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APRIL 2021







Kitchen Gadget Guide Create stunning, restaurant quality dishes with the latest kitchen aids




Get your house Spring ready Now is the perfect opportunity to freshen things up in your house Our latest instructions Take a look at a selection of our latest properties on the market



Springtime salads Check out some of our best Spring salad recipes that are sure to make your body smile


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Holiday activities Help the kids get creative in the garden and with their wet weather gear Earth Day 2021 Tips to make your home more climate clean this Earth Day


April gardening tips Time to roll up your sleeves and put in the groundwork


World Book Day Reading is perhaps one of best commodities we have


Shed DIY The humble outbuilding can be put to a number of uses



Golf European Tour We look ahead at what’s to play for, and who might be in with a chance of winning



e’re into the fourth month of the year. The clocks have changed, the weather is warming up and the world is opening again! This Spring promises a lot and in this month’s magazine so do we! On pages 2 and 3 we go in-depth looking at the best ways to get your home Spring ready, and if that’s not enough, continuing inside the home, we also have a fantastic kitchen gadgets guide ready to create the Spring salad recipes from page 15. On the 22nd April we are celebrating Earth Day, so we have put together a guide to make your home more environmentally friendly. Moving outside, on pages



10 and 11 we have your April gardening guide and well as some ideas of how to turn your shed into a office/bar/sauna.


What better place to start, than in the room where you spend more time than any other? Let’s start with the bedding. If you’ve opted for rich, dark colours over the winter months, then throw these away in exchange for neutral green or sky blue colours, accompanied with added pops of colour. Or if you want to make the extra effort in the season of Spring, then select some sheets with floral patterns. If you’ve been used to covering your bed with blankets and throws to keep warm, then switch to lightweight sheets and pillowcases. This will help to add some brightness to your room, and more importantly, stop you from feeling overheated as the weather warms up. And if you’ve made these changes, and still want to go further, then replace your pillows altogether! Swapping your pillows not only aids a more comfortable night’s sleep, but can simultaneously make your bedroom look completely different.


This may sound very obvious, but giving your house a good, old-fashioned Spring clean can go a long way to revitalising your home. First, start with cleaning from top to bottom. It can be a laborious job, but will benefit your home in the long run by adding freshness to every space. Next, move on to removing things that you no longer need. For instance, root through your

Finally, we have some fantastic ways to keep busy during the Easter holidays, a feature about World Book Day and a preview of the Men’s European Golf Tour. We’re all excited that the world is starting up again, and are all hopeful for the summer, however, for now, stay safe and take care of yourselves. For now, make yourself a cuppa, pull up a chair in the garden and enjoy! Jonathan Wheatley Editor

Once the tidying is done, turn your attention to adding items which freshen up your home

SPRING INTO ACTION fridges and cupboards, and throw out expired products that didn’t make it onto your plate over the winter period. And when rearranging the foodstuffs, do so in a way as to categorise everything, and make different items much easier to locate. If you have a garage, then organising it can prove a very satisfying project to get your teeth stuck into. Group all of your winter items into boxes, label them, and then place into the garage. This will make things much easier when it comes round to retrieving them again. And while you’re at it, look to declutter your garage. Throw out items you don’t need, and aim to create as much space as you can. Doing this will not only help you feel that your possessions are organised, but will allow you to think of the garage as a space other than just one of storage!


Once the tidying is done, turn your attention to adding items which freshen up your home. Spring is associated with the smells of nature, so lean into this tradition with some citrus, rose, lavender, or other floral scented candles or wax melts. These will help to air out the house, and will match the aromas of the outside world. And don’t neglect fauna. As well as bringing in natural, fresh scents into your home, displaying a set of flowers will also help to fill your room with colour, and will complete any kitchen or living room.


Another great way to completely transform your home, heading into the summer, is to focus on the backbone of any interior. If your carpets have seen better days, then get round to getting them professionally cleaned. As well as making any room look brand new, removing any stains will really brighten up your home. Or, if you feel like a complete makeover, change your flooring completely. Tiling is very resistant for wear and tear, and so is a great option for a room which is likely to be used a lot, such as a kitchen or conservatory. Or, if you love the unmistakable aromas and textures that come with hardwood flooring, then opt for this.


If there’s something missing from your ideal Spring home, then consider whether you’ve done all you can to take advantage of maximising the amount of natural light in any space. Replace your dark, thick curtains with light ones, or if the room permits, do away with curtains altogether. Without requiring much effort, this will completely transform any room in time for Summer. And also consider changing bulbs. With the greater amounts of light that come with this time of year, switch to darker lights, to create a cosy atmosphere in the evenings, and let natural light do the rest!

As the days get longer, and the weather begins to brighten, now is the perfect opportunity to freshen things up in your house




Stand out from the crowd and create stunning, restaurant quality dishes with the latest kitchen aids



Instant Pot Duo V2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Breville HeatSoft VFM021


t is an inescapable fact that the kitchen is the heart of the home. More than just a collection of units, it is the place where memories are forged and culinary disasters are celebrated as much as the triumphs; the venue for gathering at either end of the day, where the aroma of freshly-ground coffee cuts through the lingering whiff of curry from the night before. It is also a place of work, a hive of experimentation. And key to that creative process are the tools of the trade, either a worktop full of the tried, tested and much loved, or an ever-changing procession of ‘must-haves’ which are casually discarded when the next big thing appears.

Russell Hobbs Sous Vide Slow Cooker

Sage The Smoking Gun



Something which falls in the latter category but could soon become the former is the Instant Pot Duo V2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker. It doesn’t exactly trip off the tongue but what it does will keep the tongue very happy. America’s home-chefs blew a fuse over this little multi-cooker and its not difficult to see why – it’s an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, steamer, rice cooker, yogurt maker, saute pan and a warming pot, which is easy to use and clean.

Devotees of programmes such as MasterChef and The Great British Menu will be familiar with the waterbath and the sous vide process, where food is placed inside a sealed pouch and cooked at an accurately-regulated temperature. It helps meat and vegetables retain their flavour, vitamins and keeps prep-time low. Described as ‘a Michelinstarred chef’s worst-kept secret’, the waterbath can now adorn your kitchen in the form of the easily-affordable Russell Hobbs Sous Vide Slow Cooker. And if you really want to go for drama with your fine dining, get Sage The Smoking Gun. Using cold smoke, it lets you infuse a range of food and KitchenAid Food drinks with a natural Processor smoky flavour, while the dual speed helps increase the intensity of the smoke. Best of all, it is sold with, or without, a glass cloche to cover your dish and heighten the effect. If you are in the market for a hand mixer, take a look

De’Longhi Magnifica Illycaffe 6636 Francis

Santoku 180mm Blade Knife at the Breville HeatSoft VFM021 and wave goodbye to that time-consuming wait for the butter to soften. This handy tool warms butter up to 12 times faster than just leaving it in the mixing bowl, although it can also be used without the heating function. It also comes with an attachable clear case, so the attachments don’t go wandering. An even more flexible bit of kit is the KitchenAid Food Processor which can chop, shred, puree and slice food. It comes with an easy to install reversible medium shred/slice and thick slice blades as well as a dough blade should you want to knead bread or pasta dough. And it comes in a rather fetching Empire Red finish. There’s nothing that sets the smoke alarm off quite like burnt toast, so the Magimix Vision Toaster could be the best thing you’ll ever invest in. A see-through panel allows you to see how your breakfast is doing, ensuring ideal results every time. Possibly the best thing since, well, sliced bread. On the subject of breakfast, let’s talk coffee. We’re not all barista maestro-standard but machines such as the De’Longhi Magnifica help paper over the cracks. With seven adjustable coarseness levels within

an integrated grinder, the Magnifica can customise the type of coffee you want… plus it has a dual cup option. For eye-catching looks, the Illycaffe 6636 Francis is a bit of a head-turner while the Sage Oracle Touch Fully Automated Coffee Machine is the business. However, you’ll need something a bit stronger than an espresso when you see the price tag. No kitchen is complete without a decent set of knives or a pro-standard knife (singular). The Santoku 180mm Blade Knife, from Blenheim Forge, isn’t cheap but will last for years. Made with a Japanese Blue Paper Steel Core with folded iron cladding, it comes with a walnut handle and solid copper ferrule for added strength. Finally, they say baking is all about precision, so that means you’ll need a decent set of kitchen scales. Salter’s Heston Blumental Precision Scales have a dual platform – one for measuring up to 10kg in 1g increments and the other for measuring up to 200g in 0.1g increments. There’s an add- and-weigh feature and also an aquatronic feature for measuring liquids, just to help you get ‘weigh’ ahead of your competitive friends.

Sage Oracle Touch Fully Automated Coffee Machine

Magimix Vision Toaster

Salter’s Heston Blumental Precision Scales




Help the kids get creative in the garden and with their wet weather gear


pril, as the saying goes, is the month for showers. And not only does it bring May’s flowers, it can also provide inspiration for some great craft activities for kids and adults alike. It’s the time where it’s always best to have boots and a brolly close at hand. And there’s no better way of making a splash in those quick-to-appear springtime puddles than in customised wellies.

your favourite anymore, tie brightly coloured ribbon about halfway up and gently bend the brolly support wires outwards.

Insert a block of florists’ oasis for water and support then add the flowers so they are peeping over the top. Freshly-cut tulips, with their bold colourful petals, are ideal and will last for a few days but for a longer lasting display, try artificial blooms. And then hang from your door knocker – or insert spike down in the garden - for an eye-catching display that should make any passer-by smile.

Boots are very much a blank canvas and you can really let your imagination run riot, creating colourful and simple yet effective flower patterns, rockets and scenes from outer space for the kids – who also might want a jazzy take on their initials - or graffiti-led slogans for the not so young who might be missing their Glastonbury fix again this year.

So, if they are not getting wet, kids love nothing better than getting their hands dirty… literally. So, put them to good use by designating an area of the garden for them to cultivate with summer-blooming wild flowers or, particularly as the weather is likely to be indifferent, by planting a herb garden inside. Its an easy way to get the younger members of the family hooked on planting, It’s the time where nurturing and tasting what it’s always best to they have grown in their meals, have boots and a and is a little more advanced brolly close at hand and not as smelly as growing cress seeds on blotting paper!

Many people suggest sanding down the area you intend to decorate as this creates a smoother surface and allows the paint to make a stronger bond. As for your decorating agent, acrylic paint is easily available and straightforward to use, particularly if you are going for a funky, bright and intricate design. Waterproof marker pens are also handy for applying finer details, while if a broad sweep of colour is required, rubber spray paint will do the job. And although the paints will dry to a good finish, applying a layer of hairspray will also help your colours stick. Continuing the wet weather theme, how about sprucing up your front door with an extension of the Christmas wreath: a brolly brimming with spring flowers? Younger members of the family can do the backbending stuff by picking the flowers while all you have to do is select an umbrella that’s not



The easiest – and probably the most useful herbs to grow are parsley, basil, coriander, chives and dill, and all you will need are peat-free, multi-purpose compost; small pots (such as yoghurt) or a used plastic tray from a Chinese takeaway … and an array of helping hands. Making sure the containers have been pierced to guard against over-enthusiastic watering, fill with the compost and tamp down gently to remove the air pockets. Water and allow to drain before scattering the seeds sparingly over the surface before covering with a thin layer of compost. Ideally the pots can be covered with a clear plastic bag to recreate a mini greenhouse and speed the growth process, before placing

April is the month for showers, it can also provide inspiration for some great craft activities

on a windowsill. Once germinated, remove the plastic and water at least once a week before potting outside in late May. A further way to enrich a child’s understanding of the garden is to construct a bug mansion out of discarded pallets and log the varieties of creepy crawlies who come to stay. Some insects like cool, damp conditions, while others like the sun, so try to site the home where it will get a bit of both, under a hedge or tree. Give it a firm base and start stacking, filling the gaps with dead wood and loose bark, straw, dry leaves, and corrugated cardboard which, when stuffed into a plastic bottle with its top removed, creates a nice nest for lacewings. And if you plant some nectar-producing flowers around the outside you can bring in winged guests, such as butterflies and bees.



Join in with millions of people around the world and make your home more climate clean this Earth Day





his year celebrates the 51st anniversary of Earth Day. Originally conceived in 1970 by peace activist John McConnell as a day of education about how to look after our Earth, in 1990, Earth Day went International and has been celebrated ever since in all four corners of the world. It is one of the few holidays that transcends all national borders and religions, yet preserves all geographical integrities and brings people together all over the world. It is quite simply devoted to the preservation of the harmony in nature and yet draws upon the triumphs of technology. There are hundreds of ways of making your home more environmentally friendly, big and small. Here, in celebration of Earth Day, are our top tips.


90% of the energy used by a washing machine goes towards heating water. By skipping the heating and using your washing machine on the cold water setting, you will reduce carbon dioxide emission as well as keeping your clothes in top condition for longer, as hot water can deteriorate your clothes and make colours less vibrant.




DIY isn’t only a truly great skill to have, but it helps towards creating an environmentally friendly home as opposed to buying new. With just a few tools and a little time, you can crack-on with all sorts of projects. You could tile your kitchen yourself, build home-made planters for the garden or even lay your own flooring.


Invest in the right energy-efficient light bulbs and you won’t only be helping the Earth, but you’ll be saving money too. LED bulbs are the best alternative to regular light bulbs and as well as lasting longer, they are eco-friendly. They are readily available in most shops and you can even get dimmable ones and colour-change ones.


We are all well-versed of the importance of recycling by now, so use your recycling bin and you are truly helping towards our world’s future, and if you find yourself with an excess of normal waste, buy a compost bin, which will not only help you get rid of the excess waste but will give you free fertiliser for your garden.


Ah, what to do with all that free fertiliser? How about growing your own herbs and vegetables? Not only will you always have wonderful, better-tasting food, but you will massively cut down on plastic used in shop-bought veg and herbs. Some of the most popular are basil, oregano and peppers and tomatoes.


But where do I plant these herbs and veg? Simple, don’t ditch any wood or pallets you have lying around, get creative instead. With just a few screws and a drill, you can make home-made planters for your garden or windowsills. Just measure four pieces of wood to equal lengths, screw together and line with bubble wrap.

22nd April 202 1 www.earthday.org DITCH THE COFFEE PODS

Coffee pod machines have been around for a while now, however, did you know the plastic capsules aren’t usually recyclable? For better tasting and more environmentally friendly coffee, invest in a good-quality espresso machine that takes freshly ground coffee. You can also sprinkle the used ground coffee onto your compost to keep bugs away.


Not the quickest or flashiest jobs, but by insulating the pipes that run from your boiler throughout your house can make a huge difference. Your best bet is to use felt or wool pipe insulation that is pre-cut into sleeves and then use some good-quality pipe wrap insulation tape.


Finally, what is more natural than rainwater? Exactly. If you could collect and store all the rainwater that falls on your property throughout a year and use it around the home, you would see a huge drop in your water bills. Okay, so a full-blown rainwater collection servicing your house is a huge job, but start small with a water butt and you can at least water your herbs and veg without touching a tap. Earth Day is on Thursday the 22nd of April and you can find out more by visiting www.earthday.org

It is one of the few holidays that transcends all national borders and religions, yet preserves all geographical integrities




WEED IT Time to roll up your sleeves and put in the groundwork


nd so here we are. April, the great transitional month where we’ve not quite shaken off winter’s icy grip, but with brighter evenings and significantly warmer days, its hold is definitely weakening. For gardeners, this is where the hard work starts; this month’s input dictates output for the rest of the year. The four-day Easter holiday weekend gives us time to prepare the ground, assessing and repairing the damage inflicted by a particularly harsh start to the year, taking the time to restake trees, secure climbing shrubs, and clear any lingering storm damage, particularly checking fences for damage to panels, support posts and slats. And then you can get on your hands and knees for some serious weeding, gently turning over ground flattened by heavy rain and snow, and clearing away any remaining dead leaves, twigs and winter debris, as well as dead-heading daffodils,



tulips and late-flowing crocuses, and trimming frost-damaged shoots from evergreens. Once cleared, nourish the soil with compost or well-rotted manure which will add beneficial micro-organisms to the soil, making it richer and encouraging the right kind of insect activity. The wrong kind – slugs, snails and aphids – may be found loitering around the crowns of perennials preparing to wreak havoc so it’s best to deal with them now. Early infestations of aphids can be pinched out by hand but pests such as vine weevil will need chemical or biological intervention to keep under control. Your lawn will need the most attention early in the early growing season. If you’ve not already done so, now’s the time for that initial cut, taking the top off the winter growth before the first decisive crop. Once that’s done, apply a high nitrogen spring lawn fertiliser to encourage good, strong growth and if

moss has become a problem, choose a combined moss killer/fertiliser and lightly rake out the dead a couple of weeks after application.

There are also many warm-season vegetables, such as cucumbers and tomatoes, which can be moved outdoors

If you discover some bumps and hollows, peel back the turf and remove or add soil as necessary before replacing the grass, while any bare patches can be prepared for reseeding: if the ground is still wet and cold, though, the germination will be poor so it might be better to postpone this until early May. And, while we’re at it, don’t forget the lawn edges. Using a spade or a half-moon edging iron, create a gutter of around

three inches to prevent the grass creeping back into your borders. It is also important to prune trees and deciduous shrubs, removing dead and sickly-looking leaves or branches to stimulate new growth and spring flowering. Also add fertiliser while a good organic mulch, laid in a circle around the trunk, will not only provide moisture for good growth but will also conserve moisture and encourage strong, drought-resistant roots, something worth bearing in mind for the likes of rhododendrons, azaleas and camelias where flowering can be severely impaired if allowed to dry out. Otherwise, a good balanced fertiliser (such as blood, fish and bone) can be sprinkled over the root area around ornamental trees, shrubs and hedges before hoeing in, particularly beneficial for young, weak or damaged plants. Once the warmer days are set in and the risk of a late sharp frost has gone, plant out

the flower seedlings you’ve been cultivating since March, and if you haven’t, you can still sow petunias, zinnias, marigolds, purple cornflowers and other seasonals you might fancy in your flowerbeds. Summerflowering bulbs should also be going in, ensuring the likes of anemone tubers have well-drained soil. Containers can also be planned, topped up with fresh compost and planted – an alpine trough can be particularly attractive as many are starting to look their best - while you may be able to start on your hanging baskets in the latter stages of the month if you’re in a temperate part of the country. Otherwise, pot-on plants that are showing signs of becoming pot-bound or generally just look a bit forlorn. There are also many warm-season vegetables, such as cucumbers and tomatoes, which can be moved outdoors while radishes, carrots, peas and lettuce can also be planted, along with your favourite annual herbs.






Reading is perhaps one of best, if not the very best, commodities and widely accessible resources we have as a people, and therefore so is World Book Day


ental health and the recognition of its facets and depth has never been as prevalent as now, so when you consider how strong the scientific research is in favour of how reading can help mental wellbeing – by reducing your heart rate and thus stress levels, easing muscle tension, and wholly altering your state of mind – World Book Day this year is surely a campaign more important than ever before. World Book Day annually takes place on 23rd April. This is because the Spanish

writer Vicente Clavel Andrés wanted to call for a day which would recognize the life and career of one of his greatest heroes, fellow Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes, who still is widely regarded as the greatest ever writer of the Spanish language. Cervantes death date was 23rd April, which also marks many other great writers’ birth and death dates, including William Shakespeare who passed away on exactly the same day as Cervantes, 23rd April 1616.

World Book Day this year is surely a campaign more important than ever before

The first World Book Day was celebrated in 1995 and has been going strong ever since. It’s a day to celebrate all things books, especially your favourites! One of my personal favourite novels is The Shining by Stephen King. King has always been associated with horror, and I suppose that’s justified. But many people overlook (pun intended) the fact that much of King’s stories contain some real character depth and interpersonal relationships, which can often be extremely intense and moving. The Shining, for instance,



for me, isn’t necessarily primarily a horror. It could be considered a psychological thriller or drama about what happens when an alcoholic becomes victim to cabin fever. The paranormal presence in the hotel is an effective way to convey this cabin fever process Jack Torrance undertakes, but I suspect many readers agree that a good argument can be made that the paranormal activity can merely be considered a metaphor for Jack’s psychological transformation into illness. Indeed he knows he’s becoming unhealthy at the behest of cabin fever, as there is a point near the end of the novel where he tries to cry out from underneath his new, murderous exterior to tell his would-be murdered son to leave before it’s too late. Why I talk about this book in particularly is because cabin fever is something many of us have had to endure over the past many months, and, more troubling still, domestic abuse, so it’s an interesting insight into cabin fever and the effects it can have on relationships, especially if alcoholism is involved. The Shining is an example of a great novel, and certainly one to celebrate, as the book often gets inaccurately judged by its better-known cover, that of the film by Stanley Kubrick, which told a rather different story. Jonathan Wheatley, British Author

If a home-working space is the objective, you will need to insulate, drywall and think about heating



o paraphrase rock giants Motorhead, a shed used to be a place of spades. Or lawnmowers. Or half-empty tins of paint and discarded outdoor toys. A handy little store, generally made of glorified fencing panels, that gets a coat of creosote when you remember but generally sits, unloved, at the end of the garden waiting to be battered by the next named storm. Times and lifestyles, however, change, and now the humble structure has become the fashionable ‘must-have’, graduating from the often-outlandish man caves and she-sheds to offices, studios, outside bars and even saunas and cinema rooms. If the prospect of turning your forlorn shed into a rustic home extension appeals, there are some things to bear in mind, not least checking with the local authority to see if you need permission for change of use. Then see how structurally sound it is or whether you might be

better off biting the bullet and getting a new summerhouse or log cabin, depending on size of budget, garden… and ambition.

Having checked the damp-proofing, if the roof is watertight, walls are in good condition and doors and windows fit properly, clear the shed out and look for signs of mould, damp, wood rot or pest infestation around the floor. Once satisfied, the big decision now is whether it’s a DIY project or needs to be turned over to an expert, as you would be advised to do for a sauna. If you’re going it alone, the first job will be to get the outside treated or painted to make it weatherproof, then think about sealing any cracks you may have discovered with caulk or weatherstripping to help prevent draughts, bugs and any other undesirables. Depending how you plan to use the shed, you might want to pop in a skylight window, particularly if you’ve got the professionals in and

The humble outbuilding can be put to a number of uses

you’re designing an office. If a home-working space is the objective, you will need to insulate, drywall and think about heating for those slightly less-than idyllic days. Heating means power and while it may be tempting to connect to the supply from your home, don’t rule out solar panels, which provide a simpler, cheaper and energy efficient solution. If it’s a bar you’re after, you’ll need plumbing too. For flooring, think durable coverings such as cork, tile and carpet - a wood floor might be attractive but may not be practical. After that, it’s all about preferences: LED or halogen lights for an office, a string of novelty lights for your personal pub; shelves and versatile cabinets for work, a good service area and racks to attach the optics for the bar. And finally, make sure you’ve got some good locks.




EUROPEAN TOUR IN APRIL As this year’s European Tour begins to crank up, we look ahead at what’s to play for, and who might be in with a chance of winning


The 2021 European Tour began in January, when it was announced that at least fortytwo events would be played in twenty-four different countries, including eighteen which were either postponed or cancelled in 2020.

The first tournament of the season, the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, was won by Englishman Tyrell Hatton. Since then, fellow countryman Paul Casey and American Dustin Johnson have walked away with the other two titles.


The month of April includes four of the forty-two European tour events. On the 15th, Golf’s biggest names travel to Spain, to take part in the Tenerife Open. From there, they make the short journey for the Gran Canaria open, beginning on the 22nd, highlighting this year’s focus on reducing travelling where possible. And finally, the 29th April marks the beginning of the Portugal Masters.



But of course, the main event of the month is right at the beginning. On April 8th, all eyes will turn to Augusta, Georgia, for the 2021 Masters. The first of the four ‘majors’ of the year, this tournament is steeped in tradition, with every winner since 1949 receiving an iconic green jacket. Last year, the imperious Dustin Johnson won by five-shots, whilst simultaneously breaking the course record, in a tournament which was pushed back several months due to the pandemic. But fortunately, this year’s competition will go ahead as planned, and is set to be as equally enthralling as any other instalment.

The first tournament of the season, the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship, was won by Englishman Tyrell Hatton


As already mentioned, Johnson won the tournament by a landslide last year, and still sits at the head of the world rankings, and so cannot be written off. Otherwise, world numbers two Jon Rahm and world number three Justin Thomas have nine European Tour victories between them, and so will both feel confident come April 8th. And for a slight outsider, consider Bryson DeChambeau’s chances. The big-hitting American, currently ranked inside the world’s top ten, hasn’t enjoyed much success at Augusta thus far in his career. However, his analytical approach in gaining significant muscle in 2020 has made him the longest driver of the ball on the PGA Tour, which may stand him in good stead when battling the famously difficult course in Georgia.


Put a spring in your step with these wonderful, healthy salads perfect for Springtime


ne of the best things about Spring is the chance to create wonderful, healthy salads with some of the finest and freshest veg available at this time of the year. So, without delay, check out some of our best Spring salad recipes that are sure to make your body smile. Salad leaves – mixed Vine tomatoes Red onion Feta cheese Olive oil Lemon Salt and pepper Fresh oregano

GREEK SALAD Wash and rinse the salad leaves and chop the vine tomatoes in half (depending on their size) and slice the red onion so you have wonderful whole onion circles. Toss the tomatoes, salad leaves and onion together in a bowl ensuring it’s all mixed. Then mix the olive oil, the juice of half a lemon and a pinch of salt and pepper in a small bowl. Add the olive oil mix to the salad bowl, toss again before finally adding the crumbled feta on top. To finish garnish with the fresh oregano and another pinch of pepper.

Orange juice Lemon juice Honey Salt and pepper Olive oil Mixed carrots Radishes Celery Small beet Fresh mint leaves Small oranges

Mixed salad leaves Dried apricots White wine vinegar Shallot Dijon mustard Olive oil Feta Cucumber Dill

SHAVED CARROT AND RADISH SALAD Whisk together the orange juice, lemon juice, honey, salt and pepper to your taste, before adding olive oil. Peel and then shave the carrots lengthways and finely slice the radishes before peeling the oranges and slicing them into half-moons. Then thinly slice the celery and small beet. Mix together in a large bowl before adding the olive oil mix. Serve with the freshly chopped mint leaves on top.

SPRING SALAD WITH APRICOT VINAIGRETTE Place the apricots in a bowl while bringing the white wine vinegar to a simmer. Once simmering, pour over the apricots and leave for ten minutes. Finely slice the shallot, then add to a bowl with some Dijon mustard before then adding the apricots to the mustard mixture. Add a little white wine vinegar to taste and then mix in the olive oil. In a large bowl, toss together the salad leaves, cucumber and apricot mixture. To serve, crumble the feta cheese over the top before adding the fresh dill.

Images for illustrative purposes only



City Centre 024 7622 2022 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000

Auction Guide £360,000


Park Road, Coventry

** BEING SOLD THROUGH MODERN METHOD OF AUCTION *** READ AUCTION DETAILS BELOW *** A substantial three storey 7 bedroom semi-detached property offering a superb investment opportunity in this handy City Centre location within walking distance of Coventry Railway Station, the City Centre itself and access to Coventry University. The property benefits from double glazing and gas central heating and is offered for sale with immediate vacant possession with no further chain. In brief the accommodation comprises porch entrance, reception hall, living room, breakfast kitchen, two bedrooms one with a separate shower room and the other having an en-suite shower room.


. lettings . new homes . land . surveys

St. Nicholas Street, Coventry



*** OFFERED WITH IMMEDIATE VACANT POSSESSION *** CHECK OUT THE 360 VIRTUAL TOUR *** A very stylish modern first floor canal side apartment in this relatively central location, within a short walk of the City Centre. Recently redecorated and improved this delightful home really needs to be seen and will almost certainly appeal to a first time buyer or alternatively should create a first class investment opportunity. With a secure intercom entrance the property offers a hallway, wonderful open plan living/kitchen with stunning views, two bedrooms and a well fitted bathroom. The apartment has an allocated secure gated parking space to the rear.

Auction Guide £230,000


Friars Road, City Centre

This property is for sale by the Modern Method of Auction which is not to be confused with Traditional auction. The Modern Method of Auction is a flexible buyer friendly method of purchase. We do not require the purchaser to exchange contracts immediately, but grant 28 days to achieve exchange of contracts from the date the buyer’s solicitor is in receipt of the draft contracts and a further 28 days thereafter to complete. Allowing the additional time to exchange on the property means interested parties can proceed with traditional residential finance.

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City Centre 024 7622 2022 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 BRONZE LET ONLY






rty appraisal and rental valuation


eting and advertising

e suitable tenants

to suit you

mpanied viewings and feedback

up references and credit checks

nt Right to Rent checks

up tenancy agreement

Payne Associates offer tory and statement of condition landlords a choice of ct deposit and first month’s rent 4 different levels of service. ng of the tenancy agreementyou and issuing all The option choose will memts as per the Prescribed Requirements and) Regulations 2015 on how hands-on depend Council Tax, electricity, move in you wantgas toand be,water theof level ter depositof with TDS you are prepared to risk accept, the time and collection and paymentand to landlord energy you have available hly itemised statement to landlord to manage your property e any arrears investment and tenancy.


Perfect for landlords who want to manage the tenancy themselves but want to ensure all the paperwork (tenancy agreement, inventory and statement of condition) is completed professionally.



GOLD (FULLY MANAGED LETTING SERVICE) Perfect for landlords who have limited time, or are travelling/living overseas, and want to outsource the entire day to day tenancy management and upkeep of their property investment to a professional property management agent.

uct regular property inspections

ge routine servicing and maintenance


ge emergency repairs

SILVER (LETTING & RENT COLLECTION SERVICE) Perfect for landlords who will manage the upkeep of the property themselves but don’t want to take on the hassle of rent collection.

esident landlord tax certificate

e on any repairs required


PLATINUM (FULLY MANAGED LETTING SERVICE WITH RENT PROTECTION) This service will provide all of the above and will also include Rent and Legal Protection to give you additional peace of mind.

ge mandatory safety checks

with tenant issues and queries

with tenancy renewals and rent reviews

with serving and receiving notices

rketing at end of tenancy

ee tenant check-out

Additional services can be tailor-made to suit your needs; simply contact us to discuss your requirements

Council Tax, electricity, gas and water of move out

ge deposit return

al Gas Safety Check Included


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Property appraisal and rental valuation Marketing and advertising Source suitable tenants Accompanied viewings and feedback Take up references and credit checks Tenant Right to Rent checks Draw up tenancy agreement Inventory and statement of condition Collect deposit and first month’s rent Signing of the tenancy agreement and issuing all documemts as per the Prescribed Requirements (England) Regulations 2015 Notify Council Tax, electricity, gas and water of move in Register deposit with TDS Rent collection and payment to landlord Monthly itemised statement to landlord Chase any arrears Non-resident landlord tax certificate Conduct regular property inspections Arrange routine servicing and maintenance Advise on any repairs required Arrange emergency repairs Arrange mandatory safety checks Deal with tenant issues and queries Deal with tenancy renewals and rent reviews Deal with serving and receiving notices Remarketing at end of tenancy Oversee tenant check-out Notify Council Tax, electricity, gas and water of move out Arrange deposit return Annual Gas Safety Check Included End of year tax statement Rent and Legal protection Priority Monthly Payment * Where a service is not included in a package this may be available at an additional cost. Please contact one of the Lettings Team

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Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 City Centre 024

Poitiers Road, Cheylesmore

7622 2022 £219,950

An immaculate terrace property with two storey rear extension. The accommodation briefly comprises reception hall, through lounge/dining room, extended and refitted kitchen breakfast kitchen, landing, three bedrooms and extended family bathroom with bath and separate shower cubicle. To the outside there is a small front garden and an enclosed private lawn rear garden with patio and rear vehicular access leading to a double concrete sectional garage. The property benefits from gas central heating and double glazing.

Michaelmas Road, Styvechale


An extremely attractive, recently extended and fully refurbished detached house close to the City Centre. The property benefits from uPVC double glazing and gas central heating and briefly comprises porch entrance, reception hall, cloakroom, living room, family room/study, superb living/dining/kitchen room and a separate utility room. Four good sized bedrooms, en-suite shower room and a luxury family bathroom. There is a block paved front drive, south-facing lawn rear garden and substantial detached rear garage.


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Woodside Avenue North, Green Lane

Offers over £400,000

A most attractive traditional semi-detached in this delightful setting fronting conservation woodland. The double glazed and gas centrally heated accommodation briefly comprises reception hall, cloakroom, lounge, sitting room, open-plan kitchen/breakfast room, three bedrooms, modern family bathroom with mixer shower and a useful loft/attic room. To the outside there is a patio garden with direct vehicular access to off-road parking and a double brick garage.

Quinton Road, Cheylesmore


A most attractive traditional double bayed semi-detached property. The property offers uPVC double glazed and gas centrally heated accommodation which comprises reception hall, attractive lounge and superb refitted dining/kitchen with utility and ground-floor cloakroom leading off. There are three first floor bedrooms and a modern refurbished bathroom with shower whilst outside the property is well screened to the front with side driveway providing parking and access through to an enclosed garden with paved patio and lawn.

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Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 City Centre 024

Seneschal Road, Cheylesmore

7622 2022 £229,950

A deceptively spacious mid-terrace property benefiting from uPVC double glazed and gas centrally heated accommodation which comprises entrance lobby, ground-floor cloakroom, inner hallway, modern refitted kitchen, full width rear lounge/ dining room, uPVC double glazed conservatory, landing, three good bedrooms and a modern refurbished fully tiled shower room. A front driveway provides off-road parking and leads to a part integral garage whilst to the rear there is a low maintenance paved rear garden with rear pedestrian access.

Knoll Drive, Styvechale

Offers over £450,000

A handsome semi-detached family home on a prominent corner plot and built to an individual design and layout. With immediate vacant possession, no further chain and uPVC double glazing and gas central heating. Comprising reception hall, spacious sitting room, dining room with conservatory/sun lounge off, breakfast kitchen with utility and cloakroom off. Four good bedrooms, modern refurbished shower room, separate WC, gardens to three sides and a rear driveway with parking and brick-built garage.


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The Park Paling, Cheylesmore


An attractive and spacious modern detached family home with views over Whitley Common Recreation. The accommodation benefits from uPVC double glazing and gas central heating and briefly comprises reception hall, lounge/dining room, fitted breakfast kitchen, separate playroom/bedroom 5, utility room and cloakroom. Four first floor double bedrooms and modern family bathroom with shower. A front driveway for 3/4 vehicles and a good sized rear garden with large patio and lawn. No further chain involved.

Woodside Avenue South, Green Lane


A substantial three storey semi-detached family home. The double glazed and gas centrally heated accommodation comprises side reception hall, spacious open-plan living room, sitting room, extended kitchen/breakfast room, three good first floor bedrooms, modern refurbished bathroom, second floor fourth double bedroom with en-suite shower room and outside there is a driveway providing parking, side car-port and rear brick garage with utility and outside WC. The private rear garden comprises decked patio and lawn.

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Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 City Centre 024

Eastleigh Avenue, Earlsdon

7622 2022 £665,000

An outstanding, extensively refurbished FIVE bedroom executive detached residence situated within one of Coventry’s most appealing and sought after locations, close to Kenilworth Road and within walking distance of the War Memorial Park. The property offers stylish luxury over three floors and every detail has been considered. In brief the property comprises; on the ground floor; entrance hall, elegant front lounge with log burner, rear sitting room with doors leading to enclosed garden, open plan designer kitchen/dining/family room with Corian work surfaces, high end integrated appliances with views over the rear garden, play room with ground floor WC.

Brunswick Road, Earlsdon


***NO CHAIN***An opportunity to acquire a two bedroom apartment occupying a popular and very convenient, location within easy walking distance of Coventry City Centre, Coventry University and main line train station. The double glazed accommodation briefly comprises; spacious lounge, fitted kitchen, two bedrooms, bathroom and well kept communal grounds. Benefitting from long lease of 136 years and share of the Freehold included.


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Montes Court, Earlsdon


Built by McCarthy & Stone to an exacting standard, a tastefully presented one bedroom second floor apartment situated in this exclusive modern development specifically designed for the over 60 age group. Within walking distance of Earlsdon High Street, the well designed apartment briefly comprises; spacious entrance hall with useful airing/store cupboard, excellent lounge with Juliette balcony to the front, useful store room, quality fitted kitchen with integrated appliances, double bedroom with fitted wardrobe and separate modern shower room. The development benefits from excellent communal facilities including a laundry room, guest suite, communal lounge and kitchen, 24 hour emergency call-line and a lift to all floors. Externally there are well tended communal gardens and allocated parking available at an additional cost. No upward chain. Viewing recommended.

Broadwater, Earlsdon


Situated in this highly sought after and peaceful backwater location, adjacent to Kenilworth Road and within walking distance of the War Memorial Park, Coventry Railway Station and King Henry VIII School, an individual detached dwelling offering a rare and unique opportunity for a discerning buyer looking to implement their own style and design in this prime residential location. Occupying a prominent plot of approx 1/3 acre with the distinct advantage of a beautiful landscaped rear garden backing on to its own private spinney, the property briefly comprises; enclosed porch, entrance hall, spacious lounge, re-fitted ground floor W.C, family dining room, open plan kitchen/ diner flowing through to sun room/ snug, utility room, first floor landing, four generous bedrooms (main bedroom with en-suite shower room) and family bathroom.

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Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 City Centre 024

Myrtle Grove, Earlsdon

7622 2022 £280,000

deally located a short walk from the vibrant Earlsdon High Street, a charming and deceptively spacious three bedroom property offering excellent potential to personalise a spacious family home. Benefitting from gas central heating and double glazing, the property briefly comprises; entrance hallway with original Minton tiled flooring, front lounge, rear dining room with feature fireplace and fitted kitchen. To the first floor are three good sized bedroom and family bathroom. Externally there is a paved foregarden together with a low maintenance paved rear garden with brick built store.

Broomfield Road, Earlsdon


**Converted ground floor Wet Room and Bedroom** A charming and deceptively spacious turn of the century four bedroom mid terraced home, well maintained throughout with many character features. Ideally located close to Earlsdon High Street and Hearsall Common, the well proportioned accommodation has the benefit of gas central heating, uPVC double glazing and briefly comprises; dining room, spacious lounge, well fitted kitchen, with the additional benefit of an extended ground floor W.C, wet room, and outstanding ground floor bedroom/ office. To the first floor are three generous bedrooms and an additional WC. Outside there is a paved foregarden and a neatly laid out rear garden with borders. Internal inspection strongly recommended.


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Shaftesbury Road, Earlsdon

Offers over £525,000

A classic Victorian semi-detached family residence enjoying an unrivalled position within this hugely popular side road, and within easy walking distance of the centre of Earlsdon. Built in 1890, this very desirable home has been extended, improved and well presented throughout yet still retains a lot of the original charm and character, including features such as sash windows, tiled flooring, original internal doors and delightful period fireplaces. The property, which offers gas heating, consists of a entrance hall leading through to a long through reception hallway, front lounge, rear sitting room and separate family room, ground floor shower room and spacious 21’5” breakfast kitchen.

Huntingdon Road, Earlsdon


Full of character and charm a stylish, turn of the century classic double bayed mid terraced family home, situated in this very popular and convenient side road location, just off Belvedere Road. With the distinct advantage of three double bedrooms and a first floor bathroom, the beautifully presented and deceptively spacious accommodation briefly comprises, entrance hall, elegant front lounge, separate rear sitting room, extended and comprehensively fitted kitchen/breakfast room, three double bedrooms and a superb fitted family bathroom.

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Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 City Centre 024

Elizabeth Way, Walsgrave On Sowe

7622 2022 £299,950

A stunning, three storey, modern semi-detached residence in a peaceful cul-de-sac, perfect for a young family, with parkland just at the end of the road. Deserving a full inspection, this very stylish home is presented in first class order throughout, has been extended to feature an outstanding and spacious kitchen/diner enjoying double opening doors to the landscaped rear garden perfect for socialising. With some beautiful Karndean flooring, gas heating and double glazing the property consists of an Entrance Hall, family room being open plan to the Kitchen/diner, utility room and cloaks, FIRST FLOOR LOUNGE, four bedrooms on two floors, one en-suite and a family bathroom.

Larkin Grove, Walsgrave On Sowe


A modern detached family home situated in this pleasant, tucked away, cul-de-sac location on the eastern edge of the City being well screened from the Ansty Road. Recently improved and tastefully redecorated the property has both gas heating and double glazing, is ready to move in to and enjoys delightful first floor front views towards St. Mary’s Church. Consisting of an entrance hall with guest cloakroom, well proportioned lounge with double doors to the kitchen/diner, FOUR BEDROOMS, en-suite shower room and a family bathroom. There are easy to maintain gardens, the rear being well fenced with a paved seating/entertaining area.


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Brookshaw Way, Walsgrave


A well presented modern family sized detached property lying within this peaceful and much sought after cul-de-sac on the far eastern outskirts of the City. The property which certainly deserves an internal inspection boasts a large Creteprint cobbled effect front driveway providing off road parking for several vehicles leading to the substantial 18ft garage. The rear garden features a broad paved seating/entertaining area, has well kept lawn, surrounding flower beds and well fenced boundaries. Briefly the property which has been competitively priced for an early sale includes an enclosed porch, entrance hall, lounge, kitchen/diner, three decent sized bedrooms (two with built in wardrobes) and a well equipped shower room.

Dorchester Way, Walsgrave


A newly renovated, extended semi-detached family home, presented in excellent order with fresh decoration and new flooring. Featuring a wonderful woodland outlook to the front, the property is well served with local schools, countryside and shops, road and bus links for the City all nearby. With both double glazing and gas central heating the design comprises of entrance hall, spacious lounge/diner, extended 20ft breakfast kitchen, versatile sitting room/ play room, cloakroom, three generous bedrooms and a modern bathroom. A block paved driveway provides excellent parking areas leading to the large garage. The rear garden is fully enclosed.

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Walsgrave Road 024 7645 5555 Daventry Road 024 7650 3070 Earlsdon 024 7667 7000 City Centre 024

Oxendon Way, Ernsford Grange

7622 2022 £199,950

A conveniently located semi-detached family home offering great potential for anyone looking to personalise a well-proportioned home with the benefit of both gas heating and double glazing. In general the accommodation includes: an enclosed side porch leading to the reception hall, excellent sized front lounge and rear dining room being open plan to the kitchen. There are three good sized bedrooms, one with a shower cubicle and a bathroom.

Parrotts Grove, Hawkesbury

Offers over £370,000

An outstanding fully refurbished detached dorma bungalow which benefits from quality double glazing, gas heating, an intruder alarm together with a fully integrated cleaning system. The accommodation comprises: a generous reception hall, guests cloakroom, front lounge, playroom/home office, breakfast kitchen with integrated appliance being open plan to the family room, utility room. The first floor boasts four well proportioned bedrooms, an ensuite shower room and family bathroom. There are front and rear gardens with off road parking.


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St Austell Road, Wyken


A semi-detached property presented in excellent order with a modern finish. The property briefly comprises of entrance hallway, lounge, open plan dining kitchen, side passageway serving a walk-in store room, further store cupboard and ground floor WC. To the first floor there are three generous bedrooms and a family bathroom. Outside there there are gardens to the front and rear, the long rear garden with terrace, decking patio and lawned area.

Waterside, St Nicholas Street


A very stylish modern first floor canal side apartment in this relatively central location. With a secure intercom entrance the property offers a hallway, wonderful open plan living/kitchen with stunning views, two bedrooms and a well fitted bathroom. The apartment has an allocated secure gated parking space to the rear.

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