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May 2019

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Editor’s Letter Welcome to the May issue. Summer is just around the corner and, generally considered to be the busiest time of the year for gardeners, preparing your garden for the warmer months is vital. So take a look inside to find out what you should be focusing on to get your garden summer ready! Moving inside the home, if you’re thinking of updating your décor, we feature some of our favourite wallpaper trends that are sure to liven up your walls. Also, inside this issue are our handy tips to help you with your move. Any move to a new home can be a stressful experience, but this is especially true when you are moving to a new area too. Take a look inside to see what you can do to make the transition smoother. As ever, there is plenty inside this issue to keep you reading; from security tips to keep your home secure, to our travel guide to the South of France. Until next time. Linda McKeown Editor


best garden HOW



Summer is just around the corner and, generally considered to be the busiest time of the year for gardeners, preparing your garden for the warmer months is vital if you want to get the most out of it and make it shine!

Prepare the patio, outside furniture, flower beds and borders During winter, there probably wouldn’t have been much opportunity to sit outside or dine alfresco. So, at the very least, your patio or decking areas may need a sweep to eliminate loose leaves and foliage that may have gathered around your garden. If you have any outside furniture, it would also be wise to tidy them up, especially if they had been moved into a more secluded spot during the colder months. Another step in the right direction would be to give any paving stones a blast with a pressure washer to lift up any dirt or moss.

Make the most of water butts One of the most economical things you can do as a gardener is to install a water butt. Water butts collect large quantities of rainwater, which you can then use to water your lawn, plants and flowers, instead of using tap water. Ensure your water butt collects rainwater as much as possible in advance of the summertime because if there’s ever any likelihood of no rain for long spells at a time, it will be during the summer season! As well as water butts being essential for environmentally friendly gardening, rainfall also happens to be the best type of water for plants. This is because tap water is often slightly alkaline. When positioning your water butt, it’s best to place it underneath a downpipe, to ensure as much rainwater gets collected as possible.

Clean and sharpen your tools Your gardening tools should be the backbone of your gardening duties. Without them, you’re as defenceless as a garden enduring a summer’s heat with no rain for weeks on end! Just like a garden needs rain, love and attention, you, the gardener, need your tools. And you need them fully functional and able to do their job effectively. Give your tools a thorough clean and sharpening to maintain their quality, especially since the most important season of the year for your garden is just around the corner! As well as helping you to avoid replacing them in the future, maintaining your tools can help prevent the spread of disease too. Dirty secateurs, for example, are notorious for introducing bacteria and fungi to fresh pruning wounds.

Clear away any dead leaves and rubbish from your flower beds and borders which have gathered over the previous months too. Tidy up your borders by trimming the edges and turn your soil to cultivate it and help plants thrive.

Eliminate weeds and pests Now, this is where your newly-cleaned and sharpened garden tools come into play! Weeding is one of those garden jobs which few gardeners relish. However, the results of doing so are plentiful, and it’s an essential part of maintaining your garden to a healthy and attractive standard (particularly those which grow from the cracks in between paving slabs, therefore ruining the appearance of your patio area). Getting the weeding done before summer is crucial if you want to prevent weeds from stealing the nutrients from the soil that your plants sorely require. Another requirement for any good garden is to make sure it’s free of pests, particularly since flower beds are all too often the victim of their detrimental trespassing! A good tip if you want to be environmentally friendly is to cover your flower beds with crushed egg shells, rather than using toxic pesticides. Doing so will help repel pests such as slugs, who love flower beds.

Best summerflowering bulbs to plant now

Oriental lilies. There are numerous varieties available of this extravagant flower, with a broad range of colours and heights to choose from. Note that the blossoms will become heavy once developed, so they will need extra support.

Crocosmia. These tend to reach approximately three feet in height, and their sword-like foliage becomes bright green. Stalks of arching flowers extend above the leaves in the middle of summer, and the most common flower colours are red, orange, and yellow, depending on the variety.

Asiatic Lilies. Unlike their Oriental cousins mentioned above, Asiatic lilies bloom sooner, are fragrance-free, and are brighter coloured. Their flowers are not typically as large as Oriental lilies and their stems are sturdier, so they don’t require 3 extra support.


Moving to a new house can be a stressful experience, especially when you are moving to a new area too. We’ve put together a few handy tips to help with your move

Get to know the area Relocating to a new area can be daunting, but if the move is well planned out in advance, the process can be much easier. Before moving to your new home, if possible, it’s a good idea to spend some time exploring and getting to know the local area. Spend as much time as you can driving around local villages and towns. Prepare a checklist of your essential facilities and then objectively look at what each place has to offer in terms of local amenities and find out what, if any, local clubs and organisations you can join. This is a great way to make new friends and really get to know your new surroundings.

If the move is well planned out in advance, the process can be much easier”

Also, spend time talking to those already living in your chosen location. Finding out from the locals where the best parks, pubs, and even the best take-aways are, can save you a lot of time researching and help you feel more at home. If you are already a member of any national organisations, they will be able to put you in touch with similar groups in the new area and you will soon find others with the same interests. If moving due to employment, it is advisable to investigate the best commuter routes to and from work. Find out how long your daily journey will take and run tests around the same time you will be making the trip, as the same journey could take a lot longer at busier times of the day. Speaking to local residents could also give you information about alternative routes.



If moving with children, find out where the best schools and nurseries are located and what school catchment area your new home falls in. You can find the Ofsted reports for possible schools, nurseries, and childminders, on the local government website. Organise a visit and taster days to potential schools, so that both you and the kids feel more prepared before the move.

unnecessary gifts and causing your guests expense, ask that they instead bring a card listing their three favourite things about the area. A fun way to make friends and to find out a little more about the place you now live! Try and stick to the same routine as much as you possibly can, especially if you have children. Keeping to the same routine will help to make the transition go a little smoother and disrupt your normal day to day life a little less.

Get out and about Once the unpacking has been done, the house has been organised and you have introduced yourself to the neighbours, get out and about.

Settling into your new home Once you’ve taken the big leap and moved, it might take a little time to adjust to your new life and surroundings. However, there are many ways to make settling into your new home a little easier. If moving with children, it might be a good idea to sort out their rooms as soon as possible. Having familiar things around them will help them to settle into their new rooms better. Unpack their favourite books and toys first to help distract them whilst the rest of the boxes are being unpacked. It is a good idea to ensure that these things are either put into the removal van last, so they will be taken off first, or are put in the car with them. Host a housewarming party to get to know your new neighbours and other residents on your street! You could also invite new work colleagues and parents you’ve met on the school playground. People often feel obligated to bring something along, so instead of accepting

Explore the surrounding villages and towns, visit your local pub, nearest parks and play areas; this will help you (and your children if you have them) become much more familiar with the area. Get involved with the local community too. Why not join local groups or activities, such as gym classes, book clubs or drama groups. You could also join the neighbourhood watch. The school your children attend might have groups or organisations you can get involved with, such as the PTA and after school clubs. Any group or organisation you can get involved with will massively help to integrate yourself into your new area.

If moving with children, find out where the best schools and nurseries are located and what school catchment area your new home falls in

But no matter how far the move is, it is always important to get out there and really embrace everything that your new surroundings have to offer. This might take a little while but be patient; you will start to feel at home in no time.


Ipanema Heritage Wallpaper Go for a touch of the exotic with this line drawn design featuring toucans and lush, tropical foliage. £35

Apex Geometric Trellis Wallpaper Add a spectacular shine to your home with this funky geometric design in metallic silver with a stone background. Perfect to make a bold statement in your home. £7.99

Lundby Wallpaper, Citrine Be inspired by the natural forests of Scandinavia with this simple, yet graphic, wallpaper. £25

WALLtoWALL Forget about simply painting those walls – add an instant splash of colour and design using wallpaper. Here we feature some of our favourite finds…


All prices correct at time of going to print

Safari Kids Map Mural Wallpaper This sweet pastel toned world map is perfect for your little one’s nursery or bedroom, featuring illustrated animals from all over the world in a cute and educational style. £36

This on trend wallpaper has a matt finish and multicoloured rainbow print design which repeats every 53cm.

Arthouse Scandi Triangle Wallpaper - Yellow A pretty geometric design of repeating triangle and diamond shapes in pale pastel colours.



Boutique Alice Duck egg blue Leaf Metallic effect Wallpaper Ideal for use in bedrooms, hallways and living areas, this beautiful wallpaper can be wiped clean with a damp cloth to remove marks caused by everyday life. Perfect!

Paste The Wall Hexagonal 3D Wallpaper Next’s Paste-The-Wall wallpaper uses a special backing paper, so the paper does not expand or contract when wet. You can simply paste the wall, and hang the paper dry! We just love this design. £20

Dunelm Rainbow Print Design White, Red, Pink and Blue Over The Wallpaper


Urban Walls Ripped Poster Wallpaper Hundreds of ripped posters come together to create this edgy wallpaper featuring bright hues and bold texts. £18

Protect Your Home Your home is the most expensive thing you will ever own, so it makes sense to look after it and keep it secure. Here are our top security tips. Between January and December 2018 there were 380,517 reported burglaries in the UK*. The impact of burglary is severe; taking 8 months* for the average person to feel secure again in their own home, and even then, less than half ever feel completely secure.

Security cameras are inexpensive and easy to install, with wireless and wired options available

For 1 in 10 people*, it can be a reason to move home. The trauma can be especially severe for children and can be carried on into adulthood. Almost 40 per cent of adults, whose homes were broken into when they were younger, are still bothered by their experience*

So, what can you do to secure your home? Outside Burglars don’t arrive with their own tools, they prefer to use tools they pick up from unlocked sheds, garages or side passages. Keep your sheds and garages locked, and if you have a side passage, deadbolt and padlock it. You can stop would-be thieves from getting close to your garage or shed by installing motion activated lights. Once installed, these lights will turn on when they detect movement, stopping would-be burglars in their tracks. You can pick up single battery powered units for about £20 each or solar powered units for approx. £30 each. Security cameras are inexpensive and easy to install, with wireless and wired options available. The wireless options are popular but remember to check the battery regularly. As with TV’s, the higher the resolution the better the picture quality, so you will want something 1080p or above to get crystal clear images. You will also want to ensure that the camera has a good night-vision mode, offering 100ft of vision or more.


Your home is the most expensive thing you will ever own, so it makes sense to look after it and keep it secure

Other top tips for keeping your home safe: »»

Keep your keyholes clear from dust; burglars can tell you don’t use your deadlock if it’s full of dust and debris.


Don’t leave your keys in your door; burglars can poke through the keyhole, knock them down and use tools to pick them up from the floor through a letter-box.


Save posting your holiday snaps to social media for when you are home; burglars monitoring social media can tell when a home has been left alone and it will make yours a target.


Close windows in the evening and when you leave the house; open windows are an easy chance for an opportunist burglar.


Change the locks. It may sound crazy but how do you know no one else has a set of your keys; what about the previous owner?


Ask someone to remove the post and put your bins out while you are away, to give the impression of someone being home.

A car on your driveway will deter any potential burglars, as will appliances on timer switches. When you’re on holiday, why not ask your neighbour to park on your drive to deter burglars. You can set timer switches to come on at set certain times of the day. Lights are standard but won’t necessarily deter a burglar as much as if a TV or radio is on. Setting a timer to turn your TV or radio on when you’re out is a smart idea and is simple to set up using the built-in sleep timers found in the main menu of most smart TV’s. Still leaving your keys under the front doormat? Burglars know the most common places where people leave their keys. Get an outdoor key lock-box mounted in a secure location, with a four-digit pin that only you and trusted friends or family know; or leave a spare key with your neighbours. This key will come in handy if you are away, as a letter-box full of post will be a sure sign to a burglar that you’re not in. Inside If a burglar gets past your outdoor security, don’t let him get past your alarm system. Window and door sensors are musthaves to complete your home security. They are simple, yet effective. A switch and a magnet attach to the window frame and the pane of glass. If the window stays closed, the circuit is complete; when the window or door is opened, the circuit breaks which signals the control panel, triggering the alarm. Most sets offer different modes, including; chime, silent and alarm mode and can send notifications to your smart device. To complete your home security, you can now get smart systems which allow you to control your security from your phone. These systems connect to your Wi-Fi and, through an app, you can customise what happens when a window is broken, or motion is detected. Entry-level systems include door and window sensors, a motion detector and a hub. These systems are available as full set-ups or separate components which you can add on to build a bespoke system.


Thanks to its array of transport links across the country and nearby towns, Nice is a great place to be if you want to explore the wider area

Ooh la la ! With the annual Cannes Film Festival just around the corner, we’ve explored the beauty of a holiday in the glorious South of France


The South of France is an easy choice when deciding your next holiday destination. With a selection of different resorts and cities, the only hard decision you’ll have to make, is where in the South of France you want to go. Home to a region of rich culture, sun, sea, fine wine and food, the South of France can host your perfect getaway!

Cannes Famed for its annual film festival and glamourous celebrity lifestyle, Cannes is the superstar of the French Riviera. Its dazzling promenade, golden sandy beaches and year-round Mediterranean climate create the perfect backdrop for a wonderful holiday. The famous Film Festival might take place each May, but Cannes is bustling all year long. The city, placed on France’s sparkling Riviera, has many fascinating cultural attractions as well as some great places where you can relax, indulge and watch how the other half live. The Old Port of Cannes is an interesting mix of traditional charm and immense wealth. It’s a great place to watch huge yachts arrive into town while having a drink in one of the bars that line the water’s edge. Like many of the towns in this region, Cannes is steeped in culture and history where you can enjoy museums, castles and churches.

Nice The grand city of Nice is where everyone thinks of when they think of the South of France. It is a grand city of long esplanades and spacious squares, it’s also the fifth largest city in France so you won’t be struggling to find things to do. Nice is home to a perfect beach life, a stunning medieval old town and some delicious French food! If you are looking for a relaxed holiday in the South of France, Nice is where you need to be! Thanks to its array of transport links across the country and nearby towns, Nice is a great place if you want to explore the wider area, or even enjoy a day trip to Monaco.

Avignon Places like Avignon in the South of France are evidence that there’s much more than just beaches and film festivals in the South of France. Avignon is packed with history and fascinating architecture, making it an ideal destination for sightseeing. Pont d’Avignon is a UNESCO World Heritage site, whilst the Palais des Papes, art museums and gorgeous town squares are also popular places to visit

in this city. The River Rhone is one of the focal points of Avignon, and it has played a big part in the city’s history. There are companies who offer lunchtime and dinnertime cruises across the Rhone, letting you enjoy some fantastic views of the famous landmarks of Avignon. Avignon was also home to Van Gogh, so art lovers can enjoy learning about the history of the famous artist.

Marseille Marseille is the undiscovered jewel in the crown of France’s Mediterranean coastline. The rocky hills of Provence look down onto the ancient port and the thousands of boats docked in its clear blue waters. Thanks to the new Eurostar South of France service, which launched a few years ago, you can get from London to Marseille in just a few hours. Marseille is a city that is changing fast but has still retained that edge that makes it stand out from the rest of the towns along the French Riviera. It’s also a great base for exploring the azure blue Calanques, so why not hop on the train and make a holiday out of this great city. France’s second city has all you could ask for; beautiful beaches, ancient buildings, thriving artists and a diverse and dynamic nightlife.

Things to do in the South of France For food and wine lovers, a trip to a local vineyard is a must. Many vineyards offer tours of their vines followed by wine-tasting and a delicious lunch with French cuisine. A day trip to Monaco should also be on your list of things to do, whether you are travelling by boat, car or train, you can enjoy the stunning port with its array of high-end yachts. There are also lots of golf courses and local shops where you can stock up on gourmet cheese; however, the South of France can also accommodate kids too. Thanks to its beautiful Mediterranean climate and fantastic French countryside, the whole family can enjoy serious adventures. There are plenty of cycle hire firms around the area, as well as Monaco’s Oceanographic Museum where you can get up close and personal with baby sharks. Placed near Montagnac is The Meze Dinosaur Museum which features scale replicas of the Jurassic creatures. However, to top it all off, amongst the underground hiking, baby shark stroking, hot-air balloon rides, wine tasting and delicious food, there is nothing better than a day at the beach. The South of France offers a fantastic range of beaches to enjoy, with pristine white beaches and crystal clear water, all under a blue sky with lots of sunshine.


ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Cricket fans across the world are looking forward to this year’s ICC Cricket World Cup which starts at the end of May and runs until July

As the hosts, England are one of the favourites to win the trophy this year

The ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) takes place every four years, featuring ten teams and is the culmination of a global qualification process that runs over a five to six year period. The top eight teams in the ICC one-day rankings at the given date qualify automatically. The final two teams come from the ICC Cricket World Cup Qualifier which takes place in the year prior to the Cricket World Cup. This year’s tournament runs from 30th May until the 14th July and will be joint hosted by England and Wales for only the second time in its history. The first two competitions were hosted by England back in 1975 and 1979. The first game of the tournament will take place at The Oval between England and South Africa, and the other venues include Trent Bridge in Nottingham, the Cardiff Stadium, Old Trafford in Manchester, The


Rose Bowl in Southampton and Lords in London. After a disappointing World Cup four years ago, England’s limitedover side have been working towards 2019’s competition in the hope of winning their first ever World Cup. With the Ashes taking place later in the year, England are hoping May will kick-start a successful year for the Cricket team. The 2015 World Cup saw England crash out at the group stages after Bangladesh claimed a stunning 15run win. It was the third time in five World Cups England had gone out of the group stage. As the hosts, England are one of the favourites to win the trophy this year and they are also Number 1 in the ICC ODI Rankings. There will be pressure on this England side, but with the backing of their home crowd, they feel they can go all the way.

After a successful ODI series against the West Indies, Adil Rashid may prove to be a key factor in an England side filled with an arsenal of batting talent including Eoin Morgan, Jos Butler, Joe Root and Ben Stokes. The leg-spinner, Adil Rashid, was the highest wicket-taker against the West Indies for both sides, and many people will be hoping he will be crucial for his national side this year. India are second in the ODI Rankings and feature a great bowling line-up with the likes of Mohammed Shami, Jasprit Bumrah and Bhuvneshwar Kumar, as well as batsmen Rohit Sharma and Shikhar Dhawan. New Zealand, South Africa and Australia all follow in the rankings and they will be competing in what looks to be an exciting summer of cricket across England and Wales.

The Homes

(Fitness for Human Habitation) Act 2018 What is it and how does it affect you?

Karen Buck’s Homes Act 2018 is an Act to amend the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. It received Royal Assent on the 20th December 2018. But what does it actually mean? The new Act requires that any property let by a landlord (private or social) is fit for human habitation when a tenancy is granted and remains so for its duration. It extends to England and Wales, but its practical changes are only for England, as Wales has its own fitness-for-humanhabitation consultation.

or disrepair that has been caused by the tenants’ behaviour. A landlord is not obliged to rebuild a destroyed building or carry out works which are the responsibility of a superior landlord, or to maintain or repair anything which the tenant is entitled to remove from the property.

When does it come into force?

Can a landlord or third party inspect the property?

The Act came into force on the 20th March 2019, three months after being enacted and applies to new tenancies of less than seven years, including renewals of existing tenancies. Okay, so what does ‘fit for human habitation’ mean? A property NOT fit for human habitation is a property with a serious defect in one of the following areas: repair, stability, damp, internal arrangement, natural lighting, ventilation, water supply, drainage, facilities for cooking and the disposal of wastewater. But what if I haven’t been told about any defects? The landlord’s liability to the tenant will not start until the landlord has had notice of the defect, and the landlord has had a reasonable amount of time to rectify the unfitness. What if the tenant has caused the defect? The Act covers landlords too. It will not make them responsible for any damage

Yes, landlords will be able to get expert evidence from a surveyor if needed and, if notified that the property is unfit, will still have a reasonable period to put right the defects. What could happen if a landlord is found guilty? Landlords may be brought before the court, where a landlord may be ordered to carry out works, and damages awarded to the tenant. The court could make a finding of unfitness on simple non-expert advice, such as a lack of heating. For responsible landlords, there should be nothing to worry about. However, it is yet to be seen if, like PPI claims, there will be an increase in cases against all landlords. Tenants will be able to claim legal aid and conditional ‘no win no fee’ agreements and as there is no definite guideline for when a court interprets a hazard to exist – and whether it is so defective that the property is unfit – it is a case of waiting to see if there is an increase in future cases.

The Act… applies to new tenancies of less than seven years, including renewals of existing tenancies


SALES Bouverie Avenue South

Guide price ÂŁ900,000

Character 1925 detached house in the most desirable road, with permission to extend, set in a third of an acre garden and with original features. 4 bedrooms, 3 reception rooms, gas central heating, double glazing.

Shapland Close


A rare opportunity to purchase an exceptionally spacious, 4 bedroom, detached bungalow together with ancillary accommodation/ potential annexe, parking and garden. Recently refurbished to a very high standard and ready to move into.

01722 336422




A pretty detached Grade II listed cottage comprising 2 reception rooms, GF bathroom, 2 hallways, kitchen/breakfast room, 3/4 bedrooms (1 GF), bathroom and shower room. Benefits inc gas central heating, pretty walled garden, garage and parking.

Barford St Martin


Wonderful contemporary family home in large gardens with 4 good bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fabulous 7.3m vaulted kitchen, 7m sitting room, utility, family room. Deceptively spacious. Highly recommended for a viewing.

SALES Castle Road


An extended and well presented 4 bedroom semi-detached period house. Comprising entrance hall, sitting room, snug/dining room, kitchen/breakfast room, cloakroom, utility. First floor: 3 bedrooms & bathroom. 2nd floor: 1 bed, study and shower. Numerous period features. PVCu double glazing, gas heating, gardens to front and rear.



Spacious semi-detached bungalow approaching 1,400 sq ft, with a good garden, garage, parking, gas central heating, double glazing and views to rear. Large sitting room, kitchen/breakfast room, 3 good bedrooms, shower room and bathroom. No chain.

01722 336422




A 3 bed terraced townhouse arranged over 3 floors comprising: entrance hall, cloakroom, first floor sitting room, bedroom & kitchen/ breakfast room, 2 2nd floor bedrooms (ensuite), bathroom. Double glazing, GFCH, garage, ORP.



A spacious semi-detached house comprising sitting room, dining room/study, wet room/WC, kitchen/breakfast room, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, separate WC and loft area. Benefits include PVCu double glazing, oil central heating, parking and garden.

Sandie Buxcey

Sales Adminstrator Sandie has worked in all aspects of estate agency for 27 years and has devoted 18 of these to Whites. Sandie ensures the smooth running of the sales department with her great organisational skills, is a whiz on the computer and communicates well with all our clients and buyers. She loves dealing with people from all walks of life and enjoys the buzz provided by our busy office where no two days are the same.


On her days off Sandie looks after her two teenage boys, enjoys walking her black labrador and practises yoga on a regular basis.

Tony Lovatt-Williams Head of Sales

Matthew Payne

Valuer / Negotiator An estate agent for 40 years, Tony started his career in Surrey before moving to Winchester and finally settling in Salisbury some 25 years ago. He has worked in every sector of agency including land and new homes. His favourite type of sale would be rural and village homes. Tony now lives on the edge of Salisbury with his wife, three daughters and two rescue dogs. He is a passionate gardener and loves nothing better than being outside.

Matthew has a wealth of experience in estate agency having been in the business for 20 years. He has lived in Salisbury since childhood giving him an interesting knowledge of the local area. He enables clients to feel relaxed in the knowledge that their property sale will be managed successfully at a high standard. Matthew is a keen follower of most sports with a particular interest in Southampton F.C. who he travels great distances to watch.

Becky Powis

Suzanne Ballard

Sales Administrator

Property Viewings Manager

Becky truly puts the smile into customer service. Having been born in the area Becky has a great knowledge of Salisbury and The New Forest. She has been with Whites for 17 + years and provides support for the office by meeting clients and buyers and progressing sales.

Suzanne is Whites’ secret star performer. A bubbly blonde combined with the ultimate in professionalism. She conducts viewings, meets clients and keeps everyone regularly informed of feedback from those meetings. She provides the best that the industry can offer in viewing technique and customer care.

When she does get home she enjoys family life with her husband and three young girls, they love walks on the beach and bike rides across The New Forest.

Away from work she spends time supporting her two grown up girls through university, renovating her home and still finds time to explore new countryside with her labrador.


THE LEVEL OF SERVICE HAS BEEN EXCELLENT. Whites have been excellent to deal with from the start to finish and they have always been there for us. The level of service we have received from Whites has been excellent. Our house was on the market incredibly quickly and marketed brilliantly. Everyone’s been great and we were really impressed.

Nicola, Seller.

NOT ONLY WOULD I RECOMMEND THEM, I HAVE. I knew them to be a reputable and efficient local company. Not only would I recommend them, I have done. In all our dealings with Whites we have had a very efficient, effective and prompt service from them. Marketing the property was excellent, the brochures and information provided has been excellent.

Dr T, Seller.

I’M KEPT UPDATED WITH WHAT’S GOING ON. I have recommended Whites to quite a few people because I had such a good experience with them. It was excellent, there were brochures, a board outside the house, there were pictures in their window and it was on the internet. They always get in touch and keep me up to date with what’s going on.

Mrs S, Seller. |

LETTINGS Wilton – Silver Street


A Grade II Listed town house close to Wilton town centre. Reception hall, study, dining room, sitting room with open fireplace, kitchen with high and low level cream fronted units, breakfast room with woodburner, a utility and cloakroom. On the first floor there are five bedrooms, a dressing room, two bathrooms and a separate WC. Outside there is a garage, driveway and private rear walled garden with lawns and various formal flowerbeds.





A charming, redecorated and well presented 2 bed semi detached thatched cottage situated in sought after village location. Entrance lobby, kitchen with shaker-style units and access to garden, double aspect lounge with electric wood effect burner, shower room with WC and basin. On the first floor are two bedrooms. Lovely garden with grass and flower/shrub areas, pergola, garden shed, oil tank and gate to front and rear leading to communal parking area. Unfurnished.

01722 336422


Durrington – High Street


A beautifully presented characterful semi-detached thatched cottage offered in excellent order throughout. Fitted kitchen, good sized sitting room with inglenook fireplace, study/occasional bedroom, shower room and large conservatory overlooking the garden. On the first floor are three bedrooms with an en-suite bathroom to master and built-in wardrobes. Externally there is a garden with a timber gate giving rear pedestrian access to a large gravel parking area.

Whiteparish – The Green


A very well presented four bed detached family house situated in a quiet residential area just on the edge of the village. Spacious hallway, sitting room with fireplace and French doors to garden, kitchen/breakfast room with range of fitted units. Master bedroom with en-suite shower room and fitted wardrobes, three further bedrooms and a family bathroom. Rear garden and single garage with parking on the driveway. Gas c/h.



A charming detached Grade II listed cottage comprising: Two entrance hallways, large kitchen/breakfast room with range-style electric oven and gas hob over, sitting room and dining room with inglenook fireplaces (ornamental), conservatory, 2 ground floor bathrooms, one with additional shower cubicle. Ground floor bedroom with galleried room over. 2 bedrooms upstairs, one accessed via a study. Externally there is off-road parking for two cars, a single garage and a pretty mainly walled garden. GFCH.



An attractive, brand new three bed family home comprising spacious entrance hall, fitted kitchen with built-in electric oven and hob, utility/ cloakroom, double aspect sitting room with log burner and dining room/study with rear aspect. Upstairs there is a master bedroom with en-suite shower room, double bedroom two and single bedroom three and family bathroom with shower over bath. Outside there is a good sized garden to the rear and double open car barn. Unfurnished.

01722 336422





A charming, two bed semi-detached thatched cottage situated on the edge of the village. Accommodation comprises entrance porch, hallway, refitted kitchen with range of contemporary styled units and sitting room with working fireplace. Stairs up to two bedrooms and a bathroom. The property was redecorated throughout within the last year and new electric panel heaters fitted. Large garden with rural views and a parking area opposite shared with next door. Unfurnished with carpets and curtains.

Alderbury – School Hill




A charming, two bedroom semi-detached thatched cottage in a sought after village location. Accommodation comprises entrance lobby, modern fitted kitchen with range of wall and base units, double aspect lounge/diner with electric log-effect burner, modern bathroom with bath with electric shower, basin and WC. On the first floor are two double bedrooms. Outside there is a nice sized garden with a southerly aspect. Parking area. Unfurnished.

Marcus Shepherd Director MRICS


Marcus joined the Whites family business in 1993. He has successfully guided the business and Whites has evolved to be a recognised market leader in Salisbury. He now manages a busy, thriving residential portfolio of properties. Marcus is family focused; happily married for over 16 years to Jo, they have three children and numerous pets. They all love an outdoor life and pottering around in their small boat enjoying fishing trips and exploring the Cornish coastline.

Rupert Langstaff

Mark Heasman Property Manager

Property Manager Rupert brings with him a wealth of experience within the property market, having begun his career in 1988. He has gained an in depth understanding of both sales and lettings, this global approach to the property market makes him a valuable asset to the team. He is a ‘people person’ who is customer service driven and his professional approach ensures that we can continue to offer an excellent standard to our clients. Rupert is a family man, he has two sons that both play football. When not supporting them on the touchline, he enjoys playing tennis.

Mark has years of experience in property maintenance which gives him a unique understanding of property issues. He has a specialist knowledge of buildings which helps to provide swift identification of specific problems.

Anna Churchland

Jeremy Sainsbury

Office Accounts Manager

Inventories Manager

Anna is the power house behind our highly efficient accounts system. She has a down to earth, understanding approach which has enabled the establishment of excellent customer relations with both tenants and landlords. She is a team player with an eye to how a good system should work.

Jeremy joined Whites in 2016 and has a wealth of experience in customer service and outstanding organisational skills. He thoroughly enjoys the variety that this role entails both in terms of ensuring efficient systems management combined with providing an excellent customer interface. Jeremy is an avid football fan supporting Southampton. He is a keen runner and cyclist especially after eating too many cream crackers!

Anna admits that her greatest achievement is being a Mum and now a Grannie!

Mark is a self-declared family man. He enjoys long country walks with his gorgeous wife. When he has the time a good game of rugby can’t be missed.

01722 336422


Becki Jones

Verity Eastman

Becki works as a Property Manager in Whites Lettings department. She brings with her excellent customer service skills and a passion for working with clients. Becki loves finding the right home for the right tenant and likewise the right tenant for the right landlord. Outside work Becki is very active and loves going to the gym and walking her dog Binky and also taking part in her local weekly Park Run in Salisbury.

Verity heads the marketing for Whites. She has worked in marketing since 2000 both agency and client side. This has included working in business services for law firms, as well as in the charity sector, publishing and sporting arena. With two children, three dogs, seven chickens, three fish, a cat (and a husband!) she is adept at multi-tasking and enjoys countryside living - and gundog training with her spaniel!

Glenda Privett

Claire Gallagher

Office Admin Manager

Accounts Assistant

Glenda ensures that the day to day running of Lettings is a smooth operation. Having worked in both the Sales and Lettings departments, she is indeed our resident superhero and team player, always ready to ensure the successful running of the office. In her spare time Glenda enjoys looking after her lovely new granddaughter and keeping fit. She is also a member of the air rifle target club which she was voted most improved shooter of the region 2014 – no wonder she is able to keep the office in line.

Claire joined the Whites family back in 2013 providing Maternity Cover in our Residential Sales Team. Since then she has worked in most departments in the business but more recently has joined Anna as part of the Accounts Team (The A Team). With experience in Recruitment, Sales and Customer Services, Claire is now utilising her existing skills in this new area of the business for her.

Property Manager

Marketing Manager

June Millott

Sales/Lettings Administrator

Originally from Scotland, she has now made Salisbury home for herself and her two sons. When she is not crunching numbers with Anna, Claire can be found working up at sweat teaching Clubbercise or serenading the crowds in her band Miss Chief and the Makers.

June works part time and she is a people person with a very cheery disposition. Amongst her many responsibilities she organises viewings for clients and produces a lovely set of Property Brochures for our Sales team. June enjoys socialising with her friends, brisk walks across the forest followed by a relaxed night out. She can otherwise be found enjoying a trip to London to visit her daughter.

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