometimes come equipped with various accessories, so make sure you find the right one for your dad.

AFTERNOON TEA There is nothing quite like an afternoon tea, and everyone loves them! You can’t really go wrong with tea, sandwiches, cakes and scones, so why not treat your dad this year and satisfy his sweet tooth?

FIRE PIT The last year or so has understandably seen outdoor spaces being used much more than usual, so your dad might love to light up his very own fire pit once the sun goes down, to extend those evenings outside a little longer than the sun alone permits.

IDEAS FOR SPECIAL FATHER’S DAY GIFTS Celebrate Father’s Day with our hot picks for gifts this year



DRINKS JAR WITH TAP If you dad likes to drink, a large glass jar with a tap would be just perfect for him. This would be ideal to keep a unique mixer for spirits, for example, since it can be made ahead of time and kept refrigerated in the jar for weeks, even months.

SPA DAY Spa days might often get primarily associated with women, but this is an unfair generalization because couples very often attend spa days together, and indeed men can attend them alone if they wish – nothing wrong with that. A luxury spa day might be the very thing your dad needs at the moment. From full body massages to jacuzzis and steam rooms, your dad might just love to receive a voucher for something like this for Father’s Day.

You can make it as unique as you like, and it will last him forever.

PERSONALISED ENGRAVED KEYCHAIN If you want to get really sentimental this Father’s Day, an engraved keychain would be ideal to say something special to your dad. You can make it as unique as you like, and it will last him forever.

FRAMED PORTRAIT OF THE COUPLE Never has it been so important to celebrate togetherness, and especially longevity of relationships. This Father’s Day, your dad might well love a framed portrait of him pictured with his beloved, or his family. Social media can surely provide you with varying options to frame, and you can also have it redesigned slightly if you wish, to make it even more bespoke.

PERSONALISED PEN Pens are typically inexpensive. But to have one personalized can add priceless value. And let’s face it, even in this digital age, we still often use them, especially our sometimes old-fashioned fathers!

PERSONALISED MUG The thing about a personalized item is that you have almost complete freedom to say whatever you like to your beloved dad, and what better way to do that than to simultaneously encourage him to relax with a hot beverage of his choosing? A personalized mug is the perfect way to tell your dad how much he means to you, which he can be reminded

of daily whenever he drinks from it. But if you think a picture says a thousand words instead, an imprinted photo on the mug is a fantastic alternative.

PERSONALISED CHARGING DOCKING STATION A charging docking station is an ideal gift for your father. It can hold the likes of his phone, his glasses, his wallet, his keys, and more. In terms of practicality, it’s perfect, for it organizes all of your items into one small unit, making things altogether so much tidier.

MENS BODY SPRAY There’s a big difference between smelling bad, and smelling really quite nice. And usually, especially when you’re out and about, there’s no in between, so it’s important what we men spray ourselves with. You’d be well advised to get your dad an especially nice smelly this Father’s Day. A mild one which will last all day long would generally be the preferred option.

HOT STONE THERAPY PACK Since we all love a good massage, it seems like an ingenious idea to bring that pleasure into your very own home, and without even needing a professional masseuse. These packs can come with everything you need to enjoy a good massage, without having to travel to a massage parlour.



BBQ BEST KIT Get kitted out ready for BBQ season with our guide to the best tools for the job


BQ season is upon us. The smell of smoke alongside a glass of wine or a beer is what summer is all about. However, for those of us who see BBQ as more than just burnt sausages and burgers, there is a real science to creating the perfect smoked food. So, we have put together this guide to the best kit you need to get the most from your grill…

MEAT THERMOMETER Maybe not the snazziest or most exciting piece of kit, but an internal meat thermometer is probably the most important tool for all smoking and grilling enthusiasts. You see, when you cook burgers or sausages on a BBQ over direct coals you are actually grilling not barbecuing. A real BBQ is cooked using indirect heat with lots of smoke to get that real BBQ flavour. Barbecuing is tougher than grilling, which is why it is so important to have a meat thermometer to know what is happening inside your meat and when it is safe to eat. We highly recommend this meat thermometer from Weber. £19.74 | bbqworld.co.uk

SMOKING WOODCHIPS Even if you are simply grilling, you’ll still want that smoky flavour to your food. We don’t all have access to chopped oak, applewood or hickory, which is why companies supply flavoured woodchips. These little pieces of roughly 1cm woodchip are usually soaked in beer or wine before being added directly to your charcoal or in a smoker box. When they burn they release thick flavourful smoke, which gives all your food, whether smoked or grilled, that rich BBQ flavour. We love these Whisky Barrel Oak chips that add great flavour to red meat. £5.50 | hotsmoked.co.uk

BEER CAN CHICKEN HOLDER Have you ever fancied cooking a whole chicken on a BBQ but was worried about how much time and effort it would take if you don’t have an electric spit to cook it through on all sides? Beer can chicken originated in the U.S State of Louisiana and is a great way to indirectly cook a whole chicken whilst imbuing it with plenty of taste and moisture. It’s simple, by placing a half-filled beer can inside the chicken’s cavity, when the liquid gets hot enough it steams the chicken from the inside out. Sometimes, it doesn’t seem so hygienic to put an actual beer can inside the chicken, which is why you can buy a handy beer can chicken holder that can be used again and again. We love this simple device from Landmann. £15.99 | landmann.com





BQ season. The smell of smoke in the air. Drinks with friends. Sunshine. What more could you ask for? How about the best rubs and sauces to create the most flavourful meat possible in your own back garden.

Elevate your ribs, steaks and burgers on the BBQ this summer


A dry rub is perfect for ribs, steaks and for adding to your burgers before and during cooking to give a rich smoky and sweet flavour.



A sweet and smoky marinade that is perfect for pork ribs and chicken.

In Memphis, USA, the rub is considered as important as the meat and smoke. Ingredients: 1/2 cup paprika 1/4 cup garlic powder 1/4 cup mild chilli powder 3 tablespoons salt 3 tablespoons black pepper 2 tablespoons onion powder 2 tablespoons celery seeds 1 tablespoon brown sugar 1 tablespoon dried oregano 1 tablespoon dried thyme 1 tablespoon cumin 2 teaspoons dry mustard 2 teaspoons ground coriander 2 teaspoons ground allspice Method: Simply add all the ingredients into a bowl and mix until well combined. Store in an airtight container for up to six-months. When ready to use, rub the spice mix all over the meat at least an hour before cooking and leave to marinade. Cook the meat over open coals or smoke depending on your preference.

Ingredients: 1 cup apple juice, to be divided about 1/4 teaspoon morton’s kosher salt per pound of ribs another 2 pinches salt for the glaze 2 teaspoons hot sauce 1/4 cup real maple syrup 4 tablespoons of the Memphis rub Method: Sprinkle the salt onto your ribs or chicken and then rub in the Memphis rub. Smoke or roast for an hour or so. Place the chicken or ribs onto aluminium foil and create a boat. Drizzle ½ cup of the apple juice over the meat and then re-wrap tightly before placing back on the grill. After another hour or so (longer for the ribs) remove the meat and drain the apple and meat juice into a saucepan. Add the remaining apple juice and the maple syrup and bring it to a simmer. When the sauce has a shiny glaze, add the salt and hot sauce and stir. Coat the meat in the marinade and put back onto the grill for five-minutes.



As the hottest months of the year approach, we can look ahead to lots of upcoming warmth.


ut that’s not to say that the heat doesn’t present some challenges. When it comes to winding down in the evenings, it can be difficult to relax when the temperature doesn’t feel like it’s dropping. So here are some of our best ways to cool your home this Summer.


When it comes to appliances designed for cooling someone down, a fan can prove to be man’s best friend. But often, when the weather becomes too hot, fans can be counter-productive, and end up recycling hot air. To avoid this, try strategically pointing your fan towards open windows, so that hot air can be pushed out of a room. And if you have a ceiling fan, setting it to anti-clockwise can also help to remove the hot air. Another idea is to place a dish with ice in front of a fan. This DIY air-conditioning trick will create a cool mist as the ice evaporates, resulting in lower temperatures, and is ideal for any time of the day. Another inventive DIY trick is to repurpose a hot water bottle. It is widely known that hot water bottles are the perfect way to warm your bed up on a cold winter’s night. So surely the same method can be applied to summer, when the process is reversed? So fill your bottle with cold water, and place it in the freezer before you go to bed. Or if you haven’t got a hot water bottle, you can grab any bottle that can hold a liquid and give this a go. This will give you a homemade ice-pack, which will keep you cool all night long.


If you fancy getting some new bed sheets in the coming months, then summer is the perfect excuse to replace your heavier, winter sheets, with lightweight cotton ones. And opting for cotton sheets which are also of a light colour, results in a more breathable fabric, and will help to give you a better night’s sleep. And if this still isn’t working for you, then try to bring the temperature of the sheets down.




Another inventive DIY trick is to repurpose a hot water bottle. So fill your bottle with cold water, and place it in the freezer before you go to bed.

Many people will recommend lying on a damp towel, or sprinkling water over your sheets, in order to cool your bed down. This may work, but will also result in a long-lasting wetness, which no one wants. Instead, pop your sheets in the freezer for a few minutes before bedtime. As well as giving them an icy freshness before you sleep, it won’t make your bedding as wet as applying water would. Just make sure to put your sheets in a bag first, so that they don’t come out smelling of frozen food!


One thing that few people think about is focussing on avoiding activities which increase the heat around a home. In particular, there are two key areas which you can address in order to reduce heat. Firstly, think about your cooking. One of the biggest sources of heat in any home is from preparing food in a kitchen. So why not try your hand at some dishes that don’t require the oven and hobs to be turned on, like salads. And if you do want to cook, consider utilising barbecues outside, to avoid excess steam hanging around. Secondly, reduce the temperature of your shower. By using warm, rather than hot water, this will not only reduce the amount of steam which is able to travel around your house, but will also leave you feeling much cooler, and therefore more relaxed in the hot weather.


If none of these DIY tricks are working for you, then there is always the option of buying some tech, which is guaranteed to keep you cool. If you’re on the hunt for a new air conditioner, then take a look at an air purifier. For example, the Dyson Pure Cool Tower Advanced Technology Air Purifier Fan will help to keep you cool day and night. The great thing about this fan is its quietness, even when on a powerful setting, so this is ideal for anyone who struggles to sleep during hot nights. Or, if you fancy a cheaper option, then get yourself a cooling blanket. These blankets absorb sweat from your body, to keep you cool all night long. They’re also machine washable, meaning that you can use it throughout the summer, and it won’t lose its freshness.




It’s officially Summer, which means our gardens are in full bloom, but there are still jobs to do…



June is the first month where the weather can virtually be guaranteed. No more frosts, warmer evenings and, hopefully, hotter days. The Spring flowers have mostly gone and the summer ones are coming through providing an abundance of colour. However, as nice as it is to sit in your garden and enjoy it, there are still plenty of jobs to do…

WEEDING Weeds. The arch-nemesis of our beautiful gardens. However, with some hard work, these can be removed. All weeds can be controlled without weedkillers, and for our environment, it is best to get your hand’s dirty before resorting to chemicals. One of the best manual ways to control weeds is by hoeing. Simply run a hoe over a bed or between rows to kill most weed seedlings. Ideally, choose a dry day with light wind so that the seedlings will dry out on the surface. Pull up annual weeds by hand before they set seed. Perennial weeds should be dug out with as much root or bulb as possible using a hand or border fork. Hand weeding is easiest on lighter soils and should only be attempted when it won’t disturb the roots of garden plants.

HANGING BASKETS Hanging baskets provide valuable colour at eye level in your garden. Choose vibrant bedding plants for a short-term show, or herbs, shrubs and evergreens for a longer-lasting display. The great thing about hanging baskets is that you can plant them in situ straight away. The basic principles for creating a hanging basket are very simple. First of all, if you are using a standard wire basket, it will need to be lined. You can buy readymade cardboard liners and fibrous materials sold for the purpose.



Then add a good quality, peat-free multipurpose compost and give it a good water before starting to add your bedding plants or herbs, shrubs and

You should prune deciduous shrubs (losing their leaves in winter) after they have flowered.

evergreens. Once the basket has been planted, check every day in summer, watering always unless the compost is wet.

PRUNE EARLY-FLOWERING SHRUBS Deciduous shrubs that flower in late winter, spring and early summer need annual pruning to encourage strong, healthy shoots and improve flowering. Annual pruning also prolongs the life of these early-flowering shrubs. You should prune deciduous shrubs (losing their leaves in winter) after they have flowered. As they usually flower on the previous year’s growth, pruning immediately after flowering allows maximum time for the development of young growth. To prune, you will need a good pair

of secateurs and start by cutting out any damaged or dead shoots back to their point of origin. Where there are many stems, remove some to ground level to keep the bush open and avoid congestion.

PLANT SUMMER BEDS Bedding plants provide a temporary decorative seasonal display for planters, borders, containers and hanging baskets. And now is the perfect time to create them. Bedding plants can be grown from seed, bought as plug plants (young seedlings) or purchased as pot-grown specimens.

sunshine you will have more luck with Mediterranean plants, flowers and herbs than if you tried to plant something more suitable for shady conditions. Once you know your borders and beds, you can go online to find the most suitable plants or ask at your local garden centre.

WATERING Watering is key to growing healthy, beautiful plants, however, water is a precious resource and supplies in the UK are under pressure, so you want to be water-smart to help the environment and preserve water.

The best time to water plants is in the Many public gardens change the morning, as this is when the sun comes bedding up and plants start to use displays the water. The foliage and twice a year, soil surface is also likely To prune, you will replanting in to stay drier for longer need a good pair of late spring and than evening watering, secateurs and start early autumn. discouraging slugs and by cutting out any This is called snails from ruining damaged or dead successional your plants. shoots back to their planting. point of origin. However, In regards to how much before you water, there is no simple rule even think of thumb. Each plant has about planting summer beds, you will different watering needs, however, want to know what type of soil you have. you can look for the signs that a plant needs more or less water such as a lack For example, if you have a dry border of growth, dull leaves, wilting and a with free-draining soil and lots of change in position of leaves.



Perfect to kick-off the summer with, this hot tune by Selena Gomez




Get summer ready with the hottest tracks to enjoy in the sun


his summer will be one of freedom and new beginnings for many, and music is one of the best ways to channel that inner sensitivity and soulfulness into something to be shared with others. These inspirational-entitled tracks for this summer will surely do just that. So, let’s crack ourselves wide open this summer and enjoy the tunes! “Rare” by Selena Gomez Perfect to kick-off the summer with, this hot tune by Selena Gomez blends themes of breakup and self-affirmation, and features a killer baseline accompanied with Selena’s typically delicate vocals. “On My Own” by Shamir More of a declaration of independence rather than a moan of loneliness, this sizzling beat from Shamir rather sounds like a homage to the 90’s with its old-schools sounds. It’s crunchy guitar and textured percussion providing the song with a somewhat lo-fi charm, Shamir has described the song as “an accidental quarantine anthem.” “Hard To Forget” by Sam Hunt Typically creating earnest, bittersweet estrangement anthems, Sam Hunt makes no



exception with this country pop hit which invites us to reflect on how hard it can be to let certain things or people go. “Do It” by Chloe x Halle Typically known for their icy cool R&B sounds, “Do It” features a more angelic intertwining of both their vocals. This track was produced by Scott Storch, who was perhaps the biggest producer in pop and hip-hop during the 2000s, and he shows he still has the touch with an airy beat that bring out the best of Chloe and Halle’s harmonies. “Play Play” by J Hus ft. Burna Boy A refreshing blast of tropical breeze, “Play Play” rises and falls like a cresting wave with the vocals contrasting from one another masterfully. This is British rapper J Hus’ and Nigerian Afro-pop superstar Burna Boy’s third collaboration, the track altogether boasting their smooth baritone harmonies. “Physical” by Dua Lipa Dua Lipa was a big hit last year, and with her new song, “Physical”, she is sure dominate this year too. It has a neo-80’s feel to it, and offers chuggingsounding synthesisers with high powered vocals.




s cinemas reopened May 17th, we can look forward to indulging in all the latest releases. And after repeated setbacks, we take a look at some of the films that have been put on hold, but are now ready to explode onto UK screens.


The much anticipated Marvel superhero movie will hit screens in early July, having been pushed back on three separate occasions due to the forced closure of cinemas. The film is a sequel to the events of Captain America: Civil War (2016), and will focus on the lead character Natasha Romanoff, as she deals with issues in her past, long before she became an Avenger. As well as Scarlett Johansson, who will reprise her role as Romanoff, Black Widow will feature a star-studded cast which includes Florence Pugh, Ray Winstone, and Rachel Weisz. The film will also be made available on Disney+.


This 3D live action/computer-animated comedy is a sequel to Peter Rabbit, and will include many of the bignames who starred in the first film. In particular, James Corden will voice the title character once more, and Rose Byrne and Dominic Gleeson will also return. This instalment will see Peter with his makeshift family, but forced to confront his mischievous behaviour. After being originally postponed, the release of this family favourite will be of interest to all ages, come May 21st.


The long-awaited sequel to the 80s classic Top Gun, will be on our screens towards the end of the year. Filming was completed by Summer 2019, but due to post-production details, eand ensuing lockdowns, this action movie will finally hit cinemas. The film sees Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer reprise their 80s roles, in a cast which will also boast Jon Hamm. Tom Cruise’s other new release, Mission Impossible 7, has been moved to 2022, in order to make way for Top Gun: Maverick.

And after repeated setbacks, we take a look at some of the films that have been put on hold


This new horror film, starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson was scheduled to be released in May last year. But it is now confirmed that this spine-chilling new movie will be available from May 21st. Centred around a brash detective and his rookie partner, the pair investigate a set of gruesome murders. And for all the horror fans who can’t get enough, the latest instalment of The Conjuring series, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, will be released just one week later.



WILL ENGLAND BE EURO STARS? Southgate’s men looking to end 55 years of hurt


the World Cup. All their Group D games are in London and they would only be required to travel for a quarter-final tie.

t’s coming home … in a manner of speaking. The 16th edition of football’s European Championships, postponed from last year, kicks off on June 11th and, for the first time, games are spread across the continent rather than one host nation, although the business end will be held at Wembley Stadium. Which will be handy for England should they again get to the semi-finals of a competition which is notoriously more difficult to win than its big brother,

It is, without doubt, one of the reasons why Gareth Southgate’s squad will be regarded among the favourites for only the third major tournament held in the birthplace of the game – the others being the World Cup in 1966, which they won, and Euro 96, where they lost on penalties in the semi-finals. But with England, getting out of the group is always something of an achievement, let alone one that is strewn with banana skins.


Friday June 11th Turkey Saturday June 12th Wales Wednesday June 16th Turkey

Italy Baku, 2pm Switzerland Baku, 5pm Wales

Saturday June 12th Denmark Saturday June 12th Belgium

Certainly, the fact they will not have to stray too far from home is a massive plus, but England were extremely underwhelming in their recent World Cup qualifiers. And the fear is the deeper they progress into the tournament, the more leg-weary they will become as the intensity of a punishing domestic season takes its toll. So, it may be worth siding with a squad which does not rely on England-based players. North Macedonia it is then!

Turkey Rome, 5pm Wales

Copenhagen, 5pm Finland St Petersburg, 8pm Russia

Sunday June 13th

Bucharest, 5pm


North Macedonia

Sunday June 13th Netherlands

Amsterdam, 8pm Ukraine



North Macedonia


Baku, 5pm


Bucharest, 2pm



So, will suburban England once again be awash in a sea of St George’s flags and will we all be wearing Gareth Southgate waistcoats come July 11th?

Thursday June 17th



As for Wales, their Group A campaign is marginally less daunting, although the games against Italy, Turkey and Switzerland are divided between Baku and Rome.

It may be worth siding with a squad which does not rely on Englandbased players.

Wednesday June 16th St Petersburg, 2pm

Thursday June 17th

Sunday June 20th


Rome, 8pm

Rome, 8pm


If they win the group, England face the runners-up from Group F – that’s either Germany, France, defending champions Portugal or Hungary. Finish runners-up and its either Spain, Poland, Sweden or Slovakia. Who said there were easy games in international knockout football?

Top the group, though, and the last-16 tie is at Wembley, while it’s a short hop to Amsterdam if they are second.


Wednesday June 16th

Sunday June 20th

They open their campaign on June 13th against Croatia, their conquerors in the 2018 World Cup semi-finals, before the showdown with Auld Enemy Scotland on June 18th and the conclusion against the Czech Republic four days later. Southgate will not need reminding you cannot underestimate the Croatians or the Czechs; as for the Scots, what they may lack in technical ability they will make up in heart and workrate, and the England manager will be grateful for a repeat of the win against the Tartan Terrors in the group stages of Euro 96.

Monday June 21st Russia Monday June 21st Finland

Russia Copenhagen, 5pm Belgium Copenhagen, 8pm Denmark St Petersburg, 8pm Belgium

Thursday June 17th Netherlands Monday June 21st North Macedonia Monday June 21st Ukraine

Amsterdam, 8pm Austria Amsterdam, 5pm Netherlands Bucharest, 5pm Austria



Wembley, 2pm

Sunday June 13th England

Monday June 14th





Glasgow, 5pm


Friday June 18th


Czech Republic


Friday June 18th

Wembley 8pm

Saturday June 19th



Tuesday June 22nd

Scotland Wembley, 8pm

Tuesday June 22nd Czech Republic

St Petersburg, 2pm Slovakia Seville, 8pm


Glasgow, 9pm


Seville, 8pm

Monday June 14th

Czech Republic

Friday June 18th

St Petersburg, 5pm


Glasgow, 2pm

Monday June 14th



Hungary Tuesday June 15th France Saturday June 19th Hungary Saturday June 19th Portugal


Saturday June 26th

M 40

Sunday June 27th

M 41

Monday June 28th

M 43

Tuesday June 29th

Runner up


Group A

Runner up

Group B

Budapest, 5pm

Group C

Runner up


Amsterdam, 5pm


Group D/E/F

Copenhagen, 5pm

Group D

Runner up

Group E

Glasgow, 8pm

Group E


Group A/B/C/D

M 37

Saturday June 26th

M 39

Sunday June 27th

M 42

Monday June 28th

M 44

Tuesday June 29th


Wednesday June 23rd Germany




Group A

Group B

Group F

Group D

Friday July 2nd

M 47

Saturday July 3rd



St Petersburg, 5pm

Match 41


Match 42

Baku, 5pm

Match 40


Match 38

M 46

Friday July 2nd

M 48

Saturday July 3rd



Match 39

Match 43

Wembley, 8pm Runner up

Group C

Seville, 8pm Third

Group A/D/E/F

Bucharest, 8pm Third

Group A/B/C

Wembley, 5pm Runner up

Group F

Munich, 8pm Winner

Match 37

Rome, 8pm Winner

Match 44


Wembley, 8pm

Tuesday July 6th Winner

Match 46


Match 45

M 50

Wednesday July 7th Winner

Match 48


Sunday July 11th Winner

Match 49

Wembley, 8pm Winner

Match 50

Munich, 8pm Hungary


Budapest, 8pm France

ROUND OF 16 M 38

Munich, 5pm Germany



Budapest, 2pm France


Seville, 5pm

Munich, 8pm Germany

Wednesday June 23rd


Budapest, 5pm Portugal

Wednesday June 23rd St Petersburg, 5pm

Wednesday June 23rd


Tuesday June 15th

Wembley, 8pm Winner

Match 47


Avenue Road £1,750,000

** NO UPWARD CHAIN ** Individually Designed Five / Six Bedroom Detached Located Within The Heart Of Dorridge Village * Set Behind Private Gated Development & On A Premier Road On The Dorridge “Golden” Triangle * Absolutely Stunning Accommodation Throughout With Underfloor Heating To Ground Floor * Five / Six Double Bedrooms & Four Luxury Ensuite * Magnificent Open Plan Kitchen / Diner / Living Room With Bi-fold Doors To Garden * Separate Family / Play Room * Detached Garage Currently Used As Gym & Study * Set Behind Electronic Gates & Large Tarmcadam Driveway * Landscaped Private Rear Garden Wrapping Around The Side & Rear Of The Property * EPC Rating B *

Glendon Way £875,000

* Executive Five Bedroom Detached Property Located Within A Quiet Cul-De-Sac * Walking Distance To Dorridge Village & Station * Totally Updated & Modernised Throughout Including Porcelanosa Tiling * Stunning Open Plan Kitchen/Diner With Bi Fold Doors * Separate Living Room * Family Room & Study * Utility Room * Guest Cloakroom * Five Bedrooms & Three Bathrooms * Principal Bedroom With Dressing Area * Two Luxury Ensuite Bathrooms * Luxury Family Bathroom * South Facing Rear Garden * Garage * EPC Rating D * Viewing Essential * EPC Rating D *

Visit our website xacthomes.co.uk for more details.

KNOWLE T: 01564 777284 | E: knowle@xacthomes.co.uk SOLIHULL & SHIRLEY T: 0121 712 6222 | E: solihull@xacthomes.co.uk | E: shirley@xacthomes.co.uk BALSALL COMMON T: 01676 534411 | E: balsallcommon@xacthomes.co.uk

Woodside Way £850,000

* Sought After Road * Spacious Detached Bungalow In Need Of Modernisation * Potential Development Opportunity Subject To The Right Planning Permission * Large Established Plot * Gas Central Heating * Double Glazed * Sweeping In and Out Driveway * Enclosed Porch * Impressive Entrance Hall * Spacious Lounge/Dining Room * Fitted Breakfast Kitchen * Utility Room * Three Double Bedrooms * Bathroom * Fourth Bedroom/Study * Shower Room * Double Garage * Established Large Rear Garden * Early Viewing Essential * EPC Rating D *

Alder Park Road £1,395,000

* Originally Built By Packwood Homes * Seven Bedroom Detached * Discrete Cul-De-Sac Location * Originally Constructed In 2016 * Immaculately Maintained & Decorated * Planning Permission For Side Extension To Ground Floor * Double Glazed * Underfloor Heating To The Ground Floor * Easy Walking Distance To Local Secondary Schools & Solihull Railway Station * Impressive Entrance Hall * Guest Cloakroom * Lounge * Dining Room * Study * Luxury Fitted Kitchen/Breakfast/Family Room * Utility * Seven Bedrooms * Four Bathroom (Two Ensuite) * Dressing Room * Double Garage * Easy Maintained Landscaped Private Rear Garden * Early Viewing Essential * EPC Rating TBC *

Visit our website xacthomes.co.uk for more details.

KNOWLE T: 01564 777284 | E: knowle@xacthomes.co.uk Station Road £799,950

* Absolutely Immaculate Four Bedroom Detached Dormer Bungalow Located Between The Sought After Villages Of Knowle & Dorridge * Walking Distance To Local Schools & Dorridge Station * Potential To Extend (STPP) * Living Room * Dining Room * Breakfast Kitchen * Utility Room * Guest Cloakroom * Principal Bedroom With Ensuite * Three Further Bedrooms To The First Floor * Family Bathroom * Double Garage * Large Driveway Providing Parking For Several Vehicles * Private Landscaped Rear Garden * EPC Rating D *

Star Cottage, Warwick Road £299,950

* Two Bedroom Character Cottage Located Within The Sought After Village Of Chadwick End * Extended Open Plan Kitchen Diner With Integrated Log Burner * Living Room * Courtyard Garden * Two Bedrooms & Family Bathroom * EPC Rating E *

Visit our website xacthomes.co.uk for more details.

Tilehouse Green Lane £625,000

* Modern Detached * Balance Of Ten Year Guarantee * Four Bedrooms * Contemporary Style * Built Over Three Floors * Entrance Hallway * Living Room * Open Plan Kitchen/Family Room * Guest Cloakroom * Principal Bedroom with Walk in Wardrobe and En-Suite * Three Further Bedrooms * Family Bathroom * Master Suite to Second Floor * Two Car Driveway Parking * Garden to the Rear with Patio * EPC Rating B *

Wilderness Cottage, Friday Lane £525,000

* NO UPWARD CHAIN * Beautifully Presented Two Double Bedroom Detached Bungalow Set Behind Private Electronically Operated Gated Entrance & Benefitting From Detached Double Garage & With Planning Permission For A Further Double Bedroom & Ensuite * Conveniently Located For Both Solihull & Knowle Village * Recently Fitted Solar Panels Generating Income * Modern Breakfast Kitchen * Large Open Plan Living / Dining Room * Modern Fitted Bathroom * Low Maintenance Garden / Patio * EPC Rating C *

Visit our website xacthomes.co.uk for more details.

KNOWLE T: 01564 777284 | E: knowle@xacthomes.co.uk The Lawns £579,950

* Beautifully Presented Detached Bungalow Located Within The Sought After Village Of Tanworth-in-Arden * Set Behind Tarmacadam & Stoned Driveway * Double Tandem Garage * Living Room & Dining Room * Breakfast Kitchen * Two Bedrooms * Loft Conversion Currently Used As An Office Or Could Be Used As Additional Bedroom * Stunning Landscaped & Large Rear Garden With Extensive Storage Sheds * EPC Rating D *

Bentley Farm Close £375,000

** NO UPWARD CHAIN ** Significantly Extended & Completed Renovated Three / Four Bedroom Semi Detached Property Located Within Arden Academy Catchment Area & All Local Amenities * Newly Laid Tarmacadam Driveway * Absolutely Immaculate Throughout * Breakfast Kitchen * Two Reception Rooms Including Living Room & Play Room * Refurbished Family Bathroom * Landscaped Rear Garden * Available Immediately * EPC Rating C *

Visit our website xacthomes.co.uk for more details.

Lodge Road £500,000

* NO UPWARD CHAIN * Three Bedroom Character Cottage * Potential For Refurbishment & Extension (STPP) * Approximately 350/400 Years Of Age * Conveniently Located To Knowle High Street * Retaining Many Original Features Including Exposed Beams, Solid Oak Staircase & Open Brick Fireplace * Two Reception Rooms * Kitchen * Downstairs WC * Three Bedrooms & Main Bathroom * South East Facing Rear Garden * Double Length Garage * EPC Rating D *

Wilsons Road £360,000

* NO UPWARD CHAIN * Three Bedroom Character End Terrace Set In The Heart Of Knowle Village * Well Presented Throughout With Three Excellent Bedrooms Set Upon Three Floors * Living Room * Dining Room * Breakfast Kitchen * Utility & WC * Rear Garden * EPC Rating E *

Visit our website xacthomes.co.uk for more details.

SOLIHULL & SHIRLEY 0121 712 6222 | E: solihull@xacthomes.co.uk | E: shirley@xacthomes.co.uk

Noble Way £575,000

Wellington Grove £539,950

* Impressive Five Bedroom Detached * Originally Built By Bloor Homes To The Orford Design * Immaculately Maintained & Decorated * No Upward Chain * Semi Rural Location * Corner Plot * Double Glazed * Gas Central Heating * Canopy Porch * Impressive Entrance Hall * Large Through Living Room * Large Open Plan Kitchen/Diner/Family Room * Utility Room * Five Bedrooms * Two Ensuite * Family Bathroom * Garage * Lawned Rear Garden * Early Viewing Essential * EPC Rating B *

* Spacious Three Bedroom Extended Detached * Spacious Family Accommodation * Gas Central Heating * Double Glazing * Immaculately Maintained Throughout * Oak Cottage School Catchment * Enclosed Porch * Spacious Entrance Hall * Dining Room * Attractive Living Room * Sitting Room * Fitted Kitchen * Utility Area * Downstairs WC * Upstairs Utility Room * Landscaped Rear Garden * Ample Off Road Parking To The Front * Early Viewing Essential * EPC Rating D *

Stockwell Rise £265,000

St Bernards Road £395,000

* Spacious Three Bedroom MidTown House * Ideal For A First Time Purchaser * Early Viewing Essential * Double Glazed * Gas Central Heating * Driveway With Parking For Two Cars * Recessed Porch * Entrance Hall * Fitted Kitchen * Lounge/Dining Room * Three Double Bedrooms * Bathroom * Private Rear Garden * EPC Rating C *

* Luxury Ground Floor Apartment * Gated Entrance * Ex Show Home * Immaculately Maintained & Decorated Throughout * Gas Central Heating * Double Glazed * Communal Entrance Hall * Reception Hall * Spacious Lounge/Dining Room * Luxury Fitted Kitchen * Two Double Bedrooms * Ensuite Shower Room * Family Bathroom * Allocated Parking * Single Garage * Early Viewing Essential * EPC Rating C *

Visit our website xacthomes.co.uk for more details.

Kerr Lane £525,000

Whitchurch Lane £595,000

* Popular Dickens Heath Estate * Impressive Four Bedroom Double Fronted Detached * Early Viewing Essential * Gas Central Heating * Double Glazed * Easy Walking Distance To All Amenities * Impressive Entrance Hall * Guest Cloakroom * Study * Sitting Room * Conservatory * Living Room, Breakfast Kitchen * Utility Room * Four Good Size Bedrooms * Ensuite Shower Room * Dressing Room * Family Bathroom * Double Garage * South Facing Rear Garden * EPC Rating C *

* Popular Dickens Heath Estate * Four Bedroom Modern Detached * Quite Cul De Sac Location * Immaculately Maintained * Decorated * Gas Central Heating * Double Glazed * Recessed Porch * Entrance Hall * Guest Cloakroom * Living Room * Dining Room * Breakfast Kitchen * Utility * Four Bedrooms * Ensuite Shower Room * Family Bathroom * Garage * West Facing Garden * Early Viewing Essential * EPC Rating C *

Mickleton Road £339,950

Lugtrout Lane £535,000

* Popular Quiet Location * Three Bedroom Spacious Detached * Easy Access To Olton Railway Station * No Upward Chain * Double Glazed * Gas central Heating * Reception Hall * Dining Room * Living Room * Fitted Breakfast Kitchen * Three Good Sized Bedrooms * Bathroom * Covered Side Passage * Westerly Facing Rear Garden * Garage * Early Viewing Essential * EPC Rating D *

* Large Corner Plot * Five Bedroom End Terraced * Ideal For Any Tradesperson Or Family Looking To Accommodate Elderly Parents * Popular Village Of Catherine De Barnes * Gas Central Heating * Two Reception Rooms * Breakfast Kitchen * Utility Room * Downstairs Shower Room * Three Bedrooms * Further Potential For A Loft Conversion * Large Garage * Gated Entrance * Large Lawned Area * Walking Distance Of The Local Village Shops And Restaurants * EPC Rating E *

Visit our website xacthomes.co.uk for more details.

BALSALL COMMON T: 01676 534411 | E: balsallcommon@xacthomes.co.uk

Back Lane

Kenilworth Road



* Six Bedroom Barn Conversion * Approximately 3000sq ft * Extensive Grounds approaching Two Acres * Exceptional Rural Views * Six Bedrooms (Four En-Suite) * Living Room * Breakfast Kitchen * Snug * Office * Dining Hall * Study * Utility Room * Extensive Parking * Gardens & Paddock * Viewing Highly Recommended * EPC Rating C *

* Traditional Detached Property * Superb West Facing Plot * Over 2500 sq ft * Five Bedrooms * Potential to Extend STPP * Well Presented Throughout * Lounge * Dining Room * Breakfast Kitchen * Study * Games Room * Guest WC / Showeroom * Five Bedrooms * Ensuite Principal Bedroom * Family Bathroom * Large West Facing Rear Garden * Huge Workshop * Off Road Parking For Multiple Vehicles * EPC Rating C *

Rushton Close

Wyatt Way



* Four Bedroom Detached House * West Facing Rear Garden * Well Presented Throughout * Easy Walking Distance to The Village and Station * Breakfast Kitchen * Lounge * Dining Room * Utility Room * WC * Master Bedroom with En-suite * Three Further Bedrooms * Family Bathroom * Garage * Private South-West Facing Rear Garden * Potential to Extend STPP * EPC Rating C *

* Extended Five Bedroom Detached Property * Immaculately Presented Throughout * Open Plan Breakfast Kitchen * Lounge * Utility Room * Five Bedrooms * Two x En-Suite Bedrooms * Family Bathrooms * Double Garage * Off Road Parking * West Facing Rear Garden * EPC Rating C *

Visit our website xactlettings.co.uk for more details.

Kenilworth Road

High Street



* Five Bedroom Extended SemiDetached Property * Ideally Located for Access to Schools * No Onward Chain * Potential to Refurbish * Kitchen * Lounge * Dining Room * Guest WC * Utility Room * Five Bedrooms * Family Bathroom & Separate WC * Garage * Generous Garden * Additional Detached Double Garage (5m x 7m) with Pit* Off Road Parking * EPC Rating D *

* Three Bedroom Double Fronted Character Property * Well Presented Throughout * Located in the Centre of Hampton In Arden * No Onward Chain * Open Plan Breakfast Kitchen/Living Room * Sitting Room * Guest WC & Shower-room * Three Double Bedrooms * Three Bathrooms * Large Family Bathroom * Large Landscaped Rear Garden * EPC Rating E *

Shenstone Drive

Floyd Grove



* Four Bedroom Detached House * Well Presented Throughout * Potential to Extend STPP * Re-fitted Breakfast Kitchen * Through Lounge / Diner * Utility Room * Four Bedrooms * Family Bathroom * Private South Facing Rear Garden * Garage * Off Road Parking * EPC Rating D *

* Four Bedroom Detached * Well Presented Throughout * Close to Park & Village Centre * Breakfast Kitchen * Lounge * Dining Room * Utility Room * Downstairs WC * Principal Bedroom with En-Suite * Fitted Wardrobes Throughout * Family Bathroom * Wide Rear Garden * Garage * Off Road Parking * EPC Rating C *

Visit our website xactlettings.co.uk for more details.

LETTINGS T: 01564 781781 | E: knowle@xactlettings.co.uk

Lapworth Oaks, Lapworth

Hillfield Farm, Libbards Way

£2,200 pcm

£1,095 pcm

Extended Detached Property* Four Bedrooms* Lounge* Dining Room* Open Plan Kitchen/Dining Conservatory* Utility* Cloakroom* Family Bathroom* En-Suite* Garage* Walking Distance to Lapworth Station* LPG Gas Heating* EPC TBC* Unfurnished* Available 1st April

Duplex First Floor Apartment* Character Conversion *Walking Distance of Widney Train Station *Three Bedrooms* Lounge* Breakfast Kitchen* Ground Floor Shower/Cloaks* Ideal Location for Local Schools* First Floor Bathroom* Two Tandem Parking Spaces* Communal Garden* Unfurnished* EPC Rating E* Available Early June*

Malvern Park Avenue, Solihull

Meriden Road, Hampton In Arden

£875 pcm

£895 pcm

Second Floor Apartment* Two Double Bedrooms* Lounge/Diner* Modern Fitted Kitchen with appliances* Bathroom with Shower* Gas Central Heating* Garage in Separate Block* Walking Distance to Solihull Town Centre* EPC Rating C* Unfurnished* Available 19th June

Mid Terrace Property* Well Presented* Three Bedrooms* Lounge*Kitchen*Diner* Downstairs Bathroom* Rear Garden* Gas Central Heating* Walking Distance to Hampton In Arden Train Station* EPC Rating D* Unfurnished* Available Early May*

Visit our website xacthomes.co.uk for more details.

KNOWLE T: 01564 777284 | E: knowle@xacthomes.co.uk SOLIHULL & SHIRLEY T: 0121 712 6222 | E: solihull@xacthomes.co.uk | E: shirley@xacthomes.co.uk BALSALL COMMON T: 01676 534411 | E: balsallcommon@xacthomes.co.uk





Visit our website xacthomes.co.uk for more details.

LETTINGS T: 01564 781781 | E: knowle@xactlettings.co.uk Clarewell Avenue, Solihull £1,250 pcm

Detached Property* Ideally Located for Solihull Town Centre* Three Bedrooms* Lounge* Open Plan Kitchen/Diner* Downstairs Cloakroom* Modern Shower Room* New Flooring* Ideally Located for Local Schools* Garage* Attractive Rear Garden* Cul-De-Sac Location* EPC Rating D* Unfurnished* Available 25th May*

Old Hall Gardens, Shirley £725 pcm

Ground Floor Flat* Furnished* Well Presented Throughout* One Double Bedroom* Lounge/Diner* Fitted Kitchen* Bathroom* Doors Leading out to Patio Area* Gas Central Heating* Gated Development* Allocated Parking Space * Ideally Located for Motorway* EPC Rating C* Available Now*

Visit our website xactlettings.co.uk for more details.

Hazeltree Grove, Dorridge £950 pcm

End Terrace Property* Well Presented Throughout* Two Bedrooms* Modern Fitted Breakfast Kitchen* Lounge/Diner* Bathroom with Shower* Solar Panels* Good Sized Rear Garden* Wooden Garage to the Side* Electric Heating* EPC Rating C, Unfurnished* Available Now*

Kewstoke, Penn Lane

£4,500 pcm

Significantly Extended Traditional Detached Property* Five Bedrooms* Sixth Bedroom/Office* Four Reception Rooms * Orangery* Fitted Kitchen* Large Sweeping Tree Lined Driveway * Absolutely Immaculate Throughout * Pedestrian Gated Access To Ladbrook Golf Club * Three Bathroom/Shower Rooms* Triple Garage* Gardener Included* Attractive Rear/Side Gardens* EPC Rating D * Unfurnished* Available Now*

Visit our website xactlettings.co.uk for more details.

LETTINGS T: 01564 781781 | E: knowle@xactlettings.co.uk

Meet our Lettings Team

Sarah Bent HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WITH XACT? Over 6 years WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? Meeting people SOMETHING ABOUT YOU THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW? I once appeared in a play at the Birmingham Rep when I was in a youth theatre group FAVOURITE FOOD? Chocolate FAVOURTIE TYPE OF HOLIDAY? City break, New York

Lisa Davies

Wendy Clarke



WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? Looking forward to learning all about the industry and meeting new people



SOMETHING ABOUT YOU THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW? Been cautioned by police for demonstrating about women’s rights




FAVOURTIE TYPE OF HOLIDAY? I like historic sites in Italy

Visit our website xactlettings.co.uk for more details.

Sara Cope

Andrea Jones





SOMETHING ABOUT YOU THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW? I used to sing in a choir for 20 years FAVOURITE FOOD? Curry/spicy food

5 years


FAVOURTIE TYPE OF HOLIDAY? Anywhere in the Carribean


Yvonne Williams

Julie Chinnery

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WITH XACT? 2 years in August WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? Working as part of the team with Landlords and Tenants SOMETHING ABOUT YOU THAT PEOPLE WOULD BE SURPRISED TO KNOW? Played county hockey until the age of 24 FAVOURITE FOOD? Pretty much everything FAVOURTIE TYPE OF HOLIDAY? With family and like to travel to both the UK and overseas

HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN WITH XACT? Just over 10 years WHAT DO YOU LOVE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB? Organizing and helping put things in place so we can work more efficiently FAVOURITE FOOD? Curry FAVOURTIE TYPE OF HOLIDAY? Cape Verde

Visit our website xactlettings.co.uk for more details.

Update: Six-month notice period comes into law and “Winter Truce” on evictions announced Landlords will need to give tenants six months notice if they intend to regain possession of their property and no tenants will be evicted over Christmas.

The government has changed the law to increase notice periods to six months and confirmed that possession proceedings will resume on 21 September 2020. The only exceptions to the six-month notice period are the most egregious cases, including where tenants have demonstrated anti-social behaviour or committed fraud, where notice periods have been shortened. In these cases, “notice periods must be at least 4 weeks where over six months of rent is due (if less than 6 months is owed, then 6 months’ notice must be given).” A “winter truce” on evictions also means that no evictions will take place between 11 December 2020 and 11 January 2021. When possession proceedings resume, cases will be subject to new court processes and procedures, which will be in place until at least 28 March 2021. These include: • The prioritisation of cases, such as those involving anti-social behaviour and other crimes, as well as extreme rent arrears where landlords would otherwise face unmanageable debts.

• No cases from before 3 August 2020 will immediately proceed to hearing, but will have to be ‘re-activated’ by the landlord and then subject to a new review hearing, at least four weeks before the substantive hearing. • Landlords will also need to provide the courts and judges with information on how tenants have been affected by the pandemic. Where this information is not provided, judges will be able to adjourn proceedings until the information is provided. In addition, the government has announced a “winter truce” on the enforcement of evictions, meaning no evictions will be permitted in England and Wales in the run up to and over Christmas except in the most serious circumstances. Tenants are still liable for their rent during this time and should pay this as usual. If tenants are facing financial hardship and think they will have difficulty making a rental payment, they should speak to their landlord in the first instance.

Visit our website xactlettings.co.uk for more details

This article was updated on 24 September 2020. Although we endeavour to keep our coronavirus (COVID-19) content as up to date as possible, the situation is rapidly changing, so please ensure you refer to gov.uk for the latest advice and information.

The government is encouraging tenants and landlords to work together to put in place a rent payment plan. However, there is other support available for tenants facing financial difficulties: • There is an existing £180 million of government funding for Discretionary Housing Payments made available this year, an increase of £40 million from last year and which is for councils to distribute to support renters with housing costs. • A £500 Hardship Fund will go to local authorities in England so they can reduce the 2020 to 2021 council tax bills of working age people receiving Local Council Tax Support. Councils will also be able to use the funding to provide further discretionary support to vulnerable people. • Under the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, the government will pay up to 80% of a worker’s wages, up to a total of £2,500 per month, until August. • Universal Credit and Housing Benefit will increase and, from April, Local Housing Allowance rates will pay for at least 30% of market rents in each area.


Here’s what some of our clients say...

Laura & Matt

We absolutely recommend Xact to any family or friends looking to buy or sell a house and we have done on numerous occasions. You watch the market, you see a house go up with Xact and it sells and it completes and that’s our experience, there’s lots of reasons why that happens, they get jobs done basically.


I decided to use Xact for both selling my property and eventually buying, simply because I had used them 20 years ago when I bought my first house in the area and that experience had been a positive one so it seemed sense to go back to them again. Also I am aware of the fact that they are a very popular estate agent within the village and everybody that I had spoken to recommended them highly.


Without doubt I would recommend Xact without any equivocation, they’ve done a great job for us.

Visit our website xacthomes.co.uk for more details.


Yes, wholeheartedly I would recommend Xact to anyone who seeks my opinion.


We contacted a couple of the old firms and they came to see us and gave us their advice and their marketing strategies and the prices were very similar. But we noticed with Xact more and more signs were going up and one of my neighbours had sold his property with Xact and he was really pleased with them, so I thought we’ll give them a chance.


I found them a very approachable estate agent, they had plenty of staff, they were all very polite, they were proactive, very empathetic with the sale, when I had any issues they were dealt with very quickly, they were always willing to answer my questions. I just thought they kept me up-to-date on a weekly basis, sometimes more often where necessary. I like their attitude towards sales really, they made me feel very comfortable.


I would definitely recommend Xact to friends, family and my colleagues and I have already done that.

Visit our website xacthomes.co.uk for more details.

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T: 0121 712 6222 E: solihull@xacthomes.co.uk



T: 0121 712 6222 E: shirley@xacthomes.co.uk

T: 01676 534411 E: balsallcommon@xacthomes.co.uk


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